And then I became a recurring comic book character. Someone send me my geek card.

My friends (Clint & Luke) have a comic book they’ve been working on forever and a year ago they asked if I’d mind my writing gracing the back pages of their series, Taroch (which is brilliant – and I’d say that even if I didn’t already  love them).  They sent me the latest issue and it’s just as fabulous as the last, plus I have a new comic panel right after a story about the most amazing zombie fighting transvestive ever.  In short, you should buy this comic.  But in case you can’t afford to support struggling, young artists but still want to see what they can do, they let me post my panel here.

(FYI…I’m not being compensated in any way whatsoever for this.  I just happen to adore them.)

PS. They’ll be signing copies at the London Super ComicCon this weekend.  If you’re there, say hi.  And dress up as me.  Because technically I just became a recurring comic book character.

Life is weird.

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  1. That is totally awesome… CONGRATS!

    I won’t be there, but love the comic. And can relate. In my life I often feel like a comic book character… Or a less smart Big Bang Theory character… Or a Knots Landing character… Or Garfield… where’s that damn lasagna?

  2. Ziploc bags are awesome as walking cat-water-beds. I am sure this would work out exactly as planned.

    Can you design a diaper for old cats with pee-butt? (getting a little something left in their hair)

    Sorry for the double comment – I got a little too excited to be first.

    But seriously. The diaper thing. Ziplog bag tied with string? Self-washing? Too gross? I have the flu sorry, it melts my brain.

  3. Fantastic! I may pop by said Comicon.
    Also – jealous of said comic book immortalisation. I am inspired to make one of my own now.

  4. AWESOME. And yes, insomnia sucks. Sucks worse when every other floorboard in your old house creaks, plus the cats go nuts and meow, so you can’t actually do anything for fear of waking up the other person who IS sleeping mostly peacefully.

    The couch has become my buddy from 12am-3am.

  5. I’m experiencing insomnia for the first time in my life, and this made me laugh so much. I keep my knitting and angry birds (and melatonin) by my bedside for nights when I can’t sleep at all.

    This was a brilliant comic.

  6. Wow!! That is SO cool!! You’re a triple threat now…writer, comic book character…annnnnd…I dunno, it’ll come to me.

    In the mean time, way to go!!

  7. This is all just a clever ploy to get closer to Nathan Fillion, isn’t it? You know that boy loves him some ComiCon.

  8. I often read your posts to my dog and he gives me looks that say, “so help me god if you ever put bags on my feet” (because he knows I would!)

  9. So jealous. I now have to add “be a comic book character” to my bucket list and I don’t even have a bucket list. Another fun post! Thanks!

  10. hahah!! hilarious! i think the condoms on the cat’s feet did me in. haha! Best comic strip ever! thanks for sharing more of your fame 😉

  11. Wow, you’re a comic book heroine! I’m so jealous. Now I’m concerned that I spelled “heroine” wrong, and I’m a proofreader.
    Did your doc really rx roofies?? As a fellow insomniac, I’d love to know whether they worked. Like do you get REFRESHING sleep on the date rape drug? (Assuming you have NOT been assaulted, I mean.)
    Also, it’s probably just me but I don’t understand what the boar is doing to the papers in your hand.

    (It was actually Rozerem, but it felt pretty similar to me. And I’m grushing James Garfield’s teeth in that panel.~ Jenny)

  12. That is genius! I would totally read a Bloggess comic strip on a daily basis! I love the frame where you’re brushing James Garfield’s teeth.

  13. PLEASE actually send this comic to PETA with a serious email about whether they have any suggestions for making cat waterbeds. I want to read their crazytown response. Also, I hope you’re attaching the comic as exhibit A in support of your renewed application for a grant to fund cat mitten research.

  14. Isn’t it fitting that I sit reading this at 2:55am (local time)…
    Perhaps you may have truly stumbled on to the cure for BOREDOM during insomnia.
    Hmmmm…. ziplock bags – check. Water – check. Masking tape – check. Cat – um… uh…
    Perhaps I need to buy a cat to make water-bed-socks for.

    Seriously though – I love the strip. 🙂

  15. WOW what an awesome idea. All the best posts as a comic! I would buy it in a heartbeat. Congrats!

  16. LOL!! That is so amazing! Totally love Ferris Mewler’s foot covers ha ha ha. I totally wanna be a comic character but alas I’m not as colorful as the amazing Bloggess 😀

  17. Congratulations you are now a comic book hero, is there a t-shirt yet and when are they releasing the movie? Choose animated for your movie then you can be super skinny without having to loose any weight, also I suggest that your super hero outfit be your red dress as you look awesome in it.

  18. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have insomnia too, but usually I make clothes for psycho comic book people, so maybe we get together and we make you a super hero insomnia costume!

