Boobs are the new flag pin

So this year I forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s day and totally fucked up Rodeo Day (which is a real holiday in Texas and stop judging us, Canada) but I am totally prepared for today which is apparently NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY.

UPDATE:  Apparently I am the only person in my office even aware of National Cleavage Day.  Also I was asked to go home and change because “it’s important for people in HR to act professional” and I was all “THIS IS AN OFFICIAL HOLIDAY” and they’re all “What makes it so ‘official’?” and I’m like “IT HAS IT’S OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE.”  Then they made me put on a sweater because they don’t understand wikipedia.  So basically my breasts and my civil rights are suffocating.  This is like when women aren’t allowed to breast-feed in public places, except worse because on National Cleavage Day everyone suffers.

UPDATE #2:  I’m celebrating National Cleavage Day here in spite of the oppression and if you leave me a link in the comments with a picture of your hooters I will totally come celebrate your cleavage.  Probably so will a lot of weird strangers.  It’s probably best not to do that after all.

Comment of the day: Since it was obvious how upset you were with the whole having to wear a sweater at work thing, I decided to go to the store and buy you a “Happy National Cleavage Day” card. I couldn’t find them so I asked this old guy at the register where I would find them and he was all “uhh…I don’t think that’s a real holiday”. Then I had to explain how if wikipedia said it was a holiday then it was a holiday. All he could say is “what?” So I repeated it but louder cause I figured he had bad hearing or something. Then he told me “we don’t have any cards for that.” I told him that it was a sin not having any cards for this holiday. By that time I was being very loud & he kicked me out. Oh did I mention the only store in town is run by Mennonites? ~ Gracie Lace

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  1. But you don’t live in South Africa, and…hahaha they made you put on a sweater!

    sabrina’s last blog post..‘Design-Her Gals’ Inclusive of All

  2. Will someone please think of the cleavage?

    groovehouse’s last blog post..VIDEO: Bowl Bash Video From sk808

  3. I’m a librarian, and I celebrate National Cleavage Day with alarming regularity. Thus far nobody’s made me put on a sweater, but I do get some odd looks.

  4. Hmm…. something looks fake in this picture.

    It’s the cat. Where did you get such a cute, fake cat?

  5. Dammit! The out and proud cleavages of the world should be able to show themselves! This is an outrage! (And I’m not even a cleavage-kinda-guy! Rabble, rabble, rabble!)

  6. Your boobs and pussy are nice

  7. I can’t believe they made you put on a sweater. People at my work place wear way more cleavage exposing outfits. Just saying…

    WickedStepMom’s last blog post..Spin Cycle: Time

  8. I believe everything I read on wikipedia.

    Just threaten to put a boot in hr’s ass or something. I heard that works.

    Maxie’s last blog post..Would You Rather Friday

  9. I totally get this.

    I’m the HR person in my office AND I’m the ONLY one with cleavage.

    I tell myself to cover up.

    But I’m a poor listener.

    Betsey Booms’s last blog post..It Turns Out That When I’m Half Crocked And Weepy, I Can Write Some Pretty Good Shit

  10. If you are in HR, wouldn’t you know the rules on sexual harassment? Therefore you would be FINE to celebrate the cleavage. People are stupid. Go CLEAVAGE!!!!!

    Jules’s last blog post..It’s More Eventful When You Leave the House

  11. My tatas are crying about this missed opportunity.

    AdrianaHearts’s last blog post..You said I was your blue, blue baby. You were right.

  12. Oh, crap, there goes my day, checking back here for links from your exhibitionist commenters, god bless them.

    Deb on the Rocks’s last blog post..Desperately Seeking Madonna for My Mama

  13. It’s actually a perfectly fine picture. Melons and cats usually get a lot of google hits. Suppose this one will surpass ninjas or squid?

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..My Long Love Affair Comes To An End

  14. Why won’t anyone help the downtrodden cleavage? What is next Liberals?? For the record, I experienced the same discrimination on National Pirate Day when I wore my puffy shirt and eye patch.

    It all started with the war on Christmas….

    Michel’s last blog post..Welcome to the Third World!!

  15. WHAT?!?! We’re only supposed to celebrate once annually? Why the hell didn’t you TELL me? I celebrate national cleavage day almost every single day. Especially when I volunteer at my daughter’s school. Those little boys are ANGELS for me.

    Diana’s last blog post..I Was Almost Murdered. By a Celebrity.

  16. Those are some mighty fine girls you got there.

    Probably what happened is that you forgot to tell them that it was National Cleavage Day and so they didn’t know to wear their boob-baring outfits and then they were embarrassed and then they took it out on you because your girls were getting all the attention and their girls were like lonely wallflowers.

  17. I’m a nudist.. boobies sag when you are a nudist.. my cleavage now hides the camel toe.

    Juice’s last blog post..OK. this is the second post today.. or third.. but still

  18. I am so sad that I didn’t hear of this fabulous celebration in time! If only I hadn’t worn a turtleneck to work today….

    I’ll have to put it on my calendar for next week. Thank you, wikipedia, for increasing awareness of this important day.

  19. Realizing my last comment is probably going to get me thrown in jail.

    It was joke people. Jesus.

    Diana’s last blog post..I Was Almost Murdered. By a Celebrity.

  20. First of all, EVERY day is National Cleavage Day in my world.

    Second of all, if your boobs looked any better you would be REQUIRED to pose naked in Playboy. EVERY MONTH. And I would buy a subscription because really? Who here wouldn’t??? Exactly.

    Lesley’s last blog post..Pointlessly Updated TWICE: I’m Totally Like The Charles Schulz Of Bloggers (Except For That I Can’t Draw)

  21. If you’re going to announce something as fun as National Cleavage Day, you should probably do it the day before, because I live too far away to go home and change, so I had to just take off my shirt instead. The HRs are not very happy with me and oh, look they’ve offered to take me out to my car…wait, those aren’t people who work here, they’re in uniforms – and that’s not my car!

