I didn’t think I’d missed it so much

So on Saturday we surprised everyone (including possibly ourselves) by actually opening Nowhere Bookshop for one day only TO REAL LIVE CUSTOMERS.

And it was only half of the store and only a limited amount of people could come in at a time but it was magic. Everyone wore masks and waited patiently to come in and I was able to see people in real life as they discovered the store that we’d been saving for you for the last year. So many people came and explained that this was the first time they’d been around people since their vaccinations and I totally get it because it’s pretty much the same for us. And in spite of the masks and distancing it was like a return to the past and a glimpse at the future all at the same time, and I literally had forgotten how much I’d missed people. At the end of the day my face physically hurt from smiling and we were all exhausted but it was the good kind of exhausted that comes with giving people books that open up doors to everywhere. We gave away hundreds of oracle cards and if you bought something from us online on Saturday you’ll be getting Nowhere stickers and we’ll also be randomly dropping some oracle decks we have left over into packages so you may end up with a deck even if you couldn’t make it in person. (We were overwhelmed – in a good way – with orders so thank you for your patience!)

And afterward when the last customer left and we locked the doors back up again Elizabeth pointed out that we were all fully vaccinated and so we could actually take off our masks and it was the first time I’d seen real people’s faces in real life other than Victor and Hailey in almost 14 months. We took pictures and it was lovely and felt almost sinful.

Exhausted but thrilled bookmongers: Vicky, Elizabeth, me, Aedan (Not shown: Victor who is taking the picture and Matt who was home resting for the day because he’d just had his second shot.)

If you missed it, no worries because I’ve always said that I don’t believe in Grand Openings because they sound terrifying and way too crowded so instead we’ll be having a series of Bland Openings over the next 12 months so you don’t have to feel bad if you miss one. We’re still not technically open to the public because we’re still watching the numbers and want to give more people the chance to get vaccinated but follow us on Instagram because we’ll probably have some more surprise open days in the near future and we’ll let you know there. And maybe one day soon we’ll be open for good. ALL FINGERS CROSSED.

So part of this post is to thank you for your support because we literally wouldn’t be here without you…but another part is to encourage you. To tell you that if you are like me and have been hiding away from the world for a year, there is hope and it is closer than we imagine. If you haven’t already gotten your vaccinations I cannot tell you how incredibly wonderful it is to not have to run away from people in terror. So many people who came into the bookstore were like me…immunocompromised and vulnerable…but were now fully vaccinated and joining the world again. And it was amazing. And a little scary. Much like life in general.

If you’ve been putting off getting your vaccinations, I want so much for you to call and schedule them as soon as you can because the sense of freedom and the wonderful feeling of getting to see people without worrying that you are going to get sick or make others sick is so incredible. Victor and Hailey and I have all had our vaccines and one day soon we’ll actually be able to see my parents, who also have theirs. Not everyone has the option of taking the vaccines though so if you can, please do, so that you can protect them at least a little bit.

I know a lot of people have put off taking the shots to make sure that none of us have grown tails but technically I think it would be amazing to have a tail and you’re going to feel awful if all of us get kick-ass tails and you don’t. Also, I know some people haven’t gotten their first or second shot because they’re afraid of the side effects but personally most of the people I know have gotten theirs and other than one day of feeling achey and blah and a sore arm it’s not usually that bad. It’s much better than the side effects of covid, which has killed my grandmother and several friends and left a lot of my friends and family with long-covid effects that they are still suffering from today. I’m not judging you if you’re afraid. I’m afraid all the time. And it’s your decision in the end. But if you got your vaccines or are planning on getting them then you are my hero and I super crazy love you. The world is out there and ready for us. Let’s make it safer for everyone.

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  1. I so wish I could have gotten an Oracle deck! I had a really bad day on Saturday and totally forgot about the orders drawing for out-of-towners. Sounds like there were not many left anyway! YAY! I am so glad you had such a fabulous grand opening!

  2. I was so excited for you when I saw you decided to open! And despite my excitement I remembered to order a book for myself! Happiness for both of us!!!

  3. I so badly wanted to go, but NH to TX is quite the commute! I did place an order and scored an oracle deck too, and cannot wait for dinner quality Jenny mail!

  4. You look so happy! This was a nice bright spot today. I’m currently reading my signed copy of “Broken” and loving it more and more with each page, And I’m going to go get my 2nd vaccine dose in about 20 minutes. Thanks for this post! Your sunshine made it all the way to cold, dreary upper Michigan (at least in my head).

