Welcome, everyone else who got lost in this alternate reality.

My friend Lucie has a fabulous instagram where she teaches something new each day, but today I just watched her latest and I felt incredibly embarrassed for her:

Because I am a constant reader, 6th grade spelling bee champ, and author of multiple bestsellers and I know for a fact that “perogative” does not start with “pre”. No one says “Prerogative“. That’s dumb as fuck. But then I started to doubt myself and I looked up “perogative” and google was like “DID YOU MEAN ‘PREROGATIVE’, YOU ABSOLUTE BAG OF HAMMERS?”

So then I asked Victor how to spell “perogative” and he spelled it the right way and I told him that the internet and all of my dictionaries insists it’s always been “PRErogative” and now we’re pretty sure this is a Mandela Effect thing where we’ve accidentally been spit out of another dimension where we spelled it the right way and everyone else in this dimension is wrong.

Anyway, is it just us? Also, welcome if you happen to be from the same alternate timeline as us. Feel free to keep spelling it the right way. It’s your peroga-ahem- it’s your choice.

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  1. Wait wut? It’s PRErogative? No no no. I’m not accepting that. You’re right. Perogative.. dammit.. my autocorrect tried to change it to the absurd PRE. This is not okay. I am shook.

  2. I don’t believe in many things that haven’t been tested by scientists, but I 1000% believe in the multiverse. So many things I KNOW that the internet tells me nah bro ya just dumb. And yes it’s per not pre in my reality too.

  3. Sorry, but in this time-line it has always been prerogative though it is commonly pronounced as per-rogative.

  4. That’s one of those words that is pronounced totally differently than it’s spelled! It’s jarring to learn the proper spelling of it, just like it’s jarring when you learn cournal is actually spelled “colonel.” 🤯🤯🤯 Why do we do this with spellings?!

  5. Prerogative. Sorry Jenny.
    It’s always been that way. At least in my reality, which is definitely skewed.

  6. I’m on your timeline. WTF? So I just googled Bobby Brown thinking his song would clear things up, because surely he spells it with a “per.” NOPE. Even Bobby Brown knew it was “pre.” I’m going back to bed. This is too much.

  7. I immediately asked my 89 year old mother how to spell it and she immediately responded “pre…”. I’ll be dipped.

  8. I was philosophically opposed to all things Bobby Brown, so I learned prerogative pretty early, for personal rants. We just don’t say it that way. I blame Bobby Brown.

  9. I forget what the guy’s name is but his song is “It’s my prerogative” years ago and so I knew it was prerogative. But it IS a stupid spelling, right up there with Colonel for Cernel LOL

  10. I discovered last weekend that “restaurateur” has no n in it. I’ve spelled it incorrectly for decades!

  11. I’m right there with you from the alternate universe. It’s perogative— no other option. 🤣

  12. I have always spelt it prerogative. I don’t even know why, because usually I fall for the wrong/right spelling issues.

  13. You know, I was told by several authorities that the presence of passenger zeppelins was the easiest way to determine if you were in an alternate universe. Given the lack of zeppelins in the air above me, I can only conclude that those authorities were, in fact, mistaken (or lying), because it’s been PER-ogative for me all my 56 years and I have therefore obviously fallen into an alternate universe and I would like to speak to the management, because by all rights, I should be in an alternate universe in which I am filthy rich.

  14. Well this is just astounding! As a “Per” rather than a “Prer”, this has altered my day.

  15. Per. Definitely ‘per’. Someone with lots of $ paid Google (and Webster’s, etc.) off!!!

  16. I don’t know why there are people in here gaslighting. Never has been never will be prerogative.

  17. Sorry to say, it’s been “prerogative all along.” I’m an editor, so I’m sure of it. Blame Latin (from whence it comes). There’s a reason it’s a “dying language.” On the other hand, so many less-worthy things have been changed in English grammar and spelling simply because people have been doing it wrong for ages, so I guess there’s hope?

  18. There’s a person that has been pronouncing façade wrong her whole life. She says it like “fakade”, and no one ever corrected her because they thought she was just being intentionally phonetic….And the Brits can’t seem to get aluminum right! LOL! (I realize these are pronunciation discrepancies, not just spelling.)

  19. Sorry Jenny… it has always been PRErogative even in the song by Bobby Brown. I do feel your pain though 😘

  20. My brain is now glitching, threatening to explode and now in my ADHD glory all I can think is that I want a PEROGI because it is my perogative to want a perogi. Please note the Bobby Brown song “It’s my perogative” is going through my head at the same time because I’m in the time line with that spelling of the word and will need a hot minute to accept that I’m wrong 😆!

