This is supposed to be a post about how awesome sharks are but I can’t even do it because OHMYGODYOUGUYSMYBOOKISHERE.  And MY AUDIO BOOK TOO.  Sorry for all the screaming but I just got the final, hardback version that comes out next month and then I screamed a little because this is a decade in the making and also because OHMYGODYOUGUYS it comes out next month.

Sorry.  I’m geeking out in an incredibly embarrassing fashion but I can’t help it and you’ve been with me through this entire process so I want to celebrate with you.

So to celebrate I’m giving away an autographed copy of my book and of the audiobook too.  Just leave a comment and this week one of you will be randomly selected to win this:

Not the cat butt. That's mine.

And in related, panic-inducing news, I’m going on tour.  Much like Bon Jovi.  Or like artifacts from terrible disasters.

Details below! (Graphic courtesy of my amazing friend, Len):

Click on the graphic for details and ticket info. More locations might be coming soon. I'll keep you posted.

Come?  Pretty please?

UPDATED:  WE have a winner!  Leigh-Ellen of Canada, a book is on its way to you.  And a huge thank you for such an amazing show of support.  I so love you guys.

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  1. Come to Kansas! We have tasty BBQ! And, apparently, juicy butts!

    Biemer's BBQ

    joshua m. neff recently posted Ending the Jam.

  2. I really love your book cover — every time I see it, I start to regret ordering the Kindle version.

    Laura @ Unlikely Explanations recently posted March Madness! A Pop Quiz.

  3. Excellent. Only wish you were coming to Chicago.

  4. That’s awesome! I’ll buy it as soon as I have a fixed address to have it sent to again.

    Andreas Heinakroon recently posted Wakeup call.

  5. Very excited for you! Congratulations!

  6. ooh! I want them! and I am sad you aren’t coming to DC. But I AM ALSO VERY EXCITED THAT THIS IS HAPPENING

  7. Congrats! Can’t wait for the book to magically appear on my Nook next month.

  8. OMG! That’s so amazing. An evening of entertainment with The Bloggess! Such a shame I can’t go. But I have bullied my local library into putting a copyof the book on order.

  9. Furiously happy for you! I can’t wait to read your book….and listen to it. I might have to do both at the same time. Is that allowed?

  10. Booktour nowhere near me. Sad panda. I even have a nice large bathroom with a smaller toliet closet off of it to hide in.

  11. April 28, I’m so there!

  12. I did my own reading on the audio book. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    Jenny the bloggess recently posted FREAKING. OUT..

  13. I read your interview on Amazon! I think you are fantastic and if I win an autographed copy of your book I already know who I am going to have read it as soon as I am finished. Congratulations, this is big! HUGE! You should be extremely proud of yourself. Great Job!

    Chelle recently posted Birthdays.

  14. Fantastic! Very excited to read!

  15. 15
    Jean Mitchell

    I can’t wait to read your book! Your blog has helped me laugh through some tough times.

  16. PLEASE come to DC! pleasepleaseplease!! Though I guess I catch the train to NYC…..

  17. Come to Cincinnati! And bring Beyounce, several of us would like photo ops with you both! :)

    Marti recently posted Oh Yes I DID Check In There!.

  18. Yay!!!! Book goodness! Congratulations!

    Amy Smith recently posted Good Week for Reading.

  19. PS…I’ll cook for you if you come to St. Louis. :)

  20. Can’t wait to read your book! Congratulations!!!!

    I just hope you post about sharks soon as I am curious – the kind in the ocean or the steam mop?

  21. I love how your book & audio book coordinate with both the material they’re resting on AND your cat’s ass. That’s pretty fucking perfect. Everything looks beautiful, so excited for you! :D

  22. That is awesome! Congrats! (You can keep cat butt.)

  23. Brilliant news! Huge congratulations x

  24. you should come to boston, too! and bring juanita, she will make an awesome tour mascot…

  25. So happy for you! I’d love to win a copy. Looks hilarious!

  26. OMG! So very happy for you…and proud of you too! As an author in waiting I know how much energy and yourself goes into getting the words out onto the paper. Now you just need to come to Ottawa, Canada for a book signing!! I’ll be buying multiple copies for girlfriend gifts since my friends and I are just as crazy as you claim to be…so that must make us all normal, right???

  27. I’d definitely come out to see you if your tour came to Washington DC. :)

    Joel R. recently posted Vikings, Zombies and Christianity.

  28. 29
    Misty Thompson

    I am so excited for this book!! I’ll come see you in Houston, for sure!!!

  29. I really only want it if it comes with the cat butt. ;)

    Julie recently posted February Photo-a-Day Challenge: Days 17-21.

  30. Would dearly love for you to come to Florida. Sharks are pretty awesome, and we have them here, so that would kind of be on point for the original them of this post. <3

  31. Where can we preorder?!

  32. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this!

  33. 34
    Paige Kelly

    Such great news! I am excited to read it!

  34. Jenny, I insist you come to Boston! I’ll help you find a really great bathroom to hang out in!!

  35. Ooooh I want your book so bad and it’s going to be so amazing and I’m so broke right now. Does this give away extend into the EU?

    Anniek recently posted Invite ideas.

  36. Pittsburgh/the Midwest loves you, too..in an only vaguely creepy way. I promise.

    (YAY BOOK!)

  37. So excited for your book, and I love audiobooks. I’d adore being able to possibly potentially win an autographed copy of anything of yours. Also, if you come to Dallas, I will try my hardest to be there :D

  38. Congratulations! Come to Portland, Maine!

    Jessica recently posted Coming Up at Longfellow Books ... click for details.

  39. What about a tour through Europe? That would be awesome!

  40. Susan took the words right out of my mouth. I’d ask you to come to my town, too, but I can’t imagine how hard making the tour nationwide would be on you with your anxiety issues and your probable desire to parent your daughter and not have a major autoimmune flair-up and such. So instead I’ll just say GOOD FOR YOU! I love it when people who deserve to succeed do just that :)

    MFA Mama recently posted people in hell just want a cold drink.

  41. I wish you were coming to Detroit! Aside from the fact that it’s like the murder capital of the world or something. :)

  42. Really? The cat butt isn’t included? I’m sad. :( LOL

    Congrats on the book. And I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. :)

    Becky recently posted Overwhelmed.

  43. Congrats! That’s terrific! I’m looking forward to having portable Bloggess.

  44. I really wish I could come, alas, I am across the ocean.

    Thank goodness books make the trip easier and much cheaper! Also? Yay book! Very much excited for you!

  45. Squeeee! Woot woot! Also, come to Portland please. :)

  46. Congratulations!!! Add Virginia to your tour – we need some Bloggess love here!

  47. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Congratulations!

  49. Please come to Philly! We can run up the art museum steps like Rocky and eat cheesesteaks. We should probably do the steps first, THEN the cheesesteaks because I’d really rather not throw up cheesesteak at the top of the steps.

    Beckles recently posted I'm a Plant Killer.

  50. Toronto. You need to come to Toronto. We would totally do a shittonne of furiously happy thing with you in town.

  51. Um. I am going to need that book. And if I don’t get one soon, I will be the one having a major panic attack. Congrats!

  52. I nominate South Korea as part of your tour!!!


    @DragnDon recently posted Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-20.

  53. Uh, Atlanta’s not on that list… just saying.

    Jana (@jana0926) recently posted The Truth Is….

  54. Come to Sydney (Australia) too? Please? I’ll meet you there! :-)

  55. Congrats on the tour, Jenny. You’re pretty amazing yourself there.:)

  56. SWEET! Can’t wait to read your book!

    Kelly recently posted spring things – porch makeover sneak peak.

  57. Congrats!!!!! So happy for you! Wish you were coming to NC!

  58. You’re coming to San Antonio!

  59. Holy shit – SO excited for you! EGGS. EYE. TED.

    Just, um, some things, um…

    …you have a cat butt? Like, you have an actual cat butt? We need to see more of this.

    And also, you missed off “England” or, to be exact, “Cosmicgirlie’s House” off your tour list. It’s ok I know it was a minor error, but I didn’t want you to miss that off, you know? x

    @cosmicgirlie recently posted The Invisible (and Potentially Crap) Parent.

  60. Eeeeee, exciting! Can’t wait to read it. :)

    Oly recently posted I'm on a tiny, silent mission..

  61. I would drive to NY from Baltimore to see you, but I need a good excuse to be off work on a Tuesday. Any useful tips from a former HR person?

  62. Congrats! Come to Tampa FL and we can hang! Already preordered your book… now I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting. :) Now, if I can only finish my book, you’ll be the inspiration for that. Love!

    Karen Maeby recently posted Three small poems with photos for dVerse Poets night!.

  63. Jenny if you make it to Dublin Ireland for a signing I will be sure to come and see you.

  64. This is truly an OhMyGod moment. Congrats! I’d love to win but will read anyway!

    Walker Thornton recently posted Wait, Is This the 1960′s? I Thought It Was 2012.

  65. HUGE CONGRATS! I hope everyone shows up at your book signings with Beyonce on a stick, holding twine ;b

  66. Come to London! We love you over here, too! I’ve already preordered your book but would LOVE an autographed copy! Fingers crossed!

    Katie Vyktoriah (SnuggleBubby) recently posted Weight for Daddy – Part 2.

  67. Congrats! I can’t wait to read it and wish you were coming to Atlanta!

  68. Sweet! You’ll be in San Antonio, which means I can come to the signing! we never get anything good in San Antonio. :D

    Natalie S recently posted Little Miss S and the Infinite Sadness.

  69. That’s so awesome! Congratulations!

  70. HOLY COW OH MY GOD JENNY AAAH. There, now we’ve BOTH geeked out in an embarrassing fashion, so you don’t have to feel so alone.

    I’m about an hour from DC, but will try to take the train up to NYC and see you!! Poor East Coast, only one place to see the awesome Bloggess in person!

    Can’t wait to get your book and its book plate! I pre-ordered just for the book plate; I think that’s the first time I’ve pre-ordered anything! I’m so excited for the audio book as well. Did your producers end up keeping that blooper reel?

  71. Why can’t you book tour it in Paris? We have an air mattress with your name on it.

  72. Bloggess sweetheart,you are going to be FINE!!!!!! Also: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Hurray! Your BOOK!!!!!!!!.Cheese& Ballons and more CHEESE (Im Dutch)!!!!YOU WROTE A BOOK.enough with the caps already..NO! BOOK!!!!

  73. How absolutely exciting for you! Downloading the audio book ….. because I’m to busy (lazy) to read

  74. hopefully you’ll make an East Coast visit soon! My sister and I are planning to bring you Sangria (not a bribe, we just get thirsty).

    Also, i got a medium sized metal flying pig for my birthday! am thinking of taking pictures (and i named it Jay-z).

    Can’t wait to get your book next month! (already pre-ordered:)

  75. Oh and freaking yay about the book! I keep checking so it’s goodto know it’s nearly here :-) congratulations!

  76. Please come to Winnipeg. And if that’s not possible, come to Minneapolis. Or maybe Fargo? How about Grand Forks? Minot? Somewhere in North Dakota? Even South Dakota. Yay for your book!

  77. You should do a European book tour and come visit Denmark!

    Becky @ Becky's Kaleidoscope recently posted New Apartment!.

  78. 79

    Congratulations! I’m a new follower on Twitter, but started following you, in part after @wilw and @annewheaton couldn’t stop tweeting about your book! Looking forward to it.

  79. I’m glad you clarified about the cat butt because I was totally going to ask.

    Meg recently posted Jan 21, 2012 – Where Seoul Meets Body (part one).

  80. Here’s my comment: COME TO BOSTON, PRETTY PLEASE!

    SKellyHart recently posted Them Not So Crooked Vultures.

  81. Come to Canada?? Pretty please…?

  82. I will trade you a cat butt for an autographed boo- oh wait, you already have one.

  83. I WANT TO WIN!!!
    Just wish you were coming to AZ… Maybe the NEXT book tour?!?!

    Tania recently posted A Mommy Blog? What a Novel Idea!!!.

  84. I am commenting. Well, actually not. But I believe this will qualify, yes?

  85. I got a surprise media copy yesterday and it made my day. We usually get books that I have no interest in, but I jumped on this on and read nearly the whole thing yesterday in a 5 hr bath. I freaking love it. You are such an inspiration and make me feel better about my crazy life.

    carissjaded recently posted Freak Flag-FLY!.

