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  1. All he’s missing is a group of those GForce gerbil things as backup dancers and we’ve REALLY got a show!

  2. Awesome!

    That dog is totally DANCING on the WATER.

    You’ve done it again, Jenny. If you’re not calling out rude, arrogant PR hacks, you’re finding us pictures of miracle dogs.

  3. I posted this picture on my friend’s FB page the other day and couldn’t stop laughing. I love a good animal macro.

  4. The Lord of the Dance… I’m deeply moved. DEEPLY MOVED. Now I’m waiting for the water to become wine. THAT would be a good day. A GOOD DAY. And considering the second Rapture is coming on the 21st, it would also be entirely appropriate.

  5. That guy’s not trying too hard to save him, either. Probably because he has finally realized the power of the Dog Dance.

  6. This bears a striking resemblance to the dancing style of LMFAO.

    I guess they weren’t kidding when they said it was an epidemic.

  7. That Asian man is beckoning to the dog like, “Come into my arms, tiny dancer.” Or is it “Tony Danza?” That would be a good name for this dog.

  8. Who, while walking along the dirty walkway of some rusty oil tanker port, decides, “I’m going to throw my dog in HERE”? Thank God the dog has Messianic footing.

  9. I had a really witty comment but my kids distracted me and I forgot what I was going to say. Pardon me while I put in Disneyland Fun for the 1,000,000th time..

  10. This picture is misleading because it implies that the dog is dancing forwards, but he’s actually moonwalking backwards.

  11. Dude just threw his dog in the water. Nice. Or maybe the dog fell and dude was trying to catch him.
    What’s up with dude’s foot there? Looks like a flipper. Maybe dude is half man, half fish and is trying to teach his dog to be a masterful swimmer like him. Maybe.

  12. I am inspired by your ability to go from reigning queen of social media to dog dancing on water ridiculousness. Your versatility is what makes you THE bloggess.

  13. He’s just looking for a guest spot on Monty Python’s “Walk This Way” sketch. (Keeping with your Monty theme).

  14. My dog totally does this every single time I put him in the bathtub.. it must be a husky thing.

  15. Jesus has come back in the form of a Husky. It’s a sign. the apocolypse IS coming in 2012!!

    Btw the word husky has such a negative undertone for such a good looking breed of dog. It needs a name more P.C. Big boned perhaps? Pleasantly plump??

  16. I do not twitter, so I am posting this here in case you have never tried it. I just typed:

    Iamsofucked.com Because I feel as though I really am

    The response really did make me feel better. I am going for a walk, and then I am making real popcorn and hot chocolate, even though it is 80 here and sunny.

  17. For those of you commenting on how great it would be if the dog walking on water was also able to turn the water into wine… I’m willing to believe in some alternate universe the wine might happen, but I can’t conceive of a universe where the dog wouldn’t promptly pee in it. Just saying…

  18. Dogs can shuffle? Wow. You just blew my mind.
    Ps. Part of the fun of reading your blog is also reading the comments. Your readers are witty mother fuckers!

  19. “Next time we are trying this on fire”

    Thanks for the monday morning laugh.

  20. @Dancing dogs rock!
    Exactly! The picture was amusing, but the comments are hil-fucking-larious. Esp @XLMIC – “Jesusky” – LMAO.
    A dog clogging. . . . Doclogging? A clogging dog. . . . clodogging? Or maybe just CLAWGING!

  21. Damn, Jen S. You’re so right. See, I knew that and had somehow forgotten it. So I’m right then. He’s trying to teach his dog to swim like him. It’s not gonna work though, that dog clearly does not have flippers.
    Harry O- It’s not shopped, dude. See, asian flipper guy tossed the dog in the water, in hopes that the dog will become a masterful swimmer like him, but the outcome will only be a wet dog.

  22. This is hilarious and yet adorable! It will keep the masses occupied until your weekly roundup is posted. Okay. It’ll keep ME occupied until then. 🙂

  23. Unfortunately, I can’t laugh at this. I know what’s happening in this photo, and I don’t like it.

  24. Screw the wrap-up! The internet NEEDS more dancing animal shots! More cats playing piano! More monkeys getting blow jobs from dead frogs! More More More!

  25. Oh, he’s fine. All animals know they won’t fall in unless they look down.

    Actually, now that I look again, he does have the “Yipe!” face, as if he’s seen a shark. Quick, Scruffy! Run so fast that you generate your own dust cloud! You’ll have the power to crash right through a wall, leaving your outline!

  26. Actually, that’s depressing…that guy just threw that poor dog into the water. I don’t find that funny in the least. Just another example of humanity’s depravity.