    Kristine’s last blog post..Monthly Newsletter #30

  22. This ta-ta tyranny cannot stand. Also, dayum girl!

    lettergirl’s last blog post..True, I Swear

  23. i do not have a set of my own, hooters that is, unless you are talking about a horn, the one you blow not the one on a cow, i confuse myself, oh sod it!

    “free the blogesses hooters this instant you horrid miscreants!”

    31337’s last blog post..Just ch3cking 1f th1s th1ng sti11 w0rks. *not that one you blithering idiot!*

  24. 24
    Just A. Reader

    Jenny, that picture??? All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’m going to need a few minutes alone now.

  25. I *love* this picture. And I have a shockingly similar dress, but you look WAY better in it than I do. Although it is a pretty awesome cleavage dress.

  26. Of course you realize the only way to take your rights back is to take your shirt of, right? You’ll start an office revolution. Getting you to put on a sweater will be the least of their problems when you’re burning your desk. Topless.

    Bridget’s last blog post..Tinkering sounds a lot like tinkling

  27. You so rock. And I’m sorry your boobs are being oppressed –[LIGHTBULB!] Keep the sweater. Lose the bra and turn on a fan. Let’s see them suppress that uprising…unless the sweater is a Snuggie b/c the battle is lost if so.

  28. WOW, and to think I had no idea such a holiday existed. Where have I been. I’ve got cleavage, and I will gladly show it, for the sake of the holiday.

    Amazing Greis’s last blog post..Happy 100th Post – 100 things about me…

  29. Wait, a corporately sponsored holiday with a supposed larger purpose…is this like 2nd Valentine’s Day only about 500 times cooler?

    Don’t let “the man” destroy your National Cleavage Day pride…although I get the idea it would be less the man, and more the other jealous bitches.

    Dani’s last blog post..Outlook is generally sunny with a 95% chance of me saying something dumb…

  30. I wish I had known! My girls are all covered up….but the day is young. I’ll stop home and change before hitting the bar for week-end happy hour. There’s sure to be some nipple exposure tonight!

    Mara J.’s last blog post..The much awaited photos from Israel!

  31. When’s national labia day? Maybe I’ll just cut the crotch out of my dress pants and celebrate it tomorrow. Anybody with me on this one? No? Prudes.

    Amy Rossi’s last blog post..Overheard: Vacation Edition

  32. To the cleavage-challenged, this day is worse than Valentine’s Day to the chronically single. How can you so cavalierly flout your tata cleft while others are suffering in training bra hell? No amount of pumpable push-up technology ever heals the emotional pain of a featureless chestal region. Here’s hoping all you silicone enhanced hussies can enjoy your day, knowing that they’re numbered!!

    Flatty Flatterson’s last blog post..At Least 82 Reasons It’s More Than Miraculous I Haven’t Caved on the Lenten Sacrifice of Chocolate

  33. As a male with a relatively low BMI, I find myself physically incapable of participating in the festivities.

    Steve’s last blog post..Testing 1, 2, 3…

  34. Explain that your breasts cannot be contained. It isn’t your fault and if the gents in the office would like to show their cleavage, might you recommend they wax first?

    Besides, how else will you hold up your dress if not for the toddle bits on your front? Idiots. The lot of them.

    Mia Watts’s last blog post..Interview with John Antorino

  35. People keep telling me “Steak and a Blow Job Day” is a national holiday, too, but until I see evidence of such, be it a greeting card section at Target or a day off of work, I say it can’t be true. However, I did take today off work to let my cleavage lay around and catch up on DVR’d shows, so this is totally legit.

    foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)’s last blog post..this post brought to you with limited commercial interruption

  36. hooters of the world, unite! I’m not wearing a clevage friendly shirt so I guess i’ll just go topless

  37. Wowzers…I’m jealous of your cleavage! I technically don’t have enough cleavage to celebrate it so I’m boycotting by wearing a sweater AND a coat!

    gingela5’s last blog post..Yes, My Husband and I Are Nerds–Do You Have a Problem With That…The Name of This Post is Really Long Too…

  38. I didn’t even know it was Happy Cleavage Day, and yet I find myself sitting here at my computer with mah gals hanging out. That baby I cranked outta me on Saturday has caused quite a ruckus in the boobie department, and I find myself with the most spectacular, yet highly painful tatas ever. I’d send you a picture now, but I sort of made a deal with my husband about posting naked boobie pics on the internet. So I’ll just keep you posted if I can get them in some appropriately photogenic attire.

    pamela’s last blog post..first vs. fourth …

  39. The other day I busted out the cleavage, for the first time in a long time. One of my law school classmates started calling me breasticles. I’m not going through that again, wikipedia page or not.

    Angelita’s last blog post..angiewa: I just discovered my peers can’t write. Editing int’l law newsletter, on the verge of sending articles back with a request for rewrites.

  40. 41

    I wish it was National Muffin Top Day, because I am totally celebrating that at the moment.

  41. I truly wish I could celebrate National Cleavage Day, but alas, these A-cups of mine aren’t in a festive mood.

    Georgia’s last blog post..Black & White & Read All Over* (*Los Angeles)

  42. Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to take a picture of your boobs and get distracted by your pussy?

    I see, by the way, that you have one of those really furry pussies. I bet you get tired of the sound of coughing and hacking up hair balls around your house. You should get one of those hairless ones, Brazilian are they? (Well, they should be, if they’re not.)

    Nice cleavage. I didn’t know there was a day for cleavage. Now that you’ve posted this photo of yours, I’d like to look into it.

    Hello, Jenny.

    scott’s last blog post..Burning Man

  43. When I put my little pointy finger thing (cursor) over the cat, it says “bOObs”. Is that what you finally named it?

  44. LOL Juice!!! that cracked me up!!

    here’s to cleavage!! i actually have “gratuitous cleavage shot” pics of all my friends on my MySpace from the nights we’re out having girls night out!! hahaha

    {cher}’s last blog post..Cardio for the Social Butterfly

  45. If I had cleavage, I would totally celebrate along with you. But sadly, this is just another holiday that discriminates against the flat chested. Just like Christmas. And don’t even get me started on Easter. So racist … or something.

