I can’t stop watching this.

Best literal translation of an 80’s video? Almost definitely.

Comment of the day: I never quite understood what was supposed to be happening in that video… who doesn’t carry their own pipewrench just in case they get sucked into a comic and chased by cartoon miners/tradesmen? ~ Catherine

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  1. A-Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    califmom’s last blog post..Mah Bewb Mah Bewb: She cannont sleep

  2. Pipe wrench fight…

    Best part? This is one of my husband’s favorite videos from the 80’s. AWESOME.

    Minivan mom’s last blog post..They’ll give anyone a needle these days

  3. Oh how I miss the days when there were actually videos on Mtv. Now it is just that fake reality Hills nonsense. This was funny!

    Jen’s last blog post..Friday Eye Candy: Jen E.’s Picks

  4. Thanks, for crashing all my teen years. 🙂

    SoMo’s last blog post..Here We Go Again.

  5. “Band montaaaggge…” That’s fan-freaking-tastic. One of the best you tube videos ever.

    blissfully caffeinated’s last blog post..You May Have Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Glue

  6. Sketchy arm. HAHAHAHA.

    jane’s last blog post..Primate behavior: a case study

  7. That was hilarious. And sadly made me nostalgic for the real song. HA.

    Jessica (from It’s my life…)’s last blog post..Taking a fresh look at sins

  8. That is great! I am still laughing my butt off that another man attempted that high note!

    Kat’s last blog post..Name this Photo

  9. The best part is the part with the wrenches, I swear.

    PK’s last blog post..All These Things That I’ve Done

  10. You never disappoint, Jenny.

    One of my all time fave 80’s songs, btw.

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..BFL-WEEK- Who the heck knows what week it is?

  11. Oh sigh… these guys were my FIRST Norwegian Loves! You will all be happy to know A Ha is alive & well & still playing concerts in …Norway… not sure they get out very often…

    This takes me back to 7th grade spending all of my money at AstroWorld to play this video over & over & over… I love me a little Morten Harket… yum

    American in Norway’s last blog post..Friday Foto Fiesta..Giving thanks at Christmas

  12. Hahaha, I especially like the “Band Montaaaage” part. What a crap ass video, I LOVE IT!

    Lacey’s last blog post..Oh-Blah-Dee! Oh-Blah-Dah!

  13. *snort* No, watch it while inebriated and sit there for ten minutes watching it over and over thinking ‘I don’t remember it like THIS.’ THAT is the best part. And the bonus? Tomorrow I’ll get to do it all over again!

    derfina’s last blog post..All hail the Innocent Bystander OR My husband is not a douchebag

  14. Pretty fucking awesome!

    Auds at Barking Mad’s last blog post..In My ‘Hood, New England Style

  15. beautiful. i seriously thought you had lost it when it started but then the lyrics began and i almost fell off my bed. hilarious. i love the 80s….

  16. Holy Shit. THAT was awesome. I was crying and my kids were looking at me like I had finally COMPLETELY lost it…

    That guy is STILL hot, though. Isn’t he?

    tracey’s last blog post..Please excuse our colorful language….

  17. “I told you to stay away from my magic frame”!

    That’s going to be my new quote for anyone who comes near my desk at work. If that won’t scare them off, nothing will!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post..We’ve Been Partying Like it’s 1999

  18. I made my husband watch it with me. He was all, “What? Did they change the lyrics around or something?” It took him until halfway through to figure it out. (He was too busy listening to Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Metallica to bother with fruit music). I, however, loved that song and I’m not afraid to admit it. (This version pretty much kicks the original’s ass though…)

    Walking With Scissors’s last blog post..Clicking Her Heels Together

  19. I was watching for close to a minute before I realized they weren’t the real words to the song… lol!

    I remember in the 80’s thinking that was a creative video. But this version is even more creative!

    Micheal Savoie’s last blog post..Fastest Fat Burn Methods Explained By Zna

  20. Great stuff. Wanna see the same treatment done to “Safety Dance”.

    Steve’s last blog post..Falcon 1 Flight 4 Video

  21. oh how i love the sketchy arm!

    amyz5’s last blog post..Visit my new Photo Blog: Leaving the Zip Code

  22. It’s almost as literal as the movie Manequin. Am I the only one that remembers the line–something about a camel dung dealer from that movie?

    gingela5’s last blog post..I Feel Good for 100…

  23. omg that was fricking awesome! I have to steal this and post it. Err, borrow this and give you full credit. That’s what I meant, yeah.