  86. Oh my god! I am SO going to buy a copy of this! Probably on my Kinds so that I can have it with me ALL THE TIME.

  87. 88
    Stephanie Long

    I cant wait! I double checked and made sure I could get it on my Kindle! Kinda sad you wont be coming to the DC area though! Wooohooo!

  88. I’m glad the cat butt isn’t part of the giveaway, I already have enough of those. I don’t have any of your book though.

    Heather recently posted For those of you who sell your patterns.

  89. Congrats congrat congrats!

    Mayor Gia recently posted Animals and March Madness!!.

  90. OHHH you’re not coming to Italy, I see. :((
    well, good for you…we’re going bankrupt in a few weeks, guess it will not be pleasant.

    Congratulations, must be such a joy!!!
    you have all the rights to freak out today!!!!
    Elisa (Italy)

    Elisa recently posted Piantina dell'Ospedale Infermi di Rimini.

  91. Now I’m trying to figure out if I can trick my husband into going to Texas for your tour. “Yeah sweetie, we’re just running to the store real fast.” “Why have we been in the car for fourteen hours?”

    Jessica recently posted This post starts with Sailor Moon and ends with possums. I don’t know what’s going on anymore..

  92. Oh, I’ve preordered your book but because I am from Spain I don’t have the chance of getting the autographed plate so it would be so soo great to have the autographed book! I promise not to back off from buying the book even if I end up with two copies!
    Ps: I’ll love you anyway if you don’t send it to me ;)

  93. I am really looking forward to your book, and I may just have to come see you in New York :)

  94. Book looks great, and I’m sure even more so in person. Can’t wait to get a copy! I’d say cant wait to meet you on the tour…but I live in Canada. You don’t want to tour here, it’s cold. Well, actually, not this year. Thanks Global Warming!!

    Crystal recently posted Celebrating all body types...including the fit ones..

  95. Usually incredibly unlucky in lucky draws but here’s a try! The book looks awesome and I really really really really need one!

    And may I just add that when I looked at the poster, somehow my brain translated it into “I’m coming FOR you”…

  96. Have my copy pre-ordered in the UK… unfortunately tho it is saying that for the actual book (non-kindle or audio) I have to wait until July!

    damn it

    Stewart recently posted My money is on Noddy.

  97. Yay! Tour! :D

  98. OMGBBQWTFLOL I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited for you! This is more than wonderful, it’s like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    PS- I love the cat butt.

    PPS- I wish you were coming to Tampa, FL. :(

  99. The book looks great! I’m super excited for you!

  100. If you come to Atlanta I am SO there! I can’t wait to get my copy. Hugs and congratulations!

    Marni recently posted Turned a corner.

  101. Come to Boston! We’re right near New York! Is the book very Texas-heavy or is this just a smallish, local-ish tour for your first one?

  102. 103
    Ariel (again)

    Oh! I was geeking out too much to remember to add this: I am so proud/impressed that you’re book touring! Though with your anxiety and so much socialization, you might need to be heavily medicated afterwards – or, hell, during. If I don’t see you in the bookstore itself, should I check the bathroom?

  103. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!

    SnarkyWriter recently posted Awesome Compliment.

  104. Squee! I cant wait! I’ve been quietly counting down the days to release day :)

    Leah recently posted Refilling Wet Mop Bottles.

  105. Oh, wow, CONGRATS!!!

    Also, since you’re coming to Miami for the mom2mom summit, you or “your people” might want to consider contacting Mitchell Kaplan at Books and Books to arrange a signing there. Jen Lancaster was there recently. They host signings for authors both fledgling and well-established. Just a thought!

  106. i have no suitable response to the possibility of winning your bookie… oops, just widdled on the carpet, too excited….

    Elaine- recently posted The Cross.

  107. I preordered the book already, but now I’m thinking I’d get it read much faster in audio form, what with this toddler who keeps me from having time to read (and keeps trying to “help” me type this comment).

    Also, come to DC!

    Erin recently posted Doggie speed dating..

  108. Yay! That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to get my copy! Ya know, if I’d known when I met you years ago that you’d become a published author who’d be collating paper with Wil Wheaton & hanging out with 7 of 9 AND Punky Brewster, I would’ve sucked up to you. Like A LOT!! :)

    Erin Nies recently posted Late night pain induced musings.

  109. Ok, sharks are awesome, but not as awesome as tigers. Because tigers are sharp and pointy on 5 ends, not just one.

    And I can’t wait to read this. For reals.

  110. 111

    I hope they’ve at least booked you into places with classy bathrooms and that serve good booze slushies.

  111. You haven’t toured until you’ve toured Australia…..just sayin’

    Jo recently posted A ‘Pretty’ Garden.

  112. I preordered both books, mostly because I love your voice and can’t wait for the audiobook JUST so you can read along with me haha!

    Dana at NamasteDogs recently posted Bookends.

  113. Congrats – this is a big moment, and you deserve it.

    Beej recently posted No Words.

  114. 115
    Tammy Proctor

    I CANNOT wait! Though I’m very sad TX is getting most of the tour love.

  115. Oh! You’ll be in Houston on my birthday. Sadly, I live in Wisconsin. I’ve preordered the book and anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  116. very nice. i bet this is a very exciting moment for you. :)

    layne harvey recently posted I dress up maybe twice a year, if even that, so I thought....

  117. 118
    Jennifer Dooks

    Can’t wait to read your book! I preordered in December and have been sitting by my mailbox ever since! My coworkers even gifted me a taxidermied rat named Cecelia in your honor… she is wearing a new jaunty spring frock today.

  118. So excited for you!! WOO! Congrats! Can’t wait to read! Come to FL! It is warm here!

  119. PPS- It’s my 31st birthday today. Is it no coincidence that you are letting us know on MY birthday that you have this awesomely awesome present for ME? I mean, uhhhh, all your loyal fans?

  120. Too bad I live all the way in the Netherlands, because I would certainly make time to pay you a visit!

    jasmine recently posted EOTD: Purple Magpie.


  122. I would LOVE to be at your book tour, but sadly your closest signing is 1500 km away. I think I just outed myself as a Canadian.
    In related news, I read your book excerpt at work the other day and then had to explain to my boss what was so damn funny. I only narrowly avoided having to use “is this your penis” in the explanation, but mostly because I was laughing too hard.

  123. Congrats to you, Jenny!

    Ali recently posted Seth and I Are Terrible At Naming Businesses..

  124. As I am in England I have to wait for months and months for my book to arrive. Hope you come visit us over here some time it’s great (so long as you don’t mind the cold, and the rain, and the people grumbling around on the streets – not really selling this idea am I?).

  125. 126
    Tami Weitkunat

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read!

  126. I’d be freaking out too! Congratulations…I can’t wait to read it! If it’s even a third as funny as your blog I had better invest in some kind of grown up diapers because I WILL be laughing that hard.

    Cynthia/fairiesnest recently posted Rapunzel Rapunzel....

  127. Im soooooo excited for this book! Come to philly! We have cheesesteak!

    Kristin Ross recently posted FREAKING. OUT..

  128. Aside from my morning coffee, this is the best thing that’s happened to me today! I can’t wait to see you in NYC!

  129. OMG!!!! So excited for you!!! Lafayette, LA would LOVE to have you, by the way :)

    Heather recently posted Ten on Tuesday: Random.

  130. This is the best thing about being awake at 4:44am.

  131. Congratulations! I hope you add somewhere in Maryland or Virginia so I can come see you! I’d love to get all dorked out and tongue tied!

    Jenbug recently posted Sombody call CPS! or This bitch has gone and forgotten about her readers, y’all..

  132. Come to Alabama. You can stay in my bathroom. I’ll even clean it!!!!! Can’t wait to read or listen to my new copy of your book!!!!!

  133. Please find a way to come to Missouri. I will bring you Chambord for your booze slushies.
    Also: Yay! Yay! Yay!

    DrHansman recently posted Attrition Game: Australia Grand Prix.


  135. Wowser!

    Reward for all that hard work!

    Good luck.
    I know I will order book soon as its distributed on this side of the pond.

    Notjarvis recently posted Shooting Global Warming Fish in a barrel.

  136. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read it! :)

    Apple recently posted Welcome, Spring!!.

  137. Cool! I think I should get the book give-away cause I’m far away and your not even coming to my continent, or publishing your book in my continent. We have really cool taxidermic animals here like him http://www.huntinglegends.com/taxidermy/animals-alive-taxidermists-south-africa/ or them http://www.hotfrog.co.za/Companies/New-Creation-Taxidermy-South-Africa
    see there’s some new friends to make for all your old friends

  138. 139
    Molecular Biophysics

    Wait! They do book tours and signings in bathrooms?!??!

  139. I’m glad it doesn’t include the cat (butt). I don’t think I can add another one to my collection without getting a divorce…

    Chelsea recently posted Always learning.

  140. I ditto the come to DC/Virginia on your tour! And I preordered for Nook, so I obviously need a hardcover and audiobook for my husband :) I can’t wait to get my copy!

    Siobhan recently posted Race Recap: Irish Sprint 10k.

  141. 142
    Brian Minsker

    You’re welcome to come to Champaign, IL on the tour and sign from my bathroom.

  142. AAAAAHHHH!!! So excited for you! Congratulations, Jenny!

  143. Ooh, I want! I’m so excited for you, this is great!

    Erin recently posted Spring cleaning, windows edition-with bonus cheap, temporary skylight shades!.

  144. Yay for your book coming! I still really love the cover. And I’ve never bought audiobooks before, but since you recorded your own, I may just have to.

  145. hi! you are being stalked all the way from dubai :-) i am hoping you will reply to one my my tweets in this lifetime LOL

  146. So sad there are no New England dates on your book tour! :( Wicked excited (as we say here) that you did the audio for the audiobook, though – what was that like?

  147. If you did the reading of the audiobook I have to get a copy of that as well. That way I can ensure coworkers can experience the awesome. I’m doing it for the people, really.

    Asher recently posted Luck of the Irish.

  148. That is so amazing. So happy for you!

  149. Pleasepleaseplease pick me for the autographed book!!

    Also, come to St. Louis!


  151. Come to the south! We have many taxidermied friends.

  152. Aaaw man… well obviously you’ll have to do a WORLD tour as well.

  153. Congrats! They look so pretty!

  154. Congrats! That’s definitely worth a freak-out … in a good way! :)

  155. Oklahoma City. We have had Bon Jovi and natural disasters. Please complete the trifecta.

  156. OMIGAWD. You have a cat butt?? I NEVER would have guessed that.

    Nice tail, Jenny.

    Misty @ The Family Math recently posted Flipping the switch.

  157. 158
    Rebecca Weisselberg

    That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to read it!

  158. Are the book tours gonna be in the bathroom? Cause I’ll renovate mine to get you to Clearwater.

  159. Congrats on the book release! Can’t even imagine what a high you must be on. :) And thanks for putting Houston (and a lot of Texas) on your tour!

    M recently posted #040 — Microphotography by Dr. Gary Greenberg in A Grain of Sand: Nature’s Secret Wonder.

  160. I’ve noted your Austin appearance on my calendar. When you announce the venue, I’ll start coordinating your bathroom bug-out locations. Might stop at REI for one of those portable camping bathroom tents so we have a back up plan.

  161. Ooh! There’s a Kindle version? *sold!*

  162. I know you can’t be everywhere, but I happen to know that you have legions of fans in metro Detroit. I will offer you use of my guest room and will even start scouring stores for a taxidermied animals so you will feel more comfortable.

    Is taxidermied a word?

    Stacey DuFord recently posted Guitar Pick Necklaces.

  163. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it!

    Christa M. recently posted { friday favorites } Dry Skin Edition.


  165. I love the cover!! So excited to get my copy!! I love exclamation points!!!

  166. You know, Minneapolis is quite lovely in April!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Is the cat butt included? Just asking…
    In any case, yay final copies!

  168. Congratulations and enjoy! You can buy as much twine and spatulas and stuffed dead things as you want today!

  169. I can’t get the cat butt out of my head. When my pre-ordered copy arrives, I’m going to pretend it was the book closest to the cat butt. That seems right, somehow.

    Julie the Wife recently posted A Tale of Four Movies.

