The 12th (12th?!) annual James Garfield Miracle.

Hello and welcome to year 12 of the James Garfield Miracle!

What is the James Garfield Miracle, you ask? You must be new here. Welcome!

12 years ago I walked into an estate sale and fell in love with an ancient taxidermied boars head that seemed so damn happy to see me.

I did not buy him and spent a week in light mourning. Then the next week A MIRACLE HAPPENED and James Garfield came into my life forever. (I’m staring at him right now, in fact and he is still glorious.)

But Victor wasn’t completely thrilled that we’d spent $90 on a literal Christmas miracle of mangey fur and missing teeth so I decided that I’d make holiday cards of James Garfield to make up for it and if I sold a couple dozen it’d be like James Garfield was making us money.

But then everyone went crazy and James Garfield made more that week than I did in my actual job and so I decided that I’d take all the money James Garfield made and use it to give presents to the kids of people who were struggling that year. And I bought gifts for the first 30 something people and then I ran out of money but then suddenly everyone in the comments were like, “I WANT TO HELP A STRANGER! LET ME BUY A GIFT FOR SOMEONE” and that’s how this suddenly became 12 years of a strange community project of strangers helping strangers anonymously and it’s pretty damn amazing.

Over the years we’ve had many different iterations of the James Garfield Miracle and the only real downside is that it can be easy for a scammer to slip in and ask for stuff for themselves so we decided to go back to the basics and just give out teddy bears. Why? Because everyone loves teddy bears (hell, I love teddy bears) and if someone is going to go to the trouble to make an entire wishlist account for a teddy bear they definitely need one.

So this year I am sending out 100+ teddy bears to kids.

That’s it. Just sweet, snuggly teddy bears. Well, not just teddy bears because the teddy bears have eyes that babies can swallow (stop swallowing eyes, weird babies) so I’m also adding a few other stuffed animals you can choose from if you have an eye-devouring baby or your child has a bear phobia or Amazon sells out of teddy bears.

But that’s it. Simple. Easy. Not perfect because in a perfect world everyone would get everything they need but I’d like to imagine that even people who may be disappointed that we’re just doing stuffed animals will at least be happy imagining all the kids finding unexpected fluffy new stuffed animals in their arms this holiday. It makes me smile, at least.

So, if you are struggling this year and you need help getting your child a present for Christmas/ (late) Hannukau/winter solstice/whateveryoucelebrate then I am ready to Santa Claus it up and drop one lovely plushie at your doorstep.

Here are the links for the plushes:

Gund Panda

Teddies in dresses

Either of the 12inch teddy bears (not the 18 inch ones)

Gund Pandacorn, Llama or cat.

Reversible Octopus plushies (these are all over tiktok. Your kid uses it to show their mood. Just pick the color you want and add it to your list)

Currently these are all between $15-$23 each but Amazon can be wonky about changing up the prices when things run low or running out of stock so if I see that happening I’ll come back here to add other choices to choose from to replace any that sell out or suddenly skyrocket in price from $20 to $180. (Wtf, Amazon?) If I haven’t bought you a stuffy it’s probably because they sold out, jacked up the price or you forgot to add your address so just come back and try again.

(Also, I always use the profits I make on affiliate links to buy toys for kids and all of the royalties from the 2022 Bloggess Calendar go to this as well, so that means that if you’ve even clicked on a link this year then you are the reason why I’m going to be able to buy toys for at least 100 kids this year.  That is amazing and I’m so grateful.  Thank you!)

The wishlists will be posted in the comments so (as always) if you want to buy a present for a stranger you totally can.  Or you can donate to Project Night Night, an amazing organization that provides a tote bag, book, stuffed animal and security blanket to homeless or displaced kids throughout the year.  They are FANTASTIC and they have more requests than they can fill so I cannot recommend them enough. In fact, this morning I donated $500 to them in your name. Happy holidays!

(Also, I know a lot of you are asking why I don’t just do this through my bookshop instead of Amazon and I’d love to but 1) our wonderful employees would be swamped with extra work 2) we don’t have a way to make a registry work online yet. But maybe one day we’ll figure it out and have enough employees to do it and be able to use all the profits to help more people. Just not this year.)

SO…if you want in on this you have to read all the directions and stick to the rules or otherwise you will be set on fire and pushed out a moving plane.  Or maybe I’ll just delete your comment and look at you with that disappointed look your mom gives you when she knows you’re trying but are still fucking up.  One of those.  Here are the rules:


Okay, how do I do this?

You are my special angel.  Just look in the comments and find someone who has an unfilled Wishlist. I’m going to buy at least 100 but there are always more than I can handle.  (If there’s nothing on their list when you click it it means their toy was already bought- yay!)  Buy their present and make sure when you check out that you select their shipping address.  (It won’t give you their full address but it’ll tell you the town you’re shipping it to.)  If you try to fill a wishlist but it doesn’t give you a shipping address to choose that means the person didn’t assign a shipping address to the list so delete their present out of your cart and go to the next wishlist.  If it says “these are duplicates.  Someone else may have already bought this” when you try to check out then someone else already bought the stuff so delete it and try another one.

But what if I don’t live in America?

Check the comments because we often have Canadians and others outside the US who need help and I can’t fill those lists because shipping kills me so if you want to adopt a family, this is a great way to do it.


You are my special angel.  Here are the things you have to know:   You have to make a BRAND NEW wishlist, you can only choose one stuffed animal per child to put on your wishlist, and it has to be one of the ones above. I’ll walk you through it below. Then just come to this post and leave a comment telling us the city and State you’re in (it has to match what you have on your wishlist), how many kids you have, and a link to your wishlist.  Do not make multiple wish lists.  Just make one.  One of the most important things (people do this wrong every year so PLEASE do this part right) is that you have to assign a shipping address for this specific wishlist.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before or think it’s on your profile. You have to do it for this new wishlist specifically or it won’t work. I’ll give you the details on setting up the wishlist below.

What if I want to make wish lists to surprise other people who I think need help?

Nope.  But you can totally tell them to come here and make their own.

I’ve never done this before.  How do I make a wishlist?

It’s pretty quick and easy if you follow the formula.  I’ll walk you through:

On Amazon, click on “Accounts & Lists” (on the top right) and then on “Create a list”on the drop-down.

Name it “James Garfield 2021” then choose “create list”.

On the right you’ll see something that says “…More“.  Click on that and choose “Manage list.”  Change “private” to “PUBLIC” so I can see it. In the description part box just put how many kids your list is for. YOU MUST ADD YOUR ADDRESS FOR THIS SPECIFIC LIST so click on the drop-down for the shipping address and change it from “none” to your address. PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS PART.  Please make sure that the checkboxes for “keep purchased items on your list” and “don’t spoil my surprises” are NOT selected.  Save changes.

