This morning I woke up and quickly wrote down this idea because it’s going to make a million dollars.  It’s a leotard…with a TARDIS on it.  A LeoTardis.  Because it markets both to people who love Doctor Who and people who love leotards.  Then I woke up a little more and realized that I was in that weird dream state where all bad ideas seem awesome.  But now I keep remembering that I have some kind of great idea and then remembering that it’s actually a terrible idea.  So I’m disappointing myself every few minutes.

This is my life.

Ps.  Hang on…


Still a bad idea.


And now, time for the weekly wrap-up…

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This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

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  1. Could you make some sort of compression suit out of it? It’s bigger on the inside…

  2. Hahaha, that is so amazing! Please continue to write all these badass ideas down. 😀

  3. No, you see, the LeoTardis is the ultimate slimming near as dammit underwear, because it’s bigger on the goddamn inside.

    It can also travel through time. To the 80’s. When people like leotards briefly.

  4. You’re the #1 best seller!!! So many congratulations! And I love the Team Victor shirt. 🙂

  5. I think Leotard was actually the name of the guy who came up with that piece of clothing, so there is kind of a time travel element/human interest story potentially in there? Nope, I can’t make it work either. But Leotardis is fun to say!

  6. I love the mother’s day card but you should make one for those who had C-sections. I think “Thank you for having me surgically removed.” is a good choice!

    My mom had me surgically removed 33 years ago, I am like cancer but cuter!

  7. I love the TEAM VICTOR shirts, but I’m team Ferris Mewler, just FYI. A cat with that many extra digits can’t be anything but awesome.

  8. I immediately thought of a friend of mine named Leo, because I am drunk off my ass on sleep-dep owing to getting four hours of sleep. Now the *actual* content of this post seems awesome regardless. … So THAT’S all right.

  9. Misfits FTW!!!
    We should trend that on twitter.
    I do need to get a Team Victor t-shirt.

  10. As a professional ballerina, I would wear the shit out of that leotard. Just sayin’.

  11. Love it! Don’t be so quick to crap on your ideas… these days the strangest things really take off. LOL

  12. I suppose it’s pretty sad that I don’t watch Doctor Who so I don’t get it. Such is my life that revolves around either Disney Junior during the day and online porn at night.

  13. Are there people who love leotards? I know my ass says it’s not a fan…

  14. I would totally endorse you for office, of the Tardis!!

  15. It was thanks to the Internet that I finally found a name for what had been “wrong” with my all my life (undiagnosed ADD-I) so yes a blog that makes the misfits come together and find a home where we’re not alone? AWESOME. Sometimes I feel a bit pathetic in saying it but my most cherished friends these days are my internet friends…many I’ve met, many I haven’t. But they get me unlike most of the idiots I run into in offline world (I refuse to call it “real life” because blogging and tweeting and all that IS real life and we are all real people)

  16. I’m trying to figure out how to make a leoTARDIS now… I think I can do this… *plotting* If I manage it, I will post a photo for you.

  17. I woke up this morning after dreaming an entire story for once the story line was not pathetic and I am busy writing it. Some dreams are worthwhile after all ha ha that sounds like one of those sentimental adverts.

  18. OK, I admit I’ve never watched Dr. Who, but I am a fitness instructor of the rather misfit variety, and I’m thinking that a LeoTardis needs coordinating Leg Wormholers? Maybe?

  19. OK, Team Victor is awesome… I think I need to get me one of those.
    While the tardis is awesome… I can’t see me in the tard part, well more like I don’t think people want to see me in the tard part.
    It is awesome in that Ballerina/technogeek with a desire for time travel kind of way.

    Have a nice day.

  20. I like it. It works for all body types too, since it can be ANY SIZE on the inside. Keep dreaming, The Bloggess.

  21. Put a snappy crotch on the LeoTARDIS and I would totally wear it.

  22. the perfect Mother’s Day Card is perfect, but Zazzle wants $4 to ship the darn thing unless I spend over $50. Too bad, my mom would have thought it was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  23. Lmfao. That Vagina song. Jenny I think I love you more than Japanese girls love tentacle porn.

  24. It would be better if it said ‘police call box’ over her girly bits area. I think it could totally work.

  25. Nice! This may not be very politically correct, but “leotarded” is what my friends and I call upperclass folk who lack common sense. You know, the artsy kids with rich parents who pretend to be really deep but have stupendously low IQs? Yeah. Anyway… I’m going to stop typing now.

