It’s like the party before the party in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil except no one gets shot.

If you’re not going to Blogher then just skip this post. If you are going to Blogher then, yes. Everyone else feels like vomiting too. We’re all terrified and I will be hiding in the bathroom most of the time and if you think I’m kidding you need only look as far as other people’s pictures of me from previous years, which were pretty much all inside the toilet. But in spite of the anxiety and insanity and weirdness we will all come because we know we will hate ourselves more if we are missing out on the fun than if we are there pretending to have fun while secretly terrified that we will be left alone for more than a minute. Except for the night before Blogher, which is actually quite awesome because it’s the night of The People’s Party (so named because it’s given for everyone…not just the “cool” bloggers. In fact, you don’t even have to be going to Blogher to come. Everyone is welcome. This means you too, dudes.) and since it’s the night before Blogher starts, people are still tired and jetlagged but too wound up to sleep and that’s why you come down to our party at the hotel and drink and mingle and sit on the bathroom sink for four hours straight if you are me. And it is awesome. And officially time to RSVP, bitches.  Click the button, sil vous plait:


PS.  I’m scared too and that is totally normal.  Come find me and I will hug you.  I promise.   I’ll be the one who smells like xanax.

PPS.  Free booze while it lasts.  Which is not long considering how much we drink so we need more sponsors.  If you wanna be one, click the above button for more info.

PPPS.  This party is hosted by me, and the amazing women behind Green Mom ReviewIzzyMom, Motherbumper , Mrs. Fussypants , Playgroups Are No Place For Children , and Velveteen Mind.  None of us makes a dime off of it.  This is just for fun.  And also for free booze.  But mostly for the fun free booze.

PPPPS.  When I mentioned Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I was talking about the book and not the movie, which was shit comparatively.

Free-booze-while-it-lasts sponsored by:







Comment of the day: Seeing the Sprout logo on the same website where I read about kitten mittens, clown porn, and banging weird looking guys just gave me an aneurysm. ~ Deb


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  1. I’m so going to be there. And since you’ll be giving away free hugs, I’m just sayin’ I may need one. In a non stalker, hugging kind of way.

    I’m so excited and so NERVOUS about Blogher, glad it’s not just me.

    See you in July!

    Amazing Greis’s last blog post..It’s my Blogaversary! 1 year down, many more to go…

  2. Oh, shut up. You have nothing to be nervous about. You’re awesome and gorgeous and everyone loves you. It’s those of us who have good reason to have never show pictures of ourselves on our blogs that need to plan on hiding in toilet stalls.

  3. The book is always better. Always.

    shine’s last blog post..Sexual Harassment, Geriatric Style

  4. Sprout is sponsering the free booze?

    Yellow Trash Diaries’s last blog post..Swearing Off Blogger’s Remorse

  5. YTD that is totally what I was thinking! Ha ha. Jenny just break out the confidence wig and go for it! We need the awesome stories and vid clips 😉

  6. I wish I could go to Blogher. Even though the party is now apparently going to be in the bathroom.

    Mommica’s last blog post..Weekend List: Things I’ve learned in six years of marriage

  7. You haven’t even started on the free booze and you already feel like vomiting? A roomful of nauseous bloggers pounding free booze all night… I feel bad for the janitor. Have fun!

    Smarty Pants’s last blog post..Good Morning, would you like a bitch slap with your bagel?

  8. Damn straight!

    Sprite’s Keeper’s last blog post..HASAY: There’s a child in the way of my diet..

  9. Not going to make it this year AGAIN, but look forward to catching it next year. Hope there is a first-time attendee session so I can meet some new folks. Would hate to have to hide in the *other* bathroom away from all your fans:)

    Sara’s last blog post..Poll – Are You a Proponent or Opponent of the Chase?

  10. I already have plans for Thursday, please reschedule for Friday. Unless you can’t, because of anti-Semitism or something.