Now just go pick one of the stuffed lovies for your kiddo.  When you have the one you want click on the “Add to list” drop down arrow on the right (it’s under where the price is) and then select your “James Garfield 2021” list.  Click “view your list” to make sure it’s there. If everything is right you should have your stuffed animal(s) on the wishlist page and when you click on the “…more” button it should say your wishlist public and your address should show up in the “…more” box and “don’t spoil my surprises” and “keep purchased items on your list” should NOT be checked. (People will see the city and state you are in but the rest of your address is hidden from everyone else.)

If you have another kid just go back to the list and pick a present for them and add it to the same list.

Copy the link to your wishlist. Now you go to the comments below and leave a comment saying how many kids you have, what city and state you are in, and a paste in the link to your wishlist.  That’s it!

So for example, I would say, “Hi.  I live in San Antonio Texas, and I have two kids. Here’s my list:


Now…to go shopping.  Happy James Garfield Day!

PS.  Please please please double check before you hit the submit button that you have assigned a shipping address to your wishlist, that your comment has a link to your wishlist, the city and state you live it and the number of kids you have. Love!

PPS. This is one of my favorite things to do each year but it isn’t perfect. Every year some boxes go missing. Some get delivered after Christmas. Miscommunications happen. But I’d rather try to do something small and wonderful even if it isn’t perfect. Thank you to every single person who asks for help, to every single person to who helps and especially to those who have done both. Every year we have people who’ve been helped before who are so happy to help this year, or people who’ve helped before but now need help themselves. I know what it feels like to be in both of those places and I’m wishing love and light to every single person who reads this.

PPPS. When you choose something for your wishlist make sure it says “delivers before xmas” because some of the things may sell out and not restock in time. 🙂

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  1. I hope that I can get a stuffie for someone before Jenny beats me to it!! 🙂

    (I’m sure you’ll be able to because I have to go pick Hailey up from school in 5 minutes and pick up some burgers. I timed this poorly. ~ Jenny)

  2. I’m putting reminder on my phone to check tomorrow for lists. It’s my birthday, and I love giving out presents on my birthday!

  3. Hi! I live in Powell, TN and have just gotten five foster kids last night. Any help would be appreciated! Merry Everything!

  4. This is such a great idea! Thank you for everything you do, it was totally getting too crazy with the wish lists, but thank you for doing that. As a non scammer you really helped me out one year

  5. That was me, Jenny. I beat you to the first one. Which makes me extra happy because I’ve never been able to help before. ♥️♥️♥️

    (Love it! ~ Jenny)

  6. @Kristen, today is MY birthday! I love giving gifts, and your right! Our birthdays are the PERFECT TIME!

    I shared Project Night Night over on Reddit, too. I’m going to send a few kids some love. Thanks for doing this, Jenny!

  7. Truly the Most Wonderful time of the year! Thank you Jenny and of course, our inspiration, James Garfield. I like the idea of the bag, book, stuffie and blankie so I am off to Project Nite Nite, then I’ll check back in for kids here. Happy Holidays All – In memory of my dear Grinch husband who passed away last month.

    (Sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  8. One of you crazy beautiful bastards generously donated to my friends hospital fund on the 3rd James Garfield christmas. And I’m just here to let you know he is still surviving and thankful.
    I lost my twin brother over covid and he was there for me and carried me through and he’s still carrying me and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of why he’s still here. If you’re wondering how much it means to those you donate to, It’s everything. Thank you team bloggess. I F’N LOVE YOU GUYS!

    (And now I’m crying a little. But in a good way. ~ Jenny)

  9. I can’t afford to sponsor anyone, but for the first year in many, I don’t need James Garfield. ❤️

    (Love! ~ Jenny)

  10. Hello, My name is Janet. I have quite literally just graduated college this past Saturday and am currently searching for work now. We have been struggling along with the many other families due to COVID and loss of work due to having to home school bc of school closings last school year. My children have been on quarentine 3 times this year since returning to school due to being exposed. Since I lost my job, i re enrolled back into school to finish my degree and have finally accomplished that but with christmas being in the next couple of weeks I havent had a moment to even think about how to provide them with christmas this year up until now. I have created my kids list and added a plushie for each one on the list. I have 2 kids that are almost teenagers and one that is a teenager so I also added an item each for them that they would get more use out of and that was the same price as the plushies in case anyone would be ok with that instead. We are grateful in advance for either item that they may recieve, im not sure if that is allowed and again whether they recieve a plushie or a pop it they will be happy. I am grateful for any help and hope everyones christmas is full of happiness. I plan on reaching out to anywhere I can think of to try and make their christmas happen and next year I will be here to pay it forward as I will be in a much better position now that I have a degree 🙂 Here is the list from Amazon and Thank you so much again!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  11. Hi, I live in Lynchburg, VA and I have 2 sweet kids. One of the things one specifically asked for was a “giant stuffy panda” and in trying to get everything else taken care of, both of their birthdays right after Christmas, their dad deciding child support is optional, all of us getting sick, quarantining, and not having enough to just pay the basic bills, I haven’t been able to get one… I cried when I saw the panda. Thank you, Jenny Lou Who… you have already saved me so many times. I love you!

    Here is my list:

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  12. Lovely idea but (you know a but was coming, didn’t you?) you might consider not using Amazon because of its horrid treatment of employees, rigged search results, selling counterfeit and unsafe products, tax avoidance, opposition to unions, not great working conditions, and a few other important things. I know I should not criticise if I don’t have a solution. I can’t think of one at the moment, but maybe your readers will come up with one. Etsy perhaps? That would help small business owners and artists.

    (There’s no other place I know that allows sharing wishlists as easily, but I’m always looking for one. ~ Jenny)

  13. THANK YOU for doing this again. Looks like requests are filled so far so I made a donation to Project Night Night. Thanks for making us aware of this organization. ❤️

    (Thank you! ~ Jenny)

  14. Friends, as you leave your lists here, be aware that when you post, you may not be able to see it immediately without refreshing the page. I’m just saying this so you don’t accidentally post your list 47 times because you can’t see it (not that I have ever posted a comment multiple times because I can’t see it. Ever. Never have I ever).

    (Ha! Very relatable. ~ Jenny)

  15. Dang you guys are fast.

    James Garfield came through for my four foster grandkids last year.

    I’m in better financial shape this year so I’m trying to pay him back but you folks keep beating me to it.

    Never fear, I’ll get some kids their stuffies.

    Ms. Lawson, bless you for doing this.

    (You’re the best. ~ Jenny)

  16. @Danielle (35) Unfortunately, Amazon is the only site that I know of that hides the address of the recipient. For safety’s sake, it is Amazon for now.

