What? Only 180 comments?

Most apt comment of the day: “I think it’s official, if I ever need a link to ANY blog in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I just have to come here and click on your blogroll. Way to go. Many people have TRIED to index the internet, you have succeeded.”~Michael

Okay, the new blogroll is giving me fits.  First of all, every time I add more people it changes to another font and color for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Secondly, you people confuse me.  Should I list you by your tagline, your blog name, the name you post with, the name I know you by, or your url which inexplicably is none of the above?  Huh, Apathy Lounge/Anastasia Beaverhausen/Leibowitz/W.G.5 ?  In the end I just went with whatever name I call you in my head or the name of the bar we meet at or the name of the town we killed that drifter in so if you can’t find yourself it’s probably because you don’t remember who you are.  Sad. 

Also, a bunch of you asked me what the hell Technorati is.  Technorati is the devil.  It’s a way to check out who is saying shit about your blog.  You go there and put in your url and most of the blogs who have ever linked to you will pop up.  It is awesome.  And terrible.  Much like the apocolypse or my new purse which is soft as butter but either fake or stolen because I’m pretty sure that Dolce & Gabbana didn’t authorize an outlet out of the back of some guys car, regardless of how professionally the purse was stuffed with Pakistani newspapers.


Dude.  How did I get from Technorati to stolen purses in one paragraph?  Adult ADD. Talent.


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  1. Jen – You are totally there and have been for awhile. At first I thought I’d put you under “Jen” but there are too many of us. Then I thought “droolstreet” but that didn’t seem perfect either. Then I thought “The chick I wanted to bond with at blogher that was always too surrounded by admirers for me to break in and steal her” but that was just too long so I ended up doing “one plus two”. This is the perfect example of why blogrolls are way more complicated than you think they are. Much like soduko.

  2. Wow Jenny, thanks! I didn’t actually expect you to add me. But I appreciate the sympathy vote anyway. I feel like I’m sitting at the popular girl’s lunch table!

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Again?

  3. I *almost* bought a knockoff D&G in Venice, but even though the guys were sitting out there on the main tourist thoroughfare, in plain view of the cops, I just couldn’t get over my innate goody-two-shoesness.

    Cute purse! And thanks for making MY blogroll easier, in that now I don’t have to HAVE one. I can just come over here.

    ali’s last blog post..Post-Miami Dispatch

  4. Dammit you have made me laugh. Thank you for that. I appreciate being quoted. As for the whole blogroll thing and what to call people, the name of the town was Philomath(this is a real name of a town), but never mention the drifter i’m still not quite sure he’s dead.

    Michael’s last blog post..Answers to TT

  5. I was wondering about all the different colours in the blogroll, I thought it was some kind of code. You know, so you you could identify the sick and perverted blogs, but then I realised if that was the case, you’d only need one colour.

    Willowtree’s last blog post..Fun Monday – mastheads and menus

  6. Every post should end with a story of buying a great handbag out of trunk. Or even out of the mysterious back room. I can almost hear the “I sell it to YOU for thirty dollar” Sweet.

  7. 180..huh…know what that means? We like you, we really like you!! Wait, do you care?…lol…

  8. technorati is of the devil.

    i need to give you a photo of my fake coach bag that a friend bought me that is made of ultrasuede but is trimmed in what must be some sort of dead dog fur. freaky.

    i have not grown the balls to tote such a beast.

  9. My friend Ro bought herself a Coach purse at an auction, got bored with it, and tried to sell it on eBay before she was informed that it was a fake.

    That is why my 8-year-old daughter is now walking around with a Coach purse of her own. mk

    p.s. I have the invisible font in the blogroll. 😀

    markira’s last blog post..Drive-by Plowing

  10. You always side track me with those Technorati links. I end up going over there and losing like half a day. LMAO.

    Nice purse. Clearly tied to the mafia, though. Clearly.

    Kyla’s last blog post..Little Boy Blue

  11. If it wasn’t going to cost me $5 to say a swear…I totally would. Your blogroll is mega extensive toots! And, now I may have to investigate this technorati thingy. Like I need one more thing contributing to the delinquincy of my minor.

    Anglophile Football Fanatic’s last blog post..No Wire Hangers!!

  12. I like the font/color change thing… it spices it up a bit. At first I thought you were using color codes and font sizes to mean different things. For instance the maroon font on my blog means you like me the best. That kind of thing.

    Jeff’s last blog post..It really is the best of both worlds

  13. Since when did you start carrying a ginormous purse instead of those little “All I need is a tube of lipstick and my keys” bags? I don’t even know who you are anymore. By the way, I’m totally stealing that thing. I’ll leave you a $20, that should cover it.

  14. I stopped carrying the keys-and-a-lipstick purse back when I had Hailey because I needed a purse large enough to fit a diaper and a binky in and I am categorically against diaper bags. Then Hailey got potty trained but I started bloggging and needed something big enough to keep a notebook in so I could record all the ridiculous shit that Victor says to me so that I can share it here on the blog. So technically, I’m doing it for the world. You’re welcome.

  15. Also, I should mention that because this new purse is made to be “slouchy” I could probably compress it and fit it inside of one of my old tiny purses. If I fold it up it looks like a burrito. (And that should totally be Dolce $ Gabbana’s new advertising slogal.)

  16. I’ve managed to stave off the Technorati, but the hitcounter is my blogging crack. I check it so religiously I can identify regular readers by their IP addresses.

  17. Do you realize you’re the only person on blogger with an interest in “unraveling the very cloth of time itself”? I find that odd. Maybe it’s just phrasing.
    And while I have no need or earthly use for a purse, if that was Dolce’s slogan I may start carrying one, folded up of course.

    Michael’s last blog post..Answers to TT

  18. um HI. next time you find the dolce & gabana trunk outlet, you had SO BETTER CALL ME! Or, at least get me something delish and I’ll totally pay you back. Cause i’m all about stolen and or fake knock offs. you should see my red Gucci I got in Italy 🙂

    Biddy’s last blog post..i should have stayed in bed…

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