And then this piece of fried gold happened because I’m the luckiest person ever

Remember last month when I was in Hollywood for some reason?  Well, this was the reason.  It’s a special gift just for you.

A few weeks ago I shared the book trailer that Penguin came up with for me.  This week I’m sharing the book trailer I came up with for you guys.  It’s insane and I can’t stop giggling at it.

Also, I want to lick every single person in this video because they are all terrific sports and are more awesome than enchiladas.

Here’s the link if you can’t see it.

PS.  You can order the book and check out tour dates by clicking here.  Thanks so much to every single one of you for being so supportive and amazing over the last ten years of writing this book.  I can’t believe it comes out in just a couple of weeks.  Insane.

PPS.  A special thank you to Soleil, Mary Lynn, Amanda, Neil, Felicia, Jeri, Bigfoot and Wil.  You are the stuff that dreams are made of.

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  1. And this is why I am stocking up on taxidermy, peanuts, coke and telling all my friends “DO NOT CONTACT” as soon as i get this book

  2. This was absolute GOLD. If I hadn’t already pre-ordered my Kindle copy, I would SO TOTALLY pre-order one now.

    P.S. Your shoe is untied.

  3. So can’t wait for your book to come out. Also, you should have totally been a guest on an episode of “Star Trek”.


  4. Seriously funnier than the Bible. I’m definitely going to read it now. YOU. Are. Awesome. We all know how much it killed you to do this, and you are SO amazing (and I’m not being funny here). Thank you for the hope you bring to all of us misfits. We love you!

  5. This may well be the most awesome thing. Ever! Can’t wait till I get the book in my hands!

  6. Oh my god that was hilarious! You totally made my day.

    Also, this was the first time I’ve even seen a post here with 0 comments. I thought I’d take a screenshot and then I didn’t because it sounded kind of stalkerish.

    Also also, I will totally buy your book just as soon as I have a job again. Possibly before that if I can talk my husband into eating nothing but spaghettios and ramen for a week or two.

  7. I feel completely blasphemous laughing my ass off. Will Wheaton collating papers LIVE!!!! Best. book. promo. EVER. You really kicked the Gideons’ asses. Now, you’re funnier than the Bible and a better peddler than theirs.

  8. Love this so much. I will now be alternating this video with my Happy Dogs video whenever I need a smile.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of the book!

  9. This video is funnier than the bible. Actually, they should hire you to make a video for the bible. Although maybe that wouldn’t help.

  10. We have got to get you on Big Bang- Come on Wil Wheaton, set the collating down for a minute and help a sister out!!!

  11. What fun! I can hardly wait, only I will have to because it isn’t out yet and I have failed to be worthy of an advanced copy, but some day, when it is at my library, I will totally read it.

  12. Wow! I am so happy for you! I can’t wait to read it!
    When you come to England, you can hide in my bathroom.

  13. I was about to comment on the awesomeness of this video. But then I got distracted by the owl lantern behing Neil Gaiman, and am now trying to figure out his connection to Bryn Mawr. Awesomeness magnified to mind-blowing proportions.

  14. REALLY, REALLY cannot wait a single moment longer for your book! I pre-ordered it last year and trying sooooo hard to wait until April 17th (when Amazon swears on the lives of small furry kittens that it will be here)…I may or may not be contemplating taking sick leave I don’t have to wait on my own porch for the package to get here.

  15. Hilarious! I seriously love Wil Wheaton…. I can’t wait to read the book… I pre-ordered it & it can’t come fast enough!

  16. You are too funny Jenny. I totally intend to buy your book. By the way, I got hooked on Wil’s online activities through you and think that he’s an awesome guy. Thanks for the introduction.

  17. That is the bestest book trailer EVER.

    I think I like Amanda Palmer’s sceptical eyebrow raising best, although Wil Wheaton collating paper is also a real high point.

  18. Never laughed so hard out loud. A.k.a. NLSHOL. My nerd pants are so happy right now.

  19. OMG, I love it! Wil Wheaton is GOLD. I wish there was more Jeri Ryan, though. More Jeri makes everything better. Now I’m going to watch it seven or eight more times till I can memorize the whole thing. (Seven of nine times??)

  20. Thank you for that laugh!!!! I adore you with all my heart!! I am telling all my friends to,buy the book. I KNOW it will be funnier than the Bible!!!

  21. Jenny, I am SO happy for you. You deserve all the success that is coming your way. I can’t wait to read your book!

  22. This makes me so furiously happy I can’t see straight. When are you coming to Minnesota? If you come to Minnesota, I will take you grocery shopping. Because we have some pretty good grocery stores here, ya know.

  23. I feel like April Fool’s is opposite day for you. Now you’re going to tell us you went to a flea market and didn’t buy any stuffed dead animals.


  24. Bahahahahhahahaha!!! I’m going to watch that every time I need to burst into laughter. Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy and book plate!!! I wish you were going to tour in Philly!

  25. I.LOVE.YOU. That is all. (Except, I wouldn’t stand too close to you if I ever actually met you, you know, ‘cuz of the whole being struck down by lightning by a God who didn’t think that was funny AT ALL.) But, hey, there’s always trade-offs.

  26. Hi, I’m Jenny Lawson. And I just wanted to say that I am an inspiring woman who has come so far, despite having an incredibly difficult, and yet hilarious, life. I am beyond amazing, so amazing that all of my heroes agreed to star in a book trailer for me.

    So go me. I’m fucking awesome.

  27. Can.Not.WAIT to receive my digital copy! And if you were including Nashville on the book tour (hint, hint) I’d be happy to buy a 2nd copy to get signed! Drat! I may just have to come stalk ya somewhere… 🙂

  28. Way better than all the Twilight/Hunger Games trailers COMBINED. If I have one criticism it would be maybe Wil Wheaton try to kill you at the end? Still, pretty good.

  29. Hi, I’m Jenny Lawson. And I just wanted to say that I am an inspiring woman who has come so far, despite having an incredibly difficult, and yet hilarious, life. I am beyond amazing, so amazing that all of my heroes agreed to star in a book trailer for me.

    So go me. I’m fucking awesome.

    P.S. I also forgive commenters who, while trying to post something funny, post it on the wrong blog entry. And then post another comment asking me to delete the previous one. And then post it on the right entry, but have a typo in my name. And then get it right, fucking finally.

  30. Hi,
    The April 2012 issue of Marie Claire magazine has a book review of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ” on page 187. That’s April , Marie Claire, page 187…if you just want to hunt down the review and not buy the magazine !
    There is a small colored photo of the cover too. I was thrilled to see it.

  31. Just got the girls from book club to select “Let’s Pretend…” as our May read! That’s another 9 copies sold! (I, of course, pre-ordered on Amazon AGES ago.). Can’t wait!

  32. Oh my God! My sides hurt from laughing. I can’t wait to read your book! I think you might be my hero.

  33. Just to let your publishers know, people can only see that video by directly linking, it’s not publicly viewable on Youtube. I shall be linking it everywhere I can 😀

  34. I think “I’m like Dumbo without his feather” should now be Wil’s tagline on Twitter.

  35. So, I loved this. Laughing so hard I was crying. Especially at Wil. This video was so funny, I want to share it on FB to all my friends, but at the same time, I’m so embarrassed because there are people from my church on my fb….OMG, too funny. ? you Jenny!


