Thank you!

EEEEEEEE. That is the sound of a hamster being squeezed too tightly by a three-year-old.  It is also the sound I’m making after finding out that your tremendous support of the paperback version of my book (which came out last week) is now #5 on the NYT paperback list.  I am so incredibly lucky to haveContinue reading “Thank you!”

Burdle is a real word. Don't question me, spellcheck.

Conversation with my husband: Victor:  Ugh.  I’m having a shitty day. me:  What’s wrong?  Release your burdle unto me. Victor:  Um…my what? me: Your burdle.  it’s short for “bundle of burdens”. Victor: That’s not a real word. me: It is.  I just used it. Victor: Just because you say it doesn’t mean that it’s aContinue reading “Burdle is a real word. Don't question me, spellcheck.”


On March 4th the paperback version of my book comes out.  It’s cheaper than the hardback and it has an extra chapter – which seems sort of unfair to those of you who bought the hardback – but on the plus side, you can buy the paperback, read the extra chapter (and the book clubContinue reading “BUY MY BIRDFEEDERS”

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