  17. I just wanted to say this warms my heart every year as I witness it. Blessings to all who are in need and to the givers as well. You help heal my heart from this world that seems intent on scarring me.

  18. This is amazing and an overwhelming display of holiday awesomeness. I have great 4 kids that will be delighted and over the moon on Christmas morning with these trinkets sent with love. Such a treat. Thank you to Jenny and the host of angels for once again pulling off a miracle for kids who don’t always get a lot but appreciate the heck out of what they do receive.

    Thank you so very much and have a Merry Christmas! (((virtual hugs)))))

    (YOU GUYS ARE SO QUICK. Seriously, I love it. ~ Jenny)

  19. Hi I’m Amanda from Scranton, PA. I have 6 children.. Dale turns 16 on Wednesday!! Cheyenne is 14, Hailey is 12, Nicole is 11, Lynn is 9, and my youngest William is 5. My 14 year old is my heart warrior and my 9 year old daughter is my special needs kiddo. If I have too many kiddos I understand and I’m sorry.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

    (They’re on the way but I think you have “keep this a surprise” selected. ~ Jenny)

  20. Hey Angie #57 – all ordered but no shipping info yet. I hope it’s still on time!!!

  21. #52 Melody, yours will be coming in 3 pkgs, but the cat shows Dec 20-31 for delivery, so fingers crossed

  22. #52, Melody, I’m not sure if the Siamese cat will get there in time, but I hope so! The bearded dragon should be there the 16th. Merry Christmas!

  23. Original post #49. My typo is driving me NUTS lol so I am fixing it now since I cannot delete my previous post.

    This is amazing and an overwhelming display of holiday awesomeness. I have 4 great kids (2 boys and 2 girls) that will be delighted and over the moon on Christmas morning with these trinkets sent with love. Such a treat. Thank you to Jenny and the host of angels for once again pulling off a miracle for kids who don’t always get a lot but appreciate the heck out of what they do receive.

    Thank you so very much and have a Merry Christmas! (((virtual hugs from NH)))))

    (Looks like they’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  24. #65 – they’re on the way, they all should be there later this week but looks like they’re coming in several packages

  25. Hi Amanda #64 – One of your items had already been purchased, but I think I got the rest 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and your kiddos!

  26. #72 two reversible are on the way. Somebody got to the unicorn llama first darn it! Hope the littles enjoy.

  27. Hi Keith ( comments #80) stuffed cat on the way! Should be delivered Thursday. Have a great holiday!

  28. I don’t need anything, but I remember participating in this when it wasn’t just stuffed animals. I spent hundreds of $ buying stuff for other and it was one of my favorite Christmases ever! Love that James Garfield Christmas is still going strong!

  29. Hello! My name is Andrea. We have a large blended family (7 kids). I am a stay at home mom taking care of our special needs daughter. Unfortunately my husbands hours have been cut and we are barely making it. Needless to say Christmas will be hard with 7 kids and this would be an amazing help! The kids are Taylor-15, Victoria and Charlotte-14, Nate-14, Jake-13, David-10 and Wyatt-8. Thank you!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  30. I look forward to participating in this every year!! Nicole M #65 you should have 2 pkgs by Thursday. 🙂

  31. We just moved to Idaho and our three boys and three girls would love to have these new friend to keep them warm and snuggle. Thank you!

  32. When adding bears and octopi, be sure to look to right to make sure it say in green “Arrives by Christmas”. If it says in red,” May arrive after Christmas “, you may need to select a different one.

    (Very good point. I’ll add it to the post. ~ Jenny)

  33. Wow, I just checked your blog yesterday to see if I had missed this. I’m so happy to see this happening again. God bless you for your generous heart!

  34. My twins are four this year and we are finally in a place where we don’t need any help this year. I hope next year I can be in a place where I can be one of the ones helping. Thank you so much to everyone who is giving this year or who has given in the past. You are making lives better.

  35. This is so, so generous of you!!!! Would you be willing to send some to people who lost everything in the tornadoes overnight Friday-Saturday? Mayfield, KY was very hard hit, and other communities like Bowling Green KY & Dresden TN are also struggling. If you’re interested, please email & I’ll track down some addresses. Thank you!!

  36. For A. Marie #101, 2 are on their way, but the others are currently showing February for shipping! Wanted to let you know.

  37. #101, I think two of the colors are out of stock. It said it wouldn’t deliver until February so I canceled my order for those two but one is on the way!

  38. #110 I think that color is out of stock. It’s showing that it won’t deliver until February

  39. Does anyone know if there is a program like this that will provide a book or craft kit? We could use help for the holidays, but both of my kids (9 + 13) haven’t really been interested in stuffies for several years but love reading and crafts. If anyone knows a group who does please let me know.

    (Modest needs, Elf Louise, Toys for Tots and Angel Tree are all good options. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  40. We were helped through James Garfield in one of the earlier years. And now we are able to help! I’m waiting to not be beaten to it, but if all these amazing people get to everyone before me, I’ll donate to Project Night Night.
    Jenny, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you and your miracle, when my little guy was young and times were very hard, he was able to have a wonderful Christmas due to your miracle. I’m so glad that we are now in the position to be able to give back! So much love to you and your amazing heart.

  41. Hi April-#117-I sent you two Peppa books, a book I can’t remember the name of, and the diary. They should arrive between 12/15 and 12/21. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  42. Cactus – i have older kids too. if you set up a wish list with a book & a craft kit, I’d be happy to get them for you!

  43. #110 Nichole, I ordered yours and didn’t notice the ship date until after – Mid-February (sorry!). If you want to pick another one that would get there sooner I can cancel this one.

  44. Really disappointed to see some are already flouting the rules and trying to get things other than stuffed animals. Please consider only filling lists that follow the rules?

  45. #101

    Done! The octopus doesn’t have a delivery estimate, but it does say “Arrives before Christmas” on the product page so I really hope it will be there in time! Est delivery for the others is the 17th.

  46. #123 Lolo, I ordered one of the teddy bears and hopefully the rest also get filled soon. If they aren’t I will check back after payday as all the kiddos deserve something 🙂

  47. Hi to all of you beautiful humans. I’m Meg, mother to four incredible mini humans in Missouri. This year has been so weird for everyone, but despite it all, these kiddos always have a bright smile on their faces, and damn do they make me laugh. Thank you to all of you for making Christmas a little brighter for so many. You’re all amazing.

    (Sent! They’ll arrive in two packages on the 17th and the 19th. ~ Jenny)

  48. I have 6 kids. I have my 2 and custody of my 4 nephews! They would love something to hug and snuggle. We are in Arizona

  49. Jen @130 – I was only able to get one of your kiddos gifts. Should be there by 12/17.

    I hope others can grab the others!