  36. OMG! What a great thing to wake up to! I LOVE Neil! It makes me forgive Will for being such a db on Big Bang Theory! lol I can’t wait til I get to read your book!

  37. And the Academy goes to…………………The Gorilla! He sold that shit.

  38. That is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life and I’m pretty sure it’s why the Internet was invented.

  39. OMFG!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! That was amazing…. uhhhh not more amazing than an enchilada… but seriously better than the bible…. Thats how it ranks…. Enchiladas… The trailer for “lets pretend this never happened”…Nachos… Tacos (My moral compass is forcing me to be honest here)…. The Bible… no no wait… Colicky baby then the bible! whew!

  40. I am Holly Waterfall and I think that was great! I think we should all send feathers to Wil Wheaton now. Jenny, for all the math lovers out there you could go on Big Bang and calculate the actual funniness of your book with Sheldon. You could say something like, “It is 2/3 less serious than the Bible, 1 million times funnier than toothpaste Oreos, and not at all as scary as birds”. Then Sheldon could be all seriously writing down coefficients of funny and birds on his whiteboard. Leonard could come in and ask what was going on and of course not understand when you both explained it. After that, the girls could come in and ask if you wanted to go shopping for taxidermied animals and you would of course say yes. Sheldon could ask to come along and Leonard would just shake his head at all of you. I think Victor and Leonard could be good friends.

  41. Oh my sweet leaping Jesus, you got AMANDA FUCKING PALMER in your video. You are the goddess of all that is awesome. And so is she. You can be goddesses of awesome TOGETHER.

  42. Incredible! I have tears in my eyes because of the amazing people in this world. The people who contributed are some of my most favorite people. I’m so glad to see them support you in this. Can’t wait to get my copy. Kisses!

  43. That is AH-MAH-zing! You two are my favorite combo in the world! Seriously, I see internet domination in the near future!

  44. In my fantasies, Wil and Jenny come to my house for dinner, but I wear a diaper because, let’s face it, I’ve had three babies and my nether regions just could never hold up to the kind of pressure that that much laughter would produce.

    But I’ll happily settle for this video and the upcoming book.

    Unless Wil and Jenny come to Albuquerque for some reason, in which case they should totally call me. I’ll make waffles.

  45. Oh my lanta!! That was awesome!! When I go to your book tour stop in San Francisco, will you sign my stolen bible, too??

  46. Can’t wait till it comes out in the UK!

    You rock! (And so do all the lovely poeple that you’ve blackmailed into doing this video with you… )

  47. Congratulations. Fantastic video. And only you are the best Jenny Lawson out there.

  48. That is so fucking magical it made me squee like a mother fucking cheerleader! Awesome sauce Jenny. Now I’m even more pissed that the book isn’t out in England for MONTHS. I pre-ordered it but it’ll be summer before I get to read it. So no spoilers before then. Neil AND Wil…I’d be jealous except the idea of them knowing who I am brings me out in a cold sweat.

  49. Wow! That was several different kinds of win all at once. I kind of hate you a little for getting to hang out with Wil Wheaton. But not enough to cancel my order for your book. I was kind of on the fence about it, but now that I know it is funnier than the Bible, I’m totally stoked.

  50. You are SO gonna to burn in hell!
    I’ll save you a smooth rock in one of the cooler areas if you bring tacos and an autographed copy of LPTNH.

  51. Awesome trailer! Between the camera and Wil Wheaton, I would have had the shakes if I’d been in your shoes!

  52. perfection! What a great group of friends you have!!!!!

    Is the book here yet? ::taps toes::

  53. That was ….AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda Fucking Palmer!!!!!!!!!! I lover her and I love you!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely hilarious! You made my day!

  54. Lucky!!!!
    I can’t think of anything intelligent to say.
    Okay: Congratulations,
    because you wrote a book
    and it’s published
    and because
    Amanda and Neil appeared in a video, for you, as you…
    (Resisting urge to beg you to mention my seven year old’s lemonade stand… you’re famous, you have influence, you could bring the thirsty masses to her sale. Okay. Sorry about that.)

  55. All Jenny Lawsons=Awesome 🙂

    Congrats on the book! Looking forward to reading it

  56. Funnier Than the Bible? Nay, I say, I will need that proven to me. just because the Wesley Crushers says it is so?


  57. A conspiracy going back over two millennium has recently been uncovered. Documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Coptic show a pattern among Early Christian Bishop and Rabbinical councils to independently redact humous sections of the what is known as the New and Old Testaments. The documents were discovered after and extensive search of Vatican, Orthodox, Coptic and early Synagogues records. It was believed by the early church authorities that a more serious tone was required and that “the funny stuff” was a distraction. One early Bishop’s letter complains that urine odor after the preaching of these passages was just overwhelming the following week.

    Preliminary reviews of these documents by Biblical scholars state that the humor is wide-ranging and translates remarkable well, even the ancient puns. “It is as if it were divinely inspired!” one translator was overheard saying. Another scholar confidentially said she understood why so much had been hidden. There are these stories of Jesus as a practical joker. He appears to be particularly fond of raising-the-dead during a funeral service and seeing the histrionic reactions of the relatives.

    It has been agreed on that all work shall remain unpublished until the full codex can be revealed. Even so the sniping has already begun. One Vatican Bishop has been reported to say that “the Jews has been secretly using this material for centuries and that accounts for the phenomenal success rate as comedians.” The only item that the scholars agree on is that ones this material is published, the Bible will be the funniest book ever!

  58. If anyone needs me, I’ll be camped at A Real Bookstore until Jenny gets here. I’ll have my laptop so I can watch this book trailer over and over. They have an awesome cafe there, so I’ll be fine for food/beverages. I hope they won’t mind my tent. Do you suppose I can get them to install a shower? Maybe a bathtub… I like to read in the tub so a bathtub would be an excellent dual purpose investment for the bookstore…

    Only 25 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes and 10 seconds (if, you know, I was counting…)

  59. I’ve already placed my pre-order…for two copies. My last Bloggess book purchase was The Beauty of Different which I loved, loaned out…and didn’t get back for 6 bloody months. So now? I buy two. One to cuddle with and one to share.

  60. Watched this the first time through at work, so I had to have the sound turned off. Used the Closed Caption function on YouTube to try to follow along. After Neil Gaiman apparently said “mining genitals” it all became very surreal…you should try it!

  61. AIGH! He’s not collating paper! He is doing the exact opposite of collating!!!

  62. Amanda Palmer is so cute in this video, I am so in love with her. Jenny you have the most awesome people vouching for your awesomeness. I can’t wait for my pre-ordered kindle version to download!

  63. Let us pray.

    Our Bloggess, who art in Texas, Awesome be thy name!
    Thy book is done….nice one, Lawson! Were the bookplates, too, collated by Wheaton?
    Cannot wait for the day your book is sent…
    Please forgive us our restlessness, as we forgive those who are clueless and don’t get this.
    And let us not fret o’er Saint Fillion
    For twine is his kryptonite and his ego is legendary.
    Broderick gets it. Nate doesn’t.

  64. Best way to head off to brunch ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to read your book!
    Awesome just like you!

  65. If I hadn’t already ordered a copy, this would convince me! Pure awesomosity.

  66. The Penguin trailer was wicked, but this is sublime! Kudos to all the wonderful people who participated. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  67. I love it! I love it so much I bookmarked it so I can watch it over and over! Congratulations Jenny – I’m so happy for you!

