Furious rabbit forehead.

I was just looking at my dog’s face and I realized that there is a small, visibly-furious, bipedal rabbit in his forehead.  This feels like some sort of Rorschach Test that I’m failing and I’m tempted to call my shrink to ask her what it means but I’m pretty sure this is one of those things she’ll make me “come in to the office to discuss” and I can’t really afford the co-pay at the moment.  So instead I’m turning to you, the internets.  Am I crazy or is there a fucking rabbit in my dog’s head?

It's there, I swear.

Hang on.  I drew in a face to help people who have poor imaginations:

But what does it *mean*?

This is where I’d put some funny closing statement but I don’t know that one exists for when you’re asking people if they can also see the angry imaginary rabbit on your dog’s forehead.  I could be wrong.

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  1. I was thinking sumo wrestler with a war mask on. Maybe I should get the number for that shrink….

  2. Furious bipedal rabbit? No. What you have there is Bucky O’Hare manifesting himself on your dog’s forehead. I would either be impressed, worried that the dog may soon develop superpowers, or both.

  3. Pugalicious! I saw the rabbit but then your drawing made me REALLY see the rabbit. Well done! I think it means your dog is in the rabbit mafia. Take heed and treat the little mouth breather right!

  4. dude your so screwed. Your dog is the chosen one. CHOSEN BY MADASS ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE RABBITS ! Also they are in league with the scorpions.

  5. I can’t believe you even questioned this. CLEARLY that is one angry, rabid rabbit. Excellent touches on the hands and feet, btw.

  6. Jenny, I think I love you. You furious, bipedal rabbit just made my day…and yes, I see him.

  7. It’s not an angry rabbit. But a rabbit that’s about kick some serious ass. That rabbit probably has a boomstick strapped to it’s back. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

  8. I totally saw it right away. You are not crazy(er). It is totally there.

    Maybe if you offer it a snack it will be less angry?

  9. It’s bugs. You can totally sue him … again.
    That wabbit has a problem.

  10. No question, your dog does have a angry forehead rabitt. Cool !

  11. Me saying basically the same thing as #4 was purely a coincidence. But I think BJP is destined for a name change.

  12. It’s totally there. It does look intimidating, almost like its on ‘roids. As to what it means…either you take great pleasure in biting off the heads of chocolate Easter bunnies, or you haven’t been eating enough carrots. Either way, its going to haunt my dreams. Thanks. xo

  13. I’d know that rabbit anywhere! It’s a famous alien rabbit known as Raboot! He’s the Interplanetary Ambassador for the Robotic Rabbit Alliance from Saturn! Your dog might be one of his spies. I sure hope you got your pup fixed cause if not, it’s only a matter of time before breeding happens and then the planet will be overtaken with robotic rabbits. That may or may not be a bad thing, depending on how you really feel about robotic rabbits. I gotta be honest, they creep me out almost to the point of not looking cute anymore.

    Bottom line: Take your dog to the vet if he starts sniffing around in your garden.

  14. It’s totally there. I saw it before the angry face in the second picture.

  15. great I sort of cough/hiccuped/choked as I was looking (and saw it) I’m pretty sure I’m possessed by the rabbit creature now.


  16. Hm, the effort to help people see it by drawing in the face is understandable, but it kind of highlights that you are mis-seeing the rabbit. Obviously there’s an angry rabbit… he’s so angry that his face is pointed downwards, and he is getting ready to charge you using his ears like a raging bull would use his horns.

    If you’re shrink can’t see it then I suggest you go over her head and talk to *her* shrink about the depths of denial that she is wallowing in, pretending that the pissed off pug-forehead rabbits are imaginary just so she can charge her clients for more sessions. It’s a little sad, really, if you think about it.

  17. It’s kinda like a rabbit with a really menacing body. And super long ears. Maybe it’s a flying rabbit? Like Dumbo or something.

  18. I didn’t have to tilt my head at all. You’re screwed. What if you kiss your dog and the rabbit attacks you?

  19. You freakin’ crack me up! I have been reading your stuff for a while, but this one truly made me spew my glass of water across the desk. Thank you!

    PS – I saw it without the help but the assistance made it sooo much funnier

  20. I totally saw it, except it’s not angry. Instead, it has those kind of drawings effect you always find in mangas, you know, with the lines pointing in a lot of direction when the character’s going to kamehameha someone else? So I guess he *is* angry, then.

  21. oh yeah, that’s a rabbit. and Barnaby Jones looks kind of sad about it. Crazy alien/spirit mind-control rabbit? Barnaby Jones did try to stab you, right? That seems out of character. and more like something a crazy angry alien/spirit mind-control rabbit would do.

  22. There is a fucking rabbit in your dog’s forehead. And it’s somehow scarier without the face, the sort of creature that would enter your dreams and make you check under the bed for its monstrous form.

  23. yup, it’s there. As for what it means? Well, in my expert opinion (as a certified crazy person) it means that the purple unicorns are chasing the invisible trolls again.

  24. either a rabbit or the back of a fat man’s neck. actually, that looks more like a pack of hot dogs. angry, furious hot dogs.

  25. I understand the motivation to use claws to highlight the legs and feet, but the claws make it way more angry bunny than it should be. With the first photo I thought, “Ah! Cute, little bunny. I’m hungry. I wish I had a Cadberry Mini Egg.” Then I came to the second photo and I thought, “Oh my god, it’s that freakish Donnie Darko bunny stomping straight from the future out of my laptop, intent on smooshing me in my sleep with an airplane engine.” So thanks for trying to kill me.

  26. You say “my dog has a furious bipedal rabbit on his forehead” like it’s a BAD thing. Open your mind. This is the new Jesus toast. Only inedible. And much, much better.

