Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day and I’m pretty sure that should be a national holiday.

So! Tomorrow (Saturday) is Independent Bookstore Day and that means lots of bookstores all over America will be giving out free Broken Oracle Decks (inspired by Broken and illustrated by Katie Gamb).

Here’s a map of participating indie book stores. They each have their own sort of celebration and have lots of different offerings and many are offering virtual experiences and things because a lot of us can’t leave the house. It can be hard as hell to be a bookstore, and the pandemic made it even weirder, so thank you a million times for any support you’re able to give them.

Can’t leave your house or don’t have a participating bookstore nearby? Click here for a virtual deck you can use right now. (Thank you to my publisher for making this possible.)

Nowhere Bookshop still hasn’t technically opened it’s doors but we’re getting closer and on Saturday we’re going to have a sidewalk sale and give out Broken decks to the first customers and we’ll have some lovely surprises and it will be the closest we’ve ever gotten to seeing customers (unless you count waving to them and their dogs through the glass when they pick up curbside orders, which we totally do.) I can’t personally mingle too much since not everyone in my house is fully vaccinated but I plan to sneak in for a bit and if you see a strange women waving wildly through the glass it is totally me. And for those of you outside of San Antonio or who support us virtually we have some wonderful free Nowhere giveaways just for you if you shop from us online tomorrow (including the possibility of oracle cards dropped into your orders!) so just click here for all the details. And if you haven’t picked up your copy of Broken (in the best possible way) or want to buy some as gifts I’ve just signed a whole bunch at Nowhere and also drawn little kitty faces on them because I like to doodle and am easily distracted.

Wednesday was my last official day on virtual book tour and I can’t thank you enough for your support because it was amazing and also Broken is #8 on the NYT bestseller list! Whoop! I know that a bunch of you weren’t able to get tickets so sometime in the next month (when I recover a little) I’ll do a free, live virtual tour stop for everyone who couldn’t get in or who came to one before and wants to hang out again. It’ll probably be live on my instagram since zoom has limits on how many people can come. I’ll keep you posted.

And now if you’ll excuse me, the glamorous work of catching up on four weeks of laundry is calling to me. And by “calling to me” I mean “I can’t walk though the kitchen without tripping over it and the cats keep climbing it like Mt. Everest and then ending up under the ensuing laundry avalanche and also why am I the only person in the house that can see it?”

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  1. Love, love, love the Oracle cards. This may be the thing that finally gets me to break out of my pandemic-related isolation and re-enter the world of the living. Not that I am dead. But, if I were I could join the Ladyhood of Vampires. So that would be cool. As long as Brad Dingleman is not allowed to join. He ruins everything.

  2. Wishing you a marvelous day tomorrow as you inch ever closer to opening the doors!

  3. I found out that my local bookstore is going to have the Oracle cards. I’m planning on stopping in as soon as they open so that I can snag a deck.

  4. Awesome update! I will have to log in tomorrow and do some shopping!!

  5. Is there a way to find out which indie bookstores will actually be giving away the Broken Oracle Deck? The link just tells you which bookstores are participating in Independent Bookstore Day.

  6. I got a new dryer and the top is curved, so the cat can’t even sleep on the finished laundry I set there because it’s just a wild ride to the floor. And then I have to do the laundry again. Yes, I could bring it all upstairs and put it away, but I can only procrastinate a few things a day, so laundry is always a multi-day project. Anyway, enjoy your National Bookstore Day festivities. I’ll be doing the aforementioned laundry.


  8. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!
    THANK YOU for making the Oracle Cards available to us online!!!
    I REALLY hope that your publisher will realize that they would be a great item that could be sold alongside your books.
    How ‘bout a deck of 52 of them? Oracle/Encouragement/Poker Cards
    Also…I finished Broken the other night.
    Another Masterpiece by Jenny Lawson.
    I love you to pieces.

  9. Jenny, I read An Open Letter to My Health Insurance Company last night and cried hot angry tears. This so accurately reflects many personal experiences that have made me want to curl up and die. The way these companies treat patients is cruel and unconscionable. They make it so hard for us, at the very moment we most need someone to be helpful. I, too, have just given up and paid in cash so many times–whether for treatment for TRD or prescriptions for my intractable migraines. Such greed, and such loss. What a cluster fuck.
    Thank you for your writing. It means so much to all us broken weirdos.

  10. I participated in the online book door. When might we receive our copies of the book?

  11. If you participated in the online book tour, when are those books being shipped, please?

  12. My friend surprised me by sending me a signed copy of Broken and I actually hugged it I was so happy.

    Now I’m even happier that I could get a digital copy of the deck! Thank you and your publisher SO much! ❤️

  13. Aw, I thought I got a special cat drawing because my name is Cat. That’s okay I’m going to tell people that anyway. 😁

  14. I contacted my local store and they said the Oracle cards would be for sale… which confused me because I thought you had mentioned they’d be free. I guess they can choose to do that…? I have no issues paying because I love my store.

  15. I stopped in at Timbre, a new indie bookstore in our city, this morning. Your new book was displayed prominently!
    My husband has already read our copy.

  16. I love these so much! I pulled the “Souls” card, which I’m totally taking as a good omen (I had DM”d you about that piece — I swear I’m not a stalker)

  17. I wanted a signed one, but went and supported my little town’s independent bookstore instead. All good.

  18. Books & Books in Coral Gables, Fl has a very limited supply of cards to give out tomorrow. If you are in our neighborhood stop by bright and early (we open at 10). So excited for tomorrow. It should totally be a national holiday.