  21. Perogative. Word is actually related to pierogi – based on the choices of fillings. Whoever tells you otherwise is just gaslamping you.

  22. So I checked the only “official” resource I trust on this matter. Bobby brown don’t be cruel album. Pics online (that legit looks like a cd I would have purchased from the Columbia-house-cd -ordering-first-$fail)show it spelled prerogative- maybe HE started it! Or maybe that a-hole who put that ridiculous first r in February !
    (Tried to paste pic here but failed #old)

  23. Yes, totally from the perogative universe even if my autocorrect insisted that was wrong. It’s quite a dilemna (which autocorrect also insists is wrong but can’t possibly be wrong)

  24. no because I hate that I can’t say for sure! I don’t think I’d ever seen it written down before. I’d only heard it in that one song and now I’ll never know which reality I’m from

  25. My take is that I hear the beginning of many per/pre words as “pr” and have no idea as to where a soft vowel goes,.all of them sounding like baby cats to me. I can here a harder sound, like “previous” but… I have no idea if it is my hearing, which has issues, or the way people around me talk. (I always had a hard time with people telling me to spell it the way it sounds, because I WAS!)

  26. I’ve always spelled it pre but seen it per and just assumed it was an alternate spelling like color/colour

  27. To #28, the Brits actually spell aluminum the way they pronounce it. “In American English, this element is called aluminum, while in British English it’s more commonly referred to as aluminium. In scientific writing and academia, both aluminum and aluminium are commonly used and considered correct names.” Of course, I can’t explain why the Brits pronounce lieutenant as “left-tennat.”

  28. Is it weird that I read this whole post as “pergorative,” which is even less of a word

  29. I went to YouTube, source of truth for everything in my life, to look up “my prerogative” and not only is it spelled that way, I found out the Britney Spears did a cover of this song which is really really fabulous.

  30. I’m a shitty speller but a big reader, so I knew this. But I still pronounce it as if it were per, not pre.

  31. I’m a damn editor, and I was convinced “prerogative” was a total misspelling. Mother of god! And, silly me, I also learned (maybe 2 years ago) that it’s “home in” on something, not “hone in”. JHFC, what’s the matter with me?? Well, better to learn than to live in ignorance. Thanks!

    (Wait…what?? I’m using “hone in” wrong too?? ~ Jenny)

  32. I am also in the alternate reality. I feel like my world no longer exists as it once was. I repeated your Google search. I am dumbfounded. In my world(before it blew up) the correct spelling was perogative.

  33. Yet another word I’m convinced I learned to spell a completely different way, which means I must have started out in a different universe. I KNOW I learned to spell “dilemma” with an “N” and of course that’s wrong. And Bobby Brown did not sing about my PREogative, because that’s just weird. The multiverse is real.

  34. In a vacation area I once frequented there was a boat named My Perogative. I’m in agreement with you it is per.

  35. That’s what happens when we spell things the way people pronounce them. It should be pronounced pri-rogative, but, like liberry and nucular, we get thrown by others’ mistakes.

  36. No. No. It’s perogative. I’m a professional editor and I know this for sure.

  37. Yes, it’s “prerogative” but I’ve only ever heard it *said* “Per-ogitive”.

    There’s a terrible song from the early ’90’s I think called “My Prerogative” and yes, that’s how the song spells it, but it’s not pronounced that way in the song.

    Less “Mandella Effect” (which, yes, I’ve been a victim of, too.) and more hearing v. reading the word.

  38. I had to go straight to the source, the song called ‘My Perogative’ and holy hell, it’s spelled PRErogative there too! What is this alternate universe!?

  39. I was an English major and spent my whole life thinking dilemma was spelled dilemna and I always wondered why we didn’t pronounce the n. It still looks wrong.

  40. It’s “pierogative” if your intent is to eat those heavenly little potato puffs.

    (Omg, I love those. ~ Jenny)

  41. I am from your timeline, Jenny! Per-, not pre-! Also, it’s Berenstein Bears in my home dimension, and I will die on that hill.

  42. Sort of like Pedernales, but I thought those things only happened in Texas. Who knew?

  43. It’s prerogative, for sure, but no one pronounces it that way, hence the confusion. I’ll go you one better with the grammar nerd sort of thing and say that “Mandela effect” irks me because people were sure they said “Play it again, Sam” in Casablanca and no one actually does, so I think it should be called the Casablanca effect.