    Let’s see it needs a pillow helmet, a mattress for the cape, and rubber duckies all over the spandex unitard!

    Can you have a super power too? OH I KNOW SNORE STOPPER!!!! You shoot your evil ray beam eyes at snoring people and it makes them wake up and roll over!

  19. I really need to talk to my doctor. I’ve been sitting in the waiting room for an hour and all I’m getting is free wifi to read blogs about being prescribed roofies.

  20. I like how your friends’ minds work. Sounds interesting.
    And about the roofies…maybe Victor could try them. Because why does he keep waking up in the middle of the night to check on you? You’re obviously busy inventing important things.

  21. Wait. So roofies DON’T work?

    Thanks for the info – I can spend my money elsewhere.

    PS Congrats on your takeover of the media!

  22. Am I the only one who thought it was James Garfield doing the talking in that first panel? I feel like as awesome as this was, it would be that much more awesome if James Garfield had a speaking part.

  23. But insomnia is helping you solve major world issues, like the very real lack of kitty water beds. You deserve a Pulitzer.

  24. I used to have insomnia, then I became an alcoholic which meant I had to drink more so I could forget all the Dumbass things I did the last time I got drunk, which was keeping me awake even longer. I’m sober now, so I sleep with cats on the bed. Being a comic character would have been more entertaining. Congrats!

  25. I was so fixated on James Garfield that I didn’t even see Victor lying in the bed. My first reaction was “Wow, when did she have a voice box installed in James Garfield??? That’s Awesome!”. I was actually a little disappointed when I realized that Victor was there, because having that conversation with a dead boar would be totally in line with the insomnia issue!

  26. Love it! BTW, Amazon is sending me spam email to all my accounts telling me I need to buy some book called. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Ever heard of it? 🙂

  27. Do you wake up every morning knowing that you will make a lot of people happy and smiling during the day?
    Do you? You know, because if you don’t, you should.


    Elisa xxx

  28. That is totally awesome. But they need to draw you in curlers, like in your picture on here. That would be awesomeness at its finest!

  29. I’m stuck on the head hanging over the bed…is that a warthog? And are you really brushing its teeth?

    I wish I were as productive as you are when I’m having insomnia…I just stare at the ceiling or flip my pillow over incessantly.

  30. Have just realised that I have been totally wasting my awake in middle of night sessions by doing nothing apart from watching tv, reading and cruising the internet…..I need to get more into doing things….only pet we have here is a budgie….what can I be making for that????

  31. Poor Ferris Mewler; once again a victim of your medicated insomnia. That cat is a trooper! I hope Victor is keeping an eye on the rest of your menagerie. We don’t want anything to happen to Juanita, Martin van Buren, Beyonce, etc. now do we?

  32. Wow, okay, they are insanely talented. And I must say, they captured you so well (and I mean that in the most awesome way possible).

    I hope they have mad success with their comic. I’m a firm believer that people with talent like that should be recognized!

  33. That’s fantastic…you’re probably the most kick-ass based-on-a-real-person comic book character in the history of EVER. I think you’ve transcended time and space. I kind of want to cower in your cardboard TARDIS and drink wine slushies now.

  34. This is all kinds of awesome! And now, people with be dressing up like you – and like Victor – and like JAMES GARFIELD at those comic conventions! It’s going to be EPIC! I can’t wait until Juanita weasels her way into the comic book….

  35. Best part: ziploc booties on the cats!

    My meds (for totally different reasons) leave me with vivid dreams in which I am best friends with people I’d like to have shot.

  36. I love this so hard. Please tell me they’re going to make one about the time you wore the taxidermied wolf. Whenever I’m having a shitty day, I read that post and it takes me to my feel good place.

    But not in a pervy “I dig feral chicks” way.

  37. To make your geekdom even more complete, all you have to do now is to become a recurring character on the Big Bang Theory. Maybe you could be hanging out with the Evil Wil Wheaton. That would be awesome.

  38. Awesome! I love it! In related news, I read this while my son was using me as a human trampoline. How many extra points do I get?

  39. I was having a horrible day and then came and saw this and actually laughed. Thank you!

    Also, condoms on the cat feet, very nice touch. I originally thought they were ziploc bags but then saw the “tips” on them and figured out they were condoms.

    Brushing James Garfield’s teeth is awesome, too. Wouldn’t want to have to deal with THAT morning breath!

  40. I tried to explain to James who you are and why I adore you and when I got to the part about the taxidermied animals he said “you lost me there” I didn’t need the backstory on the boar’s head I just accepted it as part of who you are. Of course now that I know the backstory it makes me adore you even more!

  41. Thes best part about dressing up as you is that there are so many classic costumes to decide from. I may go with red dress, with the wolf as a shawl. *hehehehe*

  42. I love that Victor is already in bed when you get home from the psychiatrist. Like you had some kind of “after hours” extreme-psychiatry appointment or something.