    Momma Trish’s last blog post..We’re in a recession, but the tire business is booming. Apparently.

  46. As a woman who can’t even make real cleavage like yours, I am outraged. How dare they repress one of god’s greatest gifts to this world? In protest, I’ll be going topless today. Never mind that I have to get my tires rotated, go grocery shopping, and possibly work later today. This is an issue that cannot be ignored, and my girls will not be silenced. BOOOOBIIIES!

    MonsteRawr’s last blog post..Finally, a post NOT about assholes!

  47. First they came for the people with cleavage, but I didn’t speak out because I don’t have breasts….

    devolute’s last blog post..The best of Google Streetview UK

  48. Know what other day people don’t celebrate enough? Steak and BJ day.

    E to the M’s last blog post..old train bike (via tornade2009)
    Ride the rails!

  49. I didn’t know it was National Cleavage Day, but I’m still celebrating, because EVERY day is Cleavage Day for EmmySuh.

    You think I’m kidding, but I’ll post a picture later.

  50. I love your tweets almost as much as your rack, kudos to both. I seem to have confused my ass with my chest and am having a very special “super tight jeans day” that my boss seems to be celebrating with me. I’ll be expecting a case of baby powder at the day’s close.

  51. i popped my rodeo cherry by going to the houston rodeo championship night two weeks ago. i was surprised i was the only person on the plane from dc to texas in full “costume,” but i was more surprised the smalled corn dog i could find at the rodeo was as large as my forearm…

    Lusty Reader’s last blog post..Friday Finds (April 3)

  52. For me, EVERY DAY is National Cleavage Day. It’s very important for me to use my tatas to distract from my wobbly bits. I was hoping this would show up as my commentluv most recent post, but I’m sorry commentluv, you’re slow on the uptake. So here’s the link:

    Miss Grace’s last blog post..Where The Wild Things Are – You’ll Understand When I Get the Tattoo

  53. I was going to buy a dress similar to that the other day, but it didn’t do THAT to my boobies, and it just made me look pregnant, and we just can NOT have that.

    CircusKelli’s last blog post..Celebrity Apprentice 2009, Episode Four

  54. I hear ya, sistah! Free the Houston Two!

    Mmm boobies…

  55. I celebrate National Cleavage Day EVERY day.

    miss thystle’s last blog post..Best Phone Call Ever!

  56. This has nothing to do with tits but i thought you’d like it anyway,8599,1889075,00.html

  57. 58
    Cory (a different one than that one)

    Man, even Rex Morgan M.D. is celebrating National Cleavage Day. I think we need to take to the streets in costume and protest. If only I could think of some sort of costume.

  58. Wait. You mean that everything I read on Wikipedia isn’t necessarily true?

    Well, shit.

    Angella’s last blog post..Puppy Love

  59. I used to love Cleavage Day before it got so commercial.

    Ken’s last blog post..Children Are Not Meant To Be Convenient

  60. I have Major Issues with these dress manufacturers that seem to think every woman wants to show all her boobage, all the time.

    Look, I am 48 years old and I can dang well assure you that no one wants to see all my cleavage.

    I have to wear little tank tops underneath, which is a pain because since when do they think I am organized enough to have a matching tank top and dress clean on the same day?

    And Chris Rock on tittie:

  61. That cat is totally trying to wash his paws…look, he’s reaching for the soap. That is talent right there.

    Every day is National Cleavage Day for me. I could be wearing a turtleneck and my cleavage would still be showing.

    Miss Yvonne’s last blog post..Captain Carl’s Favorite Game

  62. Heck yeah National Cleavage Day! I celebrate, especially since I have a new baby, so my cleavage is better than ever! Course, I usually celebrate under my clothes…since I have creepy coworkers…and the Fed Ex guy is super creepy too. *shudders*

    But here! Cleavage and cute baby all in one!

  63. Strap a plastic doll onto your nipple, and walk around like that. Then no one would DARE tell you to put on a sweater. Right? It works for me.

    Cleavage is underrated. People are happy around cleavage, so what their problem is is beyond me. Losers.

    I linked my boob picture to this post. Dead serious. Enjoy.

    Debbi’s last blog post..Why oh Why?!!!

  64. haha, oops. Here it is.

    see? Told you I was dead serious.

    Debbi’s last blog post..Why oh Why?!!!

  65. This is the most I have ever perused your comments, good stuff, but not what I came looking for (read: boobs)

    Chris’s last blog post..Can We Lead Again?

  66. I heart boobs. I wish I had some. I lost mine in the Great Breastfeeding Debacles of ’00, ’02 and ’05.

    Enjoy the day everyone…

  67. Thank you, Jenny… I will celebrate every year… and when I do, I will think of you… and your rack.

    I think I should go and write about mine now… 🙂

  68. 69
    Still need Kegel advice

    One of my best friends has fantastic cleavage that she shows off nearly every day to very good effect. The very embarrassing thing to me is that I am doing that terrible staring-at-her-cleavage-while-talking-to-her thing pretty much all the time.

    I have awesome cleavage too — double D’s! — and have recently started showing it off more in homage to my very smart, very busty gal pal. But so far pretty much everybody has managed to speak to my face rather than my rack, so maybe the cleavage is just awesome in my mind and is kind of average “what kind of cougar does she think she is?” middle-aged crepey-boobed scariness in the real world.

  69. 70
    Kwai Chang Caine

    Sorry, but I will be unable to participate. I will, however, be available to observe both the holiday AND the cleavage.

  70. I wish I had known about National Cleavage Day! I always have cleavage but I would celebrated with glitter, or fairy stickers or sparklers in my cleavage.

    Here’s a post of mine that included a boobies photo:

    Gina’s last blog post..Responsible

  71. Wow…I applaud you. As far as I’m concerned, you’re still saving the world! You can drive over to MD Anderson and share your bounty with us…we don’t mind.

  72. I had a really great comment but I was distracted by your awesome cleavage.

    Becky Mochaface’s last blog post..Book Review: Mary

  73. I almost didn’t comment, because you already have 69 comments and it seemed like a good number, but damn girl! I am jealous of your cleavs and the pretty dress!

