Blogging-Without-Makeup Day

There’s a meme going around encouraging bloggers to post pictures of themselves today without make-up.  Hi. I don’t even post pictures of myself without a wig. But I love the idea of truly naked blogging so I took a picture of myself straight out of bed. But first I draped a cat around my chest. Then I airbrushed out a few wrinkles. Then I changed the lens effect and made myself stand up straighter and airbrushed out my freckles and my arm fat and made my eyes pop out more and digitally added mascara. Then I gave the cat mascara. Digitally, I mean. Only crazy people put mascara on cats in real life. Then I added a centaur to cover my ear and to distract from the fact that there’s a beach towel on my towel rack because otherwise everyone would know that I haven’t done laundry because a beach towel in the bathroom is like the red flag of all-my-clean-towels-are-in-the-hamper. And it was perfect:


And then I was all “You know what?  Fuck it.”  And I posted the real, unretouched photo:

I miss the centaur.

And it was awesome.  And I like myself in the bottom picture  just as much. almost as much. in theory. if I had better lighting.


I like myself in the bottom picture.  And that’s a start.

Comment of the day: That cat looks like shit without mascara. ~ Lee

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  1. Oh yeah. There’s a reason I insist on making all the holiday cards. And having access to anything that goes up on facebook.

    I’ve got MAD photoshop skillz.
    .-= Tzipporah´s last blog ..Thankful for food =-.

  2. Ya know I LOVE the makeup…always have..but it’s to enhance my features not disguise them…I like being able to get all painted up but I like my real face… I’m glad you like yours….(the cat tho…needs a makeover STAT !! A little lipstick..something …)

  3. Stop it. You’re gorgeous. And crazy. Which makes you even prettier.

  4. I like you in the bottom photo as well (although the centaur was fucking cool).

  5. You’re beautiful in both of them. Don’t ever doubt that. The cat neck scarf is adorable, and I think every picture looks better with a centaur. *hugs*
    .-= Peaceandskittles´s last blog ..March Madness =-.

  6. Are you stalking my emails to my friend? Today she was upset about how skinny and the girls were in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and I had to be like “First, ew. Those girls and disgusting skinny, and second THOSE AREN’T REAL PEOPLE!!” and found that post where you talked about photoshopping magazines and sent her those links you had to show how FAKE all these photos we always look at are.

    I like the second one because it’s a real person. I happen to like real people. But I do miss the centaur. But I suppose that he belongs in photo one since he’s not a real person either. He’s only half real a real at most. And like.. I’d have to say 80% real horse. And I know you’re thinking “hey, but that adds up to like 130%” but that’s not what I mean. I mean like it’s a half man body, but the horse body is basically a whole horse minus the neck and head.
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..I finally made pocket pies! =-.

  7. holy crap, this was not in my contract? really without makeup, OMG, I have to call my lawyers cause yeah last time I went without make up there were law suits something about eye damage, oh wait, that was when I wore the bathing suit, I think the makeup was just a boom in the pepto bismol market shares. Thanks for setting the bar so fucking high. damn it.

  8. I think you are absolutely beautiful in the bottom pic!!!

    The centaur in the top pic needs a lot of work though… enhanced pecs, perhaps some additional tail grooming and most definately a wig! Oh… and I think your cat is a reincarnation of one of mine… I’ve seen those sneaky eyes before!!! 😉

  9. You ARE gorgeous! Although the digital mascara looked pretty good. And I have to disagree with the towel thing. What REALLY screams “not only are all the towels in the hamper but I’ve been cleaning up dog barf with them and so can’t sneak them out and use them” is nothing but a washcloth hanging on the towel rack. Or the shower curtain rod.
    .-= Jami´s last blog ..Miscellaneous stolen stuff =-.

  10. I don’t even like pictures of myself *with* makeup most of the time. You look beautiful, I wish I looked like that right out of bed. The cat definitely needs the mascara, though.
    .-= Beckles´s last blog ..RIP Scott, You Are Missed =-.

  11. good for you, Jenny! some day i will like myself too. some how. some way. some day.

  12. Where can I find an airbrushing program?!? I need one! I could totally airbrush my past…like Jr. High and really bad spiral perms. Note to self: Save up for Photoshop.