  50. I love that you are still doing this. Although I am not better off financially than before, all my kids are grown and most are doing well. This helped SO MUCH in the past and I thank you for this group of caring people that you brought together with your story, humor, and compassion. Also, we have several of the mood octopi (because color choices are hard) and we love them dearly. Happy Holidays everyone

  51. I’m #136. Whoever helped my children have something under the tree this year, thank you SO MUCH! Times are just so tough and this helped my heart know that it’s gone be ok. I hope to be able to help next year, but for now I’m very grateful. Thank you ❤️

  52. Jenny – Thank you! Toys for tots in my area is closed for applications but I will check out the others mentioned.

    A- Thank you that is a very sweet offer but I don’t want to step on Jennys toys by posting a wishlist with two books without her permission.


  53. #143 only two items were shown, so both are on their way. Maybe others were already bought.

  54. #151 – Michelle Lindsey
    Goodies coming your way from a southern sister in TN!
    1 shipment on 17 DEC
    and 1 between 19-21 DEC

  55. We have 4 kids who could use something to open for Christmas. We are in Arizona.

    (I think you forgot your link. ~ Jenny)

  56. I’m Nichole #110 someone said they purchased mine but to choose a different one because that one won’t get there until Feb, so I did😊 hoping this is seen in time

    (I don’t see anything on your list so I’m assuming someone already got it? ~ Jenny)

  57. (#140) Address updated! I’m way too tired to be functional tonight apparently. 🤣

    (Got them! They’ll arrive by the 19th. ~ Jenny)

  58. Nichole (comments #110 and #161), thank you! Estimated delivery for the one you just posted is December 17th. 😊

  59. Cindy #156 – your gifts are ordered and will be arriving between Dec 15th-20th but are still showing on your wishlist for some reason

  60. #156 Cindy – it also let me order your gifts so looks like you might be getting doubles! Feel free to regift or sell them if the money will help 💜 Merry Christmas from Oregon 🎄

  61. There are 21 kids in a shelter here locally. Can I sign them up get some help giving them each a present?

    (that’s a really good question. We donate presents to our local women’s shelter each year and some years they are really grateful and some years they don’t need the donations because other organizations are already helping them get toys for all the kids and they don’t have the extra room for more. So I guess I’d say that if you are in charge of the shelter and know for sure that there isn’t already an organization getting them toys then that would be okay. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  62. My name is Marina and I live in Colorado. I have been unable to work this year due to medical. Right after Christmas last year I got Bells Palsy and then I had to have heart surgery. Then they found a Benign tumor in my brain. I am still waiting for the surgery for that. I have custody of grandaughters. They are 12,8,3,and 24 months. I want wish everyone Happy Holidays.

    (Sending you love. Looks like your list has been filled. ~ Jenny)

  63. Marina #175- yours are all ordered! Love from New Mexico and your neighbors to the south!

  64. Single widowed mom of 1 boy. We are from Little Rock, Arkansas. Was with his dad for 14 year ex and things still aren’t getting easier. Thanks for doing this for my son. He loves numbers. Like, he’s 4 and teaching me calculus and set theory and numbers that go beyond infinity. He’s so much like his dad. Thanks again, folks. It’s just me and my son and no other family. This is truly a blessing during this difficult time. Love to you all.

    (Someone beat me to it! Sending you so much love.~ Jenny)

  65. This whole thing made me teary. This year was a struggle so we were going to make gifts. 💜

  66. Hey #178, Julie, that black and rainbow octo is in its way!! Should be there by xmas Eve 😀 Happy Holidays

  67. Hi! My name is Lauren, and we live in the frozen tundra of Blaine, MN. I have five kids. Two of my kids are autistic and all of my kids are amazing in their own unique way. We’ve really struggled for these past couple of years, but we’ve never given up hope and I do feel lucky despite our challenges, as we’ve still got each other! Thank you so much for your help. We truly appreciate it! P.S. I chose the panda bear for all of my kids because I call my kids my little pandas – we’re all half+ Chinese and the panda is native to my mother’s country of birth – and because it’s sooooo cute! I added a panda bear for me too if that’s OK since it holds such a special place for our family. I can delete that if it’s not OK, but I do love snuggling up with cuddly animal especially when it’s BEEN A DAY if you know what I mean.

    Here’s our list:

    (They’re on the way and will arrive on the 16th. ~ Jenny)

  68. Rachel 179/181/189 – stuffed animals on the way! in 2 shipments that should arrive 12/17 through 12/19 – from one Rome (PA in my case 🙂 to another ❤️

  69. #179 Rachel
    I ordered the two octopus plushies for estimated delivery 12/17. hopefully someone can grab the other two.
    – Chris F

  70. 192 Chris, thank you!! My oldest two are over the moon about those octopus plushies. I don’t think I’m cool enough to understand. Thank you. <3

  71. Hello Lisa M from Fairbanks! I was born and raised in Fairbanks, and currently live in Cordova. I’d like to send your kids a gift, $15 or under for each. I know it’s not much, but we Alaskans look out for each other! How about you post another wishlist, and say FOR DANA J. ONLY! What do you think? Merry Christmas!

  72. I’m #178. Thanks to my angel! Jenny’s comment made me cry. I have purchased dozens of copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” to give out as birthday gifts when my fiancé was alive and we were able to do that. I hope to get there again. I sincerely appreciate the laughter and cheer and comfort I feel when I read these blogs. I took a screenshot of the one about the leaves in the graveyard. I read it when I’m feeling down. Seriously. Thank you.

    (Sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  73. Hi! Blessed with 4 girls, in Cambridge, OH. Thank you, James Garfield! Merry Christmas!

  74. #199 – the cat should be on the way to you, estimated delivery 12/15! Tried to get the octopus also (the polka dot/scale is my favorite color too!) but it said it was a duplicate so hopefully someone else got it for you. Happy Holidays!

  75. Lindsay, Stacy and Former Buckeye – thank you all! Tears, actual tears. ♥️ – #199

  76. I’m #29. I checked my address to make sure it was correct. THANKS and Merry Christmas!

  77. Liz. #214, plushies on their way for your beautiful kiddos! Two will arrive on 12/15 and the other by 12/24!

  78. To whomever filled my kids plushies, thank you, thank you, thank from the bottom of my heart. I really can’t thank you enough and am crying tears of joy that each child will have something warm and fuzzy to hug this Christmas. It means so very much to me that you all care that much about people you’ve never met. And you are making a difference. I love you all and will pay it forward as soon as I am able.

    I added two more octopuses (octopi?) to my list if anyone is looking to help out my son’s little friend and his sister. My son and D met in their special Preschool class and bonded over the fact they have the same leg braces. 🙂 His family would never ask for anything but I know they don’t have much. My son would be over the moon to give his best friend an octopus. And one for his little sis too if possible. So if that is allowed, thank you. If not, I totally understand. I’ll try to convince his mom to put a request on here.