    No one would make you wear a sweater in the town where I live & work (but you might feel like putting one on after a while).

    Soda & Candy’s last blog post..F You Friday

  74. I celebrate National Cleavage Day all the time. It’s what women DO here in Orange County. EVERY DAY is a cleavage day if you live here. And yes, I regularly flash my cleavage on twit pic too!!

    Twenty Four At Heart’s last blog post..Women Want Funny Men; Men Want Women

  75. Can’t …write…comment…too busy laughing!
    p.s. we have cleavage envy
    p.p.s we have funny-cat envy
    p.p.s yes, we totally think Rodeo Day is made up

    moggit girls’s last blog post..Oh No You Didn’t!

  76. According to one of my favorite sites for bizarre holidays, it is also Old Stuff Day.

    “Old Stuff Day is not a day to do the same old stuff. It’s a time to recognize the boring nature of your daily routine, and make some exciting changes. Find new and different activities, projects, and hobbies. Attend an event. Do something, anything, different.”

    So, if you’re looking for an exciting change, celebrate National Cleavage Day by showing them off. I’m going to now that I know about this wonderful holiday!

    Meryl’s last blog post..Bake and Flake

  77. Hi Jenny! Happy National Cleavage Day! I don’t know how to put a picture on here, but I posted one on my own humble little blog!

    Thanks for making me laugh until I’m pretty sure my uterus is about to fall out…

    Natalie’s last blog post..Happy National Cleavage Day!!!

  78. How did I not know about this!?!?! My blog is called “Stacked” for boobs sake!!

    I think it’s a travesty they made you put a sweater on – there is nothing inappropriate about that dress – it’ beautiful.

  79. Keira Knightley threw a fit and that’s why National Cleavage day is no longer celebrated. Because there’s just not enough gaffer’s tape in the world to give her cleavage…

  80. Fine but only because Grace did it first!

    Heather R.’s last blog post..NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY!!!

  81. I think we work in HR because we are so inappropriate. By day we need to be all rigid and stiff and scold employees to make up for all our inappropriateness every other time.

    WM’s last blog post..On husbands and panty dropping

  82. Oh and I’m awesome because I didn’t even know about national cleavage day but I’m sporting it anyway.

    WM’s last blog post..On husbands and panty dropping

  83. Damn, girl, what kind of bra are you wearing?

    Cara’s last blog post..Ode To The Dollar Store

  84. Dude.
    Not only do I have cleavage on my blog today, but it’s VIDEO cleavage. That’s how important National Cleavage Day is to me..

    And look at 24@Heart up there.. showing off her TitPic.. I mean TwitPic.. She and MamaDawg and I have lots of those.. because boobs are like Jello.. and everyone knows ‘there’s always room for Jello’.

    Yay boobs.

    ChurchPunkMom’s last blog post..EdenFantasys Giveaway Part 2 – Pick a Winner!

  85. Well, tits to them.

    Avitable’s last blog post..Friday is for bullets.

  86. I didn’t know! But our HR lets us have casual Friday, so my ass cleavage is totally popping out the back of my jeans right now. And for you and This Glorious Day, I’m taking my top off.

    emvandee’s last blog post..Pumpernickel for Grace

  87. Mmm…boobies!

  88. In fact, we in Canada celebrate rodeos for a whole week every summer… if by Canada you mean Calgary. I had to go buy cowboy boots to wear to my law office and everything. And cleavage goes well with cowboy boots. I think we should combine these events… save a horse, ride a cowboy 🙂

  89. […] that’s ok, I didn’t either until Jenny The Bloggess decided to enlighten me.  (She’s like the Sascha Baron Cohen – aka “Borat” – of the internet world.  […]

  90. […] the fact that today is NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY.    I read about it here and the fact that there’s a Wikipedia pagemeans it must be true…cause I read it on the […]

  91. Woman to woman (STRAIGHT woman to STRAIGHT woman, I mean) – you have magnificent cleavage today.

    They’re just jealous.

    Wendy’s last blog post..Scalp-Tingling Fear Is…

  92. Dude nice tatas.

    Carolyn Online’s last blog post..The Talk.

  93. I was all about supporting your civil rights when I got this thought: You have to smother the boobs of women celebrating so that you can keep the men able to celebrate from celebrating. It’s a heavy sacrifice by women but if it keeps just one dude with man boobs from yelling ‘happy cleavage day’ and drawing attention to his under-covered boobal region, then it’s a good sacrifice!

    Steve The Lesser’s last blog post..Greatest Passover Gifts Ever!

  94. All I care about is that you said “fucked”. We were not fooled on April 1 Bloggess…but I am still wearing my shunning boots.

    Amy’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #6 – Favorite State

  95. HolySHIT youve got one helluva RACK on you!! Lotus is gonna have to step it up after this pic .. love ya Lotus .. love your rack too.

    Madness’s last blog so hardcore

  96. Who cares if it’s you think it’s a bad picture? NO one’s looking at your face. Hello, cleavage!

    CasaRosa’s last blog post..SWF Seeks Hot Young Plumber

  97. I’m filing a report with the ACLU because I find this holiday to be very unfair to us small-breasted women. The only way I can get any cleavage is if I use both hands to push my breasts together and then it is very VERY hard to get anything done. I could use my toes instead of my hands but then my feet would block the view of my breasts thus voiding any view of cleavage.

    Fairly Odd Mother’s last blog post..And I thought the worst thing on Nickelodeon was Jimmy Neutron

  98. Jee Zuss Christ! You have spectacular boobs!

    kendall’s last blog post.."I am a Deeply Superficial Person"

  99. Well this answer my often asked to self question why Victor puts up with you.

    Cedarflame’s last blog post..I’m In Here – The Anthem For Autism

  100. Does ass cleavage count? ‘Cause if I had a nickel for every ass crack sighting I saw ’round these parts, I’d be fucking rich.

