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So tomorrow my book (Broken) comes out and I am both excited and terrified. Preorders make a really enormous difference in books so a GIANT thank you to everyone who has already ordered one! My virtual tour starts tomorrow and I was so worried that people wouldn’t come but they actually are sold out of some events and I can’t even wrap my head around that. (Click here to see what’s still available if you want to come and join us.) And I know the bookstores would want me to thank you as well because having a virtual tour with this much support makes such a difference to them too.

Slightly related…Want to hear a story? I’ve loved Omar Rayyan‘s artwork for years and his series of lovely ladies holding terrible beasties has always felt like a perfect symbol of fighting depression or anxiety while living with it so I was ecstatic when he agreed to do my portrait for the book cover. I couldn’t sit for him in real life because we are still living in THE PLAGUE YEARS so instead I sent him a series of pictures of me holding a squirming Hunter S. Thomcat as a stand-in for the beastie and I love the finished portrait for many reasons, including the fact that I think he really managed to capture Hunter S. Thomcat’s complicated inner soul.

He’d send sketches throughout the process and I asked if he’d consider selling the final piece to me because I thought it would be fun to own but I could never get a really straight answer and I worried that he’d already sold it to someone else or that I was being a pain by continuing to ask if I could buy it when clearly he didn’t want to sell it, and then I found out that he couldn’t sell it to me because he actually had already sold it to someone else.

He’d sold it to Victor who bought it as a surprise to celebrate the book.

I’m not crying. You’re crying. (No, I’m crying.)

And then I felt incredibly lucky and happy. And slightly dumb for continually harassing everyone about a painting that no one could tell me I technically already owned.

Yay for strange and wonderful surprises that come when you least expect them.

Tomorrow the book comes out. Now I’m just going to go lightly panic a bit until then.

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  1. Aww! Victor is so sweet! And Hunter S. Thomcat is adorable! As is Dorothy Barker in the background. Can’t wait to receive my copy!

  2. What a sweet husband! I told mine I wanted only your book signed by you for my birthday and I’m fairly certain I’m getting it and I can’t wait for May 1st to find out!

  3. OMG, that artwork is amazing, I’m so happy for you! *goes to check out virtual tour openings*

  4. OMG, that artwork is awesome. I’m so happy for you! *heads off to check out virtual tour dates*

  5. Wow, Victor is a sweetheart, but you so deserve both him and the cool painting!

  6. Can’t wait to see you on Thursday and get my copy of the book! Whoohoo!!

  7. I am triply excited that your book is arriving at my house during my birthday week! I love your insights and sense of humor and can’t WAIT to start reading! Victor is a keeper, for sure!
    And, thanks to you (and probably Victor, too), I can’t help but say “knock knock, mother….” every time I see a rooster!

  8. Damn, Victor. Nothing gets by you in this love affair. What a beautiful and sneaky gesture that makes me question if you secretly enjoyed watching Jenny tortured over being ghosted by her own painting…you’re evil, Victor. And she loves you for it. Sigh. Romance is not dead.

  9. *heads off to see if there’s a UK pub date then does a happy dance when she finds out it on the next payday 😁*

  10. You definitely have a good one in Victor! I can’t wait to read the book! Much love!

  11. Awww Jenny…that’s so lovely that Victor bought the painting for you! I’m so excited to get my book and I wish you well on your tours!

  12. I’m so excited! I have tickets to Thursday’s Neil Gaiman/Jenny crossover event! I can’t wait to see who the Bad Guy is going to be on this episode!

  13. My copy came in the mail today! I thought it would take longer and I was so happy! Love your signature cat!!

  14. Congrats on the new book ! I am getting it for Mothers Day, I cannot wait !!!!!

  15. How sweet of Victor! That just made me cry!
    Congratulations on the launch of your new book Jenny. I hope you have fun and enjoy your virtual book tour. I can’t wait to watch it, and read your new book!!

  16. Just so effing happy for you and grateful for all the light you bring to so many of the broken pieces

  17. Setting waiting for my required15 minutes post second covid shot ( feeling blessed) crying in the pharmacy about victors gift. Congratulations can’t wait till my copy comes in the mail going to try to wait to read until my post surgery recovery. Although as much as your books bubble up both laughing and tears that may be a poor choice.

  18. OMG!!! I can’t wait for my pre ordered copy to arrive! Victor is awesome, he deserves a medal for best husband ever. You picked the perfect artist for your book and Hunter S Thomcat did a great job being a model for the monster. Congratulations on your successful book tour and publication of your book. Can you believe that you opened a bookstore, finished your book, started a book club, sold out your virtual book tour, and rescued a lizard, and everything else you accomplished in the middle of a freaking pandemic????
    The next time your demons try to drag you down to self defeat, depression and anxiety, look at everything you accomplished this year and tell them to stuff it, you are awesome and you can do anything you set your mind too, backwards, in high heels, and during a pandemic!!!