  43. I freakin love this idea! That’s exactly what the world needs. . . cat waterbeds and a comic book with you as the main character! Love love LOOOOOVE ut, darlin’!

  44. I actually thought the irrepressible James mounted-boar’s-head Garfield was speaking to you – and that didn’t strike me as weird AT ALL – until the fourth frame when it was obviously Victor. Is it wrong to feel ever so slightly disappointed? I should read subtitles more often.

  45. I used to think that I had basic insomnia, turns out I have something called Non-24 (Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – Free Running Type in medical speak). As soon as I stopped trying to sleep on a 24 hour schedule and just waited until I was actually sleepy to go to bed, I was fine. Slept like a baby for eight or nine hours and woke bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, my interaction with the rest of the 24-hour centric world became much more complicated.

  46. If I were going to dress up as a comic book character it would totally be as you, mostly because I don’t know what else to do with these giant curlers I have but also, sorry, because I don’t know any other comic book characters.

  47. I love all of it, but mostly the part where you are: 1) Wearing hair rollers to the doctor and 2) Brushing James Garfield’s teeth.

  48. So… you wear those curlers to bed? Like some woman out of the 50s? Or is that just in comic books?

    Either way, I predict that this is something your daughter will one day think is very cool. (And it’s hard to impress daughters.)

    You’ll hear her telling her friends, “My mommy was once a comic book character….”

  49. Oh, hell. I can’t think today. Also meant to mention, I’m on another blog where we’re all trying earnestly to be better in some way and someone started vowing to be in bed by midnight every day this week, and a bunch of us rashly promised to also try to do that.
    (Yeah, right.)
    Who came up with the idea that we should all sleep at the same time? That there’s a normal time to sleep and a normal time to be awake?
    I don’t like that rule.

  50. I want to be a comic book…well okay I don’t want to BE a comic book. I just saw that I wrote that wrong but it looks so funny that I’ll keep it. I would like to be IN a comic book. I think I would be a cool superhero/character. I’m a baker so I’m sure someone would find something funny to use.

    But I love how Ferris Mewler *sorry if I spelt it wrong. I’m not so good with the spelling, just the baking* has cute boots on. 😀

  51. Ordered both books because, really how could I not when they feature you? In other news Clint has been really nice as somehow I managed to order 2 copies of the first comic instead of one of each – not only is the problem fixed but I wasn’t made to feel like a bimbo for screwing up a simple order and not noticing before I hit pay! So yeah – awesome sauce. Drinking on top of cold meds probably isn’t a good idea, is it?

  52. Pow! Kee–owh! (I feel there should be martial arts in there somewhere.)
    Also, seeing that makes me really, really want James Garfield. He’s just so full of awesome. I have a crush. Is it weird to have a crush on a technically dead animal? Sigh.

    Also-also, in honour of all things comic-ally awesome, I have to post this. For me, Bones = Doctor Who, if that makes sense, I’m you know, slightly a fan, and this is cuuuute.

    To infinity and beyond! (To…. bloggetty and beyond perhaps? You should also have a catchphrase. Unless you count the blog header. hmmm.)

  53. I suffered insomia my entire adult life, like 30 years. I’d tried everything. Then my newest primary care physician prescribed Tazanidine and Mirtazipine and I take one of each every night. I call them the dynamic duo and they’ve been my heroes for the past 2 years. I sleep so well I actually dream now. They’re the love affair I wish I’d started 30 years ago. For reals.

  54. Is it still called “date rape” if you’re married?

    And does this mean you can sedate Victor whenever he gets annoying?

    Dang, you ARE a comic book character with the mad superpower of Sedating Annoying People at Will.

  55. Oh, I am so very envious! I’ve always wanted to be a recurring comic book character. You know, something classy and clever and ….and….thin! I know! Stick Figure Woman! Think they’d go for that?

  56. Am I crazy (that’s rhetorical )? I thought the cat waterbed incident actually happened. Regardless, it’s a way cool comic.

    (It did happen. They just took the incident and made it into a comic book later. Although, my cats didn’t have condoms on their feet. That would have been smart though. ~ Jenny)

  57. You should just paint the entire outside of your house like that. Then, whenever you get sad, you could just go lay on your lawn and stare…

  58. You know what’s funny about this is that people who didn’t know you would see this and think that it’s completely brilliant material and probably wonder how they even came up with it. But it’s actually just your real life. 🙂

  59. OMG I saw the panel and thought the PIG was talking to you… nothing weird about that; and then I couldn’t figure out why Victor was all of sudden there talking…

  60. Off topic, but…

    While at the gym tonight, Castle came on one of the tv’s, and they were in a car slowly filling with water, and it literally took everything I had not to yell out, “if you had just held the fucking twine, this wouldn’t be happening. You brought this on yourself, you know.”

