Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Unless you win. Then it totally happened.

Today I got a box filled with vintage glass cow eyeballs.  Except replace “vintage glass cow eyeballs” with “new copies of the UK version of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened“. They’re very similar in that they are both fairly baffling and people can’t help but pick them up and wonder at them.  And also, youContinue reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Unless you win. Then it totally happened.”

Thank you!

EEEEEEEE. That is the sound of a hamster being squeezed too tightly by a three-year-old.  It is also the sound I’m making after finding out that your tremendous support of the paperback version of my book (which came out last week) is now #5 on the NYT paperback list.  I am so incredibly lucky to haveContinue reading “Thank you!”

Burdle is a real word. Don't question me, spellcheck.

Conversation with my husband: Victor:  Ugh.  I’m having a shitty day. me:  What’s wrong?  Release your burdle unto me. Victor:  Um…my what? me: Your burdle.  it’s short for “bundle of burdens”. Victor: That’s not a real word. me: It is.  I just used it. Victor: Just because you say it doesn’t mean that it’s aContinue reading “Burdle is a real word. Don't question me, spellcheck.”


On March 4th the paperback version of my book comes out.  It’s cheaper than the hardback and it has an extra chapter – which seems sort of unfair to those of you who bought the hardback – but on the plus side, you can buy the paperback, read the extra chapter (and the book clubContinue reading “BUY MY BIRDFEEDERS”

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