I. Quit.

Warning:  This is a real, not-very-funny and slightly angsty post.  If you want to skip it and read FMyLife instead I understand completely.  You asshole.

So something happened recently that I haven’t posted about because honestly it scares the shit out of me to say it out loud.

I was talking to my friend Erica about how writing is kind of destroying me.  I spend my whole day at work writing stuff in my head, then I get home and stay up all night writing down bizarre stories about ninjas and taxidermists and then I’m always exhausted because I’m getting no sleep and Victor and Hailey get screwed over because even when I’m with them I’m constantly scribbling on notebooks and napkins and my own legs and when I physically make myself stop writing my head gets so full it literally feels like it’s constipated.  And it’s not even constipated with good shit like poetry and kick-ass ballads.  It’s all jumbled stories about Cyclopses and why stealing toilet paper is good for America.  And Erica nodded and ignored the Cyclops references because she’s used to me and said “Okay.  If you won the lottery tonight, what would you do when you woke up tomorrow?” and without hesitation I said “I’d write.  I’d just…write.”   And it scared me because I said it with the same reverent tone that most people would use  to say “I’d travel the world” or “I’d become a Jedi”.  And Erica said that I was very lucky because most of the people she asks that question to say they’d quit and do nothing at all, but the fact that I knew what my passion was is a gift.  And then I told her to fuck off because a “gift” is the ability to eat enchiladas all day without getting fat, not something that feels like OCD and should probably be controlled by drugs.

But she’s right.  And that’s why last week, after eight years at the same company, I quit my job.  Quit.  In the middle of this terrible economy.  With no other job in sight.  To give myself a year to be a writer.   It’s pretty much the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever done in my entire life the last several hours.  And it feels so completely right.

PS. Also, I just want to point out that there are like 18 sentence fragments in this post about me wanting to be a professional writer.  Awesome.

PPS.  Get ready for a shitload of posts about cyclopses.

PPPS.  But not right this second because I gave like 3 weeks notice because I’m kind of the most awesome employee ever, in spite of the whole National Cleavage Day thing.

Comment of the day:  Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity.  They seem to be more afraid of life than death. ~ James F. Bymes  (who didn’t actually leave this comment here because he’s dead but it’s nice to say out loud to myself when I’m staring at all of these ramen noodles.)

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  1. Yay, I’m so excited for you, I’m so proud of you, that’s brilliant!

    I quit my job 5 1/2 years ago and I rarely get violently pissed off anymore. I mean I still get pissed off, but now I can do something about it. Or people pay me for that. Or they at least follow me on twitter.

    @ElizabethPW’s last blog post..ElizabethPW: @victoriapk one problem w/ living here is that we have to mow year round. okay, I pay a guy to do that. okay, to mow my front yard weeds.

  2. Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about the cyclops and ninjas. (And I think you are the only person I can “say” that to and really mean it…)

  3. I think that’s awesome. My wife (http://www.kcclifford.com) & I quit our jobs to play music full-time, and so far we haven’t regretted it for one second. Are we poor? Yes. But we’ll be fine. You are awesome, and I really enjoy reading your stuff. Sorry to be so crazy sincere and serious, but it seemed appropriate. More power to you, Mrs. Lawson…

  4. Congratulations! That’s very brave of you. If you don’t follow your muse, you have no idea where it will take you. Better to know than not.

  5. GOOD for you! I am proud of you. I know exactly how it feels since I did that about 3 yrs ago to grow my jewelry business full time. It was scarey but exhilerating at the same time. I had so many people tell me I was stupid and making a huge mistake – but here I am 3+ years later – making it happen even during tough times. I can’t wait to see where this takes you. If you need ANYTHING – please do let me know and I will do my damndest to help.
    Kick ass Jenny!

  6. That IS awesome! You’re my hero. I’ll be waiting for the cyclops stories, and whatever you decide to write for profit I will totally sign up to buy right now. You can totally write a book anbout ninjas or zombies or whatever the hell you like and just put the cleavage picture on the cover and you’ll be rich!

    EdenSky’s last blog post..

  7. You will be fine. I swear. And I’m not a glass half full kind of person. However, I did leave the devil’s lair (aka an ad agency) in November. Foolish from an income perspective. Inspired from a sanity perspective. I am so much happier I could scream. Yes, I’m broke, but I no longer shop. Yes, freelance work is harder to find than it has been in the past, but this isn’t a bad time to start something new because really, what do we have to lose? Plus, you already have a very strong foundation for a career as a writer. In fact, you already are a writer. Don’t look back.

  8. I get this completely, because reading your writing is like a compulsion for me. Unfortunately, while I read your stuff I’m really happy, but afterward I’m just wishing that I could have written it (not that I wish you would stop or anything…more that you would take a job as the voice in my head). Or perhaps you will let me put my picture beside yours on the blog since I want to take possession of everything you write…

  9. YOU GO GIRL!!! I think it is great you have the nuts to go after your dream. You can do it.

    BTW… Nice tits!

  10. Wow! Good luck. I’m quitting my job in 2 months. But that’s so I can go back to school and acquire 200,000 dollars in student loans.

    Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to see what comes out of the year off!

    Overflowing Brain’s last blog post..The R Word

  11. A wise man said today on twitter: I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m going to ask where they’re going and hook up with them later.

    Well you’ve proved him wrong – “you go girl!”, as you Americans have taught us to say.You might have a chance as a writer, a bit of practice maybe, you never know.

    And this despite you shunning me!

    Also sorry I didn’t post a pic of my moob cleavage yesterday; I was just too tired, & I couldn’t squeeze them together enough while holding the camera straight. Also my chest hairs were getting pulled & it hurt.

    Look forward to reading about Cyclopes’ toilet paper saving America!

    Greg’s last blog post..Uses of Twitter: Themed Tweeting

  12. YAY! Good for you! I did the same thing! Except I was called into an office and told, “Hey, you don’t have a job here anymore,” and I was all, “well, fuck you, I don’t want to work here anyway!” And then I burst into tears and threatened to sue and it’s ugly. But BY GOD, now I’m a writer!

    heather…’s last blog post..Fooled

  13. That is Great! You are a gifted author and lucky to have the problem of ideas spilling out on everything. Many, many would kill a ninja for half of the ideas that leak out of you! Find a way of monetizing this idea and you are golden!

  14. I think this is so awesome-in-a-good-way that I don’t know what to say. Except that “responsible” needs to be re-defined.

    Cyclopses and toilet-paper-theft-as-patriotism are totally under-documented.

  15. Good economy, bad economy…let other people talk about that. Follow your passion and the money will follow you. Just be sure you’re able to put on a marketer’s hat and make some money from your passion.

    I’m sorry I’m not funny–I just like what you do and don’t want to see you stop because of money problems.

  16. I had to leave my last job in November and I haven’t gotten a new one. Why? Well, one thing is I’m lazy. (Like, really freakin lazy…) But mostly it’s because I want to write. I want to practice. I love blogging and writing and I’m taking this time to just do it. I feel very lucky to be in a place where I CAN do this… and you should feel grateful for that too.
    I’m very happy for you. You have such a unique and amazing voice, and I can’t wait to read all of those crazy stories written on your legs. Congrats!

    Ally B’s last blog post..In the Waiting Room…

  17. There better specifically be a kick-ass cyclops story somewhere in the future. I’m happy for you.. somehow, I think you’ll be more than fine.