    You are beautiful…beach towel and all. 🙂

  13. If only I looked that good straight out of bed – heck, my cat doesn’t even look that good straight out of bed! Though I’ve got to say your cat does look spectacular with the mascara on…
    .-= Mandy Lou´s last blog ..Shameless… =-.

  14. OK, I’ll do it, but I only wear make up on special occasions, so it’s how I look most of the time. I hate posting pictures of myself though, so that alone will be a huge exercise.

    And awesome, the angle of the webcam made my boobs look ginormous.
    .-= midget invasion´s last blog ..Last Ditch Effort =-.

  15. You look great either way! Your eyes are very pretty in the second picture. : )

  16. You’re a good-looking lady, and nuts to boot. This is a total compliment.

    I love you. And not in the stalkery way. (I bat for the other team.) Stay ridiculous and pretty, just like you are.

  17. I like you period*

    *Not calling you “Period”. You can tell by the absence of a comma. Also not just spelling out period instead of just using one; that would be overly dramatic, like when people say “sigh” instead of just sigh. Anyway, you’re fabulous.

  18. I blame the cat for stepping on the keyboard and clicking “enter” or “submit” or whatever before I was ready. That’s the best reason for having pets, so you can blame things on them. I’m all about shirking personal responsibility.

    I forgot to mention: You’re beautiful in the second picture.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Falling on Deaf Ears =-.

  19. You look fantastic.

    I won’t even let anyone TAKE a picture of me when I’m all made up, much less post it anywhere. So, go you!

  20. The centaur _does_ add a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole affair, but you’re still gorgeouser in the bottom photo. Also, my skin does not look that great first thing in the morning with nothing on it, so I think I need to borrow some of your Crazy, since that is obviously what makes your skin so glow-y and lovely. I thought I had plenty of my own Crazy, but apparently it is Not Quite Enough. *sigh*, indeed.
    .-= Miss B´s last blog ..Stories =-.

  21. Crap. That’s first thing in the morning? You look beyond fab. I’m scared to do mine now.

    So glad I’m not the only one digging into the beach towel stash when I’m shirking my laundering duties. I know it’s really bad when my daughter has to wear her big brother’s old undies.
    .-= Wombat Central´s last blog ..A Letter to the Lunch Lady =-.

  22. I had my picture taken for a website today, which as a photographer was a very odd experience for me. I prefer to be on the other side of the camera, where I can at least feel like I’m in control. I’m going to try to take a picture of myself without makeup later today. There might be creative lighting though. I have my limits.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..A taste of Soul of Athens =-.

  23. “I like myself in the bottom picture. And that’s a start.”

    I was going to say “it’s more than some of us achieve”, meaning that self appreciation is a lofty goal and also sounding thoughtful and philosophical and gnomic. But then I realised it sounded as if I was saying there were a lot of people who failed to like you, despite trying. I am pretty sure there are not hoardes of angry villagers threatening to burn you as a witch, or even being mildly snide. Well, not that I’ve met.

    You look beautiful.

  24. I think you look really, really pretty without makeup!! I would NEVER post a picture of myself without makeup even though I typically HATE actually wearing makeup. Alas there are few photos of me out there!! You are so brave and so pretty!!!
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day =-.

  25. despite the physical beauty that you most certainly do possess in the bottom picture you are are beautiful through and through. thanks for sharing your face and awesome brand of awesomeness with us…
    .-= steff´s last blog ..Presenting… Turdle!!! =-.

  26. No way, Jose….I’m NEVER posting a pic of me w/o make-up….. or w/o a centaur….or w/o a centaur w/o make-up.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Aptly named =-.

  27. You look awesome straight out of bed, but the cat obviously needs more nap time.
    Here is a very cute video on daily affirmation: It’s a little girl named Jessica and darn it if she isn’t just peachy.
    If you don’t want to click, just go to youtube and search for Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”. I promise you will smile. 🙂

  28. Hey there Blogess…I’ve been lurking here forever and today your unphotoshopped face pulled me into the comment field…and your beach towel. I totally have a beach towel on my rack as we speak. I mean my towel rack…not my boobs. Actually…after I take my shower it will be around my boobs too. OK..I’ll stop now.

