It doesn't help that I don't pronounce the L in "caulk".

I just saw this ad from the Blogher network and I cannot stop laughing at it.  Apparently GE Caulk is running some sort of contest for reviews about their awesome caulk and they decided to do an ad featuring some of the best caulk stories. 

Hi.  I’m eight:

I’m eight and I’m about to get kicked off my ad network.


Worth it.

PS.  Remember when I said there was a real, legitimate post coming?   Obviously I was lying. 

Comment of the day:  You made me very happy. I took this recently for similar reasons: ~Ingrid

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  1. One of my bloggy friends was sore from caulking. I told her not to hold it so tightly. He he he!! I love making caulk jokes with my hubby. It’s great fun!! Hi, I’m eight too!

    Traceytreasure’s last blog post..WOW!

  2. well, you know we have a motto in my house: just caulk it.

    covers everything.

    test that out, will you?

  3. Try walking into Home Depot or some place along those lines and asking or saying one of the following:

    Where can I find some caulk?
    It’s an emergency, I need caulk!
    Do you have any caulk for me?

    kate’s last blog post..List of complaints

  4. Caulk Singles, okay, but if you get doubles (or triples) it’s exponentially more fun.

    Or, so I’ve heard.

    ben’s last blog post..Want!

  5. Remember that you really need to work your caulk into the crack. Also make sure that the crack is smooth and clean any residue that caulk may leave

  6. This makes me sad. Cause we don’t say caulk like you guys so in my head while I am saying it in my Aussie accent I am all ‘yeah what now?’

    So I get Boo to say it. Cause he vacillates between being French and American.

    It is even funnier said by a nine year old with a French accent.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Duuuude! Point that thing outside.

  7. I’m really precise with my caulk. I followed every groove and bend of each crack, laying it down smooth and thick. I slowly work the caulk into the deep crevices to build up to the last smooth even stroke, pushing hard on the caulk base to get every last drop of that precious goo out. It’s funny how I didn’t know how many things improve with caulking. I am getting more caulk this weekend, even if I have to pay for it this time!

    Deb on the Rocks’s last blog post..Grad-u-ate Good Times, Come On!

  8. Also…I have the same ad group, and sometimes weeks go by when they can’t find a profanity free post in somewhat good taste to feature at the bottom of their ads. I’m doubting that we’ll see this post of yours featured either.

    Deb on the Rocks’s last blog post..Grad-u-ate Good Times, Come On!

  9. Is that why the expensive caulk lasts so long? Yeah, that makes sense. If you pay more for cock caulk, it should last longer, shouldn’t it?

  10. Seriously – I’m in my 40’s and can’t say caulk without wanting to giggle… because of which I go to great lengths to always try to pronounce the L so I don’t start giggling, and then I just sort of sound like I decided to start gargling in the middle of the word.

    Love this post!! 🙂

  11. My motto is: “A little caulk heals all wounds.” Or maybe I should change that to “A big caulk heals all wounds.”

    Tracey’s last blog post..Hung

  12. I ASKED BlogHer for the caulk, because it has been forever and I really need the caulk, but they claim my address is lost. Yeah, right. It’s because I’m fat, isn’t it?

    Suebob’s last blog post..Stuck in the middle

  13. To keep your caulk from drying up between uses, insert the largest size of galvanized nail that will fit in the hole, to serve as a plug.

    Also, when using caulk around the bathtub, be sure to clean up afterward. Otherwise, you might wind up with a caulk ring.

  14. Turns out I pronounce the “l” in caulk as well. I just stared at the screen for a solid 2 minutes and 32 seconds trying to figure out what’s so funny about cauLLLk. And then I realized…OHHHH COCK!!! They’re making jokes about penises….haha…penises in cracks…penises in farm animals…swingin’ penises in bach. pads.

    GOT IT!!! very funny indeed.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Bragging Rights

  15. I recently took a group of college students to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding efforts. And I was given the duty of caulking. So of course, I couldn’t resist saying things like, “I love caulk”, “this caulk is so easy to use”, “is there another caulk around, because I’m done with this one” … and then I remembered the group I was leading was from a church.. where I work. whoops.

  16. Caulk Singles? I frequently wish my caulk weren’t so damned single. Sometimes a caulk really just needs to fill a crack.

  17. Me too, Bethany, where do you live?? Wait, you aren’t that Bethany that I went to school with, are you? The one that had three legs, but only one arm? I guess I sure as as hell shoulda asked first, huh?

  18. In other words, I officially retract my invitation, but only if you’re THAT Bethany. If not, my address is wait, it might not have made me THAT horny. Fuck, maybe it didn’t really make me horny after all.