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  79. I love that you keep doing this, Jenny! I’ve participated as a giver several years, and it feels good to connect with people even for a moment. This year I got started early and selected items from the wishlist of a local foster agency (from diapers to queer YA books to pastel rain boots, as requested!). Happy JGM!

    (That’s the best! ~ Jenny)

  80. With our gigantic twice-blended Twin Cities family, it is never quiet in our home which sometimes makes me feel unhinged and sometimes makes my heart feel like it’s bursting and sometimes both in the same moment. It also means that our budget’s always tight and especially so with the continued unpredictability of the pandemic and how it affects our kids ability to be at school. We had to cut out all extras to try to make ends meet – thank goodness for the library where we can check out books, movies, and board games! Our school provided a hotspot to our family for when the kids have to quarantine and switch on a dime to distance learning (which has so far happened twice this school year), which I’m thankful for having so I can stay connected too.

    I asked for plushie help last year and it was such an incredible blessing to be able to have a soft stuffed animal to be able to fill their stockings – as you can imagine, expenses add up quickly over here! I am so grateful to you all for helping make our Christmas morning magical!

    I put plushies on the list for all of our kids because I do think even the older crew would all be happy to open such a lovely gift of emotive octopi on Christmas morning, but I marked priority for which are for our youngest ones, to help keep the magic of Santa alive for them if someone is able to help. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    (There was only one left when I got here and it’s on the way. ~ Jenny)

  81. Hello.

    Jennifer from Austin Texas.
    2 kids
    Emily and Hazel

    A little note:

    Please send good thoughts and prayers for Emily, she just got out of inpatient hospital today after spending over a week in there due to depression and anxiety and SI and she’s really having a hard time. She came home and found that her friends blocked her. Being a teenager is so hard.
    Please send good thoughts my way too because as a mama I don’t want to lose it and I feel I need some support right now.

    Sorry to ramble. Here’s my list.

    (Looks like someone beat me here. I’m sending you and Emily so much love. You’re not alone. ~ Jenny)

  82. Jennifer 227, I was going to get them, but someone sniped them out from under me. But I still wanted to say: I saw your messages and I’ll be praying for Emily. Being a teenager is so rough. Mental illness is a monster. Being a mom of a teenager is rough and watching someone you love struggle and still keep the energy to take care of them is more than hard.

    I hope she finds the right people to love her outside of her family, and I’m glad she has you. I know that doesn’t make her brain an easier place to be, but it’s absolutely not nothing. As a person with anxiety who has loved a lot of people with SI and depression, thanks.

  83. I really needed this tonight. Thank you so much for reaching out and taking time to respond. I know this community Jenny has is such a strong one and I need all the strength I can get. Much love. ❤

  84. Jennifer 227. Sorry for the confusion but I had
    One list with nothing in it from last year that I forgot to delete so it looked like they were purchased but there was nothing in that list just the list name.

    My list for this year is up still. I labeled it like Jenny said: James Garfield 2021

    (If it’s still not filled just post it again in the comments, okay? ~ Jenny)

  85. Hi! I am Nichole from Alabama. ❤️
    I have 6 precious kid from 5 years to 12. I have my 3 bio B: 10, G: 9, & B: 5 & my 3 adopted blessing G:12, B:10: & G:7. I have been battling Breast Cancer this year & actually had my 2nd surgery today. These guys have been the absolute best to me this year and so so sweet. I’m so grateful for them ❤️

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  86. Nichole you’ll be getting two shipments to arrive on 12/15 and 12/16. Wishing you strength dealing with your cancer, and kiss those kids who are blessed to have you as a mom. Merry Christmas.

  87. Hi I am from Kentucky…I have one 7 year old boy.
    Thank you so much!

    (Hey there! That stuffed animal can’t be delivered to a gift registry address. That’s why I just pick specific things that have free prime delivery and can be sent. 🙂 There are some weird looking octopuses that he might like? If you want to delete that and try to add one of the octopuses and repost that would work. ~ Jenny)

  88. Sebastian – the delivery time showed February 4-10th… It might be a spring gift instead :/

  89. Lana @ #29, your floof will arrive… Monday, I think? I already forgot. 😛 {{facepalm}}

  90. Post 240
    I’m not sure who got it…but thank you so much. My son doesn’t much like cute stuff anymore. He loves the creepy and weird…and we love him all the more for it!!!

  91. Hi! I have 4 kids and really hoping for a little holiday cheer for my loves. We’re in Gresham Oregon
    Thank you for your consideration 🙏

  92. Great job, James Garfield Miracle Makers! Looks like most of the wishlists are fulfilled! I only saw plushies still on 207, 224, 226, 230, 234

  93. #247 -> Octopi oh my! Can I get some llama up in here? Heck yeah… Rainbow with a panda to boot.

    Hope your family is happy and well in Kentucky! Sending some cheer from California

  94. I have 4 kids 🙂 here’s their list

    (I’m deleting your list. You can do it again but please just pick one of the approved stuffed animals for each kid. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  95. #226 Erica Henke I ordered the unicorns and cats for the littles, but the arrival dates for the unicorns are December 19th – 28th! I hope they arrive in time!

  96. #226 Erica Henke – I am worried since they are for the believers – I could cancel and send different ones with a guaranteed arrival if you want – there are Gund unicorns that will arrive before Christmas – a bit more expensive, but thats fine to guarantee the littles Christmas magic!
    Let me know in this thread!

  97. So happy to be able to buy to stuffies for two little ones and I treated myself to a copy of Broken !!!!

    (Yay! ~ Jenny)

  98. Would love for our 4 year old to get an Octopus. They are one of his favorite animals and he loves purple.
    Thank you from Denver!
    Hope we weren’t too late.

  99. Hello. Im in torrington Connecticut and I have 2 kids. Here is our list. They would love the octopus (will help showing emotions)Thank you💚

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  100. Laura S from Pflugerville, one of the presents (the black and tie dyed octopus) said it won’t be delivered until the 23rd. Don’t lose hope when 3 arrive together and the other comes later!!

  101. #269-Crystal, I thank you so very much for this, and I wish you and all who are blessed to have you as family and friend a wonderful fun-filled Christmas holiday season 🎄💖

  102. #253 Tammy, 3 Octoplushies and a Llamacorn coming your way. Supposedly the three Octopi are coming today (that seems too soon) and the Llamacorn should be delivered Thursday.

  103. 263 – Susan Taylor Gerlach this is Erica 226. Thank you, truly! I don’t want to put you out. I’ll put the Gund unicorns you linked onto the list with your name next to them and since you have the dates information, I’ll let you make the call. I haven’t used Amazon much so I’m not familiar with how often orders get delivered towards the earlier end or later end of their delivery dates.