  29. How about removing the cat, or Photoshopping its head onto the centaur? And btw, you look great without the wig. And you didn’t even have to show any boobage.

    .-= EdT.´s last blog ..Foodie Friday: Smart Meals =-.

  30. I like you in the bottom too.

    Wait a minute, that did not sound right, oh fuck it, I like you in the bottom too.

  31. I’m gonna call “cheating” on this one. I mean, distract us with a centaur if you must, but I’m pretty sure the centaur is wearing makeup. Isn’t that just like a centaur, to blatantly flout the rules like that? Disgusting. I honestly don’t know how you can condone that kind of behaviour.

    By the way, you look fantastic. And I always appreciate a gal who knows how to accessorize with what’s on hand.

  32. Oh, Jenny Jenny Jen Jen Jenny, you’re SO beautiful! With or without makeup, cats, or centaurs!

  33. Finally, a day I can stand behind! I have not worn makeup since the mid 90s. I don’t miss it either.

    Here’s a funny story for you: I won elf cosmetics at a #MomzShare event in Maryland. I was excited to win the huge box of makeup. I entertained thoughts of trying to wear makeup again. My teen took one look at the makeup kit and swooped it up. Her answer to my question of “Why did you take the makeup?” was that she wasn’t sure I would take care of it and appreciate it. Who is the adult in this family??
    .-= MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last blog ..What Is Appropriate for Little Girls? =-.

  34. If we normally don’t wear makeup and do look only one step better than those little trolls that were all the rage as pencil toppers when we were in school, and we’ve posted pictures that sadly prove that, do we get to do our faces up right proper today and post a picture in which we actually look pretty? Because although that’s a really long title for a blogging day, that’s a blogging day I could get behind.
    .-= MommyTime´s last blog ..I’m Not Afraid to Admit That… =-.

  35. I generally hate those comments that are all, “OMG you are so beautiful! Thank you for being you!”

    But what the fuck, girl? You look great in that picture. If I looked like that right out of bed, cat or no cat draped around me (was that cat alive or is it like a cat stole or wrap or something?) I’d buy a motherfucking billboard and put my face up there.


    Now I’m having a self esteem crisis.

    Tomorrow try to post an ugly picture of yourself. Wouldya?
    .-= Well Read Hostess/Jane´s last blog ..Condoms for Children =-.

  36. Yeah, sorry, beyotch. No sympathy here. You cain’t help it. You have dewey doe bambi eyes and a cute little face no matter what you try to do.

    And there’s nothing wrong with putting mascara on cats. They like it. The just don’t like false eyelashes. I think it’s the glue.
    .-= Ells´s last blog ..Everything sucks =-.

  37. You SHOULD like what you see in that bottom picture. Only a stupid blind person wouldn’t like it. I would totally hit that. Like, in a sexy way, not a ‘domestic assault’ kind of way. Domestic assault isn’t funny, y’all. Nor are blind people, in my experience. Why so serious, blind people??

  38. I bet the centaur was pissed to be left out of the second photo – I mean, this was his only freaking day to shine. It’s not like centaurs get tons of gigs. Not a lot of need for centaurs out in the world. His only photoshoot of the day, then you just remove him, throw him away, toss aside him and his emotions.

    Oh, he’ll remember.

    One day, that centaur will have his revenge.

  39. The real you is gorgeous. But the cat definitely needs the mascara.

  40. You are lovely.

    The cat really looks better touched up…sorry.

    I will not be participating in this because my signature morning look consists of my short pixie cut, standing on its ends, kind of a mixture of the kings hair, Don and Larry, on their very worst hair day ever after they’ve gotten electrocuted. Mix that with a flannel nightgown with holes in all the right places, my nerd glasses and the drool running down the corners of my mouth, that is if I haven’t woken up enough to wipe yet and that would be a picture to make me lose every single one of my followers.
    .-= joann mannix´s last blog ..Dear Hubby: I Am NOT Changing Your Depends =-.

  41. You are beautiful, centaur or no, airbrush or no! There’s no way I would post a photo of myself sans makeup or at least the basics to get through – too many age spots and wrinkles here!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Oh How I Hate Moving!!! =-.

