107 thoughts on “In fairness though, calling it “catvertising” was a pretty brilliant idea. Still suing though.

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  1. If there is a lawsuit, I expect to see it on CourtTV and Animal Planet, simultaneously.

  2. I do believe Warner did their research. Their campaign involves neither sandwich boards nor tattoos on shaved cats (using every ounce of will power I have to not make the inappropriate pussy joke). That’ll be a tough case to win against some deep pockets that can afford the finest in legal talent. Nevertheless, sue sue sue!

    Brought to you by the foundation to feed starving lawyers.

  3. Your idea to advertise on stray cats is, of course, brilliant. But when it comes to someone actually doing it, as we saw in London, it seems like there would be all sorts of problems. It just don’t seem right to use cats without paying them. What if a cat gets hit by a car, didn’t the advertiser purposely put it in an unsafe environment?

    Now, with stray cats, that’s a cat of a different color.

  4. I love you and everything, but that articule was posted in 2009, not 2011. Not that it matters as it was still after yours. SUE. EVERYONE.

  5. That second link was from 2009! I hope the theft isn’t out of its statute of limitations period. Also, those cats looked pretty pissy.

  6. This is going to be the next big Nancy Grace story. Except you need to kidnap and murder one of the pretty white kittens to get her attention first.

  7. All good ideas are stolen.

    For instance, I’ve stolen someone’s idea of putting peanut butter in my chocolate… and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone else steals my idea of adding tuna fish to my stuffed pork chops…. like I said. ALL GOOD ideas…. (and…. stop *looking* at me like that!)

  8. Ooh. Good catch on the dates. That’s exactly the kind of thing that can lose a good cat litigation case. This is why I need to keep a lawyer on retainer. For cat litigation. And bail money.

  9. LOL well sadly I have to agree with Mark. (No not about the pussy joke.. okay there’s that..) But also, that article was from Feb 2009. I think there’s a statute of limitations on when you can sue over broken dreams and usage of black cats.

  10. Okay WTF?! This is the second time in a couple of months a big name has stolen an idea from a blogger I follow. The other was the nasty store that starts with Tar and has the worst commercials on the planet.

    I’m with @OutofGoldStars on this one…sic the chicken on them!

  11. Dang, couldn’t type my comment fast enough.. damn you and your popular wittiness! *fist shake*

  12. Are you ready for your commenters to sstart spamming that post with links back to your original idea? Also I do like the self renewing iguana idea too. And I LOOOOVE thevery slowly advancing Beyonce outside their offices idea. Perhaps a group of them in suits, carrying briefcases dressed as lawyers, moving ever so slightly every day, a ala The Shining mini series.

  13. Okay, but “specially trained” cats aren’t going to be that effective, you know? People are going to be much more likely to remember *your* ads because they’ll think of them every time they see that giant gash on their face or go in for one of many sets of painful rabies shots.

  14. Either someone out there shares your creative way of looking at things, or you have a WB fan/nemesis. Either way I think it’s a good idea to start patenting all of your ideas. I can just see VH1 creating a new show about a giant metal chicken searching for love.

  15. If for no other reason, you should sue just for the “life experience” and to demand justice for hard-working cat actors everywhere. You think Warner Brothers is going to hire stray cats? Hell no. They’re going to hire cats from upper class families who could afford to send their kitties to acting school. You know, because cats have to practice how to be cats.

  16. Oh, honey. The bright side? YOU won’t have to contend with the folks at P.E.T.A.

    Maybe just let this one be “their” idea, eh?

  17. I’m thinking you should send Ferris Mewler over there to tear shit up. Ferris Mewler riding on Beyonce’s back. Knock knock, WB.

  18. Does Ferris Mewler already have an agent, legal representation, and a sassy gay best friend (for his reality show)?

  19. You send in the giant metal chicken, I’ll send in my giant metal cows. We’ll go all Farmville on their ass! (and spam the hell out of their Facebook pages with Farmville updates . . .nothing is more annoying!)

  20. I have six cats. Six. How much can I charge for ads on their sides? Is it one side or both? One of them is small, do I have to give a discount for her sides?

    I can smell the money rolling in. Cha-ching! Animal hoarding finally pays off.


    No cats were harmed in the posting of this comment. And I’m really not a hoarder- my cats get excellent care. Sometimes better than my children.

  21. You may want to go ahead and patent “ratvertising” before they run with that idea in the larger cities. You know…to reach the masses.

  22. As I just came out of court where I got a judgement for me – (Well, technically my boyfriend, but lets be honest, what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine…) I say SUE SUE SUE SUE!