  27. Yes, and when everyone (including the dog) is asleep the fierce bunny warrior springs to life (like a cross between the Indian in the Cupboard and that one episode of the X files where they’re at the Carnival) then makes it merry way to your bedroom so he can loom (if you consider a magnificient height of 2″ looming) over your in your sleep while brandishing a small butcher knife (he stole it from Barbie) and makes stabby motions over your head. Do not be alarmed however, he is not looking for a way to insert said miniature butcher knife in your jugular, he is instead worshiping you as the ‘Patron Saint of All Problems that can only be solved by a Good Stabbing.’

    If you are uncomfortable with said bunny leering at you while you dream then I would suggest purchasing a small house for him so he can make coffee and read the paper, you can tell Hailey it was for her but between you and the bunny, you’ll really know the truth.

  28. It’s only if it starts talking to you that you need to start worrying. I mean, everybody knows that rabbits can’t talk.

  29. Well, it didn’t look angry until you drew and angry face on it. Then it looked like it meant business, all stompy mad n shit. Maybe just imagine a happy face on it?

  30. Hm, not that I look again, maybe he’s not angry after all. Maybe he’s just staring at his belly button.

    You *do* see his belly button… don’t you?

  31. It is clearly walking towards you with it’s hands, er…paws balled up into fists. This bunny means business. Possibly a zombie bunny?

  32. It’s totally there, but I think it’s a bonus – two pets in one!

  33. Not sure what it says about me, but I totally saw the rabbit before the drawn on face. Maybe it means we’re extra-perspective?

  34. I’ve got the folks from Ripley’s on the line. Your co-pay problems will soon be a thing of the past; the conjoined-dog-and-angry-rabbit exhibit is going to earn you a fortune.

  35. I actually thought the body was the head and the arms were the ears. It could also look like a bunny holding its paws together.

  36. Oh my God, do you know how much doghead images of bipedal rabbits are going for on ebay?!? This could be more lucrative than the potato chip shaped like Macaulay Culkin!

    (You are free to read my last blog post, but I have no idea how to post a link here because I’m useless.)

  37. There is for sure a homicidal rabbit burrowing its way into your dog’s brain. Personally? I’d run for cover.

  38. Yeah, I saw it right away. Maybe all pugs have an angry rabbit forehead. I dunno.

  39. Ha ha haaaaa! That is SO a rabbit! You’re lucky; one of my pugs has 7 straight vertical lines across his forehead (neat and tidy but kinda dull) and the other two just have random squiggles.

  40. The wrinkles in your dogs head do resemble an angry bunny… but not a real bunny, a 1/2 man 1/2 bunny zombie like creature. My advise (were I to offer any) would be to avoid wrinkly dogs. Get a lab instead. Problem solved.

  41. i see it. but i totally thought the “body” was the head at first & didn’t know why you thought it was evil. i thought it was cute with its head resting on its little paws begging you for a carrot or piece of cheese. but now! holy evil bunny from that movie w/ jake gyllenhaal.
    your dog may need an exorcism.

  42. It’s totally there, but looks more like an adorable, stuffed, bipedal rabbit I had as a child. Unless my parents bought me an angry rabbit and told me it was friendly. Oh god, what if the rabbit I thought was adorable all of these years was actually an evil, face-eating rabbit that has completely warped my ability to read emotions.

  43. Not only is it there, but it’s buff. Look at the chest on that thing. What the hell are you feeding that dog, Jenny?

  44. Have no fear, I went to my shrink for your problem. Cool of me right? Truth being that I too could see the evil rabbit on your dog’s head and wondered what it all meant.

    She basically stared at me blankly while I held up my iphone with a picture of your dog on it saying,
    “see! don’t you see it?! what does this mean?!?”

    She simply replied,
    “Jessica, how does the bunny make you feel?”

    I said
    “Confused, I am not sure why he is on the dog’s head coexisting as what one could also label as an adorable wrinkle”

    She said
    “Great! we have something new to work on next week. that’ll be $100”

    WTH!?!? I’ll get back to you….

  45. I see the rabbit! But i don´t think it´s an angry one. He (it´s a he – trust me!) is more soft and sweet…..mmm…I like the wabbit:)

  46. You’d be furious too if you woke up one morning and noticed there was a giant dog attached to your ass.

  47. it’s kind of pointless to ask us fellow mentals if we can see the furious rabbit in your dogs forehead.

    that’s like asking bill clinton if he likes blow jobs.

    short answer? yeah, i totally saw it…and now *i* want to take pictures of my animals and then find images of other animals indented into their furry skin.


    <3 andrea

  48. Maybe he’s like the angel bunny and devil bunny on each of my shoulders. But for a dog it’s just a ‘roid rage bunny on his forehead.

  49. I think upon further review you’ll find that it is actually a bulldog with wings. The dog’s face is where you have the rabbit’s body and the wings are where you have the rabbit’s head/ears. But don’t feel bad, that’s an easy mistake to make.

  50. This is just like Amityville Horror, and every other horror/zombie movie out there. White chick sees something hinkey, doesn’t take proper precautions (get the fuck out, run, buy a gun) and the next thing we know furious bipedal rabbits are jumping off the foreheads of pugs everywhere and the human race is in jeopardy!
    For the good of human kind, RUN!

  51. The question is not “is it really there” but WHY HAVEN’T YOU NOTICED THIS BEFORE NOW? It’s an aggressive rabbit, clearly in the throes of roid rage. If we see there’s a 911 call to your house for domestic violence, we’ll know what it’s all about.

