It’s going to be okay.

First of all, a reminder that I’m doing my last virtual book tour stop with Christopher Moore tonight, which should be lots of fun and more than slightly ridiculous.

And secondly, OMG, I got a deck of the Broken Oracle Cards and they make me so happy.

You can look here to find participating indie bookstores but keep in mind that some are only open online and all might have different things that they’re giving away or doing to celebrate. Nowhere Bookshop will have a bunch (and also other fun gifts!) so just follow us on instagram to find out how we’re going to give them all away.

And I have an extra deck right now so if you want it just let me know in the comments and I’ll drop it in the mail on Saturday.

Thank you for supporting independent bookshops, everyone!

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  1. I would love a deck of those cards! I’m still quarantined until I get my first dose next week, so unfortunately not able to visit an indie bookstore in person yet. But I really want to make a trip to Nowhere when it’s safe, I always love your creative store window display.

  2. Oh, goodness! I would love a Broken Oracle Deck! The cards are SO beautiful! They make my heart feel full. <3

  3. I would absolutely love the Oracle deck! It’s one thing that has kept me going. I have the “forgive yourself” on my work binder. Love them and love how they make me feel!

  4. This would be perfect for my borked brain! I would ADORE having a deck. 💙

  5. Can’t wait to get your newest book – I have the others. You rock! Love the deck!❤️

  6. Well, of course I want one! Who wouldn’t want one, duh! And pretty please.

  7. I would love a set, but would like to pay for it. You and the artist should be paid for your work.

  8. I would love the deck!! Any chance you could get more and make them an add for the book club???

  9. I would adore a Broken Oracle deck…. I already have my book since I preordered on Amazon.

  10. I would love to purchase a deck! (I know that wasn’t an option but if enough people throw money at you maybe it’ll happen) <3

  11. Omg I would probably die from happiness if you picked me! Pretty pretty please!

  12. Would love a Broken Oracle deck! Currently clawing my way out of a long, severe depressive episode and this is definitely something that I’d look forward to!

  13. I would love a deck! I’m hoping my bookstore will have them. I’ll be devastated if I miss out

  14. These remind me of a deck of cards we use with my 15 year old ( whose depression and anxiety has been off the charts in our area of CA. Still no school I person) called Mixed Emotions. The artwork is as impressive as the words. We would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you for posting the link to Indie bookstores. We call that Bingham Book Day amd everyone in the family gets a book.

    ** We can do hard things.

  15. I would love to be in the running for the deck, or access to a pdf if possible – and these would make great additions to the Zazzle card selection.

  16. These are SO cool! I’d love to put my name in for a set-thanks for always being so generous-and for your wonderful books!!!

  17. I would love a deck of your cards — they look like they could be framed even.

  18. I have a friend who suffers from severe depression and I have turned her on to you! I would LOVE to surprise her with a Broken Oracle deck of cards as I’m never quite sure how to help her and think these would be awesome!

  19. I would absolutely love a deck. We are currently living overseas I can’t get to a store

  20. One of my dearest friends recently lost her husband to cancer, and I would love to give this to her.

  21. I would love a deck. Thank you! I’ve loved every one you’ve shown online. They’re magnificent.

  22. Please please please! I would love to have a Broken Oracle deck – You know we’d all buy them if it were possible! 🥰

  23. I would dearly love a deck, Jenny! Thanks for the opportunity to get a “real” deck, not just the virtual one (that I *will* assuredly get!)

  24. I would so love to receive this to get me out of my blue funk of fibromyalgia and other undiagnosed chronic pain. Thank you for being there for us sad folks. You light up our lives.

  25. I’d love one, as my local indies are not getting them. I’ll try to follow on Instagram but I don’t spend much time on that.

  26. I would love a deck…I’m still waiting on my copy of the Broken book to arrive. I had hoped that it would come before the virtual book tour (with Judy Blume!!), but alas, It did not. But each day I go to the mailbox with hope in my heart. (only to have that hope crushed, day after day.)

  27. I actually started crying – I love the whole “it’s going to be okay” thing because this is all I want, just okay – I don’t NEED perfect, I just need something to be okay and my furnace and water heater broke on the same day and so many people have been in my house and I’ve been criticized for not cleaning enough and I am so so tired of nothing EVER being okay. And yes I would love that deck so much.