  68. When you said funnier than the Bible, I wasn’t really that amused. But when you followed it with “Swear to God”, I friggin’ died. Seriously. I’m a dead girl typing right now. (Please don’t stuff me like Juanita. Thank you)…

  69. Ha! I watched this right after preparing a tax return where there was the sale of a stock called “Silver Wheaton.” What you’ve got in your video is a Ssolid Gold Wheaton!

  70. This trailer is almost as funny as the book!
    (I acquired an Advance Reader Copy and couldn’t put it down!)
    Your book is awesome, your book trailer is awesome, and you are awesome!

  71. If you turn on the YouTube CC and have it transcribe the audio, you get some interesting word-order-things. It’s like it’s taking the English, translating it into Japanese, then Russian, then Kiswahili, then Spanish, then Chinese, and then back into English. It sort of almost makes sense. Sometimes. Here’s a transcript of what it squirted out at me (YMMV) — amazingly, it actually got a couple of them right:

    Amanda Palmer:
    my name’s czemy lawson
    Neil Gaiman:
    notepad sleep
    mining his genitals
    really is really actually over the whole book brought my life
    as a poverty-stricken mentally unbalanced phil
    by my father any taxes on this
    poverty-stricken denver sleep alone
    Felicia Day:
    at remains critical close
    based on the cover can’t
    simply click least can be committee will these wanted security here
    Jeri Ryan:
    here at spouse and catholics and harm
    Wil Wheaton:
    just copy-cat leaning
    managing lawson
    and on written incredibly
    tragedy losses
    foggiest work
    Jenny Lawson:
    since i don’t know
    Wil Wheaton:
    angie was in
    under the book
    do you no i was not supposed to be determined what you’re supposed to meet
    you off
    Jenny Lawson:
    and hang in there
    and send a message can diagnose someone should its online artisans here
    plans and and and and cannot
    Wil Wheaton:
    the scissors interested since
    okay arent
    on jenny wants
    i’ve written a book
    that’s funnier
    loved one
    actually i don’t believe it
    and religion he wants
    Jenny Lawson:
    how do you think the things
    you have
    Wil Wheaton:
    Jenny Lawson:
    managed care
    you stand on
    he she demands you honey
    here you see prints
    its time

  72. I’m currently driving through Nebraska on my way to South Dakota from Colorado. Well, I’M not driving. The in-laws are. I’m entertaining the toddler. The Internet is a total crap shoot and I had to watch the trailer in 3-10 second intervals. Totally. Worth. It.

    I love you. I love the people in your video (and the gorilla). I am full of love. Thanks for making a video that could make me so over the top happy!

    And seriously, I’m sooooo ready for my preordered copy to be delivered!!!

  73. I suddenly now have a huge crush on Wil Wheaton. I can’t wait for my book to come. Not only because I already know it’ll be funnier than the Bible, but because Wil Wheaton is hocking it on your behalf. And collating blank sheets of paper. At the same time. And all of those things are awesome.

  74. It’s true, your book is funnier than the Bible. Of course the Bible isn’t very funny at all, but your book is pure awesomeness.

    I once tried to write a book funnier than the Bible. I wrote six words then feared a lightning strike.

  75. My pea sized brain keeps forgetting that I’ve already pre-ordered the book. Thank God that Amazon remembers for me each time I try to order it again!

  76. Jenny,

    My birthday is coming up. I KNOW my friend is ordering me a copy of the book for the big day, but I’d really like your autograph. Or to have dinner and drinks with you. You’re my hero, and I have all my hero’s autographs or I have dinner and drinks with them. It’s a known fact. You’d like to make my dreams come true, too, I just know it.

    Back to sniffing the PineSol now.

  77. I want to be BFFs with everybody in your trailer. I want them to come life in my house and we can hangout, drink wine, and make fun of the horrible people on Survivor this season because we would be BFFs and that would be awesome.

  78. The publisher’s book trailer didn’t make me want to buy your book… YOUR book trailer made me feel like I have to have it RIGHT NOW.

  79. Will you still be friends with all us little people now that you’ve rubbed elbows with the chosen ones in Hollywood? Hope so! Congratulations!

  80. That might be basically the most amazing thing ever. If anyone ISN’T convinced that they should read your book, they really don’t deserve to.

  81. The awesomeness of that epic video has rubbed off on all involved, including the viewers. I could feel myself become a good 12% more awesome just through watching. (I’m going to watch it again to see if I can make myself a quarter more awesome–as the second watching will give me at least another percentage in addition to the watching awesomeness percentage).

    You of course, are the platonic ideal of awesome.

  82. Damn it Jenny you made me laugh out loud when I was hiding from DH & The Boy who are outside doing home/yard maintenance, that for some reason that think I should be helping with.

    Can not wait for my copy.

    Congratulations on writing a book that is way, way funnier than the bible.


  83. OMG, OMG, OMG – The whole thing is awesome, but NEIL GAIMAN! Holy crap.

    And, definitely, congratulations on writing a book that is funnier than the bible.

  84. I think the best thing about this video besides the epicness of Wil and 7 of 9 is that it has pissed of Alec Baldwin.

  85. Shit, you are so funny, Jenny. Having social anxiety myself I always admire those who can make fun of any mental disorder. That’s half the battle, right? If you can own something, it has less power over you.
    P.S. Please leave Victor for me.

  86. That is the awesomest book trailer in the history of book trailers. “Awesomest” is SO a word. So there.

  87. I got a copy of your book for my Kindle and for you to autograph when you make your way to Seattle on your book tour and I am hardly bothered by the fact that I may be going to hell because I find you funny as hell.

  88. I am absolutely, positively more in love with you than I ever have been with anything or anyone I have ever encountered.

    I love you more than my husband.

    I love you more than my brain medicine.


    Marry me.

    That’s all I needed to say.

  89. Adorable. WilW is so high on the “cool” list, I just through the rest of the list away. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book! *flails around on the floor

  90. Well, it’s an effective ad! My 8 year old wants to read the book now!

  91. This is SO MUCH BETTER than your publishers’ version, and your publishers’ version was already *really good*.

  92. I can’t wait for your book to show up in my mailbox!!! I’m super excited. Also, super jelly that you’re friends with WilW, he was my first tv-star-crush… It’s cool, my husband knows.

    Also, my husband likes Victor, and I think kinda identifies with him. LOL.

  93. OK girlie. I’ve read the bible, and it’s freakin’ hilarious! If your book is funnier, it just might qualify as a secret weapon, a la Monte Python. I’m going to make sure that my will is up to date before I even open your book!

  94. That was awesome!! But I think Wil was un-collating paper… Like, putting them back in their individual piles?

    The Bible is definitely scary, tho. Glad your book is funnier!

  95. so awesome, you and your friends are very funny.. 🙂 I was wondering about the origins of the taxidermy

  96. only YOU, Jenny, could command a powerful cast like this rounded up for your book trailer. LOVE IT!!! can’t wait to compare and contrast your book with the bible….. 🙂

  97. Trying not to laugh out lou in a coffee shop. Too freaking hilarious:D

  98. Jennifer, oh Jenny!

    Nothing but pure happiness and joy for you!