  42. For something with the words “truly naked blogging” in the first few sentences, this was a disappointing post. That being said, I know how hard it is for you to show your true self and I’m proud of you.

    I’ll post a picture on my blog without makeup as well just to honor your spirit. I am a man though, so I guess I’d have to just fill your empty promise of “Truly Naked Blogging”. Of course I don’t actually HAVE a blog. You’re welcome.

  43. Um.. excuse me, but in my mind “truly naked blogging” means truly NAKED blogging. Get on that please.

    You may employ centaurs as desired.

  44. I like ’em both!
    In the words of the Blues Brothers, “How much for the women?”

  45. Beautiful both ways! You should see my Photoshopped pics – I think I look like an entirely different person. They’re the pics on use on dating websites. *evil laugh*
    .-= Kernut´s last blog ..Who Bought Your Sex Toys? =-.

  46. You are so brave. Everyday I leave the house looking like I just left Madame Tussauds and I like it just like that. All waxy and shiney…don’t we all like shiney things?

    Still using the cat as an accessory I see??? Well done Bloggess, well done!
    .-= A Vapid Blonde´s last blog ..Monday Is A Stupid Little Whore =-.

  47. i’ve left the house 3 times without makeup. all 3 times, complete strangers asked me if i felt okay: “honey, you look so *pale*.” deathly pale is just my natural colouring. i now consider it a kindness to not scare everyone half to death and instead wear my makeup.

  48. So, when you said there’s a “meme” going around… I immediately thought there was a crazy grandma on the loose trying to tell people to take pictures of themselves without makeup and post it on their blog.
    See, “Meme” is Canadian French for grandma.
    …and that’s TOTALLY something my Meme would do.

    She’s a crazy old broad that enjoy strip clubs and old men.
    …and evidently bloggers without makeup.
    To each their own, grams.

  49. How did you do that in photoshop (on yeah you look better in the bottom picture), but how did you do that? I have photoshop and cannot figure that stuff out!

  50. Bottom picture the better one by far. The only thing that could make it any better would be if the cat was on your head. I’m still waiting for that fashion trend to catch on.

  51. You’re gorgeous in both! Also, the fucking cat is hiding cleavage, which I think we’ve all earned a right to see. Do you have some sort of stalker application I could fill out? I just want to make sure I get the right paperwork in, in a timely fashion.

  52. You look fabulous!

    I mean fabulous for a woman wearing a cat.

    Really, the bottom photo is better. I’ve gone over board with the guassian before too. My skin starts looking like felt.
    .-= BuenoBaby´s last blog ..FRIDAYS =-.

  53. Okay – this is probably wrong to say but if I was into women I’d be after you!! You’re hot!!

    Now, don’t be hating… I mean it in a good way!! You look so good in the bottom picture!! Wicked! Though I do admire your picture editing ability!! Can you show me how?!?!?!
    .-= Mishelle´s last blog ..Best friday Giggle EVER =-.

  54. You’re gorgeous, and I think your eyes look *better* without digital adjustments. And we have matching cats!

    I almost never wear makeup. I don’t put my pix online because of my fatness, not my lack of makeup or my beginning wrinkles. I know, it’s still a self-image problem. Ah well, we all gotta start somewhere!

  55. First, you’re photogenic and I’m jealous. Second, where were there pics of you with wigs? I must have missed that. Third and lastly, your cat looks exactly like my cat (except my cat is blind in one eye, which has now turned an icky bloodfilled looking thing and my cat in a manx so she doesn’t have the long, fluffy tail)!

  56. Wow, the cat looks so much better with the mascara. Never let him leave the house without it ever again. Maybe you should think about getting him some tattoos that are meant to look like makeup. Think how much it will boost his self esteem.

  57. Reminds me of Stewart Smalley.

    I can’t tell the difference, well except for the missing Centaur, that’s TOTALLY obvious.


  58. Dear Jenny,

    I won’t tell anyone that your writing is poignant and truthful, as well as funny, and you yourself beautiful, if you don’t (unless you want me to).

    PS. Is the cat P&T AWAF too? Cats are always beautiful.

