Subtle bribery

I’m still in full tour mode (next stop Florida!) so to make it up to you for being MIA I’m giving out a signed copy of the UK version of my book and a signed copy of the audiobook (which includes an extra chapter, me singing the titles, and a blooper reel).  All you have to do is leave a comment saying whether you want the paper version or the audio version and I’ll randomly select some winners.

The UK edition is a tad more whimsical on the outside. Same guts though.

In other tour news, looks like I’ll be adding a few more cities to the tour so I’ll keep you posted on that.

I’m doing in-store Skype events if you happen to be in Cincinatti’s JOSEPH-BETH BOOKSELLERS May 9th or Lansing, Michigan’s SCHULER BOOKS & MUSIC on May 10th.  (They’ll have signed bookplates on-hand.)  Also, I’m signing books in person in Florida this Friday, and in Gaithersburg, MD on the 19th.  I’ll add some more dates soon, and then I’ll turn into a hermit for the rest of my life, so if you want a signed copy of my book you better strike now before I go into seclusion forever.

A huge thanks to each and everyone one of you for supporting me on this terrible and wonderful roller coaster.  I know there have been book shortages around, but the good news is that the books out right now are all first editions so if you can find one you’ve got a collectors item.  One that will probably really be worth something several decades after we’re all dead.

PS.  If you want to buy the UK version it comes out on May 10th and you can get it at Amazon UK, Waterstones, and Independent UK bookstores.

UPDATED:  Winners ~ Daryk Masterson and Rob R.  Thanks so much, everyone!

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  1. I would love the paper version. I LOVE that cover!

  2. xoxo paper

  3. 3


  4. Audio book, please ma’am!

  5. Audiobook would be fantastic. 😀

    Erin recently posted Making progress.

  6. I would love the paper version! I can’t wait to read it

  7. I too would love the paper version – adorable (and AMAZING CAPE)! Good luck with the rest of your tour!

  8. I want the paper, the paper, the paper! (For some reason, an old rap song about the bitches! the bitches! the bitches! is now in my head. I should thank myself).

    Arnebya recently posted Wordful Wednesday: I Deserve Gold Stars.

  9. Paper version, please!!

    Trish recently posted Waking Up in France - 8/27/00.

  10. paper version, so i can read it over and over again, because let’s just say, this book cannot be anything but awesome 🙂 really happy you wrote it.

  11. Paper please!

  12. audio please 🙂

  13. you should really add a stop in Seattle.

    Jenny recently posted Thrift Store Finds.

  14. paper paper paper paper. Or audio if I must. Either. All!

  15. I really want the audio version!!

  16. Audiobook!!

    Jaime recently posted I've been tagged! But not in an STD way..

  17. there’s a toss-up, right? I mean, on one hand I really want to physical copy so that I can keep it on my shelf after, but I want to hear the audio-book….

    flaunting wins out – physical book! please!

  18. I love the new cover, but I have been wanting the audio version since I read the first 5 pages. However did you (or whoever) read this aloud without laughing continuously? And please come to Chicago!

  19. AUDIO! WOOT!

    Katrina Rasbold recently posted Stuck on Stupid.

  20. audio, please.

  21. 22
    Mary Maruszewski

    Audio version please.

  22. I love that cover, but i’d have to say paper!! dying to hear the bloopers and have you read it to me 🙂

  23. I would love the paper version, please!

  24. Am about 3/4 through my digital copy… this book is hysterically funny… THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud (emphasis on ‘loud’) in inappropriate places! And for making it very challenging to explain to people why I’m laughing so hard.

  25. 26
    Christo Acosta

    Would *love* the book version! So sad we’re going to miss you here in Atlanta!!

  26. Audio please!

  27. 28

    Audiobook please!

  28. (p.s. PAPER!)

  29. Aaaah! I am so excited you are coming to Gaithersburg. I’ll be in line for sure to get to meet you. But I’d love to put my name in for the audiobook.

  30. Paper, please!

  31. Audio version fo sho!

  32. Audiobook. Yes Yes! Double Triple yes!

  33. Audio because I’m sure that the only thing funnier than your book is you reading your book.

  34. Audio version, of course. You singing and blooper reel? Yeah, I want that!!!

    Carol recently posted Fahrenheit 451: Because we need to be really bothered once in a while..