  18. What you are doing takes balls – and I’m 85% sure you don’t have any of those so it makes it that much more gutsy.
    I’m glad you’re taking the risk (because I’m scared shitless to try it myself). There’s a whole demographic of cyclops-loving TP stealers. Now go write your face off.

    Matt’s last blog post..Today is a Pet Sounds day.

  19. Good for you! I do all of the same things except I’m not even an eighth as funny as you. Thanks for doing what my inner id wants me to do. I will live vicarioulsy through you.

    Janna’s last blog post..Black Out

  20. Damn, Jenny.

    I am proud and jealous. I was reading that thinking “Shit – that’s MY head. Except the bit about toilet paper (you’ll have to explain that).


    Adam’s last blog post..Today is Ada Lovelace Day

  21. Ok, I got scared there for a little bit and thought you might be leaving us high ‘n’ dry in the blogesphere. Now that I know you’re sticking around, I am jumping for joy!! And so proud of you for taking such a brave leap.

    I want to be you when I grow up.

    Andi’s last blog post..Happy Happy Birthday To You From Me

  22. I know the feeling. sometimes there are just things you have to do or you’ll go insane. good luck!

  23. You are my hero! I can’t wait to buy your book…it will come in audio won’t it? Haha! Book or not book…WRITE!!!

  24. So thrilled for you! You gave yourself the biggest fucking winning Lotteria ticket ever, little Jenny. You got 7 out of 7 numbers right, baby. All in!

  25. You can TOTALLY thank me now because I swear to motherfuckingjesusmaryANDjoseph .. JUST LAST WEEK I said to myself “If Jenny didnt WORK she could post a hell of a lot more on her blog and make ME a happier person!!”
    SWEAR TO BABY JESUS and on ALL my kids these thoughts occured to me just.last.week.
    This is not the first time my thoughts have willed something to actually happen .. in fact it happens a lot. Its kind of scary.

    For the last several months I have been obsessing about finding a way to quit my job and go to school full time ONLINE so’s that I can stay at home and be an awesome mom (where ‘stay at home and be an awesome mom’ really means ‘stay at home and be a lazy twat’ – honestly).
    Well .. about six weeks ago I didnt exactly QUIT my job, but I did something that resulted in my job quitting ME .. and I was RELIEVED. Not scared even though I have five children and NO income .. but RELIEVED.
    I promptly enrolled in online classes and SHIT YOU NOT over the last six weeks Ive had roughly $11,000 fall from the sky and into my lap.
    Best wishes to you .. Im very please to hear that I willed you into quitting your job so that you may spend more time entertaining ME.

    Madness’s last blog post..Daughter: "Mom, when is easter?" — Me "LaLaLa I cant HEAR YOU!"

  26. That takes some guts, Jenny. Good for you for doing what you want.

    I’m also one of those people who was like ‘shit, she’s not quitting blogging, please no.’

  27. You are awesome. Wish I had the balls to do something like that. Well, maybe not balls…ginormous tits maybe. Or one ginormous tit so that all the cyclopses out there could stare at my chest and not have to focus their one eye on two tits. I bet there’s a market for this. I’m going to look into it. 😉

  28. As Curley said in ‘City Slickers, “Find that ‘one thing’ and the others don’t mean sheeat.” Congrats to you on finding that ‘one thing,’ Jenny. I know you’ll do some great things with it — as if you haven’t been for years now anyway.

    Unfortunately for me, I can’t quit my job to go concentrate on *my* one thing, which sorta has to do with ‘National Cleavage Day,’ and really doesn’t pay the bills (for me anyway), so it’s still gonna be ‘run, rabbit run’ for yours truly…at least for a few more years.

    AJ in Nashville’s last blog post..It’s Just Another Kind of Grass

  29. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!!! (Okay, it’s because I now have more of you to enjoy while I’m ignoring my kids! Not that I ignore my kids or anything. I mean, I play with them and they learn A LOT from TV and all…)

    I’m just going to stop there.

    amo’s last blog post..Don’t all men know cardinal directions?!

  30. Thank god you didn’t quit writing. I just got to know you yesterday. (This is all about, of course.) Best and get that book deal soon!

  31. I threaten to quit my job every day, but then I’m immediately seized with a gripping vice anxiety that can only be calmed by one of my patented Xanax/Lortab Margaritas which I can totally give you the recipe for. It’s basically just pills and some limes. Except I usually don’t have any limes because I never buy them because someone once told me that tarantulas like limes and sometimes get packed into grocery store shipments and that would just freak me the fuck out. They may have been talking about grapes, but I don’t take any chances.

    Lemish’s last blog post..I pity the fool

  32. I quit my job in March of 2003. We owned a condo, my wife was in law school, and I was the sole earner. But it was soul-crushing and I’m kind of irresponsible. We had some savings, and a student loan, and Emily had a job lined up for October that also shelled out some cash for her to study for the bar exam in June. I mean, I wasn’t completely crazy or lazy. I just said “I don’t like my job, and I don’t think I’m going to go anymore.” Then I stole that a stapler and beat the shit out of the office equipment.

    Between March 2003 and September 2003 I stayed home. I learned how to cook. I learned how to shop. We lived on $50/week in groceries. I drank a lot. My last day of work I left early and took Emily to Disneyland and won a cruise to the Bahamas. We took that cruise in May. After Emily wrote the bar exam we took off on a two week road trip from San Diego to Vancouver and back. I drank a lot. In September I went back to school, but over Labor Day we took our moms to Disneyworld for a week. We ran out of money right before Emily’s first paycheck in October. I drank a lot.

    I had to quit. I learned, and traveled, and grew. And shrank. I drank a lot.

    Backpacking Dad’s last blog post..Commitment

  33. Go you! Seriously. There *is* no such thing as security anymore, and this is really, really, really the perfect time to seize the opportunity you’ve always wanted. (That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway!!)

    Good luck with the writing. And the ramen. A bit of frozen peas and leftover london broil serve to dress it up nicely.

    Missy’s last blog post..Crawling Out of My Cave Long Enough to Say…

  34. OHAI, a friend of mine turned me on to your blog a little while ago and this is the first time I’ve commented. Good for you! I need to start carrying a notebook around with me to jot down all the weird, random shit that I think to write about but never do. I’d like to say your quirky, whimsical writing style inspires me, but nothing really inspires me. I’m just a lazy fuck 🙂

  35. I look forward to the book. I have no doubt you could become the less male, dirtier version of Dave Berry. Break a leg!

  36. Wait! You had already put in your notice prior to National Cleavage Day and yet you STILL put on a sweater?

    But seriously…I think that your decision is great! I promise to buy two of everything you write. Especially if it’s about ninjas or pirates! I prefer pirates, but I’ll settle for ninjas. And there should be a picture of your boobies on the cover just as a little FU to the people that made you cover them up at your soon to be former job!

  37. Be prepared to hear the B-word. A LOT. Like every time you tell anyone what you’ve done:


    Get used to being called brave, which is really being called stupid, but with a redemption clause that if you pull it off nobody has to take anything back.

    Just did this myself, so I’m qualified to properly observe the phenomena. It is scary as hell and exhilarating at the same time. It is, (I think) a perfect time to take your fate in your own hands. People look at you like you’re made of radioactive material. Actually I bet people already look at you like that, so perhaps you won’t see much difference at all 🙂

    Pixie’s last blog post..To the Squirrels

  38. You’re the bravest person I only know via the internets! My Honey says you are obviously a gifted and talented writer ’cause it takes that kind of skill to make it look like you’re not even trying. I know you’ll be great as a full-time writer! The world needs to hear more from you.