  52. Really glad [& moderately concerned] I’m not the only one channeling Frank ala Donnie Darko out of Barnaby Jones Pickles’s angry forehead rabbit. In total agreement with Sono about the snack offering. Just keep him out of the kitchen…looks like he could wield a mean toothpick.

  53. Rabbit is there but he looks kind of sad – head down, looking at his toes – obviously he is sad because you misunderstand him, rabbit wrinkles need love too. On the plus side – you have a free pet now…

  54. I didn’t see him until you drew him an angry little face. Try drawing a happy, friendly face on him, and see how that suits you.

  55. i see the rabbit and for some reason am suddenly very happy. logic is not my friend, but i can circle it nicely enough:

    rabbits and hares and their cutesy counterparts the bunnies are the carriers of sweet dreams — this rabbit has a backpack full of nightmares — the nightmares will be given to people who have heartaches — the dreams will work out the pain in a safe, subconscious way — the people will wake happier —

    perhaps as happy as your dog seems to be, knowing he bears the healing for a thousand tired souls.

    or — well, sorry, i am going to have to stick with that idea. so thanks for the reminder.

  56. It’s a sign. They’re coming for you. HURRY. HIDE. Or maybe you should just give your dog to me because he’s really really cute even with an evil bunny protruding from his head like Alien.

  57. That rabbit has only got one and a half legs. That’s probably why it is angry. I’ve got a dog, but he doesn’t have an angry rabbit on his face. He does however, have a little short tail that sticks up in the air exposing his butt starfish. I always think that it looks like a tea-towel holder. As yet I have never been tempted to use it.

  58. I don’t think you’ll be able to look your dog in the eyes ever again – not with that damned ‘Roid Rabbit staring you down all “swoll up”. Get that dog some Botox!

  59. I saw it. I didn’t even need to be aided by your helpful drawing of a bunny face. That is hardcore. I mean, you have to deal with the dog, PLUS the bunny. Damn.

  60. As soon as you spit the words, I saw the rabbit. That’s like having two pets in one. You should definitely name it. The rabbit. I like Otis. Or Jeezy. Or kick it old school with Velveteen.

  61. I saw it WAY before you drew the face on it. I read “rabbit” stopped and looked at the picture and there it was. So you’re just as sane as me. Which isn’t saying much. It’s not a compliment, actually. It should do little to reassure you. In fact, I’m certain I’ve made you feel worse. You’re welcome.

  62. I keep putting my nose to my computer screen and slowly moving backward to get the image but I just see a dolphin…

  63. Saw it even before you drew the face. What strikes me as funny though is that you noticed it in the first place. Because you probably had to stare at him pretty hard to see it initially. And usually dogs move around alot. But it occured to me that maybe you and your dog have staring contests. And now he’s going to totally mess with you with that angry rabbit. He’s gonna get you every time.

  64. Bloggess: Why do you have that stupid bunny suit on your forehead?
    Barnaby Jones: Why are you wearing that stupid woman suit?

  65. Now that you mention it, I can totally see it, even without your visual aides. I don’t know what it means for you, but this can’t be good news for me.

  66. Shrink here. Yes there is a rabbit on your dog’s forehead. Take some pills (not literally) and call me in the morning. Don’t bother coming in cause I see the rabbit too. I need to call MY shrink.

  67. It’s kind of like a badass doggie tattoo, but instead of using ink, he’s configured his wrinkles. That’s one very talented pug you have there.

  68. Either you are rubbing off on me and I am also losing my mind or there is a rabbit on your dog’s forehead. I totally see it too! And I haven’t even started drinking yet.

  69. OMG….are pugs secretly plotting to take over the earth with their pugaliciousness…I’m going straight home and check mine out. I’m quite sure the little one is rabbit free but I’m not so sure about the bigger one…its always the quiet ones you have to worry about after all….

  70. *sigh* Not only do I see it, but now I’ll never be able to look at a pug dog and NOT be able to see a rabbit in its lovable wrinkly face.

    Much like a favorite photo I took of some seaweed at the coast – I was even going to frame it until a friend said, “It looks like a giant sperm wearing sunglasses.”

    And now…I can’t NOT see a giant sperm wearing sunglasses.


  71. Well, I saw it before you drew the face on your dog’s face.

    I think you now need to put the dog up for sale on eBay, that way you will be able to afford the co-pay.


  72. Sorry, you are indeed crazy. It’s a roast turkey with angel wings.
    Also, your dog is fucking adorable, even if s/he is possessed, which is the only thing having a roast turkey with angel wings stamped in one’s features could mean.

  73. That’s totally a rabbit on the dog’s forehead! What’s it doing there, is what I want to know. Is it attached to his brain like some sort of brain sucking parasite?

    I don’t know if I should congratulate you on finally discovering the solution to an age old problem, how to have two pets in one, or if I should start recommending you start feeding your dog carrots too so the rabbit doesn’t die. It would look really freaky if your dog had a dead rabbit on its forehead and that would certainly raise a lot of questions from people who couldn’t possibly understand but were still nosy.

    I’ve checked my German and he only had boils. I feel jibbed.

  74. Yeah, I can totally see it too! Apparently we are all suffering the same delusion…pass me another whiskey sour, maybe after a few more the stoopid rabbit will turn into and old woman =)


  75. Well OBV there is a rabbit, but the ANGRY is your drawing. Try drawing a HAPPY rabbit face and see where that puts us.

  76. This is where I put a funny comment about your dog’s obvious rabbit infestation, but I don’t think there is one. Life is a tragedy. TRAGEDY.