  35. Paper!! That would be amazing!

  36. I would love paper!!!

    Heather recently posted Friday Link Up v10: Festival International.

  37. Paper please! So enjoying following all this craziness, as well as your best-of posts, as I am fairly new around here.

    Skerrib recently posted Homebirth-A-Go-Go 2012--Part I....

  38. Paper version for me, please!

  39. I would love a Paper Edition, please?

    lceel recently posted 2222 Day (Two's Day).

  40. I can haz audiobook?

  41. Audio please!

  42. Love the UK cover! Paper please.

  43. Ok, book version please! Then I can start petitioning you to come over on the book tour…

  44. Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! (Either version is fine!)

    Deana recently posted Recipe: Guacamole Salad.


  46. I’d love a paper version! Hoping you end up making a tour stop in Birmingham, AL! 🙂

    Misty @ The Family Math recently posted Tuscaloosa tornado, one year later.

  47. Audio version please!

  48. I’d love the paper back copy. I love the cover.

  49. I have the ebook – which I am LOVING by the way, I text excerpts to my boyfriend during the day. Example: Me – “Homeless people just ate her pet duck daffodil!” Him – “Ha ha, glad you’re enjoying it.” Me – “EATEN BY HOMELESS PEOPLE!” Him – “Ok…”

    I would love the paper edition to give either to my brother who would love it, or to my grandmother who would be horrified by it.

  50. Paper! 😀

  51. Audio version please!

  52. I would love the Audiobook! I’ve read the paper version and heard it in my voice, now I want to hear it in yours.

  53. 54

    I would love the audio version!

  54. audio, please. I love your voice. …um. ….not in a creepy way.

  55. Paper, pretty please!

  56. 57

    Oooh… hook me up with the Audio version please! 🙂

  57. Paper please. Nothing like the tactile feel of a real book.



  58. Wow, hard choice! I love the cover of the UK version, but I think I have to choose audio, since I’ve already purchased and read the US paper version.

  59. I would love the paper version!!

    Jess recently posted Creatively stumped.

  60. 61
    Jennifer Shrader

    Paper version! I LOVE YOUR BOOK. I laughed so hard I unintentionally lost control of my bladder twice!

  61. 62
    Sara Lang

    Audio version please! I loved the book! Well done!

  62. I would get a huge kick out of the audio version…and who *couldn’t* use a huge kick now and then?!

  63. Wow! That. Cover. Rocks. Totally want paper (and a MA/RI stop on the tour? Or HI, I need to get back there anyways!)

  64. So hard to choose! I pick paper!

  65. I’m already into the paper version and I would LOVE the bloopers and singing so audio!

  66. paper! I’m dying to read your book

  67. Paper please? It makes me feel close to trees 🙂

    Natalie recently posted Love Rain Episode 11 Review.

  68. Paper version, please! Thank you!

    Steve Lee recently posted KeithClyde69: @mumtime1 Found it. Clever girl; was she adopted..? O.o x.

  69. 70
    Courtney Joy


  70. I just bought the Kindle version, and have spent much of the time either laughing hysterically or relating on some small scale. I would love to get the UK version 😀

    Cassie T recently posted Happy Birthday to my Father-in-Law!.

  71. I would LOVE the audiobook. I’ve read the ebook version and am dying to know if your voice sounds the same in real life as I imagined in my head. 🙂

  72. Audio!!

  73. Paper version for my wife! She channels you or you her. Or something.

  74. Audio!! Extra content AND you singing titles?! It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Diana Lark recently posted Adulthood 101.

  75. Paper please as I don’t think I can drive and listen to the book at the same time!

  76. I would like paper to piss off my environmentally friendly wife.

    Rob R recently posted Nursery Rhymes Updated For 2012.

  77. I’m an audioslave! My eyes are always busy with offspring.

  78. 79
    Andrea in Kansas

    Audiobook is awesome because my husband could listen to it at work and make everyone wonder what he’s laughing at!

  79. Paper version please!!!

  80. Audio! Want!

  81. 82
    Stephen Jeffrey

    I would absolutely love a paper version, ebooks are good, but nothing beats holding an actual book.

  82. paper peeze, for me? hmm?

    Elaine- recently posted Parking.