  19. I pulled the Forgive Yourself card. Which was just what I needed. And I ALSO lose shoes on the regular. xo

  20. Congrats on such a successful book launch! The card I pulled tells me I’m a bad risk, oh well, he’s stuck with me. Oh, and your laundry is like my yard. Nobody in the house seems to notice all the work that needs to be done except me. Weirdly, both my husband and 18 yr old son do their own laundry these days.

  21. Oh my god, the memory thing! I thought it was just me! You literally described me. My ex used to have to tell me we’d already watched something or I already told him something.

    Do you also have clear memories of things but have who you did them with completely wrong? I have times where I swear I did something with the person I’m talking to and they insist they weren’t there. 😂

  22. This is awesome! I had no idea I had an indie bookstore right here in Blo-No! Bobzbay in downtown Bloomington, IL! Guess where I’m going the next time I can manage leaving the house! I bet it smells FABULOUS in there!

  23. Oh my goodness thank you SO MUCH (and thanks to your publisher!) for making the cards available online. I’ve been loving the ones you’ve posted, but I don’t have any way to get a physical deck tomorrow.
    (Clarification, is the Nowhere giveaways for *any* purchase from your site? I might need another shirt, but I don’t know if that counts or if it’s just book purchases.)

  24. I prefer watching movies over books lol But i love reading humour books so ya!

  25. I’ll be at Nowhere tomorrow to finally splurge on a copy of Broken! So excited! If it’s one of the signed ones it would be awesome but I’m so excited anyway i’d probably pass out, so no worries if you are out by the time I wake up at the crack of noon. Sorry for the run-on sentence…just can’t contain my antici……pation. Thank you for the digital Oracle cards. That will make it harder for me to spill coffee on them. Missed the book your but catch you next time….or maybe you can post copies way in the future sometime. Ok, enuf from this fangrrl. Love You! 💕

  26. I live in a place that is hours from bookstores and the few in the state are closed, so I was hoping the Oracle cards would have a print at home version, not just a click online version. Because I’m picky, but also who can read cards that aren’t cards. I have a hard enough time reading books that aren’t books. My cat just bit me on the head. Probably because she thinks I should stop complaining like an ungrateful twatsandwich. So I will.

  27. So excited! Husband is dropping the dogs off at the groomer and then headed to an Indie bookshop for me! His idea of a perfect Saturday!

  28. Talk about a global pandemic: members of every household appear to be infected with severe Clutter-Blindness.

  29. I finally have enough $ to order a book from Nowhere (most times new books are our of reach for me). Went with a signed “You are Here” because I already got Broken from the library. So excited for stickers, and fingers crossed for a deck. None of my local stores have decks so I am out of luck there.

  30. so I stopped by Books inc today n hopes of getting a deck but they stated that you could pick a card and not a deck (regardless, there were other things I needed) and the card I chose was painfully perfect in a god way.

    question – is there any chance to order the whole deck??? I would gladly pay good money for it (you should see my collection!)

  31. I stood outside my local bookstore this morning to get an oracle deck. I scored one of the six that they had! Plus bought some books from the bookstore. And a woman came in and asked for an oracle deck, she danced around and was so overjoyed to get one of the very few! Thanks for supporting local!

  32. Jenny – I celebrated indie bookstore day by purchasing your book and was lucky to get a signed copy and an oracle deck. My daughter and I are SO EXCITED to read it and are grateful for your open heart that allows you to share your story with all of us.

  33. Books, inc. was singularly unhelpful about the Oracle Deck. I, along with lots of other people, would gladly purchase a deck when, not if, when they are for sale! I have 52 million oracle decks so I really really need this to add to my collection.

  34. Jenny – had so much fun “with” you and CM the other night! Also, wanted to share the hour (s) leading up the reading involved me 1. Going to physical therapy because of a pinched nerve in my back which makes moving, standing, breathing, sitting in the car super painful, and the therapist said I should adjust the angle of my car seat to help, like with a rolled up towel or something, which I did not have in the car 2. Picking up my book from the mail 3. Debating whether to and then deciding yes, I will use the book to sit on because it was the only thing I had to boost my seat/make the ride home more comfortable 4. Realizing my (hopefully temporarily?) broken body was sitting on your book Broken to feel less broken 5. Laughing too hysterically in the car by myself 6. Groaning and wincing because laughing is painful with a pinched nerve 7. Making it home in time for the reading/session!
    All around success, I think? Thanks again!

  35. Haha! you’re not the only person who can see it. The family just knows you will be the first to break

  36. I was sad that the local store did *not* have oracle cards, though they were supposed to. I was the 1st person in, so I know it wasn’t because they’d already been given away. 🙁
    I had hoped to buy more copies of LPTNH, FH, and YAH, because I have an awful habit of giving away copies, and I was down just 1 each – the signed ones, MINE – but the only thing they had was Broken. I did buy “myself” a 3rd copy, plus a couple other books that caught my eye, so not a complete let-down… just some.
    Please Jenny, if you can encourage your publisher to make more oracle decks, I am certain they will sell like hotcakes!!

  37. So, I’ve been out of the loop for awhile and had no idea there was another book out. I loved your previous books and even have the coloring book(which I need to rebuy because I have an @$$hole 2yo who thinks my stuff is perfect for destruction). Can’t wait to read this one too!!! Excited about Nowhere Bookshop!!! Go ahead with your bad self,Jenny!

  38. I’m not sure if you have talked about this but… I attended your virtual book tour a couple of weeks ago (with Judy Blume OMG!!) but never got my copy of your book. I don’t have any emails or any other contact info, so not sure what to do. Help!

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