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  1. WTH, Victor??? Jenny, your song was AMAZING! You could be on Broadway, but the stage would be empty and you wou be singing from the wings! I’d be there.

  2. Tomorrow the real joy of being in retail in the Run to the holidays begins. Supply chain issues, sudden snowstorms, frantic shoppers, and the inevitable crying jag in the backroom. LET’S DO THIS THING.

  3. This. Is. Amazing! Thank you! Someday I am going to make it to your store. 🥰

  4. Happy Halloween & I want to trick or treat at your house. Jonesing for that mega Kit-Kat!!

  5. This is just plain magical. And I love Hailey coming to the rescue at the end. 😆

  6. You can *sing*, too? I didn’t know I could love you more than I already did!❣️❣️

  7. I just bought a camper van and plan to take a road trip in the spring. Generally speaking, I avoid Texas, but now I’m driving there just to visit your bookstore. Can’t wait!

  8. Thank you for the song and video, I needed that tonight :-). And whatever that book is that you are holding in the video, the binding is beautiful! I want to buy it just because it looks so beautiful. Also, if I had a husband/boyfriend order candy like that I’d love him forever. I didn’t even know that stuff existed but you better believe I’m gonna go looking for it now! Thanks Victor! 😛

  9. Oh Jenny. You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for this…I loved it to pieces!!! 🎃❤️🧙‍♀️😘

  10. Your voice is beautiful put together with your open hearted vulnerability and sense of humor … warm fuzzies all over over here. Thank you!! Happy Halloween!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Your voice is so lovely and the song a perfect mix of inspiring and fun. You are wonderful and brave and I wish like heck I lived near by. Happy Halloween!

  12. 🎶 “Even a bad book’s better than none!” 🎶
    I have been singing that – at volume – all evening! It is now a permanent part of the repertoire here, and it makes me so happy! Thank you, thank you – you are brilliant!
    My husband and I had our first date on Hallowe’en (many Octobers ago, now), and this whole post was an unexpected treat (see what I did there?) near the end of our favourite holiday – thank you all so much!!
    Happy Hallowe’en!!

  13. Jenny, you have such a pretty singing voice! Make more songs! Sing to us some more! Pretty please. Happy Halloween 🎃

  14. That was amazing! You have a beautiful voice and your song lyrics are brilliant. You just made my day! Thanks Jenny.

  15. Loved the song, you have a great voice to compliment your amazing writing skills. But must admit the end, attempting to turn off video, and Victor saying “get up” was hysterical! You guys looked great in costume.

  16. I’m not a Bloggess completionism or anything but, after well over a decade of reading, it is *wild* to realize that I’d never seen what Victor looked like before.

  17. You know how all Pixar movies supposedly take place in the same overall universe? By having Belle sing an song adapted from The Little Mermaid, I think you’ve proven that all Disney musicals are part of the same big overall musical. If the budget had allowed, you could have had Hailey in a lion costume come sailing through singing something about the circle of life. Also, singing a cappella is excruciatingly difficult and except for some high notes (if only you’d started about two notes lower) you did GREAT. Lovely tone. Easy to see whence Hailey inherited her ability.

    Gotta wonder what story the people outside the store went home with. “There were people in there, but I couldn’t quite make out what they were doing. Looked like fun, whatever it was.”

  18. Jenny,

    Best Hallowe’en treat ever! Your voice is a gift — truly melodious. I loved this. The lyrics were brilliant and there’s no reason not to do an Ariel-Belle semi-mash-up. This is wonderful.


  19. You have a beautiful voice!
    I’m flying out one day soooon … as soon as I can so, say, before July 28, 2022! But hopefully January!
    It will be a nice reprieve from Boston weather.

  20. [stands up, applauding] (…which I put into my comment on top of this one, but I forgot to use brackets other than the pointy ones! And I can’t edit my comment. Grumph.)

  21. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE your costume. And that first picture is perfection. Happy Halloween!

  22. I thought that was hailey in the first pic at first. I never realized how much you two look also me. Ps you look beautiful

  23. Thank you for that wonderful gift of a song and costumed tour of the store. You did awesome! Victor’s candy choices look like you’d be the most popular house on the trick or treat circuit for at least one child. Haily makes a great knight helping out the damsel and her prince in distress. I wish I could travel so I could see your lovely store. I miss hanging out at an independent or used bookstore discovering treasures.

  24. Wait. Wait just a damned minute.You mean I – me, the klutz/geek/weirdo? – I can be part of that world???? How wonderful! YES!!!!!

  25. Your singing was far better than I anticipated after your self deprecating introduction! *Applause*

  26. My kids just asked me where you lived and why we didn’t go trick or treating at your house. 😂

  27. Ok, first that literally gave me goosebumps, and then by the end there were tears. What a delight, and I do so want to be part of your world. You are amazeballs.

  28. Our school had a Halloween spirit week so I got to play dress up all week! Happy Halloween!

  29. Loved the song and the bravery of singing it to the Instagram-universe.
    You got me. Now I want to be part of your world!
    (Heading to San An soon, and I’ll be coming to Nowhere Bookshop…)

  30. Jenny you have got to record this song and add it into your next book! OMG I LOVED IT!!! I wish I lived closer so i could come visit the shop! I referred someone going to san antonio to go visit your shop and I’ve talked about it in my YA Fantasy Addicts International group. It looks amazing!!!

  31. Victor is all like “Yes, giant candy– ANY QUESTIIIIIIIONS?!”

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  32. That picture of you as Belle, I honestly thought it was your daughter at first! Both such beauties! Tell us your anti-aging secrets – bathing in the blood of virgins, drinking ox milk (do they give milk?), or selling your soul to satan? Spill!!

  33. I’m 4 days late but this video made my day! And girl, you CAN sing!! Even the part that was off key was beautiful. I wouldn’t have had the guts to put my singing out there for the world to hear (I am truly tone deaf), so extra kudos to you!!

  34. Oh my gosh. Your voice is amazing. Wonderful! I am glad you were able to do that. It put a huge smile on my face, not only for the joy it brought me, but the fact that you were able to do that.
    Thanks for sharing. You go girl!!!

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