  77. Damn you Naked Girl In a Dress. You stole my comment. Now I have nothing. NOTHING!

  78. I see it. It’s a damn good thing that the DOG can’t see it, otherwise he’d be chasing his own face. You see how crazy they get when they chase their own tail. Chasing his own face would be insane…. damn, now I WANT him to see it so he can chase his own face. You’ll need a mirror and a video camera. Get back to me when you’re ready.

  79. It means your dog has eaten way more rabbits than anything else in its lifetime. Or it’s not really there and we are all victims of a shared psychosis.

  80. No, you are not crazy since there is also a ram in his nose and a manta ray in his tongue.

    I think your DOG needs the shrink and not you. That, or you and I should stop mixing alcohol and pills.

  81. So yeah. I saw it with out the face drawn in!

    I have a pug too, except she’s a black pug. So I wonder if there is a mad as hell black bipedal rabbit on her head. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Some of my closest friends are black bipedal rabbits.

  82. OMG! Now we know why the pug is subject to evil, murderous thoughts! It’s not his fault! Potential Solution: Feed pug 1 cup carrots daily and take him to the Playboy Club often.

  83. My boyfriend and I could both see it before scrolling down to your illustrated version, so yeah, it’s there. And it’s pretty fucking awesome.

  84. DUDE! I totally saw it way even before you drew the arrow. And the face (which was totally overpowered by the arrow, fyi). But I thought that the configuration was a bit different and that he was crouching, as though ready to pounce, with a giant double sided scythe* strapped to its back. Your way make more sense, but is much less terrifying.

    *I had to google “Death carries a” in order to find out the correct term. Apparently it isn’t a sieve, which is how I have been pronouncing it for YEARS. I think I blame Eddie Izzard’s accent. Death should also carry a sieve, for sifting the good from the evil. That actually may be too judgemental, as Death, himself, is supposed to be neutral. Who judges people? I mean, for eternal life and not just everyday judging that everybody does (except for me, because of all the perfection)… Is that God? If it is, does God use a Good/Evil Sieve? I mean, it would probably cut down on the workload if he could just dump all of the dead people in one, run some water, and filter the Evil people down a giant drain to Hell. Just sayin’.

  85. If you move the face down a bit you still see a rabbit but this one only has two paws held out in front and seems much more huggable!!!

  86. I saw a rabbit, but it was not the rabbit that in your diagram. Which is not to say that I didn’t ALSO see the rabbit that you saw.

    At least my rabbit was visibly cute, not visibly furious.

  87. Oh. My. God. this is EXACTLY like the movie Harvey. Seriously- go check to see if Jimmy Stewart is hiding somewhere in your house. Except he’s dead, so you’d really be looking for Zombie Jimmy Stewart. Which would *still* be fucking awesome.

  88. I see it! but he’s not angry. He’s sort of like Harvey; a chum to have a drink with. I’m just sayin’.

  89. What a muscular rabbit. I totally see it. And I usually don’t see the hidden shit in ink blots or pictures. I think I’m worried. Give your goofy dog some hamburger. Or better yet, steak.

  90. That is definitely a rabbit and there is a distinct possibility it is an evil rabbit. You can tell by the shape of the ears, sticking out like that always means evil intentions on the part of a rabbit.

  91. Aaarghh! I can’t stop seeing it. (And it totally looks like it’s about to square up.)

    The reason you’re seeing it is because your parents never told you this, but you’re actually adopted, and the Easter bunny is your real father. (They didn’t tell you because they thought it would be traumatic, what with only being partially human and all, not to mention half imaginary.)

  92. Your next step is to cut out teeny-tiny red polka-dotted shorts for the bunny and somehow tape it to your dogs head.

  93. That is one mean looking rabbit. It means something, but I don’t know what. I’m not a doctor.

  94. I saw it, too. Even before you drew stuff on it. And I don’t even have that much of an imagination. But, still, you’re probably crazy.

  95. Yup, it’s there, and it’s pretty freaking clear to me. And, before reading about tilting my head and squinting, I actually DID THAT when I looked!!! We are psychically linked.

  96. Until I scrolled down to your version, I saw a naked fat man straddling your dog’s nose (facing inward) with his arms over his (dog’s) eyes.

    I’ve been putting off finding a good therapist, but it seems like today’s a good day!

  97. Is it wrong that not only did I see the bunny in Barnaby’s head but I also saw a monkey on Barnaby’s face? Or maybe that’s just how he always looks.

  98. I see it. Actually as soon as you mentioned it, I saw it. Even before you drew the face. Which pretty much makes me a genius. Your dog however? Although the rabbit is cute I fear that means you are in for a LOT of puppies.

    Or carrots.

  99. OMG I just had this Donny Darko flashback. THAT used to be the freakiest rabbit but now, you win. Have you ever seen an invisible time worm emanating from his chest?

  100. Thanks, now I’m going to be studying my pug’s face all night to see if there is a hostile little rabbit on his forhead. And why is the rabbit angry again? does the rabbit appear when Barnaby Jones does that crazy pug thing where they run in a circle stop try to eat the floor stop run in circles some more then lay down and pant forever….or maybe that’s just mine.

  101. Dear Jenny,

    That is definitely a fucking rabbit on Barnaby Jones noggin.

    You could say it’s some kind of Holy Rabbit, and charge like $5 for people to come see the Jesus Rabbit on his head, the income could pay for a full-time anti-scorpion/centipede activist.

    People get to see God, and some dude totally shines your area of nightmarish insect things AND you get to live with the satisfaction that Christians pay you to see Barnaby’s forehead.

    This is totally a win situation. 😉 Barnaby, you rock.


  102. oh, I saw it. Even before seeing your photoshopping job. I gotta go. I need to look under the couch cushions and dig in the washer to scrape together a friggin’ co-pay.