    Either way, I am so grateful for your kindness and caring!

  104. Cassie this is Andrea #204 thank you so much I’m truly greatful. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  105. #282 Tonya, oh my goodness that was quick! Thank you from the bottom of this mama’s heart! Merry Christmas to you!!

  106. #124 Lolo – I bought all of them, but apparently it didn’t mark them purchased so Jenny bought some too. 🙂 Maybe you can share with a friend. They’ll be arriving on Thursday and Friday. Have a wonderful holiday!

    #117 April – I bought two of the books. My son loves manga too! Merry Christmas! It says arriving the 16-24th and 21-22nd.

  107. Renee25 – I live near you. What are the ages of your new kids? I may have some toys and games we no longer need, possibly some clothes. If you are interested.

  108. Thank you so much Julia Cassels I appreciate your help putting a smile on my girls face for Christmas!!! Happy holidays – Rosella

  109. #265 Susan and #226 Erica – sorry to jump in, I was clicking links to see if there were any unfilled!

  110. I’m Ella, I have 4 girls, and last year they received bunnies and absolutely loved them. Thank you for this. We live in the chilly cold of Minneapolis, Minnesota, so something to snuggle up with is always a cherished gift. This really helps me out as a single mom. This year I chose the caticorns for my girls because it combines 2 animals they love. Here is our list:

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  111. Ella J I sent one (I think). If you get extra – it said something about a duplicate – just pass it on!

  112. #226 Erica – it looks like the whole list has been fullfilled and you might have a couple extras – if you do have extra unicorns please pass them on to someone who will appreciate them! Happy Holidays!

  113. #305 Thank you, Carol! #306 Bri – Thank you! If there are any extras, I will pass on the blessing by bringing them to our local domestic violence shelter to bring hope and comfort.

  114. #149 @stabbinrobots from Canada – can you let me know if your list has been filled? The link doesn’t seem to work, but not in a “these items are gone” way.

  115. Hi! We live in Lacombe, Louisiana, and have one daughter. She is a joy, and loves soft cuddly things. She says they make everything a bit better, and I agree. When she was 5, she told me, “Being human is not easy. But it’s worth it.” Now she is 12, and we remind each other of that. Here is our list:

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. 🙂 Your daughter sounds amazing. ~ Jenny)

  116. @eric #319 6 are on the way to be delivered Friday 12/17. The remaining 2 look like they might not be delivered by Christmas. Maybe you want to update to other stuffies with estimated dates before Christmas so we can make sure all of your wonderful kids get a gift?

  117. @329 I bought the plushie, but it might not arrive until after Christmas. Could you put something else on the list so he has something?

  118. Hmmm, I may have double bought someone’s wish list – the items were going to a lady in Texas and were available when I purchased, but the comments make it sound like they were purchased before me. If that is the case and I double bought, I hope you can spread the wealth around to someone else you may know in need!

  119. #337 Mina, yours will arrive in two separate shipments, first cat/unicorn Friday 12/17 and other bears between Dec 20-23! Merry Christmas

  120. #339 James, your package with all will arrive on Friday 12/17. Merry Christmas!

  121. #339 James, I just got this notice about the blue one, not sure if it will make it by Christmas. Would you add a different one so that all the kiddos get something?

    Not yet shipped
    We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date.
    Track package

    TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie | Patented Design | Light Blue + Dark Blue | Day + Night | Show your mood without saying a word!

  122. James #339, I got notice about this item not having a shipping date. Can you choose another one so that all kiddos get a gift?

    TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie | Patented Design | Light Blue + Dark Blue | Day + Night | Show your mood without saying a word!

  123. Hi Jenny,
    This wonderful program just increases your awesomeness off the charts. I was trying to order gifts for a family with five children – by the time I filled out the form there were only two items left available to purchase! You do reach so many people in so many ways.
    But what will you do next year if this is the 12th Annual James Garfield Miracle?
    Will it be Miracle 12-B? Followed by Miracle #14 in 2023?
    Just curious . . .

    (I never thought we’d get to 12 but if we do another year it’ll definitely be the “almost 14th annual James Garfield Miracle”. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  124. Shannon McVicker!! Thank you so much for opening your heart for my family! My kids are going to be very excited as they have always wanted some of these! Merry Christmas and thanks again, so very much!

  125. Willow from MN – last year at this time, we had 6 kids (3 bio, 3 foster) who were all very excited to open a cozy lovely friend on Christmas (thank you thank you!)

    I’m happy to report that early this fall, our 3 foster kids were able to reunite with their bio mom who worked hard to pass all of the requirements! Tomorrow, we’ll meet our new foster daughter, and so this Christmas, we’ll have 4 wonderful kids. I put a panda bear on the list for each of them and I also added a glow-in-the-dark plush blanket for our newest child who will likely feel a bit sad/scared trying to fall asleep in a new home to help her feel extra special.

    Here is our list:

    (They’re on the way. ~ Jenny)

  126. #350 Brienn – all three are ordered but the blue octopus doesn’t have a ship date yet ? so if you want to add a different one to your list I will switch it out

  127. @Kristin #353
    Love and joy to Mason & Brooklyn from Brooklyn.
    Delivery 12/16 (fingers crossed)

  128. #175/Marina- I just got a notification that one of your 4 plushies is shipping separately and so I don’t know if it will arrive by Christmas! I am so sad! I might be able to cancel it and try a different one or something! But I promise #4 is on order and will get there at some point!!

  129. Hi, Jenny! I can’t afford to sponsor a stuffed animal, and at my age I’m kind of old for one (plus I also have my big brown polydactyl tabby cat Romeo), so I’m sending you this instead, because the people talking about him on Facebook called him Pablo Escobear, which immediately reminded me of you:

    (COCAINE BEAR! ~ Jenny)

  130. Sweet Baby Jesus, they’re making a movie about this poor critter, with Elizabeth Banks directing, due to come out next year. It’s apparently a thriller, although I don’t know how that’s going to work, given that we already know how it ends…oh, yeah, and did I mention taxidermy? I wonder if it’s possible to steal him…he really *does* belong with you!

  131. Good evening! I’m leaving the list I’ve been using to collect items for 6 local foster teens who are in a trauma treatment center for Christmas. They have no family. I’ve been collecting items to help make their Christmas brighter! I’ve added 6 of the octopus stuffies on the top of their list (2 each of 3 different colors). I think they would love these. Thanks to anyone willing to help these girls, im so excited to give them these gifts they will be so surprised!

    (Looks like the octopi are on the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  132. #361, two lip balms will be delivered 12/16, and two sets of socks will be delivered 12/17.
    Your generosity & kindness are extraordinary – I wish I could do more

  133. Hello, a friend sent me here. I am raising my sisters kids after she passed due to covid 2 months ago. The kids are taking it really hard and since this was unexpected I have no money for Christmas. Any help you be very appreciated! Tucson, AZ.