  5. Seeing you in the store with your mask off makes me so happy. Thank you for continually sharing your struggles and triumphs. I often think if Jenny can survive it, so can I. Congrats to you and your staff. You’ve all done an amazing job. Hoping some day I’ll get down to Texas and can get myself to your store.

  6. Thank you so much for encouraging people to get their shot! We here in Oklahoma were doing a fabulous job up until just the past two weeks, and then vaccine hesitancy has begun to hit hard. Can I please share your message? And by the way, if you were to perhaps have a bland opening at the end of May, I may be able to come see you! 😉

  7. I love this so much! I’m fully vaccinated as well and being able to be out without the fear has been so welcome

  8. I got my second shot today and this hermit is so excited to have plans to see people at the end of the month. One day eventually I will visit my friends in Texas and get to your store…

  9. I opted not to try to get an Oracle deck because I think there are other people who need them more, but they are still awesome and I may one day regret my decision. I do have two copies of Broken and I need them both. I am also very excited to come to your store and buy more books, but probably not Broken, since I already have two copies of it. Or possibly three, now that I think of it. (The virtual book tour didn’t really have a watch but don’t buy the book because you already have it, option.)

    Also I got vaxxed, and am one day planning to visit your store, which will require a great deal of logistical planning and also plane rides, but that’s ok, because any excuse to get on a plane and leave my messy house is a good excuse.

  10. I saw in the “unofficial” Facebook Jenny Lawson fan club page thingy that some were posting about being IN your store! I was a little jealous but so glad for them. There’s an editors conference in San Antonio next year that I plan to go to and will definitely visit your store! Can’t wait!

  11. I was able to get my vaccine fairly early here in Utah (obesity). Got my second shot on March 26th. No tail yet, and no cat ears, so I think I’m good. Haven’t been picking up any 5g signals either. As far as the sore arm, my dad taught me when I was very young to do some push-ups after getting a shot, as it helps reduce the soreness. And I swear it works. Even if you do a fake pushup by pushing against a wall, it still helps. Won’t help with any tireness or redness side effects, but definitely helps with the soreness.

  12. Got my first shot, scheduled for my second. My hubby could have had his a while ago, since he works for a college, but waited until I could get mine. He didn’t see the point since he works from home right now anyway. My teenager is actually jealous we could get ours, she’s only 14 but wants to do everything she can to help kick COVIDs butt, even though she hates needles as much as I do. I can’t wait until we can get down your way, not sure when that’ll be because I’m up in Northern California and I really hate flying, but looking forward to the time when I can come in.

  13. Got my second dose today! Would have loved to have come to your store in person…but alas, I am in IL. But mark my words, I will visit one day. In the meantime, I tried to offer my support and encouragement with an online order. Loved the new book – and became enamored with Luvvie Ajayi Jones in the bargain! Thanks!

  14. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the soft opening (I drove as fast as I could!) and especially nice to chat with you for a short time! Your staff was *fantastic* as well!!

  15. I am still waiting for the 5G to kick in. I have always wanted to be my own mobile hot spot. A tail would also be cool. Especially if I could use it like a third arm.

    Congratulations on the opening of your book store. Congratulations for being able to tell your depression and anxiety not today. You are so strong and BBC amazing.

  16. Thank you for this ray of sunshine in my day of darkness. It looks like you were having such fun and one day I hope to visit in person. At least I remembered to order Broken from you on Indie Book Day and am so much looking forward to reading it. <3

  17. So super excited for you and all the NoWhere folks. I will make it there someday, in the aftertimes.

  18. So glad you were able to have a Bland Opening and that it felt safe and ultimately exhausting/wonderful. I am fully vaccinated (I am a Youth Emergency Shelter Program Manager so I was able to get it pretty early-on) but am still avoiding inside events as much as I can because my spouse cannot receive the vaccination due to a near-deadly allergic reaction last year to a medication during surgery. My office mate (who is also fully vaccinated) and I sometimes stand at the opposite ends of our shared space and take our masks off… it is so lovely to see a person’s whole face.

  19. Everyone wears glasses! Yay! I week in a library and we all wear glasses too!

  20. Congratulations on being open, even in a limited way – I could have coped with being in a shop with only 4 other people, so that’s my kind of opening. It’s been one of the few positives about COVID for me – less interactions and fewer people around.