  103. As a therapist I can tell you that you are experiencing a figure/ground issue. It is a matter of perception in your gestalt. As a lapsed Catholic I would come to your house and hold vigil if the figure was the Virgin Mary even if she were pissed. As a cynic I’m pretty sure it was photoshopped. As an optimist I think the bunny is just dramatic and his head is down as he makes his entrance and then ….MUSIC…LIGHTS…. SHOWTIME! Head goes up, flashing a smile and lots of jazz hand/foot.

  104. I see it, oh dear god I saw it without the drawing. I suggest you stay away from it. It could be like that viscious rabbit from Monty Python and next thing we know you’ll be tweeting “It’s only a flesh wound!!!”

  105. So, how did I get through all these comments with no reference to ‘Watership Down’?


  106. If 170 + of your closest friends see it, it must be there-or we all drank the same delicious kool-aid 🙂

  107. Saw the bunny. Also noticed that your dog’s face is perfectly symmetrical…except for the bunny’s left foot. Maybe you could fix it with the marker?

  108. you definitely need to bring this picture in to your shrink’s office. But not so that she can evaluate what you are seeing – it’s so that YOU can evaluate what she’s seeing. Because if she doesn’t see a furious bipedal rabbit in Barnaby Jones Pickles’ forehead then she is totally fired.

  109. Dude. Alls I gotta say is that this is gonna be one fucked up group therapy session.

  110. It’s obviously an epidemic. My Pickles has the same problem. Since I can’t insert the picture here in the comments (how awesome would THAT be?), I’ll email it to you. You’ll recognize it by the rabbit in the dogs head.

  111. The angry face really helped. Before that I knew I was seeing rabbit ears but couldn’t decode the rest. Now you will always see the rabbit. You can’t unsee the rabbit. **glass shatters**

  112. have you been eating mushrooms?

    the bunny that you see is BIONIC BUNNY…he’s just there for intimiadation. Didn’t you know that the dog whisperer said that all small dogs get “small dog syndrome” and this is just the way your dog measures up with the big ones…he flexes his BIONIC BUNNY and they all run.

    Personally I think that this should be submitted into a great art show or perhaps you can start one of your own. Pet imagery…hm..

  113. i saw it before you drew it on, but problemly not if you had not mentioned it…cute!

  114. YES it is totally a rabbit. Totally furious, too. However I am a bit more concerned with the mushroom cloud on his nose….

  115. You HAVE considered the possibilities of Demon possession, right?

    “Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes. They’ve got those hoppy feet and twitchy little noses. And what’s with all the carrots, what do they need such good eyesight for anyway?”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW20AlC0IbA (30 seconds in)

    You might need a doggie exorcist. Just sayin’…

  116. What are you people talking about?!?!?!? There is NO rabbit. Not in the before picture. Not in the after picture. It’s a DOG. Then it’s a DOG with some eyes drawn on its head.

  117. I totally saw it…and am still creeped out by it. But only a little. I think I need another drink.

  118. I have 3 pugs. What a treat it would be to have a rabbit and a pug in one. Love the pic!!!

  119. Saw it immediately, but not so angry.

    What I want to know is can he do other animals?

  120. That is totally a rabbit and I am pissed that I haven’t written a new post and why I allowed comment luv to interrupt my comment because it’s highlighting the post I wrote last week. SIGH.

    Back to the Rabbit…fertility. It’s totally a sign of fertility and if you look closely that rabbit has a preggers belly. Has Barnaby Jones been spayed…or neutered or what not, he may be pregnant.

    I am certain I am right.

  121. I think you’re totally legit…it’s like looking at clouds and seeing images… Good find!

  122. I’m pretty sure that’s the Trix rabbit’s evil (and steroidal) twin. I’m not sure what his presence in frinkle (forehead wrinkle) form means though. But I’d probably be a little nervous eating cereal. I mean, if I were you. My dogs have no evil cartoon character frinkles so I’m pretty sure I can eat whatever I want.

  123. Well… some people see images of the Virgin Mary in stuff, take it as a sign from God and then sell it on Ebay for $28,000. I say that you are getting a sign from the Easter Bunny. Maybe it has picked you to say it’s sick n tired of laying Cadbury Eggs. Post the picture on Ebay (make sure you say you are NOT selling the dog) and see what you can get for it. Maybe you could even get enough money for the co-pay at your therapist’s office.

  124. There’s not a fucking rabbit. It’s just one rabbit, with big ears. No fucking involved.

  125. whoa. i totally see it and im purrrtyy stoned right now so its tripppin me out

  126. Why, it’s one of those extremely rare “oracle typos”. Your doggie’s trying to tell you he’s feeling a bit rabid tonight, is all.

  127. I love how much I just laughed when I found that rabbit in your dog’s wrinkles…so what the fuck do you do now????

  128. Holy shit! I saw it even before you drew the face; do I get extra bonus points for that?

    I would totally sell your dog on eBay as some sort of animal housing for a demon rabbit. For real.

  129. I saw a naked, oversized angel with it’s back turned on your dog’s forehead. Im so weird.

  130. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that saw Frank the Bunny. It makes me feel a lot less crazy now. Thank you.

  131. it looks like an H. R. Giger inspired evil bunny that might kill you in your sleep.

  132. I looked it up in WebMD and apparently this is not an issue they are familiar with (I see pictures in my dogs spots all the time, but I’m pretty sure that’s all the ‘shrooms). Oh and apparently my mosquito bite is actually terminal cancer. Awesome.

  133. I see the rabbit, and I do not like the way he is looking at you. You should probably sleep with a knife under your pillow, just for the time being.