    (Sending you so much love. But could you change your list to the stuffed animals that we’re sticking with and post again? Thanks so much! ~ Jenny)

  134. #361 What you are doing is amazing! 2 shimmer/polka dot octopus on the way and a box of the snacks as well. Happy James Garfield Miracle Day to you and the 6 girls!

  135. I am from 361- thank you to everyone who sent the octopi(and those who grabbed other items!) for the foster teens in the treatment center. Thank you thank you!!! I am all set with the plushies so thank you very much. I will be delivering everything next week before Christmas to the girls once I wrap and make stockings for them! They are going to be so surprised, they aren’t expecting anything! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here! 🙂

  136. #361
    2 lip balms, the Hersey’s Kisses, 1 set of Sox and 1 purple figit toy are on their way to you. They should all arrive before Christmas.

  137. Hi! I might be too late for this, but if there is a Christmas miracle, we need one badly! My name is Christina and I have four young children, Rosie, Jenna, Caleb and Felix. They are my whole world and I would be very happy and appreciate it greatly if there is someone who is able to help me give them a Christmas gift. And also for anyone who can send positive thoughts and energy our way. I chose the plushies that should come in time to be put in their stockings for Christmas morning. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and thank you.

    4 kids in Minneapolis

    (I don’t see your list so I’m assuming it’s filled. ~ Jenny)

  138. im jason and i have 4 kids and a ‘step’ kid who could use a little help this year Electra Texas.

    (I tried to get them but it says they’re all duplicates so they must be filled. Also, I know there are a lot of you from Electra Texas and that’s fine but almost all of you are not doing this correctly so it’s looking like your list isn’t filled. I’m assuming you’re all from a very large extended family who all need help and one of you is helping the others set up your lists and she’s doing it wrong for all of you. You need to make sure that “keep purchased items on my list” and “don’t spoil my surprises” are NOT checked. ~ Jenny)

  139. Ok that’s weird. I think Amazon didn’t update a list and I bought the same ones as someone else. Well, if you get duplicates, donate them to toys for toys for me or something. 😜

  140. Oh, Lord…looks like the wish list for #377 didn’t update either! But at the bottom it says “last ordered December 15, 2921. So y’all be careful…maybe I did something wrong!!!

  141. 385 thank you so much. For some reason it’s only showing 2 bought, but the babies will love them. Merry Christmas

  142. Erica, 387, toys should be there the 17th! I forgot to check ship in amazon packaging, so hopefully a surprise isn’t ruined!

  143. Wendy, thank you so very much!!!! You are a blessing and my family appreciates you!! ❤❤🥺

  144. Physicsmom1 : Lynda Thank you so much for the wonderful stuffed animals for my kiddos. You are so thoughtful ❤️ Nichole KM

  145. I am a single mother, work two jobs to support my son and daughter, and have been struggling greatly to pay the bills and buy our basic necessities, so these two stuffies will be super appreciated and make the most wonderful, magical Christmas presents!
    Thank you! Hermantown minnesota

    (I went to buy them but it says they’re duplicates so someone beat me here. ~Jenny)

  146. #394 Nicole – Two stuffies on the way! Expected delivery is Friday. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  147. Wow, it’s amazing how quickly these have been picked up! I’m in tears here for how awesome this is.

  148. I’m seeing more and more lists where people are asking for things other than stuffies … perhaps you need to go back and read Jenny’s rules again? I don’t want to sound mean, but this isn’t fair to those who are actually following the rules.

  149. #397, go back and read the selections again. This year, each child may get a stuffed animal from the list at the top of the post. I don’t want your kids to miss out.

  150. Just a reminder, dear friends, that day three of JGCM is when things sometimes go sideways, so if you’re not sure if a request is legit or not, go ahead and donate to Project Night Night.

  151. #407 I ordered the pandacorn and the llamacorn but it says they still need to be purchased.

  152. Hey all! Just fyi, there are a lot of people from Electra Texas with the same last name asking for stuffed animals. It’s very, very possible that this is a large extended family all going through a hard time (and this has happened before with another group that seemed like suspicious but were actually all living on the same reservation and later sent me so many pictures of so many happy kids). That said, day two is when things get a little dicey so no worries at all if you decide to donate to Project Night Night instead. They could really use the help and I know they appreciate it. 🙂 I still have a few hundred dollars more to spend here so if you still need help please feel free to leave a comment.

    (And if you’re from Electra please note that in your comment and also make sure your list is set to not show purchased items and that “keep my gifts a surprise” is not selected.)

    Also, in case there is someone here who is lying about who they are, I hope you have a good christmas. I can’t imagine being in a situation where you would lie to get children’s toys so I’m sending you love.

    PS. It’s not unusual at all for people to accidentally get a few extra toys and if you’re one of those people just donate the extras to your local shelter. 🙂

    Happy holidays everyone! This is my favorite time of the year and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that a few more smiles will be had this year. Love!

  153. Our came today but we somehow received two of the same thing! We took to to the extra to the homeless shelter and donated it! THANK YOU!!

    (Perfect! ~ Jenny)

  154. just donated to project night night. ❤️ Thank you Jenny for continuing the james Garfield miracle – from a librarian who loves your blog and your books

  155. #418 – You have several items on your wishlist that are not allowed. This is only for stuffed animals this year.

  156. Lily the only thing on there beside stuffed animal was fidget toys for my neurodivergent special needs kid. He can’t do stuffed animals, he will have a melt down.

  157. No worries T. Moss, the fidget toys are on their way and should arrive 12/18 ❤️

  158. Erin, thank you so very much. I appreciate you immensely.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  159. I received two of the Octopuses 🐙 for my kids today and brought them up to my attic to wrap while they are in school. I spent over an hour sitting there flipping them inside out. My kids are going to L❤️VE these things! I know I do! Thank you for the James Garfield Miracle and the Anonymous person that gifted these to my family!

  160. #417 T Moss, #423 bookaholic42, and Jenny—the list was empty because I filled it on the 14th, including the fidget toys. You might have some duplicates, so spread the love!