    You got your vaccines close together (as was correct), I have had to wait for around 10 weeks for my second – tomorrow, yay! UK politics. I had fewer side effects with the first one than I get with the flu vaccine, so it’s well worth having.

  21. I’m fully vaccinated, but still scared. I’ve been working – I’m in retail, and *so many* people come in without masks and act like they don’t care, and it’s conditioned me in a bad way. I haven’t gone to a restaurant since last summer, or anyplace other than work and the grocery store, and a few doctor’s appointments, and I want to feel excited but I’m having a hard time overcoming the fear!

  22. So excited for you and so happy you spread the word on Indie Bookstore Day! Our closest Indie store is about a 25 minute drive but I took my daughter and let her pick a book along with getting a second copy of Broken to give to a friend. And I scored an Oracle Deck! It was lovely and perfect and I am so so grateful. Thank you too for spreading your message about vaccines—I am due with my second kid in August and chose to get vaccinated to protect both of us. Science is way way cool ❤️

  23. In honor of IBD, I dragged a friend up to one of my favorite local independent bookstores, Firefly (just the coolest name, right?). They had your oracle decks so I scored one and so did my friend AND I took the opportunity to make her buy your first book. Because OF COURSE. I love to see those smiles.

  24. I’m sure you’ve thought of every possible way to open for business, but if you need one more suggestion I can vouch for how a indie in San Francisco is managing. Door open, but blocked by a counter. Customers approach and talk to the sales person, both wearing masks.

    People seemed very good about not forming a big line. They’d wait until there was no one waiting, then be able to chat and have the sales clerk hand them a book or two to peruse on the sidewalk while she waited on the next person.

    It was kind of awesome. Lots of recommendations from a book lover, along with a little human interaction, all wrapped up in a safe, outdoor experience. It was like having a book sommelier. Good times!

  25. Thank you so very much for putting in a plug for getting the vaccine. It’s so important that everyone who possibly can, gets it. I also was amazed at how much more relaxed I can now feel in public! It’s more than worth it.

    And I personally would love to join you in getting a kick-ass tail. I want mine to be prehensile! But furry, too. Maybe silvery fur. Have to think about that a bit.

    Congratulations on the bookstore, And I wish I could see it in person!

  26. So happy that you were able to open the store for the day and celebrate. We had a form of graduation in the morning, but mid-afternoon saw me on a road trip adventure to find bookstores near me that were celebrating. I found one in Helena, MT and one in Townsend, MT that are going to be two of my new favorite places to visit. And I was fortunate to get a set of the Oracle cards. LOVE THEM! I also participated in your virtual tour stop with Judy Blume and my book arrived yesterday. I see a very happy weekend of reading ahead of me. Thank you for your message about vaccines. We lost my dad to COVID and the minute I was eligible I went out to get the shots. Today is the 2 week mark after my 2nd shot. I’ll still take precautions to protect others, but it is a relief to have that done. Stay safe!

  27. I wish I could’ve gotten there, and I wish I could’ve gotten an oracle deck. But it sounds like you had a very Grand Opening indeed, and I’m so happy for you!

  28. Congratulations on your Bland Opening!! Hurray!!!!!!

    I remember my first opening day — sooooo exciting! And exhausting, but in the best possible way. I’m glad yours was like that. It’s like showing your baby to people outside your family for the first time.

    P.S. I also have Dragons Love Tacos (and 2) in the front of my store. I adore it. I push it on people of all ages!

  29. I missed out on the oracle deck because my local indie bookstore had run out by the time I got there, but I did score a signed copy of Broken, so it’s still a win for me.
    I miss in-person tactile shopping so much and look forward to my second dose so I can feel a modicum of freedom again.

  30. Okay, I was all excited about potentially getting a tail, but then I was like, “what if the tail is *hairless*?”, and that would be gross, but also, if we grew tails, the fashion industry would totally have to change. How would we wear dresses without totally flashing everyone?
    So, Im going to hope for teleportation powers instead.

  31. I cannot wait to visit from Austin! This gives me so much hope! My husband and I are finally fully vaccinated so we are cautiously opening ourselves back up to the world as well and it feels so SO good!!!

  32. I can’t wait to get my Nowhere t-shirt! The logo is super cool on its own, but parts of it are similar to a poster we have in our house, which shows a young boy and a dinosaur riding on a book. It was in my husband’s room when he was a little boy, and now I have the girl version on my shirt.