  59. I once got into an epic fight with an ex because she asked which way I preferred her hair, and I said, “Without gel, because it’s softer and more natural-looking.'” And she was all, “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD SAY THAT TO ME. HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL? I HATE YOU.”

    So needless to say, I’m not walking into this trap. No, ma’am. You can’t pull the wool over these eyes.
    .-= alonewithcats´s last blog ..These fairy TAILS have very happy endings =-.

  60. Usually, I’d use this time to write a funny comment. But I thought it would be better in this instance to tell you that I think you’re beautiful in both pictures but you look better in the second one because it’s only you and the adorable cat. It takes guts to post the unashamed truth about yourself the way you do in every post, but to post the unashamed truth about your appearance is a very wonderful thing.

    I applaud you, Jenny the Bloggess.

  61. PS. I’m completely in love with that story with the nearsighted and hearing impaired bunny. The rabbit is adorable, where can I get one?

    (Thanks! I bought the rabbit at Blockbuster 10 years ago. The vest was from one of Hailey’s stuffed bears. ~Jenny)

  62. Who says cats can’t be fashion accessories? 🙂

    Seriously, you look fine without the wig, though I can understand why you’d wear one.

  63. I used to think I didn’t wear any make up *at all* and then Nenette ( asked “what’s your makeup lingerie?” (what you can’t leave the house without – you can look but I think she posted it, like 17 years ago) and my answer was as long as your arm maybe longer. It’s a rough day when one realizes one’s a whore. I mean a make-up whore. It’s not like I sleep with mass quantities of partners or anything. Even one at a time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (except it’s kind of a downer to be called a whore). Can someone please just tell me it’s ok to stop typing?

    You are beautiful. With & w/o makeup, with & w/o photoshop. The cat’s ok too.
    .-= harmzie´s last blog ..Influence =-.

  64. Jenny, you’re beautiful, makeup or not.

    As for the beach towel – been there, done that. Sometimes I have an old t-shirt hanging there.

    Keepin’ it real.

  65. you’re absolutely beautiful, either pic. but i think the centaur would be hotter if you hadn’t photoshopped out a certain anatomical feature of his.

  66. You guys are awesome. Thank you!

    PS. I don’t use photoshop. I use Way easier and cheaper. (And no, they don’t give me money. But they should.)

  67. I don’t even post pictures of myself WITH makeup, much less subject the general public to me without. However, I have been known to PhotoShop stuff out like dust or lint on the carpet or stuff like that.
    .-= Karsun´s last blog ..Modern Furniture =-.

  68. I didn’t read any of the comments before mine except for the one where you called everyone awesome.

    I just wanted to say that I want your cat.

    I’ll trade you a kid for the cat? Deal?
    .-= Amy ´s last blog ..That Kid =-.

  69. The only problem I have is that the askewness of you in the photo makes my eyes wobble and my neck hurt!

    As for make up I’ve always preferred to see women au naturel. Wait… I’ll rephrase that… without make up. Not that I don’t like women au naturel, ‘cos I do… I’m a red blooded male, you know and…

    I’ll stop there before I embarrass myself &/or my wife…!
    .-= Mark (Dudge OH)´s last blog ..dudgeoh: Entrees are here. Chianti Braised Short Ribs for @utroukx and Seafood Primavera for me! =-.

  70. Ok, in the bottom picture you are lovely. Really. I’m not joking.

    All I have to say about the top picture is “Damn Girl! You can work that Photoshop, can’t you!” Mad skillz…

  71. You’ve got that whole crazy hot chick thing going on! And you know guys love the crazy hot chick. Lucky Victor.

    I’m an au natural girl so I need to have a “blogging with makeup day”, though that may freak out the husband and he’d think I was having an affair as I never gussy myself up. 🙂
    .-= Rusty Hoe´s last blog ..Fabulous Friday: Happy Birthday Cougar. =-.

  72. I now feel obligated to be non-serious. *laughs*
    It took years to ever have a good hair day ofter MTX so I get the wigs.
    I think it is great that you can have positive feelings about the 2nd photo. It is a huge start.
    I can’t see the photos well enough to comment but yay for all the good feedback, cuddly cats, and you being you.
    .-= Lada´s last blog ..Twilight & BDSM =-.

