So! This Tuesday the paperback edition of Broken (in the best possible way) comes out and there’s something very special about it that I want you to know.

First, it has a whole extra chapter in it (called For Real Though, Where Exactly Are the Murder Hornets?) just to make it worth buying it again in case you already had the hardcover.

I’m really happy that I wrote that bonus chapter because of what happened when I turned it in. It went to editing and the editors were like, “We noticed that you’re using “they/them” pronouns for your kiddo, but it doesn’t actually match the rest of the book” and I explained that when I submitted the book Hailey wasn’t publicly non-binary but now they are and the editors explained that this was a problem of inconsistency and I was worried they were going to tell me they needed to change it, but instead they were like, “How about if we go back and edit the entire book so Hailey’s pronouns are correct throughout?” And then I literally cried a little.

Books are sort of set in stone once they’re published, even if you later dislike something you wrote it’s usually there for good…they’re like a slice of life of who you were at the time. So to have the entire publishing team on board with a rewrite even though it meant a lot of extra work and pushing the pub date back a little is a big deal. For me. For Hailey. For others who may see themselves in the story. It’s a small thing, but it means a lot.

The other exciting thing is…that I’m going to do a tiny tour with one actual IN PERSON READING/Q&A/SIGNING. It’s at Nowhere Bookshop (duh) and it will be very small since we want to be safe (masks are optional if you’re fully vaxxed, but I’m happy to wear a mask when I sign your book if you like. I’m quadruple vaxxed at this point and am still waiting for my second tail to grow). This will be the first ever physical book event at Nowhere and so I’m doubly excited. (And if you follow Nowhere on instagram we’ll try to show it on instagram live so it’s like you’re there even if you’re not.) Click here to get your ticket.

And if you can’t make it to Nowhere, no worries because I’m also doing a virtual event in coordination with several indie bookshops and it will be absolutely free to attend, and I’ll have links to that soon. And they have lots of books to sell (and more…see details below) so you can order from them too. I needed a moderator for that event so I went on twitter a few weeks ago to ask who y’all would most like to see me in-conversation-with and the overwhelming and incredibly surprising answer was…

Fucking Victor.

I can only assume Victor paid all of you because this is actually happening and this might be the first time anyone hears his side of the story and he is literally rubbing his hands in glee at the surprise questions he can’t wait to grill me about and refuses to tell me in advance. This will either be horrific or hilarious (probably a bit of both) but certainly something to see. I’m a little nervous because in real life Victor is the funny one and I think it’s possible people will watch and go, “Fuck Jenny. When’s Victor’s book coming out?” but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. We won’t be able to see you since it’s virtual but please wear your Team Jenny or Team Victor shirts from the comfort of your home.

And I’ve sent fabulous bookmarks and signed bookplates to a bunch of indie bookshops, so if you buy a book from one of the places hosting the event you may get one of those.

We have tons of bookmarks at Nowhere as well so if you pre-order a paperback we’ll be slipping bookmarks into your signed copies (And yes, I will happily personalize copies to send to your friends or family or even your enemies through Nowhere, and yes, of course I will write “knock knock motherfucker” or implicate you in a crime or anything else you want, and we ship everywhere.) We also just found a box of Broken oracle cards so if you pre-order soon enough it is entirely possible that you might open your paperback Broken and find that I’ve stuffed a random oracle card inside as I signed your book.

And if you can’t snag a ticket to the in-person event, don’t worry because I’m also planning an in-store signing at Nowhere sometime soon that will be open to everyone, where you can bring in your books or boobs or taxidermy or whatever you want signed. No babies please. (I mean you can totally bring your babies, but I won’t sign them because they can’t give consent. A girl’s gotta have her standards.) More on that later.

So the main point here is to say thank you to everyone who has bought a book and thank you to everyone who will buy a book. Preorders make such a difference and they help show stores if they should stock your book and I really hope it does well because I desperately want to thank all the people at my publisher who did so much to make this book release something special. It’s not been an easy time to live in Texas during this time of LGBTQ+ backlash against our youth, and this made me remember there are so many more good people out there who not only accept, but also embrace and protect others…and I really needed to see that. Maybe you do too.

Whether you buy a copy of Broken or get one from the library or just say, “That’s not quite for me” and leave it in a little free library, know that I am grateful for you. You have saved me over and over. Thank you.


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  1. OMG I can’t WAIT to hear Victor’s questions. And it made me tear up a little too, that your publishers will change Hailey’s pronouns. I have a non-binary bonus kid now, and they also think your publishers are awesome (PS: I wrote “pubs” the first time and decided it’s too close to either bars or inappropriate body parts to include in this comment, so I wrote the word out for everyone’s safety). I think it’s about time to make the trip back to TX to see Nowhere in person. 🙂 Congratulations Jenny, all of this is so excellent!