  44. Say it with a British accent and the spelling makes more sense…well, to me at least.

  45. Not even an issue here, because my first language is French, and we have the same word: prérogative. With an accent and the r for sure! 🙂

  46. I was always spelling entrepreneur without the second R. I blame the French.

  47. Just ask my Alexa AI (you know the amazon thing Echo) she spelled it your friend way and Google sorry 😔 but i will Tell you why it’s a FRENCH 🥖🍟 word and it means the same thing but it’s your prerogative to spell it the way you like!!!!!

  48. I couldn’t say for sure but I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life when I had to spell that word. I also cheated in the 6th Grade spelling bee by intentionally spelling a word wrong in the second round so I could sit down and stop being stared at by my classmates.

  49. Absolutely mind blowing. Playing Elevate for years. I always get it wrong. It says prerogative but seriously it should be perogative. Glad I didn’t get that word in my Spelling Bee contest. 😳😳😳

  50. OM f***ing G!!!!! I am (was) with you, Jenny — until I just went to my trusty Merriam Webster app and IT AGREES WITH YOUR FRIEND!

    Hello, everyone in the alternate universe! 😂

  51. I only knew it was “prerogative” because I grew up in the Bobby Brown era…

  52. I know how to spell things. I’ve always been good at this. I *know* this word and…I’m wrong? I swear this is “perogative” and now my brain feels just a little shifted. This is upsetting. I also feel like it shouldn’t be upsetting, since it’s one word, but what about other words? You might be right about the dimension thing.

  53. What the actual fuck?? How is that real? I don’t remember Bobby Brown singing my prerogative??? This is insane!

  54. I think the most jarring spelling:pronunciation has to be “boatswain,” sounds like “bos’n.” Why? Who would do that? Clearly, the dictionary writers are just having a good laugh at our expense!

    (This is one of those words that I’ve only ever read and I’m shocked that it’s not pronounced like it looks. ~ Jenny)

  55. When you first said this I thought it was one of those different American/Canadian spelling things like colour or centre. It’s not. It is actually PRErogative.

  56. I went to YouTube to see if Bobby Brown’s My….and wouldn’t ya know it, PRE…..

  57. It’s always been prerogative, folks. Now I will leave you to speculate on what the rogative is which it is preceding.

  58. So today I learned everyone pronounces it per-. As English is my second language, I also often have words as a picture in my mind but no idea how to pronounce them. In my language (Lithuanian) we don’t hide the letters, if it’s there, it will be said. We even let P stay in pterodactyl.

  59. I was going to confidently write “it’s a simple confusion between prerogative and perjorative” but then I looked that up and it’s pejorative and apparently I’m also in my own reality, except more arrogant about it.

  60. OMG, this is too much for me because I have the most cringe memory of PUBLICLY CORRECTING my teacher in sixth grade when she wrote “perogative” on the board. Holy wow.

  61. OMG That is crazy! My son spelled it the “right” way but I still say it’s wrong lol

  62. Um. I’m old, maybe that is the thing, but I’ve always thought it was PRErogative and say it that way too? Of course the first time I tried to say the word “manure” out loud, I was like 6 and thought it looked like “picture” and confidently said “MANyer” and my dad about drove off the road laughing.

  63. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen it written but I just assumed it was PER

  64. This is one I actually do know because in my head I say “PRE-rogative” when I spell it! Kind of like WED-NES-DAY or BOLOG-NA or LIE-U-TEN-ANT!

  65. I think it must be the mandela effect, looking at all the comments. I have known it was pre- since Bobby Brown.

  66. This is why it’s so difficult to learn the American English language or the UK and it’s former and current colonies countries English language, which can have entirely different pronunciations, spellings, or entirely different words for the same things. We have so many silent letters and weird pronunciations and alternate spellings and exceptions to the rules, that do not look like they should sound the way they are spelled. It’s enough to make any English as a second language learners despair that they will ever figure it out.
    And we keep inventing new words and new meanings of words to keep the old people confused about what the young people are saying.
    I think we all live in alternate universes in the same timeline.

  67. It’s one of those nucular, relator, or calvary words. We understand what you’re saying even if you spell it “per.” I love English and all its foibles. Or is it it’s foibles????