    And I’m not just saying that because you have spectacular knockers.

    kendall’s last blog post..A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

  39. I just decided to move 10 hours away from all of my family because I feel it’s the best thing for me. In telling my granddaddy today that I’m moving, he started to cry. I made my granddaddy cry. In the midst of knowing that I did the right thing, my heart is breaking, and I have to find the strength to keep going towards my goal. I know how you feel. I know.

    perksofbeingme’s last blog post..I’m moving!

  40. J!

    Yeah, what they said! I too was holding my breath thinking maybe you were quitting “US”, in which case, of course we would be forced to kill you, but yay!!! You pretty much have a great start on a book already: “My Life With the Pope” and other tales of the interwebs..

    So um, can I have your old job? I can work it from here in my dining room, right? .. and in the nude.

    davido’s last blog post..I am the last guitarist alive

  41. I always suspected you were sporting a big set of brass balls. Go you!

    So, yes. Congratulations on your new adventure. My husband is an entrepreneur (which as his wife, it is something that we are in together.) It is very scary at times, very frustrating, but very rewarding and exciting. I cannot imagine him NOT taking risks. It is who he IS. May you find the same passion in working for yourself as he does.

    cagey’s last blog post..What’s in the bag?

  42. i was recently offered a writing gig. and immediately after, every single word flew out of my head and flopped in a ded heap on the floor. so, now i’m convinced i will be found out a fraud. i emailed my wise and perverted (same thing, right?) uncle. his advice, which i’ll share with you, even though you don’t have the “i don’t know what to write about now” problem:

    “Settle down. It’s not crazy. It’s normal and sane. The ideas will come to you when you accept your status.”

    which, i loved. so, good luck. maybe someday i’ll have enough ideas to quit my job 😀 you’ll do great. once you get those cyclops stories out of your head 😀

    Ms. Changes Pants While Driving’s last blog post..my sister the pirate

  43. Wow, that’s brave.

    But with your readership, I would think you could totally make a living on writing, one way or another, whether writing for other sites, writing a book, or monetizing your own blog. You could sell ad space to, say, ninja supply companies, parazoologists, giant squid scientists, and classics departments, who surely could use the cyclops thing as a hook.

    Best of luck, Jenny, my girl.

    kittenpie’s last blog post..Your turn!

  44. Oh thank god! When I saw the post title I thought you were quitting something serious, like blogging.

  45. and Jenny .. if you dont believe what i just said to you in my twitter .. just after I sent the reply to you .. i opened my horoscope to find THIS

    Dear Samantha,
    Here is your horoscope for
    Saturday, April 4:
    At least one important person comes to you seeking advice today. Take it seriously, even if it’s a small issue or one that seems perfectly clear to you at first glance.


    Madness’s last blog post..Daughter: "Mom, when is easter?" — Me "LaLaLa I cant HEAR YOU!"

  46. Congratulations! I’d wish you luck, but I believe that you make your own luck and you’ll be just fine.

    I hope you didn’t tell them about the writing thing and let them thing you were quitting because they wouldn’t let you show off your sweater puppies!

  47. I think it’s great and if I had a job, I too would quit to write. It’s the highlight of my day to read your posts, and would totally buy your book, as long as it has cyclops in it.

    Sadie Mae’s last blog post..Ogres and elephants…

  48. There are not enough people like you in the world.

    With all the shit that goes on in life and the stress of being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a worker, an American, a tax payer, a HUMAN BEING, to give up a source of security to pursue a dream is almost unheard of these days.

    There’s no way you can fail when you’re doing what you love all the time and letting all those thoughts out whenever you want. Shoot, you’ll probably end up writing a book that’ll sell and you’ll be ridiculously rich. I’d buy it. Hell, everyone who has commented here would buy it, and if you put the word “Cyclops” in the title, you’d have a fanbase that stretches across the world.

    Props and high fives (and a million dollars if I had it) to you, Jenny!

    Abby’s last blog post..She’s baaaaaaaa-aaaaack!

  49. You know what? Eff the effing economy and what people are saying about it. I lost my job and I think it’s one of the best things that could’ve happened because I’m finally making an effort to do what I love. That’s way more important than feeding myself or paying my bills (I mean that).

    You’re gonna be awesome. I mean, honestly, you already are anyway, so imagine the places you’ll go from here. Bring on the cyclopses! Cyclopsi? Whatever. The point is, I don’t have enough one-eyed anythings in my life, so I’m counting on you to fill that void.

    No pressure! Just sayin’.

  50. You are brave, and I am jealous. I was just on the treadmill watching “Mamma Mia”, and all I could think was that I wish I could quit my job to move to a tiny Greek island to run a hotel and sing Abba songs all day. You think I’m kidding.

    The Introvert’s last blog post..reunion

  51. That’s badass!

    My husband and I both quit our very lovely jobs in December to move half-way across the country for me to begin graduate school. Hell no we don’t make as much money now, but it is totally worth it!

    You know what we (and you) have done, though? We created three job openings for all those people who are looking for one. BECAUSE WE’RE SAINTS.

  52. I am actually thrilled for you. If getting all that stuff out of your head is what you dream of then go for it! I’ll say prayers for you that you are able to succeed in this beyond your wildest dreams. No joke.

    Love you, Girl!

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Charlie

  53. If this is not a belated April Fool’s joke, congratulations, Bloggess! If it is, fuck you, I hate that shit–jokes, pranks, the whole humor thing.

    Assuming that you really have given three weeks notice at your place of employment and that you will soon join the ever-swelling ranks of the unemployed, by choice, I just want to say how delighted I am for you.

    My last day at a job I slogged through for 11 years, 8 months, and 2 weeks, was March 2nd. I was not officially separated until March 6th and didn’t get my “retirement” papers signed until March 20th. My medical, dental, and vision benefits expire on May 1st.

    I too am scared shitless, think I lost my mind, and didn’t even have a driving compulsion to write with a capital “W” for a good reason, as you do. I just couldn’t go on sitting handcuffed to a computer for health benefits.

    I wish you the very best as you make the transition from the gainfully employed to the satisfyingly self-employed writer that you dream of being.

    Bonne chance!

    La Framéricaine’s last blog post.."The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One"

  54. Two guys are looking in a shop window. One guy points and says, “that’s the one I’d get”.

    Two seconds later, a Cyclops runs out of the shop and hits him.

    True story.

    Mr Farty’s last blog post..Totally Awesome Post

  55. When I saw “I Quit” in my RSS reader, I nearly had a heart attack. I thought you were going to say you quit posting.

    When you become a bag lady posting to your blog from the local library I’ll be sure to send you a can of green beans or something.

    Well, probably not, but I’ll be sure to think about doing it, and I’ll feel like a good person for a day.

  56. Perfect. I think that is perfect.

    I’m envious and proud and excited for you, and I cannot WAIT to see what comes of this. For I know, it will be incredible.

    Just remember us little people when you’re a superstar. Oh wait, you already are and you already do.

    Big, fat, wet smooches for you honey.

    MammaLoves’s last blog post..Fifteen Years of ER (and my life)

  57. Wow. That’s awesome.

    But best of all, you’re actually GOOD at it. People love reading your stuff. Or at least, the robots I built to add comments to your signature all love reading it. That’s what I told them to say, anyway. Don’t worry, when you put out a book, I’ll build robots to scam credit cards and buy it too.