  24. My hubby & I were laughing hysterically. I always thought that was such a freakish video.

    Anglophile Football Fanatic’s last blog post..Baby Got Back (with VPL)

  25. Oh…My…Gawd…! This was one of my absolute favorite tunes from the ’80s.

    I thought I recognized the video from the first frame, but something was a bit off. As I kept watching, I kept bouncing between roaring laughter, surprising tears and some heaving sighing.

    What a wonderfully strange, hilarious, deliciously nostalgic treat!

    MaryAnne’s last blog post..The Law of Duality – How to Multiply Online Profits and Create the Life of Your Dreams (Part 9)

  26. I saw this the other day via a tweet, isn’t is great? My Hubby and I started to sing our actions to the tune afterwards… you know like “Leaving the room, I need to see what the cat’s done” Ok not quite the same without the music but you get my drift.

    Belinda’s last blog post..Boogielastic

  27. You just made my night.

    Kyla’s last blog post..This says it all, really.

  28. That is the best video I ever/never saw on MTV. There should have been more blood though.

    kaila’s last blog post..All new Excellent Injury Thursday!

  29. Couldn’t watch the whole thing…

  30. Oh God. Now I am gunna be singing that all day.

    Better than ‘I kissed a girl’ I suppose. My husband keeps getting all freaking amorous when I sing that one.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Biz Cas Fri

  31. That was awesome! I’m gonna watch it again, and again, anf again!

    Anjie’s last blog post..I’ve been tagged!

  32. Wow, that took me back. Now how about some Thompson Twins?

  33. I, too, have been showing that to everybody who will watch, I love it!
    I actually had pictures of them on my wall in high school and knew everything about them, according to the gospel of Tiger Beat. I couldn’t tell you their names, if my life depended on it, now.

    Sue’s last blog post..Volleyball Party

  34. Perfect! That used to be my favorite song.

    Damselfly’s last blog post..What I’d Wear Wednesday: Recession chic

  35. Ahahaha! Oh man. I love the background singers- “Pipe wrench fight!” Pretty much better than the original. Badass.

  36. Haha that was great. Though I never quite understood what was supposed to be happening in that video… who doesn’t carry their own pipewrench just in case they get sucked into a comic and chased by cartoon miners/tradesmen?

  37. Believe it or not, I’d never seen this before.

    Rhea’s last blog post..The Remster

  38. Oh man. OH MAN! How could you stop watching it?

    And I’m all for watching Safety Dance. I guess I’m with Steve. And I don’t even know him.

    Janine’s last blog post..And then there was poop.

  39. That is amazing and awesome. I love it.

    zandor’s last blog post..I know it is bad to hate but…

  40. Oh, that is just brilliant.

    Sleep Deprivation Ninja’s last blog post..Dream: Cactus Tree and a Broken Bridge

  41. Jenny, you slay. Thank you for being you (I know, who else would you be?) I consider your posts therapy… which says a bit about me, huh?

    You have all my cyber love (but not my cyber sex… that’s reserved)

  42. That is so wrong. and delicious.

    flutter’s last blog post..I see you there

  43. I posted this a couple of days ago and keep watching it because it’s so freakin’ funny. “Close up eyes (close up eyes).” Heh. I’m never going to be able to sing the real lyrics again…..

    Major Bedhead’s last blog post..Well. That’s One Way Of Dealing With Gang Violence

  44. hahahaha….. i just saw your category…. phoning it in.

    i hope chapters 1-3 went better than chapter 4.

  45. That was the bestest, most awesomest, hilarious shit. I LOVE IT! I will now watch again and again and laugh until my stomach cramps up and the laughter comes out like a whiny wheeze.
    Thanks for phoning that one in.

    Mother Musings’s last blog post..BFFL aka Best Friends for Life, for the stoooopid people like me

  46. I hadn’t seen that video before either! I am embarrassed.

    I can’t stop watching this Ben Bernanke Police Tribute

    deidre’s last blog post..Drinking the Fat

  47. […] The Bloggess posted this yesterday. It’s the very literal interpretation of the video of Ah-Ha’s Take on Me, one of the catchiest tunes of the 80’s but with English that is sketchy at best. […]

  48. Can’t decide on my favourite parts… either “Baaaaaaaaand montage” or “this guy is gonna get an ass full of pipe wrench”.

