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  1. That is amazing. I was actually thinking of getting my mom a robot in space mug for mother’s day, but maybe I should get her that one. Or some of those mommy cards, even though her kids are all grown up. I think she would still like it.

  2. Personally I love my mom… but my soon to be mother-in-law? that might be a nice sentimental present for mothers day for her.

  3. Depends on the Mom. Sometimes I’d like to give mine a big mug full of poison for sure.

  4. Was hoping the mug was poison as in Unskinny Bop Bret Michaels Poison which screams Mothers Day gift, that is if you’re a mother of a certain cougarish age who maybe grew up in south central PA just like Bret and think his permatan and silky blonde extensions are really hot. For example.

  5. Who among us has not thought of sending our mother a mug of poison? My therapist says it really normal. She also said she is upping the dosage of my anti-psychotics.

  6. I used to get my mom Poison every year for Christmas/Mother’s Day. It was some horrible perfume that she absolutely loved. I felt like a Disney villain every time.

  7. Had the add said “Mother-in-law” then yes, it would have been the perfect add for Mother’s Day gifts! *That* is where Zazzle got it wrong. Now I must go buy one…a mug, not a MIL…one is more than enough….but not for my MIL, oh no. I would never dream of buying the mug for her. She’s perfect in every way.

  8. It appears the marketing might not be so flawed after all! Everyone can think of at least one mother or mother-in-law who is an ideal candidate for this Mother’s Day gift idea…

  9. I wish my kids were old and wise enough to get me that mug. Whoever gets me that mug will be the new favorite son and will inherit the Lenox Manger set.

  10. My mum would actually find that funny. But that’s just because we have a very twisted sence of humor. Also she is the worst person to shop for so its a gag gift or a gift card. Both of which she’d be more than happy with. In my family we write list of what we want for holidays and birthdays stray from the list at your own risk. My brother is the only person who is safe to go off list.

  11. Normally, I’m pretty damn happy that I never had a sister but sometimes, when I see how fucking bizarre you two are together, I think of all the hell I could’ve raised with one!

    Of course, then I remember I was a pretty good hell raiser on my own…plus when I see how bitchy my two girls are…yeah, you get it!

  12. I dunno, it seems like the perfect sentimental gift for a mother-in-law to me. Maybe we’re misinterpreting.

  13. Could you make a mug that says, “Drink me. I’m delicious and not at all poison,” but it really IS poison? ‘Cause my mom is a bitch, but she ain’t no dummy.

  14. One year my Dad let us buy Mom a mug with “If I’m not bitching check my pulse” emblazoned on the side for mother’s day.

  15. well damn, i’ve been going about this all wrong. not flowers, cyanide! whew. glad i’ve cleared that up!

  16. I saw the mug advertised as a Mother’s Day gift and I went and tried to get knocked up just so someone would buy me one. No, really. rilly.

  17. I don’t see what the problem is. Both my mother and my mother-in-law would get a big kick out of this! As long as no one puts real poison in it, of course.

  18. Geez, no love for the Poison Mug? I bet Christina Crawford would have LOVED to have had a gander at that. Don’t think Joan would have appreciated a lovely gift basket with a few raw steaks, some wire hangers then nicely rounded out with a poison mug?

    No? Just me?

  19. Fucking awesome. Must get one for my mother-in-law. And when she opens it and is like “what the…??!!!”. I can be like “didn’t you say one time that you liked that band…? What… You don’t know who they are? Really…?!?” and turn my head to one side, playing the ditzy blonde card. Good times.

  20. dude jenny! you just saved me so much trouble. now i don’t have to find a mother’s day gift. you rock.

  21. Unfortunately my Mum died several years ago. This would just put the suspicion right back on me. Unless I have a neighbor order it under my brother’s name….uh, never mind. I would probably tear up a little if my sons bought it for me though. Wee chips off the old block.

  22. as a 40yo mom, i’d like to suggest that perhaps it speaks to the hair band poison. cuz i would * totally* give the whole bon jovi a round of hummers even if it required a drink receptacle to get the job done.

  23. I think it’s perfect.

    In fact, if you could make a matching plate and bowl, I might actually be able to eat an entire meal in my house without anyone standing uncomfortably close to me with their mouth agape in the universal sign for “I want a bite.”

  24. Is this limited to Mothers Day? Cause it seems to me this is a must have for any holiday , Mothers day, Fathers day, Bosses day, Flag day…

  25. Why did you pick $15.70 for the price? That’s the weirdest price I ever heard of. It should totally be $15.71.


  26. I totally commented about that on the other post! Do I get some sort of medal for being all FIRST!, or is that just annoying? Yeah, annoying.