    Brent Ozar’s last blog post..How to Pick Blog & Presentation Topics

  58. Congratulations, Godspeed, and Merde*!

    (*”Merde” means “horse dung” in French but apparently means “Good luck” in show business.

    So, Either I just congratulated you and wished you God’s blessings and luck– OR: I just congratulated you, told you God is on uppers, and briefly talked about horse shit. You decide.)

    MButterfly’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Finally, a naked picture of me

  59. Dude.
    You’ve got the connections (hello, Guy Kawasaki?) the brains, the talent, and the fan base to launch an amazing writing career. Kick ass and take names.

    Erica’s last blog post..The Micaelaest.

  60. I feel like I can breathe completely for the first time in so long.

    And thank you, guys. I owe each of you a debt of thanks for your support. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement. Also, if I starve to death it’s your fault.

  61. This is exciting and inspiring. I’m glad you’re doing what’s right for you, and I’m sure your family will appreciate having you fully present in their lives. Follow your passion and truly believe that everything will work out financially, and it will.

    I hope I can do the same thing soon, too.

    Best of luck – I’m looking forward to seeing what this year brings for you.

    savia’s last blog post..Fuck it all to hell

  62. Goddamn I’m proud of you. If you put up a Paypal tip jar on your blog, I’d contribute to it. Not much, because I’m broke as fuck, but something. And then maybe something more later. I just want you to write and I know a lot of other people do, too.

    Laurie | Your Ill-fitting Overcoat’s last blog post..Not Yet Titled, Part III

  63. we all need to learn to say “screw it” more often and just jump. proud of you.
    me? i just said “screw it (a little)” and i’m climbing down the ladder slowly. in other words, i just dropped to a four day week next year.
    good luck and enjoy it.

  64. Oh, honey, you’re going to take the publishing world by storm. (For reals!) Let me know if I can help.

  65. I did the same exact thing Jenny. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME. I’m with you, I feel you, and if you ever need anything no matter how big or small, I promise, the answer is yes. Congratulations and OHMYGOD! Best of luck, Sean.

    Writer Dad’s last blog post..Necessary to ME

  66. Yay for you, yay for you, yay for you!
    We’ll be here to support you. And by support you I mean read all of your blog posts, not pay your bills.
    Love you!

  67. You’ve been starting at a weiner too much if all you can think about are Cyclopses. I’m just saying.

    Congratulations on your decision to follow your passion. If you feel the need to make some money, you should start your own line of irreverent and intellectually-stimulating greeting cards and sell them on Etsy. That would rock.

    mrtl’s last blog post..Bug’s Future as a Country Music Star

  68. That’s huge, and really exciting. And let us know how we can help. Like, for serious, if you’re posting crazy ass ads on your site for tampon flash drives and A) missing them and B) making you lose money by not clicking through to each post from google reader, freaking tell me. And us. Because this blog is not a line of communication directed solely at me. Because that’s what stalkers think, and I’m trying to stay on the legal side of that line.

  69. Awesome! I realize it’s terrifying and all, but seriously, that’s awesome. I love your blog, and I think this is going to be a great thing for you. You could put out a book that’s just shit you scribble on napkins and I think a large chunk of the people reading this would buy it.

    It’s great, for me, to read something totally insane, because it makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, there’s still some people worth knowing in the world.

  70. You’re doing what both my husband and I dream of doing every day. We’re actually trying to make that very decision right now; do we stick with the jobs we hate or strike out with no prospects and do what we’ve always dreamed? I wish I had your talent and your balls to back up my decision.

    MonsteRawr’s last blog post..Finally, a post NOT about assholes!

  71. Wow! That’s amazing!

    Does this mean your book will be coming out sooner? Because I’m really ready to go drop 20 bucks on it. Hardcover.

  72. Let us know when you get that book deal so I can pre-order the book! You crack me up everyday and I secretly hope I will run into you in Houston one day. Otherwise, I’m just going to become your stalker! 🙂

  73. Hurray! With all our free time, you and me and the rest of us who are now unemployed, we have much more time for the upcoming revolution! And drinking!

  74. I adore that quote and I intend to smack my husband over the head with it frequently. Do you know of any places that sell printers that can print on 2x4s?

    I’m glad you made the decision to put yourself first. You are awesome and I will read ANYTHING that comes out of that twisted genius of a brain of yours. Bring it! 🙂

    Lynn (Walking With Scissors)’s last blog post..The one where I break down and have a pity party for one…

  75. That is so amazing and takes a lot of courage. I’m very proud of you. Incidentally (and this is only because I’ve read all the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books with my kids and Percy’s brother happens to be a Cyclops) but the plural of Cyclops is Cyclopes (pronounced sigh-klow-pees). Seeing as how you’re going to be writing a lot about them I thought I would share that with you. Because I’m nice like that.

    fruitlady’s last blog post..Friday Etsy Finds

  76. You better not be doing a late April Fool’s Day thing, because that would suck, because you should really quit your job and be a writer.

    Congratulations, Jenny! You are awesome and I would read anything you wrote even if it only had to do with Cyclopses and taxidermy.
    Love ya!

  77. Holy Burt Reynolds! You go girl, this is awesome. I wish I had your balls. I totally envy you and have mad respect. Life is about taking risks. Most people just keep going to the same boring job wishing they could do something else but never do. You bit the bullet and are going after it. I commend you and a million kudos!

    Queen Lindsay’s last blog post..How To Impress His Parents

  78. I want to say congratulations and you’re brave and more power to you and all that, but everyone has already said it and I don’t want to be boring. (Which begs the question, Why not? It’s only a comment, for Christ’s sake.) But I’ll say it anyway: you absolutely should be writing for a living and I can’t wait to see what comes shooting out your brain when you don’t have to think about HR crap all day. Seriously, mazel tov, bubbe!

    Shander’s last blog post..Musings on a Reception

  79. I don’t even know you but I’m so proud of you. Your writing makes me happy every day.

    I know you will be a successful writer.

    pam’s last blog post..Hallo from Bobo

  80. Oh wow! Congratulations! And wow, you’re so brave. I’m trying to get my nerve up to try to go back to school. I keep putting it off, having grown accustomed to sleeping indoors and having food. Also I’m slightly older than most students would be (cough)(by 2 decades)(cough). Is it cheesy if this post ends up inspiring me to do that?

    I’m looking forward to all the Cyclops stories.

    lori’s last blog post..Craft Craving

  81. You’re incredibly talented. Few people should go into full-time writing. You’re one of the people who should. I hope it works out for you!

  82. Congratulations, brave soul. You’ve lept off the cliff.

    As far as I’m concerned you’ll be flying in no time, if you haven’t already.


    OpinionatedGifts’s last blog post..TGIFish

  83. So are the stories going to be about Jedi Cyclopses stealing toilet paper?

    Cause I would totally wanna read it if it is.


  84. I’ve had your blog bookmarked for ages and I have to admit I’ve hardly read anything here because I forgot. And today I finally got around to reading this and I can only say congratulations on moving on from 8years doing the same stuff and going towards realizing your real dream.

    I question myself about what I really should be doing with my life all the time, and who knows maybe someday I’ll follow your lead.


    Patrick’s last blog post..Eels

  85. Wow!! How exciting for you! Kind of makes me wish I had a job to quit. Or a calling, or even a skill. I’m gonna give that eating enchiladas all day thing another try…

  86. You have bigger balls than most of the guys I know and I know a lot of them.

    I wish you well and I think this will be the start of something wonderful…. for us all!

