So today is the official pub date for Broken, which is exhilarating and terrifying because it means I will sit here on pins and needles for the next week to see how people actually like it. My virtual book tour starts tonight with me and my amazing friend, Luvvie Ajayi Jones at Powell’s (by way of our living rooms)! A few tour stops are sold out but there are still some available if you want to join, and you get a signed copy of the book mailed to you with your virtual ticket.

And today I’m sharing the first of the Broken-inspired oracle cards that the talented Katie Gamb painted for me (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about:


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  1. I’m so excited for tonight!!! Jenny! Luvvie! Two amazing authors with two new amazing books. Hoping Powells or another Portland OR bookstore gets your oracle cards so I can pick those up when they’re available

  2. Are you and your guest receiving a photo from each of the different stores to use as a Zoom background? LOL That would be awesome. Really looking forward to seeing you and Neil on Thursday! I know this book will be great! You’ve got this!

  3. I got it yesterday, which was shaping up to be an all-around horrible day. Put the book I was reading aside, and settled in with Broken. And my sadness lifted as I nodded in agreement and recognition. I needed it, and it was there for me. You were there. Will review soon.

  4. I can’t wait to get my book today! I also have the audiobook!!! Don’t worry….were all going to love it!

  5. I’m 1/2 done with my Netgalley copy and I’m SO DAMN HAPPY there are tickets left in some of the dates. You’re such a gifted writer, Jenny. And your chapter on health insurance…OMG I completely agree with every word. Thank you for this book.

  6. Jenny, Congrats on this very special day! Good feedback is fab, but let the “golden light shine from within you” regardless of feedback. You are brave enough to share yourself from the depths of your soul. AND….your propensity for outrageous humor is well established. Thank you for enlightening a very dark subject (depression). What you have accomplished for society is something that very few people can claim; a true talent for seeing and sharing the world as the absurd place that it can truly be at times. Thank You! Work well done!

  7. As soon as it arrives (hopefully today), I am ready to drop the other 3 books I’m reading (okay, to be fair, 2 I’m listening to, 1 I’m reading with my eyeballs) and devour this way too fast. Then read it again slower in a few weeks!

  8. I’m sure everyone will love it as much as we have loved your other books, or even more because we need it so bad after this past year!

  9. I’m already listening to the audiobook and it’s AWESOME so far. Good job Jenny!!

  10. Both my books–from the book tour on 4/8 with Neil Gaiman and the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club–are supposed to arrive on Thursday. Secretly hoping they arrive tomorrow. Congratulations, Jenny! I know I’m going to love it!

  11. I got up before reading this to check my doorstep for my preordered copy. Not yet! But I have to finish The Lost Apothecary for zoom book club this weekend anyway, so thank you for not distracting me. Very thoughtful.

  12. We are SO excited to have your digital doppelgänger here in Portland!!! Can wait to get my signed copy. See ya tonight!!!!

  13. I am already loving the oracle cards! I wish they were available for sale! Or they would show up magically in my mailbox.

    THANK YOU!!!

  15. It’s waiting in my Kindle for me (hopefully). I just need work to be over so I can read it. 🙂

  16. I buy very few books because I use Kindle Unlimited for reading. Your books are the exception to that rule. I purchase the e-book the day it comes out. Can’t wait to dive in after work!!

  17. Just received my copy!!! I can’t wait to pour a giant whiskey sour and start reading!!! For some reason my employer frowns upon extra curricular reading during business hours so I have to wait. He’s not opposed to the whiskey sour though! LMFAO!! We have cocktail hour at our weekly Zoom meetings and all the girls in the office join me for a drinking game when one particular employee says a certain phrase we all take a shot. It has apparently happened enough times that two of our fellow male employees have caught on and have privately asked WTF is up!! Cheers!

  18. I’m loving the book! I’m going to pick up my physical copy at my local bookshop later today, but in the meantime, I checked the ebook out from my library so I could start reading it while I ate breakfast, And lunch. 🙂

  19. Mine isn’t coming until FRIDAY!!!! How am I supposed to wait that long? I might have to buy a third copy locally so I can read it before the Thursday book tour date.

  20. Congratulations, Jenny! Can’t wait for my book to come! Love you. Your tour is going to be great!

  21. Read the whole thing in a plane this morning. Laughed, sobbed, and laugh-sobbed. The person next to me probably had concerns.

  22. I gave in to my impatience and bought the audiobook so I can read it today while doing my chores. Best decision ever.

  23. SQUEEEE!! Started listening to the audiobook as soon as I woke up this morning! (Admittedly, I’m still less than an hour in because I was headachey and went back to sleep for awhile.) There is a strange disconnect in my mind because I know it’s taken you years of hard work and I remember your posts about writers block and such, but because I listen to your other books constantly this new one just feels like an immediate extension and it’s hard to remember it’s been years in the making.

    I met you once, on your tour for You Are Here. And I told you how much you mean to me and how much your books have helped me. I don’t think you’ll ever truly know how much, though. Listening to your audiobooks keeps me grounded in a way no other coping skill has ever been able to. I have literally listened *while* crying in the past because I know that even while crying it helps keep me from going to that ‘hysterical crying’ place. Just…. Thank you for everything.

  24. I got the notification my book (ordered via one of your virtual tours) shipped today. I might be able to fondle it while I attend the event. Won’t that be grand!?

    Also, will there be a way for ppl (like me) who are disabled & housebound to get ahold of a set of your free *printed* oracle cards? And how will we know which indie stores will have them?

  25. From the title I thought we all going drinking! But this is waaay better. Mazel tov on yet another soon-to-be bestseller.

  26. The timing of this book couldn’t be better for me… My life is crazy at the moment and your writing is always a source of comfort and joy. It’s medicine, truly. Thank you so much for all that you do!