  28. I would love a deck and wished this was something we could actually purchase!

  29. I would love a deck. I’m listening to the audiobook and driving home last night I listened to the second chapter twelve and was laughing so hard I almost crashed ten times. I’m making my partner listen to it with me again now…in the car of course!

  30. I would be absolutely thrilled to have a deck! Inspiration for me as a graphic designer!!!

  31. I’d love a deck! I know someone who would really benefit from reading your inspirational messages.

  32. Squee!!! Would love a Deck of the Broken Oracle cards. Absofuckinglutely 😋😻

  33. I’m stalking the social media of the two local independent bookstores near me hoping to see that they will have these, I might even message them, but it would be nice to not be so stalkery. LOL!

  34. I would love the deck if possible. I can’t wait to buy your book at my local Bookstore!! Shout out to Words Matter Bookstore in Pitman NJ!!!

  35. I had never heard of Oracle cards before, but after seeing the ones you shared here, I WANT THEM! Will they eventually be available for purchase? Because I would definitely pay money for this deck.

  36. I’m pretty sure I will be finding an indie bookstore that has those, getting them, framing them and placing the frames all around my home library as a reminder as to why I’m in there instead of out in the big scary world.

  37. I’m pretty sure everyone would like a deck 🙂 but mostly I needed this reminder today. Thank you, Jenny, for being an amazing light thru the darkness of the last year.

  38. I would love a deck for my daughter! We gave her a subscription to FSBC and she’s loving it! Thank you 🥰

  39. I’m pretty sure I will be scouring all the indie bookstores to find me a deck, frame them all and place those frames all throughout my home library to remind me that there are other people in my tribe that think like me.

  40. Of course EVERY ONE of us wants an oracle deck … and I am no exception. So I am shamefully keeping my fingers crossed.

  41. I would love to get a copy of the oracle deck! I’m doing the Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon on Saturday, and while I’m hoping to make it out to my local independent, I don’t know if that will happen.

  42. I would love a deck. I pull a card each week. Hoping to find somewhere close to find one.

  43. Would love that spare deck. My friends jokingly call me the “Oracle” and broken Oracle seems more apt.

  44. My sister is battling cancer and she’d love this deck just as much as I would. She’s the one who introduced me to your awesomeness. As much as I’d love one, I’d love even more for her to receive one!

  45. Visiting my local bookstore on Saturday in hopes of getting a deck! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  46. A friend of mine is a huge fan of yours. He recently lost his partner, and I would love to surprise him with this deck. I will also try to use sleight of hand to make the deck magically appear when I give it to him. (Or just tell him to close his eyes and have someone else lob the deck to me from across the room. #magic)

  47. I don’t do Instagram or Facebook 😥. But I’d love a physical deck. Anyway, congrats on your brilliant book success!

  48. Those are so perfect! I would love a deck. I would share them with my daughter. We tried to share your first book, but we wanted to read it at the same time so we bought two. We were smarter with your second book and just bought two to begin with.

  49. I’ve been wondering for a long time how to get a deck. I’d love a deck!

  50. How fantastic! I would love to have one of these decks! They are so great!

  51. I don’t expect that you will see this comment because so many people beat me to it, but it would fill my heart with so much freaking joy and all the smiles if I could get my hands on that Oracle pack. I just bought my 11-yr-old daughter her first tarot deck but I’m not even sure what I’m doing yet and I love the idea of an oracle deck to get my hands witchy-wet! Love!

  52. I’d love a copy of the deck, but couldn’t confirm if either of the bookstores in town here would have copies. Is there going to be a digital printable version available?

  53. I would live the Broken Oracle Deck. I’m still flying high from the Zoom with you and Judy Blume!

  54. Got to sit in on your conversation with Luvvie Ajayi Jones (“at” Powells). So much fun! The oracle deck peeks have been so awesome, it would be amazing to have one!

  55. I’m homebound (since before the pandemic started), and I know I can’t get out to my indie bookstore. I would LOVE a regular set!

  56. Yes, please! Desperately in need of this in our lives right now. Thank you ❤️

  57. So beautiful, and I’d love one, but my guess is you wouldn’t ship all the way to Denmark. Looking forward to the online version ❤️

  58. I’d like to get one, I’m also just glad you’re sharing. I literally had a conversation with my therapist today re: I’m really Not Ok. Thought of you

  59. Like everyone else, would love a deck. I live 60 miles from the closest bookstore in a rural community. Meanwhile, looking forward to the digital deck. Congrats on your latest book!