  2. That’s the best news I’ve gotten all day (and maybe even since Monday)! Congrats all the way around!!!!!

  3. Sometimes we hear about big publishers being douche bags. It’s really great to hear of something good being done. And Victor and Jenny debate…I mean dialogue. Fascinating!

  4. Just ordered my copy and I cannot wait to sign up for the virtual event with Victor!!!

  5. What a wonderful editor/publisher to do that for Hailey – it may be something small for them to do but it makes a huge difference. I can’t be at Nowhere for your event 🙁 – I live in Canada. But I will be sure to catch one of your virtual events.

  6. I’m so excited your publisher went back and changed Hailey’s pronouns!!! I was on the fence about buying another copy of the book, but hearing that information changed my mind! OF COURSE I want a copy that has Hailey’s preferred pronouns in it!!! 🙂

    Also, I”m totally Team Jenny, and will be wearing my shirt proudly. <3

  7. This is best news for your family and the world. Thank you for sharing, Jenny. We’re all celebrating with you!!! And running out to BUY THIS BOOK! we love you. And Victor and Hailey too. Love, everyone who knows 1000% for certain that Texas/Entire world is a whole lot better with you in it.

  8. 1. I also cried when I read that the publisher wanted to correct Hailey’s pronouns throughout the book.
    2. I’m not sure taxidermy can give consent to be signed?

  9. I have all your books, and love them, but my husband (who is a LOT like Victor) would totally buy his book if he wrote one. And bond with him over a beer. Or saké. They could be fimes together.

    Yay for an amazing publishing team, for you, for Hailey, and Victor. And for you. Yay for you every day- you make the whole world a better place.

  10. Preordering the paperback today, which is (according to FB) the 10th anniversary from when I drove 2 hours to meet you at a book signing at Hastings in San Angelo!

  11. As the Mama bear of a transgender kiddo, I’m with you, and love that the publisher is as well! Can’t wait to get my signed copy!!!

  12. The Murder hornets are HERE near me- they started in Canada and came south to Whatcom County. I live about 7 miles from the places they have been found in my community. I want to love all living creatures, but these things are not on my list.

  13. I think I’m Team Holt Paperbacks (your publisher) on this one! (Not that I could ever choose between you and Victor, anyway.)

  14. I’m near tears. This post reminded me that there are more good people out there than I realized and has helped restore some of my faith in humanity. I’m with you on the Texas thing, we seem to see so much more hate and unsupportive comments about ANYTHING
    That is considered “different” and it breaks my heart every time. It helps to remember that there are those of us here who ARE supportive. I believe there are many more of us than we realize <3 Also…..SQUEEEEEEEE for this event!!!!

  15. HUGS!! That is so amazingly wonderful that your editors did that, have you told Hailey about it? I’m sure they’d appreciate it. SO excited for the virtual event!! Still wishing/hoping I can eventually make it to Nowhere but two states away feels so much farther when you have no way to get there, lol.
    This may be the only book ever that I’d even *consider* buying again just for the addition of one new chapter, but heck yeah I’m buying it again!

  16. Victor as the moderator is absolutely brilliant, I would love to see this! I will wear a shirt that says “I’m fimes”

  17. How about a Team Hailey shirt? I don’t want to have to declare for you OR Victor. You know it’s not healthy to make the kids choose one parent over the other.

    I’m blown a-in-the-best-possible-way that your publisher came through for not just your offspring, your family, but for everyone who needs to see their existence acknowledged in a matter-of-fact fashion as if they were (gasp!) actual, bone fide, genuine, certified human beings. That was definitely worth the wait.

  18. Love, love, love that about Hailey’s pronouns being changed in the new edition! <3

  19. Team Them! Congratulations. And kudos to your publishers who obviously get it.

  20. So very cool that your publishers are willing to go back and edit Hailey’s pronouns. And I’m so sorry that the political asshats are making things so tough on our LGBTQIA+ loved ones. Hoping your virtual tour comes to an indie shop near me! (*cough *Indianapolis* cough*)

  21. “…the editors explained that this was a problem of inconsistency and I was worried they were going to tell me they needed to change it, but instead they were like, “How about if we go back and edit the entire book so Hailey’s pronouns are correct throughout?” And then I literally cried a little.”

    I cried a little, too. Certain I’m not the only one.
    Please send a HUGE virtual hug to your entire publishing team. They are awesome!

  22. Got my ticket and instantly “I’ve got a golden ticket” starts playing in my head. Anxiety be dammed I’m going.

  23. What an awesome publisher!! I just ordered my paperback copy, which I’m sure my husband will say, “Don’t you already have that book?” And I will have to explain why I’m ordering it again but he’s used to my shenanigans.

  24. I’m beyond the moon that your publisher is revamping the book to get Hailey’s pronouns correct. From on enby mom to another? Thank you!

  25. So I preordered Broken and loved it. Then for Christmas I asked for one of your books so it could get signed, told my mom I already have Broken, but she bought that one anyway (but I absolutely love my signed message). So now I already have two copies, but am SO TEMPTED to get the paperback as well. I can display the signed copy, use one for reading, and maybe give one away (or hoard some more haha). Your publisher is amazing for doing that! It’s comforting knowing there’s still good people out there.