  23. Don’t forget to patent your bad-ass super-brilliant GPS idea. The one that tells you where to turn based on life experiences. (“Remember where you saw that homeless guy jerking off? Turn left at THAT corner.”) I hate WB. Where’s Jenna Elfman and Brandon Frasier when you need them?

  24. Those Warner Bastards! I think it would be just splendid fun if you had the lady with 700 cats drop all her strays off on their property. See if they wanna take that shit on then…Fuckers.

  25. 1) Quick, corner the dogvertising market…after you register the name with the US Patent office or something of course.

    2) Perpetuate the whole dog v. cat controversy.

    3) ????

    4) Profit!

  26. Ferris Mewler, you should upgrade your sights from tuna. The money you’ll bring in for this will provide you with all the finest fish you want!

  27. Did you know that they tattoo cats? Rescues do it inside their ears to indicate that they have been altered. I foresee a much more useful application in this catvertising. Also, a great way to slander your enemies. “Warner Bros. stole this idea.” Very subversive.

  28. So it was all for FEAR2? Black cats in London and Friday the 13th and all?

    My black cat, Linus, would tear the shit out of anyone who tried to but HIM in an advertisement body condom. And then they would know FEAR. And FEAR2.

  29. Cats spend too much time sleeping to be good advertisements.

    I’m pretty sure you should use the honey badger. Not only will they not give a shit about wearing a sandwich board, but I’m pretty sure that even if they get bitten by a cobra, they will only take a small nap, and quickly resume advertising.

    Just sayin’.

  30. You’re in luck. I’m a crafty lawyer (well, I just quit practicing, but I would return to the hell that is the life of a lawyer with a sense of humor in a world without one for you, and cats rights) and we have lots of ways to get around those silly “statutes of limitation” and “completely frivolous lawsuit” problems. Plus, and this is the key, I don’t give a fuck any more. Let’s litigate!!

  31. You know what would be better than catvertising?

    TARGET MARKETING for kitties 🙂

    oohhhhh, stop with the “you’re a horrible cat-hating person” rage…. i’m just kidding.


  32. Sufferin’ Succotache. I say I say. I am with Meg on this one. I mean even if you catvertise, it’s gonna have to be on one of those famous cats- like “Surprised Kitty”, or “keyboard cat”, you know professionals. — I mean there are logistical problems- like what if the cats go all “Wb Frog” Silent? Or if Pepe Le Pew wants in on the action- CHAOS!!!!

  33. Well that’s one good way to become rich. Now, if Warner Brothers would just steal my idea of having my pooch take notes for me. I call it, ‘dogtation.’

    This is better than my original idea of ‘dicktation’ and, honestly, dogs are a lot easier to train.

  34. I think cow-vertising would be more effective. Cows have more space for ads, they don’t move much, and in when driving through Nebraska there’s nothing to look at except cows anyway.

  35. I’m with Meg. Cats are too lazy to use as advertising. You’d only be able to see one side at a time, and that’s IF they didn’t decide to nap inside a freaking box. But, that honey badger? Now, that’s a bitch who don’t take no shit.
    PS: I’m totally gonna start saying ‘articules.’ Thanks for screwing it up, R. It’s just so much fun to say! And if you say it in a really bad English accent, it makes you sound super-smart. Like when you say shedule instead of skedule. OMG. I just realized I have a thing for ‘ules.’ Sweet baby Bob, I need an intervention.

  36. I know this is a violation, and you came up with it first and all.. but those shirts are fucking awesome.. I totally want one for my cat…. there are never any good clothing options for cats!

  37. Ya know, whenever anyone mentions Beyonce slowly creeping up on someone I get kinda freaked. Or it could be that I an confusing Giant Metal chickens sneaking up on you with that episode of Doctor Who with those Angels in it…. Great, now I can never have a giant metal chicken because I will think its moving and going to peck me to death if I stop looking at it…

  38. Oh, for fucks sake.

    This is Warner Brothers. They can’t come up with their own ideas? They have to delve into the blog world to see if anyone has any creativity?

    Sue them. We’ve got your back.

  39. Those fuckers. I will never watch another Harry Potter movie. If I had known before we went to the theater on Sunday that they stole your idea, I would have staged a mass boycott of the last HP7, part 95… You should totally sue. Statute of limitations in US is 2 years from the time you DISCOVER the injury…get a lawyer.

  40. Auti,

    Did you read the blog entry before this one? I’m not doing shit for that ball-stealing, martini-swilling, over-hyphenating, trapezoidal-clompy shoes!


  41. You talk about a lot about cats.
    3 posts in a row?
    On you very public blog?

    You’re my new idol.