  134. There totally, totally is a very angry, vindictive-looking rabbit on your dog’s forehead, and it is freaking me out.

    I’m afraid I have no helpful advice except: panic! That’s what I’m doing.

  135. I have recently heard about your blog as a must-read. I must stay you do not disappoint. This is f-ing hilarious! I know you will probably never read my lowly comment this far down, but a girl can dream, right! Hugs!

  136. Are you sure he’s a dog? I think maybe your pet is a furious rabbit, and his whole body is surrounded by a pug. And maybe you should talk to your shrink about why it took you so long to notice this.

  137. I see porn. But hey it is the internet and thats what its all about. Porn.

    Rabbit porn, but still porn.

  138. Yeah, but the question is “Do the folds turn into something else when he sleeps on his face?” Is it an angry rabbit one day and a turtle the next? Keep an eye on him. You may have a sideshow act in there somewhere.

  139. Peeps, you are seeing the BACKSIDE of a fornikkin’ lagomorph – if the pug’s eyes rhythmically cross as he pants, you are seeing it en flagrante. And I bet the plump little glutei compress together with the strabismus. William, you got it: rabbit porn.

  140. Pugs are like the yoda of the dog world. Seeing images in their wrinkles is like reading tea leaves. Mystical and shit.

  141. All I can say is pray that he’s a Harvey kind of rabbit and not that evil freaky rabbit from Donny Darko. Really you only have two choices. One. Just to be safe I’d probably start feeding your dog holy water and using a rosary as a dog collar. Two. Grab some doggy botox and get rid of hat wrinkly rabbit all together.

  142. Great. Now I have to call my therapist because before you drew the face *I* saw it, but it was an angry Asian ninja rabbit.

    I had no idea I felt this way about Asians.

  143. Well,damn, I must be crazy too (wait, we already knew that)
    I totally saw the rabbit before you even drew the face.

  144. Not only is that hilarious, you are a GENIUS for seeing the bunny in the first place!!!

    KUDOS to you!

  145. I spotted it right away. But I often spot aliens in photos I take of our front yard, so I have the eye for it.

    You think I’m joking about that?

  146. Clearly there is a rabbit there. I tried to show it to my husband but he is driving and would rather watch the road and grumble about traffic than see a bunny in the wrinkles of a pug.

    Why did I marry him?

  147. I see the bunny!
    It kind of reminds me of the bunny from Donnie Darko…Which might not be a good thing since that bunny was kind of evil

  148. I totally saw the rabbit, without looking at the drawn-in photo.
    Also, something you might like:

  149. I see it but then I always see things like that in a rumpled blanket, shadows, etc. Okay don’t call the funny farm on me, I’ll do it.

  150. I saw a rabbit, but weirdly enough I saw a rabbit’s face where the entire body was, and then I saw the other foto and I was like: “Dude. There are two rabbits in your dog’s forehead.” Which is awesome and very disturbing.

    ALSO. I saw this and thought that after the jesus doesn’t care about your semen thing that you would enjoy it…

  151. You’ve asked the crayzees to tell you if you’re crayzee? How’s that working out for you? Feel better now?

    Our dog doesn’t have a bunny on his face, but when he gets shaved he totally walks like he is wearing pants that are too tight.

  152. That is a furious rabbit. It’s a little, no, it’s quite scary. I’d be afraid if I was you.


  153. I totally see it….not sure what it means…maybe don’t follow the dog down into a dark hole lest you should end up in Wonderland…

  154. Be forewarned, your dog may be a god (god=dog) and when the rabbit springs fully formed from his head (see Zeus/Athena) you are going to have a lot on your hands.

  155. Plus I think you should have your dog tattooed so that you can see the eyes/nose all the time…or just use a Sharpie pen and avoid the SPCA altogether.

  156. I saw the rabbit right away, but it didn’t look angry to me – it just looked like it was copping a squat… which, with all the roughage rabbits eat, should have actually been a pleasure for the little fellow, so nothing to be angry about there.

    Unless he’s just mad because he knows I know he’s the bastard that ate my garden.

  157. Yes, it’s a bunny. I have a very cool, enormous, marshmallow Peep bunny wearing sunglasses that lives in the pattern of stone on my fireplace. Saw if first a few months ago, and now can’t unsee it. Some have claimed my house is haunted or possessed. As a result of these discussions, I’ve proposed the band name of “Demonic Stone Peeps”.

  158. That totally looks like the bunny from Donny Darko. Better start writing a kickass soundtrack for your dog.

  159. that is Jar-Jar Binks on your dog’s head, them’s his long, long ears…..

  160. I must admit that I wasn’t sure what “bipedal” meant so I looked it up on Wikipedia and the definition begins with: “Bipedalism is a form of terrestrial locomotion” and I was reading quickly and I thought that “terrestrial” was “terrorist” and I thought your dog had a terrorist rabbit on his forehead… I’m thrilled to see that it’s just a regular old rabbit and there’s not a new form of rabbit terrorism to worry about!!

  161. Plus now I am thinking you need to trade mark the bi pedal bunny image…and let me know when you have plushies made, I want one, scowl and all….

  162. No wonder your dog looks so worried. No problem. Put him in the washer, hot, then the dryer on extra hot super scorch cycle, and he’ll tighten right up like an expensive wool sweater. No more demonic rabbit possession. Otherwise you’ll wake up one day and he’ll be munching on your entrails for breakfast. It happens all the time. But I assume you don’t actually let that dog near you when you sleep, because that’d just be stupid, wouldn’t it?

  163. How about you just glue on some little googley eyes so other people can see it better? And then even if they can’t see the bunny, they’ll think you have a four-eyed pug and then you can call *them* crazy.