    Congratulations on easing back into the world. I’m not so sure about it myself. My anxiety seems to be triggered by stupid people who can’t follow the rules of this pandemic.

  33. You so need to mass produce Oracle cards and sell them everywhere and Nowhere!! Seriously… serious.

  34. I do hate that I missed it! We were having a roof out on our house and the trailer where they put the old roof stuff blocked our cars in the garage most of the day. BOO!

  35. I got both doses. No tail, no cat ears, and my 5G isn’t any better. And I’m still scared of pretty much everything. Quarantining solo seems to have added agoraphobia to my anxiety and CPTSD. So it goes.

  36. I am sooo happy for you and then just wanted to tell you that you look AMAZING!!!

  37. I was so excited for all of you when I saw the post on Saturday! Someday I will get back to San Antonio and visit in person. Love the smiles! (Oh, yeah, and I got both doses and had no side effects other than a sore arm. No superpowers either, dangit.)

  38. Wait–are you wearing JEANS??? But I remember reading somewhere that you never wear jeans like ever. Pretty sure it was in a book from a reputable source. This is likely the result of that COVID shot. Next thing you know, you’ll be wearing shorts, and everyone will see your KNEES!!!

  39. Hey, girlie, so happy for you! My immunocompromised husband got the J&J three weeks ago, and today I got my second Pfizer, and I totally get everything you’re feeling. We still have to be careful, of course, but for the first time in over a year, I’m actually able to imagine some returning to normal — new normal would be more accurate, I guess. But still, one where we can actually be around other human beings, not flinch every time someone crosses our imaginary 6-ft safety barrier, not panic about whether we have a mask in our pocket at all times. It’s good to feel like there will be after-times!

  40. Sad I missed Saturday, but I left town to hug my parents for the first time in over a year, so no regrets on that decision.

  41. My husband and I will be celebrate being fully vaccinated on Saturday by going to a museum and seeing the Marvel Comics exhibit. We have tickets for an immersive Van Gogh exhibit in August. Taking it slow as we acclimatize to people again. I
    m glad you had a great experience!

  42. I just got my second shot today, and one of my first thoughts afterwards was “this means that soon I can make a pilgrimage to Texas to see Jenny’s bookstore!” Which made me super-happy, as does the picture of you looking so happy.

    Also, I so appreciate you encouraging folks to get vaccinated. I’m coming across more and more people who say they won’t, which makes me worry for what’s coming next on this COVIDcoaster. Also, I fail to understand why anyone wouldn’t want a tail, and I’m really hoping that the second shot will allow me to lick my own eyeball.

  43. I’m a nurse and I hate to rain on your parade, but we are seeing Covid illness/deaths among vaccinated elderly people. I know y’all are young, but I worry about your immune system Jenny. Praying y’all stay well and these vaccinated cases are just a fluke.

  44. I can’t get my vaccine until I get new Epi-Pens which I can’t afford because disabled & co-pay is almost $200.00! Thanks pharmaceutical jerks. I am so JEALOUS! Now after spending most of the year home or in my car, was hoping to just go places but between allergy to bees, no vaccine, & no epi-pens, I’m cursed to stay home till fall!😭😭😭

  45. thank you for what you said about getting vaccinated. its so important, but also scary for some people. Congratulations on the opening, and I hope you can open again soon! I love the oracle cards, and have my fingers crossed that maybe at some point they’ll be available for purchase. Stay well!

  46. This looks fabulous! Today is day 14 after shot 2! I have stage 4 lung cancer which isn’t so poor me as it sounds because I refused chemo and did immunotherapy and now I’m in remission because the cancer is gone.

    So I’m used to people looking at me like I have a tail, because 1.5 years ago I was on Hospice.

    I HAD to go out for treatments the entire length of this pandemic. Most cancer people did. We were the begrudged warriors, risking our lives to save our lives. Luckily in NY they’ve been pretty strict about masks from the get go. I’ve yet to take off my mask around other people…

    I imagine it’s like taking off a bra after a year.