  27. I received the book in the mail earlier today and haven’t been able to put it down since (to my boss’ dismay). It’s so good and it’s got me laughing and crying and crying from laughing (my cat is very concerned, based on how close she’s been sticking to me since I started reading)

  28. I got it at the bookstore this morning and looking forward to starting it tonight! Thank you!

  29. Can’t wait to read the Audible tonight. So excited for you, congratulations! Thank you so much for all of your books. They have been very healing and have always made me feel less alone.

  30. So excited to attend on the 14th one of your virtual tour spots ❤️ When the mailman delivers my book I’m 100% saying knock knock motherfucker 🤣

  31. My preordered book arrived today, with great fanfare and also cat treats in the same box, because why not, right? So EXCITED!!!

  32. Got mine today! Have to finish ‘The Goldfinch’ but you are next! So excited!

  33. My book arrived yesterday and I totally opened it and started reading right away. Early birb gets the giggles!

  34. Tonight’s book tour stop was delightful, funny, charming, relatable, and a really good time. You’re an amazing woman, Jenny, and Luvvie was a hoot!

  35. I’m about halfway through your book and I think it’s your best yet! Also, as regards your and Victor’s argument about evil clown murderers, it really comes down to a hyphen. “Evil clown murderers” or “evil-clown murderers.” Grammar’s a bitch— #hyphenproblems

  36. Is there any chance your conversation with Luvvie is going to be recorded? I had a conflict and there was no way to join, but I’d love to see/hear you both.

  37. Good luck and congratulations! Not easy writing any book, let alone one where you are so open and vulnerable about your experiences, and somehow have your reader laughing along the way…but you do that soooo well! Enjoy this time!

  38. So today was a rabbit hole day and I felt the dirt walls crumbling down on top of me. I couldn’t breathe from the pressures of not caring about anything and nothing. As the tears fell, a package arrived on my front step. Jenny, it was your new book!! I mean it literally arrived at that moment. No shit! I am excited to start reading and know things are looking up already! Thank you!!!!

  39. Congratulations! I’ve read all of your books and IDK why it took me so long to visit your blog. You are a delightfully bright light making this orbiting rock a better place. I enjoyed your book tour last night and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  40. I’m so happy you have a Canadian date- and with Samantha Irby!!! This is exactly what I need to get through yet another 28 day provincial stay at home order

  41. I got my book in the mail yesterday and just started it – PERFECT timing because I got my second Covid vaccine yesterday as well. Snort-laughing out loud to your book helped take my mind off of feeling crummy while my body finalizes its protection against Covid. Thank you!!!!

  42. Congratulations! I had my pub day on March 8th and it was surprisingly awesome. Better than my birthday 🙂 Wishing you much success with your new book!

  43. Congratulations! I had my pub day on March 8th and it was surprisingly awesome. Better than my birthday 🙂 Wishing you much success with your new book!

  44. Will the book tours be made available to watch after somehow? I already preordered the book so I don’t need to buy another copy but would love to see the videos.

  45. Any way to get the Oracle cards online? Or are they just first come first serve at select locations?

  46. Thank you for the book in my mailbox today. I’m a part of the book club and mine was signed. This week has been hard. Monday took an entire month.

    I had run out of things to look for to. I thank you for the joy of reading your new work.

  47. So good I bought TWO!
    I wanted to make sure I got it the it came out…. If you bring Neil Gaiman back I’ll get three.

    And I don’t even have a job!

  48. I am reading Broken right now! It is so awesome. I work in MH and your letter to the insurance company is SPOT on. I am so sorry you are going through dealing with them being such $&@!?. Thank you for this book💕

  49. Oh, the best therapy is a new Jenny book! I have dreams of my favorite sections and always scare the crap out my husband with my creepy dream chuckle. Thank you for giving your fellow Spoonies a voice.

  50. I just started reading, and I just handed the chapter “I Already Forgot I Wrote This” to my husband, saying, “This is how my brain works.” It’s so helpful to have words on hand to describe the strangeness of losing track of things and speech at age 30.

    Also, I’m clergy and quote Furiously Happy all the time in my sermons and teachings. Thank you for helping to describe a reality so many of us share (in different ways for each of us).

  51. Dang, Jenny. It’s SO good! I listened to the audio version, and could picture you sitting in your closet. Thanks for being so open and raw about mental health. It really helps me with my daughter. You wrote that you only have one friend, but I hope you know how many people love you, even if we only know the Jenny you share with your words. You are magical. Like Pegasus. With a capital P.

    (In case you forgot, you wrote that there is only one Pegasus and that it is a proper name.)

  52. To The Bloggess it May Concern:
    I am a veterinarian and have just read the chapter about dog genitals. Spay/neuter surgeries are a special focus of my practice, and I have performed castrations on 5 continents. I say that to say this: I will graciously accept any trophies for excellence in dog genitals.
    Dr. McNabb
    Creature Castrationist

  53. I had no idea WHY the chicken crossed the road either and now I can’t stop thinking about how wrong my reaction has been every time.

  54. I’m having trouble breathing from laughing so hard. AGAIN.
    these books are dangerous Bloggess, you should put a warning label on them.
    Anyway if my Mother (socially-awkward farmer) sister (frequently depressed farmer) or Dad (who stores his collected insects in his fridge) haven’t read this by Christmas …unless my ADD wracked brain loses track of tis intention.

    PS I looked up Douche Canoe and im siding with your editor.

  55. Went to my local independent bookstore yesterday and ordered the new book! I told the owner, who is a friend, all about you and how you urged us to order local. She told me you are her hero now!
    Blake’s Books in McKinleyville, CA

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