How is this real life?

So I’m halfway through with my virtual book tour and it’s been so fantastic that I don’t think I can ever go back to the old ways of traveling on planes and wearing clothes than aren’t pajamas.

Last week I got to spend time with Luvvie Ajayi Jones and Neil Gaiman and Felicia Day.

Tonight I’m hanging out with Judy Blume. WTF. And tomorrow Samantha Irby and next week Christopher Moore. INSANE.

A few of the events sold out but then they added more spots so if you thought you missed out earlier you can check again right here.

And in related news…want to see another Broken Oracle card? This is one of my very favorites.

Katie Gamb nailed it, y’all.

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your convo with Felicia Day! I think the folks suggesting you two should do a podcast were on to something – talk to others like the cool writers you’re meeting with on this tour. It would be marvelous darling!

  2. I teach psychiatry residents at a few of the Boston Hospitals and when Furiously Happy came out, it was required reading. Your newest is for sure also going to be required for my mentees but also my husband who doesn’t quite get it.
    Thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I read Six Times I Lost My Shoe While Wearing Them…. I’m still snorting with laughter!

  4. Judy friggin BLUME?? My respect for you has increased yet again. Wow. She was my favorite childhood author. I had all (yes, ALL) the books & used to read them in my favorite backyard tree growing up. Still have many of the original copies.

  5. Judy friggin BLUME?? My respect for you has increased yet again. Wow. She was my favorite childhood author. I had all (yes, ALL) the books & used to read them in my favorite backyard tree growing up. Still have many of the original copies.

  6. I wanted to let you know that I took your book with me to read while I stood in the hour long line for my second COVID vaccine. I was enjoying the book so much that I was bummed to stop reading to get the shot I have been waiting for since the pandemic started. I barely felt the shot and then read more during the 15 minute waiting period. I did not have any pain or side effects from the second shot like everyone else I know. I am crediting your book with making the vaccine a pleasurable experience and preventing any side effects! Thank you so much for continuing to write. You keep us all going!

  7. Yes! Judy Blume! My first author that I followed as a child, and had to get every book! Love her!

  8. Judy Frickin Blume. Will you melt? I would melt if I was near that woman. Amaaaazing!! Be proud lady. Be so proud of yourself.

  9. I’m signed up for the Judy Blume event tonight and I’m beyond ticketed to see two of my favorite authors together!!!!

  10. The event with Felicia Day was sooooo much fun. Like hanging out with two new friends who don’t really know me yet but I’m just having the most awesome time with and I don’t really want it to end and it feels a little like they are just being nice and letting me hang around a bit before they ditch me to do the really cool stuff that only they know about but I don’t care because every minute of this time is so awesome…and afterwards I can tell my other geeky IRL friends about even though I’m obviously too cool for them now that I’ve hung out for an hour (virtually, no less) with the cool girls but you know, karma, so I still talk to them. (I might be stuck in an after school special.)

  11. i just got my copy of Broken yesterday and I can barely see the screen because i’m crying from laughing so hard! Haven’t gotten to the baby vampire puppy yet (have to work to afford books) but i will soon!

  12. From the photos above, you have nicer pajamas than my regular clothes! I know you are more comfortable doing virtual book tours, but I miss the chance to talk to you in person. I guess I will have to fly out to your book store in Texas when the world resets.❤️❤️❤️

  13. Had to go back and read the Brad Dingleman posts again. One of my all-time favorites. Can hardly type cause I am doubled over, howling with laughter.

  14. Tag yourself. I wish I was blue hair vampire, but I’m always the cold one, so I’m jeans and long sleeves vampire instead.

  15. I am so excited for tonight!!! You really give me so much hope! I listened to chapter 4. Rainbow fire 3x today because I thought I was alone feeling like leaving my house is ripping me away from my lifeline. To grocery shop, I have to time myself and see how fast I can get out! You give me hope everyday! Meet you in my pajamas at 8!

  16. I’m the unpictured vampire with oversized pjs and a chocolate milk instead of wine (or is that blood?).

    It’s so, so hard to explain the humor in this book, I’m loving it SO much and wanting to ramble about it to everyone I see (which actually just means my mom, really) but it’s so hard to explain without getting weird confused looks! lol

  17. My definition of work clothes:

    (1) it must not be “dry clean” or “hand wash” only (preferably a nice cotton w/a smidge of Lycra, spandex, or other “givie” material).

    (2) it must be presentable enough that I *could* wear it to a high-falutin’ meeting.

    (3) it must have at least two real, functional pockets.

    (4) it should be comfortable enough I can sleep in it if I had to. Not that my life is that hectic, but, naps, people! Naps!

  18. Is there any way it is possible to have a conversation with Judy Blume without saying “Are you there Judy Blume? It is me…”.

  19. So, so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished given your circumstances. They are not taken lightly and I wish I could be as strong as you. I know you will always be an advocate for us who cannot always make our own struggles heard. Thank you.

  20. Chapter 23 was so beautiful. I look forward to having my physical copy so I can make notes in it. Your chapter on shark tank ideas was beyond hilarious, it made the drive to get my second jab so enjoyable!

  21. I’m so excited to join your chat with Judy Blume tonight, I can hardly contain myself even though I got a steroid injection today and I’m supposed to be chillin’ and I did a little happy dance in the kitchen, and then said, “Ooff, okay, no dancing yet.” 😂

  22. I just went, “SQUEEEEEEE!” about six times with all of those magnificent authors…and folks, if you’ve never read Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job”, do yourself a favor…put on some lady diapers and give it a read.
    Also, this blog is my new addiction…excellent…

  23. I can’t even express how wonderful it was too see you and listen to you and Neil. It was such a special moment for me and my husby to share. Thank you thank you thank you. You both are amazing people.

  24. Totally understand if they aren’t since they are paid events but a part of me still holds out hope that these interviews will be available for streaming in the future!! So happy things are going well.

  25. Okay, I remember te Oracle deck will be available for free at some indy bookstores on indy bookstore day but will they also be available for sale?

  26. Did you start the conversation with “Are you there Judy Blume? It’s me Jenny Lawson”

  27. I have to agree with you. Virtual ANYTHING is so much more efficient. While I do miss the in-person part of live events, I am getting used to connecting with people’s heads on my screen.

    I tried to attend your Canadian event and you were already sold out. Bravo!

  28. I can answer your flat chested lady question. No, boob sweat is not a problem, neither is running down stairs in a nightie when the fire alarm goes off, or finding a bra to hoist, buttress and support the girls before exercise class. We may wander around in nothing but a bandeau and shorts on fine August days. Sadly all the benefits come at the cost of having nowhere to stash cash and cake crumbs, and never looking properly slutty.

  29. I got my copy in the mail today! I am bracing myself. I don’t know whether to start it tonight or tomorrow night. I am afraid once I start reading I won’t go to sleep!

  30. Loved your chat with Judy Blume on the 13th but my friend and I have not yet received our books. Should we be concerned? We’re DYING to read it!!! Esp with the cards now available.

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