  170. yay for your new book! it’s all the kids in the street are talking about these days! super congratulations!

  171. Visit Canada! We’re friendly (but weird) here!

    Leigh-Ellen recently posted Spring Green.

  172. So happy for you ! Can’t wait to read it . :)

  173. You shouldn’t be scared. You know who should be scared? The bookstore people when your fans show up with minimal medication on board. WE’RE SHOPLIFTERS, PEOPLE.

    Brent Ozar recently posted How to Succeed in Database Development Without Really Trying.

  174. Awesome news, I can’t wait to get the book.

  175. I want one! Come to Bloomington, IN. We have…nothing.

  176. Damn.. only 1 place even remotely close to the East coast.. that makes me sad :( but IAMSOEXCITEDFORYOU!! And if I win.. I will share the love with a few of my craziest friends ;)

  177. I’m on the bandwagon for the cat butt. I mean, it’s right there! You can’t tease us like that!!

  178. Please come to Philly!!!

  179. I hope your tour makes it to NC…I have at least 5 friends who follow your blog and would love to meet you! xoxo Congrats on your book! How exciting! You deserve it!

  180. So I’m not going to lie… I was all “I DON’T CARE WHERE SHE GOES IN NEW ENGLAND, I WILL BE THERE” and then cried a little bit because you won’t be anywhere in New England.

    You should come though… I’ll bake you cookies and we can have board game night at my house!

    Ginny recently posted The Adventures of the Dread Pirate Lydia, Part Seven.

  181. Amazing!! I can’t wait to read it. If you don’t add a Southern state ( Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia) to your tour I may have to plan a road trip!

    Heather Cover recently posted Chattanooga.

  182. 183
    Melissa S.

    I can’t wait to read it! Congrats on your book and your awesomeness in general!

  183. 184
    Lauren Lind

    I will TOTALLY be there with bells on when you come to NYC! Can’t wait!

  184. So great. I love this world where a deranged lunatic gets to write a book and WE ALL GET TO READ IT! Congratulations, I’m awestruck.

  185. 186
    Queen of Snark

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Fantastic!! Congratulations!! Cant wait to get the book!!

  187. I see no city within a 12 hour drive from me, so um yeah, I need the signed copy. Can’t wait to read it, I was dying over the excerpt :)

  188. What?! TWO Texas dates and not ONE Boston date?

    We’re WAY more fucked up here in Boston. What with our ‘4 seasons’ and ‘accents’ and ‘sports teams that win things’ – we’d really appreciate a date more than San Antonio. Seriously, San Antonio sounds like the character in a romance novel. I suggest you switch.

    moooooog35 recently posted Sleeping with the Little Enemies.

  189. My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was reading this post, and she thought the drawing was of me. I told her, “That’s not me.” She said, “Oh, it must be the evilest of mommies, then.” She is 4 and very random.

    Lesa @Edesia's Notebook recently posted Irish Cream and Coffee Muffins.

  190. Congratulations! I love it when people who spread laughter do well. Laughter AND happiness for you. Enjoy your book tour.

  191. Come to Australia! :D

  192. So…. not coming to Canada then?
    well… *sniff* thats ok, no really i’m fine. I understand.

    Super news about the book. looking forward to getting my hands on it

  193. Congratulations! I’ll sit this one out, holding out for the cat butt contest. Also, St. Louis would like to see you too.

  194. I would LOVE to win your book! I can’t wait to read it. I’m sad I don’t live anywhere near and of your tour locations. I hate to miss out on basking in the glow of your awesomeness. Best of luck!

    Lori Beekman recently posted Goodness Gracious.

  195. Woo! Hoo! Huge congratulations. Cannot wait to read the book. But even better news you are coming on tour. That is awesome. I’ll wait for more details.

  196. Whee! I cannot wait to get my hands on that book! And to get one free would be awesome. I hope Denver gets added to your list of appearances!

  197. Cant wait to read it! Congrats!!

  198. This is epic! Congrats on all your hard work. You deserve all this happiness & so much more. I can’t wait to read it!

  199. SO. EXCITED!

    Lisa in Oz recently posted Right now.

  200. Holy sheepshit! You are coming to Austin!!!! Join The Wierd!

  201. AWESOME!!! Congrats!!1 (Now for the selfish begging) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add some dates and come to the Midwest – especially Wisconsin but if it’s anywhere close we’ll drive and be there! (The we’ll are me and my awesome coworkers who adore you!)

  202. If I win the copy I just might shit giant metal chickens. And that wouldn’t be taking a duece, it would be taking a duyonce.

  203. Oh, of course. You’re going everywhere, but not to Cologne. Just because it’s in another country. On a different continent. And your book hasn’t been published here yet, so we could not even preorder and get a bookplate. You probably wouldn’t even ship the book here if I won.

    (I love guilt trips…)

  204. Awesome. Congratulations!!!

  205. OMGOMG you’re book comes out next month! EEEEEEEE!!!!

  206. 207
    Lori Hogan

    Canada is lovely this time of year (well, except where I am, it’s -10C and snowy right now), you should come!!

    I could look this up but I’m lazy. Is there/will there be an e-book version?

  207. I am quite certain that taxidermied animals dressed up in costumes await you in the mile high city of Denver, if you could include us on the book tour. Along with transplanted Texans (NOT taxidermied). Basically, Denver is like home, with less bugs and better hair :-)

  208. 209
    Just A. Reader

    You have to add Memphis to your tour. I want your autograph in permanent marker on my left butt cheek.

  209. You should come to western NC. You’d find kindred spirits here.

  210. That’s incredibly amazing and you totally deserve it. Can’t wait to see you in Dallas!

    Suzan Butler recently posted Spring in Texas makes for thunderstorms and rain.

  211. You’re awesome!

  212. Ack!! So exciting!! I can’t wait to read/listen to this. One thing though: PLEASE COME TO BOSTON!!!!

  213. So exciting! I can’t wait to read it!

  214. You bring joy to me every time I read your posts. I have shared you with my many students at the J Cafe in the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia Missouri. I wish you were coming here….but it looks like you are going to huge cities. Be safe and congratulations.

    C thomas.

    cthomas recently posted I have been mak….

  215. That is SO AWESOME to see a dream through. You deserve the success. I look forward to seeing you when you come to Baltimore / DC. I’ll be the one wearing the metal chicken.

    There are so many more deserving people of an autographed copy, so I am not going to leave a comment and decrease their odds.


    WilyGuy recently posted The Reality of Reality TV.

  216. I really wish I could see the tour – seriously you should go international and come to the UK.It’s like a colder, smaller, damper, armadilloless, not very Texan version of Texas with a little old blinged out German lady running the show. Bring a woolly jumper and I’ll bring the tea (obviously by tea I mean hard liquor).

    But if the temptation of visiting a country whose national plant is dry rot fungus can’t persuade you to hop on a plane, then at least make sure your tour organisers dress the stage like a nice friendly bathroom so you can hide from *and* perform to your fans.

  217. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!

  218. Love it! But pretty please add Maine? No? Too out of the way? How about Boston then? I am there much of the time at Childrens Hospital with my youngest so I could just tell the nurses, “Hey, look, you watch her for a while, The Bloggess is coming and it’s all about priorities!” Then I would return to CPS and interviews with social workers but it would all be worth it because I would have gotten to meet “One of the weirdest people I know”. That is a quote that my oldest once said to her uncle (in the most adoring way so that is how you need to picture me saying it). Believe me, it is a HUGE compliment in my family! So yeah, in case by now you’ve forgotten my original point, come to Maine….or Boston!

    Joanna recently posted BFF's.

  219. Joshua wants you to come to Kansas, and I know he has only the best of intentions, but please don’t come to Kansas because I’m not sure it will ever completely wash off and you don’t deserve state-based permastains. I tell you this because I am your friend.

    Congrats on the book! I’d love to win one, but if I don’t, I’m buyin’ that baby.

    Stacia recently posted El Brendel News and a Reminder to Set Your Recorders.

  220. You’re going to be awesome on tour! You’re an inspiration to all of us that don’t exactly fit in – when I grow-up I want to be like you! For now I guess I’ll have to settle for cutting you and putting you on a stick. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  221. I have a feeling that I will be scheduling an “important business meeting” in one of these cities since you can’t make it to Florida.

  222. Congrats!! Sometimes I find it slightly worrying how excited I am about this book. You know, in a non-creepy.
    Is the giveaway open for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic?

  223. Read the excerpt yesterday (which by the way I should not have done in my office). Howled with laughter. This book is a must have! Congrats!

  224. Congrats!!
    Consider swinging up to Michigan on your next book tour.
    I’d love a win a copy — I preordered a copy for my girlfriend, but she’s a slow reader (and in a different state!) so, I’d love to get my hands on a copy of my own.

  225. It’s okay that you’re not including the cat butt. There’s far too much of that around here, anyway.

    thepsychobabble recently posted 30 Days: Day 20 For When You’re Angry.

  226. Do I win the fuzzy cat tail too? ‘Cause I gotta tell ya, I don’t know where I would put another one of those things. ;)
    p.s. congrats on the book! :)

  227. 228
    Tracy Williams

    No aussie signing dates? Lol

  228. I’m kinda geeking out right not. Popsicle puppets and a book commercial for the book that is coming out next month that your giving away a copy of. This day is awesome.

  229. I’ve pre-ordered it, but I WANT ANOTHER.


    Thank you.

  230. OH MAN! I really want to win an autographed copy. I’m sad that all the bookplates are sold out so I can’t get one of those, and we surely can’t make your arthritis worse by making you sign another 10,000.

    You should make a tour up to the UP of MI so you can make fun of our hickness. I’m sure it would be endlessly entertaining.

  231. I am so ridiculously excited for your book and I’m happy you’ll be coming to Austin! Cannot wait.

  232. 233
    Steve Malloy

    I just want a picture of you holding the book with a note on it that says, “Sorry, Steve, no free book for you – get off your juicy butt and buy one!”

  233. Can’t wait to read it! Can’t wait to drive 3 hours into NYC to meet you! So excited!

  234. 235
    Rachel Shia

    So excited to get your book, I preordered it a while ago (and stupidly ordered a CD from Amazon at the same time, and they’re both being shipping together, so I’ve had to wait two months for the CD. OH WELL).
    The closest place you’re coming on tour to where I live is New York… and that’s over a five hour drive for me. :( Booo. I hope you add more locations, such as maybe D.C? -hinthint-

  235. How does your cat know you every time you take out the camera? I’m really baffled by it.

    Also, I think you have a typo. You spelled Washington DC wrong in the list of cities on your tour.

  236. 237
    Maggie McGary

    Come to DC!!!

    Maggie McGary recently posted If Your Members Organize Their Own Committee, Are You Failing Them?.

  237. Too bad you aren’t coming to St. Louis.

  238. 239
    Carol Kraco

    Looks like I’ll be planning my Spring vacation around your tour schedule…..TOTALLY ok with that!!!!!!!!!!

  239. I’m sooooo excited and happy for you!!! I bought the iBooks version and then promptly forgot so that when I checked Amazon a few weeks later to get the bookplate I didn’t see my order. So naturally, I then preordered a the actual book. Of course, I want the audio edition now as well.

    Oh, and if you make a swing thru Nashville, all of my friends and I would definitely come see ya! Would you mind if I joined you in the bathroom?? I’m a guy so that might make it creepy though I really hope not. :-)

    Hstrykid recently posted The Nashville Flood – Reverb10 – Day 3.

  240. Whew! I thought for sure you were going to send me a cat butt. Then, hell. I’d have to drive all the damn way to UPS or the freaking post office. It would just be a huge ordeal. Glad you are keeping it.

    In other news, yipee, congrats, and ohmydeargawd this is SO exciting!!!

    Oops, almost forgot to say, this is the witch Julie, not any of the others.
    Now, please come to Oregon on your tour. I know of, personally, three of us who’d show up. With cupcakes. Or booze. Or both.

    Julie recently posted Boldly Going..

  241. Woot! Congrats! I always geek out when I get mail with my ne in it. I can’t imagine if there was a book with my name on it!

  242. Come to London! UK, not Canada. Although I’m sure the Canadian one is lovely, I’m not living there.

    Kaitlyn recently posted A Weekend Without.