  68. As a fellow 6th grade spelling champion, I went immediately to my trusty ChatGPT, whom (who? are they self-aware?) has solved many a spelling or usage inquiry or is it enquiry (OMG another rabbit hole!) Anyhow, when queried as to the prerogative or prerogerative, it broke ChatGPT, as it responded with a red notice “Internal Server Error”. Nice work!

  69. And would someone please explain whether it’s “buck” naked or “butt” naked. I’m just getting started.

  70. It may be painful, but the reason that it is spelled this way is that the English spelling mimics the original Latin spelling: Latin praerogativa “previous choice/election, privilege.” (from prae “before” + rogare “ask, ask a favor”).

  71. They took the R that should be in rainbow sherbeRt – ( seriously sherBET???) and put it in perogative 🙄

  72. I have a fuzzy memory of hearing someone say prerogative for the first time and going “wait what?” and ever since then I’ve thought it was spelled per and I’d been seeing it wrong until then, but I’m guessing I was seeing it right and it was just that it’s yet another English word that’s pronounced strangely

  73. You and I both live in a state with a river named Pedernales, but it is pronounced Purrdanales. How are we supposed to know the correct spelling of perogative?

  74. Somehow I knew it was prerogative even though I think I’ve only written that word out twice in my life. Probably spell check taught me the right spelling on a college paper.

  75. Jaw drops.
    Yup, I’m on the ‘per’ timeline, have just been rudely awakened to the ‘pre’ one. Do you think this happened when Bowie died, and it’s just taken us this long to notice?

  76. This is EXACTLY how the world treats me about “persevere.” I would have sworn it’s perSERvere…and I stand by it, dammit. The entirety of everybody else can bite me.

  77. Alternate universe. That is the ONLY explanation. To everyone posting “nah, it’s always been pre..” it’s nice to meet you, I’m new here. In my universe, it has always been spelled per. (i’m not crazy, you’re the one that’s crazy. defintely. yeah. right?)

  78. Prerogative. But everyone says it Per (including the song), just like February and memento and lightening.

  79. What? What? Since when? It doesn’t even SOUND like that. Team Perogative forever.

  80. In another twist, (we both thought per…) my wife thought it was the Mandala effect, even though she knows Mandela is the man’s name and that his death date is an example.

  81. Look, if English speakers can make dictionaries say that literally also means figuratively, then we have a goal. We must continue to use and spell the word as perogative until the dictionaries bow down to us!

  82. What i really need to know is why Bobby Brown’s incorrect spelling of the word perogative the word first used by Eve after finishing off that apple and Adam asked her why she did it and she unapologetically told him and while Eve was far from perfect she wasn’t a crackhead at least not at the time while Bobby Brown was likely chasing more than one dragon when he wrote that song and decided to spell it whatever way he he wanted to since it was his prerogative but it’s 2023 for god’s sake so I say #JusticeForEve.

    #JustSayNoToDrugs #AndPrerogative

  83. It’s always been prerogative. I know this because back in the day when I had my Bobby Brown tape (yes I’m that old) he had a song called My Prerogative and me and my friends were like OMG they misprinted all of our tapes (cause back then that was how you found the lyrics. So we dragged out my very LARGE dictionary and looked it up because if this was true we had to write to the label and let them know they made a HUGE mistake (we were very precocious children and helpful too). We were all stunned when the dictionary said PRErogative instead of PERogative. So because of Mr. Bobby Brown I’ve known it was prerogative. It still doesn’t make sense though. For the song check out this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cDLZqe735k

  84. Bobby Brown taught me everything I need to know about the spelling of this word. I would otherwise be clueless.

  85. So… if you want to know why, I can explain…

    Still here? Sitting comfortably? Let’s begin.

    The root of prerogative is the Latin ‘rogare’ which means ‘to ask’.

    So, ‘PRErogative’ means asked first, because you have higher status.

    INTERrogate means to ask multiple questions or multiple people.

    ABrogate means to disregard, ignore, or ‘not ask’

    DErogative means a partial ABrogation. We don’t use it that way often, but it has developed its current meaning from this. If you’re being derogatory, you’re not completely dismissing the person or thing, but you’re saying they’re not really worth ‘asking’!

    Does that help? As to why we say ‘per’, rather than ‘pre’, that’s because English speakers traditionally just leave out things that are pesky to say. I give you ‘library’, ‘Wednesday’ and the mother of all, ‘Worcestershire’!

  86. So… if you want to know why, I can explain…

    Still here? Sitting comfortably? Let’s begin.