  26. Oooooo I would so wear it. You should suggest it to Blackmilkclothing.com. Famous for, among other things, their geek inspired clothes such as the R2D2 swimsuit. 😀

  27. The Leo-Tardis is a WAY better idea than the one I had, which was “Rio-Tards,” which is supposed to sound exotic, but just sounds insulting when you say it out loud.

  28. My son and daughter-in-law have been sharing your book on cd with their coworkers. One of them is extremely negative has been laughing out loud and often while listening to it. You have made their horrible jobs bearable because you are fucking awesome!

  29. Not sure if there is a big market for this but I love this idea!

  30. I can only imagine the type of reaction I would get from my Mom, if I would send her that card. Honestly, Im not entirely sure how she would react, which kind of scares me.

  31. Well, if it makes big people appear smaller on the outside…then it has all the ingredients for commercial success.

    Oh, and whenever I see that advert on the side of your blog for printing The Bloggess Cootie Catcher…I keep seeing The Bloggess Cootchie Catcher.
    Which is something else entirely.
    …Yet not without sales potential.

  32. This is awesome. “Leotardis” is now my word of the day. Un/fortunately, no one at my work will know what the fuck I’m talking about, which will make it more fun to say when I randomly thrust it into conversation. Which might be difficult. #challengeaccepted

  33. Id wear it as a bathing suit. I haven’t met anyone that likes leotards since 1995.

  34. Loving the leotardis I have to say. Am all in favour of the bad idea myself – see my blog entry about costumes for handicapped cats.

  35. As someone who regularly swims around in the gooey bits of nerd fandom I have to say that a LeoTardis would sell really, REALLY well. It’s a brilliant idea. Just do it before Black Milk steals your idea and starts selling $100 swimsuits.

  36. I want that as a swimsuit! It would have rocked when I was pregnant.

  37. The LeoTardis is awesome – you should sell it! and I couldn’t stop watching “We Like Them Girls” or figure out whether or not I’m offended 🙂

  38. Is it bad that I would totally buy one, but I want one with sleeves because I have arm issues, but that’s not the point. I think there’s a market for these!

  39. This is a GREAT idea! If Black Milk can make R2-D2 and C-3PO bathing suits then why not a leoTardis?!

  40. The LeoTardis is probably one of the strangest things I’ve seen in a while. I’m a major Dr. Who fan, but not so much of leotards. The whole thing is confusing to me. I’m also totally confused by “We Like Them Girls”, but only because I can’t figure out if I’m more amused or horrified. Definitely a conversation starter, though. Thanks for that!

  41. After listening to the audio snippet of your book, I can honestly say I laughed for most of the 6 and a half minutes. Also, I’ve never worn a deer sweater. Also also, does it count if I once threw up on my mom’s cat? Probably not, seeing as she didn’t try to make us eat it afterwards. But technically, we still used the cat for several years after the vomit accident. I’m pretty sure she washed it. I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t remember the cat running around with vomit on it.

  42. I would buy a leotardis. I actually buy custom made leotards and collect them to entertain myself during roller derby practice!

  43. I just showed my daughter this Leo (she is a competing gymnastics as well as a Dr. fan) she flipped. Literally. It is an awesome idea.

  44. Where was this leotard twenty years ago? I did gymnastics as a kid, and gained lots of new friends with my ability to do the splits. I quickly lost those friends, however, once they realized that I was an awkward comic book geek who hadn’t pledged my undying loyalty to *NSYNC OR The Backstreet Boys.

    This leotard would’ve helped us all to avoid a lot of confusion.

  45. maybe you can turn it into something for your sex articles – a box that’s bigger on the inside…

  46. I would buy a LeoTardis in a heartbeat with one condition-it would have to have snaps on the bottom like a baby onesie. My bladder isn’t bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!

  47. I would totally wear a Loe-tardis, but my mom would refer to it as another one of my “unfortunate fashion descisions.”

  48. Yeah, put poppers in the crotch and you’ll totally have a winner! It’s not a bad idea AT ALL! (unless you don’t put poppers down there. um, popper is British for snaps. Just so this doesn’t sound too weird.)

  49. As soon as I got a look at the product I thought, “Do they make Tardis underwear?” Like the Batman logo underwear I keep seeing on Pinterest where the comment is “To the bat cave!!!” I want a Tardis on the crotch with the saying “Bigger on the Inside want to try your key?” across the front. 🙂 This things you put into my head!!!