  47. I’m sad you had to hide away (but I get it) and glad you got your vaccines. I feel very lucky that I have been able to go out and do everything I usually do but just wear a mask. I’m not getting the vaccine because I don’t think it’s necessary for a disease that is overwhelmingly survivable (and yes, I know that’s not true for everyone and I encourage everyone who wants to get the vaccine to do it!). I’m truly hoping the future opens up for EVERYONE so they can feel exactly what you are describing and I know, without a doubt, Nowhere is going to absolutely explode! So proud of you and how you’ve managed to deal with the last year given how difficult it was. Hopefully our weirdo energy somehow helped!

  48. I work in a grocery store so I’ve never been able to isolate, but I’ll be fully vaccinated at the end of the month and I can not wait! I have three trips planned already. I’m going to miss masks though, because it’s helped my anxiety about my looks and facial expressions.
    I have enjoyed not having meetings. So many meetings. So many people crowded together, sharing food. I don’t think I’ll enjoy that for a while.

  49. That’s awesome! (Why in the world would anyone yell at you?) I’m far from San Antonio, but maybe someday I’ll get to visit Nowhere. I just finished Broken about five minutes ago–loved it! For anyone who’s avoiding getting vaccinated for fear of side effects: You just might be one of the lucky ones, you know. I’ve had both shots without a single symptom, other than a very slightly sore injection site that only really hurt when a cat stepped on it. Twice. (My cats are assholes. Avoid them and you’ll be fine.) Lastly: Jenny, you look FABULOUS!

  50. I would really love to purchase oracle decks for all of my friends if you ever do just sell them from your website 🙂

  51. I was not in Texas on Saturday, I live in Colorado. I did order and scored an oracle deck, so excited. My daughter and I plan on doing a pilgrimage to Nowhere, soon, but not soon enough.

  52. The thought of walking through a bookstore almost makes me weep. It has been far too long. I feel a terrible hankering to wander through Powell’s again. “sigh” I miss the smell of books. Lots of books.

  53. Congratulations on your Bland Opening! I wish I could travel and see it in person.
    I am fully vaccinated and I finally got to hug my mother who is a cancer survivor after more than a year! I am high risk for covid-19 with multiple autoimmune issues and co-morbidities so we are still wearing our masks and avoiding crowded or indoor public settings and pretty much following the recommended social distancing and other virus prevention measures as before the vaccine, but I feel safer, and I got hugs!!!!
    I had the Pfizer vaccine and I’m allergic to all sorts of medicines so I was super nervous. the first one activated my preexisting sciatica symptoms for three weeks and also my preexisting left side numbness from a non-headache migraine variant, and triggered my preexisting minor heart arrhythmia, and my fibromyalgia symptoms and a sore arm for three days. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! The second shot was just a sore arm for two days.
    My husband got the Moderna vaccine and had a sore arm and headache and fatigue for three days from the first shot. Then for the second shot he had a sore arm, arthritis, sore muscles, headache, lightheadedness, and vertigo. He says it’s totally worth it too. The symptoms from the virus are WAY worse than the symptoms from the vaccines. (My Mother In Law had a mild case of covid after her first shot and before her second shot and was told she was lucky she had the first vaccine shot to lessen her case of covid-19. She said it was the worst illness she ever felt in her life.)
    Connecticut is lifting all the vaccine prevention measures except masks are still to be worn indoors, even though we don’t have herd immunity yet. We need to get everyone who can get vaccinated to go and get it done so we can protect the people who can’t get it due to medical reasons. With the variants being created by people passing the virus around, it’s only a matter of time before a variant gets made that is immune to the vaccines. We must do our part to prevent this from happening. If you got the vaccine despite your concerns and conditions and you are past the side effects, let someone else who is nervous know that you’re fully vaccinated, and that you’re okay. Together we can help people overcome vaccine hesitancy and help the world defeat this pandemic.

  54. Just an FYI for Tracy who can’t get her vaccine without an Epi-pen…..I have volunteered with the pharmacist I worked for on vaccine clinics and we have always had multiple Epi- pens on site for people who may have a reaction. And anyone who had a previous reaction was asked to stay 30 minutes after the vaccine to make sure they were alright. You should check with the site to make sure they are prepared if anyone has a reaction and maybe you would feel safe enough to get it! And yes…the drug companies are jerks about Epi-pens!!
    Super, crazy excited about the bookstore being open for a day, Jenny!! I placed an order and scored an Oracle Deck!! Over the moon!!

  55. So happy for your first Bland Opening, Jenny! Though it looks ANYTHING but bland!
    I find I am tremendously envious of everyone who was able to go Nowhere in person. 🙂
    I would have ordered something online, but I’d already spent my budgeted amount (+ some!) at the local IBD who said they didn’t have the oracle deck..