    Thanks for sharing; this is hillarious.

    jess’s last blog post..Fat Kids Win At Seesaw… but not at Trivia

  49. That > original. I will now proceed to watch it again, then post it on my own blog (and link back here, don’t worry, you’ll get full credit for this fantastic find).

  50. Now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.

    Kylie’s last blog post..Death Trap Playroom

  51. I’m gonna be quoting this all day-

    “This guy’s gonna get an ass full of pipe wrench!”

    Honeybell’s last blog post..Tweeter and the Monkey Man; Part I

  52. Can’t wait to share this with my very own “80’s is great” partner…He will laugh his ass off–then we will be ass-less together!

    Martie’s last blog post..Calie, My First Baby…

  53. That’s so awesome I’m stealing it.

    Sunshine’s last blog post..All In the Costume

  54. Look! A-Ha and a ho!

    Sprite’s Keeper’s last blog post..Well, the Holidays ARE just around the corner..

  55. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

    Greta’s last blog post..Free Stuff and Is the Economy Making Us Fat?

  56. Ah man, I can remember watching this on MTV when it came out. It was so innovative. times they are a changin’.

  57. Yes, this is about my speed. I literally need to have things spelled out for me, especially the 80’s. I grew up in them, but only could only watch from the sidelines.

    Hairspray, flipped up collars and anything staring Molly Ringwald were against the rules.

    CK Lunchbox’s last blog post..CLARK KENT’S INBOX October 10th

  58. Crap that was killer man! Totally Awesome!

    KD @ A Bit Squirrelly’s last blog post..Things I Learned This Past Week

  59. […] I can’t stop watching this. » The Bloggess […]

  60. seriously awesome.

    Aimee Greeblemonkey’s last blog post..The Most Awesome Nephew In The Whole Wide World

  61. Is it sad that it took me a couple lines to realize this wasn’t the actual song? In my defense I haven’t seen this video in years.

    I think it was the “sketchy arm” that made me realize what was going on. Apparently I need more direction than most.

    JenK’s last blog post..I go on cartrips for the comedy

  62. What a stupid idea. It’ll never catch on and I’m definitely not stealing it for my own blog. *cough*

    Mr Farty’s last blog post..Sketchy Arm

  63. I LOVED that damn video. loved it….it was always my favorite. You know I’ll be back to watch it after I’ve had a couple martinis tonight.

    Vodkamom’s last blog post..How to Gross out Your Daughter, Part II

  64. This is awesome even though you just burst the fantasy of my former, tight-ankle-zip jeans and oversized-sweaters self.

    MommyTime’s last blog post..An Extraordinary Baby Gift

  65. I just saw that the other day – ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.

    Skeeeetch-yyyyyy Arrrrrrrm!

  66. “ass full of pipe wrench.” that’s so awesome it almost makes me want to carry a pipe wrench everywhere i go, just so i can use this threat.

    jenni’s last blog post..Phobia Friday: The Man Cold

  67. Yes! Ass full of pipe wrench! Can’t stop laughing! Love this kind of shit!

    Tattooed Minivan Mom’s last blog post..You Didn’t Judge My Cover

  68. I’m going to pretend you got this from my tweet the other day so that I can feel special and important. Also, because I have a sketchy arm too.

    The Introvert’s last blog post..misfit

  69. Gosh…those 80’s gave us some interesting music via Video. A-ha was cool. But I was all about wearing my sunglasses at night, lol!!!

    The Jonas Bros. tried to cover this song…no where as cool!

  70. That was AWESOME.

    [Pipe wrench fight!] AHA hahahaha!

    Nancy’s last blog post..Today you are four

  71. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khm0p3l6x2Q is my favorite 80’s vid and song.

    always, buddy’s last blog post..have a blessed day

  72. Saw that and wondered: “Do Scandinavian brains taste like American brains?”

    Just one of those unknowable things. I haven’t met any Scandinavians.

    Zombie Daddy’s last blog post..Lament of the Lost

  73. I posted something a couple of weeks ago about A-Ha and how I LURV them and LURV them and LURV them some more.

    The post included a YouTube video of this song. It was NOT this YouTube video. If I had seen this one, I would not have posted the real thing. I would have posted this and totally beat you to the punch.