  243. Cannot WAIT to sit in the car and listen to the audio version. I’ll drive around for no reason. I’m not ashamed.

  244. Totally hope you make it to Boston!!

  245. I just showed my ferrets your blog, and now they demand I dress them as a vampire slaying souffle chefs. Thank you for being you.

  246. What no denmark date? Come by and i will gladly give you the grand tour.

    Congratz on the book, looking forward to reading and
    /or listening to it.

  247. Just be careful about doing “Freebird” as part of your encore. The audience might not get it. Are there songs about cat-butt? You should sing that on the tour instead.

    BW Brooks recently posted It Changes In the Telling..

  248. Woohoo! So exciting!!!!

    Emily D recently posted A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

  249. Sadness…you’re coming to NY for my birthday and I can’t make it :(

  250. Also, if you do come to London, you can totally stay with me. I have three cats so it will be like you never left home. And my partner and I love to feed people so you won’t starve.

    Kaitlyn recently posted A Weekend Without.

  251. So happy for you. Too early to be clever. Why is typing so hard? Want signed book because you get me through mzmb

    Sorry fell asleep there. I wish I could blame it on something more fun than a restless 2-year old. Ah well. : : sigh: : You are awesome. That is all.

  252. I love that you’re coming to San Angelo! I might actually be able to pull that one off!

  253. So excited about your book but even MORE excited about your tour!! PLEASE come to Atlanta!!!!!

  254. 255
    Mark Young

    Vury kewl! Come to DC, please!

  255. You are the BEST! Congrats on this wonderful accomplishment. Can’t wait to buy a copy.

  256. Congratulations! You must be beyond thrilled.

    Michele recently posted News.

  257. Would love to win! Sad you aren’t coming to Chicago.

  258. Conratulations! Would LOVE to win one!

  259. omgosh congrats! sad you’re not coming to boston!!

  260. Every time I see anything about your book I write a note to preorder it. And then I lose that note. So I guess I’ll have to write a new one!

  261. So excited for you! Looking forward to seeing you in Austin so I can be star-struck in person!

  262. You need to plan a tour for Canada…..that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  263. Congratulations!!! I have to say, for a second there “Click on graphic for details and ticket info” gave me a double-take because my caffeineless brain read that as “Click for graphic details…”. Come to the mid-west!!

  264. You need to change that from Jenny the Bloggess to Jenny the BADASS AUTHOR!

  265. What an amazing time to be alive.

    Rob R recently posted Daddy, What Does WTF Mean?.

  266. I may have to make the trip up to NY from DC. Can’t wait to read your book!!

  267. Congrats! I can’t wait to read your book! Or listen to it – I haven’t decided yet. Or maybe I’ll just do both. XD

  268. Looking forward to reading your book. Wish you were coming to DC!

  269. As others have mentioned, Chicago needs to be on that list, please.

  270. 271
    Christine Tilley

    My brain doesn’t condone reading but the voices in my head told me that I should read this book. I always listen to the voices in my head. Congrats and good luck. Also Jersey isn’t on the tour list. Why? Oh…yeah…don’t answer that.

  271. 272

    Exciting! Congrats! Happy happy happy happy dance!

  272. Congratulations, Jenny…we’re all freaking out a little bit for you, too! I’m looking forward to reading the book and it would be a total bonus to win your giveaway (even if the cat butt isn’t included).

    Brittany recently posted Celebrating the Vernal Equinox with a labyrinth, fire, and s'mores.

  273. Yay! What an amazing journey. Ps. You should come to Richmond, VA. We’re much cooler than the rest of the country thinks.

    Alex@LateEnough recently posted Can I Die From Morning?.

  274. Congratulations! Come to Charlotte! I promise to take you out and show you a good time…or at least show you where the nearest/nicest bathroom is so you can have your panic attack in peace! ;)

    thedoseofreality recently posted “Amazing” How a “Voice” Can Make Me Cry.

  275. 276
    llearch n'n'daCorna

    I’d leave a comment in the hope of winning a book, but I intend to buy one once they come out.

    … wait. >.<

  276. A cat’s butt and a wolfs head…
    You are The Complete package…

  277. Hooray! I hope I can make it to a tour stop!

    ashpags recently posted On Sweaters.

  278. This is the beez kneez! I’m so excited and happy for you!! Also, feel free to breeze by DC…. :)

  279. Hi from sunny Montreal!

    Congrats on the book launch.


    A Novel Woman recently posted Under The Sea.

  280. Congratulations! So sad you won’t be visiting close to me…But I’ll be reading the book. Good luck and have fun!

  281. congrats! yay!

  282. you can come do a reading in my bathroom if you’d like.

  283. 284
    Gina A. Hernandez

    I don’t know if I’m more excited about the book or getting to come and meet Jenny in person at Bookpeople. Can’t wait for either!

  284. 285
    Adam Darden

    God, you kill me! I love reading the blog…and glad there are so many of us weirdos out there to keep the normals at Defcon 4.

  285. I love your blog, I want your book, please and thank you! :)

  286. How exciting! Congratulations!

  287. Boston? Pretty please?

  288. Knoxville isn’t on your book tour list? Really? You’re going to miss the Sunsphere…

    Seriously, I can’t wait for my book and book plate :) Congrats!

    BeccaV recently posted Busy, busy, busy.

  289. Congratulations. You’ve worked hard for this so ENJOY!

  290. Best. Contest. EVAR.

  291. Awesome! At least your hand is already prepped for all the signing!

  292. I was introduced to your blog with Beyonce. I go back and read old posts when i have time and even got an RSS reader just to stay up to date on your blog. So excited for you!

  293. So excited for you! Can’t wait to read the book!

  294. OMG Okay, now I’m in a sympathetic freak out too! Hooray and congratulations!!! I can’t wait to get my copy!

    Queen of All Things Good recently posted I've Fallen and I Can't Get Out!.

  295. Wow – the screaming woke me up here in Canada! Such exciting news – can’t wait to read the book (and then use the hardback version to kill spiders – y’know, because your words are like spider kryptonite).

    Andrea recently posted We are the reason the Do Not Call list was created. I'm not kidding..

  296. 297
    Adam Darden

    Charlotte, yes!

  297. How freaking exciting! Love the cover, btw. Congratulations!

  298. Cant wait to read it!

  299. 300

    Really? No maryland? Shucks. Man. I literally said shucks and meant it. I’ve been living in MD too long (I’m originally from NYC)

    Imperfectmomma recently posted I got my hair did.

  300. PicK me pick me! I was going to treat myself to your books since it comes out just before my birthday, but a free copy would be far more awesome.

  301. Bah! You’re not even remotely near the northwest! Boo hiss!

  302. Congratulations!!

    Too bad you aren’t stopping in Detroit. Detroit always gets the shaft.

    Kristi recently posted Introducing Murphy, Super Puppy.

  303. 304

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!

    I can’t wait to get your book. I think I have to wait slightly longer because im in the UK. But I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

    Becca_Masters recently posted Childhood Dreams.


  305. Hooray! Congrats!!

  306. I like audiobooks! (Wow… despite the exclamation point, that came out in my head like Monty Python’s “I Like Traffic Lights” song… awkward.)

  307. Let’s pretend this comment never happened.

  308. Have you thought about asking your publisher to rent you a Port-a-John to sit in to sign books? That way, whenever you freak out, you can just close the for a few minutes.

    Maybe the door could have “Bloggess TARDIS, Back now in five” or something

    I am proud for you, you’re amazing, and brave, and brilliant :)

  309. 310
    Sarah Vassey

    I’m highly disappointed that you’re not coming to Chicago. :( I’m excited about your book, though! Congrats!

  310. 311

    While I was reading your post I said, “If she comes to San Angelo, I will go.” So, see you on the 28th!

  311. I’m pretty proud of you Jenny :) Hope to see you in Dallas :)

  312. what, no Australia? WHAT KIND OF A ROCK STAR DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!? oh, um, yes, you’re a writer … *blushes* … so, book, pretty exciting huh? good luck with that … xt

  313. We still have to wait an entire month?! AAAAGGGGHHH!!!!

    Deep breath.

    Deep cleansing breath.



    cognitive dissident recently posted drug testing the unemployed = class warfare.

  314. Congrats! So excited to read this.

  315. Wow you’re going to be famous!! :D

  316. Congrats!!!! You get your very own Dewey decimal code. Please come to Alberta Canada! I anxiously await iTunes to get my audiobook and Amazon for my printed copy…we are so excited for you!

  317. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to KY! We will put you on a horse and parade you around to the hillbillies. It could spur on fodder for a sequel! And we will feed you hotbrown and bourbon. It would be the time of your life. I could even take you to my grandmother’s attic and find all kinds of dead rodents and bats for you to have taxidermied (is that a word?) Either way, you must come to KY on your tour! Oh- and I’d love to win the book!!!

  318. HOW EXCITING…..me AND my daughter can’t wait to read it!!! Congrats! T:)

    Theresa:) recently posted Mr Clean is NOT Gay......

  319. 320
    Kent Loofbourrow

    Come to Louisville! Or near Louisville! We have a giant bat!

  320. Congratulations! I can imagine having the book in your hand feels both awesome and terrifying. Try to focus on the awesome and tell the terrifying to go stuff itself.

    Bonnie recently posted Talamh.

  321. Your tour will surely bring you to Spain, won’t it? We’ve got lots of weird taxidermied things, I promise.

  322. YAY! Congrats! sooo happy and excited for you! Already preordered to my Kindle but this would be GREAT for sharing with friends!

  323. can’t wait to get my hands on that charming little rodent!

  324. I’m squeaking with excitement. I’ll be in Dallas (actually it’s way north of Dallas) and totally ready to sneak wine into the ladies room and hang out with you.

  325. Not coming to Philadelphia – boo, hiss! We’ll just have to wait for book #2… ;-)

  326. Boston would love to see you. And it’s nice here. <3

  327. Pick me! Pick me!!! I wanna read the 140+ character version of your life thus far ;)


    Valerie recently posted Kaitlin Lee ~Doula in Training.

  329. 330

    Please come to Atlanta! I’ll finaly replace the broken blender, make you a mean booze slushie and watch, “Shaun, of the Dead”, with TWINE.

  330. How thrilling! Hope to catch you on tour :)

    The Middlest Sister recently posted Greetings from Florida!.

  331. Congratulations! Much better than a baby!

    Sarah Jane recently posted Heartbroken.

  332. No, but really, what if we want the cat butt too?

  333. Can I talk you into coming to Wisconsin? It’s really nice here, we have beer and cheese!

  334. NYC too crowded. Come to my living room and I’ll bake you a Beyonce cake.

    Evelyn recently posted Scooby Doo.

  335. Please come to Philadelphia. I will treat you to a cheese steak and we can debate people over cheese whiz or real cheese. Then we can buy a pretzel off of a street vendor who has no access to public restrooms. Doesn’t this all sound so appealing. Please come to the Philadelphia area.

  336. Pick me! Pick me! I would love an autographed copy of your book, Oh Amazing Bloggess! Congratulations! (all the way from Canada!)

  337. Me me me meee!!! Please pick meee!!! Oh and CONGRATS xxxx

  338. Jenny-
    Please come to Arizona…..preferably the Phoenix Metro area.


  339. Wow, an audio book, too?

    Mom In Two Cultures recently posted 3.11 One Year (and a few days) Later.

  340. Congrats! I can’t wait to pick up the book….although I’m stunned that you won’t be visiting my neck of the woods. What kind of book tour doesn’t include the teeming metropolis of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada? :-)

  341. Dear Jenny,

    That is AMAMAZAZING!!!! Sooooo proud of you! It’s actually going to happen!

    …rock on!!!


    Tony Hunt recently posted Politicians, Debates and Schrödinger’s Cat.

  342. Congratulations!

    I apologize in advance if I win the book and still won’t loan out the book I pre-ordered because everyone needs to have their own to keep. And the audio book, too. Condolences to those who have the Kindle version without the cover mouse. Why would there be no cover mouse in the Kindle version? If my memory were better I would certainly worry about that a bit.

    Happy Trails!

    If you cloned yourself so you did not have to continue your tour when you get tired of it, your clone would probably be the one not to tour. And then the second clone would keep that clone company in your real life. So just put that out of your mind.

    Pam W recently posted Child Models with Down Syndrome Raise Awareness.