  60. Omg those are awesome. My 13 year old son has gotten super into doing his oracle every morning before school.

  61. I would love to have a deck but no chance as they aren’t available in Canada!

  62. Oh please baby Jesus pick me! I have been wanting a deck but won’t be near a bookshop to get one!!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  63. I am so excited for your book tour tonight! The Oracle deck is amazing and I would love to add it to my collection.

  64. Ohh. I love the deck! I would love to get a physical copy and give it to my daughter. She is in adores the art (she’s an art major, she has a good eye)

  65. I would love a deck! Finished the book – it was hilarious and I really needed the laughs. I made myself take it slowly reading only a couple chapters a day. Making my husband read and then I’ll start over again! Even read passages out to my kids…Maybe make them read it 🙂

  66. It would be AWESOME to have a Broken Oracle Deck of Cards. But maybe I would need two because I would probably wear one out, very quickly. Must have a backup deck!!!

  67. some days, like today, are more broken than others.
    I would love a deck but will be happy for whomever does receive it.

  68. I would absolutely love a deck. I don’t know if anywhere around here will have them. Or if i will be fast enough.

  69. Don’t know if you’d send to Canada or not, but I’d love a deck of the cards. My mental health is so in the toilet that therapy isn’t even helping at the moment.

  70. I would love one! I’m happy to buy one if that becomes an option in the future!

  71. I am so late to this party! I am sure some lucky on-time fan had beat me to the price. But just in case

  72. I nth wanting the Broken Oracle Deck and would also love to buy one if they are available in the future.

  73. I would love to buy a deck from your bookstore online. I don’t do Instagram and I would like to purchase a deck to support your store and the artist. Please make them available for your fans to purchase. I think they would make the perfect gift as well as wanting one of my very own.

  74. I would love to purchase a Broken Oracle Deck and support NOWHERE!!!!!!! I hope you’ll be selling them as well!

  75. I definitely need these. Company convention was suppose to be in San Antonio and I was only going to go so I could go to the bookstore. But, alas, its been ‘on hold’ for over a year like everything else in the world. One day I’ll get there.

  76. You said you would have a digital copy of the cards available. Will we be allowed to print these out?

  77. Oooh, I really need one of these oracle decks! I’m trying to find the list of bookstores that will have them, but I can’t seem to find it on that link. I’d love to purchase a deck if they ever become available for sale.

  78. I’d love a set! I have to work on Saturday so I’m not sure I’ll make it to any of my local bookshops.

  79. It would be SO nice to have an Oracle deck! Sadly, not a whole lot of independent bookstores near me.

  80. I would love the Broken Oracle Deck! “Not perfect, never perfect. But we will be okay” is the best thing I’ve read today. I have Okay goals!

  81. Oh my gosh! I must have a deck or be able to purchase one! Such artwork- gorgeous!! 😊😊

  82. I’d love having those, but so many people have asked already. They’re so beautiful.

  83. I’m pretty damn broken right now, not sure the Broken Oracle Deck would help at all. I’ll ask anyway, maybe it will for tell a better day, kinda doubt it.

  84. I would love a deck! It turned out so awesome!!
    Also I’m super excited for tonight 😃

  85. hi, i was with you and judy blume. LOVED it! Would love a broken oracle deck!

  86. I would love a deck to give to my daughter. She newly 17, and like many teens, she often feels broken… by world events, by school, by society, by perceived expectations, by her brain, by her narcolepsy, by her past, by her future, by her very existence in this horrific yet equally wonderful place. She’s my favorite person in this whole wide world. An Oracle deck would perhaps help teach this fiercely compassionate creature that “broken” is simply an adjective, not an all-encompassing label. Ultimately, it is but one word in the dictionary of her being.

  87. So love your work, openheartedness and sense of humorness. You stand for so much of what our world needs to become better. Would love a lovely Oracle Deck, but am in Canada.

  88. I would love them because I seriously doubt they ever make it to CA! Hope to visit you and the bookstore next year!

  89. You know how much I would love an Oracle deck?

    I was actually thinking about calling my local indie store to make an appointment to shop and try to pry out of them if they will have the deck.

    Call a bookstore, Jenny. On the phone.

    I want an Oracle Deck so much I could vomit.

