Hello, Canada!

So tonight I’m in Canada with the amazing Samantha Irby but also we’re really hiding in our houses because this tour is virtual and we are home-bodies. It looks like tickets with a signed copy of the book are sold out for tonight, but tickets with an unsigned copy are still available if you want to hang out with us.

In lightly related news, want to see another Broken Oracle deck card (painted by Katie Gamb)?

It’s Squeaker (missing the end of his tail) eating a cherry starburst and I realize this doesn’t make a lot of sense to people who haven’t read the book yet but I assure you it will make sense when you do. Probably.

PS. Last night Judy Blume told me that Broken is number 4 on the Indie Bestseller List and then I may have gotten a bit overwhelmed and started rambling about merkins. That happened only hours after this:

A woman and her toddler sort of stared at me because I guess it’s weird to see a lady crying alone in Target while recording ads on her phone but then I was like, “THAT WAS ME” and the lady looked confused but her kid was like, “Yay!” and then I ran away because I was overwhelmed and that was the adventure of “the first time I’ve been in Target in over a year” and also “the first time I’ve ever left Target without buying anything”.

This whole week had been surreal and I can’t get my head around it. AND Victor and I are now fully vaccinated and Hailey has had her first shot and my parents are vaccinated and that means we might actually be able to see them in real life one day soon.

Feeling very grateful right now.

Thank you.

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  1. I can’t wait for tonight! I plan to be snuggled up with a blanket and tea and my signed copy wearing my nowhere bookshop bunny hug!!! I’m so ready!!

  2. Sounds like you’re having loads of fun in Canada. I love Samantha Irby!

  3. I saw the Target post last night and had to share it with my wife. It is always cool to see famous people get excited like those of us less well-known types.

  4. I’m crying I’m so happy for you!!! What an awesome time for you!! <3 yay!! And yes, to read your work is to love you! Thanks so much for all your writings!

  5. Good day from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. While I cannot attend, know you are appreciated. Spouse was talking about “Let’s Pretend” and she said she never laughed or cried that hard at a book in her life.

  6. Enjoyed last night tremendously, loved how geeked Judy Blume was to meet you. What an absolute fun surprise for you today.

  7. It was so great to see how Judy Blume is so into you and your books. It was great to see the interaction of two very different writers who have had a big impact on our daughters but in completely different ways. So great to see your success with this book!

  8. I’m so excited for tonight! I was so excited when you added the Canadian stop. Wide and I are eatting hot dogs so I don’t have to worry about dishes and just enjoy listening to you

  9. Hello from Cranbrook BC Canada! I am sooooo looking forward to tonight! I’m currently in my basement working from home. I always dress for work because it helps my mental well-being, but I’m going to put on my jammies as soon as I get “home from work” in honour of the occasion!

  10. That’s so wonderful! Can’t wait for you to join us in Canada this evening. I keep checking my computer periodically to watch the book tour timer countdown. It’s weirdly amusing and hypnotic, especially on a day when I don’t have energy for much else 🙂

    p.s. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but I’ve tried to comment twice already (from my desktop and an ipad) and I keep getting ‘invalid security token’. I haven’t had this before, though it’s been a little while since I last tried. I’ve signed out of wordpress and am using a different email, trying to see if that will work. Fingers crossed.
    p.p.s. 3 hours 54 minutes and 4…3…2…

  11. You should be incredibly proud!!! When you’re in Target, you’ve made it to the big league!!

  12. Oh I see you’re really hiding in the house….
    One day you’ll be able to come here in the physical form:)
    Looking forward to it!!

  13. Squeaker!!!
    OMG, I read that chapter this morning and it was hilarious!
    Thank you for making me feel less alone, Jenny, you deserve the world <3

  14. Thank you to Target for recognizing greatness in our literary prophet and savior of our weirdness and mental health issues!

  15. Yay! for the vaccinations! Hope you can see your family soon.
    I am looking forward to seeing you tonight.
    From London, Ontario – Judith

  16. Hurray!!! Hope you can come to Canada for real after the pandemic. I would like to get my copy of Furiously Happy signed. 🙂

  17. I LOVED your interview w/ Judy Blume! (Is she really 83?!)
    FYI – there’s also a line of chocolates called Merkins…so…
    Lastly, I’ve been watching Peppa Tries to Whistle twice a day since you posted it and also sharing with friends (one friend couldn’t breathe afterward).
    Our world is a much richer place with you in it, Jenny. 🙂

  18. I’d be the weirdo in Target squeeing and pointing and saying “I know her…” and then when people looked at me I’d explain that you autographed my chest once and that would NOT make things any better and then (hopefully) I would be swallowed up by a random floor sinkhole.

  19. I just finished the Squeaker chapter, then read this. LOL.
    Also, I’m going to treat myself to a Target visit, the first in a year+, soon. I.will.not.cry. Maybe.