    1) cannot wait for my autographed book & book plate to arrive (still don’t know what a book plate is)
    2) cannot wait to LICK you on April 19 in los angeles (i won’t really lick you)

    I’ll be the petite lady with dark curly hair and a big-ass smile trying REALLY hard to look normal, but acting totally socially awkward and weird.

    Thank you for inviting us along on for the ride!

    Simone of Simone Says (whoever the fuck that is)

  99. I love you so much – in a totally non-stalker way, I swear!

    I love Wil and Jeri Ryan too. Seven of Nine, indeed! Oh, and Felicia!

    Please come to Ohio. I will find you a bathroom, somewhere (mine’s really small) to sign books in.

  100. This trailer is full of win!!! There are so many awesome people in one video that it may cause the internet to explode.

  101. Thanks for the smile. And here’s one back 🙂

    PS. The bible is only funny if you read it backwards. Or while drinking wine. But not both. That just makes it confusing.

  102. Come to New Orleans on your book tour! We’re not so far away, and we would love to have you here! I’m sure you would get quite an audience.

  103. I now have an incredible desire to replace all the bibles in the rooms at the hotel where I work with copies of your book! It would amuse the holy hell out of me and push that sucker up on the best seller list! WIN-WIN!

    I’m going to hell for that, aren’t I?

  104. That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Wil Wheaton is god.
    Rock on.

  105. Jenny et al, the trailer was A-mazing! I’m nearly finished with my advance copy of the book and I’m trying to read the last of it slowly, because then it’ll be over and I’ll be really sad. Since you said you were saving stories for book two, may I inquire as to when that second volume will appear? Too soon?

  106. “seven of nine”??? *snort* Jeri Ryan is my new hero. Next to you, Wil, Neil, etc……
    You are coming to D.C. right???

  107. I am totally in love with you now, well all 5 or 6 of you. I know I am in love with all my personalities too and love that you have embraced all of yours!

  108. Completely verklempt at the awesome that video contained. I may never recover. Or at least not until I have that book in my grubby hands. Which are really grubby. Wow, I better do something about that tout de suite.

  109. That was just pure awesome. So looking forward to reading the book and since I work in a bookstore, I’ve got a nice display spot already picked out for it. 😉

  110. This was the best thing I saw today 🙂 Thanks! (And thanks to everyone who helped you…that was just incredible.)

    PS Don’t let the haters get you down.

  111. “Steal a copy of the Bible”! True story. It’s the most stolen book in American bookstores. Who would Jesus shoplift? Jenny Lawson, probably.

  112. I want to buy your book, but I have a question. I have a Kindle and I want to know if I’ll miss anything from getting a Kindle edition instead of a hard copy.

  113. Seriously, how cool would it be if they replaced all of the bibles in churches with copies of your book??
    And if they replaced all of the wine with Vodka?
    And all of the pictures of the big VMary showed her wearing a fluffy red ball gown?
    And all the statues of baby Jesus were made of chocolate…
    Seriously, I can’t wait until your book arrives to my house. A giant congrats to you 🙂

  114. So you realize you are now more famous, tolerated and well liked than John Lennon right? Because when he made a “religious reference” he got crucified. So congrats to Jenny Lawson. The bitch can get away with anything lol
    RESPECT yo

  115. This video is nothing short of hilarious. Seriously funny stuff. Can’t wait for your book!

    I will admit, though, I am puzzled by all of this pearl-clutching about the Bible joke. Are these people losing their shit every time South Park airs an episode? Maybe they are and I’m just not paying attention. Are they freaking out about Felicia Day being held at knife point? Maybe they’re doing that, too, and I just haven’t seen it. But I would assume that anyone who enjoys reading your blog would be supportive of your irreverent, bombastic sort of humor. Actually, I would assume that anyone who enjoys your blog would be sufficiently fluent in sarcasm, but, once again, maybe I’m missing all of it. Maybe this is a super-serious website. Maybe it’s me who’s missing the point. Maybe I *should* go steal a bible. And then I can steal a research monkey. And then I’ll get a squirrel cover for my smartphone. OH MY GOD I SHOULD START LIVING MY LIFE LITERALLY ACCORDING TO THE BLOGGESS AND THEN WRITE MY OWN WEBSITE ABOUT IT.

  116. Yup, gotta read it. I’ve been a silent follower of yours for a while now, but now that I’ve broken my silence, let me just say…you post some funny shit.
    All of which is funnier than the Bible.

  117. Come to Denver, please? Pretty please? Also, wondering if the book is funnir than the Book of Mormon? Have lots of LDS friends who could, um, use a laugh or two. 🙂

  118. Heck, the trailer ALONE is more fun than the Bible! The book is going to rock like the rock of ages! I can’t wait for my copy to get here!

  119. I am Jenny Lawson. And I approved this trailer. And I wrote an awesome book, too. That you must buy. Now.

  120. Awesome possum! I’m crying from laughing! I can’t wait for my copy of the book to get here! xoxoxoxoxo

  121. OMG I LOVE YOU!

    And Wil Wheaton? He’s fabulous.

    You’re like a major celebrity, Jenny! Look at all the endorsements you got in that video. Well, except for the one where the woman was being held at knife point. The only thing that would make it better is if you could have gotten Matthew Broderick to say “I’m Jenny Lawson” and his wife SJP was in the background…

  122. Ha! See, unlike the Bible, I would actually read your book. Then again, I’m Jewish, so most of the Bible doesn’t apply to me anyway.

  123. This is chicken fried gold, as a matter of fact, with cream gravy. Priceless!

  124. if that doesn’t move books, i don’t know what will. truly superly awesomely awesome.

    and way funnier than the bible.


  125. this is why when i get to work, thebloggess is the first thing I pull up on my computer. also why I created a twitter account, so I could follow you, and not miss out on any of the funny. because I left out reading the excerpts that made it to the blog. Please keep it coming, my workday depends on you… (ps, don’t tell my boss!)

  126. That trailer is funnier than *Stand by Me*… and by that I mean the version where everyone dies at the end.

  127. Great promo – I can’t wait to get my copy of the book. Although I’m in Australia so no signed bookplate for me 🙁

  128. Hi, I’m Jenny Lawson. And I wrote THE funni…Oh wait.

    Being from Canada, I’ve been delaying the pre-order in hopes that there might be some amazingly magical chance of getting a bookplate. But after finding out that this is the book for intellectual misfits, which of course I also am, I now realize that I just can’t take the risk of missing out. I have a niggling feeling that every. single. copy. will be completely sold out, and I’ll be left sad. And crying. And dying a little on the inside. But most importantly…I won’t be laughing. And who wants to live in a world without laughter? Not I, Jenny Lawson. Not I.

  129. You make my life better. EVERY DAMN DAY. I’m so excited for your book….AND I hope that your book trailer (which is awesome beyond description) makes you realize a little more every day just how incredible you are. Even if you forget, we’re all here to remind you.

  130. This video is funnier than the bible. And since the bible does not (I think) come with many videos (yet), that makes this statement true.

  131. Holy Freaking Cow! I just laughed so loud I woke up my kids! Oh yeah, can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Oh and funnier than the bible? Going to hell…. welcome. I’ll be your cruise director.

  132. omg. you just asked people to STEAL a copy of the bible. Right before Easter. You are AWESOME, Jenny!