    Undomestic Diva’s last blog post..Where I prove that men are dogs

  101. Those are some rocking tits. Brava!

    Also, when the eff is Rodeo Day? Did I miss it? I could have rocked the boots and the boobs!! Dammit…

  102. Canadians would love to celebrate National Cleavage Day ——Except They Don’t Have One!!!!!!!!!!! NO wonder they’re jealous suckers…

    Actually, they tried to have a National Cleavage Day but somebody in the front office screwed up and it mistakenly became National Cleaver Day and this how they got their national bird, the Beaver.

    In all fairness, they do celebrate National Hump Day which is how they initially got their Mounties.
    I am pretty sure of these facts and there’s no need for anyone to doubt them or investigate them for accuracy. I know at least one Canadian and that’s one more than necessary.

  103. Damn, you can come work at my house today! Ni-i-ice!

    Somewhere on the web, there is a derby team picture of everyone acting all innocent in prom dresses, but I’m in the back with one tit hanging out of my off-the-shoulder dress, purposely. I wish I could find that link… 😉

    It’s ok to be inappropriate…somebody’s gotta do it or we would lose another word.

    Catazon’s last blog post..Day 3

  104. Your place of employment sounds horrible. Who would want to cover up that wonderful cleavage you have.

    *shakeshead* It’s a crying shame I tell ya.

    TOPolk’s last blog post..Locksmith Bandits

  105. Cleavage…by definition in my world…a female quality that illicits ridiculous jealousy from other women and gives Bruce Willis a place to catapult an olive into.

    Jason’s last blog post..Insurmountable Thoughts

  106. 107
    Gracie Lace

    Since it was obvious how upset you were with the whole having to wear a sweater at work thing, I decided to go to the store and buy you a “Happy National Cleavage Day” card. I couldn’t find them so I asked this old guy at the register where I would find them and he was all “uhh…I don’t think that’s a real holiday”. Then I had to explain how if wikipedia said it was a holiday then it was a holiday. All he could say is “what?” So I repeated it but louder cause I figured he had bad hearing or something. Then he told me “we don’t have any cards for that.” I told him that it was a sin not having any cards for this holiday. By that time I was being very loud & he kicked me out. Oh did I mention the only store in town is run by Mennonites?

  107. I did not know about cleavage day! So, I’m not showing any, but I wouldn’t be able to anyway. I have huge boobs and am very self consious about them. Showing my collar bone is be being “slutty!”

    DJ-Kelly-Kell-Kell’s last blog post..My Underwears

  108. Jesus christ, how do you even GET cleavage that awesome? I am so jealous for srs.

    Also brb changing shirts.

  109. I got titties in the mail yesterday, just in time! And my “can” is wearing them this very day in celebration.

    jeff’s last blog post..In honor of National Cleavage Day

  110. […] obvious snap, I’m already wearing a cami. However, you should totally go help Jenny at The Blogess. She’s having a total rack attack. You may need to bring snaps and a […]

  111. 112
    Gracie Lace

    In other words, I couldn’t get the card, but there are plenty of other stores in the town next to me. So there’s hope yet!

  112. Contradictory messages. They tell you “it’s important for people in HR to act professional” yet object to the cleavage.

    I would say you appear to be a professional in this outfit.

    Or at least a pro.

    🙂 You look great. Happy National Cleavage Day.

    Fantastic Forrest’s last blog post..I have returned from vacation. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

  113. I think you need to have (since you are in Texas) an Austin T (and A) party.

    William’s last blog post..Bathroom Begats

  114. I limit myself to one boob-shot a week. That way my site doesn’t get any adults-only ratings.

    PS – Totally dedicate my Muppets on Crack post today to you.

    Saskia’s last blog post..Muppets on Crack

  115. Crap. I wore my one and only boobalicious top yesterday!

    If only I had know.
    Always a day late and a dollar short.

    I could really use a dollar…

    elfini’s last blog post..a Hodge-podge, but no Brady

  116. I work for a construction company. The boys LOVE National Cleavage Day and want it EVERY day. Also, National Oh Shit My Skirt Is Too Short and I’m Wearing a Thong Day.

  117. Double crap!

    If only I had known!
    I lost an N in all this talk of cleavage.

    elfini’s last blog post..a Hodge-podge, but no Brady

  118. Those of us with no cleavage completely support your right to celebrate yours! Seriously, even those padded wired push-up bras can’t give me cleavage…

  119. It wasn’t the cat that distracted me. Sorry. I will now spent 10 minutes hating myself for being such a male chauvinist pig.

  120. I thought about celebrating this momentous holiday with you, but then I remembered that I teach 9th grade. I can’t even say the phrase, “This is going to be a hard test,” because they start snickering at the word hard. Exposing “the girls” to a hormone infested jungle, would not be a good way to spend my Friday…though it would probably cut down on potential volunteers to stand up and write on the board.

    Virginia’s last blog post..Fish or cut Jailbait

  121. nice cleavage, but your pussy has gray hairs. remedy that situation.

  122. i teach at a christian high school. every day here is “pretend you don’t even know what cleavage is, let alone acknowledge its existence” day. yay.

    Lara’s last blog post..Myself Reflected Back

  123. Sorry, didn’t read all the comments but that is one hella cute dress! (yeah, I wish I was more Stefani-like…can’t really pull that off huh?)

    Peggy’s last blog post..Diva

  124. Oh I’m such a an attention whore and HAD to do this! Love your pic..nice rack! I think it’s a shame you had to put a sweater on, it’s true that “EVERYONE suffers”. *sigh* one day, one day…

    Beautiful Mess’s last blog post..They Said IT, so I did IT!

  125. 126

    Puss and Boobs….reloaded.

  126. Yah!! Let’s here it for second base.

    Futureblackmail’s last blog post..DATE NIGHT

  127. Rodeo is a holiday where I live, too. Kids get two days of school off so they can go to the world’s largest unmechanized parade or whatever. I really don’t get it.

    Ashley’s last blog, in honor of april fool’s

  128. National Cleavage Day should be every day, as far as I am concerned. You have convinced me.

  129. Best picture everrrrrrrrrr.

    Chloe’s last blog post..Feel Good Friday.