    I’m PISSED.

    It makes me want to crumple something.

    bejewell’s last blog post..My Husband Ruined Sam Elliott’s Life

  74. I love this! Loved that video – Big time 80’s crush on that dude and his hair.

    Jamie’s last blog post..If……. Some questions to ponder ~

  75. You do bring the fun!

    Anissa@Hope4Peyton’s last blog post..Mission accomplished!

  76. How many hours were spent watching this classic video on MTV.

    Back when MTV equaled music videos, not reality shows. Gosh I miss the 80’s!

    Thanks Jenny!

    Mythbuster Beauty’s last blog post..Real Life Heroes: Cancer Up Close and Personal

  77. […] I go any further, I must implore, nay, DEMAND that you click on this link to The Bloggess and watch the most kick ass You Tube video (beside the trombone guy and Lego Death Star Canteen) […]

  78. This here? Is why you are on my “Most Stalkable” list. I absolutely HAVE to meet you, drink with you heavily then watch lots of YouTube. It’s a thing we must do. Then? We can post our own YouTube videos like that Miley brat and he far too old friend that you know is just hanging with her to bone her Dad.

    Kim @ Ponytaildiaries.com’s last blog post..Iz u dayerr intarwebzzz? Iz mee Squeaker.

  79. Well, that was just pretty darn cool !

    Swampy’s last blog post..What About Bill ?

  80. OMG- best line: “I’m handsome either way…”

    I used to loves me some A-Ha.

    Happy Hour Sue’s last blog post..Back From NYC!!

  81. That is GREAT!

    Jo~Jo’s last blog post..I’m baaack!

  82. That is awesome. I never did like that song . . .but my husband did – I think I’ll show this to him later and see if he can sing as high as that dude!

  83. My kids were telling me about this. The 9 year old was singing “Sketchy Arm”. Now I get it.

    Wendy’s last blog post..Thoughtful Friday- Writers Block

  84. So frickin hilarious….. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing so intently! A ha ha ha….

    Courtney’s last blog post..Famous, Famous, Fame Whore

  85. I can remember that they actually showed this video before real live movie theater cinema. Like we know you’re here for real entertainment, but first, this some art from a new medium called the Music Video.

    t2ed’s last blog post..Anything By the Bacon Brothers

  86. Holy crap I needed that! Thanks for the laugh, better than a cup of joe to wake me up.

    Summer’s last blog post..Walking for boobies

  87. “what kind of hallway is this?”. “Are we in your house?”. HAHAHA. LOVE IT!

  88. “Band Montage!” is the best!

    Lotta’s last blog post..Gross Halloween Candy 2008

  89. Who… who made this… this wonder? I feel as if I am born anew, and must pursue this lead much like climbing into a comic frame to a magical fucked-up land of melodramatic nonsense.

    If this is a series of smarmy literal interpretations of videos, I may have a new obsession to fill the days between Bloggess posts.

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..Origami es mi amigo?

  90. This is seriously about to top “Bill O’Reilly’s Producer: The Unseen Footage” by Barely Political wrt the number of times I’ve watched without it getting one bit less funny…

    Kate @ So Slight’s last blog post..The best thing to happen to A-ha since… something happened to A-ha.

  91. Best.video.ever.

    Even if I still to this day don’t understand a single line from that song.

    Candy’s last blog post..Dr. Joyce Brothers knows her stuff

  92. I just snarfed my Lean Cuisine onto my computer. Seriously. Spaghetti is hanging onto my screen. I think that the actors in the video are my neighbors who think it IS still the 80’s and have full fledged mullets.

  93. Your blog is far to funny.. I definitely am in some serious pain from laughing.. thanks

    L’s last blog post..Prayers for tomorrow

  94. how did you find that??!! I loved it!

    Fill’s last blog post..I like to curse…..

  95. OMG that video was hilarious!!!!!!! I think I liked that version a hell of a lot better than the real one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Becky’s last blog post..They Love Me… Really Love Me…..

  96. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the best! Thanks for sharing!

    Brandice’s last blog post..This had me laughing so hard!

  97. […] over at the Blogess found a really funny parody of an AHA video – Take me […]

  98. Goddamn, that is great. May have to post about these videos on my own blog. Thanks for the tip!

    Raging Dad’s last blog post..In others’ words

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