  343. 344
    Catherine Rice

    Can’t wait for book or tour! Yay!

  344. This is so exciting! I can’t wait!

  345. I want that signed copy more than a fat girl wants cake. And I’m a fat girl…so, um, I should know.

    Holly recently posted Um, I Haven’t Forgotten….

  346. Yay! Congrats Jenny! Good for you!

  347. How exciting!!! Can’t wait to receive my copy next month! I’ve actually got a ticker counting down the days!!!

  348. I want one!!! If I don’t win… What about giving one to all the people who support your slushy habbit? Because… I want one!!!

    Kristen recently posted Sorry, The Rules Have Changed.

  349. I preordered, of course, but would love the audiobook (and a signed copy of the book-insert squeal-y excitement here).Snarky wisdom could get me through a treadmill workout and life in general.

  350. Book tours never come to Montana :( Congrats

  351. Congratulations on the book!! It’s amazing! Wish you would have a few Louisiana tour dates as we are just right next door ! Maybe next time! Maybe I can talk my friends into going to the Dallas one! Best of luck to you!!

  352. Oh me, please. There just too many things I’d like to forget have happened right now !

    And you are my hero. That.


  353. I’m hoping that a copy of your book comes to Kobo. I will happily pay for your physical book that I can’t put anywhere (because I haven’t the space) but I like ebooks more now.


    martin recently posted Okay.

  354. I am looking forward to reading your book, since your blog makes me laugh til I cry. Sometimes it even makes me think. I’ll read it even though your tour isn’t coming to where I live.

  355. So cool!! I can’t wait to read it.

  356. You really should come to the Midwest… We are pretty awesome here… And also, maybe I have missed it, but why are you always wearing the same dress in all your pictures? It’s super cute… But still wondering.

  357. Awesome!

  358. ohh.. you aren’t coming to Buffalo.. booo. Can’t wait to read the book and congrats!

    Mel H recently posted 9th Birthday Salon Party.

  359. 360
    Jennifer M

    I want one!

  360. Congratulations!!! And, you’re coming to Dallas! :) Hooray!!!

  361. Did you know ‘quincunx’ is a word? And it isn’t even dirty or anything.

  362. Me! Me!

    Amy recently posted Arcadia.

  363. 364
    Amy O'Brien


  364. 365
    Alex (@xandraj09)

    come to Nashville!!! That way my boyfriend will no longer have to listen to me saying how much I want to meet you…. and will instead have to listen to me gush about how awesome you are (not that he doesn’t have to do that anyway…) Can’t wait to read the book!

  365. Woo hoo! I will road trip to Dallas to see you!!

  366. Congratulations :-)
    If your ever visiting the UK let me know. Would love to see you. And can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book :-)

  367. This is so awesome! Congrats!

    Ashley recently posted My Process.

  368. I can’t wait to read your book!!!! I am going to come see you in NYC!!!

  369. No Philly tour date?? That’s ok. You’re forgiven.

    Jaime recently posted Mother’s Pride.

  370. w00t!! Congrats!!!! Kudos!!!!

    Nothing like getting your actual book copies to hammer the knowledge home. It NEVER gets old.


  371. Come to Louisville! We have bourbon and mint julips! And the damn Derby! Horses, alcohol, big hats, and southern belles – need I say more?

  372. Huge congratulations! :)

    However. Two “buts”…

    But I thought the exciting news was “they” are already planning to make a movie of your book.

    But, there’s no Ohio date(s) on your tour!

    Still. This is awesomeness! :)

  373. PICK ME :)!!!!!!!!
    No Canadian tour dates!?!?

  374. Oh, isn’t it exciting, seeing the real thing. Congratulations!

  375. Woo hoo! Congrats on your book, Jenny. You rock!

  376. Congratulations! So exciting!

  377. I genuinely thought that little speech bubble by your (drawn) face said “I’m coming for you.” Which, let’s be honest, is true.

    Wish you were coming anywhere near DC that wasn’t New York because New York smells. Even though I threw up on the street there once, so I’m a real New Yorker now.

  378. Wish I could come but don’t see a date for Boston & NYC is tough to do twice in one year (will be at BlogHer in Aug). Have a fantastic tour & CONGRATS on the book! :-)

    Jude (@CrunchyMetroMom) recently posted Grill those beets!.

  379. This makes me happier than vodka snow cones. Which, obviously if you think about it, was a fantastic use of extra ice.

  380. 381
    Trish Sams

    I already pre-ordered my copy, but I still want to win the free book so I can give it to my besty.
    I’m bummed you aren’t coming anywhere closer to Southern Oregon b/c we have very nice bathrooms to hide & have panic attacks in. (Trust me, I know.)

  381. Yay for final copies of the book! I’m excited to read it & almost can’t stand to wait until my ebook preorder downloads. :)

    Kara recently posted In which I bake, felt, sew, knit, and watch a bunch of movies..

  382. Well, I’m excited.

  383. 384
    Sarah bean

    I’ll come. If you come to Brisbane…

  384. You need to come to Boston! I will help you Pahk your Cah in Havahd Yahd, give you idears and we can eat LOBSTAH!

    Kristin recently posted Sometimes a song comes along and you just have to stop....

  385. 386
    Virginia Gribben

    This is SO exciting!! I can’t wait and after I sent my Mom a link to the awesome things you wrote about your mom, (it put into words what I think about my mom, so I sent her the link and told her ditto, so thanks! ((the one about how she thinks she is a background character, but is actually a star)))- My Mom is now jazzed to read the book too- I even taught her how to read a blog on the internet (baby steps)

  386. Yay!
    You should come to the mid-west.

  387. I’ve already preordered the book from Amazon, but I wouldn’t say no to a second copy. And yay! Audiobook! I’ve been listening to a lot of them lately. ‘Cause it’s hard to knit and read at the same time.

    Vee recently posted You kids get off my lawn.

  388. Ahhhh!! I love the fluffy kitty butt!! I’ve been following your blog for a while but I never commented… I admit I really would like to win a book… even sans cat fluff, eh hehe. You’re an inspiration to me, since I’m struggling with depression and anxiety as well. Mine is not as severe as yours, so you give me a lot of hope that it’s possible to escape. Thank you :)

  389. Congratulations! Now, could you please, pretty please, take a turn in Europe as well? We would be eternally grateful.

    Nat recently posted New wallpaper UPDATED.

  390. Whoo-hoo!! Can’t wait until this comes out – is this open to non U.S. residents? I moved to London recently…*hopeful lower-lip face*

  391. I think you should visit Intercourse PA. I don’t live there or anything but that would be worth the trip. Just think of how many people you would see in the middle of Intercourse.

  392. I want! I want! I love you! I love you! I am SO going to catch you when you come to New York. YAY! Congrats!!!

    The Six-Fingered Monkey recently posted Spring has sprung... and so have I!.

  393. I can’t wait for you to come to Houston! I’ve been planning to stalk you but you know how busy life gets so I hadn’t gotten around to it yet but now you’re coming here! I’m apparently the laziest stalker ever. I can’t wait! Please don’t get a bodyguard. I’m just geeking out myself! I’m so excited!

  394. I’m so excited!!! I literally cannot wait to read it!

    Ashley Witzel recently posted My magic number is 31..

  395. Can’t wait to read this book! I love your site….keep making us all smile. Wish you were coming to Philly :-(

  396. Congratulations! You probably definitely want to come to Springfield, MO. I mean, who doesn’t want to visit the world famous… Yeah, you’re right. We got nothin’. Just the original Bass Pro Shop. Dammit.

    Amy recently posted In case you were wondering.

  397. Geek away! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  398. YAY AUSTIN! :D So excited for this book. Congratulations on all your success!

    Nikki Jeske recently posted Positivity Challenge! Day 04: Movies and Turtles!.

  399. Bummer! I’m visiting my family in Cali (from Amsterdam where I live) April 6-15. I SOOO would’ve gone to see you! Good Luck on your tour!


    Lori recently posted Fletcher of the day: ready for the Cali sun.

  400. 401
    Jerri DesJarlais

    Congradulations on the book!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are so awesome.

  401. I would LOVE to win your book! I need my daily laughs! I want to come see you in NYC, I live here – awesome you are coming here on your tour!

    kristen O recently posted Day 168: Cole Starts Soccer, Philly and Good Baby News.

  402. Congrats!! So happy for you! And lets be honest, for us too since we get to read it now! I hope all the bookstores on your tour have big enough bathrooms for you to hold court in ;)

    JJ @ 84thand3rd recently posted Purple Carrot Cake and Sparkling Apple Jelly Trifle.

  403. Does the signed copy come with a genuine piece of The Bloggess Twine to use as a bookmark?

  404. Sweet jesus I want that book. I would also like you to come to Michigan. I’ll get you drunk if you do!

  405. Who cares about shark anyway when there’s a new book on the horizon?! Congratulations. You are living the dream for someone like me. Would be an honor to win :) Hope to see you in NYC for your tour!

    Maiah recently posted Explore NYC: 3/19/12.

  406. The hottest Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus gift of 2012!

  407. Congratulations! Try to enjoy between the freakouts! Can’t wait for my copy to get here!

  408. Yeah!! Congratulations. Enjoy this time!

  409. Congratulations!! I’m so very happy for you! Please (pretty pretty please) consider swinging by DC or Baltimore! We’d love to have you.

    maggiesmeats recently posted This time of year. I think about the frailty of the human condition and about how, more often than....

  410. Ooh! I wish you were coming to Boston! This is amazing news, congratulations!

  411. I have never looked forward to reading a book . . . until NOW!!!

  412. Congrats! You should totally come to Charlotte, NC!

    Mandi recently posted Happy Birthday.

  413. 414
    E M Foster

    I would totally be freaking out too!!! If you come to Tulsa or a little Rock, I will soooooooo be there!!! I can only dream about you coming to Bentonville. Why would you come to Bentonville? Even I don’t particularly love Bentonville, but we do have this awesome, world-class American art museum!!! :-D

  414. Pick me! I want some free shit!

  415. I’ve ordered the book, but I’d love to have another one. You can never have too much bloggess!

  416. Congratulations. You deserve it.

  417. Squeep! Totally wish you were coming Michigan way!

  418. Furiously happy!! Can’t wait to read the book. See you in San Francisco!!

  419. Come to New Orleans! You must do lunch and dinner and breakfast here! I will be purchasing your book ASAP, assuming I don’t win a copy,

    Kim recently posted YOU PICKED THE WRONG WOMAN.

  420. Wish you were coming to Norfolk — or at least Charlotte or D. C.! Congratulations!!!

  421. Can you come to the midwest, like Chicago? That would be awesome.

  422. The closest you’re coming is NYC? *pout*

    I’m still excited to read the book!

    Meari recently posted I'm SO over this being sick thing!!.

  423. 424
    Michelle J

    I can’t wait for your book to come out. Should I get both the Hardback and the Kindle version?…hmmm.

  424. New York, L.A. AND San Angelo??

    It’s official… You’ve really made it!!

    ramy_v recently posted Tolerance.

  425. I really wanted to win the cat butt too.

  426. 427
    Darrel Hughes

    Can’t wait to read the book, you are sooooooo funny :)

  427. Congrats! I couldn’t help but notice that your book tour doesn’t extend to The Ass End of Nowhere, which is where I reside, though I would love to join you. You’re welcome at my house – we have a spare room, and a nice big yard for your taxidermied animals to do their business.

    hollow tree ventures recently posted March Photo Challenge 20: Before/After.

  428. 429
    Big Damn Jade

    There is an empty space on my bookshelf in between the dog-earred copy of the Kama Sutra and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare that needs a little classing up– it’s been reserved just for you, Lady! Also? I promise NOT to do the following with your signature if I won an autographed copy: send love letters to Rush Limbaugh, write checks for $.11, send myself love letters at work to make myself seem mysterious and popular. (Ok, maybe that last one, but only once or twice a week, I swear!)

  429. You should come to Alabama. We’re, like, experts in the ways of kitschy metal chickens and inappropriate dead things. Technically, Alabama and Texas are like cousins. That made out one summer. And then never spoke of it again. There’s no way you cant come now, right?

    @MockingbirdDont recently posted Happy Birthday, Kid Awesome.