  56. Congratulations on your first bland opening!!
    Today marks day 14 post 2nd dose for me. I am going to rejoin the world today. Getting my hair done finally!!! I have underlying conditions that make me more likely to experience the worst of Covid so much like your household, we have been under lock and key too. I think this is a rare time I am excited to go see people. Even the biggest introverts missed it this year.

  57. I loved seeing the video of your store and wish I could visit in person but I live kind of far away (Connecticut) and I’m not ready to hop on a plane yet! I just got your new book and can’t wait to read it!

  58. Right now I’m a “middle aged half vaxxer,” just waiting for my second shot scheduled for a week from now. Saw some vaccinated and “half vax” friends outside over the weekend and it was fantastic! I have hermit-like tendencies in normal times, but even I am craving seeing other peoples faces!
    Congrats on your first bland opening! Here’s to many more!!

  59. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you, your family, and your customers. Thanks for encouraging people to get the vaccine, and please know how very lucky you all are for having access to vaccines. Here in Canada they’re not yet widely available and we’re just trying to get everyone one dose by the summer, then we’ll start on second doses. We have a long haul ahead of us and it’s great to hear how wonderful things can be as we start to re-open someday 🙂

  60. Jenny, congratulations on your non-grand opening! I couldn’t be happier for you. My birthday was last week and being fully vaccinated meant I could fly to California to see my grand babies for the first time in sixteen months. They are only four and two years old so I felt I was missing so many bits of their precious young days. It was the most joy I’ve felt in a very long time. The vaccine is a miracle of science and I thank you for spreading the positive thoughts and urging others to participate. ❤️

  61. LOVE the series of bland openings rather than a grand opening. absolutely adore and love it. i cant go to grand openings because too many people. its too overwhelming for me. and i’m glad it went so well for all of you.

  62. Seeing this is so wonderful! And the unmasked photo feels like a miracle.
    A note on other platforms- Insta has gradually squeezed out what can be seen without logging in. It used to be one could see the most recent Instas in your webpage sidebar. Now nothing is visible w/o a login. I’m one of many who don’t care for the FB/Insta business model or privacy violations…
    Please keep us Bloggess-website viewers up to date on all the happenings, your daughter’s starting school IRL, Victor, Dot and home-kittehs! XO

  63. LOVE the bland opening concept. totally stealing that. with credit. is that still stealing? anyway. Just read your book and it was so good I had to stop in the middle and recommend it to friends like you do when you’re having amazing sex and you stop to catch your breath and you look at your partner and you’re both (or more, whatever) like, I know, right?

  64. I am trying to gain strength from your bravery. I am fully vaccinated, but have Crohn’s Disease and am on an immunosuppressant. So I am still feeling too afraid to get back to normal. I keep thinking of things I want to do but it has been so long since I have been indoors with anyone other than my husband and son. I guess I need to take baby steps? Everyone in my family thinks I am being overly cautious but I am just scared.

  65. This Florida resident is jealous of people who *understand social distancing* and are kind enough to follow it. Happy you had a great day!

  66. If it were a prehensile tail – that would be so useful! Wonderful example of open-minded response. I figure the more data points we share, the less apprehension.
    Is there going to be a support group for those of us who have trouble letting go of our masks when the time is right? I’m fully vaccinated but still acting like Prancer the Chihuahua.

  67. I have to wait until the 12th for my second shot, which means I won’t get to see my BFF (that I haven’t seen in nearly 14 months) on my proper birthday (the 3rd), but by the Mystic Eye of Bowie, I’m gonna take that big gay man, lay him on my bed, hug/be hugged, and cry/laugh so long that my husband’s gonna wonder for a minute.

    When I went for my first jab, the young EMT-type guy said his name was Dave.

    “Dave? HEY! These are the Daves I know I know, these are the Daves I know!”

    Blinks at me. “Huhwhat?” SO young. Asks me where I want it.

    “Right here on my upper left, next to my smallpox scar, so I remember where it is!”

    Blinks at me. “You had smallpox…?!” SO FUCKING YOUNG.

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  68. Even though I had covid and was hospitalised last year with it, I still am now fully vaccinated. So even if you had it, please get vaccinated.