  161. Hello, please delete if this is not allowed. I am working to help 21 at risk kids from prison families ranging in age from 3 to 18. We are in Knoxville and I found out about James Garfield today when I was talking with a coworker about trying to get donations. I have added the stuffed bears onto the list with the other items I’m trying to get, but know this community may possibly only be able help with the bears. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew why there were more than the bears on the list! I thought it was easier than making multiple lists. Thank you all for having such huge hearts, you’ve already blessed so many people and families, this group is amazing! xoxo

    (I don’t see your list so I’m thinking you deleted it? If these are kids who aren’t getting christmas presents then you can make a new list with only the stuffies and submit it and see. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  162. 429 Marie S I couldn’t send it. your address wasn’t there to choose (it didn’t show a town/state)

  163. Samantha N Damare from #285, if you see this Amazon has said the third stuffy wasn’t available anymore! If you see this, please re-post so I (or someone else) can get you a replacement, don’t want one of your kiddos be left out 🙁

  164. @427 you should see something soon
    @429 arriving in 2 shipments Next Monday and Wednesday

  165. HI #428 Rel! Looks like someone got you one llamacorn and I got you another, arriving Dec 23-24 (fingers crossed!). Teddy bears still on the list….

  166. @Anonymous #435, your gifts are on their way. Unfortunately, the grey cat may not arrive until December 28 but I’m hoping it will be sooner.

  167. Thank you Nancy M for giving my kiddos the gift of snuggles Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  168. 435 here, Kimmiejo thank you so much! I hope you have a very blessed hoilday and new year!!

  169. Hope I haven’t waited too long. Been in hospital off and on for the last year. Hoping to get the little octopus toys for my grandchildren. They are cute, really. I have 8 grandchildren and I live in Smyrna, TN. I think I picked items that arrive before Christmas. Tomorrow is the kids’ last day of school for the year. The house is going to be busy!

    (All eight on the way! One of them says it’ll be delivered between Dec 21-28th but the rest will get there before the 20th. ~ Jenny)

  170. I was helped one year and it was one of the most beautiful things ever. I’d love to return the favor. If you’re in Canada, drop a wishlist on my comment, please! (If there’s more than one or a couple comments, I can’t promise to hit them all, but maybe others will see some consolidated Canadian lists.)

  171. Courtney @444 – I don’t think people are able to add to your comment specifically on the platform, but there was a Canadian who posted earlier on hoping for some plushies!!

  172. Amanda #218 – I received notice that one of your plushies was delivered today “left by the front door or porch” – I hope you received it 🙂 And whoever Nicole – Royse City, TX – your plushie was delivered yesterday.

    Merry Christmas Everyone !!! This felt so good to buy some toys. Thanks Jenny.

  173. I can’t find a list that hasn’t been filled. My gosh, I love this community so much!! I’m going to donate to Project Night Night and check back for lists later. Happy Holidays all you wonderful people!

  174. Marina (#175) your last plushie shows it shipped today! I hope it arrives and thank you for the note that you got the others! I am so glad that the children will like them and I hope you have a merry Christmas and that 2022 is a year full of love, joy and abundance for you! -Jessica

  175. Jenni (#453) – tried to send you an octopus but the color you want is showing delivery in February! Would you like to choose a different color? Some are still available for delivery by December 18.

  176. @453 (Jenni) – I just tried to purchase the plushie from your wish list, but it won’t arrive until February 🙁 Please let me know if there is something else you think he may like

  177. Hello my name’s Rowan and we have six kids all under age 6. Minneapolis 55418 zip code. Thank you in advance for this kindness. I chose the caticorns, llamacorns, and a unicorn for them and they will be well loved in my kids’ arms and, let’s face it, their mouths. 🙂

    (I don’t see your list so I’m guessing it’s been filled. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  178. 432/458 your link still doesn’t work – clicking it takes me to my own list. If you compare your link to the last couple above it, the format, at the end of it, is different. i don’t know how to tell you how to fix it though.

  179. Hi, I’m Lauren, I have 7 kids and live in Wisc Rapids, WI. If there are any angels out there who are able to bless our family with a Christmas miracle, they’d be giving me the best Christmas present too of getting to see the happiness on my kids’ faces. I am barely hanging on this year and need some miracles. Thank you for being there for us in hard times.

    (Looks like someone beat me here. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  180. Lauren/462 I purchased one of the Caticorns. Supposed to come the 19 or 20 of December so fingers crossed.

  181. Lauren/462. I purchased the other two Caticorns. Should arrive Sunday, December 19. Hopefully someone else can pick up the other animals.

  182. #464 bear headed your way Sunday. Merry Christmas! xo Friend of James Garfield

  183. Thank you all for doing this again this year. My family has had our fair share of hard times but this year may have been our most difficult yet. If not for folks like you, many children wouldn’t have anything to open on Christmas. I love the spirit of love and kindness here.

    I live in Rochester, NY with my two kids. I’ve got a teenage girl and a 12 year old non-binary child.

    I’ve added a caticorn (for my 15 year old) and a pandacorn plushie (for my 12 year old) to the top of their Christmas wishlist. Thank you for any help I can get providing them a good Christmas this year.

    (Looks like someone beat me here. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  184. Thank You, Jenny! They arrived today and were SO FREAKING SOFT!!! Both my kiddos are going to be ecstatic. You freaking rock!

  185. #82 gifts arrived yesterday. Biggest THANK YOU and HUGS to you and to Bloggess Jenny for such generosity and kindness. Wonderful Christmas holiday wishes to you and everyone blessed to have you both in their lives 🎄💖

  186. brienn, #350 and #386, AAAA, i got you the brown stuffy bear…which now says it’ll arrive to you on 12/28. i still have my fingers crossed for a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, but if this is unacceptable for the hearts and hopes of kids, add something else and i’ll do it!!! i’ll leave as-is for now, b/c late > nothing, i reckon…

  187. Erica, 387, delivery is showing two packages that should arrive between 4:15 and 8:30 pm today.

  188. Donated to Project Night Night. I’ll check back here to see if there are any lists that are open. In the meantime, James sends his thanks to Project Night Night for the comfort they bring to kids.

  189. I’m #469 and I just checked and saw that my kids’ whole wishlist shows as purchased. I had that list posted here and in a Facebook group, and nobody from the Facebook group has said anything to me. So that leaves me to assume someone here did that. I don’t know who you are, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was only able to afford one gift each for my kids this year and the rest was going to be edible things I used my SNAP/EBT card for. You can’t possibly know how grateful I am. This year has been an absolute horrible time, and Christmas was adding so much stress onto my already overburdened financial plate.

    Thank you so much, whoever you are. Please let me know a way to get in touch with you, I’d love to send you some of my handmade creations (I knit, make jewelry, and do very amateur watercolor paintings) in thanks.

  190. GUESS WHAT BRIENN #350 AND #386, i just got an email that the sweet brown bear should be to you on tuesday, 12/21!!!!! HOORAY!!! (goes to lie down)

  191. #471 Bailey

    They’re on their way, but I’m so sorry none of them were available to arrive by Christmas. 🙁 Maybe you can make a new list with ones that will arrive by the 25th and re-gift the late arrivals.

  192. #226 Erica – two caticorns and an octopus were delivered on the 16th, the Llamacorns are showing as December 28th arrival.