  27. I think this picture is like the Rorschach test of the internet. I never saw it as a dude throwing a dog in the water. To me it looks like the dog jumped in. We had a springer spaniel (named Duke) that freaking loved the water and he’d jump out into the lake like that all the time, with much the same look on his face. He’d dive in time after time. Then my dad would coax him out of the water, and he’d reluctantly come out. He’d dry off enough that we could finally put him back in the car, and then right before we’d get him into the car he’d dive back in the water. With that exact same look on his face.

    Duke, that is. Not my father. My father almost never dove into the water after we dried him off.

  28. Both the guy and the dog have such calm and composed expressions on their faces. I guess dogs dance on water all the time wherever it is they’re from.

  29. Oh for the love of Mike. I don’t know why my link isn’t showing up, but I’m not typing dub step dog again. Curse you posthumously Steve Jobs and your infernal iPad.

  30. I swear that dog is doing the same moves I see on the commercial for Riverdance.

    You might have just discovered something here.

  31. I feel somewhat depressed that a dog has better moves than me. But then I always feel somewhat depressed, so no harm, no foul. Whatever that means. Maybe a baseball term or something?

  32. If had had known dogs could do that then I would have gotten one YEARS ago. Damn stupid dog secrets! I wonder if the dance changes depending on the breed of dog?

  33. You! Motherfuckin’ YOU! *chucks your chin and messes up your hair*. Little pocket legend. x

  34. That’s totally a doctored photo. The dog was probably in some kind of electrified cage, to get him to dance like that.

    Just kidding.

  35. You guys are right… by “lord of the dance” Flatley was comparing himself to Jesus dancing across the water… I should have suspected. Modesty never seemed his forte.

  36. Not to get too Garfield up in this bizzle, but it’s appropriate that I’m reading this on Monday morning, given that my face is frozen in an expression not entirely different than the delightful dancing mutt pictured.

  37. Cryptic SheSang…don’t ASSume too much. These dogs love, love, love the water. I know as I had a mixed Husky once. Dumb as a box of rocks, but sweet as can be. He loved water.

  38. This poor dog looks frightened and surprised that he has just been thrown into the water. Sorry, but I find this picture to be the antithesis of funny.

  39. I don’t think he’s trying to catch his dog so much as he’s trying to dance with him junior high style. Far apart and sloooow.

  40. Similar experience, but with a recruiting company. During the tech bust, our Silicon Valley PR agency had to close the office I was working in. Finding a job in the following months was nothing short of a challenge. Everyone in technology was on the street… or at least, those of us who were in tech marketing because, as you know, marketing is irrelevant. Good products sell themselves! But I digress.

    I called a recruiter I’d worked with… having sent her numerous job candidates and leads in response to her emails to me. Candidates are like cash to a recruiter. That’s how they make their money. So I was sending her opportunities to make, you know, money.

    So I contacted her about finding me a job. I sent a snappy resume, work samples, the works. Nothing. I called her every two weeks to check in and let her know I was still available. Then I noticed she was posting jobs for which I was qualified… but she hadn’t called me. I phoned and asked what was going on.

    She said, “I can’t call you for every job that comes across my desk.” (Every job? How about one or two?)

    I said, “Wait a minute. I’ve sent you many candidates when you were spamming me to ask for recruits. Isn’t this a two-way street? I’ve been unemployed for six months, and the market is brutal. Can’t you help me out? You know, like I helped you out?”

    Her response was priceless. “I’m sorry that you’re unemployed and bitter about it. Have a good life.”

    I wish I’d been as clever as you were with your follow-up. But blogs and Twitter didn’t exist ten years ago. But I did pass the word to all my contacts not to use her services. I wonder if Miss Bitter is still employed?

  41. That is awesome. I used to be all anti LOL cats and the like until I found science cat with nerdy science puns on a funny cat picture and then I was hooked.

  42. I want to see the next photo. The one in which super douche who tossed his dog into the river was mauled to fucking death by said beast when the dog got out of the water.

  43. Preferably with some blood and guts- the guy’s blood and guts. Boy, everyone loves dogs this week. Makes me visualize this whole comment forum running around sniffing each other butts.

  44. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be allowed to hang out with my friend Sandra because when I wake up the next day, I never know what happened and I usually hurt. Like last night we went to a restaurant/bar after it had closed and stayed there till 2am drinking, dancing to rap & bluegrass, trying on all the hats in the bar, posing with broken umbrellas, and going down into the basement where I kept yelling “Where’s the Boom-Boom room?” and Sandra knew what I meant, and she was like, “Over here!” And it was awesome. I know this because I documented it with pictures. For posterity. Mostly so I’d remember the next day.