  73. you are way hotter than the Cenator on the pic.

    PS…the PIN UP GIRL contest has been extended to May 22 – and you have been entered; however, I feel that my lack of presence in the blogsphere has decreased devoted readers who will enter…if you know of any one who would be up for a fun contest, feel free to pass it along… xoxo
    .-= Insatiablehost´s last blog ..WTF Wednesdays….You asked for it! =-.

  74. You’re gorgeous dear. And I’m a man. You know how we are. I mean we’re judgmental shit heads.
    .-= TAO´s last blog ..p1040819 =-.

  75. Uhm excuse me ma’am but there is NOTHING to be ashamed about when it comes to using beach towels in place of “regular” towels. I mean, I do it, like…allllllll the time. It’s pretty rare that you DON’T see a beach towel hanging somewhere in my bathroom.

    ps. Never, ever, EVER airbrush your eyes. EVER! Please! They look amazing without the help of a program.
    .-= Rebekah Mae´s last blog ..NO! JUST NO! =-.

  76. Like you I struggled to put up an un-touched picture. I mean, isn’t the airbrush tool the best tool ever? I use it a lot. But not today. OK I did. A little. But then I went back and undid everything, took a deep breath, and posted the picture as is. Then I spent the rest of the day sweating until it was over. Thank goodness it’s over. You, however, look mahvelous. I’d think a lot about not re-touching more. As is is pretty darn good.

  77. Why would you do this to me? Don’t you understand that as your sheep-like follower I now feel obligated to do the same?

    You are lovely. If I didn’t mean that, I wouldn’t have bothered writing anything at all.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Blogging Without Makeup =-.

  78. Hold on. You can digitally add mascara? I can hardly do it in real life. The wonders that is Photoshop. Wow.

    And I was expecting that there’s nothing under that cat. btw, if that’s what you look like when you wake up in the morning, I don’t even know how Victor would let you get out of bed at all. Just sayin…
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..WTF Wednesday: There, I fixed it (A Pictogram) =-.

  79. I knew one day I’d be caught for not reading all the comments before I add one. There’s no excuse today for me, really, since there were ONLY 180 comments before I added mine instead of 400+… So yup, I saw your note. The wonder is not photoshop. Sorry.
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..WTF Wednesday: There, I fixed it (A Pictogram) =-.

  80. Well, I think you look great. It does seem like you have something strange growing out of your lovely long fur on your back though… oh, wait…

  81. You really don’t need any decoys from the real you, which is lovely, but if you did, a pair of crocs would so completely distract everyone from everything else in the photo. Maybe. Especially if your cat was wearing them. Actually, that may actually be cool. Still, please don’t. For the love of God. And your fans.
    .-= The Dalai Moron´s last blog ..Touch Me On My Vuvuzela …! =-.

  82. What’s wrong with beach towels? I think all towels should be beach towel size, except the one that gets wrapped around your head like a turban needs to be a little smaller.

  83. All I know is this: hundreds of people look at pictures of me with bad hair and no makeup pictures on Twitter, and only a few click through to my blog posts and videos I spend hours and hours on. So I think I’m gonna start a bad hair blog. Want in? Wigs count.
    .-= juliejulie´s last blog ..Cooking with @juliejulie: Shake Weight & POM =-.

  84. Way to show up the cat. Really thanks for being real. A number of years ago Jamie Lee Curtis posed for “More Magazine” sans makeup and no airbrushing and I said, “Where is that woman with the hot body from “Trading Places?” But that’s back when I was shallow. Now Kim Kardashian and Jessica Siimpson are following suit. So you are starting a movement of being real. Recently I posted an interview with my daughter on my blog and I just showed her because I needed to go get my gray roots covered and I didn’t have makeup and I felt depleted. Fuck it, next time I’m going to be part of the movie. Thanks for the liberation.
    .-= Michelle Zive´s last blog ..Ambush Interview: Going Off to College =-.

