Now I want to write a book about ravines.

So I just got the Hungarian copy of Furiously Happy and of course I had to run it through google translate to interpret it, and as usual, google translate did not disappoint. Or rather in continued to disappoint, but in a very entertaining way.

Here’s the actual cover:

But what happens if we translate it?

I don’t know what a “glad boldog” is but I choose to read it as, “Glad, bold, O.G.” and that seems sort of bad-ass because who doesn’t want to be the original gangster of bold happiness, but then the subtitle is like “this book is a horrible thing” and so I’m getting mixed messages? I tried again.


Hi. I wrote a p0rn.

Crazy Happy, a small book about horrible things. And I was a little surprised because that actually works, but then google translate was like, “HA HA just kidding” and immediately switched over to:

Glad Happy, a small book about horrible ravines.

And in fairness, it does rhyme and also now I sort of want to write a small book about horrible ravines.

“Vice of horror about things.” I don’t even know what that means but it feels insulting and exciting all at once.

Glad. Happy. Jenny Lawson is…a great stockbroker?

I decided to give up and look at the back cover and this was my favorite thing because, I don’t even know where to start.

A few of my favorites lines: “That’s awful” and “Seems like a bad idea” right off the bat. Then toward the middle “two warped swans break into his life and then gets three dead cats in the mail” and the best part about that is that it seems like that’s the most ridiculous mistranslation but I’m pretty sure it’s actually the most accurate translation here. You might think I’m being too critical but it’s to be expected because, after all, I am “cruel about paralysis and helpless with honesty.”

My very favorite part though is at the end where they say, “Let’s be like Jenny” followed immediately by “MAYBE NOT SO MUCH WINE.” And that is possibly a healthy call but I just now noticed that google has translated the bar code to “THEY’RE MAD” and I don’t know who “they” are but it’s probably because they need more wine.

After all, it’s like my mother always says:

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  1. These translations from international copies are the best!

    I do wonder who Grut is and how your mom knows them and what part they play in the drinking of too much wine. . .

  2. I agree with your Mom. It’s NOT so horrible to be GRUT. I’m GRUT right now.

  3. Three dead cats in the mail sounds like someone knows your love of taxidermy.
    And how are the swans involved? Did they send you the cats? I love the international mysterious translations that make you want to write those books, too.

  4. We have a fairly awful ravine on our property in Colorado, you’re welcome to come visit for research purposes. 🙂

  5. I feel like the ‘is a great stockbroker’ was kind of Google just giving up and throwing out something random in desperation, like ‘is this what you want??’. The back cover is just pure joy, my goodness! I, too, love that the swans and dead cats line sounds like a totally wacky mistranslation *unless* you are already familiar with Jenny Lawson’s work and realize it’s actually totally accurate.

  6. It revolves around itself with an accompanying mental illness! That counts as exercise, right?

  7. I made the mistake of reading this while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist and now everyone is looking at me weird because I haven’t even had any gas yet.

  8. I already knew “Boldog” was “happy” (because Boldog Karacsonyt is Merry Christmas and that’s one of the few Hungarian phrases I remember from my great-grandparents) but the rest of the translation was a revelation! I agree with the “Let’s Be Like Jenny” but don’t see the issue with so much wine.

  9. Thank you! Yesterday and today I really needed a laugh in the face of some horribleness and you really helped!

  10. I love your books!! I love your humor!! The way you look at things is hilarious and I definitely need more hilarious things in my life!! Thank you so very much Jenny Lawson!! You made my day!!❤️❤️❤️

  11. “Vice of horror about things.” sounds like an apt description of Edgar Allen Poe. So that’s pretty awesome. I would 110% read a book described that way.

    But where is the hovercraft full of eels?

  12. “Let’s be like Jenny… MAYBE NOT SO MUCH WINE.” Or maybe more wine, or maybe some craft beer, or whatever your recreational drug of choice. Your call. 🤣😁

  13. Maybe you can write a book about a Raven in a Ravine….. because of course I mis-read “ravine” as “raven” in my head the first time.

  14. I like the line “and the author’s life is not everyday” This was awesome

  15. This, and the previous post, has my face covered in tears from how hard I laughed. Jenny Lawson, doing good and being Groot.

  16. The translations of your book titles have become one of my favorite things. At least until the warped swans come for me. 🦢🦢

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