    Marinka’s last blog post..Fruit Salad Math

  11. I’m thinking barbies in the cleavage again.

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Saturday Shots-Vegas Edition

  12. Why is no one commenting after me?
    Did I kill the post?
    I was kidding about anti-semitism.

    Marinka’s last blog post..Fruit Salad Math

  13. Totally jealous. But if I were to go, I’d probably be not be in the bathroom, because that seems to be where all the *real* bloggers are (or “bloghers”? See? I don’t even know the difference). I’d be out wandering taking on massive anxiety about everyone ditching me in advance.

    [crying in my lonely fake-blog beer. At least the beer is real. Except that it’s a glass of wine.]

    harmzie’s last blog post..Dude

  14. Hmmm. I wasn’t scared before I read this post. *swallows a handful of Xanax*

    JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Make Acute Observations so you don’t have to

  15. I will be there smelling like a double dose of Zoloft.

  16. I always say you meet the nicest people in the bathroom. I wonder how many bathrooms the Sheraton has and will I visit each and every one of them? Unfortunately the Sheraton does NOT have a lingerie section which was my favorite part of last year’s BlogHer–the party in the lingerie section at Macy’s. Maybe I’ll hang up some of my panties and pretend?

    Recovering Straight Girl’s last blog post..What I’ve learned about being a Derby Widow

  17. Welcome to Chicago!!! The Bloggess in da house! YES!! Will make sure the weather stay nice for you that week!

  18. Why are you nervous? You’re like the queen blogger. Plus, the nemesis will not be there. I heard about it but didn’t witness it.

    Do people really get scared to go to BlogHer? Why? Does it feel like a high school reunion where you (and I don’t mean you personally – just the bloggers in general) want to feel like the most popular person in the room? I’m just trying to psyche myself up for all this wonder!

    Someone please enlighten this long-time blogger (5 years), but virgin BlogHer attendee! Thanks! Stephanie aka Manic Mommy

    Manic Mommy’s last blog post..FeeLiNG GLee oR "THiS iS So NoT Me"

  19. Some of the best parties I’ve been to were in the bathroom! Wish I could go. To Blogher, that is…


    Sue’s last blog post..Marketing Genius in a Rural Country Store

  20. Hey, can you do this every year until I actually make it to blogher?

    Like, until 2012 or something?

    Yay for you and all those other chicks with this party. I love calling it ‘the people’s party’ and I’m hoping this doesn’t lead to some kind of violent insurrection.

    ozma’s last blog post..It’s Crazy Dictator Month At Ozma Links!

  21. OK, seriously, I just read the comments — why is everyone SO FREAKIN’ SCARED!?!?

    Manic Mommy’s last blog post..FeeLiNG GLee oR "THiS iS So NoT Me"

  22. I’m the idiot who didn’t realize that there was all this stuff going on on Thursday night and Friday morning, so I will not be arriving in Chicago until midday on Friday. I have already kicked my ass black and blue and will probably be doing so again a few more times before the end of July. So I’ll be the one hiding in the bathroom applying arnica to my sizable ass. *sigh*

    Major Bedhead’s last blog post..I Don’t Need To Walk Around In Circles

  23. i’m so excited for this, it was so much fun last year! can’t wait.

  24. If anyone sees Amy Sedaris again this year, please give her my number, website, etc… kthxbai!

    groovehouse’s last blog post..Skate Pics For The Week Ending June 7th

  25. I ain’t skeered of BlogHer. BlogGangofbackwoodshomophobicredneckswithchainsaws, yeah, I would be scared of them, but don’t be scared of a bunch of chicks licking each other in the name of journalism!

    Deb on the Rocks’s last blog post..Danica Patrick: Woman, Race Car Driver, Misunderstood Moob Lover

  26. Blogher isn’t scary unless you have an anxiety disorder. Or are sane. Because it’s awesome but so overwhelming…like high school. Except that high school wasn’t awesome. This is a bad analogy.

  27. I’m not going, but I do like hanging out in women’s bathrooms.

    MayoPie’s last blog post..I’m glad I don’t have a vagina

  28. wah, wah, wah!! I can’t go to blogher! I am nowhere near chicago! suckitude reigns.