  83. I’d like the audio book cause I am not fond of reading.

  84. 85
    danielle burbank

    i have audio and hardback. so i suppose the UK version in paper.

  85. Audio! Audio! o/

  86. I would definitely love the audio version. I’m so excited to read/hear your book!

    Elizabeth recently posted Cosplay, Reviews, and Moving – Oh, My!.

  87. I’d love a paper copy of your book – the more whimsy, the better!

  88. Oh holy crap, audio version por favor.

    It’d be the best late and slightly offensive mother’s day present EVER.

  89. But how cool is that UK version?

  90. i long to hear your voice…audio me! (that hardback cover is tremendous, though.)
    did you add pittsburgh to your list yet? do it. you won’t regret it.

  91. I would give you my left flip flop for the audio version. I already am the proud owner of the paper one! 🙂

  92. I accidently bought the audiobook, I would love to have a matched set with a paper copy!

  93. I’d love an audio one to go with my paper one!

  94. Audio version please! Thanks.

  95. 96
    Mary Ellen

    Audio it is! Thanks for the chance.

  96. 97
    Kerstin Peterson

    I’d like the audiobook! I have a hella commute and listen to them three hours a day! Congratulations on your success. It’s wonderful to witness.

  97. Paper would be awesome

  98. Audiobook for sure, it might end my road rage!

  99. Audio, please. 🙂

    Claire J recently posted That Enemy Called Frustration.

  100. 101
    Some Other Jennifer

    Audio. I’m going to edit it to make the voice for the landmark GPS robot I’ll be designing for you.

  101. It’s so hard to choose…. oh I’d love the audio version more I think. I’m so sad I couldn’t come to Dallas for the tour, but gas is expensive and, alas, I am broke.

  102. Paper unless you read the UK version in a British accent…

  103. audio please!

    Gina recently posted Squirrels incite violence.

  104. I’ll take either! Oh wait, I have to choose? Fine, paper book it is then…Please!!

  105. Audio version! I think the only way this book could get more awesome would be to hear you narrating it.

  106. Oh my gosh why don’t the rest of the versions have that amazing font?!? I really want a copy, but if I win I’d really like the Audio Book.

    Also… you really need to come to Philadelphia!

  107. i would love the paper version (is this open to us outside the US?)

  108. 109

    Oh, such a tough choice… I love the whimsical cover, but would have to choose audiobook if I get the option 🙂

  109. Audio version, please! Though that UK paper cover is pretty awesome.

  110. Audiobook would be AWESOME!!! I need to hear you read it, and my husband REALLY needs to hear it as much has I have talked about it and obsessed over it!

  111. Paper please! (big kisses from the Netherlands)

    Niki recently posted Ieke houdt van een uitdaging: de 2 meter slalom in slaapzak..

  112. Paper–only because words that make Mommy laugh don’t make CPS laugh when my kids parrot them.

  113. 114

    I have the paper version but would love the audio!

  114. 115
    Queen Elisheba

    That is fantastic, as is that cover! We’re boring here in the US.

  115. 116

    Okay that cover is pretty awesome. Would love that version.

  116. 117
    Heather H

    I would LOVE a copy of the audiobook. I read the physical book in one evening. Couldn’t put it down. 🙂

    Also, Gaithersburg, MD? I’m in. That sounds like the best way to spend a Saturday. EVER.

  117. 118

    audiobook!!! thank you!

  118. Audio please! Extra content means extra laughing, which means extra happy.

  119. 120

    I would love to hear the audio version! The voices already in my head would enjoy the company 🙂

  120. 121
    Jordan Riley

    While I want the paper one for myself, I’d have to go with the audiobook. Because I have a friend who needs to read you (for multiple reasons), but she’s dyslexic so reading is a pain for her. So the audiobook will have to do.

  121. I’d love the audio version because I already have the dead tree version. And come to Seattle please.

    daniel recently posted Success From Failure In The 2012 Pinewood Derby.

  122. Audiobook, please! I’ve read the paper version (LOVED it, and the looks I got from people who saw me laughing hysterically while reading a book in the corner) and audiobooks help me to remain a peaceful driver in traffic 🙂

  123. oooooooo… fingers crossed for an audio book! perfect of listening to on my train ride to and from work every day. and on the shuttle bus too – when reading actual words can be upset tummy inducing.

    megan recently posted sweet child of mine.