    The root of prerogative is the Latin ‘rogare’ which means ‘to ask’.

    So, ‘PRErogative’ means asked first, because you have higher status.

    INTERrogate means to ask multiple questions or multiple people.

    ABrogate means to disregard, ignore, or ‘not ask’

    DErogative means a partial ABrogation. We don’t use it that way often, but it has developed its current meaning from this. If you’re being derogatory, you’re not completely dismissing the person or thing, but you’re saying they’re not really worth ‘asking’!

    Does that help? As to why we say ‘per’, rather than ‘pre’, that’s because English speakers traditionally just leave out things that are pesky to say. I give you ‘library’, ‘Wednesday’ and the mother of all, ‘Worcestershire

  87. It’s always been “prerogative”. It’s just like “prescription”, which I almost always start typing out “per….” and have to hit the delete key. lol

    The English language is….strange. <3

  88. It’s like Worcestershire sauce. Woosteshur is how I pronounce it. Now listen to the Bobby Brown song.
    Lyrics: Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me
    Why don’t they just let me live? (Tell me why)
    I don’t need permission, make my own decisions
    That’s my prerogative
    It’s my prerogative (it’s my prerogative) and when he sings it sounds like PERogotive.

  89. Makes sense. It’s like Prejudice (not politically). It’s “a right or a privilege,” which always comes first. Bobby Brown had it wrong, which also makes sense.

  90. I have always worked out prerogative but I’ve thought it was weird the entire time.

  91. The word that messes with my mind is “Colonel”. Which has an invisible “r” in it.

  92. Holy shit! I just Googled it to make sure (because, you know, I couldn’t possibly be wrong ALL MY LIFE). I mean, I too was A sixth grade spelling bee champ, so we know everything. Except, apparently, how to freaking spell freaking prerogative.

  93. Wrong. Just wrong… Another window broken in the sunroom of my mind. Heavy sigh. Always fun to find one more thing in wrong about, though. I’m still alive, therefore there is more to learn? It’s still wrong.

  94. My mother used to TERRORISE me if I pronounced or used words incorrectly. I have a DEGREE in writing and editing. I HAVE JUST GOOGLED REPEATEDLY. This is definitely an alternate reality.

  95. Welp…I must be the weird one because I knew it was spelled that way on account of the fact that it makes no sense and I have to say it the weird way to spell it the “right” way in my head, sort of like how I pronounce “colonel” “colonel”. If you know, you know. 😉

  96. You know … this is a word I use in chit-chat but I have honestly never had to think about spelling before. I think my head knew PRE- but my heart and my lips say PER- ….

  97. Hate to say it, but it’s another of those US/UK weirdnesses, where you (US) take a word of English and mispronounce it out of some perverse desire to deny your heritage…
    For more examples of this behaviour, see: Aluminium (Correctly pronounced ‘AL-you-min-ee-um’, NOT ‘Al-OOO-min-um’)
    This has been a publish service announcement on behalf of the English Language 😉

  98. What if I told you ending punctuation almost always goes *inside* closing quotation marks in American English? 😬

  99. It’s perogative. It’s okay, I’m also from the universe where “dreampt” is a perfectly good word. It was never “dreamed” until a couple years ago.

  100. As a long-time know-it-all and editor, I did know the correct spelling.
    I have a theory, though.
    Y’all people that didn’t know actually were in a different timeline, like, watching someone’s Twitch, and then when that stream ended, you got dumped in this one. Common mistake, no worries.

  101. Jenny, firstly gotta say I’m crying right now but mostly happy tears … coz it’s been so, so long since I came here and read your words about your life and family and beautiful brain. And you’ve left it all the same still pink borders and curlers and everything!!! SO FUCKEN COMFORTING ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK DURING ARMAGEDDON

    Like I know you know what I mean when I say “the last few years have been a bit tricky.” It translates as “I been down in the darkest pit of despair feeling so low and so sad for so long it’s excruciating.The exact same dark that took my brother away. Like a punishment maybe I live here now. Maybe I’m dead too and don’t know it.”

    It’s just been me and God, together like hobos on a couch for a few years in the dark. Even my cat ran away.

    Even Heather couldn’t make it out. 😔

    Last paragraph I promise … I’ve been producing and writing and doing quite a bit for quite some time now, almost ready to start sharing it with the world but especially the people who might still feel like hobos on their couches. People like us, Jenny Lawson The Bloggess …. we are the ones scattering breadcrumbs for our people in the dark. I fucking love you and how beautifully fucked up you are and how unashamed you are about being you .. thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of being so beautifully fucked up either.