  50. Only having two channels in English on my TV (both BBC), the highlight of my April was the special Dr. Who Weakest Link. I truly appreciate Dr. Who humor now. I think the Leo Tardis would be a hit. Maybe because the Last of the Summer Wine leotard would give me nightmares.

  51. To clarify, I have had people exit through there. They defy time because when they made their exit they were not even 1 day old. However they existed inside for 41 weeks in my case.

  52. You should totally make a leotardis. You could market it to all the fangirls that stalk Matt smith around the world. I see millions in your future.

  53. You could get all metaphysical and talk about how we are all bigger on the inside than on the outside. But when you toss in a uterus and a vagina, then one IS bigger on the inside than on the outside, so the LeoTardis would totally be truth in advertising.

  54. You should totally submit the LeoTardis idea to Black Milk Clothing. They would make it.

  55. I think it is a GREAT IDEA! You could put in fine print “does not really make you smaller on the outside”

  56. I was of the belief that Leotardis was the pejorative term for a clinically thick leopard. Sorry.

  57. Friday night I had a dream I should make individual banana cream pie tartlets, so on Saturday I did. And then I took them to a party, and everyone loved them. They also loved my Natalie Dee Koala Farts shirt. I don’t have a point, but if I did, I think it would be that dream ideas rock.

  58. I would totally buy a tard!! Oh. Wait. I totally read that wrong. Ummmm….yeah, AWKwaaarrrd! Never mind.

  59. I, too, get ideas in dreams that I think are great during the dream and wake to total disappointment in my lack of good dream judgement.

    Maybe one day I’ll actually have a good dream-de-a.

  60. I hate to disappoint you further Jenny but it’s been done. Don’t you go to expos where lots of people dress up in costume? Some of them are in what is effectively a LeoTardis – although I think you’re the first to call it that, which IS a brilliant idea.

  61. I agree with several of the others. Making it into a “control undergarment” type thing would be much in keeping with the TARDIS. Now, if only you could actually use it to navigate time and space…

  62. Can I just say how awesome it is that you indicate the links for which my speakers should be turned down? That’s awesome. Just sayin’.

  63. I’d TOTALLY wear a leoTARDIS. Seriously. Though not with as much enthusiasm as I’d wear Doctor 10 or 11.

  64. Great idea. I have the same ideas during my “Mid-Grays”. That’s what I call the time between my sleep and awake period where all great ideas come from. Usually it’s due to a snorting, snoring, Predator-esque kitteh waking me.

    My idea is for a series of Broadway shows based on Wikipedia entries. It has everything – romance, comedy, music, and diseases.

  65. !!!! I was so stoked to see that you actually checked out “we like them girls”! See I knew you’d like it. I wonder if it was coincidence that you posted that or if was because you actually read our comments and saw mine from you confused lego post… Either way I am so stoked that you some how checked it out. I keep trying to get people to watch it and they won’t. But it so funny! I even had a shirt made for my friend who loved it so much (and happens to be gay) for his birthday. It didn’t turn out so good. But eh… I tried damnit!

  66. The Mother’s Day card is great, except for those of us who had a c-sec. What about us? Should it read “springing me from your abdomen”? Which would TOTALLY double as an Aliens reference! I sense an opportunity for another card design here!

  67. Now now.. I’d buy one. I personally don’t wear leotards, but my girl does for gymnastics. And, properly scaled, it couuuuuld work. hehe

  68. My 12-year old son watched an episode of Dr. Who, with the weeping angels. He’s been sleeping in my room for that past 10 nights.

  69. I refuse to believe that a leo-tardis is a bad idea… I have a painted a Tardis onto not only the majority of a shirt, but also a pair of sweatpants. And my studio wall. And I have Tardis earrings.

    Hmm, maybe I AM seeing the bad idea part now. 😛

  70. So I finished your book and now I have nothing to live for. I even portioned it out so it would last longer.

    You are made of awesome, in case you didn’t know it!

  71. Things like this are probably why the “Tardis Corset” exists (though it is rather more interesting to look at and has a lot more layers to it.)

  72. I read your blog, then went downstairs to make dinner, during which I could not stop singing to myself about vaginas.

  73. My god – you’re brilliant. You could also expand this empire into a Spanx sort of thing – a Tardanx. Because who doesn’t want to suck in that muffin top and have a Tardis hug your body.

    I’m squealing inside. And maybe crying because you thought of this idea first.