  430. Come closer to meeeeee!!! You are nowhere near Virginia in those other places! *pout* And also please mysterious world forces, grant unto me free Bloggess loot. That is all.

    jen_alluisi recently posted She Wears a G for Generosity….

  431. Stoked for the book! Can you come to Albany NY? We are obviously very geographically relevant.

  432. SO wish you were coming somewhere closer to NC. Hope they set up some more dates!

    Congrats and good luck! Hopefully your hotel rooms will have amazing bathrooms, JIC.


  433. Jenny, congratulations on your awesome achievement of writing AND finishing a book AND getting it published AND being brave enough to go on tour. Looking forward to receiving my copy – seems like I pre-ordered it a decade ago.

  434. I want the audiobook!

    mjb recently posted Crazy Pants.

  435. Congratulations!!! That’s so awesome.

  436. 437
    Liesha Petrovich

    Can’t wait to get the audio book! Wish you were coming to New England!

  437. I can’t wait to read your book! And also, I think that you should come to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’d totally come to see you!

  438. Great…great…great….I cannot wait to read it! Wish you were coming to Ohio, though I can understand why you don’t want to come here. No one wants to come to Ohio voluntarily.

  439. So excited for you! Can’t wait to read it!

    Chris recently posted Sons and Daughters.

  440. I’m totally impressed with the fact that you did your own reading. Listening to it might make up for the fact that your tour isn’t coming anywhere near my big-small town. ;)

  441. 442

    Come to Australia – we have dropbears:

  442. Congrats! How about a Chicago stop?

  443. Congrats! Such a wonderful accomplishment. Come to Boston too!

  444. Congrats, Jenny…hope the tour is wonderful.

  445. OMG YOU ROCK YOU JUST ROCK SO MUCH I CAN’T STAND IT! Whew, needed to get that out. Super sad none of your tour dates is in Wes’BYGAWD Virginny, but I can’t really say I blame ya for trying to stay far, far away!

    Hoody Hoo recently posted Fun With White-Out.

  446. I was going to beg you to come to Atlanta, but given the amount of flying you’re doing, you probably have at least six layovers in Atlanta anyway.

    The three-hour layover in Atlanta when flying from San Antonio to Houston is especially obnoxious.

    Christian recently posted Bathroom messages.

  447. 448

    Cool! Would love to win….but see you in Dallas!, xoxoxo

  448. I am in Iowa and there is no way anyone as cool as you has ever entered our state so I will have to settle for winning a signed copy of your book!

  449. 450

    Also, I want to get the audio book, but I’m worried that if there’s lots of pics in the book I’ll be missing out on something?

  450. you will have to come to chicago + there is a store in the andersonville neighborhood that is selling a squirrel with a little russian hat on it!!

  451. 452
    Melody Reid

    I want them!

  452. Um, it’s totally okay that you are freaking out! I mean, come on!! I totes want the autographed copy pretty please! Then I can show it off to all my friends who don’t believe me when I tell stories from your blog. Lol And I will totally be there when you come to Houston! So excited, eeeek!

  453. Awesomesauce!!!

  454. Ditto Kelly. Pretty please add Chicago!

  455. So incredibly thrilled for you!! You should totally include Northwest Arkansas in the tour. We are, after all, the giant metal chicken capital of the world. Congratulations!!

  456. 457
    Graylin Fox

    Congratulations! Have fun on your tour and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the love you will get.


    Graylin Fox recently posted Coming Home Giveaway!.

  457. 458
    Jamie Pomerhn

    Pick me! Pick me!

    Jamie Pomerhn recently posted Bachelor Ben is a Boob..

  458. Yay! So exciting for you (and us!). My sister ordered your book for me because I introduced her to your awesomeness (I mean, that’s the only way she could pay me back, right?)

    colleen recently posted Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake.

  459. The publisher sent you a cat tail? Now that’s service!


  460. Come to St. louis? Pretty please? I’ll bring you pancakes…..With maple whiskey….

  461. oh gosh i would love to win this! and even if i dont i’m totally buying it… so maybe you dont really want me to win this because then i wont buy it but either way i am going to read this book!

    Amanda recently posted secret's out!.

  462. 463
    Zach Ellerbrook

    I think I’ll start story time at work just because of our book. I’m sure story time is in the Navy regulations somewhere.

  463. Washington DC purty purty please??

    Brigid recently posted The Only Charitable Giving Guide You Need This Holiday.

  464. Come visit Philadelphia! You would love South Philly. It’s full of wondrous sights and experiences…

  465. Yay! How exciting! Congratulations on all your success! I’d love to be the lucky winner!

    *Bleep* recently posted The “Real” Newborn Shopping List.

  466. Congrats! I really hope I win so that when I’m done with it I can donate it to my library to share with others. How exciting!

  467. No tour dates in the midwest? We read here too! Congrats!

  468. 469
    Zach Ellerbrook

    YOUR book. Stupid phone typos.

  469. Congratulations and good luck in the coming months! I can’t wait to read your book. From your excerpt, I can see it is just as hilarious as your blog posts.

  470. Seeing all your fans from around the country (and from other countries) begging you to come their cities makes me love it even more that you are a fellow Texan. You represent our state as well as any celebrity ever has — including Gary Busey. Thank you for that.

    Because we Texans always need more reasons to be smug.

    T.C. Sprencel recently posted UPDATE: I DID IT…WORST BLOGGER ON THE PLANET!!!.

  471. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! congrats! :)

  472. I don’t have a job! Book me!

  473. I already pre-ordered the book (and book plate!), but I’ve been thinking about also buying the audio book, because I JUST KNOW that the whole thing will be THAT MUCH BETTER with you reading it. Which is to say, audio book, pretty please?

  474. So exciting, Jenny!! I bought your book for a friend for her birthday, got a nameplate too! I can’t wait for the audiobook to hear you in your own voice. If you’re considering adding a stop on your tour, Minneapolis is lovely in the summer! (begging politely)

  475. 476

    I see a severe lack of Iowa in your book tour dates….. not that you would WANT to come to Iowa cause, well, it’s Iowa. :)

    Congrats! I can’t wait to read it! :)

  476. So I’m all the way down here in Melbourne, Australia (think penguins, but with coffee, and then bush fires (which is not very antarctica at all)) and not only do we not get your book for perhaps like years, BUT then when we do, we have this bloody annoying protectionist rubbish that means they add TRILLIONS of dollars to the price to “protect Australian book publishers”. I say rubbish! LET’S START A REVOLUTION ON AN INCREDIBLY SMALL AND INEFFECTUAL WAY! If I got your book, it would become a bastion of a new enlightenment here; like Luther nailing the protest to the church doors, but less memorable because the good book would be telling us to pretend it never happened.

  477. Freak out, who wouldn’t over a book being published?

    How many are insisting on wanting the cat butt?

  478. Last night I had a dream I saw you on tour! CRAZY Congratulations!

  479. Wah! I would love to come to your book tour. But I live in BF Vermont and oddly enough, nobody ever considers the piddling population here to be worthy of a book tour stop. Boooo.

    Come on up to Vermont! We’ve got syrup! And….uh….leaves!

    Alexis recently posted The Sleep Scandal of 2012.

  480. You are coming to Austin!!!!!!!!!! Woot! I wonder what kind of cool gifties your fans will bring you at signings?

  481. 482

    pleeease come a little closer to New England! I would love to meet you, like crazy stalker amounts (but not creepy, promise).

  482. 483
    Allison Smith

    Love, love, love that your cat had to make sure he/she was also in the picture…gotta love the little buggers!! Congrats on a big day, and good luck with the book tour!! Can’t wait to read it!!

  483. 484
    Amanda Wright

    I totally can’t wait for your book to come out! I’ve pre-ordered but would love an autographed copy for my best friend who got me hooked on you! (In a very non creepy stalkerish kind of way!)I Also you should come to Knoxville on your book tour because, well it would just be cool!

  484. I cannot wait to read this book. It’s going to be pure awesomeness. Also, I wish you were doing a book signing near me because I would totally be there.

  485. If I was pregnant, this news totally would have sent me into labor. Since I am not pregnant, it gave me back spasms! I am so excited for you! And since I pre-ordered YEARS AGO, I can’t freaking wait! Seeing my beloved Matthew Broderick with a copy kind of made me stabby, I have to admit.

    PS – come to Nashville! You know they just opened an American Pickers there, we can go find weird shit together. Juanita and Beyonce need another girl around, no? I’m thinking a taxidermied Destiny’s Child…

    Kelly recently posted Ten years ago yesterday....

  486. So exciting! I just wish you were coming nearer. Somewhere in the Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan region, for example.


    (sorry to shout back at you – but holyshitimexcitedaboutyourbook)

    (also, please come to the midwest – we need you)

  488. Super awesome!

  489. Please come to Philly, Jennie. I’ll introduce you to the best cheesesteaks we have to offer.

  490. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to read the book, but wish you were coming to Boston!!

  491. Congratulations! I only wish I was close by one of your signings, as I am a fan and not a weirdo.

  492. OMG, here I am whoring after your book by leaving a comment, when I should just be getting it on amazon.com if I really want it (which I do). So, I guess I will.

    Let’s just pretend this never happened.


    p.s. actually I’m whoring after your autograph, which I can’t get on amazon.com.
    p.p.s. congratulations!

  493. I am so excited for this book. I promise that if I get a signed copy I won’t try to extract the DNA from your hand sweat and use an elaborate “getting things done” 80’s movie style montage in order to build my own Jenny.



    Zabet recently posted Music Videos for Readers.

  494. Chicago, PUHLEEZ??


    Alexandra recently posted Astounding.

  495. In case no one has mentioned it, Boston is a fantastic quirky little city that I think needs to experience you.

  496. And now I feel like an ass because I realized I misspelled your name right when I hit submit. Sorry, Jenny.

  497. I am so excited to be meeting you! I’ll be a the Blue Willow signing in Houston. I might even try to scare up a red dress. I’ve already passed the one I wore in my photo shoot on to the next person. This will be so awesome!!!!

    Cassandra Neace (@CassandraNeace) recently posted Real life is interfering with my blogging..

  498. If you were coming closer to Florida, I would come visit you, but you are going to be pretty far away. So, I will settle for you choosing me to win a autographed copy of your book. Then we can pretend I drove multiple hours in my car with a 17 month old, to stand in an incredibly long line for an autographed copy of your book. See, allowing me to win would be so much easier.

  499. OMGYOUGUYS I really want that book!!! I have to wait another month before my is delivered! Agh! Love you Jenny!!

  500. I’m so looking forward to reading this! :) Come on over to ATL!

  501. YAY!! The Austin event is before I leave town!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  502. Congratulations!! How exciting!! :D Wish I was closer to one of the cities – would love to see you in person.

  503. Also, conratulations. I am amazed at anyone that can write a whole book.

  504. I think we are all excited to get your book. I’m sure you are over the moon. Congratulations!! Please pick me. :)

    Also? Please come to Maine.

  505. While I recognize that I live in the ass-end of nowhere, I’d LOVE it if you came to Lafayette, Indiana. You could howl at the moon with the wolves here. (I’m serious). You could…um, I’m out. That’s about the only interesting thing we do here, unless you’re into small-time college football or chain restaurants. (I’ll also point out that the howling at the moon thing was all my mother could focus on when we told her we were moving here and supported her fear that midwesterners eat their young. Even though wolves don’t, as far as I understand it. I’m really not a wolfologist, even though I live in such close proximity to groups of people who regularly go howl with them. In any case, I’m not sure that Mom’s fear was entirely rational.)

    Looking back over what I’ve written so far, I don’t think I’ve done a great job of selling you on a stop in Lafayette. But anywhere in the midwest that’s within a 4-5 hour drive would be awesome. And I speed, so that opens the radius somewhat.

    Emily Guy Birken recently posted Just Hum the Mission Impossible Theme to Yourself.

  506. Congratulations! Thanks for the give away, but I REALLY wanted the cat butt to be included, too. :-( I suppose I could settle for just the book/audiobook.

  507. Very excited for my favorite blogger!

  508. 509
    Lisa Moore


  509. Congratulations! What are you going to do on your tour? I’m picturing a David Sedaris style reading, but only for small groups in bookstore bathrooms… It sounds amazing. Bathroom acoustics are incredible.

  510. So awesome! I’m really happy for you. I already pre-ordered, but if I win this I can give my pre-order copy to an unsuspecting family member, thus expanding your empire. Fan base. Minions. Whatever.