  130. That’s some damn fine cleavage- such a shame to have to cover it with a sweater. Oddly enough I am not showing any cleavage today and yet pretty much every other day I do!

    sizzle’s last blog post..I Know How to Keep Busy

  131. And to think, today of ALL DAYS, I actually covered up my cleavage with a t-shirt. Do you think people would mind if I just walked around in my bra the rest of the day?

    Andrea’s Sweet Life’s last blog post..Things I’ve Learned From Hanging Around the Courthouse

  132. How in earth did I miss this? I totally would have gotten the hot Mexican kid who works at my local grocer to ogle me with my boobs all on glorious, albeit partial, display. Damn it.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Dear Sickness, Go Away, Love Me

  133. You rock…and you have a whole lot of people joining in.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Boobs R Us

  134. I would totally have celebrated Cleavage Day if I’d known — of course, I work at home & my husband is hardly likely to object.

    TexasRed’s last blog post..Fiber Arts Friday!

  135. 137
    Psycho Gnome

    To Liz (#4):

    I have a cat that looks just like that one. Seriously! I did a double-take because she looks so much like the one pictured above. We’re not certain, but we think our cats are Norwegian Forest Cats, so keep an eye out for that sort and you might get one that looks similar. 🙂

  136. I can totally relate, you should have seen the uproar at my work when something similar happened.

    No matter how many times I yelled “It’s Steak and BJ Day, I swear!” the security officers just kept dragging me further onto the sidewalk.

  137. What kind of Boobs would ask you to cover up your boobs?

  138. How do you like them apples?

    The Introvert’s last blog post..reunion

  139. 141
    Psycho Gnome

    Follow-up to Liz (#4):

    Here’s a picture of a grey Norwegian Forest Cat:

  140. That’s it! I’m packing up early and heading home to celebrate what is left of the day!

    Summer’s last blog post..At the risk of ruining my bad ass image…

  141. Nice! Perky! You look like you could pass the pencil test. Here are mine.

    Dora’s last blog post..Check out the triplets!

  142. Isn’t that discrimination? I mean … breasts have feelings TOO. I love the photo as it is. Kinda glad the camera couldn’t take anymore. This one speaks VOLUMES.

    Kristy – Where’s My Damn Answer’s last blog post..Grades … what’s your secret?

  143. So South Africa gets National Cleavage day while we have to make do with Go Texan Day?!?!?!?! That hardly seems unfair.

    Jill/Twipply Skwood’s last blog post..Church of the Latter Day Kitty Litter

  144. Oops! I meant that hardly seems fair, not unfair. Of course.

    Jill/Twipply Skwood’s last blog post..Church of the Latter Day Kitty Litter

  145. Damn girl. You’ve got some rack. I didn’t even notice the cat or the face you were making until you pointed it out because I was so focused on your glorious boobage. And I can say that because I am a straight woman and therefor it is not creepy when I point out how magnificent your boobs look.

    Jen’s last blog post..Did I say I didn’t want to humilate my kids?

  146. i thought it was ass crack day – cause that’s what i saw in our office today

  147. I got sent home from school, on the last day of school, in my senior year, as VALEDICTORIAN, because I dared to wear a sundress. Apparently, just showing your SHOULDERS is a sex act. WHO KNEW???

    And now women are demanding to be allowed to show CLEAVAGE??? What is the world coming to?

    The Mother’s last blog post..Social Media and that Old Time Religion

  148. 151

    Every day is cleavage day in my house, and every night, too.

  149. ahaha! I love the National Muffin Top Day comment! Count me in on that one.

    Judy’s last blog post..Judy Needs Google

  150. I had no idea it was “National Tit Day”. Dammit, I finally had an excuse to show my tata’s!!

    Lindsay’s last blog post..How To Impress His Parents

  151. If you’re celebrating National Cleveage Day with photos where’s the cat’s cleveage?

    Condo Blues’s last blog post..How to Season and Wash a Baking Stone

  152. We tried to celebrate, but none of us in the office have any cleavage, it it was rather disappointing. We did have sweaters, though.

    Cathy D.’s last blog post..About ER

  153. Yeah, lots of weirdoes show up for top shots.

    annie’s last blog post..Same Sex Marriage has Come to Iowa

  154. Here’s to waving my girls proudly on flag day!

    Oh, wait…this was not at all about flag day.

    And since I bought them a water bed, they don’t wave anymore…

    Dammit. I always fuck up the holidays.

    amo’s last blog post..AND I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL ALL YOU ABOUT THIS!!!!

  155. Does lopsided cleavage count?

    Lotta’s last blog post..First Craft Fair!

  156. I didn’t celebrate this because I didn’t find out about this until like a few hours ago and it was really cold today and even though these two things have no relation it makes me kind of happy that cleavage day is the day after my birthday.

    zandor’s last blog post..22 years.. Eek. That’s weird.

  157. I can’t stop coming back to stare. How do your bewbs defy gravity like that? Do you have super mutant breast powers?!! My husband is in shock and awe.

    Heather R.’s last blog post..NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY!!!

  158. Thank you Jenny! This has been the best National Cleavage Day EVAR!

    Jim Porter’s last blog post..Bonus SXSW09 Anecdote

  159. Holy snap, you’re impressive!!!

    Cute dress, too. & kitteh.

    Here via BlogHer!

  160. Bloggess BEWBIES!

    I bow in their obvious splendor! 🙂

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughter’s last blog post..Get Thee To A Poet

  161. On St. Patrick’s Day I walked around my office with my balls hanging out and a four leaf clover lodged in my pee hole. HR made me wear a jock strap to keep the nads from sagging so much. It was a pretty pathetic sight, until I put a cork in my ass to cover up a little bit. It was green, though.

    The green socks and dress shoes seemed to complete the outfit.

    Bake My Fish’s last blog post..Charles Manson vs. Peter Cottontail

  162. Ok.. couldn’t get the whole cleavage thing to work for me.. so.. I put my thong underwear on… and walked in to the mall on my hands,, backwards…

    ass crack.. boob crack… crackheads didn’t know the difference..

    Juice’s last blog post..I think my blog has been invaded by an owner of a one eyed mouse!

