Wanna explore a haunted basement with me?

Our realtor told us that there was a cool old building downtown that would make a neat place to have a Nowhere Bookshop satellite and I’m not sure we’re up to that but then he mentioned that it was built in the 1800’s and might be haunted and so I was all in. While he and Victor looked at the ground level part I snuck off into the basement, which had no electricity and was supposedly once the root cellar for the Alamo (which you can see from the front of the building) and I think that means that I just explored the motherfucking haunted basement of the Alamo and even though this building is way more work than we could ever handle it was quite an adventure and I thought I’d share:

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  1. My house is next to a cemetery. Quietest neighbors ever. Never discount the benefits of working (or living) next to/with the dead. But definitely nix a property that requires extensive renovation – that will drive you to join them.

  2. So, what we learned in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is still technically true since it’s not attached to the Alamo but I still feel lied to.

  3. Didn’t Pee Wee Herman teach us that there is no basement in the Alamo? I gues they justed used the basement for this building instead!

  4. There’s definitely a Pee Wee Herman joke in there somewhere.

  5. The Alamo tour guide in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure: There’s no basement at the Alamo!

    If you haven’t seen this movie, you must.

    Also, this basement started reminding me of the basement in the movie The Silence of the Lambs, which made my heart beat quicker. BTW, that’s another great movie.

  6. Definitely no basement in the Alamo, but maybe a root cellar? Or, according to Pee Wee, a bicycle repository? Who cares: let’s declare it haunted!!

  7. Holy crap – I kept expecting to see someone standing in a corner…

  8. It’s so huge.
    Best part is you could make a great halloween haunted house set up, but no decorations, actors or sound effects would be necessary!

  9. Wow! That basement is something else – but what were they feeding down there? Demons? Also, not related, please remind us again where you order dressis WITH POCKETS from. I remember it was a great looking site, with alternate neckline and lengths. Thanks! I love you!

    (Eshakti. Literally wearing one now. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  10. Bummer, I don’t do Facebook or Instagram and it wouldn’t let me view the video without signing up for one of those two social media sites….

  11. All that mold on those doors is freaking me out. Good thing masks are a thing right now!

  12. Watched the video and kept turning my volume up and down because I wanted to know what you were saying but it looks like something is going to jump out from the darkness any second and I’m wearing headphones and didn’t want to be surprised by some loud noise. I’m sitting here at home on my computer watching this and freaking out, how on earth were you so calm the whole time?!

  13. 🤣 The Shining hall😂 Also, the door squeaking was so creepy. Loved the tour.

  14. Eeeee. Creepy indeed. Too much dust for me… and what was that plate of charcoal about? Thought it was a dog dish the first time it appeared. No night vision here.

    Commenter #15 – check out blog entry “And it has pockets!” for the answer to your question.

    (Maybe it’s what demons eat? ~ Jenny)

  15. As a former Winchester mystery House tour guide, I feel pretty confident in saying that’s a little more shining to me. That basement is huge!

  16. “okay, no dead bodies. That’s not good” ?!?!? It seems to me that no dead bodies would be the ultimate good.

    (No, because if I don’t see the dead bodies in front of me they’re probably behind me with an axe. ~ Jenny)

  17. Awesome and amazing, thank you so much for sharing. Haunted places are the best.

  18. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!
    I’m currently making myself NUTZ (more than the usual) trying to find this building so I can get a price!
    I think WE, the Fantastic Strangelings, need to put our money together with you and Victor and BUY this place.
    It’s right in the middle of TOURIST CENTRAL!!!
    Seriously, what if you and Victor bought it and turned it into whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo term is necessary for Fantastic Strangelings to buy SHARES? We could ALL live our dream of owning a piece of a bookstore.
    I’d invest.
    I haven’t got a lot, but I’d invest.
    I’ll bet a lot of us would.
    P.S. I KNOW that I saw “orbs”.
    And think of the FREE PUBLICITY if Ghost Hunters or Ghost Nation comes to investigate.
    Just THINK about it.👻

  19. Seriously, Jenny! As many have pointed out, there is no basement in the Alamo! (ref Pee Wee’s Big Adventure). If you haven’t seen that movie you really, really need to!

  20. I can’t believe how much space seems to be down there! Is it a communal basement for all the shops on the street? Like, how does that work. Or is the basement rented out separately? I wish I could look at a floor plan.

  21. Hello, Book Mogul, Did you know Instagram has tightened their content again, so that one needs a login to view Bloggess’ media on your WP website?! Lamentable vultures.

  22. Root cellar? I think you spelled “storm shelter” wrong. But you DEFINITELY spelled “haunted” right and I’m here for it.

  23. I was watching with no sound and my over active imagination filled in the soundtrack quite nicely..er creepily? Anyway, my biggest fear would have been getting lost it was like a maze down there!

  24. You are incredibly brave! Not only did you go down and explore without a ball of yarn to find your way you, but you WENT BACK DOWN when you reached a dead end! Every little reflection was a ghost to my terrified brain. Lady, you have more lady balls in your lady garden then I’ll ever have. I’m glad you made it out in one piece!

    Being from the PNW, I know a mold problem when I see it, but with a good dehumidifier, and a good scrubbing, it could be a phenomenal speak-easy!

  25. The charcoal would have been to help with musty smell. It absorbs odors.
    That door…you could sell sound bites for Halloween and help fund a Christmas miracle.
    I know the Alamo was much more in 1836 than what it is today in size. The creepy nature of that basement was enough by itself without even needing to be a root cellar.
    That tour was awesome. That is quality Twitter content.

  26. Holy moly….stuff of my nightmares. It just keeps going and going and I would totally get myself lost down there. That is legit Halloween haunted house perfection!

  27. Oh heck no and all that. Congratulations Jenny, you completely have me flounced when it comes to sheer nerves, I was half expecting something to jump out and ready to jump out of my chair after the first 30s or so. I admire your brazen inquisitive courageous nature which had you wandering a dark creepy labyrinth.

    Also hey! Hey! Hey! I’ve been to the Alamo, I sort of know where that’s at, does that sort of mean we’ve sort of been in the same place (setting aside the 20ish yrs since I was visiting family on my only ever trip to TX)? Likely closest until the world opens and if you happen to visit New England at some point on tour?

  28. Don’t mind ghosts, but all that mold on the doors….THAT is the stuff of nightmares! The charcoal to get rid of the musty smell…then they leave the stuff from the squatter on the floor. Makes me think it is either new, or no one has checked that deep in the cellar for a while. You were probably being watched.

  29. If you’re near the Alamo, then you’re near the Emily Morgan hotel across the street, which DOES actually have hundreds of people cremated in the basement to this day and is super haunted, so you may well be close enough for the haunting and weirdness to reach. Research it if you haven’t, chica. And may I recommend you not mess with that crap, because it is indeed real and dangerous.

  30. Totally off topic, but I wanted to say that I just read the chapter in Broken about anxiety and lost watches. I always thought that I was just being weird for panicking and freezing up over answering/returning phone calls, replying to letters and emails. But of course, it’s the anxiety! Of course it’s the anxiety! That is a potential helpful realization. Thanks.

  31. Yay! MacMillan just sent me a signed copy of Broken and the Subversive Cross Stitch kit. I am thrilled! Still can’t believe that I was one of the winners.

    Thank you! I will try to post a picture the completed cross stitch when it is done. Hugs and kisses!

  32. I am pretty sure that I saw a place like this one in a video of a guy who plays horror video games — whatever you do, DO NOT open anything that looks like a treasure chest. From what I have seen in these videos, it is most assuredly NOT treasure!!

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