    PS After reading this post all I can think of is Bobby Brown crack-jumping round the stage in the 90’s singin into the microphone “Muh-my muh-my … that’s my PREROGATIVE.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    (Sending you so much love, my sweet friend.)

  102. I think you’re confusing prerogative with pierogis. It’s your prerogative to have pierogis, by the way.

  103. This bugs me because everyone says it wrong. People are sloppy talkers. Don’t focus on the pre. Adjust the emphasis to prer. Which is what people hear when it is pronounced correctly. Now to say it, think of saying like it Prague then the ative (aught if). It bugs the crap out of me when I hear PER-ogative, which is most often said when someone is trying to sound snarky or dismissive.

  104. Two-time consecutive spelling bee champ over here. Clearly, Scripps and Merriam Webster are agents of chaos.

  105. English is a living language. Also very much cross pollinating, it will add words from any source at any time. Anyway, the point being that when enough people use an alternate spelling of a word that change gets adopted. So if enough folks insisted on ‘prerogative’ instead of ‘perogative’ as being the correct way to spell the word, guess what? Yes, ‘prerogative’ becomes the commonly accepted usage/spelling.

  106. Just to add to my earlier comment, ‘prerogative’ is how the word is spelled as per the dictionary. Maybe one day the ‘per’ version will reign:)

  107. My entire knowledge of this word depends on the Bobby Brown song (and Britney cover.)

  108. As a kid it took me a LONG time to figure out what LeBeau in “Hogan’s Heroes” was saying when he’d call Colonel Hogan “co-lo-nel”. He was pronouncing the word as written! It’s held me in good stead ever since (and, being former military, there was a lot of stead to be holding).

  109. This is like the road Kuykendal near me is pronounced kurkendoll

    (I know that town! ~ Jenny)

  110. Most people say “probly” instead of “probably”. Drives me nuts. Then I caught myself doing it recently!
    What does rogative mean and is the opposite postrogative?

  111. I guess I’m the only one who lived in the alternate realative because I’m like prerogative….. The other way looks like an Italian pasta!!

  112. In Spanish, prerrogativa. In Italian, prerogativa. So yes, prerogative in English.

  113. That has to be wrong. Someone fucked up. IDK who did, but someone did. Hello from the same alternate universe.

  114. Oh, I enjoy Lucy’s Instagram post and I got to meet her in 2022 at the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Also, I’m now completely weirded out by this.

  115. It’s that song from the late 80’s. An entire generation is singing/saying it the per- way. 🙂

  116. That’s a silent R, like February and unlike the first R in “library.” It’s not LI-BERRY. My skin crawled while typing that.

  117. I either let me computer spell for me or I find a different word. I honestly have no idea!
    I want you to be right because it just feels better, but English is weird

  118. I am either extremely hungry or VERY much feeling my Eastern European roots because I kept reading that word as PIEROGI.

  119. Dear God! I’m an English teacher and I’ve been spelling it wrong. Or I am in an alternate dimension?

  120. English is a language cobbled together from a whole bunch of other languages and used to f#c& with people’s minds.

    As the joke goes:
    English is a difficult language. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

  121. Well, crap on a cracker. I’ve been wrong for nearly four decades?? #formerspellingbeechamp!

  122. You guys (Americans) DO tend to change words to something easier. 😄 AlumINIum is one example.
    It’s prerogative, and if you listen to people raised on British English, like me, a South African, you’ll hear the first “r”, albeit faintly.

  123. nope, it’s prerogative. People just don’t pronounce it correctly, especially regionally.

  124. Anybody who thinks they are down the correct trouser leg of time should look at the news.

  125. It’s always been prerogative and everyone says perogative. English, eh? Of course you Americans are always chopping off all the extra letters we added in just to be awkward. Decent scrabble scores must be way harder for you guys!

    What will really keep you up at night is wondering what a rogative was and why you need to do something before you get it.

  126. Here is the only reason I will accept this (to me) bizarre spelling no always go to “what is the source/root of the word?”
    So it’s essentially if “rogare” was to “ask the assembly for permission”, the “pre” says you don’t wait to ask, you just assume it’s given.
    Sigh.. I hate when the internet is kind of right.

  127. The one that always breaks my brain is (my apologies to all of Louisiana)
    Natchitoches. PRONOUNCED Nak-ah-TISH. 🤐😭

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