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  1. I googled “threesome” to see what I could find – the first hit was on a site called http://www.askmen.com. Rule #3? Keep yourself busy. So, be sure to let Victor know that if he feels he’s being ignored in the process then he simply needs to keep himself busy. “Just forget yourself?” Honestly!

  2. Er…um…speakerphone?? See now, I don’t leave voicemails. I do send emails to my husband at work. I will often randomly write BLOW JOB in my sentences to 1.) see if he’s paying attention and 2.) freak out whoever may be looking over his shoulder.

    Greta’s last blog post..5 in 5

  3. There is an I in “I don’t care what you say. I am not being selfish. I am taking care of myself so that everyone else stays happy.”

  4. I think that may be the greatest thing I have ever read. Well, other than some of the other posts I have read. The letter I does not appear in a lot of words, it’s more common than say, U or X, but not as common as A or E or S. I guess you could always commend him for his knowledge of letter value in the English language.

    Michael’s last blog post..Monsters everywhere

  5. There is no “I” in “Batswana;” however, there are like twelve “I”‘s in Mississippi, or four. And as we all know, Mississippi is the birth place of the 3some.

  6. Yes, I’m always careful when I get one of those machine voices as I’m never quite sure I’m in the right place. [coward] So I usually redial just to be on the safe side before I leave my message.

    Maddy’s last blog post..AAP

  7. HI I came over from Mom-o-matic (Any post with “threesome” in it ought to be good 🙂

    Too funny, your response could have been, “You’re right, but I get to pick the other guy.”

    I have a couple people who will no longer check voice mail on speaker because of me 🙂

    g-man’s last blog post..The sickies are back

  8. Victor is so uninvited to our next gathering.

    Unless he writes a book report that proves he read all Cosmo articles ever published that prove selfish women=happy women.


    Julie Pippert’s last blog post..Almost Famous

  9. If that strategy works, I’m going to start a religion to worship your husband so he can show us the path to fulfillment.

    “Come and follow me,” sayeth the Lord Victor. “I am the way, the truth, the meat in a Bloggess sandwich.”


  10. Suddenly wanting to be picked as one of Greta’s and g-Man’s best friends! ROFL.

    Jenny – you should never include your spouse in a 3some… always causes too much trouble with “I”.

  11. I think I’d be tempted to respond with, “I sure as hell don’t see U in threesome EITHER!”

    or “there’s a whole lotta I in ASS KICKIN’!”

    I don’t know if they’re actually RELEVANT responses, but they make My day!

  12. Shit. I want to leave a witty comment, but there’s no way I can top “there’s an I in vibrator.” I think I’ll go surf around the “Christian Rules for Sex” site instead. Then I’ll check out Mr. Farty, because the name makes me giggle. I’m pretty immature like that.

    You not only have the best blog, you have the best comments too!

    zenmomma’s last blog post..Toot McGroot and his all pachyderm marching band

  13. Is there some sort of menage a trois planned for the evening?

    You might mention there won’t be an “I” in husband once you gouge his out with a spoon.

    Candy’s last blog post..Post-Op

  14. lmao

    number one way to cure the threesome fantasy? find a picture of the fattest, nastiest naked or half naked woman you can find, send it in an email to vitor saying “i finally found someone to have a threesome with us! she’ll be over at 8 tonight. what do you think?!”

    Biddy’s last blog post..there is NO way this can be true

  15. There is an O in threesome… and isnt the “O” the entire point of a threesome anyway??????

    But if the I is the point, have a FIVEsome. That has an I in it, and it is much more fun with more “friends” (also with an I)

  16. That. was. HIL-arious!
    “There’s a ‘i’ in vibrator”
    “and one in divorce”

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