  20. Hello Jenny from the prairies of Saskatchewan (dare you to pronounce it), Canada. Can’t wait to attend tonight.

  21. Hooray! My signed copy of Broken arrived on Monday and I’m loving it so much. I’ll be at the virtual event tonight with bells on! (Let’s be real, I’ll probably have my sweats on.) Wishing you continued success!

  22. Judy Blume told you something is just fucking crazy. ***Did she talk to you about getting your period? Cause I feel like that’s her go to.

  23. That is weirdly freaking amazing! Both the sign in Target AND the fact that you left without buying anything! I haven’t been back yet but all bets are off when I do go. Had my second shot last week so I am close to going out in public again. I’m planning my trip for when it is not the restricted senior citizen only shopping hours. I love that you are enjoying the book tour!

  24. Hooray for vaccinations and seeing your parents soon! And hooray for tonight! I am SO, SO excited to watch your conversation! I started reading Samantha Irby after your mentioned her during a library livestream in the fall, and I am so grateful to you for recommending her. Seeing you together is going to be amazing.

    Also, aww, Squeaker <3

  25. An international traveler……that would be you with bells on and your jammies too! SOOO happy for you.

  26. I haven’t read the book yet but I feel like I identify with squeaker. I’m so unbelievably happy the book is doing so well but we all know it would. Sending luv and distance hugs to all the weirdlings out there

  27. Yay for showing up in in-store electronic Target ads! My copy from Powell’s got here today and I started reading it on the subway, which may or may not have been a mistake…I didn’t think you could possibly top chasing one of the cats around the house while screaming “LET ME HELP YOU!” and also holding a pair of scissors to snip the jingle bell hanging out of its ass, but I do believe chasing Dorothy Barker around the house while holding an electric shaver and once again screaming “LET ME HELP YOU!” so you could give her a Brazilian just did the trick. (Didn’t notice anyone giving me the stinkeye on the train, but that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t do it.) Also nice to know that Georgia isn’t the only place that refers to female genitalia as “cooter”; I heard that a lot while living in Athens, but I wasn’t sure how widespread it is, and the fact that someone w/a degree in veterinary medicine used it to you was the best part!

    (Also, because I’m a yenta in spite of not having any Jewish ancestry at all–this according to 23 and Me–I’ve also had similar shoe trouble due to having duck feet, with D-width toes and AA-heels. My solution: (1) wear Mary Janes or something that laces/buckles up in the front instead of ordinary flats, and (2) buy some moleskin from the pharmacy and cut out a pair of those heel snuggers that you can find in the foot section, and then put them in the heels of your shoes. Yes, you can buy foam or silicone ones, but trust me, moleskin is better and won’t ram your toes into the ends of your shoes. Just consider it my public service for the day, OK? We people with weird feet have to stick together, you know! 😉

  28. Big YAY for you, Jenny!!
    Many, many, times, your writing has been the saving light seeping through the cracks in my existence, and I am so happy for your success. I very much hope to get to Nowhere some day to bogart books and booze, and maybe meet you again in person. <3

    ps: The marketing department of a theatre I worked for many years ago had an office hamster that one of the women named
    Go ahead– picture a hamster as a merkin.
    I'll wait.

  29. I’m so happy for you getting to see family again soon! I’m looking forward to that myself!

  30. An aside, when I hear “merkin,” I cannot help but imagine that is what the gun-toting, mask-hating covidiots are saying they are.

    Congrats on selling out at TARGET!

  31. My son was sick tonight, so while listening to you and Samantha Irby, I was also catching vomit (appropriate given the conversation). So that was also the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever done during a reading and some of the most pleasant entertainment I’ve had while wrangling puke. Thanks for the great chat.

  32. I’ll reiterate what I said on your new Instagram post. Tonight you and Samantha were hilarious and wonderful! You two need to collaborate on something, anything soon! You kept saying you were drunk, but you just seemed super happy to be there! If I was that happy and full of laughter when drinking, I wouldn’t have gotten sober 18 years ago! HA! What a great hour of laughs thanks to you and Samantha! ps my copy is being headed at the Canadian boarder. Didn’t pass customs I think.

  33. I’m disappointed I missed you in Canada! (Even if it was only going to be virtual). I picked up my copy of Broken In The Best Possible Way today and can’t put it down. “I already forgot I wrote this” makes me think you probably also forgot that I’m the one who tweeted you that awesome dead squirrel pic that reminded me of you! Nothing inspires me more than roadkill and Jenny Lawson. After a week of adding to my own list of awkward statements said publicly (that I blame on my ADHD, but is it?) I really needed the “All the reasons I’m not coming to your party” chapter. I could have co-collaborated (no, collaborated?) on this with you. THANK YOU! I needed to know that I am not alone in this struggle.