  26. Can I be team Vinny (Victor plus Jenny)? Jector didn’t quite have the same ring.

  27. I stick with the oldie pronouns that came with my factory issue plumbing (dibs on my new band name, Factory Issue Plumbing) but I felt a bit weepy reading about the re-edit. Just thinking about the imaginary future readers who will feel seen.

  28. This is amazing! I’m so happy your editing team made the change. It’s so important to Hailey and others to have their pronouns correctly represented.
    Also I’m pre-ordering the paper back version of Broken from Nowhere immediately!

  29. First, I’ll buy the new version just because they changed hailey’s pronouns and that awesomeness should be supported. Second, your SECOND tail hadn’t grown in yet? I think I missed a very interesting story somewhere! :).

  30. Weird question but is there going to be an audiobook version of the new chapter somehow? I can’t imagine how that would work so I guess not…. I’ve been thinking you should do a podcast anyway 🙂 and you could read it on there !

  31. Paperback ordered. So excited I say while doing my best Kevin Hart impression. Your editing folks rock for updating the book. I so wanted to make a quick trip to San Antonio but alas I cannot get away from work next week. I will definitely watch Jenny vs Victor via Instagram.

  32. Omg that is fantastic about Hailey’s pronouns! I feel like I need another copy just to have their correct pronouns now! At least, that’s my excuse….

  33. Your second tail?!? Would it be weird if I asked where your first one is? Lol
    I really want a Team Fimes shirt, but if not, I guess I’m going to have to go Team Jenny.

  34. Now I’m definitely going to have to buy a paperback version in honor of my sweet 10 year old NB kid. 🥰🏳️‍🌈

  35. Dang it, Jenny, your posts aren’t supposed to make me cry. Of course I will be buying a PB copy for my amazing, precious, perfectly imperfect trans son, and in honor of all the fabulous LGBTQIA+ folx and allies out there (which includes me, so I hope that’s not self-serving…?). Anyway, no doubt you hear this all the time from complete strangers–and that’s super creepy by itself, I promise I don’t mean to be– but I love and adore you and Victor and Hailey and I’m so so happy to get to follow your journey through this crazy life. Thank you for being you. 💜💜

  36. Can we sport a Team Hailey shirt since they are a product of the two of you and I couldn’t possibly choose between you or Victor? 🙂

  37. Congrats on all fronts. Your editors deserve a SOMETHING for that decision. IDK what but something.

  38. Well I own the hard cover and the audio book but I suppose since this one has a bonus chapter I will need it as well 🙂

  39. You know, when I read the book on my kindle, I was surprised at the pronouns used for Hailey. I was like, “Huh. They must have come out NB after the publisher got this. A pity.” But I’m so glad they’re being fixed!

    And now I have to buy a copy for someone as a gift so that I can sneak a look at the bonus chapter. Hee.

  40. That is wonderful news. I’m so happy for you. I wish I could be at your bookstore and meet you and peruse all the books and see your creativity in the bookstore but I live in Pennsylvania. I would love a book or anything from you. I bought Broken twice because I got a new phone and google books didn’t believe it was really me so I bought it again, lol. I love the audiobook because your voice is magical. I would love a hard, signed copy! I am team Jenny all the way, no shade to Victor, love him too but you are my idol. I always ask when I’m feeling down, what would Jenny do? And I listen to your books which make me pee in my pants all the time. Thank you for being you and thank you for all the people who support you and are part of a fantastic tribe. I love y’all.

  41. Yay! Lots of moms chiming in but as a genderqueer person I’m so relieved and happy about the pronouns

  42. So happy to hear all your plans and I wish you all happiness and success in your future.

  43. That is so wholesome and lovely!!

    Also, your first tail came in? Darn it, Im still waiting for mine!!

  44. Sooo happy for all of the goodness! And Victor will be moderating your virtual tours? I can not wait to buy my ticket!!!!

  45. What fabulous editors and publisher to fix Hailey’s pronouns in the paperback version! And I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to read the new additional chapter!
    I’m so happy Victor will get a chance to have a voice in the World Of Jenny, I’m sure we will love you even more.
    Maybe next time Hailey will get to have their voice heard about life with the wonderful parents you both are.
    After all, there are three perspectives in your world (at least there are three who can speak a language that humans understand, I’m sure your animals would have lots to say, if only you could interview them.)

  46. You have saved many of us as well. Without you, I would have never been open to getting the help I need and that was gaining 4 extra legs and a furry tail (a service dog named Roka).

  47. Will the extra chapter be offered on an updated audiobook version?

  48. I received my copy today and can’t wait to start reading. But best of all, I got a tarot card! Jenny, you couldn’t have picked a better one for me. I’m putting where I’ll see it daily. Thank you!

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