  74. I will totally buy that t-shirt if you add Victor’s picture to it. Otherwise, people will ask me who Victor is all the time, but if you add the photo, they’ll be like, “OH! THAT Victor!” Totally makes sense.

  75. Jenny, I’ve read your blog for a long time, and I just finished your book. All I have to say is that there is not enough congratulatory taxidermy in the world to thank you for bringing laughter back into my life. When I’m depressed, anxious, or having a “moment” I go to your blog and randomly pick a post to make me laugh. Your book is now a treasured addition to my reading library and my book club. Anyways, here’s an imaginary taxidermy sloth wearing a LeoTardis. You’re welcome.

  76. The name is fascinating. However, what about using the name for Leos who wish to time travel? Then, it would be pronounced (Leotardeyes) with the same spelling.

  77. This is a great idea for dieters. Because it has a Tardis on it, it’ll be automatically slimming. Then, people would be all “Wow! Have you lost weight?!”

    And You’d be all “Nope! It’s my Leotardis… IT’S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”

    And THAT’S how you market a million dollar idea!!! ;o)

  78. I would like to add something that I similarly came up with in a state of half-asleep-half-awake-ness. I finished reading your book (awesome!) and in it you write that you grew up in the town of Wall. Neil Gaiman (who I love) set his book Stardust in the town of Wall.
    But what I really want to know is: IN WHICH TOWN WERE WALLS INVENTED???

  79. You *must* be insane, because this is NOT a bad idea, I think it might be the best idea you’ve ever had, and I WANT 20 OF THEM.

  80. Um love it.

    Also. I have to read your book. Its currently en route from amazon. You should tell them to be faster, I can’t wait anymore!

  81. They do, however, have the R2D2 bathing suit, and it is quite kickass! Sadly, I do not think it is still for sale.

  82. Terrible ideas make the fashion world go round… so… in *theory* this is a terrific idea. However, not so sure about employing this marketing idea. Still – there’s the theory.

  83. I would totally buy this if it were real.

    Also, I have been pimping your book out to family and friends.

    Thank you for existing. 🙂

  84. I think you must have a notepad by your bed for the best of your terrible ideas. I like the leotard myself, also interested in the whole ‘it’s bigger in the inside’ effect on such a garment.

  85. Even you bad ideas are awesome and make us splutter over our porridge, keep em coming. It may help to take more prescription drugs before sleep! BUT TO MANY MANY WE WANT YOU AROUND FOR A LONG TIME.

    BTW: I was sure I would have one the bribery contest, Oh wait it’s a Bank Holiday here today so no post, tomorrow perhaps?

  86. If it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside then I will buy it because I could stand to lose about 15 pounds. IT’S EVERY AMERICAN’S DREAM!

  87. I thought of you the other day when I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “My other car is the Tardis.”

  88. Congratulations on all of your success! I will purchase a LeoTardis as soon as they become available. I also plan to buy 100 shares of stock in leotards; after that baby hits the market, it’ll be unstoppable. (This is a hot tip I will share with Bloggess fans only, shhh)

  89. Could work for costumes whenever they finally get around to making Doctor Who the Musical! Or maybe that’s something I dreamed? 😉

  90. I showed this to a family friend who is a Dr. Who fanatic and she wants one bad. Then again she is kind of wierd.

  91. I think you should send this name idea to the people in charge of marketing Spanx. LeoTardis is a much better name than Spanx and I’m convinced those things are made out of some sort of Time Lord wibbly wobbly and are most definitely bigger on the inside.

  92. I think it’s very slimming, but I’m currently very pregnant and would stretch the tardis way out of shape. I’m thinking instead of a leo-tardis maybe we could put a tardis on like, a mu-mu?

  93. If that were a bathing suit, I would TOTALLY buy it! Or even a t-shirt. It’s awesome!

  94. Ok, now you have to give us the Dish on the Dooce! “awkward”??? Sounds right up your alley!

  95. This is probably totally already a thing. I have definitely seen geek swimsuits on tumblr recently. There is like a game controller one and a Star Wars Thing (I don’t know what it’s called) one. I bet there is a Tardis one… or if not there should be. I am sure someone will be on it soon. Maybe your terrible/awesome ideas are just you tapping directly into the collective unconscious…

  96. That’s the last time I watch a video link from you before going to work. Thank you for putting that Lego song in my head ~ what a great way to start the week.