  133. Hey!
    I don’t know if you’re book is out out yet, but I got it recently at a bookstore I work at, where we get like quasi edited books from publishers to see what we might want to by. Normally the bin is pretty dismal (think pseudo twilight/ gossip girl adult fiction), and then I saw, one very handsomely dressed mouse looking up at me from the bottom. I was like SWEET BABY JESUS. I’ve read your blog forever, and yes, to be corny I really love when you talk about stuff that I feel weird about…issues that I have trouble talking to my…more normal friends with. But even better than that you make me laugh so hard, I pee. Yes. Literally. Pee. So of course I read it in a day, and I am obsessed. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for putting something like this into the world. I’m sorry you had to wear a deer jacket. That part seemed especially bad. I hope you are aware of how many people you’ve touched. Like in an emotional way. Not a creepy way.

    Thanks again. Thank you thank you.

  134. yeah, that pretty much just sold me on actually buying the book instead of borrowing it from a friend.

  135. Haha! This video is awesome. But will definitely watch out for your book that you claim funnier than the Bible. 🙂 Keep it up!

  136. My husband and I just watched that together and we both howled.

    What does that say about us? That and we don’t need to steal a bible. We have at least one here in the house and yet we don’t have a copy of your book. Something is seriously wrong.

    Well, at least we have twine.

  137. Oh Jenny Lawson, I don’t believe there is anything I love more than you at this moment. You are amazing. Also, WAY funnier than God. I think he’d agree.

  138. I just wanted to tell you Jenny you have an incredibly beautiful voice! I think I may just have to get your audio book as well, I bet everything sounds better and funnier in that wonderful voice.

  139. I’ve never commented here before, but I’ve been a fan for awhile. I love your style and your wit. And this…? THIS WAS AWESOME. Thank you for making this happen. No really, thank you!

  140. I totally could be Jenny Lawson, except for the fact that I look nothing like you and I am not even close to being as funny.

    But I like tacos! I LIKE TACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS! See, I am totally qualified. Call me.

  141. The BEST book trailer EVER. Seriously, I can’t wait for this book and am so incredibly jealous of the people you got to be in this video.

  142. You are one of my heroes, Jenny. If anxiety slams a door in my face, I think of you and set the F****R on FIRE.
    Not actual fire, cause I’d get tired of going to LOWE’S and having to deal with the people whispering “Jeez, the Door Girl again?!?”
    And my insurance would be, like, WAY high and then I couldn’t afford your book.
    But, you know, Anxiety-burning-fire. If that existed. Which… hmm.
    What was my point?
    I think you’re brave and door-kicking-in-awesome and the trailer makes my happy and hopeful.
    OK. I’m gonna go play with my Juanita print-out puppet now.

  143. That is some stellar line-up you got for this, Jenny, a geek-fest delight. If I didn’t already love Will Wheaton, I sure do double now. Your next video… you licking these folks! Please? Pretty please?

    I’ll be there at your New York signing (unless the new babysitter pulls a no-show like the old one did last week). So know there will be at least one (and likely many more) familiar face in the audience. And happy to slip you some Vodka in a water bottle, if you should so need.

  144. I just wrote a whole comment about the Bible and it spiraled into how the Hangover 2 had too many penises and then I erased it because it seemed too wordy and slightly inappropriate to mention the Bible and penises in the same comment but now I realize I just did it again but instead I managed to put it in one run-on sentence.

  145. I am so jealous that you got to meet all those people geeks think are the most famous people in the world. My birthday is this week, I pre-ordered your book and told my husband that is what he is getting me for my birthday. He thought it was awesome that he didn’t have to go shopping, then I reminded him the kids might want to get me something. He swore. And I think I’m gonna do a photo cake with Juanita on it for my cake. I’ll be the only one who gets it but that’s ok. I will make them read your book when I have finished it and can lend them my copy. I would make them buy it, but they are odd ducks.

  146. that was my first time hearing your voice – i love it! fabulous video!

  147. Once I stopped laughing I realized that with a few more guest stars you could represent ALL of the Star Trek series. I’d be willing to bet you could convince George Takai to rep TOS. The only downside to this plan is that the awesome of your book would combine with the trekkie awesome by association and the resultant multiplication of the already immeasurable amount of awesome already in your book would probably create some sort of black hole, universe collapsing spacial anomaly paradoxical wibly wobly timey wimey STUFF.

  148. Wow … let’s just hope the book is better than the video. Was gonna buy it, but having second thoughts now.

  149. This is really amazing Jenny! Thanks for providing the video here for us…

  150. Why, yes… my eyes are bugging out of my head. How effing’ awesome to have those AMAZING people talk about your book.

    Who has two thumbs and is jealous of Jenny Lawson?


  151. Hi. I’m Jenny Lawson. I wrote this comment. It’s the best comment ever! It’s definitely not a regurgitated imitation of the most fantastic video ever. No. It’s not. Okay, it is.
    Shut up.
    I can’t believe you got to DO this! You lucky shit, you! Talent like yours DOESN’T go unnoticed, don’t you see? Amazing.

  152. Hi…my name isn’t Jenny Lawson. And that makes me a little sad. Because I would pay good money (like $1.42…no really…cash!) to hang out with those people in your trailer. Or is that spelled trailor? Anyhow, CASH MONEY. Awesomesauce. Loved that.

  153. That was a billion times better than the company trailer. It was funny and charming, and sounds exactly like you.

    Cheers, dave

  154. Holy crap dude, you are like, a GOD. I mean, maybe because I haven’t been paying attention, or perhaps because I’m on the other side of the earth so my brain is in my toes but I had NO idea this was going to be as huge as it clearly is going to be. If I ever get to meet you I may have to lick you, just to see if you’re real.

    Yeah, like that wouldn’t make you freak the fuck out.

    Good times.

  155. I’m at work…and I closed the office door…so I could turn up the sound and watch it again.

    Um. Wow. WOW.

  156. OMG – that is the best way to start a Monday – laughing hysterically while your co-workers look at you like you’ve gone mad – THANK YOU!

    Also – I licked my sister’s face a couple weeks ago…she didn’t think it was that funny…i did 🙂

  157. My theology-geek husband swears that the Bible is funnier in Greek.

  158. It’s so incredible to see these folks that support you and your blog come out to support your book. It was really brilliant. I pre-ordered the book, and can’t wait to read it—I’m sure it’s funnier/better than the Bible!

  159. Wow. You have really AWESOME friends, especially Jeri Ryan, since she seems to not mind you having renamed her “Jeri Bigfoot” due to your having used up all your commas in your book. 😉

    Best wishes, and yes, we have your back. 🙂

  160. any chance you can provide a transcript of this as the captions suck….

  161. I have such a crush on Wil Wheaton, not just for his boyish good looks but for not being an asshole when he totally could be.

  162. It was like watching the “will wheaton collating” picture come to life as I sat here. Every time he sat still for a moment it was like it went back to a picture. Then video. Picture. video.

  163. Oh, dear LORD! If I weren’t buying the book already, this video would have convinced me to buy ten. How awesome are you!?!?! And all of them?!? Seriously!!

  164. “Oh hi. You just caught me collating blank paper.” God, Wil Wheaton is the best.

    Anyway, this was awesome. I can’t fucking wait for your book because it’s going to be the best. Definitely funnier than the Bible.