    Anne recently posted Last Chance Guesses & My Adorable Mom.

  511. I love you, I will love your book. Can we throw a little East Coast on the tour? Do I hear some Philly? Baltimore? DC? Throw me a well-dressed taxidermied bone here. Gracias.

  512. Congratulations! I cannot wait for this to come out. :-)

  513. Pleasepleaseplease come *somewhere* in Florida on your Tour of Awesomeness?

  514. 515
    Shelley Shearer

    So very wonderful!!!!! I wish you were coming out to the East coast area, but I will be with you in spirit. But not in that creepy psycho spirit way. I can’t wait to read your book!

  515. Come to Australia!
    We have sharks: this post is now totally on topic.

    Missy recently posted Money Matters.

  516. 517

    OMG, please come to Orlando!!!! Or anywhere in Florida, really. Except the Panhandle. That’s not real Florida. Or go to Chicago because then I can fly home to visit family and friends and see you at the same time. Win Win.
    Lastly, Congrats on your book! I just ordered it earlier this week. Now you have me intrigued with your audio book, though…..

  517. Very exciting, congrats!

  518. Ohmygod;ooooohmygod;ohmygod!!!! I can’t WAIT to reach this…. I love the freaking out mode…. That’s my normal mode in life.

  519. CONGRATULATIONS!! thrilled for you. (and would be thrilled for me if i was to win both of these!)

    hello haha narf recently posted Life Changing.

  520. Yay! How exciting! I’d love a signed copy!
    Good luck on the tour!

  521. But when are you coming to Canada?!

  522. I’m kind of dying for your book! Reading your blog is one of my favorite parts of the day!

  523. PLEASE come to Washington, DC. If you do, I will be there with BELLS ON. Literally, I will wear bells. And then every time I laugh, I will tinkle too. It will be AWESOME.

  524. I, of course, want your magnificent book AND audiobook but the second my cat saw your cat butt…well…let’s just say she’s a brazen hussy.

  525. Congratulations!!

  526. That is so.freaking.awesome!! You deserve much success and if the whole book is as amazingly hilarious as the excerpt shared about HR then this will be funniest, most awesome book ever!! CONGRATS!

  527. Congratulations! Good luck with the tour. If I was still in Texas and not in Virginia, I would totally be there. But I will send my friends.

  528. Yes! But why aren’t you coming to Kansas City?!?

  529. YAY!! Come to Kansas, and I would be willing to go on hunts for taxidermided ferrets with you!

  530. The only thing better than my preorder copy withthe signed bookplate would be a copy early! Congrats!




    EdT. recently posted AWW: Neighborhood, Pt. 3.

  532. Love your blog, you had me hooked with your metal chicken posts! Can’t go into that store without looking for giant chickens! Would love to win a book!

  533. Ok wait, that comment made it sound like I would pee if you came to Washington DC. That is not what I meant. (Although to be honest it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility). Don’t let that stop you though!

  534. So excited for you!! My first book is coming out next week and I’ve been jumping up and down ever since I got to see the first yes-it-looks-just-like-a-book proof. Ask my friends…they are all deaf from the screaming.

  535. First, Would LOVE an autographed book, and second, wish you were coming somewhere like Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Madison! Come visit us in the north, we’re fun!

  536. If you came to Michigan, I would SO come see you! I can’t wait to read the book tho! (A signed copy would be great!)

  537. Congratulations Jenny! I am so proud of and for you. I can’t wait to read it!

    Wishing you book chart success and sleep filled nights, you deserve both so much!

  538. Add me to the list of “more East Coast tour locations” please!

  539. How very exciting! I can’t wait to read your book, congratulations!

  540. Congrats! Look forward to reading.

  541. I am a little disheartened that you will not be touring bathrooms instead, but excited for you to tour nonetheless! :-D

    Also- Yay cat butts! Although I’m glad you’re not giving the cat butt away because if I won it I’d be sad because my cat butt would probably eat your cat butt. I live in a one cat butt household.

    Also, I just said cat butt* five times. I think that’s some sort of record.

    *Six if you count this one.

  542. That’s really awesome. Congrats!

  543. Can’t wait, I will also be getting one for my SIL, we both love your blog!

  544. I’d love to read it! Congrats!

    Anna recently posted The Haircut.

  545. And I’m with Lisa…Florida needs you!

  546. Having your own book is SO EXCITING!!!!!!! Congratulations – I cannot wait to get mine in the mail next month!

  547. Oh my! I already ordered the book, but I am lazy and could TOTALLY use an audio version!

    oh, yeah. Come to the South! Your strange habits will fit in perfectly here!
    (you may even think WE are strange…. )

    You should have a book signing in Westville! You and your family could dress up and fit right in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heidi’s review just made me so freakin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Candice recently posted Gardens and flowers and veggies galore!!.

  548. Awesome!!! Such an accomplishment!

  549. Book Tour!! Come to DC!!

  550. Congrats to you! YAY!

    Kathleen recently posted Jumping for Joy.

  551. If you come to the Chicago/Michigan area I will buy an additional hard copy of the book just so you can sign it for me. Although I pre-ordered so hoping I can get the sleeve still anyhow.
    Can’t wait!

  552. Wish I lived anywhere near where you’ll be doing your book tour. I can’t wait to read your book!!! SUPER BIG CONGRATS!

    Jennifer recently posted I’m pretty darn excited about this show! And the rest of....

  553. CONGRATS!! No Chicago on the tour??? :'(

  554. 555
    David Cutler

    Dear Jenny,

    1) Please visit Atlanta on your book tour. 2) If this comment wins your book give away, please donate the prize to some loyal reader who is having trouble affording you book (my copy is long ago ordered from Amazon).

  555. Where’s your Philly date? We love you in Philly. We’re a city, too…right? (okay, I used to live in New York, so city…not so much) but come on! I know that the dates you already have are going to be hard enough for you, but I was so hoping that I could get to see you and maybe even meet you in person. I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life and I am so inspired by what you’ve been able to do, especially that its not totally in spite of, but by embracing those parts of you (plus some in spite of, it seems). Rock on, woman!

  556. WOO HOO!!!! I can’t wait for my copy to get here. I am really, really looking forward to reading it! :D

  557. 558
    Sarah Griffin

    Please please please come to Raleigh, NC!!

  558. Free awesome books! Yay! (And congratulations!)

  559. What joshua m. neff said in comment #1. COME TO KANSAS. You can sit in my bathroom if you’d like.

  560. Congratulations to you! Hope you make a stop in Oklahoma. No one ever stops here but I can always hope. ;)

    Barbara recently posted I Will Walk 500 Miles.

  561. Awesome! Hope I can make the Austin one!

  562. Plus- I can’t wait to read the book. :)


  563. Here is my comment and crossed fingers! And please, please, please ask them to send you to Orlando!

    elisabeth recently posted Sinus Shenanigans.

  564. I’m excited for you! I even plan on buying your book and not pirating it off the interwebs!

  565. Wish you were coming anywhere near Memphis, but it’s not a hot spot for book releases. I’ve already bought the book on Amazon pre-sale so I can’t wait!

  566. 567

    Come to Pittsburgh, PA or someplace which isn’t as nice but is within reasonable driving distance of where I live. Not that I’m selfish or anything. In fact, I will unselfishly fill my car with several friends who are also big fans of yours, and bring them with me. Just for you.

  567. Minnesota – come to Minnesota! We have the nicest bathrooms. Ok, maybe not, but they probably rank somewhere in the top 10…or 20. Definitely nicer than Tennesee and South Dakota, that’s for sure.

    I am so excited for you book to be released! Good luck on your tour!

  568. 569
    Cathy Carey

    I got mine on order and hope to get one of your furiously signed bookplates too! I won’t be able to see you but if you get sidetracked to Madison, WI somehow I’ve got two cat butts and a basement bathroom waiting for you. Um, sorry, that sounds creepy…..

  569. I can’t wait to read it! You need add a stop in Florida to your tour! Me and my curlers will be first in line. Congratulations and best wishes for all the more fabulous things I know are in your future.

  570. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited to get my grabby hands on that sucker next month and read my face off. Not like “Face-Off” the movie, though. No one wants Nic Cage to show up when they’re reading. That would be just the worst.

    Amy recently posted Basketball and Murdering.

  571. Please PLEASE pretty please come to Seattle!!!

  572. I am going to add Denver to the list of cities you should come to. But I would love a copy of your book. I am in the process of converting friends and family to the awesome ways of Bruce and Juanita.

  573. Congratulations!! I wish you were coming closer to me–I might actually brave the crowds for you :)

  574. Congratulations!

  575. Me, Me, Me! Although I’m in the UK – can I now order from Amazon direct?

    Amanda recently posted It's That Time of Year Again.

  576. Congratulations! Wish you were touring near me!

  577. Can’t wait for your book! Your blog made me laugh when I was having some post-partum depression issues. Those laughs were very needed!

  578. I hoped to win an ARC from the book sites I stalk, the lottery goddesses did not see fit to reward me. I would <3 to win an audio or a copy. Best of luck on the tour!

  579. Congratulations! I’ve never listened to an audiobook before, but I think yours would be a great one to start with. Also, you should come to Colorado on your tour.

    Audrey recently posted Have Baby, Will Play.

  580. Denver is right in the middle of California and Texas. You know what I’m saying.

    Is it sad that the arrival of your book (audio READ BY JENNY WOO HOO!!), the release of Diablo 3, and the release of the Hunger Games film are the top three most exciting things I have to look forward to in the next two months?

  581. I also wish you would come to Chicago! (and wishing I might win your book!)

  582. Hooray and congratulations! I hope you come to Richmond, VA!

  583. Congrats! Can’t wait to read your book!

  584. 586
    Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    I want to read your book so much! But I have the “broke and in college and asking my daddy for money all the time” so I can’t really justify the purchase anytime soon . . . I hope I win!

  585. I am so happy for you that I am overlooking the sort of scheduling that sends you to New York, where the hotels have lamb burgers.

    Slim recently posted Your Advice Is Unsolicited for a Reason.

  586. Can’t wait to read it!

  587. Come to Columbus, Ohio. We never ever touch ourselves there.

  588. I can’t wait for the book! I’m considering also getting the audio book just to hear you read it. Good luck on your tour, wish you were coming to Boston!

  589. So excited for you! Can’t wait to read it!

  590. Will you be wearing hair curlers to your book signings? (Just curious.)

  591. Where do we comment to win the cat butt? I mean, I’d LOVE the book, but lots of people will have that. Far fewer will have cat butt.

  592. I’m so excited for you! And deeply disturbed– no DC stop? You might be just what this city needs.

  593. Nothing better than having your book in your hands! Conrgats!

    Melissa recently posted Great Falls Climbing.

  594. Come to Phoenix, we’re fun! :)
    Can’t wait to read this book!

  595. 597
    Tessa Briley

    Omg, I soooooo want a book!

  596. So very excited with you!!!! I am looking forward to reading it so much so that I will be putting my anniversary celebrations on hold to read the book. I would LOVE to win!!!

  597. Hope i can see you when youre in NY! You can come hang out in my bathroom!

  598. So excited for the book! Also, if I win, I’d actually like the cat butt (and the rest of the cat it belongs to :-))

  599. I’m going to buy your book but I also let the library know its coming out! I just want a back up copy close by in case of an emergency!

  600. Looking forward to reading your book! :D

  601. OMG! Freaking out for you, too. Congratulations!

  602. I love the book trailer that Penguin did for you book. Can’t wait to read it.

  603. Very excited for you Jenny! Come visit Maryland!!!

  604. I wish you all the best on your upcoming tour! I hope you sell a lot of books but, most importantly I hope you finally meet all those who have come to enjoy your words that in invoke visions that make us all laugh and cry in the same paragraph. Good Luck!

  605. I’m beyond thrilled for you! Reading your big has made me such a huge fan but also care about you and your struggles and your successes like my own. You are completely amazing and I can’t wait to read your book that I’ve had pre ordered since early December!!

  606. Congratulations!!

  607. Don’t pretend this comment never happened :-) Seriously, if you ever come to Rochester, NY, i’m there.

  608. Come to Florida! We have freakishly large insects. Oh, we have sunshine, oranges and pretty beaches, too

    Sandy recently posted Assuming The Position.