  164. I went with a kona style tiki god
    go here scrolldown to kona (6 pictures down)

    you dog is the embodiment of the war god KU. thts good if your worried about intruders, bad if you are trying to house train him. This is bigger than christ on a tortilla!

  165. Even my hubby saw it. After 3 glasses of wine (one spilled during dinner so it doesn’t count) and a margarita. Awesome.

    Yeah, I had some wine too. But I didn’t spill mine. I don’t commit alcohol abuse.

  166. dogs with evil bunnies on their head : clear sign of the impending apocalypse ( or just confirmation that we are completely and utterly insane, or bored, or both…i’ll go with both)

  167. This does say a lot about you. I think the rabbit looks repentant, bowing his head, like he’s sorry about something he did.

    Why do you lean towards anger?

    Hmmm…. interesting…..

  168. if you ignore the angry rabbit head it looks like a smaller yet cute and shy little bunny too!

  169. It’s like two pets in one!
    I don’t think the rabbit in Barnaby Jones Pickles’ forhead is angry, I think it looks kind of like the rabbit god from the animated Watership Down. You know, whatshiface…the El-ahrairah. So. Cool.

  170. I didn’ t see a rabbit but I did see the Virgin Mary. By the way, who is Donnie Darko?

  171. I happened upon your blog via Twitter today and, as a former rabbit mummy, just had to see this photo for myself. That is one BUFF bunny! You must be added to my blogroll now (please add me too!) as I can’t wait to see the f-words and talk about ninjas. 🙂



  172. Ok.. there’s no doubting it.. you have an angry bunny on your hands. So, I took a second to google bunny advice and this is what I’ve found:

    This is (no lie) from a book called “Rabbit Language” published by Howell Park Press.

    BUNNY BEHAVIOR: Upright. Half raised on back legs, ready for flight and stomping. Eyes wild and open. Thumping.
    WHAT IT MEANS: Danger. Get underground. The phone is ringing. Stomping also means sexual excitement, happiness, or furniture has been moved.

    So, my interpretation of what this means?? You have a dog with a horny bunny on his forehead and you should probably hide behind some moved furniture, since he could quite possibly start humping your ringing phone. I have no idea what you couldn’t figure this out on your own.

  173. Ok.. there’s no doubting it.. you have an angry bunny on your hands. So, I took a second to google bunny advice and this is what I’ve found:

    This is (no lie) from a book called “Rabbit Language” published by Howell Park Press.

    BUNNY BEHAVIOR: Upright. Half raised on back legs, ready for flight and stomping. Eyes wild and open. Thumping.
    WHAT IT MEANS: Danger. Get underground. The phone is ringing. Stomping also means sexual excitement, happiness, or furniture has been moved.

    So, my interpretation of what this means?? You have a dog with a horny bunny on his forehead and you should probably hide behind some moved furniture, since he could quite possibly start humping your ringing phone. I have no idea why you couldn’t figure this out on your own.

  174. The bad news: Barnaby Jones Pickles is totally possessed.

    The good news: It’ll be easy to exorcise him.

    Just throw a stick and shout “fetch!”

    I’m here all week.

  175. Yeah that was a Donni Darko moment for me too. It is like the Rabbit is walking out of your dogs head and will appear at any moment.

  176. “Am I crazy or is there a fucking rabbit in my dog’s head?”

    If I was taking that out of context I would definitely say yes. Out of context… yes, but I totally see it too.

  177. Oh my gosh…that is too funny. I didn’t quite see it at first, but I did LOL once it hit me. :o)

  178. OMG there is an Easter Bunny. You are not crazy, I saw it immediately and before the face illustration.

    I will say this, “I think you are spending way too much time with the dog!”.

  179. Wow!! I can totally see that bunny rabbit!!! Wait, before you drew the face, I thought maybe it was a peaceful bunny … perhaps it’s lucky or something? Does your dog KNOW it’s there, do you think? Hmmm.

  180. I totally see it. And what is sad is, I have a pug, and I looked for images in his face, and all I see is dog. I wanna see something awesome like you!

  181. Yep. I totally saw it, even before the drawing-assist. It took me a couple of seconds, but then I clearly saw it. Too funny! 😀

  182. I can’t see your dog’s face when I look at the picture anymore, only the rabbit.

  183. I needed your visual aide, but I totally suck at these magic-eye things.

    Just a thought though: We all love you, but you probably shouldn’t turn to the internet for some sort of “not crazy” standard. And you should definitely not ask the internet for psychiatric advice – that ranks up there with looking for “stability” in men.

  184. It is a rabbit FUCKING your dog’s forehead. This is serious.

  185. I totally saw it even before you drew the picture.

    He is angry and buff.

    I”m not sure how much ammo my ringing endorsement adds to your case for sanity but for what it’s worth, the bunny is there.

  186. My favorite part about this post is all the people claiming that they saw the rabbit before the visual assistance.

    The more difficult part with this situation is going to be learning to not see the angry bunny thinking that your dog is going to go all Gremlins on you in the night and eat your toes.

  187. My dog has a diamond in her forehead wrinkles. Since I’m broke, that’s the only diamond I have. Wonder if I could put it in a setting and wear it?

  188. Yeppers…A killer rabbit is using poor Barnaby Jones as a Host…You know sort of like Dax on Deep Space Nine.

  189. I see him. His sister lives on my neighbor’s pug’s forehead. She looks happier – the rabbit, that is. I don’t know why your pug has an angry bunny, but I’m concerned about the environment in which your pug & bunny live – unless the rabbit is actually Mother Teresa reincarnated – which would completely answer my question.