  165. So AWESOME – I am crying tears of joy for you! (and hearing YOUR voice makes me smile everytime I hear it! )

  166. You attract all the best people! That was incredible!

    That said, I fear Wil Wheaton’s paper collating needs have gotten out of control. The poor man clearly needs an assistant, and I volunteer for the job. I can collate like a motherfucking boss.

  167. “It’s funnier than the Bible.”

    “I swear to God.”

    Frakking HILARIOUS!

  168. Awesomeness!!!! Neil Gaiman, Felicia Day? Mary Lynn, Jeri, a gorilla AND Will Wheaton? I mean, you have ALL my favorites in one hilarious package! You and Will need to have your own show or something…you’re absolutely hysterical together! Can’t’ wait for my book to get here!!!!

  169. “That makes a certain amount of twisted sense.” – I love Wil Wheaton. This promo for your book was better than a bullriding Clint Eastwood shaking me up a martini while Ninjas do cool Ninja stuff in the background decimating the entire cast of Cirque Du Soleil (don’t tell me I’m the only person who would pay to see that.)

    “Funnier than the bible.” Indeed.

  170. “It’s funnier than the Bible. Swear to God.” XD The interaction between you and Wil, which is absolutely priceless. I swear this is video heralds the approach of something of biblical proportions. Or…Harry Potter proportions (ergo, something of Lawson proportions). It’s an absolute nerdfest contained in 3.5 minutes.

  171. Jenny Lawson, you are so fucking funny I have no idea where you’ve been all my life. Seriously. A friend just “introduced” me to you like, 4 months ago or something, and my life has never been the same. I love you. And I love your honesty, and now I totally LOVE Wil Wheaton. He’s awesome. And you’re awesome. And I’m so glad you’re in the blogosphere.

  172. oddly enough, I would have to steal a copy of the bible to compare your book to the bible, because I don’t own one…..A preacher’s daughter from Georgia stealing a bible….lmao

  173. Did you know the book got a plug in the most recent *Marie Clarie* magazine? They called it hilarious and compared you favorably to Chelsea Handler. You are so going to be famouser than famous!

  174. I bet if you donated this to my library, it would get stolen right away. Which around here either means it is better than the Bible and/or contains exam materials for the military or discusses ghost, witches or the Loch Ness Monster. If it were only as good as the Bible, people would just write notes in it, white things out, and draw lines to save your soul. Which would be good too.

    Also, Felicia Day rocks, and Wil Wheaton is obviously a superior human being in all ways.

  175. HOLY COW! That was freaking awesome. That you got Neil Gaimed to say “I’m Jenny Lawson” is about the most amusing thing, ever. I worship at your feet!

  176. I don’t know how you didn’t spend 2 days laughing your ass off while Wheaton was collating his blank paper. Seriously, I admire you for writing your life story, dealing with your depression, making Victor nuts, being shitsnacks funny on your blog, but not falling off the chair laughing at Wil, that’s a fucking accomplishment of epic proportion. Cheers lady – you earned it!

  177. Every time I encounter you, I end up giggling uncontrollably. Wait, is this out in e-reader version?

  178. SOOO excited!! Can’t wait for my book to come in! I’ve preordered and will have it for my beach stay in Destin, FL. Everybody will be wondering who is the crazy/insane lady on the beach laughing her head off!

  179. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! I wish I could have this put on a shirt and it would just play constantly.

  180. wil wheaton is adorable. i want him in my office collating papers for me all day. yes. yes. this is the stuff fantasies are made of.

  181. I have to say that this film was absolutely breathtaking. From the casting, to the directing and even the film score. I think the person holding knife should be up for best supporting actor, and Victor’s portrayal of Jesus and his brave (if not risky) defamation of the Bible? Stunning! Neil Gaiman should win as best performance in a female lead for his moving performance as Jenny Lawson. Bravo! (Standing O)

  182. That was awesome. I totally laughed out loud in my very quiet office and made everyone stare at me. Great way to start the day!

  183. I was watching the trailer and my husband heard it and had to come in from the other room and check it out. He thought you were either demented or doing stand up.

    I told it demented was a much safe bet.

  184. I hate to seem critical, but I don’t find any of this funny. Sounds more like winny slightly over weight white women trying to be funny, but not succeeding.

    I don’t see the appeel or the humor.

  185. You know what? As a writer, I tell you this: forget about how the tour will go, how the book will sell, what the reviewers will say….

    Enjoy this moment. Now. The book has been published.


  186. The coolest, most awesomest trailer EVER! Sat here watching it with the biggest smile on my face and utter satisfaction as if I remotely had anything to do with how perfectly splendid it is and you are. Fell off my chair when Jeri said she was seven of nine Jennys. #FuriouslyHappy all around! Yay Jenny!

  187. Holy moo-fo-ing cow! I saw this on Wheaton’s tumblr first and was all like, “woah, wait, what?!?!” and then I watched it and threw up because the awesomeness going in through my eyes was overwhelming like a fifty-pound chocolate cherry-cordial cheesecake with sprinkles and I couldn’t contain it so it had to come back out somehow and how do you even LIVE with yourself?!?! Do you have to ask your reflection for an autograph every time you pass a mirror? Do you just shake with amazingness all the time like a little chihuahua (they don’t shake because they’re awesome, though, they shake because they’re neurotic)
    I can’t even begin to describe how overwhelmingly impressed I am at this video and how amazing you are, in general.

  188. Wow. If I had a taco, I would totally give it to you right now!! It was THAT awesome. And I love tacos.

    The gorilla? That’s my guess. What do I win?

  189. That was the greatest ad and internet video I have ever seen. Damn it, now I actually want to go buy your book. Curse you creative woman.

  190. To RichardPorter at 341: That’s you “hating to be critical? Huh. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised your blog links to porn.

  191. Too funny!
    And I scored tickets for your L.A. talk! So excited…I can’t wait!

  192. I just saw Wil on the thumbnail and thought, oh yes, she’s reposting that picture of him being awesome for her.

    Then my eyes panned right… double take… and I literally screamed.

    Can’t wait until my preorder arrives 😀

  193. That is amazing. Seriously. Amazing.

    I have already preordered both the book and the audio book. Because I have no self control. My checking account will probably be overdrawn when they both hit but whatever. IT’S THE BLOGGESS’S BOOK! AND DID I PUT TOO MANY Ss THERE? ALSO HOW DO YOU PLURALIZE S?

    I’m so freaking excited for you, Jenny.

  194. This is the awesomest trailor EVER… and you’re coming to my ‘hood in a week-ish, I am so hoping to be there to see you bring the awesome in person (provided my baby doesnt go into mega-barfing territory again, though that’s always a real worry in these parts)

  195. am i the only one who sees that Neil Gaiman looks exactly like Lord Morpheus/the Sandman????????

  196. Dear God that was funny as hell! I am so glad I pre-ordered my book, I can’t wait till it comes out!

  197. Jenny,
    Are you coming to Seattle? I have four copies of your book pre-ordered. I know four copies may not warrant a stop in Seattle, but I am sure more of us in the Pacific Northwest have purchased your hilarious book.

    Fingers crossed!