    Your blog is like that. Awesomeness and so much fun I maybe shouldn’t be allowed to read it. But I do. And like Sandra, you help keep me a little more sane while I’m going through a pretty shitty, dark time. So thank you for being awesome, and weird like me, and making me laugh. I’m your newest and biggest fan. (Don’t judge me for being new. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for years.)

  45. Looks like he just chucked the dog in and, looking at the height of the dock, I dunno if he’ll be getting out. I have to agree with Dog Guy. Surely there is better subject matter.

  46. Ahahahaha. Poor puppy. My dog falls over, under, and into things CONSTANTLY so I can just imagine someone snapping a photo of her doing so would get something like this.

  47. Am I the only who’s pissed that the picture is actually of an Asian man throwing his dog in the river to be eaten by a school of fish? Oh sure, tell yourself, “Oh look, Mommy, the doggy’s dancing!” NO, Virginia, the crocodile waiting under the dock is about to eat the monthly doggy sacrifice! Die, Virgin Doggy, Die!

  48. We had a dog that couldn’t swim. For some reason my grandmother kept taking him out on the boat on Lake Huron. For some other reason he kept jumping in the lake and trying to drown. Then someone had to jump in and save him. As a 6-year-old, I drew two conclusions from this: 1. grownups are dumb. 2. the dog was suicidal.

    I loved that dog.

  49. I don’t get the title of this post. The most ridiculous thing I’VE seen recently on the internet was when some douchey VP at a PR company picked a fight with a substantially more popular opponent and experienced an epic fail.

  50. I’ve been watching a lot of Shaun the Sheep on Netflix, and so I see that picture and hear the music from the little clip of Shaun doing his “Boogie Nights” impression.

  51. That dog doesn’t look too happy! I’m guessing the dog has been thrown into the water, much to its disgust.

    The photo does make it look like the dog really is dancing on water.

  52. In the last 24 hours I have looked at this picture about 20,765,271 times. and. still. laugh.

  53. I showed my baby sister this and haven’t seen her laugh so hard since…. well, probably since that time my brother pooted in the middle of a serious conversation with my parents. But hey, I’ll take the laughs where I can get them.

  54. I’m having such flashbacks. I had a husky who LOVED to jump off the end of our dock. He’d even do flips sometimes. Dog could swim better than me.

    By the way – That guy isn’t out drowning his dog in a tie. That’s been debunked on reddit. He was walking his dog though the shallow water (that’s why he’s barefoot) and when he went back to the pier to put his shoes on the dog jumped in and swam around.

  55. It’s like a canine version of that ” I wanna dance” dude on Dazed and Confused….. yet, when I read it, I have some sort of Asian accent in my head.

  56. I’m still waiting to hear what brand of paper Wil Wheaton collates, in his spare time, not professionally, though of course his professional paper selection would be of great interest, but as for me, I’m really interested in his paper collating choices for, say, a casual evening of collating in the lounge, or I guess in his case, “lounge” may have to translate as “trailer”, since he is no doubt working on some huge film or TV show or rockumentary.

    Um, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, dogs who do tricks. Yeah, my dog plays guitar. Beat that mothafucka.

  57. You have NO idea how many people I have sent this to. They find it less hilarious, but I think I find it funny enough for everyone.

  58. If I had a magical water-walking husky, we’d go on tour. I can’t even get my pup to come out from under the bed

  59. …So in a fit of work boredom (which is really just borderline obsession with your kind of crazy, but I’m saying it’s boredom so I don’t sound creepy and/or stalkerish) I just read your entire blog back to front (front to back? I read it backwards, newest to oldest. Whatever, those no good way to put that).

    So yes, thanks for the numerous times my coworkers thought I was crying because I was trying not to laugh out loud (but was failing miserably). I don’t know what I’m going to do at work now that I’m all caught up.

    Work maybe.

    I did my best to make this NOT sound like a thirteen year old girl writing to her favourite celebrity and I think I failed miserably.

  60. In less than one second of seeing this picture I had this going through my head:
    “I love to sing-a
    About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a,”

  61. I know these comments are about the completely ridiculous water dancing Husky, but that reminded me of something else, slightly ridiculous (but mostly amazing) that I heard on the radio and thought you would like:

    Apparently, a hardware store in Omaha has a Zombie Preparedness area with all the things you will need in the event of a zombie invasion.

    When I heard of it, I thought of you :o)

  62. Ok, I’m a little bummed that your “Sexis” blog is blocked by the corporate coats at work when it is obviously “safe for work”. It says so RIGHT there. But apparently saying it and being it aren’t the same. (though it’s ok for the bible to be it’s own reference..but whatever) Oh yeah..and funny picture. It’s like that Peter guy walking on water. But I don’t know if Jesus threw him in..but I do know the whole story would have been a lot funnier with this caption.