  87. Whew! I thought you were going to quit blogging, and you’re my #1 on my blog bookmarks, ahead of Tbogg. Well, behind TPM but that’s a group blog/new media deal. And I have a “Metablogs” folder for memeorandum and blognoggle, but I rarely use those. But if Billmon was still around, you’d be #2. Wait, I just goggled Billmon, he’s back, now on DailyKos!! Yay!

    Where was I? Oh yeah, you’re my #2 on my blog bookmarks, not counting TPM and that folder I never use. So keep up the great writing, ’cause I cain’t quit yew!

    Seriously, it took guts to quit and go for your passion. Good for you and I hope it works out! 🙂

  88. Oh my goodness Jenny, I think this is fantastic! I am so excited for you. This is one of my very favorite blogs and you are an amazing writer. I can’t wait to follow your adventures.

    How many of us get to really follow our dreams? Go, go, go! Go for the rest of us that can’t do it right now.

    Laurie’s last blog post..Stress Relief

  89. This post gives me smiles, you are following your dream 🙂 I did something like this when my kids were little, yes it is a little scary, yes your fans here are still cheering you on, and yes you are absolutely correct about that part “And it feels so completely right.” I know that feeling. I am so happy you feel it!

    Wishing you all the best!

    (…and um when is the book coming out, no pressure you know….)

  90. Sometimes we have to take the leap to get to the really really good shit.

    And by shit, I mean stuff, cause now I have this image of you flying through the air and landing in shit. But I am totally changing that to shit shaped gold. well maybe not gold cause that would hurt landing on shit shaped gold especially if it had a tip on it like those pretty piles they show in cartoons.

    Maybe I should have said ‘you go girl’ or something similar? yeah.

  91. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

    Screw the economy. Seriously. The economy has nothing to do with you.

    I did what you just did once. And I almost became a successful freelance writer. But then I let little things like bullying ex-husbands who equated my desire to write with his desire to fly-fish (and those are hobbies, not jobs) get in the way of my own drive and sense of self confidence. So I set aside the stories and poetry and novel and magazine articles and picked up yet another annual report writing gig. Then I caved even more and took on a part-time PR job, which led to divorce, which led to a full-time PR job. And here I am, 9 years later, stuck doing the same old job, yet encumbered with a mortgage and a kid and a fiance who makes less money than I do. So, unless I want to go join my brother living in my parents’ basement, I must suck it up for a few more years until I can afford to say fuck it all and do what I want to do. Either that, or find a sugar daddy on the side.

    So someday, I too will quit. Maybe over criticism over my cleavage (had I KNOWN it was national cleavage day, I so would have joined in on the celebration … and by the way, great tits). Maybe because at some point, you just have to stand up and say THIS IS WHO I AM AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN SAY OR DO TO STOP ME FROM BEING ME.

    In the meantime, I’ll write my blogs and my short stories on my own time, and try to find something interesting to say in my day job.


    lynn @ human, being’s last blog post..Days of Grace: 34/365

  92. How Awesome! Good luck! I almost thought you were going to say you quit blogging and was all getting ready to throw a fit, but hey! now i don’t have to.. Yay!

    Karen’s last blog post..Me as a Mom

  93. Good for you! My answer would have the exact same! Have fun, be free and enjoy. Not many people get this chance in life.

  94. Now you’ve inspired me! I’m totally going to quit my job too! Oh fuck. I don’t have a job. I’ve got to find something to quit in solidarity. I’ll get back to you on this. Seriously, I think it’s a great idea to quit your job. You’re a fantastic writer and I hate jobs. They are usually pretty boring.

    Stefanie’s last blog post..Oprah

  95. Awesome!!! Good for you!

    The would-be-writer in me couldn’t possibly be happier for you 🙂

  96. Congrats!!! My roommate recently quit her job to go back to photography full time. I am going to be joining her full time in the fall! I am scared shitless, but working on some other plans to keep me feeling more secure.

    I also work in HR… sucks. I do training & OD, so that is fun, but I plan to keep doing those on the side. Oh, I am going to take over the world. Would you like to be the Pinky to my Brain? Bahahaha

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Maybe…

  97. I’m sure a ton of the other commentors wrote this too, but: I’d read almost anything you write. And pay for it, probably. So write on; your audience is waiting for you.

    melissa’s last blog post..Pretty

  98. Good for you! I don’t think you’ll regret this. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will always be able to say that you gave it a go. I have a feeling it’s going to work out, though, cause, you know, you’re awesome.

    Cara’s last blog post..Ode To The Dollar Store

  99. Does this mean you will become something different than what you have been?
    . . . The way a transformer which looks like a fighter jet is actually a large humanoid robot with booster rockets and able to emit large bursts of electromagnetic radiation to disable puny manmade rockets and guns while engaged in serious mano a mano combat with another large humanoid robot?!?


    I am already in awe.

    Just make sure you wear the wig while writing—–don’t take any chances: even Victor may be working for the Evil Horde.
    Stay in disguise until you are certain you are safe… like maybe on the book tour, or on Oprah.
    And make Oprah wear the wig.

  100. omg, i lost the comment the first time i wrote it and it was brilliant you will have to settle for this second try, um third attempt now i posted it on the wrong thread cause i am smart like that.

    you quit, you feel good about it, do not stress you will not implode or vaporize into thin air, you will find something else or not, but either way you will be fine and if it sits well with you and your family well then….good for you!

    compulsively retarded’s last blog post..DO NOT DO IT!

  101. Being a professional writer is the best life in the world. 20 years and counting and despite the erratic pay, I would not change it for one second, not for anything.

    What a great day. Congratulations.

  102. I am so happy for you!! You will be AWEsome as a full-time writer. Of course, you will probably have a HORRID writer’s block for a bit, now that you’ve quit your “real” job, but it will all come flowing back to you.

    Did I just jinx you? I hope not.


    Way to be irresponsible like a 20 year old!!! Whoooot!!!!

    tracey’s last blog post..Nah nah nah nah nah nah, we’re gonna have a GOOD TIME….

  103. I wish you all the luck in the world. I love to read what you write, so I promise to buy anything you ever have published!

    Or at the very least continue to read your blog. For free.

    I’m a giver.

  104. You selfish BITCH!! You go and get us all hooked on your blog, suck vital knowledge about…about some kind of Excel stuff from your loyal employer and now…NOW you perform the most insidious pregasm pull-out imaginable. Christ on a crutch, you are cruel. You are almost certain to become homeless and without sufficiently reliable internet access to update this blog.

    Writing? WRITING? You want to earn a living fucking WRITING? Why not just go whole hog and audition for “American Idol”…your chances would be greater. Buying 1,000 lotto tickets every week or taking mad dashes across I-610 hoping for a non-fatal glancing blow from a Hummer driven by T. Boone Pickens make more sense. Crap. Goddammit, what’s wrong with people today?

    OK, OK…I’m into my second rum and Whole Foods lemonade and starting to calm down. I guess I just have this job security thing going on in my head because my daughter is about to, after 10 years…10 FREAKIN’ YEARS…finish her college degree and start looking for a job/career. I have just recently introduced her to your blog as a source for motivation so I guess that’s a path wrongly taken. Anyway, if she doesn’t become gainfully employed, she and her hubby and kid and dog and cat can’t kick out the people who rent their house and move out of ours. Wow, this is like some kind of therapy…thanks.