  29. Ahh, the bathroom. We met, we wooed, we made exchange of vow…

    Mr Lady’s last blog post..So I’m Sayin’ You Have A Chance

  30. Manic Mommy – I think there was some kind of ‘incident’ at BlogHer ’08. If only there was some kind of dramatic reconstruction.


    Mr Farty’s last blog post..Bits and Bobs

  31. Great… I wasn’t nervous, but now apparently I should be? I’ve never been to BlogHer before, so perhaps I missed something. Coming to your party… I wouldn’t miss Fussypants for the world. Love her in a totally nonstalkerish sort of way.
    Can’t wait to meet the rest of you too…

    The Happy Housewife’s last blog post..Confession Time and a Challenge

  32. If I come in drag, can I attend Blogher? Or at least the potty party? Pleeze? I’ve spent very little time in ladies rooms in my life, but meeting Da Bloggess (and my fellow adoring fans) would make it SO worth it. And the free booze.

    That’s it. I’m definitely coming. See y’all there! I’ll be the one “standing” in the corner (heh heh). In the wildly floral mumu. And drinking the free booze.

    Can’t wait.

    Tom’s last blog post..When marketers act like pushy strangers

  33. I don’t have a ticket to BlogHer, but fuck it, I might just come to your party.

    Laurie Ruettimann’s last blog post..PRHR Question: Phones at Work

  34. Xanax has a smell? Wow. I must reek all the time.

    Sara Rose’s last blog post..Taking A Break

  35. Color me in. Can I be naked?

  36. if I bring a case of something (but NOT share my valium, don’t even ask), will this make the party last longer or make me more popular? See, I made some hooch last year and everyone is afraid of it. Including me. So I need a *respectable* place to unload it in the name of charity, but not get arrested if people do weird shit and take of their clothes. Can I bring waivers for people to sign to drink my home grown brew? It’s pinkish and women tend to like pink things (‘cept me, I hate pink).

  37. And I can TOTALLY tell who REALLY takes Xanax because they don’t spell it with a Z. Idiots.

  38. I’ve never commented on your blog before but I like it. I just wanted to say I’m so glad you said that about Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil The Movie Version. It did comparatively suck.

  39. What does xanax smell like? I only have ativan.

    Miss Grace’s last blog post..Huh.

  40. it’s made for you! I found it on

    Stephanie’s last blog post..A deadly sin (dum dum duuuuuum!)

  41. and it’s on

    Stephanie’s last blog post..A deadly sin (dum dum duuuuuum!)

  42. Seeing the Sprout logo on the same website where I read about kitten mittens, clown porn, and banging weird looking guys just gave me an aneurysm.

  43. Will someone promise to remind me that I tend to weep if I drink more than one glass of red wine? And that I should stick to beer?

    bri’s last blog post..weaning for the lazy

  44. awwww shit. I’d love to go but totally gonna be getting schnockered with my kid for her 21st birthday that day. First time legally….for her that is. =D Have fun everyone!!

    peedee’s last blog post..I Heart Darth Vader

  45. I will be picking up that book now. With an 8 hour flight tomorrow, I’ll need something to read/do.

    Jen B.’s last blog post..Super Soakers and Children

  46. DAMMIT!! We are totally going to be in Chicago the week before that. Shitbags. No people’s party/hanging out with Bloggess Jenny for us. Not this time.

  47. Won’t be able to make it this year
    Will it be an anal event? Of course I meant ANUAL event!
    Have a good one mate – and good luck catching the wine flu!

    jenny talia’s last blog post..made in china

  48. Am on the other side of the world, so won’t be able to make it this year
    Say hi to Chicago for me (& my husband & my kids!)
    Will this be an anal event (meant anual – but anal just look better)
    Good luck catching the wine flue mate


    jenny talia’s last blog post..made in china

  49. fuck – thought the last one didn’t work – so typed another one
    don’t I look like a fucktard??

    jenny talia’s last blog post..made in china

  50. I will be there. Maybe I’ll buy you a drink. Or we’ll hang out in the bathroom together again. I mean, I have never been to Chicago, and though I went to BlogHer last year, I am still scared. And I know you like bathrooms, and last year was fun. just sayin’


    T@SendChocolate’s last blog post..Mirror, mirror on the wall, lie to me, damn you!

