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  1. There’s a special place in my heart for anyone who makes a conscious choice to advertise here. Going to check her out now.

  2. I don’t have anything to advertise but I want to make up an ad so I can support your xanax habit. What can I say, I’m an enabler. And now I’ll shut up and check out this ad.

  3. Does buying an ad mean you’ll support my Xanax habit, too?

    (KIDDING. I’m more of a Flinstones Vitamins gal.)

  4. I’m just leaving a comment here because this entry has so few comments compared to all the other entries and I didn’t want Wildcatter’s Wife to feel bad. I admit I didn’t actually click on the link, though. Crap, that’s the kind of thing that would probably make Wildcatter’s Wife feel even worse, huh. Great now I’ve guilt-tripped myself into clicking on the link, which I’ll do as soon as I finish this comment, but now somehow that has made it all even worse because now Wildcatter’s Wife will know I only went there as the result of my own psychological issues rather than because I actually have any interest in wildcats, wives, or cooking. I mean, you could argue that it’s kind of the bloggy version of a pity-fuck. Okay you know what? Just forget I said anything.

  5. I would like the appendix in a jar. Will you take payment in yard waste and empty wine bottles? How about if I trade my neighbor’s kidnney for it?

  6. Dammit, Brenna! The fact that you felt compelled to go click the link compelled ME click on YOURS. We need to be careful here because if you come back to these comments and click on mine because I clicked on yours because you clicked on Wildcatter’s Wife’s, we could end up with some kind of infinite regression and you know what that means: ripping holes in the fabric of the space/time continuum. And then it will be the end of the universe and it will be all Wildcatter’s Wife’s fault, which would probably make her feel even WORSE.

  7. I’m honored to be advertising on Jenny’s sensationally witty website. If she didn’t exist, I would have to like… oh I dunno… clean my beagle Fat Bastard’s anal glands. And, believe you me, that’s a shitty job. A BIG Oklahoma hug to everyone who has clicked on ad or promised to click!! – Wildcatter’s Wife

  8. I had to post and say that I love your category, “Things that will get me hate mail”. I love a woman with sass!!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Hello. It’s me again, Wildcatter’s Wife. I wanted to respond to Laura’s query. The short answer: I have a turbulent affinity towards eagles that have two heads. The short, short answer: Plus, I am bipolar.

  10. Thanks, one of my best friends is bi-polar and so is my sister. was just defending them in case it was making fun of them. thank you.

  11. Love how advertisers get comments here. Just shows how the bloggess is a special place (and person).

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