  198. All I can say is that I f*&king love you after watching that video… in a totally non-weird way. Although, it’s is almost a given that it is weird since I’ve never meet you… but that’s how I roll… or physiologically process life. I’m recommitting to loving Will Wheaton. Even if, I haven’t actually meet him either or even seen him for that matter before your blog. I know would have loved him, too, if I had meet him… you know, before the last couple of months or ever. Anyone who will collate paper for you is someone I have to dig. Oh, I love Matthew Broderick. I didn’t think he could be any cooler than in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and then the egg thing, whoa. The skating guy rocks, too. I’m totally into tongs and ice cream sandwiches. I do occasionally like ovens, but not often much to my family’s dismay. I’m seriously in to roasters and kites.

  199. I can’t, I don’t I don’t even have words for how AWESOME that was.

  200. lmao, that is the best sales video EVER! Man, I can’t wait for my copy!

  201. Jenni, Will stole the show………………..Too funny…..Congradulations.

  202. O for freaking Oarsome!* I have a cracked rib, and every laugh is agony… but I can’t stop watching!!!
    I honestly think you might kill me.
    I don’t remember ever having seen a book trailer before. Don’t think I’ll forget this one in a hurry though. 🙂
    Can’t wait for your book to wing its merry way over to NZ for me.

    *This would be funny if you a. lived in NZ, b. knew who David Tua was, and c. saw him make an arse of himself on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ one time.

  203. SQUUEEEEEEE!!!!! That was all levels of awesomeness! I’m going to go out and steal a bible RIGHT NOW and read it while I’m waiting for your funnier-than-the-Bible book to arrive on my doorstep!

  204. That. was. epic. You have my undying admiration for pulling that off.

    Is it too much to hope that while you were hanging with Wil Wheaton you also shot an episode of Table Top? Because I think I would explode with geek bliss if such a thing were to happen. So if not, maybe it’s for the best. Explosions are messy.

  205. Ohmigod, that is the funniest thing EVER! I watched it like 7 times to get the full laughter effect. As always, you are incredible Jenny Lawson!

  206. That’s beyond awesome! What incredibly cool people.

    What isn’t cool is that I just realized that your book will likely hit my doorstep the day after I leave for vacation. Damn damn damn.

  207. Loved it…love you…can’t wait for my copy to arrive and Shit girl you are way funnier than anyone in the Bible and that’s saying a lot…do you know there was a guy who was apparently high took travel advice from a burning bush! That’s funny but you are funnier!

  208. Awesome!!! I can’t wait for my copy. I actually ordered both the print and audio copy because I couldn’t choose between them. :>

  209. Will you please come to Tampa on your book tour? I would shower you with the love of one bajillion enchiladas!

  210. Fantabulous! I love what you come up with and am SOOOOOO buying your book. You rock. That is all. 🙂

  211. Awesome, if I didn’t have the book on order already, this would get me to commit! Cant wait… and hey start working on the damn sequel already!!

  212. Love it, and you have the cutest voice! I am now convinced to go order your book–and steal the Bible.

  213. Holy freaking crap! You got Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to pretend to be you??? Seriously, you are obviously insanely famous!

  214. Hi Jenny! True story, I was on a plane this past weekend heading to Austin, Texas (long story involving bats and UT and a rather large cow mascot) and brought a pre-release copy of your book along (one of my dear friends scarfed it from a local bookstore for me). I was listening to tunes, headset in place, when I noticed my husband staring at me and shaking his head, very Victor-like, I suspect. Rumor has it, I was SNORTING with laughter, only I thought I was quietly chuckling (headphones). A casual glance around over my shoulder confirmed. Out of consideration for my husband (and the U.S. marshall’s radar), I decided to take a nap. Looking back, I should have just read out loud, then everyone (except for the U.S. marshall perhaps) would have understood completely! Hilarious and wonderful. I absolutely love your book! C

  215. Wil Wheaton + Neil Gaiman + Alicia Day + Amanda Palmer
    I think this video is breaking some sort of cosmic law and some planets will be colliding soon.
    Really, Jenny, only you could have pulled this off.

  216. Love this. So excited to get my copy in the mail!!!!!

    #IamJennyLawson should totally become a twitter thing.

  217. YOU ARE SO CUTE AND YOU GOT TO HOLD A KNIFE TO FELICIA DAY’S HEAD!! Dreams really do come true. You’re such an inspiration and I am furiously excited for my book to finally arrive.

  218. I found a sweet pic of Wil Wheaton wearing a scary clown sweater that I wanted to post on your facebook wall, but I can’t because we are not friends…
    this makes me sad on many levels…

  219. OMG, amazing!! It almost makes me want to read the Bible! I can’t wait to read this book… :o) Congrats Jenny! I’m so proud of you girl!

  220. howsabout coming to “san seattle”? 🙂
    i have pre-ordered, requested my plate, and now wait impatiently.

  221. OMG! You just made the fact that I have to sit through a Quality Enhancement Plan meeting for two and a half hours this afternoon so much more bearable!!! One of my co-workers and I won’t be able to look at each other for fear of giggling through what I’m sure is going to be a snooze fest! I’m only disappointed that I can’t go see you on your book tour. 🙁 I need to know how to get my hands on a signed copy of this book!!!

  222. We’re all excited for you, but remember, we’re the lucky stiffs who get to READ the book when it comes out.


    Mine is already ordered. The biggest problem I’ll have is getting it away from my wife so I can read it. Perhaps we’ll read it to each other, like we did with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  223. You are so awesome it hurts. HURTS SO GOOD.

    ….that was awkward, wasn’t it?

  224. that was the best book trailer I’ve ever seen, you rock Jennie. also I may have published that video to my blog because I’m so stinking excited for your 🙂

  225. This trailer is perfection! Seriously, the Penguin trailer was kind of lackluster, but this one is brimming with luster. So, so lustrous. (Plus, I can’t say how delighted I am that you and Wil, Jeri, Neil & Amanda, and Felicia — people that I’ve adored separately for years — are coming together like this! Add Neil DeGrasse Tyson to your crew and I might keel right over with happiness.) I’m looking forward to my pre-ordered copy and crossing my fingers that you add a Denver/Boulder area signing stop.

  226. I laughed so hard I cried. Then, had to pause the video to finish laugh-crying. Started again, laughcried, paused again. Completely lost it during Wil Wheaton’s section, because he was OH MY GOD COLLATING PAPER. Then had to watch it all again to see it as a whole.

    This is classic. Amazing. Funnier than the bible.

  227. Bountiful Baskets facebook account is using a picture of Juanita to remind people to order their baskets. I hope you gave them permission to use her.

  228. We need a Jenny day where we are ALL Jenny Lawson and get drunk on wine slushies.

  229. Ok…I sucked it up, grew a pair, and nominated you for the Sunshine award.

    Really, it’s Claire’s fault, because she listed you, too, and I was too chicken, because, you know, you’re like this GINORMOUS blogger with a whole line of big metal chicken products, and little ol’ me? I’ve only been doing this for a few months, but Claire & I both attended the party in your bathroom, so what the hell, right?

    You’ve been pretty damned inspirational to this ol’ girl…

    Thanks for the laughs…and the Beyonce stick puppet. Even my BOSS knows her name. “Hey, Jules, is that BEYONCE in your pencil holder???” Why, yes. Yes, it is. 🙂

  230. Best book trailer ever. I might even stand in line for you and say “I knew her when… like WAY before her book was funnier than the Bible!”

  231. I love you, and you are beautiful. That is all that I can say except — Come to Portland Oregon on your tour!!!

    Thank you for being you!