  51. Hate that I am going to miss you all again this year… Boo. Actually, boob. I’ll be home with my boobs still feeding my babe, and I just can’t see it working to be gone for days. So next year, when my rack is my own again, my girls and I will hope to get our people’s party on. Flush a toilet and raise a glass for me, won’t you?

    kittenpie’s last blog post..It’s Getting Draft-y In Here…

  52. […] looks like I’ll have to take lots of potty breaks to meet The Bloggess in person (but she’s one of the main reasons I’m going to BlogHer so it’s totally […]

  53. Generally, I’m not a fan of public restrooms (or spending much time in them at all) but I would proudly sit on the sink with one of the funniest women I’ve ever met.
    Can’t wait to meet you and see what Zanax really smells like…

    amo’s last blog post..Step-and-fetch-it.

  54. I think Maxie and I are gonna have to crash. Can we be the musical performance and do her amazing rendition of “Blogger Face”?

    LiLu’s last blog post..I am the Lamest Super Hero Ever

  55. 55

    Although these posts are relevant to my interests, when are we going to hear about the aircraft carrier and your weekend? You are trying to distract us with blow jobs and boing boing, and it’s not going to work!

    Actually it did work, but we would also like the report on the trip, please.

  56. I cannot believe that the pillar of goodness and wholesomeness; SPROUT is sponsoring you! Holy Shit! Lets not tell them what mommy bloggers are really like.

    Beth’s last blog post..Welcome To My New Home

  57. Can’t wait to meet you in the bathroom!

    Angela at mommy bytes’s last blog post..Silly Monkey Story – Kung Fu Adam

  58. I will find you in the bathroom this time!

    Lady M’s last blog post..Nigel on Twitter

  59. Looking forward to it!

  60. Far too many comparisons to high school. Perhaps I made a wise choice to skip Blogher this summer because high school is just a Disney version of Gitmo – minus the waterboarding, unless nuns with rulers and dominatrix fingernails count as torture devices – in which case, it is just the same without Gabrielle and Troy.

    annie’s last blog post..Transit Observations

  61. i went to a garage sale and bought Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for .5 shit i can’t find the cents sign. maybe there isn’t one. anyway, i bought it for a nickel and it’s a hardcover and signed by Lady Chablis. Jealous, bitches?

  62. I’ll totally be at the People’s Party and would like a hug, please. I’m always terrified inside that if I were to just stand in the corner, not one single person would come up and talk to me, which is why I just go right up to everybody myself. And I always write a post every year pre-BlogHer offering to hold the hand of anyone who feels equally terrified, promising to drag them along and introduce them to everyone. I’m weird that way.

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..When It’s Time To Change, You’ve Got To Rearrange

  63. […] I have yet to put it on my sidebar. But, isn’t it GORJ? We’re also sponsoring the PEOPLE’S PARTY, and we have HOT-ARSE (that’s a hint) surprises in store for the Room 704 party. Yes, the […]

  64. […] do Nancy W. Kappes posts so close together but the Blogher Conference is coming up and that means the People’s Party is only a few weeks away and (partially to prove that she is not my own personal Tyler […]

  65. […] make this post even longer and more unweildy I’d like to give a shout out to the sponsors of The People’s Party, without whom we would all have to meet each other sober.  There should be pictures of them all […]

  66. So, I know if is like really really really late to post this, BUT, I really really really want to go to BLogher next year and I also have anxiety disorder and think it’s really great that I will have someone to sit in the bathroom with.
    .-= Whitney´s last blog ..People are Impressed by Weird Things =-.

  67. […] 2009 This is something The Bloggess would get picked to do because she is weberatti and because she believes public washrooms are zen zones, but apparently Charmin is looking for unknowns to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas manning […]

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