    As for writing, in some context I cannot remember and from some source lost forever (I am old) , I heard/read that the sign of a true writer is that if they/he/she/it is a true writer, they/he/she/it will write with any means available…writing letters (whatever they are), carving CROATAN on a tree, blogging and, apparently, writing on their own legs.

    By the way, my daughter is majoring in business with minors in marketing and psychology. Would she be a likely candidate for your soon-to-be vacated position? Just wondering.

  105. That. Is. So. Cool.

    Because all I want to do is writewritewritewrite and I’m home a lot by myself now and all I do is unpack crap and rearrange all the crap that my family disarranged last time they were home.

    Oh. And my husband thinks National Cleavage Day should be every day. I showed him your post and he said, “with boobs like that, why is she wasting her time writing a blog?” and now he’s pointing out the best candidates for Winner of National Cleavage Day every damn place we go. I hate you, Jenny. Except for today when the very best candidate for WoNCD also looked like her boobs were under SERIOUS INTERNAL PRESSURE and we contemplated what it would take to make them pop. That was okay.

    Wendy’s last blog post..Scalp-Tingling Fear Is…

  106. If you build it they will come. Since you quit, you’ll have time to do write more stuff which is a huge present for the rest of us.

  107. I’m so proud of you! Kick some ass and take some names. Be your awesome self! I love your writing and can’t wait to see more of it.

  108. First off congratulations. It takes a lot of guts to do what you just did. Most people are too afraid to take the step they need to in order to be a serious writer.

    In all honesty Jenny, you are an extremely talented woman with a fabulous sense of humor. I wish I was as good a writer as you.


    Does Victor know yet?

    Houston’s last blog post..Microsoft Gets It

  109. Hell fuck yeah! Sometimes you just have to stop overthinking the what-if’s about the situation and just make a move.
    Balls up as they say! Good for you. How long before you wish you hadn’t given 3 weeks notice though? I guess only 2 left now.

    So Not Mom-a-licious’s last blog post..Well, I’m spent.

  110. Wowee! Let me first congratulate you upon your courage and aesthetics.

    Three months ago I quit a guaranteed, well-paying job in Houston to pursue personal interests in Austin, and after the transition I really feel all-around much better.

    Kristine’s last blog post..Yay yay yay!

  111. OMG, you are SO AWESOME!!! If you get poor, remember the poor man’s enchilada, the Taco Bell Encharito. That will give you a break from Ramen. Also, if you set up a Paypal site to pay your bills while you write the most fucking brilliant novel ever about Werewolves and Popes and Nazi Croutons or whatever, I will personally donate some of my hard-earned cash to it. While I go to my job and don’t say “I Quit” when I want to. You rock!

  112. Just today I was telling my sweet hubby that I’m ready to quit my job. To pursue something way less fun than writing, but whatever : )

    You totally rock! And one day when you’re even richer and famouser than you already are now, I’m going to buy your book, put it in a dispay case on my mantel piece and crow to everyone that the awesome cyclops author once commented on my blog. Yeah. That works for me : )

    country mouse’s last blog post..Bitch tryin to steal my boyfriend!

  113. i wish you all the best with this, sometimes the thing that people (and us) think we are crazy for doing turn out to be amazing.

    i know i don’t know you in the real world, but something tells me you have everything you need to succeed with anything you do. just like that chick in that movie about the house that landed on the witch. the green witch, not the pretty one.

    leah’s last blog post..it’s a PORN PANIC folks

  114. Hey, congratulations. I quit my headhunting job for a year a little while ago to run my tiny fringe theatre company full-time. At the end of the year I had to go back to actual income-generating work, but now the company’s on better feet and I have a completely different day-job, which is flexible and pays better and lets me do more theatre and which I also love. Plus it was the most awesome year of my life. Have fun!

  115. I am excited for you, jealous of you and afraid for you, all at the same time, and we’ve never even exchanged emails. Your move is bold, but smart. You are very gifted…with the right approach to marketing, this can happen for you.

    I am crossing all fingers and toes and twisting a knot in my…er, you know…in hopes it will bring you good luck.

    Keep us posted.

    IB’s last blog post..Warning: the following post contains BAD words. Reader discretion is advised.

  116. I hesitated to post a comment on this one because your last post got 201 comments and this one has 201 and I didn’t want to mess up that lucky number by being 202.


    What were we talking about again??

    Oh yeah, you’re homeless now. So I’m totally cheering you because I would LOVE to leave my job and the 12 children attached to it…but as it turns out the idea of writing all day terrifies me so I’m pretty much stuck.

    Can I write a forward for you or something??

    Mama Kat’s last blog post..Blogversations With Myself

  117. Brave.

    And it had to be done. I don’t think you will regret it. But if you ever find yourself doing that just remember that it had to be done.

    ozma’s last blog post..N Is For Naughty

  118. Delurking to say: yay! For following your dream, and having a marvelous set of balls. And for not quitting blogging. Which is what I thougt this post was about at first *saves hearth attack for later*

  119. Ohhh life is too short to be responsible. Good for you. And I’m going to be a totally selfish whore and say, “NOW YOU CAN WRITE MORE POSTS HERE PLZ.”


    Chloe’s last blog post..Dear ADAM Dress:

  120. Yay, you! Damn, woman; you must have big… ovaries.

    My husband put me through school and now I’m putting him through school, but apparently I was dewing it rong because I ended up getting fired. I’m glad I did because it forced me to find a way to make what I loved to do pay off. Hooking up with my dream has meant lots of spaghetti and PBJs but less meltdowns and tears.

    Put me down for an advance copy of your book.

    Dory’s last blog post..Bling!

  121. I am so excited for you!…BUT, it’s actually for me because I can’t wait for you to post new stuff every fifteen minutes. More than that would be fine too. You really needed to do this so your head doesn’t pop from the brilliance overload and all the kittens and cyclopses and chickens and mittens and hobos.

  122. I know that part of my hard earned cash (and believe me, it is HARD EARNED – fucking dealing with people’s kids and issues is definitely no day in a park) will be heading your way when I buy your books!! Congratulations! I love when people know their passions (like you and my hubby – his is music) and I know that you people hate when us non-passions knowing people say that!

    Jules’s last blog post..It’s More Eventful When You Leave the House

  123. Good for you! You are a gifted writer. I so love to read you.
    I quit in 2002 to pursue my dream. Not making much money but loving life.

    David’s last blog post..Meh

  124. Welcome to the world!!!! We’ve been waiting for you and all that cleavage! What a FANTASTIC adventure you will have! Just remember the next step will ALWAYS be there…feel the Force…or just eat lots of sugar…

  125. Congratulations – I hope it works out well for you!

    If not, I’ll pay you to come talk about ninjas and Transformers at my office while showing cleavage.

    Avitable’s last blog post..The Lottery

  126. I was pretty sure you were my hero before… and now I’m positive. If I quit my job, too, it’s your fault.

    Lori’s last blog post..Detecting

  127. Wow, that’s awesome. I wish you all the best and hope somebody pays you to write all the awesomeness you come up with.

    If not, make your own job by working with some of these other incredible bloggers to make something like MAD magazine, but with more words. (don’t listen to me, I’m hungover and totally want a reason to work with you!).

    La Vie Boheme 🙂

  128. Wow, you are always brave, Jenny. I have no doubt that you will hit the big time. I will buy your books and come to your book signings! Or bake you a cake with a file in it, if you do something crazy and need help escaping jail. 🙂

    Lady M’s last blog post..MA PRESHUS BABEE IZ GENIUS!!!