  19. And to think you left a caulk comment on one of my posts where you left the ‘u’ out when it should have been the ‘l’ all along!

    “After I had my episiotomy they used calk to fix that whole thing right up. Stupid me, I was all “You’re going to fix my vagina with cock?” Kick-ass!

    I was kind of high at the time and I’m relatively sure they were just joking about the calk thing anyway although it would explain why I looked like Franken-gina for a few weeks.”

    This doesn’t mean I don’t love you still.

    Alice’s last blog post..Sox – The Lorena Way

  20. How embarrassing. I left a drunken caulk comment *and* I spelled it wrong.

    Multiple times. I blame the caulk. Caulk can really mess with a girl’s mind.

  21. Wait, I thought these were you real posts. What have I been missing? Does it get worse or better from here?

    And you didn’t say one thing about my “ninja vaginas” phrase. So far, people have said that it should be the password for the BlogHer party and I have decided that we should have it printed on panties for the goody bags.

    Still nothin’ from you. That was for you.

    Velveteen Mind – Megan’s last blog post..Debunking, Defusing, and Demystifying the Big Name Blogger; Mommy or Otherwise. And Delurking You.

  22. A few of the benefits of GE Caulk Singles direct from their web site:

    Easy-to-handle package

    No instruction, experience, or additional tools required

    Cut down prep time and clean-up time

    Small enough to store in small spaces, such as the kitchen drawer

    Easier to dispense with one hand, eliminating the need for a gun or excess tools

    Reduce unnecessary waste by evenly dispensing from front to back of package

    Perfect size for most common caulking jobs

  23. i can’t do caulk. no really, there is a natural rhythm to handling caulk and i’ve tried, but i suck. at it. like a white girl dancing.

  24. I think I have to stop reading you (and your comments) until this baby comes out and my bladder control returns.

    Thanks, another pair of panties in the laundry.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Double Standard

  25. That is a riot! And not only because every time I’ve seen that ad on someone’s blog I thought it was hysterical & came up with a whole caulk dialog of my own! Love it!

    BTW–thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment–what an honor. 🙂

    Christy’s last blog post..Why My House Is Always A Mess (Reason #1)

  26. Our landlord at the office finds a way to fit into just about every conversation the following, “What you really need is a little caulk, cause, you know, a little caulk really goes a long way.”

    You don’t say.

    amanda’s last blog post..Punctuality is overrated…

  27. I’ve just said and read caulk so many times that I no longer know what it means, but it really is a funny word. I wonder if it could replace my excessive use of the F word, as in – Caulk Off! Does it feel as satisfying? No, but it has a nice mouth feel. I’m going to try it on for a few days.

    Ann’s last blog post..Best of Comments Vol. 1, With Cookies

  28. I love you! There just aren’t enough eight-year-old minds contained in adult women’s bodies out there! I see you’ve got plenty here…your audience rocks!
    I said “caulk” in my head twice before I even realized I don’t pronounce the “L” either. I will go share with my husband now. We’ve been meaning to use the silicone caulk all around the bathtub for months…

    2kids3martinis’s last blog post..Do You Like the New Look?

  29. UGH it sucks to be 75. Seriously. I must really like you.

    Okay the caulk one cracks me up (no pun intended) but the foot egg (you know the one I mean) gets me even more. I was already laughing at the commercials on TV for that.

    My mom cursed me and said, “Laugh laughing girl, your day is coming, and that egg will be your BEST FRIEND. Just you wait.”

    I thought she LIKED me.

    Julie Pippert’s last blog post..Where’s your comfort zone? Great, now jump out of it for the Hump Day Hmm!

  30. You know you’re famous now. You don’t even have to write anything yourself. You just toss out a word like “caulk” and let your faithful followers entertain themselves. It’s kind of like when Sinatra didn’t have to sing the words anymore. “Doo-be-doo-be-doo…” And the fans went wild. You’re the Sinatra of Blogoslovakia.

  31. I have the best caulk story! I was 20 years old and working for a large real estate developer. The superintendent was dictating punch lists for me to type up for each subcontractor. He was saying “caulk around the shower”…I was typing “cock around the shower”. Yep – it went to all the subcontractors like that!

  32. I used to work at Home Depot in the Paint department. My favorite day ever was when a very large, very manly contractor walked up to me and asked where he could find the “big, black caulk.” I almost exploded trying to not laugh.

  33. I once worked at a paint store and a lady came in and said

    “I need some black caulk.”

    I asked her to repeat herself three or four times so the entire store could hear her.

    Brody’s last blog post..The Order Disorder

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