  90. I’m throwing my hat in the ring! I want to give this to a friend (and I may have to get one for myself, too..,.).

  91. I want a deck so badly it’s giving me anxiety. The last time I waited in line for something was concert tickets. And I was at least 20 years younger, so it might kill me. But I think I will have to try to be in line at the bookstore that’s most likely to have them when they open. And if they don’t, then try not to get a speeding ticket racing across town to other stores.

  92. This is beautiful! I would love this oracle deck. I thought, heck I’ll just buy them, there are sooo many who want it, but I am unable to find it online. My husband has terminal brain cancer and just seeing this card in my fb feed today was a lovely reminder of what is true. I’m okay. xoxo

  93. I would love a deck. They look beautiful!
    I’ve had a string of anxious nights recently where I haven’t slept well, I needed to hear “it’s going to be ok”, so exhausted.

  94. throwing my hat in the ring for a chance to have your second oracle deck 🙂

  95. This oracle deck is beautiful! I would love a set. This has been an exhaustingly difficult year, for sure! Thank you for sharing them with us online. ❤

  96. I’d love to have a deck! Congratulations on your book. I’m just sitting down to read it!

  97. OMG!! Those are the absolute best! And, thank you for all the laughter. I just lost my best boy friend (from, you guessed it, mental health issues, he had bipolar disorder and some some other weirdness. He was brilliantly funny and could make make me laugh always! Even when I was in the hospital fighting to not die!) you can make me laugh the same way. So thank you for that. I want some of those fabulous cards. So much. Please tell me how I can get some. Patrick would have snort laughed. He was like that. 😍

  98. I have been collecting oracle decks, these would be the cherry on my malt!!!

  99. I lost my husband of 31 years last December. I’m still trying to find some joy in everyday things. I would buy one of these decks if it was available for purchase. Thank you for all you do for all of us! Blessed Be!

  100. I would love a deck! Every image I’ve seen has brought tears to my eyes and I just feel it so much! The artwork is beautiful!

  101. Here’s hoping the Internet gods posts this attempt. lol. I would love one. I would buy one. I have a couple of tarot decks I think these would work wonderfully with.

  102. I would love to have a deck!! I stumbled upon your coloring book in the most random way and by the following week, I had read both of your other books and pre-ordered Broken. I asked a friend if a person can be your spirit animal cause if so, you were mine. Sadly, there aren’t many open participating bookstores in my area but I’m still gonna try.

  103. I would love a Broken Oracle Deck. I’ve recently started back with therapy and your book has given me perspective. Thanks!

  104. I just joined you and Christopher Moore on zoom tonight and it was wonderful seeing you again and meeting him. Can’t wait for my copy of Broken to arrive—must read again those wonderful tweets you shared tonight. They brought to mind a cringe moment of mine. We and our neighbors both had the same dog mix, bichon and poodle, and they were buddies. One day at the mail boxes I ran into Randy and he told me their dog Sundae had died. Out of my mouth unbidden popped “Well, doggone it” with the proper commiseration overtones, but the bad pun aspect was so blatant it couldn’t be ignored, leaving us both speechless. Both of us just walked away, me cringing, he probably wondering what was wrong with my mirror neurons. Took years to stop cringing.

  105. AMAZING. I didn’t have the first clue what to expect and this… is breathtaking.

  106. I would also love your Lake deck, & wouldn’t mind paying for it, so you & Katie Gamb can get paid for your work

  107. So very cool and I would love to see one of your fans get a deck. I’m so immersed in words and TBR and to-be-taught that I would feel guilty to receive such a gift that I could’t use for eons. Best of luck to those who will get to have the immediate gratification. xoxo

  108. I would love a deck. We have one indie bookstore in my city (Tallahassee). I’ll definitely call and see if they are getting any, but we never get anything cool. That’s why I hoarde my strangelings books like precious treasures.

  109. I NEED a deck. After my 4th TMS (painful!) treatment, after shittiest work day, followed by a lot of rum…
    I Can. Not. Cope.
    Day + rTMS + Rum + mourning my mother suicide,…
    I would pay one million dollars for a deck..
    Even if I could stop crying for the book tour with Christopher Moore (who I love!) I already have TWO SIGNED copies of Broken. (Don’t ask.) I do not need a 3rd signed copy. Maybe Chris can sign a copy?
    Life is shitty, then you color “you are here”…

  110. I’d love a deck and am getting my first shot Saturday morning so I don’t think I’ll make it out to independent bookstore day this year 😟

  111. I love everything Jenny Lawson related. The tarot card set looks amazing. And since I am having a new philosophy, I hope I can get the cards in her shop again. They sure could help me. I am sitting in a dark well, Lassie is interested in chasing rabbits. Damn Druggie.Of course he doesn’t get help, so I fight my way out of the well on my own. And I will persevere. And at the end I want a happy raccoon to greet me.