  129. Geez. I know that I’m comment number 230, and I’m too lazy to even read through 3 of the other comments, but I’m sure that I’m the first one to say that I’m glad you quit your job and that you are going writing more often, because, dammit, I love reading your blog. Seriously, the only way a blog could be better than yours was if there were more boobs along with the awesome posts. So there’s a tip. Maybe more boobs on your blog will get you through the tough economy. I need to write a comment on President Barack J. Obama’s blog telling him that boobs could save the economy.

    Anyway, good luck. And don’t steal my boobs saving the economy idea.

  130. You should make a paypal donation link. I am a student and I don’t have much, but I’d donate a little bit to the cause of keeping your blog going.

  131. Not gonna lie, I’m very impressed with you on this one. Writing is the only thing I want to do and it takes a lot of bravery to quit your job and dedicate your life to something you love doing. Good luck with your writing, I know only good things will come out of it. 🙂

    If not, there’s always prostitution. Your boobs are HUGE!

    Samantha’s last blog post..I forgot how much I used to like Sum 41

  132. You have the biggest balls ever!!! Well not literally but you know what I mean. You are totally my hero right now. I’ve always wanted to just drop everything and follow my passion. Good for you!!!

    Sarah’s last blog post..I have a daughter.

  133. I wish I had your balls. I put the writing on hold to work full time when dh got laid off last summer. Now that he’s working again I’ve found the extra, and consistent, income to be a bit addictive. I want to write, but I want to finally have my 14yrs overdue honeymoon more!

    Dynila’s last blog post..Review: McDonald’s Coffee

  134. Write a book so we can all go out and read it and you can get paid again.

    Okay? Because I’d so buy your book. I really would. Just do it.

    curiouslyrandom’s last blog post..Oh no.

  135. I’d rather read what you write than most of the stuff I already pay good money to read. If you write a book, I’d buy it. My husband feels the same. I know you’re going to be happy you made this decision, even if you have a bit of freaking out to do before you get there.

    followthatdog’s last blog post..Second thoughts.

  136. Good Lord, I miss one day and there is big news!

    Congratulations! I’m impressed and more than a little envious.
    Not everyone gives themselves the chance to live the life they want, and you should be proud of yourself for doing it.

    You are an enormously talented writer with a distinct voice. I have no doubt that this move will bring you great success.

    Amy’s last blog post..Yes, I really am this immature

  137. You rock. Your writing is hilarious and you will be hugely successful!

    I did the same thing a year ago. BEST IDEA EVER. Believe me, a year from now you may still be taking the same cocktail of drugs, but purely for entertainment instead of survival reasons.

    cat/BadKitty’s last blog post..Gee Mr. Jackman – You’re Huge

  138. And if it doesn’t work out you could always be a prostitute.
    A Ninja prostitute.
    A Zombie Ninja prostitute.
    A Zombie ninja prostitute with OCD.


  139. Dreams are hard to find once your eyes open, but your world seems to be one vision (or is hallucination most accurate) after another, so I think you might be the most successful writer of all. Best of luck, Jenny.

    always home and uncool’s last blog post..The Joy of Proficiency

  140. I just want you to know: yet again, you steal my thunder. Oh, we don’t know each other – I’m just saying, I was going to post about how [insert your post here, except mine was going to be so much cooler] but now that you’ve done and done it, I’m back to being obsolete. I guess I didn’t have a job to quit anyways, because I’ve been unemployed longer so HA HA I WIN.

    Also: congratulations! You’ll be showering once a week and drinking vodka by 9AM in no time – BELIEVE ME.

    Snotty McSnotterson’s last blog post..Rabble-Rousing In Absentia

  141. I’m so glad you posted this. I just did a similar thing, though without a specific goal in mind – I just quit a job I didn’t like, and moved out of a state I didn’t like, and now I’m starting over. Once it was all over and done with I was panicking in a serious way – new city, new state, no friends, no job – until I decided to make a goal to write a children’s book while I’m unemployed. Having a goal made me feel a lot better.

    For a day.

    Then back to panicking. I’d gotten to the point where I was actually hoping to get my old job back when I read this.

    I’m stealing the encouragement of your readers and using it for myself.

  142. That’s awesome – congratulations! I am full of awe and respect. I have a creative writing degree I’m squandering by taking the safe, employed route. It sucks, and it makes me angry so I yell at handicapped people on the bus.

    I’ll totally buy your book. And then I’ll buy copies for everyone I know.

    emvandee’s last blog post..Another meat fest, now featuring potatoes au gratin!

  143. I look forward to your posts (even your tweets) so I don’t see how you can go wrong! Your writing is captivating…I for one will buy whatever you write. I admire your braveness (I am a chickenshit who writes for fun on my blog and for hate at my job [technical manuals…yuck!]). BTW, is braveness a word? P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Allison’s last blog post..Another Canvas Creation

  144. If I won the lottery tomorrow??? I’d write.

    yep. you took the words right out of my mouth.

    (After I paid for Bitchy’s college bill, of course….and got drunk.)

  145. BY the way. I LOVE your big balls.

    Now, get your ass writing……………

  146. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I can cuss here, right? Yeah. I am just all impressed. My heart is all fluttery. YOU GO GIRL. I’ve been toying with this same idea only I don’t have the balls to do it. I have another girlfriend who did the same thing, but with art, but she didn’t have a full time job to quit; she married well. heh. Oh well, I’ll be watching with envy!

    c.a. Marks’s last blog post..The Dumpling Party

  147. My boss showed me this post after reading my angsty post about wanting to write and being afraid and he said “now, I’m not saying YOU should quit your job or anything…”

    But apparently he thought it might help me.

    He was right.

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..fleshing out fear

  148. Awesome. I plan to live vicariously through you! So, more writing. And also… more taking over the world and making “Free Candy Day” an official holiday! Starting NOW!

    Yay, Jenny! Follow your bliss; a great example to set for your daughter!

  149. I totally did this. I walked away from a perfectly good job to write stuff that nobody would have guessed they wanted to read, but now they all do. Life is good. Congrats.

  150. Eep! That’s so awesome! I am constantly narrating my life in my head, and it gets overwhelming. I recently got a little digital recorder that I carry around in my purse, and it’s really nice when I’m sitting in traffic or have an idea for a story to bust it out and record the idea. Plus it looks super cool and professional-like to talk into a recorder.

    Georgia’s last blog post..Black & White & Read All Over* (*Los Angeles)

  151. congratulations!

    I have the same thought nearly everyday and wish I was courageous enough to quit my stupid job too! You’re my new hero!

    Christine Staley’s last blog post..

  152. You’re my new hero. In the limited sense that a complete stranger whose blog I’ve read for, oh, a couple of weeks, is qualified for the post of my new hero. But still.

    michael5000’s last blog post..Weekend Miscellany

  153. I’m more proud and optimistic than scared for you, but all I can say is don’t take any time off to adjust, just start channeling that writing fury into some general direction that will produce some articles that some well-paying magazines might buy, then don’t stop. Eventually your stuff and their needs will align.

    Maybe after you get rolling a bit, someone will see the wisdom in letting you just run wild the way you do here, and then you can get paid to truly do what you love.

    I would pay to read your blog.

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..Classic quotes, Vol. 12

  154. I totally wrote today’s post (Things I would do if I lost my job today) BEFORE I read yours. And now I’m kind of wishing that I’d read yours first, so that I could’ve mustered the courage to quit MY job and then my post would read: Things I’m GOING TO DO now that I’ve quit my job.

