It’s Friday. Let’s have some fun.

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for you to step into my office so you can see all the videos I saved for you. Ferris Mewler is in the other chair so just sit in my lap. It’s all good. Ready?

Guess which one I am?

He’s nervous.

I want part of this made into my ringtone:

This one is medicinal: (Special note to my mom, you have to click the arrow button on the right to make it play.)

Happy weekend, y’all.

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  1. As I don’t have the socials, I appreciate your curation of the best of Instagram for my amusement. Thank you for your service.

  2. Happy Friday Jenny & everyone!
    I hope that since you’re posting it means you’re starting to feel better ❤️‍🩹

  3. A fart in church is always funny!

    Love the cat trying to drink from the running faucet, you can just hear their person saying “it’s a good thing she/he is so pretty…”

    I hope you are feeling good after your treatment!

  4. LOL!! The foxes did nothing for my sertonin. More like kicked my anxiety up a notch. I find their weird hyena grinning, the cringing, and the noise they make just . . . disturbing. Am I alone in this???

  5. Dog with slipper had me in hysterics! That LOOK of “I’m SO dead right now, aren’t I?” at the end.

  6. You definitely find some gems out there! Hubby watches #saveafox and just love Dixie and Finnegan and watching all the interactions. Looking back through, I can’t decide on a favorite! Gotta say, the camel with all the ble ble blehs.. totally me.

  7. I hope this means you’re feeling better. I have missed the videos, but most of all, you!

  8. My favorite was the subjects in the painting speaking. I didn’t want it to end. This happened a little while ago. I opened my email and saw “The Bloggess.” Hurray. My eyes slid to the subject column and I read “Exclusive Interview With Clarence Thomas.” After my initial WTF moment, I realized I’d read the subject of The Onion email immediately above The Bloggess email. I laughed a lot. Hope your depression is getting better. I have seborrheic dermatitis flakes all over my face and now I’m crying and depressed again. It WON’T go away and it’s been months and months.

  9. Me: Curls up on Jenny’s lap.
    The world: Come doomscrolling with us!
    Me to the world: F@#$ off with you! It’s Friday and Jenny has spoken!
    Me: Curls into Jenny’s bousum.

  10. I love the dog with the shoe. You can see him thinking “Maybe if I stand REEEAAL still…”. And I will never hear Just the Two of Us” the same way again.

  11. Kung Fu Fighting—epic! Thanks for this much needed laugh at the end of the week. Happy weekend!

  12. Everything I needed right now, here in one post.

    Thank you Jenny. I love you.

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  15. I loved all of these. But my inner twelve-year old laughed and cried the most with the fart.

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