  27. Oh my god, this is insanely appropriate.

    I’m getting three… one for each mom and one for my wife who is now a mom.

    Yes I have two mommies… it isn’t as hot as you’d think.

  28. Or, maybe it should be “poisson” but it is mis-spelled. But, why would you give Mom a fish for Mother’s Day?


  29. Dude, I’m buying one for myself because then I can FREAKING DRINK POISON right in my kids’ faces and then laugh when I offer them some too…

    you can put my Mother of the Year award right next to my Nobel Prize, k, thx.

  30. I can’t wait to be a mum!
    My kids will totally grow up with an awesome sense of humor, so that when I receive this gift I will know they love me.
    My mum is currently getting Chemo, so this mug would be both highly appropriate and also sad at the same time. I might just stick with flowers.

  31. To hell with Mom. I’m getting one for me. I drink bourbon on the rocks from a coffee cup. And alcohol is really, actually and truthfully poison.

  32. OMG. Always trying to buy my mother a Mother’s Day Card and all are lies. “You are the best Mother EVER.” “You were the GREATEST MOM growing up.” Dysfunctional Mother’s Day cards would be highly appreciated. At least your mug tells the truth!!!!!

  33. Perfect for my mother in law. No one needs poison quite like an Italian mother in law when you’re married to her only son. Oh and you don’t exist until you are pregnant with a son, then you get bumped up from being “that girl” to “the girl who’s giving me a grandson”. Total upgrade!!

  34. I’m a mom, and I totally need one of these. Does it come with “Mr. Yuk” stickers? They’d really add to the authenticity of it. All I’m saying is, I’d rather drink my whiskey-laced coffee from a mug marked “poison,” than a mug marked, “world’s best mother.” It’s best not to get any one’s hopes up.

  35. Hah! I noticed that when I first clicked over but I thought that was what you told us to note when you linked to it. (And I just reread that instruction and realize now that I need more practice discerning left from right. Could you maybe put some brains in a mug for me?)

  36. I think my mom would laugh her ass off. I would probably be impressed if my husband bought me one of those. Does Zazzle have a wishlist?

  37. I’m gonna need Warrant file folders now too. And an AC/DC switch plate cover. And a Queen chair cover.
    I’m done now.

  38. I like the fact that Zazzle offer the price of $11.70 if you buy the poison cup in bulk.

    I think Zazzle are cleverly hiding behind the facade of their cool and creative online shop persona, when infact they are covertly encouraging their shoppers to partake in an enormous cull of all Mother’s – by poisoning.

    Be afraid, Mother’s, be very afraid.

  39. I saw that ad and I figured you put it up on purpose… apparently I’m even more twisted than I thought, and I think you are, too!

  40. A mug of poison would melt in my MIL’s hands. She’d bitch if you hung her with a gold rope. She had the worst case of cancer her seasoned doctor had ever seen, and it was the only time I’ve said “Yay Cancer!” and she beat fucking cancer. Further proof that evil does not die.

  41. Jen C. your post made me laugh because I also have an Italian mother in law, and I am married to her only son. She’s wonderful, though, and is always nice to me (maybe my Italian blood earns me a free pass) despite my dedication to not giving her any grandchildren any time soon.

    We’ve found that one tactic that works with such a mother in law is if she starts getting crazy, we tell her about the nice spot we’ve picked out for her in the nursing home. “It’s right in front of the fishtank! You can stare at it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours…”

    That usually calms her down.

  42. ANY woman who has been a mother for at least 10 years would just be thrilled to have a cup without a chip in it’s rim, probably. I doubt they would even pay attention to what is painted on it, provided they could see it clearly without their glasses. I would order them in sets of at least 4.

  43. Caffeine is an addictive drug Jenny. So in a way, it’s terribly accurate. Also, it tastes like boiled dirt. So, yeah, anti-freeze would taste better.

  44. Rudy: “Caffeine is an addictive drug Jenny. So in a way, it’s terribly accurate. Also, it tastes like boiled dirt. So, yeah, anti-freeze would taste better.

    Of course it taste like dirt! It was ground this morning!

  45. Shit! I hate when this happens. I already bought and wrapped the nipple rings mom wanted for Mother’s Day, and now I find another perfect gift.
    I know! I’ll save the Poison mug for Christmas. I’ll put her 8-ball in it and wrap a big red ribbon around it. Presentation is everything. Problem solved.
    Thanks, Bloggess

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