    Wow. Good luck! (Said sincerely, and not like, “Good luck SUCKA.”)

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Things I would do if I lost my job today

  155. I am very excited for you! Not excited in a creepy kind of way, I mean. In a good kind of way. Platonic. Whoo.

  156. I quit my job last September. Of course, I gave two months’ notice and then ended up working for the organization for another 2 1/2 months on top of that… but basically what I’m saying is that I kind of know how you feel… and being six months ahead of you, the best advice I can give is “keep listening to that voice in your head that is telling you this is a good idea.” Having read your blog I can imagine that you are hearing a lot of other voices in your head as well. Just don’t let them drown out the “quitting my job to write is a good idea voice.” If they have access to other weapons of destruction, I’d start worrying, though…

  157. And now you can fly…in the best possible way of course.
    Brave and brilliant, a wonderful combination. You’ll be awesome.

    [And thanks for stopping by my little blog and commenting… after passing out, I picked myself off the floor and did a quick happy dance on my good leg … TMI, I’m sure;)]

    Karen MEG’s last blog post..Visiting the motherhood in 80 clicks

  158. Seriously…drugs help you control it? What kinda drugs would that be? I live downtown…I’ll drive to you.

  159. Shit, woman, I’ve been following your blog for ages now. You write a book, or a pamphlet, or even just scribble some crap on a napkin, I’d purchase it. And by purchase, I don’t even mean “pirate from the intarwebs in lieu of exchanging money for”.

  160. I put in my 1 month notice 3 weeks ago.
    I was thinking to myself this morning “Oh shit, what the HELL did I do?”
    After reading your blog and the comments, I am thinking: ” yea! That was the best thing I ever did!” I can’t wait to get away from this desk!
    To bad I can’t write…but I can take care of kids so I get to play outside in the summer eating ice cream instead of sitting in a dark corner making spreadsheets and wishing I was alive.

  161. Sorry, The good for you!!! was meant to be on the first line…You see, I can’t write or proof read. 🙁

  162. Hey Jenny, seriously, I wish I had the stones to quit my job and exclusively pursue writing. I know that I won’t mostly because I need the security of having a steady job, and well, the money.

    If this blog is any indication, you should have no problem finding readers. You’re awesome, weird, and just a little crazy, a cocktail that makes a great writer. Good luck.

  163. I never comment, but… YAY! I am so glad you quit your job to write more. I will read, read, read!

  164. Well shit you have so many comments what am I supposed to say?

    I love your opening disclaimer, for one thing.

    And Brave! And Awesome! You go girl – or something much cooler than that to say but in the same spirit.

    Amy @ Milk Breath & Margaritas’s last blog post..Why?

  165. The freelance life is totally awesome.
    I can’t buy as much sushi as I used to, but it is still totally worth it.
    Rock on.

  166. Some day you’re gonna be rich and famous — I just know it. Yours is a rare talent and now that you can give it free reign (hopefully without getting too constipated in the brain) — watch out world!

  167. You will make it work. Yours is one of the few blogs that over time I haven’t stopped reading. I have nothing funny to say about it that might warrant making your comment of the day, but thank the god you blaspheme (nearly) daily, you have left that to a dead person. Typical.

  168. Run free and write! That my dear is what you are meant to do. I’m so jealous because I want to be creative and I think I suck at it.

  169. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve read and shared your writing for a while now.
    I know you can do this.

  170. Good for you!!! Money isn’t everything, although it’s alot, but sometimes other things are more important. I work part time and the rest of the time I’m doing whatever I want to do, including hanging out with the bloggess. Now if the guilt would just go away . . .

    Kristi’s last blog post..Will taking the whole Box of DayQuil Work?

  171. That’s fantastic! You are a great writer, and if that’s all you want to do you should do it! When people ask me that question I have the same answer – write. That’s it, that’s all, everything else can evaporate.

    Annie’s last blog post..The Value of Attractions

  172. Wow. My jaw literally dropped when I read that. I don’t know you, but I’ve been reading so long, I feel like I do know you.

    I have the same problem with writing. I don’t write in my blog too much anymore, but I am constantly thinking of half-ideas. It’s killing me.

    You are very brave.

  173. I think this says something:

    208 Responses to “ Boobs are the new flag pin ”

    Not quite sure what, but it’s bound to wind up in Wikipedia.

    ben’s last blog post..celebrating H Week

  174. awesome, awesome, awesome!!! woo-hoo for you! this is going to be a great book…but i’m not really into cyclopses or jedi…
    so…hmm…okay. i guess this is the end.

  175. Message to any potential publishers — If you publish a book by The Bloggess, I will buy myself a copy and give copies to all my friends and relatives for their birthdays.

    Hell, that’s 15 books right there. Good luck, Jenny — you’re doing the right thing.

  176. Congrats! I was just telling a friend how there are never enough content on cyclopes. I am really happy for you and know that you are going to be really pleased with your decision. This calls for pie! But not with ice cream.

  177. thats exactly how i feel except its photography. all day long i think of things i could photograph. and none of those things are my boss.

    1 year. thats my goal. and then i’m going to take lunch breaks from my dream job to read about your dream job.

    i say 1 year because i wanna wait and see how this shit works out for you first.


  178. World’s best employee, in this case, = world’s most readable writer.
    Congrats, man, we’ve been expecting it.
    Welcome to your life ~


  179. Rock on sistah. My neighbor just quit a high-paying job with benefits to start his own business. It’s not taking off as fast as he’d hoped, but he’s infinitely happier and healthier. I quit a soul-crushing job last year and have never regretted it. More precisely, I quit the people. They were mean. So I left.

    Meg’s last blog post..Rainy Monday Haiku

  180. Hey- it’s totally possible. I’ve been getting by as a writer for a couple of years now. Even after the husband was laid off, we are getting by just fine. It can be done. Just breathe. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do that. Most days, actually. Just breathe and somehow things always seem to fall into place.

    LS’s last blog post..Freaky Sunday and Blogs

  181. I have no idea how one goes about doing this, but if you set up a paypal donations thing, I’d totally donate. Then, this – blogging – could count as a job. I feel kind of obligated since I kind of think you’re brilliant.

  182. Jennyriffictastic,
    I have spent most of this day going through some of my old blog posts and saw a comment of yours, then went to YOUR Pnn blog and scrolled down to your very first blog there, which brought me to this blog. What I’m trying to say is…is your year of quitting your job so that you can pursue writing full time over yet? Are you bringing home the bacon? mmmm….bacon….well fucking SHIT…now I’m hungry for Christ’s sake. Just wanted to tell you hello, and since we are PRACTICALLY bff’s I wanted to know. I love you…I really do…you can ask ANYONE! ~ Carm

  183. Thats fantastic! I recently quit my job….I took a lot of criticism for leaving as it was with a huge hospital system in my area that paid very well (w/my own office) but in the end; there was way too much BS – to much politics. I was unhappy and too drained at the end of the day to enjoy life. The office environment was extremely hostile – brown nosers & snitches got best treatment – people didnt own up to their own mistakes and threw you under the bus to save their ass. My day came in July when I recieved an email from my Team Lead which she copied all of management, on a file that she was supposed to assess. Anyways, thats when I got all of my belongings and never came back. Life is too short to me miserable. I got super lucky and found a job the same day that I quit – with a wonderful company. Definitely a blessing in disguise.

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