  609. I second (or probably 10th at this point) coming to Chicago, or better yet, Minneapolis. It’s a great place to visit 5 months out of the year. We only have blizzards in April on very rare occasions. By May you are (usually!) safe.
    I’m so thrilled to get the audio version of your book. I have a feeling it’s going to be like David Sedaris’ books – once you listen to one you can never read them on your own. Half the enjoyment comes from hearing him read the story. I’m purposefully scheduling a road trip after I get your book so I can listen without interruption.

  610. That is AAA AWESOME!!!! If I were randomly chosen to receive this most precious book I would immediately share it with my AAA Awesome friend Kate, and revel in the book I’ve already pre-ordered. Just sayin…I give books, like crazy.

  611. 613

    Aww – no cat butt?

    Seriously though, a chance for a signed copy? Yes, please. :) I don’t have a lot of signed author stuff, but it would be in good company with my signed Neil Gaiman poster from CBLDF.

    Oh and please come to Canada. We’re nice up here. Honest.

  612. Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas.

  613. Hey Jenny, do you ship international? ;-)

  614. Cannot wait to read your book!

  615. I think I kind of love that San Angelo is on your tour stop. Does anyone purposefully go to San Angelo? ;)

  616. And Boston, we have…the Freedom Trail? Can’t WAIT to read the book.

  617. I can’t wait to read it!! So sad you’re not coming near North Carolina.

  618. 1. I would love a signed anything from you.
    2. You deserve every success there is to have.
    3. The thought of you going on book tour had never occurred to me; I now realize if I went I would suddenly shake and wheeze and meet you with ugly tears and nose bubbles. You know. Like a freak. So please take my absence as an affirmation of my liking you. Cause you don’t need to see that.

    PS, do you sell Beyonce bookmarks? I am going to check your store. Cause that’d be awesome.

  619. Congrats! See you in NY

  620. Amazing! The entire office will be jealous when the book arrives. We are planning a luncheon to go and retrieve the book (should it not arrive early)… on a patio somewhere that we can read aloud, so all of the patrons can enjoy the humor that is you. Thanks! Keep writing…

    Melanie recently posted Let's get back to fitness..

  621. I can’t wait to get my copy of your book. The minute I get more details about your signing in Dallas I will mark it on my calendar and be there in person to get your autograph!

  622. I’ve already pre-ordered it for my Kindle!

  623. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. It’s so great to see hard work rewarded. One question, though – will your book tour be conducted from the various bathrooms?

    Rebeccah recently posted Do You Support Women's Sports? I Haven't And That Need To Change..

  624. Please come to Florida! Orlando or Tampa specifically! Thanks!

  625. Hooray! Book news! So excited it’ll be out soon! You should come to Canada for your book tour; we’re very nice and we’d give you beer!

  626. Mazel Tov! Just wait until you see it on the shelf in the bookstore or someone reading it in the park. On a more serious note, I don’t see BOSTON on your tour list. Is there anything we can do to expand the tour? You could do the reading from my bathroom and I would hand the copies in to be signed along with martinis.

    River Vox recently posted "We are all bigger on the inside.".

  627. Booo! No Midwest stops? I’ll be crying over here in Wisconsin. But mucho congratulations on the publishing of your book. I’m super happy for you!

  628. Yay! This IS exciting news! Though, truth be told, I was kind of hoping a cat butt was included in the prize. Maybe you can let Ferris Mueller roll around in the book a little bit so it’s nice and hairy, so we can feel like we got a cat butt?

  629. Congrats…Chicago please!

  630. Whats up with no Florida dates?

  631. Congratulations!

  632. Too bad about the cat butt not being part of the giveaway, but I would totally take the book or audiobook as back-up prizes.

  633. Awww… You’re not coming to Indiana?

  634. OMGIAMSOEXCITEDFORYOU!! I can’t wait to see you when you come to Dallas and I really can’t wait to get your book!! WOOHOO!!!

  635. 637
    Rebecca Orr

    I have just recently started following your blog. You are a riot. Thanks for making my day just that much better!!

  636. Awesome! I just wish your book tour was coming somewhere closer to me!

    Jenn recently posted Banana Split Muffins.

  637. Congrats! I agree with everyone who has told you to stop in Kansas… but, I want to clarify that you need to stop near Kansas City, not Witchita or Topeka, please. :)

  638. So cool. I have to share the news with my friends that haunt you site!

  639. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and never commented. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve literally laughed out loud while reading it. Your heartfelt words about depression have been a way for me to connect with my sister who suffers from bipolar disorder. She reads your blog now too. Good luck with the book. I can’t wait to buy a copy.

  640. You should definitely make a stop in Chicago! I can’t believe the book will be out next month! Can’t wait!!!

  641. What no Chicago??? We love you in Chicago.

  642. I’d love a book!

    Jennifer Jo recently posted roasted vegetables.

  643. If I were my daughter I’d say “SQUEEEEEEEE!”, but I’ll just go with “YAY!”

  644. OMFSM i wish you were coming to North Carolina!

  645. Come to Kentucky and drink bourbon with me! We’re way screwed up here and would adore your freakish ability to make us all feel normal. :)

  646. Ummmm, that’s kind of AMAZING. I’m hoping a Florida location will be added. Orlando would great, like really really really great.

    Also, I can’t wait until next month OHMYGOD!!!!

  647. Congrats!!! We’d love to have you in North Carolina ;)

  648. Wish I was in Texas cause I so would come to one of your tours. Need to go buy your book, can’t wait to read it! but an autographed copy would be fantastical! :) Congrats

  649. I NEED this!

    Aaron recently posted Teatime!.

  650. I WANT YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I did buy the e-version, but it would be sooo much cooler if you’d written on it. Or you can just sign my e-reader. Whatever.

  651. I am eager to read your book and I would love to see you on the book tour. Are you coming to Boston?

  652. I can’t wait to read the book! Also, come to Minnesota on your tour! It’s not cold here!

  653. BOSTON??? You should come, I get to celebrate my birthday on 4/17 not only reading your book but shooting people (in the face of course) with paintballs… it will be awesome!

  654. Please, please come to DC! We have the Xanax ready to meet you in the bathroom…

  655. Would love a copy of the book – after I finish, I plan on giving to my mom (who imparted to me the importance of enjoying the simple strangeness of life). But, WAAAA – why no Baltimore?

  656. Can’t wait to read it!!

  657. 659

    Pick me, random number generator!! Blue WIllow, I’ll have to find out where that is and see if I can make it there after work..

    Do all these places have big enough bathrooms for all of us?

  658. 660
    Cherie Alberski

    This is so exciting! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. Therefore, I would love to win a copy! PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME!PICKME! (Sorry, that was a little obnoxious)

  659. So excited I can hardly wait! A friend has already asked to borrow the copy I pre-ordered, so if I win, I’ll just give it to her. :)

  660. I have never wanted to win something so badly in all my life!

  661. that is so exciting! i would have screamed very loudly as well! oh and i so want to win the book!

  662. 664
    Mrs. Meg C

    I have a bookplate on the way, but I totally want that cat butt!

    I’d love to hear the audiobook so there won’t be pauses while I dry my eyes from laughing and crying so consider me really excited about the giveaway.

    Also, if you should desire to visit Chicago or Indiana my bathroom is open and cozy. You can meet people in there and I’ll cook for whoever wants to come stand in line to visit you.

  663. 665

    I have to say, I’m a little sad not to see Minneapolis on that list. I would totally be there! –whomp whomp

  664. 666
    Neil powell

    Thrilled for you hun!I can’t wait to get a hold of the book myself,i may have my own panic attack.Wish you could come to Florida,but one of these days I’ll catch you in TX.Thank you for being such a wonderful and hilarious part of my life everyday via your blog!

  665. YAY! So excited and can’t wait to read it. Wish you were coming to St. Louis . Also, since I have already ordered the Kindle version I’d prefer the signed cat butt. In return I will send you a picture of my cat holding twine.

    Katie recently posted Heavy on My Mind.

  666. Damn, I’ll hang with you in the bathroom during your reading or book signing or whatever.

  667. You should completely add KY to your book tour list. We have tons of critters on the side of the road that you can have taxadermied.

  668. This is totally awesome!!!!

  669. I am SO EXCITED for this book. You need to come to Tennessee, that would be awesome. :D

  670. Dude.
    I would be screaming and happy wild dancing if I were in your shoes. Keep up the awesome!

  671. Oh my goodness, I would like one of these, pleases! If you can post them to London, that is. Not the cat. I am pretty certain that posting cats to the United Kingdom from Texas is not something we should be attempting. even for comedy purposes. Good luck with the readings!

  672. Come to the Midwest! Chicago and St. Louis are nice in the Spring! :) Yay book!

  673. Dear Goddess Mother of Beyonce, I can’t WAIT to come to your book signing in Corte Madera on April 20th!!! I may feel compelled to bring MY metal chicken, Ross (guess where I bought him?)…and friends! Congrats on the new book, I can’t WAIT to read it!!! Yours in taxidermy love, Amy

  674. 676
    Katie Lynn

    Congratulations! From the excerpt you posted the other day I know it will be hilarious (like everything you do). If you make it to Michigan I would love to go to a signing! (this offer is anywhere in Michigan. Seriously. You choose the UP? I’ll be there. Mackinac island? Yup. Detroit? Same. Just don’t go to Ohio and forget about us, okay? I hate when that happens)

  675. You REALLY need to come to the Baltimore-Washington area, I’d totally come to hear you speak. Or hang out in the bathroom with you. Either or.

  676. PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! Sheer pandering is what I do best. OMGYOURBOOKCOMESOUTNEXTMONTH!!! I want twine

  677. 679
    Caitlin Neely

    Come to Cincinnati sometime!

  678. Yay! Cannot wait until my book arrives

  679. I can’t wait. Is the signing taking place in the bathroom?

    Karen recently posted I'm going to go ahead and change my name to Monet.

  680. 682
    Julie in TX

    I want one!!! See you in San Antonio!

  681. Anne Boleyn did not have six fingers on one hand.

    Random drawing requires random comment, right?

    Go Jenny! Congrats on all of this, and it’s been a pleasure reading your posts as you go through this! You’re going to meet so many amazing fans on your tour! (Although your tour seems a little Texas heavy…Kansas City is not that far north, really. Just sayin’…)

    Susan recently posted Monday Morning Mind Blow.

  682. Congrats! And I agree with people who want you to come to their state – swing by MN :-)

  683. This is my first comment on A blog (not just your blog) ever . . . no big deal. Congrats on your book! If you and Bon Jovi went on tour together, my life would be complete. Seriously, you could do readings in between songs.

  684. 686
    Joseph Finn

    Hooray! Congratulations on the culmination of all the hard work!

  685. 687
    Barbara Stecker

    Congratulations! What fun and terror! Take care of yourself,

  686. Congratulations!


    also, you should come to Cambridge/Boston. I will come see you in whatever bathroom you choose to hide in.

    Luna recently posted happy spring! (Taken with instagram).

  688. I want to just stare at the cover for months. It makes me happy.

    Danny Zawacki recently posted Varying Mentality.

  689. Oh, how I wish Kansas City was on your tour list!! I’ve pre-ordered the Kindle edition and now I really wish I had gone with the hardback, that cover is too perfect to not own.

  690. Comment FREAKING SUBMITTED. I await random selection. But not in a draft sense.

  691. I am so excited for you!!!! And I am excited for me because I pre-ordered my copy last night! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  692. …you sure we can’t win cat butt? :/

    K recently posted ALL the butts..

  693. Congratulations!!!!

  694. I wish you were coming to DC! We could use a good dose of awesomesauce around here.

  695. 697

    I would so bring you nachos under the table, if you came to Boston. I’d even bring you some to New York, if I wasn’t going to be in Flrida that week. So Please Please consider oming o Boston. I’ll make the achos myself and we can hide under the table together.

  696. Woo hoo! That’s awesome. (The cat butt is awesome, too.) Hope to see you in Austin in April!

    Milaka recently posted Gardening Update 3/18.

  697. Too bad you’re not coming to my tiny town… Can’t wait for the book!

  698. Come to Atlantic City! You could bring Beyonce here before Beyonce brings Beyonce here! Meanwhile, I’ll try to catch you in NYC :)

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