Puerto Rico, part one: Things I learned in first class

(Taken directly from my journal because I’m lazy.)  Things I learned on my trip to Puerto Rico: 1.  The President’s Club at the airport offers free alcohol.  Surprisingly, no one is drunk. 2.  There are no President’s and lots of old white people in the President’s Club.  Disappointing on both parts. 3.  I just figured out why no oneContinue reading “Puerto Rico, part one: Things I learned in first class”

Shut up, cats

I’m alive.  Barely.  I can hear cats whispering blocks away.  That’s how much my head hurts right now.  It’s probably from all the Puerto Rican sun and not from the fact that I drank half my weight in rum. I swear I have amazing stories for you but right now I just need to lay myContinue reading “Shut up, cats”

I’m unplugging

Puerto Rico, You lovely island . . . Island of tropical breezes. Always the pineapples growing, Always the coffee blossoms blowing . . . ~West Side Story Is that true about Puerto Rico?  I’ve no idea.  But I’m going to find out. I’ll be back in a few days.  Feel free to use the commentContinue reading “I’m unplugging”