  190. I totally saw the rabbit even before you drew it on. Oh and I love pugs more than anything else in the world. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  191. Okay have you ever seen Pans Labyrinth? Its one of my favorite movies ever. Anyway, check this out http://imdb.to/9GewGm. Is it me or is the faun sitting on your dog’s head? Super super cool! Do you know that people make thousands of dollars selling chips on ebay that look like Obama? Well, maybe you can sell your dog. No, wait I think you already tried that with the cat…

  192. Not only is it there, but it looks frighteningly similar to the angry, steroid-pumped bipedal rabbit that was the main character in my friend Ian’s comic strip all through college.

    [That guy had issues. I’m worried for your pug.]

  193. Have you seen Hoodwinked? The evil bunny Boingo on that movie looks just like your dog’s forehead. That is one BAD bunny. I’d keep a wary eye on the dog if I were you. Boingo’s alias is “The Goody Bandit”. Of course, your dog’s brain being taken over by The Goody Bandit could make for a handy excuse if treats come up missing in your house. I didn’t steal it, it was The Goody Bandit. In other words, congratulations, you just got a free pass to steal all the candy in your house.

  194. Dear Jenny,
    Since you are always doing nice things for us, it’s time I did something nice for you, namely save you a $20 co-payment for an unnecessary visit to your shrink. Please draw a FRIENDLY rabbit face on the picture of your cutie-pie dog. You can even add in a basket or a Cadbury egg or a Peep if you like. The rabbit will still be there, but you should feel much, much better about it. Best regards, Sarah

  195. Just so you know…the bunny is there…you are NOT crazy!! Don’t call your shrink…she’ll just charge you a damn phone call fee!!! (that’s what mine would do…and has done before…the bitch!!!)

  196. FYI – I totally noticed this MONTHS ago when you posted a picture of baby Barnaby. Or at least I think that’s what your dog’s name is. I kind of drank too many margaritas tonight. But it’s still there.

  197. There’s a rabbit. And he looks pissed. Maybe because you just discovered his hiding place and then broadcast it all around the world on your blog. I’d steer clear of your dog a few days until pissy bunny calms down.

  198. You see a rabbit in dog wrinkles. People all over the world see the face of Jesus in everything from a tortilla to a wheat field. And your last post was about Jesus. Coincidence? I think not!

  199. I see it, but not in the formation you pointed out. I only see a face – where you have the little drawn-in face, that’s the furrowed brow. Below it, squinky nose. Then a vaginal-looking mouth.

    Furrowed, squinky, vaginal-looking. You’re welcome.

  200. It’s there! The rabbit’s there!!! How did it get there? Surely I can’t be the only one who finds that kinda creepy? Surely?

  201. It’s so there. I also have pugs and they have art on their heads too. One says TV, plain as day. Another has the Star Trek insignia. The black one just has wrinkes. But they are cute wrinkles. I have heard that if you get one with a good Chinese character on its head, like peace or luck or something, its worth some serious bucks. Bunnies? I dunno, maybe not so much.

  202. Now I’ll never look at pugs the same way. I’ll always be wondering what they are hiding in their foreheads.

  203. There’s a gazillion tiny Abraham Lincolns living in my living room wallpaper, but having a rabbit in your dog’s forehead is so much cooler but perhaps equally insane 😀

  204. that is a headless sumo-wrestler if I’ve ever seen one. Or maybe just a fat little cherub on his hands and knees…

  205. Mine will be the 321st comment. There is NO fucking way I can add anything witty that hasn’t been attempted.

  206. I totally see the rabbit. In fact you are not alone in seeing rabbits in dog anatomy (that does sound kind of psycho now I type it) I used to tease my cousin’s dog about having a “bunny-face bum” because all the little cowlicks on his bum combined to make a cute little bunny face. Unfortunately, they moved from TN to MI and the colder climate necessitated more fur and the bunny face is no longer visible. It was a sad day when I discovered the bunny-face bum was no more.

  207. Maybe the bunny wouldn’t be so angry if you feed it some Trix or something.

  208. It’s definitely an angry bunny, but when I first looked the bits that you have denoted as legs I saw as fangs. Sorry if I’ve started something else entirely here.

  209. Here’s the science: The phenomenon of finding pictures in accidental places is called “pareidolia” (wikipedia it). It is the result of the human brain’s pattern seeking nature and works especially well with faces since we have a whole section of the brain (fusiform gyrus) dedicated to finding faces. That’s why we see the face of Jesus in a piece of toast or the virgin mary in a table top. Some people that have damage to this area can’t tell faces apart from eachother (so called face-blindness or prosopagnosia).

    So what does finding a bunny in the folds of your pug’s face mean? What does finding a duck shape in a cloud meam? It means you have a healthy imaginative brain. congratulations!

  210. Just saw this for the first time. Laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. My husband’s worried.

  211. Oh my god you need to sleep in a different room so a jet engine doesn’t fall on your roof. Has Drew Barrymore ever taught you literature? The internets probably has some sort of litmus test to make sure you’re not actually caught in the plot of Donny Darko. Or Harvey.

  212. Yes,I defintely see the furious rabbit-even before you drew it in!That’s so totally fucked up and HILARIOUS!!But it would defintely take someone who had an eye for the bizarre to notice that in real life-not a pic-and to think of a rabbit.Babe,you got some serious psychiatric issues!

  213. I totally see the rabbit in the wrinkles of your dogs head. But have you considered it may just possibly be a rabbit on top of another rabbit? Perhaps they are spying on the bunny government to figure out what their government is going to do about the population. What form of toxic waste are they going to create to regulate the amount of baby bunnies all the females keep popping out. If you look close enough the story is definitely there. My only question is….why is the larger bunny on top?

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