International Incidents

My first book just got released in Polish, and I haven’t seen it in real life but the cover looks sort of baffling and also adorable. I don’t speak Polish so I did a quick auto-translation to see what they’re actually saying about the book: LET US MAKE BELIEVE THAT THIS IS NOT usually TRUE AUTOBIOGRAPHY Jenny Lawson,Continue reading “International Incidents”

UPDATED: Well, that was…not *entirely* unexpected

Did you know that Alexa gives you a list of search phrases that they believe drives traffic to your blog? Because, yeah.  Here are mine: Honestly, I’m not sure whether I’m more “proud” or “ashamed”.  I’m leaning toward “both”. PS.  When you actually do a google search for “sloth texas divorce” my blog is not evenContinue reading “UPDATED: Well, that was…not *entirely* unexpected”

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