  42. This is clearly an inside leak. Have you discussed the security situation with your roommates… Er… “family members.” This is the kind of idea that in the future should be guarded by your most trusted, I.e., us. Find the leak and fix it before it happens again, or you’ll never make it in this biz.

  43. I wish I knew a good lawyer for you to contact. I hope Ferris Mewler gets his day in court. He should definitely leave the martini collar on, to elicit jury sympathy.

  44. Umm I think the clothing on cats was your idea too. Clearly they stole it from your STORE. Cats hate wearing clothing, you were defendings cats honor. Now this is IP theft AND Animal rights. I am sure the Humane Society will take this on retainer.

  45. You overlooked that they only used black cats — Not only are they thieves, they are exploiting a race of cats. I think you can get the ACLU and NAACP involved….

  46. #1 you should totally sue.
    #2 i dont know what kind of cat they’re using but I know MY cat would NEVER wear a shirt. Trust me. I tried. Also, he hates collars with bells and will run jingling around the house like he’s on fire to try to get it off.
    #3 wouldnt catvertising only advertise to the people who OWN the cat? then that would be dumb, because they would have to buy the shirt to put on their own cat. OR is Warner Brothers going to gather all the stray cats and clothe them and release them back in highly populated areas where people will see them as they dart through traffic? Im pretty sure warner brothers wants cats to get run over if that’s their plan.

  47. Who’s Sue? And does she have a cat?

    (PS I do like the original post. The bit about tossing flyers from the rooftop? Had me in hysterics)

  48. Don’t make the mistake I did. I sued someone but nothing happened because my dyslexia made me put retainers on my lawyer. The lawyer was pissed but the orthodontist made enough to buy a new car.

    (couldn’t help myself. HAD to write it.)

  49. Out of the mouths of kitties shall come forth truth. Or something. Anyway, who would really trust a cat, they’re only in it for themselves. I say that as someone who knows my place and adores them.

  50. Totally off topic – I went away for a few days to celebrate my anniversary and the fact that my children were at camp and did not need supervision. I thought of you the WHOLE time I was gone, because any time I wanted to go anywhere, I had to drive into town and pass a 5 foot cement chicken, just standing there, looking at the road. It was both creepy and awesome. Unfortunately, it was not nearly as attractive as Beyonce, though. Thanks for making my anniversary awesome. I’m glad we share a universe!

  51. I think it’s hilarious that someone was pissed off that they were promoting superstition of black cats instead of that the cats were being dressed up for advertising purposes!

    And your idea was WAY better!

  52. Looks like it might be time to get a patent for the rabbit/cat hybrid and the Jenny Lawson brand of post-it note learning tools.

  53. I like the comment that points out how cat-racist this advertising campaign is. You should go in with the black cats and file a class action lawsuit. ;p

  54. Oh my god, that’s awesome. Forget about the suit, it’s chump change. Become the first Cat-vertising agency. Get like 30,000 cats ready to advertise at a moment’s notice. First ad, one from me saying…. “I’m a pussy, you’ll never get me!” and then deploy them to software companies or other nerdly crowded areas. lol

  55. I’m trying to think of something really witty to say. Something half-witty, even.

    But… nope, not nothing.


  56. Just send them a picture of Beyonce on the doorstep. “Knock, knock, motherfuckers” combined with a giant chicken is the ultimate in menacing.

  57. Those bastards. You should tattoo a cat with your complaints and post it through Warner Bros. letter box.

  58. How did they train these black cats? I have a black cat who freaked out when I tried to put a shirt and socks on him!

  59. Holy Shit! you should totally just send them a link to your original post and be like, “Yeah, you totally owe me an apology for not including me in this advertising process and taking credit for coming with the idea, and also for compensation I need you to send me three of those little cat billboard tshirts so I can put them on my cats and entertain myself.”

    Yeah just like that

  60. If you need bail money, we’re totally here for you. And also, I bet we can get a petition going to do… something. I’m not sure what.

  61. Do they shave the cats? Or like… String tiny signs onto them? That’s such an off the wall idea.

    You totally have a case.

  62. This gives a WHOLE new meaning to “marketing pussy”. Would you be considered their pimp?

    I think I’d sue for a big ‘ole fat hairball of Benjamins. But, that’s just me.

  63. I think you should call Nancy Grace. If you tell her a cat died in the process, you’ll definitely get tears…and win.

  64. I totally agree about trademarking Beyonce’. It would just be sad if someone stole him & used him for other than teaching purposes! But Nancy Grace is way too busy on Dancing with the Stars to be bothered…(what a Bitch!)

  65. That’s a great catvertising of warner brothers, well I really don’t expect that. I think advertising kitties are illegal one. Isn’t it?

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