  97. Posting again to show off my Google-fu (and because I wasn’t explaining myself very well). A company called Black Milk does a line of geek swimsuits. The don’t have a Tardis one yet so there is a gap in the market. You can see some examples of their stuff here:


    (I can’t be bothered to make it a proper link, just copy paste. Oh, and it is suitable for work, if you work somewhere where looking at models in swimsuits instead of working is okay.)

  98. give me a bottle of wine and i would consider wearing a LeoTardis, especially if it had a funky style crotch in it!!

  99. So, are Team Victor and Team Jenny going to have a survivor-style reality show soon? Will it involve zombies? Will it be hosted by Nathan Fillion?

  100. Is it sad that I was thisclose to buying the mother’s day card for my daughter to give to me? Probably. But I’ll probably do it anyway. That is so maginificently fucked up, I’m almost rendered speechless.

    As for being Team Victor, I’m a huge fan of his. Any man that can carry on the conversations that he has with you is a saint in my book. Now, if he were just a vampire on top of it, I’d be Captain of Team Victor.

    Congrats on the book and the reviews! That is just awesome! We are all proud for you!

  101. First off, if you don’t make the leotardis, someone will and it’s not going to be anyone as fun as you so fucking do it now!!!

    Second, I’ve been restraining myself and only reading a couple of chapters a night (which is totally hard) but your book is fucking AWESOME. I am loving it and I might just buy it for my crazy-ass mother for mother’s day.

  102. This reminds me of at time when my mom and I were setting up our band names to play the Rock Band video game… my mom’s name is Leah and I came up with the “Leahtards” I actually think your idea is clever and better than you are giving yourself credit for… at least that is what I am going with otherwise it somehow devalues the brilliance that I know to be my own and that just is unacceptable.

  103. Great article on you in the NYTimes. Sorry if I’m late to the party on that one.

    We were in a local diner over the weekend, having breakfast, and I look up to see a Beyonce twin staring me down. I tried to explain the situation to my husband but he simply did not “get it”.

    Congratulations on your wonderful and well-deserved success.

  104. I would totally wear that leotardis to dance class. All the time.

  105. As the mother of gymnastics dancing little nerds, I can promise you it would be purchased and worn here. One of my daughters is already asking me to sew one for her. I want to see what the other little girls say when she shows up in her leotardis and tries to explain.

  106. it wouldn’t be so bad except leotards only look good on models and girls who haven’t reached puberty….. maybe a tshirt?

  107. I live with an artist/woodcarver and he just made a Tardis birdhouse. It’s awesome!!! You’d love it 🙂

    I just finished your book and I’ve spent the entire week randomly yelling “NECROPHELIA IS BAD!”

    Love it. You’re awesome and inspiring.

  108. I want a leotardis. I’d wear it on the train… people there expect me to do stuff like that, I’m sure…

  109. Okay, so I’m a dancer which means I have spent more of my life in leotards than out. I would SO wear a leoTARDIS. I’d buy one.

  110. Is it really a bad idea? A leotard that is bigger on the inside. It would make everyone look thin. IT’S AN AWESOME IDEA! Plus it would be able to travel in space and time.

  111. I LOVED the Leo-Tardis!! MAKE ONE FOR YOUR STORE! HURRY! I think my Manboy will be wanting a Team Victor shirt soon. Jut a few more days until the UK release! I will send you a pic from the bookstore!

  112. So I was watching Bones last night and as the internal organs fell out of the skeleton I was like “LOOK! The poop rope!”

    So thanks for that 😀

  113. I just ordered 5 of your books from Amazon & posted your book on my FB page. I feel moved by the spirit. Your book is not only Funny. As. Hell. But your attitude *must* be shared!!! I’m hoping your mojo is catching . . . I’d send a book to my mother in law, but it’d be like trying to teach a pig French, 😉

  114. You are to blame for getting a song stuck in my head that I feel uncomfortable humming to myself at work.

    Also – Leo-Tardis… I teach dance and would wear it. My students might commit me… or congratulate me on how awesome I am. Odds are about 50/50 right now.

  115. I should totally wear that to work. It would be classy. No?

    Ok, so maybe that leotardis doesn’t work… how about a tardis with lion print? Leotardis! Huh? Huh? Takers?

  116. If I had a Leo-TARDIS I would totally put it on and travel back through time and steal the Leo-TARDIS idea so that you would be left with nothing. Muhahahahahaha (evil laugh).

