It’s Friday. Time for a ridiculous video break.

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for you to step into my office so I can show you all the videos I’ve saved for you. Ready? Pull up a chair, friend…

Happy weekend, y’all.

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  1. This made my day! Love the reluctant golden retriever whose theme song should be from Dreamgirls
    “I’m not going…., there’s no way I will…”

    And psycho kitten whirling dervish!

  2. OMG these are awesome. I actually shared the guy with the buckets on my FB because that is literally my life. I’m also currently addicted to the dancing chickens on TikTok. It’s so dumb and I can’t look away.

  3. Thank you for these! The woman who wakes her BF as different Lord of the Rings characters…!!!!! I bet Victor feels hurt that you don’t do that for him!

  4. I want a Neil deGrasse Tyson episode of Star Talk reacting to the “the moon is a planet” people pole explain ing the whole thing to them (sun, moon, planet, satellite, artificial satellite, planets with rings, and anything else they got wrong) but I’m also afraid it would drop him into a pit of despair or give him a heart attack.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Was a rough week at the alt hs I work at (school counselor). Truly needed those laughs. The guy who thought the fox was a puppy 😂

  6. Is it just me or is the first comment an AD? Seems sus.
    Love all of these but the golden not wanting to leave made me laugh aloud! Thank you for making my day.

  7. The LOTR video is exactly something I would do! This gives me a wonderful, awful idea (smiles fiendishly like the Grinch). My poor husband mwahahaha. As an aside, happy Hobbit Day to all weirdos who celebrate! Also the stubborn Golden Retriever reminds me of my Maltese who did the exact same thing constantly on walks and I’d have to carry her all the way home! I used to say she was “putting on the brakes.” Poor doggy dad! XD

  8. Hey you know we lost Pluto as a planet but now we’ve gained the moon as a planet. Seems like an even trade-off

  9. This made my day. The home shopping one where they are discussing the sun and moon had me laughing for the longest time.

  10. Oh, dog greeting his long lost owner and then there was the dog who had to be carried home, what a hoot. Priceless.

  11. I’m with #7 @tajordan. The moon is a planet, so what is the sun? This made me so angry. Furious, actually. How STUPID can two people be? And then neither of them understood that the moon is the Earth’s satellite. Don’t they teach this stuff anymore? My god. And the tops they’re trying to sell are fugly, too.

  12. Wiping away tears from laughing and had to look up what a moon is because I’m a geek. “The moon is a natural satellite of the earth and revolves around it because it is bound by the Earth’s gravitational pull.” So, it’s not a star, nor a planet. It’s a satellite. And yes, there are man-made satellites, which the moon is not.

  13. OMG, having to laugh silently because my husband is asleep and I couldn’t not watch these. I don’t think the bed shaking will wake him…
    I’m a sucker for dogs, so the bed shook (a lot) through the entire video of the golden not wanting to leave the fun. I can so relate!

  14. My 55 pound collie/spaniel used to adopt that Golden’s stance (multiplied by the viscosity of a bag of wet concrete), when she realized we were about a block and a half away from the vet’s office…. *good times*.

  15. That last dog — the stubborn one — was not even a basset! They are the ones noted for extreme stubborness. I never expected it from a golden.

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