  85. What? Why didn’t I receive this meme???
    I would have LOVED to have posted a naked picture of face naked picture of myself!
    Wrinkles, jowls, bags under the eyes, blemishes, sun spots and all. I’m all about keeping it real.
    I’d do it now but I don’t come off as a wannabe who missed the boat on Thursday so again, DAMN!
    OH WELL, too bad… there’s always next time.
    .-= Jennifer June´s last blog ..Music =-.

  86. You’re gorgeous! Truly beautiful from the inside, out.
    Thanks for posting this because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard about it. I participated and it turned out to be bigger and better than I imagined it would be. I’m completely in love with this makeupless trend. Less is more. muah
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..bloggers without makeup day. =-.

  87. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me and I love you with all my heart just the way you are!

    (Note to lesbians and straight males: I hope you feel that and say it to the female love of your life every day. The most important words in the sentence that allow her doubting heart to open up and take them in are “to me” and “just the way you are.” Also, gay men and straight women, this works the other way, too — men need praise like they need air — don’t cheat them of it — be generous because the results will be amazing and wonderful for both of you: “You are the most handsome man in the world to me and I love you with all my heart just the way you are!”)
    .-= Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian´s last blog ..I nominate Jennifer Westfeldt as Hollywood’s new queen of rants =-.

  88. for a brief moment, i thought i was looking at a picture of leighton meester. not kidding. if you are not familiar with this actress, please Google. such pretty pictures of you and your kitty. take care.

  89. Tell Victor to wash some fucking towels! Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to remind you that there is no such person.
    But if there was (and there’s not) then he would say, “Jenny my love…fuck make up! You’re my beautiful girl and you don’t need that crap! And why does our cat look like Linda Carter? Hey…are these centaur tracks? WTF??!!”

    Yep…that’s what he would say. I mean, you know…if he were REAL ‘n stuff. 😉
    .-= Fivehead´s last blog ..Wouldn’t work. Vaginas don’t blink. =-.

  90. how the hell did I miss no make up day? I would be like queen of that, (seriously, I am *really* good at no make up) not cause I look better, just cause I practice a lot

    …. I think I am renaming it or calling a jetlagged no make up blogger day for myself,

    or something.

    I’m getting me some of that
    .-= angelica´s last blog ..It tastes like childhood =-.

  91. You’re my hero. Brave post. I’ve been lurking for a while. Love the blog. Thanks for the laughs. Not today. I didn’t laugh at this post. This post was brave. I’m just saying. You often make me laugh, and I know I’m learning a lot from you about blogging. Thanks.
    .-= FabuLeslie´s last blog ..Eleven Rubber Bands… =-.

  92. you’re still beautiful, because you’re REAL and that my lady is BEAUTIFUL ; )

  93. So you just woke up? Where are the eye buggers and sleep creases and pop tart sprinkles because your kid left a piece of pop tart in your bed and you did notice at some point but were too tired to actually get up and move it- I mean throw it on the floor so the dog would eat it? What that’s not everyone’s house?
    .-= mountainmomma18´s last blog ..Survival =-.

  94. Well this is just dumb. How can I participate in bloggy things like this when I already don’t do them? Errr, what I mean is, I never wear makeup so I can’t play along. Sigh. I am not even talented enough to add a centaur or mascara to my cat that I don’t have.

    But anyhow, I am just rambling nonsense. It’s late. I don’t know WHAT I’m saying, except you look really BEAUTIFUL as far as I’m concerned. So there.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Beachy West Seattle Afternoon =-.

  95. So Hoda and Kathie Lee were super scary; like that scene in one of the Batman movies when the Joker poisons all the makeup. You, on the other hand, not so much. I would not run screaming from the building like my hair was on fire if I ran into you without makeup… but Kathie Lee and Hoda would get me the lead in a Wes Craven flick without even trying.

  96. I think I’ve inadvertently been blogging without makeup for a few weeks now. Wish I’d known about the meme. Fuck. More importantly, where do I get a goddamn centaur? I really need one. I think he’d be handy when the assholes descend upon my inbox, and lo, they do descend.
    .-= califmom´s last blog ..The Only Grief I Own Is My Own =-.

