It’s Friday, right?

It is Friday and that means that it’s perfectly reasonable to take a medicinal 10 minute break and step into my office so I can show you ridiculous videos I saved for you. Hailey took my other chair so you’ll have to sit on my lap but there’s already a cat on my left leg so you get the right leg.


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  1. Oh, Jenny, I’m screaming at the last two, they are so funny. This last week has been hell and I needed that laugh so much. I just woke up the dog with my cackling. I am typing through tears, I apologize for typos.

  2. That pug one. I laughed all the way to tears and then called someone so they would laugh with me!

  3. “That’s how you say ‘that’s a great picture’ in French.” 🤣

  4. I totally screamed when the squirrel jumped on that girl (as if it were happening to me) and then maniacally laughed! YEEESSS!!!!!! AHAHAHA!!!!!

    This is already an amazing day. I was on the cancellation list with my GI doc, and I got a call this morning that an apt had opened up 10 days sooner than my original appointment and right afterward I watched these and belly laughed with my morning coffee! Hip hip hooray happy Friday tribe and Jenny! Hugs!

  5. I am dying over the squirrel. That is EXACTLY what I would be saying to it as I was trying to scoop it out of the pool. OMG!!! These were awesome!

  6. This was an extra good batch today, thank you! I can’t see through the laughter tears! 😅

  7. The LOLs started at the man ‘appearing’ up the subway stairs. The “that’s how you say ‘nice picture’ in French” about did me in… until the squirrel. 😂🤣

  8. OMG I was laughing sooooooo hard. I should mention that I’m at work. My co workers were like what are you doing. My response was nothing, I’m working. I’m definitely not over here watching stupid hilarious videos. I’m not sure they believed me…..

  9. Oh wow, this has been a tough week and I REALLY needed that laugh. Thank you!

  10. What is that? Hyperpigmentation 🤣🤣 just like when my daughter used to draw me with exactly 3 hairs. 😳😂😂

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    I just spent all day addressing the fact that someone compromised my bank account. And my autoimmunity issues symptoms were at an all time bad today, and I had an argument with my husband about his being a selfish, self centered, immature jerk who doesn’t accept the realities of my disabilities and his refusal to be a responsible and mature adult human being.
    My day sucked SO Bad!
    Your curated funny videos made me happy for the first time today. I actually laughed out loud twice. I think that this post made me feel like just when everything seems awful, there are people out there posting sweet and funny stuff to remind us that life can be wonderful, if you just keep looking for the rainbows after the storm.

  12. Cracked up at the dog in the corner! I get the feeling he’s been there before!😂😂

  13. Thanks for the laugh. That frenchie dancing was too cute. However, the squirrel made me laugh the most.

  14. “I’d saving you, Im saving you!” Thanks Jenny you totally saved my week. I wish I could jump at your face to show my appreciation.

  15. Love you so much, Jenny, I thank the hot-blooded gods for you all the time.

  16. The reaction of the man on the subway steps in the magician video, oh my! I can finally breathe again.

  17. I just CAN’T with most social media, so I count on you to curate only the best and most important content, just like these. The pug screaming elicited the only laugh I’ve had today. THANK YOU.

  18. It’s been two weeks since I had surgery. Neck fusion, not too serious. But I’ve been cooped up in the house. I needed those laughs so badly. And for the first time in months, it didn’t hurt to laugh. Thank you!

  19. I almost never watch these in Fridays…I same them up for when I need them. I have tears in my eyes from laughing and I may have peed myself a bit. Keep these up!

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