  61. I’d forgotten your post that their comic is based on. One of the first ones I can remember by you that had me stifling literal real-life laughter. Congrats on being a comic character! I hope you get many awkward fanfictions and cosplays dedicated to you.

  62. I considered it one of my finest moments as a teacher when a student made several very odd comic strips of me. Congratulations–you inspire greatness.

  63. That is awesome! Everyone should get the chance to be a comic book character.

    This is also why I have insomnia. I click on link after link when I should have long ago turned the laptop off.

    I think I’ll humour myself and try to fall asleep now.

  64. Is it weird that I’m secretly obsessed with you and read your blog practically all day? I’m dead serious when I say that. You’re amazing. Seriously. If it freaks you out…whoops

  65. Insomnia is how magic happens. And by magic I mean arranging things in the fridge according to weight (on Thursday nights I arrange by content color!)

  66. Awesomesauce. I have some pretty crippling insomnia myself, but I have a doctor that is anti-drug. Which is odd. And therefore I’m jealous of your roofies. Which is even more odd.

  67. You. Are. A comic book character. I must admit to feeling a tad jealous. Hell, let’s be honest, a lot jealous. I can only Simpsonize myself. Again.

  68. Very funny comic strip! 😀 Through that strip, you can easily understand why Insomnia is not god not only on yourself alone but also to others. Thanks for sharing!

  69. OH CRAP … I’m laughing so hard right now I just woke up the entire house. Now everyone is pissed because it’s 3:45AM and I’m laughing my arse off in the other room. They now want to know why. I think I just spit D. Coke on the keyboard, AGAIN!

  70. I just found your blog (no idea how, tangled web weaving + insomnia = addled memory) while battling a bad case of insomnia!

    I love that you’ve come home from your appointment so late (mine always try to get me in so damn early) and that you wore curlers and jammies to your appointment. The kitty’s expression was priceless too. I’m also totally jealous — I was fictionalized by 2 authors but would trade that for being a comic book character in a flash! I’m off to read more as you’ve managed to make me laugh by just reading your most recent post, great job!

  71. LOVE the comic!! I’m jealous. Not in an I hate you kind of way, but in an I wish I was as awesome as you are. Kind of way! 😀

  72. Wow. From what I’ve read, they got your characters pretty well!
    …but why are you just on the back cover? Where’s your own comic-book series?

  73. Totally awesome comic strip… also oddly familiar. I believe my husband and I had this conversation yesterday, outside of the dentist’s office. But it was about Ambien. And date rape. Now I know people are spying on me…

  74. Wait, do you actually brush James Garfield’s teeth every night before going to bed? Because really, I would think a brushing a year would do it. It’s not like he gnawing on things when you aren’t around. … Or is he?

    The end.

  75. Those suxorz people are smoking crack. How could they possibly think that you were in any way at fault. Way to blame the victim for standing up for herself, suxorz.

  76. That is SO AWESOME!

    And do you wear PJ’s to your dr appts all the time? I think that would so great to wear PJ’s to the dr…. and to say, work….. I mean really why not? HR people hate me….

  77. Your humor is expressed perfectly in comic form!!! Actually, it would be best in first-hand form, but since I don’t live with you, comic form will do. Wait, I just had an idea. What about a sitcom?

  78. I always wondered what to do with all that extra time insomnia provides, and now I know…

    Also, does it get uncomfortable wearing your hair in rollers all the time? Maybe you should put James Garfield’s hair in rollers – just to mix it up a little. I think he’d like that.

  79. Very cute. You are funny in real life AND in comic strip form. That’s a talent!

  80. I’m pretty sure I would have looked a lot less happy if I were the one plotting Victor’s demise. Congrats on signing all of those! I’m sorry – I love you to pieces, but I am a poor graduate student, so as much as I want to buy a hardcover and as hard as I’m going to try to steal your book from the library, I might have to wait for a paperback. Nobody tell me anything about this book until I get to read it! 🙂 Or I will plot your demise.

  81. Actually Garfield is now a recurring character as well… and he looks so natural just hanging out in the background… I bey Juanita is feeling pretty neglected. Sure hope they get her in on the next one!
    So I guess this makes you a super hero because we all know they only write comic books about super hero’s, right?

  82. I LOVE that you were wearing curlers and pajamas to your appointment. The little baggies on the cat’s feet were hysterical too! Hats off to Clint and Luke!!

  83. That may be the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a while. I know this feeling all too well. I started taking Ambien and my then boyfriend caught me getting my keys out of my purse so I could go buy paint at Walmart in my pajamas. The first night I took it, I saw Humphrey Bogart sitting at a tiki bar in my bedroom, then the paint thing happened, and then right after that, I apparently washed my hair while being chased by Russian spies. Ah, drugs.

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