  163. I had no idea you were so well-endowed! I had no idea that the image of a cat trying to wash its paw would compete with your righteous jugs. Honestly, they’re unbelievable and everyting, but WHAT IS THAT CAT DOING?

    steenky bee’s last blog post..Time And Water Conservation Are Not On My Side

  164. Holy Hot Tots!
    And Maddie’s comment about the grey hairs had me on the floor!
    If anyone likes lots of cleavage, mine is like a mile wide. Especially when I am on my back.

    So Not Mom-a-licious’s last blog post..Well, I’m spent.

  165. I wish I could participate in National Cleavage Day, but I am as flat as a board. Back to eating more Cheetos and praying to the breast gods for mercy!

    Spamboy’s last blog post..The First Folio

  166. Damn, I feel left out. When is the National “Hey look, I am flat chested!” Day?

    Discrimination sucks.

    Bridgette’s last blog post..Review and Giveaway: MediBag

  167. Don’t you have some standards to score?? They’re not going to score themselves you know!

    Now get back to work lady…and put those away!

  168. You’re like the Norma Rae of boobs. Or maybe Rosa Parks. Definitely someone.

    Marinka’s last blog post..We All Have Problems

  169. There’s a cat in this picture?


    Sharkey!’s last blog post..You’re gonna feel a pinch…

  170. I do not remember your boobs looking like that.

    But uh, wanna room together at BlogHer?

    mothergoosemouse’s last blog post..‘Cause you gotta have friends

  171. Whoa. You sort of made me think of Charlton Heston as Moses being all “Let my boobies go!” and the boss being Pharaoh and tightening up your sweater and then you part a bottle of vodka and your nipples rejoice!

    Of course, now all I can think about is boobs. THANKS!

    Anissa@Hope4Peyton’s last blog post..Links for 2009-04-02 [Digg]

  172. This is absolutely my new favorite holiday. Get the fuck out of town, Christmas!

    Unless Mrs. Claus has something better to offer, by chance…

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..Classic quotes, Vol. 12

  173. As a male with excessively high BMI, I’m totally joining in.

  174. I’m just impressed by your cute little spring dress! I’d freeze my girls right off if I had that on today!!!

    Jo’s last blog post..How to Get a Good Pregnant Night’s Sleep


    On Wednesday I was at IHOP with some weird people (read: my friends) and one of them had a one hundred dollar bill, so I grabbed it and stuffed it between the girls. Since he and I are NOT THAT CLOSE, he wasn’t gonna reach in there and get it. I found this hilarious. He politely asked me to give it back; I said no. Somebody else told him to go for it, and he said, “No, I can’t! It’s between her…um, her… friends! I can’t reach in there.” I died laughing. Then the guy who encouraged him said, “Did you just calm them her ‘friends’? Dude. BREASTS. Say it.”

    I love boobs.
    Especially when guys are incapable of forming sentences because of them.

    Abby’s last blog post..She’s baaaaaaaa-aaaaack!

  176. Best. Holiday. Ever.
    I joined you in your Cleavage Day fun today, and all I got were some interesting looks from other people. And at least one “Why are you so dressed up?” Sigh. It was worth it, though. I never let the boobs out for air, I think they needed it.

    Amy.’s last blog post..Racism, WWII, and Texas A&M.

  177. poor oppressed boobies!

    Hannah’s last blog post..because sexually harrassing the new girl is kinda my “thing”

  178. Your cat is a big jerk.

    Black Hockey Jesus’s last blog post..Science

  179. Dude.I COULDN’T work with those cans out and we are hundreds of miles away from each other.

    flutter’s last blog post..The fullness of time

  180. Your cat is brave. Mine won’t climb into counters. Or even stick her head over and tap at things like yours. Your bobs are rockin’ though. If this were American Wedding and your boobs were a penis, you could rock out with your cock out. AND hang out with your wang out.

    Samantha’s last blog post..I forgot how much I used to like Sum 41

  181. i actually think this photo is great!
    i love the cat swiping at something, your facial expression, and the commentary! fantastic!!!

  182. What an adorable image! A candid Jenny shot.

    David’s last blog post..Meh

  183. We live in such a freakin’ repressive society.

    The Dental Maven’s last blog post..It’s The New Descriptor!

  184. That is some very impressive boobage you’ve got there. Seriously, I need more notice for this kind of thing.
    I would have totally jumped the boobwagon.

    sherendipity’s last blog post..Memes are good when braining is hard.

  185. I used to have cleavage but menopause and gravity have taken over and you really don’t want a picture of my boobs dangling between my knees.

    Chris O’s last blog post..I have to get over my obsession and get something done

  186. Love the cat. Is he trying to escape?

  187. THANK YOU for making me aware of National Cleavage Day. Truly worth celebrating.

    Elaine at Lipstickdaily’s last blog post..Photo Story Weekend

  188. I wish I could have participated in National Cleavage Day
    but my girls hate each other so they are pointing out and
    away. The only way I’ll get cleavage is to go bra-less,
    clamp weights to them and then tie them in a knot after
    they’ve stretched down to my knees in 30 years.

  189. It’s not “cleavage”, it’s “breast diversity”.

    You’re welcome.

  190. Dammit, why did you not tell us about this last week so that we could be prepared? Of course for me to have cleavage I have to mash the girls together with my hands and then I’d need someone else to hold the camera and I’d still come away feeling all inferior, so I’ll just celebrate your boobs instead. Yay Jenny’s boobs!

    EdenSky’s last blog post..Do the Potty Wheeze!

  191. OK. My favorite part of this is how a holiday is official when it has it’s own Wikipedia Page. Let’s just say I observe Cleavage Day every day even if I don’t want to. I wish I had a job so I could strut around my cleavage and then quit. Oh, wait, I did quit. Come to think of it, cleavage may have been to blame. Never mind.

  192. Jenny, ask and you shall receive.

    Just please make sure your requests never involve brussel sprouts. I hate them.