  69. Hooray! I wish I was there! But I took the kids to Sundance Books in Reno bright and early on Saturday and I snagged an oracle deck! And then a bunch of other things and books too, we just couldn’t help ourselves. I’m fully vaccinated too, and yes, the sense of freedom I feel right now is amazing! Congrats!!

  70. It looks amazing! I ordered on Saturday and begged for an Oracle deck in my comments… LOL. My sister and I are planning a trip for my birthday in February just to come and shop and experience Nowhere. So excited!

  71. I’d so go to a Bland Opening if I was closer! I’m in North Carolina and still not convinced about the vaccine. Not taking any sort of political or social stance … just wary, you know? Love that you were able to open the doors … I’d so trade a dozen dope Batman and other cosmic stickers for just one of yours! (It’ll go right on the laptop.)

  72. I wish I could visit! I just had my third heart procedure and miss book stores so much. Love you all!

  73. I was there! And it was awesome! I went expecting to browse tables outside; I couldn’t believe y’all were actually open! Everyone in line was excited to be going in. I somehow missed the Oracle deck but I bought a Jane Austen Tarot Deck and the book Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror & Speculative Fiction, which I’m loving. Thanks Jenny!

  74. Thank you SO MUCH for encouraging the hesitant to get vaccinated. I had my second shot Sunday, and am crazy to see my 88-year-old mom, whose survival in an L.A.-area senior community, I feel, is a miracle! Now could you please gently encourage people to wake up from the nightmare of the Big Lie (that the election was fraudulent and stolen)? Though some may be disappointed in the results, we should all be grateful that we live in a free democracy. And that means welcoming, not suppressing, the sacred right of everyone to vote! I’m sad to say it, but if Texas follows Georgia in racist voter suppression, I may never be able to bring myself to visit again — and then I couldn’t visit Nowhere….

  75. My fully-vaxxed celebration came to a screeching halt this morning when I learned that the Covid test I took ONE DAY PRIOR to my final shot came back positive. So now I am holed up in our guest bedroom unable to hug my little boy for the next 10 days. Then I had a fantastically awful phone conversation with my mother who thinks I got a false positive and doesn’t believe I have Covid.
    Welp, I guess I have more time to read now.

  76. (I’m also in the “Instagram has now locked me out” camp. I am pretty sad to be cut off from the cool stuff and the updates and the miniatures you build, and want to see that new diorama in your instagram preview list, but am not willing to sign up with Instagram/Facebook given their policies and ethics, sigh.)

    (also, yes, people who are on immunosuppressants are expected to have reduced vaccine efficacy based on other vaccine numbers, which is mean and stinky. But it should be fine to be unmasked when you are the only immunosuppressed person in a fully vaccinated group!)

  77. Thanks Jenny, for sharing the experience of opening your book shop, the hopefulness for the future and encouraging everyone to get their vaccines. We all need the encouragement. Also, thank you for everything you’ve written!

  78. Congrats on the opening, even for a day!!
    Personally, I’ve had my 2 shots without any issues whatsoever. No sore arm, no feeling ill, etc (yet I must agree a tail or super human strength would be fun). I had more problems previously with a ‘regular’ flu shot. With being two weeks out from major surgery and requiring various people to help with my recovery, I feel better to have had them. To each his own however. Wishing you the best with the store and I hope it’s open full time very soon.

  79. THANK YOU for encouraging people to get shot! It truly is so so so good to do. Hot tip: If you wave your arm around for 5-10 minutes straight after getting vaccines, your arm hurts SIGNIFICANTLY less (if at all) the next day. I had a nurse tell me this once and have never had crazy arm pain from a shot since.

    Congrats on the bookstore seeing patrons for the first time! I can’t wait until it is safe to travel so I can visit Texas just to come here!

  80. Incredible video. It’s like real life again! But I am crying because I haven’t seen people in 14 months (including my parents), and I am this huge extrovert that this pandemic has turned into an anxiety-ridden, hot mess, and your post articulated everything I have been feeling. So thank you for your words and for making me giggle through tears about a potential tail 😉 My 2nd jab is in a week and your bookstore is a 3-day drive, so I’ll head to one nearby when I am able! You are truly a Bloggess rock star!!!

  81. So happy for you all! So great to see a bookstore opening and not shutting down like so many over the last few years. Also, I live in New Zealand and it’s life as usual here, so this reminds me to be grateful for all the everyday things we take for granted here, whenso many around the world are not so lucky. All the best to you all😊

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