  19. I preordered and I can’t wait to get it because plague has totally wrecked my already precarious mental health and I also fell off at my horseback riding lesson a few weeks ago and haven’t been medically cleared to ride again yet so I am in pain and missing my lesson horse. Big congrats to you, Jenny!!

  20. I LOVE your words, they ring so through. The artwork depicts how it can feel at times.

  21. Yes, I am tearing up a bit. Eff it. Congrats on the book & tour! Love *ALL* your works, your writing is so fun and touching and enlightening to read.

    And what a wonderful surprise from Victor!

  22. Oh my word lady. When I saw that photo of the painting and you I was filled with joy because I knew how much it must mean to you. And then by the end of the the little thing after that – what is that called? Anyway, I WAS crying, and then laughing because of course you can’t bail yourself out of jail. Then again, when I went to jail I got released on recognizance so I didn’t have to make bail.

  23. I am NOT crying. Victor is so sweet! Definitely a keeper. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Annnddd Hunter S Thomcat (and you) did a mah-ve-lous job posing for the painting! Oh, and congrats on the virtual tour!!! Yay!!

  24. You two are such a beautiful match and my gosh this is truly amazing!!

  25. I am so incredibly excited to read your next book!! This will be only my second book tour attendance ever!

  26. Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly. And that you can enjoy this beautiful day. :3

  27. Oh Victor. Well done, sir, well done, indeed! (I’m so excited for you and for me, too … my copy is enroute, so says Amazon!)

  28. It’s definitely pollen season here because I’m tearing up. Congrats! We’ll be seeing you in your tour with Christopher Moore. 💚

  29. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! I pretty much plan on doing nothing at all tomorrow except listening to the Broken audiobook. And I panicked for a moment when I realized I have a therapy appt scheduled the same day as the virtual tour I bought a ticket for but thankfully the times shouldn’t overlap. Have I mentioned EXCITED!!!!

    Also: I’m seriously struggling right now, my mom is having major surgery a week from Friday and I’m an absolute mess, she’ll be in hospital/rehab at least two weeks and honestly I just don’t do well alone in the house. I’m setting up supports and plans to help me during that time, and one of the things is Broken. I still listen to Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on a never-ending loop for comfort and calm, and I’m sure I’ll do the same with Broken. Thank you for being a light and hope for some many of us even during times when you don’t feel the light yourself.

  30. I have managed to line up three copies of Broken—a preorder months ago, the book club copy and a copy tied to registering for tomorrow’s Zoom event. Will happily be gifting two of them. ❤️

  31. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!
    Your Victor reminds me so much of MY husband….between the completely insane conversations he finds himself in on a constant basis, and the sweet and considerate things he does, your husband and mine seem to have come from the same mold.
    They should probably form a support group.
    Of course, I’m sure NEITHER husband would want ANYTHING to do with meeting the long-suffering spouse of another nut job.
    So happy about all of the good things going on in your lives right now!

  32. You said he had already sold it to Victor and I immediately burst into tears. I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t think I’ve ever cried at a happy surprise before, so you know this was a very strong reaction. Everyone involved is so wonderful.

  33. This is why, despite towels on the floor, that you are still married. Victor truly is a wonderful man, for a wonderfully crazy and beautiful woman. *hugs*

  34. I’m signed up for April 9th book tour date. I[m super excited! I’m glad Victor bought your lovely picture for you.

  35. That is so wonderful! I can’t wait to get your book in the mail this week!

  36. Oh … I am so definitely crying. Good tears. Socially distanced kudos to Victor.

  37. I cannot wait until Friday when I get to be part of your virtual book tour!! Thank you for writing about things that many of us are scared to admit to others. Love the picture!!

  38. victor is so awesome! the art work is wonderful i really love it. im sure the tour will be great, you are amazing jenny!!

  39. Congrats Jenny! I will be attending the event on the 21st of this month and I am looking forward to it. Can’t wait to read your new book. I know I’ll love it! You deserve this.

  40. Victor is definitely one of a kind! Congrats on the book, look forward to reading.

  41. Victor is the best!! Love that portrait. My book arrives tomorrow, can’t wait!

  42. YAAAY!! Many, many congrats…I can’t wait to read it!! And you’re already editor’s choice on Amazon (that’s what it showed on my kindle login screen today, I swear! 😄), so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. 🍾🍾

    Oh, and Victor is a prince among men!

  43. I love the relationship you and Victor have. 💗 and I can’t wait to get my copy of the book!!

  44. I was excited to have an email today that said my pre-ordered book is on it’s way. I’m having a knee replaced Friday, and intend to squelch the recovery pain by reading the book.