    So here’s my celebratory cleavage…if I can figure out how to link…whatever:

    Andy’s last blog post..i’m all about self sacrifice for the benefit of spreading soft core nudity

  193. crap.

    i don’t know how to link.

    i am such a loser.

    but i still have wine.

    and ativan.

    so s’all good.

    and i still love you jenny:)

    Andy’s last blog post..i’m all about self sacrifice for the benefit of spreading soft core nudity

  194. That is the cutest dress EVER. I love it. And nice boobs too. 🙂

  195. Honestly, I love you people. And your boobs.

  196. omg, i lost the comment the first time i wrote it and it was brillant you will have to settle for this second try.

    you quit, you feel good about it, do not stress you will not implode or vaporize into thin air, you will find something else or not, but either way you will be fine and if it sits well with you and your family well then….good for you!

  197. I am sorry I didn’t know about this holiday, but ironically, I had major cleavage going on yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture, so you will just have to have to take my word for it…they were spectacular.

  198. Lawdy Momma, your boobs are as big as mine. We’ll have to converse about that someday. I’m curious as to how many other women with D, DD, and larger breasts WISH the hell they were smaller. Gravity hates you when you’re 40+. The Itty Bitty Titty Committee will never have to loathe gravity like we will.

    Sadly, for me, that lovely cleavage has become a curse from hell. Standing naked in front of a mirror (or significant other) used to be a time for inner gloating, now it’s more like…painful and depressing. I don’t even want to think about it.

    I celebrated the day by wearing a sports bra and bike shorts and displaying the largest unaboob known to man. (Okay, maybe not THE largest, but probably the largest anyone would dare to display publically.)

    Lori Hutcherson a.k.a. kcgirlgeek’s last blog post..Keeping Warm and the Butt-Wiping Invention That Changed Our Lives

  199. […] is it possible that I wasn’t informed about National Cleavage Day? Thank God The Bloggess was on top of […]

  200. I’d just like to state that I’m nursing and even my cleavage isn’t that impressive. Good god woman…….

    nikki’s last blog post..What up homies

  201. I cannot BELIEVE I missed National Cleavage Day. As you are aware, I would ROCK National Cleavage Day. In fact, before my breast reduction, I had enough for TWO National Cleavage Days. Dammit.

    Aimee Greeblemonkey’s last blog post..Rockin’ Out

  202. […] It is a sad world. It appears as though I missed National Cleavage Day. […]

  203. I used to live in Texas and I totally remember rodeo day. Lived in Alabama, too, and they have “fair day.”

    We here in Florida, well…we get nuthin’ (unless there are hurricanes, but let’s not wish that).

    akeorlando’s last blog post..Frightening news about Orlando International Airport’s air traffic controllers

  204. OK, I came back to your Blog for two reasons. To read the new stuff (you have balls to quit your job), and to get another look at your cleavage.

    There you have it.

    Show some nipple soon.

    Bake My Fish’s last blog post..Charles Manson vs. Peter Cottontail

  205. They’re just jealous – that’s what my mom always told me anyway. Any chance she was lying? Goh! My whole life is one big lie – thanks, mom! On a lighter note, my kitty looks like your kitty (my titties, not so much). Goog luck with the writing!

    Nan W’s last blog post..Travel Zen – NYC Edition

  206. You seriously look like an ad for silicone implants. Sheesh!

  207. OMG,EVERYday is National Cleavage Day in my house. It just can’t be helped! Stuff that isn’t supposed to be low-cut ends up looking all hooker-ish on me. So annoying!
    But glad to know there is an actual holiday for this!
    Oh, and nice cleavage.

    Danielle-lee’s last blog post..Truth

  208. If I had tits like that, it would be national cleavage day EVERY day at my house.

    Wear ’em proud.

    Well Read Hostess’s last blog post..It’s All Greek to Me

  209. Daaayum! Jenny, what bra are you wearing and where did you get that dress? You and ‘the girls’ looks awesom-tastic.

    avonlea’s last blog post..These are not the droids you’re looking for

  210. […] the Bloggess, posted a picture of herself for National Cleavage Day last week with an invitation to join her and link back. I have below the neck shots but hesitated – […]

  211. I totally need to know the bra….PLEASE.

  212. […] April 3, 2009 at 4:18 pm (animal behavior, boobs., history of meg, jinxing myself, um…, why do i do these things?, work shmork) Happy Cleavage Day! […]

  213. […] RT @e_to_the_m: @mattstratton #NationalCleavageDay […]

  214. […] to take some pictures but my cat kept getting in the way and I was all “WHY MUST YOU BE IN EVERY PICTURE?” and then Victor woke up and wanted to know why I was taking half-naked pictures of […]

  215. […] The camera in the picture is the one for sale. I took that picture for cleavage day. Camera doesn’t necessarily give you cleavage but it couldn’t hurt. Cat not included in […]

  216. OMG – you are a hoot! LOL! Your hooters shouldn’t be upset by this waste of your ‘rights’ to follow a holiday. I know what we can do, send a petition to the president. Though I think Clinton would have worked harder to hep with it. LOL

  217. I can’t link my cleavage to this – I don’t have any. I have a valley! Even though the girls are big, they just don’t like to meet me in the middle!

  218. You look stunning in that dress. If I had what you have, I would wear that. But I am kinda a Grace from Will & Grace. LOL.

  219. National Cleavage Day – We Stare because we Care..

  220. 225
    Lady Penelope

    In order to participate I will need to use both hands.

    If you got ’em, flaunt ’em baby!

  221. 226
    Lady Penelope

    Oh God – I just read that and it sounds dirty.

    What I meant was that I’m so flat chested that I’d need to use both hands to push ’em together to create any semblance of cleavage.

    But it came across as some randy bloke.

    My apologies.

  222. 227
    Lady Penelope

    Good Grief. I commented on a post 2 years old then tried to explain said comment. On a post TWO YEARS OLD.
    I have ruined the comment section on this post. I’ve hit a new low. Congratulations Me.

  223. 228
    Lady Penelope

    Nope. THIS is the ultimate low. The post is actually THREE years old.
    Just delete all my comments. Please. I beg you.

    I’m going to bed now.

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