  97. Am I the only one who is extremely disturbed that so many women cannot face the world without make up? That so many commenters praise your beauty (and, Jenny, it is true, you are quite lovely) by making self-deprecating comments? That so many women who respond are that uncomfortable in their skin? I’m no model. I’m not at my perfect weight. But the self-criticism and refusal to embrace yourselves here that so many ladies express makes me sadder than oil spills and foreign wars (not genocide though, genocide definitely makes me sadder).

    Sorry nothing funny to offer on this topic. It just makes me feel like women in general are contributing to their own demise.

    Love yourselves ladies. Be real.

  98. Wait — when did they enact this Blog with Make-up law? I can’t believe that, with two wars, a recession and an oil spill in the Gulf, that President Obama took time to sign that bill. Did he sign it with an eye liner pencil? & if it’s a Prescriptives pencil & still really sharp (I can never get mine as sharp as they come all brand new from Macy’s), can I find it on eBay?

  99. I think that you look lovely, dahling. I can’t be bothered with make-up myself, which I think is actually an okay way to be since it means I never shock people when I go a day without ‘putting on my face’.

    (Seriously, I worked with a girl who once “just didn’t have time” for her usual morning make-up routine — it was like looking into the face of a completely different person when she walked into the lunchroom — yikes!).
    .-= Steph the WonderWorrier´s last blog ..The Most Awesome Party Theme EVAR (To A Girl Who Likes Organization) =-.

  100. You ever go anywhere without the cat? Does it sleep between you and Victor at night? Do you ever get a hairball? I get them sometimes, but I don’t have a cat.

  101. If I didn’t already adore you for your unique Jenny-ness… I’d have to hate you for how awesome you look in picture 2. (And I’m totally partial to pictures with centaurs in them… so you know I must mean it.)

    p.s. I just know there’s a cat joke in there about “does this person make my butt look big?” but it’s too late for me to find it.
    .-= Lucretia Pruitt´s last blog ..The Power of Speech gives way to the Art of Conversation =-.

  102. I’m really late to the party and thus have nothing original to say, so I’ll just say anyway what I came to say when I clicked on the comments, which is that you are pretty damn attractive, regardless of what you think.

    Maybe you wouldn’t be so attractive if you thought you were? It’s like one of those koan puzzles, except without an easy answer like, yeah, of course it makes a sound– that’s just science.
    .-= LiteralDan´s last blog ..Things that amuse me, Vol. 4 =-.

  103. That centaur rocked. It is what rainbows come out of the shadows for…I mean you are. Beautiful!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Big Day =-.

  104. I think you look awesome without makeup & a wig!! You should definitely go wigless more often. 🙂

  105. Yes, you & photos lovely, but you know that by now. I wanted to add that I’m now in love with Cynthia #203, even though I’m a liberal hetero woman. If I had a printer I’d totally print out her comment and tape it to my mirror.

  106. The fiance’ the other day tried to educate me about what beach towels are for. I told him until I actually have a beach (thanks Utah), I’m going to use it in my regular routine.

    And then I used it twice in a row, just to spite him.
    .-= Aubrey´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Kids =-.

  107. This is kind of unrelated, but you cat looks just a like a cat I found in my friend’s neighborhood when I was drunk. I hope it’s not the same cat, because we already named her Wendy and my friend hopes to adopt her. The only problem is we can’t tell if she has a home or not. Anyway, you should keep your cat’s fur brushed really well each day, because the condition of a cats fur is our only way of determining whether a cat is feral or not, and I really don’t want to have to steal your cat.
    .-= Hillsy´s last blog ..Brief Interviews with Hideous Men =-.

  108. I open up your blog after a few months of not reading it to find that you’ve lost a lot of weight! You look great. Fuck makeup/photoshop.

  109. I *finally* got to see this picture (work filters you out) and I wanted to say that you look fantastic.

    That is all 🙂

  110. dam funny reading this.. loved it.. yeah you look good in the below pic.. great vlog from straigh out of bed x

  111. Day One of owning my new computer: immediately place sticker over computer camera.
    You know, just in case someone hacks in and spies on me.
    Or I accidentally start Skype nude…

  112. You look amazing!! And for the record I’ve been reading your blog every spare moment of the last four days six months after being introduced to beyonce, procrastination is a way of life. Keep up the good work you do, very inspirational to us undiagnosed crazies. 🙂

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