  124. 125
    Lori Fredericks

    I really really really want the audiobook!

  125. 126

    I’d love the audio version but even if I don’t win it, I’ll likely buy it.
    B&N was slooooow to get my copy to me so I just started reading it a couple of days ago. I find myself hearing your voice as I read, Jenny. It’s funnier than my voice anyway. Loving the book—I can’t remember laughing this much at anything I’ve read, ever. I may start using “Jenkins, you motherfucker!” as a random curse or punctuation in conversation. It’ll be awesome to watch people’s faces as they struggle to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me!

  126. Audio pretty please! Love the book!

  127. Paper, please!

    Deborah Lipp recently posted At the Grown-Ups’ Ball.

  128. Paper!

    Justine recently posted Neighbors.

  129. Papier. Because the UK version’s typography ROCKS! Just bought the kindle version to pass time while on bedrest with twins… yowza.

  130. Would LOVE an audiobook!

  131. The paper version , PLEASE! Hugs n ‘ <3

    Sherry Smith recently posted A Mayin'.

  132. Whimsical anglophilia is my middle name. It’s a mouthful and my initials are AWAB (no Kim Jong Il jokes please) but it fits. I’d be thrilled to get a paper copy!

  133. Paper please!!! 🙂

  134. 135

    I would love the audio version. I must say though that I love the cover for the UK version.

  135. Book, pretty pretty please x

  136. Paper version please. It is easier to hold than a ball of twine.

  137. Audioooooooo!

    Amanda recently posted Big Tom Forever.

  138. Ooooohhh LOVE the fancy font! Book book please – I already have the reader version. 🙂

    Rebeccah recently posted How My Son Is Trying To Kill Me, or, Why Jenny Lawson Is My Hero.

  139. 140

    I would LOVE the audio version! It would be amgical to be driving down the street and listening to you read your book…oh the fun i would have and the fear the other drivers would feel <3 win win 😀

  140. Ooooh I like the font on the UK edition. As for paper or audio… I plan on buying myself the paper version, but I never would buy an audio version as much as I love them so…

    Audio! 😀

  141. Audio, I love bloopers an embarrassing amount.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted Why didn’t you say something!?.

  142. The audio version pretty please!

  143. 144
    Kelley H

    I would love a paper version. I need to get my laugh on right now.

  144. Paper version!

  145. So yeah, a first time for everything: commenting! Just came to say that your book is now available in the Netherlands (audio, digital and hardcover) on Maybe some other Dutch folk reading this care to know. Or you might. I’m buying it, obviously. Yaaaay.

  146. Michigan on my birthday? Why would you go to Michigan then? I’m in South Carolina. 🙁

    Teresa Hill recently posted Loving an Outrageous Woman.

  147. I love both, but I’ll go with audio, seeing as I alread have two copies of the hardcover 🙂

    Melissa recently posted sherlockbones: @LLMGT Philadelphia! (not helpful, I know).

  148. Audio! Oh please please please!

  149. Paper Version!! Can’t wait to see you on Friday!!

  150. My paper copy is speeding it’s way toward my house now (oh happy day!), so I’d LOVE an audio version of your book!

  151. Oh light of my cyber-life, the audio book would be a nip-tingler! <3

  152. I would love a (paper) book copy, UK version would be cool.

  153. No stop in Atlanta from Florida to Maryland? It’s kinda halfway 🙂

    Jana (@jana0926) recently posted Giveaway: Kidfresh Meals.

  154. Audio version please 🙂

  155. AUDIO!!! I already bought the book and will see you in Miami on Friday night to get it signed – woo-hoo!!!

  156. I would Love the audio version! Oh the fun i would have listening to it while driving and the fear the neighboring drivers would feel…its a win-win situation 😀

  157. Omg audio please

  158. I cannot WAIT to read your book – it should arrive from Amazon today. BUT if I could get the audio book too, that would be fricken amazeballs.

  159. Audio please!

    Melinda Baumann recently posted Cabin Fever.