  117. Well, I’m disappointed in you. You know, you’ve been a favorite of mine for a long time now, but you’ve finally lost me. CLEARLY you have lost your good sense if you think the Leotardis is a bad idea. I love it! I’ll take two please!!

  118. “Leotardis” sounds a bit like a disorder. Like, if someone who is not a dancer or gymnast is socially retarded enough to wear a leotard in public, they could be said to have a raging case of Leotardis. You could even expand the line to include the Unitardis.

    Also, having been a victim of the bodysuit craze of the 90’s (just because they weren’t shiny spandex & weren’t called leotards, does not change the fact that they were, in fact, leotards – were we really too lazy to just tuck our fucking shirts in our pants?), I have to vote neigh on the vag snaps. I didn’t particularly enjoy trying to fold myself in half to fasten them then & I don’t anticipate it would be any more fun now that I have expanded a few sizes. Also, are metal snaps in the lady garden comfortable? I don’t fucking think so.

  119. Hmmm … My daughter loves Doctor Who AND she’s a gymnast … the “Leotardis” is perfect!

  120. Want to visit the haunted Oviatt Penthouse in downtown LA? The next time you are in Los Angeles you should contact me. I can totally get us in for a private midnight tour, for free. Haunted places make great posts!

  121. Did you know that you’re so popular that I can’t add you on facebook because you have “too many friend requests”? 🙂

    I adore your book btw… I spent most of the last few nights dying laughing and saying, “Hey, listen to this part” and then reading to my husband… at least three times he’s gone, “That sounds like us.” Glad to know I’m not the only oddball. 🙂

  122. Girl, I’m a burlesque performer, into Dr. Who, and I NEED TO MAKE THAT INTO AN ACT.

    It’s happening. I’ll send you (completely clothed) pictures.

  123. I’ve seen lingerie Tardis wear. I liked that it covered all the essentials while still looking sexy & displaying the tardis as the frontal wear.

  124. Listened to your recording, we totally have vomit bowls, you’re not the only one, vomit in a trashcan is gross, what are you gonna do when the stomach acids eat through the bin?

  125. I love the idea of making for an interesting credit card billl, LOL! ROTFLOL!!!!! 😀 ;-D

  126. and one is a leg! what!
    that video is outta control amazing!! I have it in the heads of everyone close to me! ha ha ha! So good!

  127. I happen to be a dancer and a big Doctor Who fan at the same time (wich for some reason is very rare). I’d LOVE to have a LeoTardis. I’d wear it to every ballet class and audition!

  128. BlackMilk clothing company is totally going to steal your LeoTardis idea. Check them out. Shiny swimsuits/leotards with weird designs are their specialty. And they are Australian…. I see a collaboration in your future ….

  129. I’m kind of disappointed from the link to the blog that was included. I feel weird leaving this comment entirely because I’m extremely introverted (agoraphobic and bipolar and generally just messed up in the head) and your blog has kinda been a source of inspiration for me. It’s great that you liked the blog and felt like including it and all but it sent me into quite the tizzy. I spend the vast majority of my time obsessing over what other people think about me and after reading the many negative post mainly about women I just felt really anxious ( As in a kept thinking back to my weird high school days and just feeling over all judged by someone who i don’t even know!). While it said honest and brutal I guess I wasn’t expecting the sheer negativity and volatile writing. It didn’t feel honest. It just seemed like an attack on everything this person didn’t like to me. I know this post was from awhile ago but I just kind of look to your blog for imaginary support when I’m having a particularly bad night like tonight. I went from lolthat’ssofunny ugh she’s my imaginary sister to must curl up into ball and cry. I know you probably won’t read this comment or reply to it even but just a better warning of don’t look at this unless you can face meaness would be appreciated. I’m going to go back to hiding under covers now. Mm covers.

  130. Oh my gosh, this would be the first thing my husband would have every bought for my girls in dance. Please please make it in young girl sizes!!!

  131. Love your blog! Honesty and laughter, totally awesome.
    I grew up watching Dr. Who with my Dad but haven’t really watched any of the new stuff. However, Google must love him because if you type this address:
    police box Earl’s Court Rd, London, Greater London SW5 9RB, United Kingdom , into Google maps and click on the two little arrows next to the police box in Street View it’s incredible.
    Keep on being awesome!

  132. I had to laugh when I rea d that you were looking for leotards with LeoTardi printed on it. The name of my company, established In 1983, is named Leotardi and I make leotards. If there’s interest I can make it for you.

    Cinda Steiner
    LEOTARDI, Inc.

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