  34. Obviously I’m revealing one of the warped edges of my brain here, but are you sure you’re not going to discover several Target items tucked inside your pocket next week and need to slink back to the store to pay for them? That’s the kind of thing I’d have done in that circumstance anyway. Mind goes blank, I run, a shoplifter is born (unconsciously). By the way, a friend (who’s coming to your April 21 book signing with me for my birthday) sent this link to me today. It mentions that the artist finds this work therapeutic. His version of Taxidermy collecting?https://mymodernmet.com/jon-foreman-stone-land-art/?fbclid=IwAR3px0S9r6UROK5fGr6oesgAWQWTuhBWGq3hv8-B1vQzbnypcFk2Bcp-KjQ

  35. woohoo!!! so exciting. kudos and blessings and i can’t wait til finals are over and i get to read your book (which my sister already sent me a copy)
    sigh… (my wait is a little over a week – i can do it)

  36. Oh my gosh, I listened last night and I love you two!! Can you start a podcast where you just sit and talk like that??? Thank you!!

  37. I’m pretty sure a woman sitting alone in Target and crying isn’t that uncommon.

  38. I have the BEST UNRELATED COMMENT! One of my female students, 8th grade, was telling me about a book she is reading. She happens to struggle with extreme anxiety. It’s her ALL-TIME FAVORITE BOOK EVER. Guess what the title is??? **********FURIOUSLY HAPPY!************* By Jenny Lawson??? Yep! I love that your writing is reaching our young people. Hopefully, they’ll have less struggles and more acceptance than I had as a young person.

  39. I got entirely too excited watching that video!! That’s so cool, and it’s even cooler that you were actually there to see it!

  40. As an Indigo employee (seriously dream job!), I’m soaking, bathing, and marinating in all this saucy goodness! I was talking about you yesterday at work, and how “I knew Jenny from our early days of blogging when our kids were wee”. You now have a small handful of new fans. xoxo

  41. Hey Jenny! congrats on the new book! You are so amazing!! Due to me being in the Netherlands I didn’t get a chance to be at one of your booktour dates, or get a hand on a signed copy of Broken. Years ago my eye was caught by rory in my favourite small bookstore (the have cheesecake and fresh latte’s) in Breda, and fell in love with your humor and openness about mental illnes, you helped me so much! If you ever have the chance to send some signed copy’s to our small but enthousiastic country, I would stand in line to buy one!! Hope you are well in all this stressfull and wonderfull period of your bookrelease!

  42. So, I ordered a copy of your new book online from a bookstore. The listing said the condition was “used but good”, with an extra note that said “dust cover may have some dirt or shelf wear.” Seeing as your new book had only just been released about a week prior to my ordering it, I thought, “really– how used, or how much shelf wear could it have?” I gladly coughed up the $17 plus shipping, and 2 days later, my copy arrived in a hermetically sealed package of some devising, that entailed scissors, a box cutter, and ripping by hand in order to dislodge the book.
    “Some dirt or shelf wear” was a gross understatement. It looked like the book had been lying in the street for a week, or that the previous owner had possibly stored it in a sack of Kingsford charcoal. You would think that in our current pandemic world, the bookstore would have sprayed it with a solution of Dawn Ultra Platinum and 80% isopropyl alcohol, or Lysol Mountain Fresh, and then wiped it down with a paper towel. . .but NO. I had to do that myself, spraying it not twice, but three times on each side, and there was so much dirt, I concluded that a little league team must have used it as home plate. How do booksellers get away with such nonsense?
    Then, today I woke up with vertigo, which I’ve never had before, and now I’m wondering if there was something toxic about that dirt, and that was why the book was hermetically sealed, in order to make sure the POISON REACHED ITS INTENDED RECIPIENT, which is any asshole that would look for a used copy of a book that was just released.

  43. I just finished hearing (I’m a hearer, since I now have the attention span of a gnat) the first chapter of the book and it made me cry. Thank you for explaining holes and treasure boxes.

  44. You. are an amazement. You Know People, and I feel as if I know people too, through you. “Neil Gaiman:” you say, casually, and I whimper. Next time I get let out of here (we get our first shots Wednesday) Im heading for a bookstore. How could I not. Thank you, Jenny, for being you.

    Lol. no one else could have done it as well.

  45. So I was hearering to the Broken audiobook and enjoying the “Six Times I’ve Lost My Shoes” chapter when I pulled into the bookstore parking lot and saw these:

    173577192_10219510938111636_259846495207612482_n (1).jpg

    If the link doesn’t work, it was a pair of abandoned boots! I so wished you were there with me to see them. Talk about serendipity!

  46. Woman- the memory holes are from RA. Things just go missing, like how I typed this in caps and had to fix it because I forgot that I’m not 80.

  47. My copy I think was following your journies! After a detour to wherever Kent, WA is (outside of the obvious, Washington) it made it to New England. Haven’t made it to the Starburst eating critter yet, but did make it to the lost shoes, think thus far, timing was perfect, thank you for putting out another book, hopefully the stress is worth the result (and hey, I’d totally be celebrating with someone who was on a sign at target, well, unless it was for feminine hygiene products, that might be a bit awkward…)

  48. Hey Jenny, I am currently listening to “Broken” and loving it. I work at a public library and saw this book on our “coming soon” list. I immediately thought of your question about alphabetical order. I think this book could answer all your questions and then some!

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