  45. I was in the hospital last week recovering from a mild stroke. On one sleepless night I started re-reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” I had to stop pretty quickly because I was in my room alone constantly bursting into loud laughter that I couldn’t contain. I was really afraid the nurses were going to decide I had completely lost it and keep me in there for several more days. Thank you, Jenny, for trying to cheer me up! Can’t wait to receive my new book and see you on tour with Christopher Moore.

  46. You look beautiful in the picture with Hunter. I didn’t realize he was the original model. I love dorthy in the background having an existential crisis lol. Congrats and I can’t wait till I can buy a copy. Luv to you all

  47. You’re right, I am crying! I’m so happy for you, Jenny! I love your whole family so much. And I can’t wait for Thursday to see you and Neil Gaiman! 🤗🐇

  48. I’m tearing up, too! I’m so excited for your book event on launch day. I have my ticket and can’t wait to meet you…well virtually at least!

  49. Oh Jenny. You make me cry so many happy tears. I guess the upside of covid is that my weeping and laughing doesn’t make strangers uncomfortable on public transportation.

  50. I should’ve known that was one of your cats! Victor is the best! Congratulations on the book – can’t wait to read it.

  51. YES!!!!!!*dances while doing fist-pumps*
    As soon as I saw the cover I KNEW the artist HAD to be Omar or Sheila Rayyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. As a fundraiser, I know I would be thrilled to purchase a print of this piece to hang in my office. Hint Hint.

  53. Wow. That’s so lovely.
    And so true (especially the part about the bail money)

  54. I thought this story was ridiculously romantically sweet, and when I told it to my husband, he said, oh, well that’s nice, and went back to watching baseball. But I’m looking forward to getting my copy!

  55. Got an update from Amazon that my copy will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait. So glad I preordered!

  56. Just started reading my ebook!

    Happy Book day, Jenny!

    Thank you for making Broken for us!

  57. I just read the sample chapter posted for free on Amazon. I can honestly say that it’s the first time I have ever laughed out loud and cried at one chapter in a book.
    I pre-ordered it immediately, getting in just before the deadline to try to boost your pre-sales. Thank you so much for this.

  58. I’m so delighted by this post. First, I also love Omar Rayyan and this book cover is glorious. Secondly, your husband is so sweet and wonderful and obviously such soul mate for you it makes my heart sing. Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to read it.

  59. Such a sweet tale, thank you for sharing it with us. It made me laugh, cry and be delighted all at the same time.

  60. Thanks for the reminder – I forgot to preorder, that has been fixed now. I’m weeping at how sweet the people in your world are.

  61. I bought the book, and a ticket to the Thursday event. I haven’t gotten the link and password yet, and I’m starting to panic a little. How do I find that information? Will I get an email?

  62. SO late to the party, mostly for reasons, but if I join the Fantastic Strangelings bookclub because I finally can, like, today, can I still get this month’s pick? I hear the author is a little broken but in the best way. (I’ll show myself out.)

  63. Can’t wait to be with you virtually on the 21st of April, the day before my birthday. Can’t imagine a better gift than you and my own copy of Broken. Wheee!

  64. OMG Jenny! I didn’t know you had a book coming out until I received an email this morning. I’ve been hiding in this cocoon of terror for over a year watching family and friends succumb to Covid. I haven’t answered my phone for fear of what other shit can life drop in my lap. At least this pandemic has given me an excuse to explain being a shut in. But I digress. I just ordered your book and as soon as it downloads on my Kindle I am going to put my feet up and dive in and realize that maybe the Earth isn’t as fu*ked up as it’s treating us now. Thanks Jenny! To you and your family, be safe, wear a mask and love as many people as you can.

  65. I’m looking forward to walking into my local indie bookstore tomorrow and buying a copy <3

  66. No, I’m crying. And you’re beautiful. As amazing as the portrait is, it doesn’t hold a candle to your radiant gorgeousness holding it. Congrats (and thank you for every bit of you you share)!

  67. USPS said my copy would arrive on Friday night. It arrived this morning! It’s the power of your writing at work.

  68. Hi Jenny, I got my copy today, and THANK YOU for drawing a kitty next to your name! As if the book itself wasn’t enough, your signature in it really made my day.

  69. I just got your new book! I am only on page 20 and I am already laughing so hard I am crying. Another winner for sure! Thank you for sharing your stories. Love, love your writing.

  70. I was so excited for my preorder to show up and of course I didn’t get to read as fast as I wanted, but I am done and was SO happy to have a book I could relate to. As it happens, I didn’t have a copy of your first book either, so I bought that one and read it while I waited for the new one. Basically, thanks for adding to my book hoarding. Your covers are delightfully scary. I know you’ll take that as a compliment.

  71. Binged the entire audiobook while sewing “Love is Love” masks for a local event. It was the BEST! Thank you from the bottom of my little oft-broken heart!

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