  112. Jenny, you are always amazing! Yes, please include me in the giant group of people who would love to have a set of the beautiful Broken cards. I, also, would be happy to BUY a set or five if they ever become available for purchase!

  113. Would love to buy a deck but can’t find them. But I did get Broken from my local indie store, from Powells with my ticket to hear you and Luvvie, from your Nowhere Bookshop, and from Audible. I’m using them to get ithers on board the Bloggess train! ❤️

  114. Along with the other hundreds of fans in this blog alone, not to mention the thousands elsewhere, of heckin course I’d love a Broken Deck! But, since I was a winner of a signed copy of Pretend earlier this year I wouldn’t feel right if chosen. But if you DO randomly pick me it would be awesome and I will give them to my niece struggling with beating stage 4 cancer. She needs all the spoons. 💕

  115. I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I would enjoy them myself first, then leave them in little forgotten spaces to help those who need it.

  116. I would love a deck! 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ Stalking your IG to find out how I can snag one! ❤️❤️❤️

  117. I bought your book in Houston last week and my boyfriend was like let’s look around this store for a minute and I ended up buying Allie Brosh’s book too. There goes $70 of my loan….

  118. I would love a deck! I just got into oracle reading this year with the Wild Offering Oracle.

  119. I would love to have a deck. It’s been a very troublesome week in my head and I’d appreciate any outside encouragement that’s out there.

  120. The virtual book tour was soooo much fun last night! Christopher Moore is among my favorite authors. Thank you. Let’s do it again soon.

  121. OMG!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! It’s my birthday – I’m 68 years old and I MUST HAVE THIS DECK!! Please and thank you!!!

  122. Jenny Lawson, I don’t want the deck but I want to thank you. I ordered my copy of Broken from Nowhere and got a beautiful signed copy I will treasure-and not drop off at Goodwill or wherever it was someone found a signed copy of “Let’s Pretend…”. I was saving it for I don’t know what, but today I had to take Dizzy Dean our cat to the vet and because of COVID had to sit in the car for an hour, I decided to take Broken with and was laughing so hard starting with page 2 of the Intro. Dizzy Dean turns out to have cancer and not long to live, so of course I was sad. But I had such rare moments of laughter and joy reading Broken sitting in the car and I am forever grateful to you. So, thank you. Please keep writing.

  123. I would love a deck, I feel like they would be excellent gifts when framed, to give away over the years when a person’s point of view really fit the card. Then all your friends would eventually have at least one, and they could show them off or trade them for a better one at your funeral, and there would be lots of laughing.

  124. I’ve been looking for a good oracle deck for years. I hope at some point you’ll consider selling them, because I’ll find a way to afford it…

  125. I reallllly would love to have a deck. I need all the reminders I can get about how it’s going to be ok. I hope to also have a chance to have you sign my copy of Broken someday – it feels inferior to Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened because they brag about being signed.

    PS: please consider offering the deck for purchase for all of us who won’t be able to get a giveaway? It’s been a rough year (+) and a whole lot of us need this kind of goodness in our lives.

  126. Is 254 a lucky number? I’d love an Oracle Deck to go with the decks by Nick Bantock and Brian Froud that I bought recently.

  127. I would use the heck out of an oracle deck! Also, I’m 1/3rd of the way through Broken and have both cried and laughed multiple times. Reading it has helped tremendously during this dark week full of brain demons. Thank you for writing.

  128. Me,me,me,me…. Imagine me jumping up and down waving my hand frantically.

  129. The deck speaks to me and keeps my brain going in the direction that keeps me from believing the lie. Thank you for the opportunity.c

  130. I would love a Broken Oracle Deck. It would really help, from one spoonie to another.

  131. I would love to own a set, any chance they will eventually be sold? They are gorgeous and relatable!

  132. I would really love to have a deck. I just got my second vaccine today and chances are that I’m not going to be able to get out to my local independent bookstore tomorrow.

  133. Who wouldn’t love a copy of the Oracle cards! Loving the new book, hope to get the deck!

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