  232. That is the best “commercial” ever!!!! Very proud of you!!! & sending your book to my friend in England for her Birthday – I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations & best wishes!!!!

  233. This. Is. Awesome.

    On a side note … tonight my husband was watching something on his computer and I came in to see what he was doing. It was some new show were you actually sit and watch people play board games. Yes, my husband is that big of a geek, and I love him. BUT … it was Wil Wheaton!!! And hubby says “do you know who this is?” and I said “yeah, it’s Wil Wheaton” and hubby says “WOW, how’d you know? I’m really impressed” and I giggled and said “because of the bloggess” 🙂

  234. Holy Fucking Shit Tacos! THAT’S NEIL GAIMAN! Great! Nothing I accomplish in my life will EVER be able to compete with THAT! I should just go back to bed now before I do something really stupid… like eating that huge tube of cookie dough or watching steel magnolias…after I finish watching the NEIL video… (I only got to the part where Neil says he is you before I was Like Holy fucking shit tacos I need to post a comment!)… guess now that my life has been proved irrelevant I might as well finish watching… Where the hell’s the Vodka? (and the cookie dough)

  235. OH MY GOD. You got to meet Wil Wheaton?!? Was that like, one of the best parts of all of this or what?

    Yeah, yeah. You wrote a book. But you got those people to fight over being Jenny Lawson!! That kinda makes the whole book with a mouse on the cover not as exciting anymore. Sorry to say it.

    Seriously proud of you, for you. You go, Bloggess. You go.

  236. Honestly Jenny – I don’t know you, but I read every post and I am so proud of you. I also have major depression and a few other quirks and I think it is absolutely amazing that you do what you do. You should be super proud of you too. BTW, kick ass with Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman!

  237. oh my god i love it! is your book going to be available on Kindle? It’s exactly the type of thing I want to read on my morning metro commute. laughing hysterically to yourself ALWAYS gets you a row of seats all to yourself, no matter how crowded the train is.

  238. I wish I had Wil Wheaton wrapped around my little finger like that. Either him or Matt Damon. You know. Either one.

  239. Neil Gaiman?!?!?!! How did you do this? I’m impressed. All that was missing from that video was you chasing Nathan Fillion down the street, hurling a ball of twine at his butt.

  240. “I’m Jenny Lawson” is the new “I am Spartacus/Brian” but without, you know, the crucifixions.

    When Neil Gaiman popped up, I absolutely thought he was about to say, “I’m Jenny Lawson, and so’s my wife.”

    The Bible bit reminded of the blurb for Good Omens (by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) that’s Clive Barker blurbing, “The Apocalypse has never been funnier.”

    Anyway, great material, wonderful people, and yes, I just fell in love with Jeri Ryan.

    Brilliant stuff. Worthy of the wonderful book, I’m sure.

  241. Dear Jenny,

    I read your tour dates and, despite your claim, you are not coming to me. I live in Wilmington, Delaware. Sometimes it sucks living in Delaware, because nobody ever visits. This makes Delawarians sad.

    Please visit us. Then I can be a happy veterinarian (it is very important that veterinarians be happy, or else we give you totally made up advice about your pet).


    disclaimer: veterinarians never actually do this…we really do try to work for the welfare of animals to the best of our abilities.

  242. My favorite part is Jeri’s reference to her Star Trek character. (I forgive her her astounding beauty and figure because the girl is hilarious). And watching Wil makes me think of his arc on The Big Bang Theory, which is a nice warm fuzzy.

    If I weren’t already anxious to buy your book, this video would do it!!!! Not sure what that says about me.

  243. I’m practically speechless at the awesomeness of that video. I loved hearing your voice! Will gets +A Million for being such a great sport about the whole thing, and you get +A Million for your “my book is funnier than the Bible AND Harry Potter”, and another +A Million for the use of “ipso facto” in that sentence.

    So. Much. Awesome.

  244. Oh mah gawd you’re adorable! I want to kidnap you and then force you to read things to me. Cereal boxes. Ramen Noodle Instructions. Subtitles from foreign movies.

  245. i work the over night shift at a truckstop. the reason i am telling you this is because while i was watching the video & laughing at appropriate times… people started to stare… and point… and give me that look…. you know the one? yeah well i used this to my advantage and proceeded to show them the video… 3 of them pulled out their phones and began ordering the book. the others continued to give me “that look”… sad really that they cannot accept the brilliance that everyone else sees. i wonder if its ‘those’ people who will be eaten by zombies first?? counting down the days until i open my nook and see ‘read now’ instead of ‘preordered’ on the cover of your book….

  246. I have no idea why you would have that social anxiety problem. You are just the cutest thing ever! I’ll bet everyone wants to pinch your cheeks. Oh wait, I think I’m starting to understand why you hide in bathrooms now… your cheeks would totally get sore if everyone was pinching them all the time. I think I would freak too if everyone thought I was that awesome.

    Seriously though: great writing. Love the blog!

  247. Love the video. I screeched (and I’m not a screecher) at Collating Wil!
    I agree that all these people are awesome, but more awesome than ENCHILADAS?!? That may be going too far!
    More awesome than chile con queso – definitely!
    (can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive)

  248. Oh man I lol’d to tears. I loved this so much.

    Why Isn’t your book out yet!? I want to read it now. Like right now. right now.

  249. I saw your book in the bookstore today! I work there and saw it in the back, we can’t put it out until 4/17. Also found out we got an ARC and no one told me! I fully intend to start reading it asap. Very much enjoy your site, best of luck and all!

  250. My heart is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just went to check and see if my copy of your book ever shipped, and apparently the transaction was cancelled because our credit card had expired. *FACE PALM* What kills me, is that I preordered it like, the DAY you announced it! And I had even registered to receive a signed book plate too. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  251. Squee!!!! Never mind, I just updated and it DID go through… I hope I get that book plate after all! 🙂

    And even if I don’t, I’m still thrilled that I WILL be getting my book the day it comes out. Whew. Crisis averted…

    Side note: I just want to send a thank you out to all the amazing husbands, partners, BFF’s etc. that save us every day from the Lying Bastard. He really got to me last night. I was in a puddle of tears on the bed and my husband finally took charge, called my doctor and get new meds ordered ASAP – then he drove to the 24 hour pharmacy 30 minutes away just get them picked up immediately. I’ve been trying to wean (under doc supervision) so we can conceive another baby, but it’s not going to happen this year. My mental health (as it turns out) is more important to my husband than another baby. God love that man.

  252. Based upon your sheer bravery in appearing in the video (although, I imagine having Wil there made it easier), I pre-ordered your book as soon as the video ended. I don’t ever do that. Not ever. I suppose, though, that the bravery part was only the impetus, as I’m pretty sure this will be the best read since… Well… Since Ever.

  253. Who was that last girl? I totally believed that she was you. 🙂

  254. Just received my copy in the mail today. Funnier than the bible is tough – the bible is pretty damned funny in places, but I am looking forward to reading it! Thanks for always making us laugh!

  255. My speakers are busted so I chose to have youtube transcribe the dialogue for me. I’m sure it’s not a patch on the actual audio but it is strangely awesome in it’s own way.

    Must run, I’m trying to get back up to date here!

  256. Is it weird that this post is how I discovered that the asshole Dr. Parrish character from Eureka is played by Wil Wheaton?

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