  63. I am pretty sure this guy just tossed the poor dog into the water, so I can’t really laugh this time. I don’t see any way he would be able to get the dog out without jumping in himself. The dog doesn’t have that happy anxious look that they have when jumping in on their own. They also don’t jump sideways into the water, remember? If the dog DID indeed jump in, it was probably to escape being served for dinner anyway.

  64. Ok.. did I miss the weekly wrap up? I know we were all super busy, what with taking down Jose last week, so I wondered if I just didn’t see it ?

  65. … unless the next picture is one of the dog being pulled out of the water and back onto the high dock (and even then, there’s not too many dogs I know who like being tossed around) otherwise it’s just another jerk trying to kill his dog. “guy throwing dog in water” – Google it.

  66. So there’s no way to contact you I assume since you’re so full of awesomeness, lol, but you should check this out. Japan is giving away 10,000 free round-trip tickets to known bloggers who will discuss their experiences, etc. I realize how completely fucking much I sound like a spammer at the moment … but I’m not. Here’s a direct link, below, but you can also just do a random search. You would TOTALLY kill this:)


  67. Okay so this seems like the only way I can say this:

    I’m a loser and have spent the past several days reading your blog. I’ve learned it’s not possible to read it and drink orange juice at the same time. It burns when OJ comes out my nose. Also, I want to give you lots of hugs because you seem to need them. Last, you’re absolutely stunningly beautiful! Hope your week starts looking up. =)

  68. I’ve been showing this to everyone I know today, and no one even cares. Why are you all not in my life?

  69. @rai, I’m asking myself that same question! Contemplating the beginning of a Bloggess social group…Hi my name is…I bow to The Bloggess.

  70. Coming here via balloon-juice.com, at which one of the commenters kindly mentioned this blog. Having a good time.

    Purple Rain came on just as I was arriving here, and it seems to be the perfect fit to listen to Prince while reading what’s written here.

  71. whenever i’m having a shitty day, i come to your blog. thanks for always giving me something to laugh about, kind of ironic that a person suffering from depression and anxiety has the ability to fight those things off in others……:hugs:

  72. Dear Jenny,

    This if kinda cute and kinda funny, but I am a little disappointed. This is my favorite place to come to ignore everything else I have to do. In this particular case, I am supposed to be rewriting my resume. As with all my to do lists it starts like this:
    1. Ask everyone I know to do it for me.
    2. Whine about it on Facebook.
    3. Get really worked up about it until my tummy feels funny.
    4. Eat. It might make my tummy feel better or it might just be something really important I have to do before I do anything else.
    5. Read the bloggess.
    6. Write a to do list.
    7. Stare at the to do list hoping it will morph into a picture of a bunny.
    8. Attack to do list with my pet dinosaur, Grumpy.
    9. Check to see if to do list has changed into a picture of a bunny, for fear of Grumpy.

    Of course, there is lots more, but number five is supposed to take more than 15 seconds! It’s the center around which all the other spokes turn! I realize you are very busy and important, but please. If I post on my own blog about my plans, my family will see it and I will have to rely on listening to pep talks from them to put off what must be done. Help a girl out.

    -Sulky in Salt Lake.

  73. Jenny,

    I want to say thank you. I admire and respect you highly. I check your blog daily for that little laugh that gets me through the day. I do miss you, I hope all is well.


  74. I’m going through withdrawals. Someone hit me with a dose of The Bloggess. Stat!

  75. When you don’t blog, all I have to read about is Amish-on-Amish crime. THAT is what the world is coming to.

  76. How can I send you a card that I am certain needs to be sold at your store…

    But more than that, I am certain it will make you LOL

  77. OK Jenny I am dying, I need some Bloggess in my life! You havent posted in days and I am having withdraws LOL

  78. your picture here prompted the following real conversation between me and my girlfriend……enjoy.

    girlfriend: *laughs*….although its probably a totally morbid picture where that guy is throwing the dog in the water because it can’t swim.
    me: why would you think that?
    girlfriend: you said she [the bloggess….er….you….obviously] was into morbid stuff like that right?
    me: actually, this is what i think is really happening. the dog is fighting to escape the telekinetic tractor-beam the man is using to extract the it from the water, so he can take it home and eat it……you know….because he’s asian.

    i apologize if that was inappropriate. i really am not racist…i’m misanthropic.

  79. poor dog, he is obviously does not like being thrown into the water. animal cruelty for the sake of a laugh

  80. The dog is not dancing, he’s being thrown in the sea just for a fucking picture. prick, hope he bites your little cock off.

  81. Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up
    the good work!

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