Happy Zombie Tuesday

Close your door, turn up the volume and dance like mad around your office. I swear to God it will totally make you feel better.

(This video comes from Larissa, the luscious intern from the Midwest Teen Sex Show.)

And while I’m busy just posting videos and not actually writing a real post I’d just like to remind you that homosexuality is a choice. Like cancer:

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  1. Hey Jenny – let us be free… let’s get outta this popsicle stand and go drink and see a movie!

  2. I would pay money to be free…or just act like a zombie when I have to go babysit three kids under the age of three…

    Might be worth it just to see the look on my best friends face when I go all um, free…

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..Don’t Blink

  3. No unfortunately you don’t… instead an appointment with the dentist. But I’d much rather be with you!! ; )

  4. BRAINS!!!!

    These both were super fun/amusing. And now, for some reason, I want to smudge black liner around my eyes and do a festive jig. Hmm.

  5. I thought zombies did stuff like eat your head…I had no idea that they frolicked in the park and danced like Molly Ringwald in “The Breakfast Club.”

  6. HEY!

    (here via a sort of incestuous Madness I Say/Flutter/my-own-super-sleuthing skills trifecta)

    ANYHOO, my cousin is Nikol of the Midwest Teen Sex Show and I’m just so goddamn excited that someone I don’t even know is talking about it I couldn’t hold myself back from commenting on a stranger’s blog!!


    Off to tell Nikol….And THANKS!

    Maggie’s last blog post..They didn’t draw-and-quarter me, holy crap!

  7. I want to be on your blogroll, but I don’t know how it will work since now I’m blogging on skirt! and I don’t have my own URL. You know my shoegirl blog address.

  8. Not a bid to be on your blogroll since I’m new here–just taking a moment to tell you that you are so effing funny!!!! (but you probably already know that : )

    Kristin’s last blog post..blogiversary

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