  160. PLEASE COME TO DENVER! And I’d love either version…

  161. I’m going audio (hope I win!!!)

  162. Audio please – it’s gonna rock our car trips! 😀

  163. Love the cover! Paper copy please! *crosses fingers*

  164. Audio!! I finished the book in less than 12 hours so now I need something to listen to while I drive!! (and have all the other motorists on the morning commute wonder What in the HELL is wrong w/this chick?)

  165. Paper!

  166. OHMAHGAH!

    I’M KIND OF FREAKING OUT. I’ll be there in Gaithersburg!

    For reals. Boom. done. AWESOME.

    (also, I REALLY want to hear the audio blooper reel. I predict awesome.)

  167. 168
    Kristi Amick

    Audio version please! And add Denver to your tour! 😉

  168. 169

    Am really enjoying my hard-copy (with pre-order book plate!), *BUT* I feel like I’m missing out on something by not having the audiobook….

    (This means I would like the audiobook. Just so we’re clear. ;-> )

  169. 170

    I would love the audio version. I pre-order my book moths ago. I haven’t seen it come in the mail yet.
    Are you going to come to Chicago to do signings?
    Hope so, also, I hope I have my book by then. hehe

  170. Audio. The only thing I love more than being read to, is being sung to. 😀

  171. Audio version would be so neat! (btw, just finished the part in the book about your dad throwing the live bobcat on Victor. I think I peed)

  172. That UK edition is so fancy. Paper please…so it can one up my US edition…and then they can play battle-to-the-death the bookcase version.

  173. The UK version is gorgeous! I’d love a paper copy. It’s my favorite book, ever.

  174. I am a total audio book addict and I want yours.

  175. 176

    Oh man, I’d love a copy of the audio book. I can’t quite imagine the bloopers being funnier than the book, but … maybe they are as funny? Funny in a different way?

    I just finished reading the book last night. I read it as slooooooowwwwwwwwly as I could, ’cause I wanted it to last as long as possible.

  176. Oooh, I’d love the audio version! Hope you come to Portland or Seattle!

  177. Eustice and I would just love the audio book!

    The Nice Lady recently posted This isn't really a post..

  178. Audiobook! Next book you need to get some pals to kick in on the audiobook, Wil, Geri, et al. Hilarity WILL ensue, or I’ll cut a bitch.

  179. The paper version would be amazing!

    Alison recently posted This Post Is For Rae..

  180. 181

    I’d love the aduio as your voice is different in my head than in real life! Thanks Jenny, for being you.

  181. 182
    Mona Kay

    Paper please… Missing your blogs but am rooting you along your journey! Congratulations!

  182. AUDIO! 🙂

  183. I’d love the low-tech paper version.

  184. paper, today, tomorrow, always! please!

  185. I would adore the paper version.

    (ps you totally rule)

    hellpellet recently posted shut up.

  186. Audio would be wonderful. Love the cover of the UK book though. You are amazing and you make my day everyday 🙂

  187. 188
    Heather Muns

    I would love to here you read your book in your voice. I’m sure it will add to the delight, so audio, please 🙂

  188. Audio version, please!!!!

    Lena Eivy recently posted An Engagement Session at Camp Long.

  189. Audio version. I’ve already read and loved the book so there’d be nothing better than having someone read it to me!

  190. I would love the audio version! Wish I could’ve caught you at one of the Texas book signings. Alas … next time!

    Ang recently posted Decaf for Breakfast.

  191. I’ll take either one happily, but I have a slight preference for hearing you be funny!

  192. 193
    Cathy with a C

    Paper. Please and thank you.

  193. Paper!!!!!

  194. 195

    Paper! The UK cover is so much nicer.

  195. 196
    Judy Black

    Audio . But if I win give it to someone else. I don’t want to be greedy .
    I can not stop myself from commenting. Free is my version of waving a red flag in front of a bull. Bought your book. (you would have to know me to appreciate what a compliment that is.)

  196. 197
    Alisha Parker

    I want the audio version due to my ability to focus long enough to actually read. plus, i’m sure you have a GREAT singing voice 🙂 also, i have 4 kids. so i could use some awesomely vulgar language!

  197. Audio!!

  198. I would LOVE to have the audio version. That way I could listen to it in the car, or the tub or I could play it for our 19 month old to get her started on the right track! Everyone needs to learn to love and appreciate The Bloggess from a young age!

  199. Audio, please!

  200. Paper!! I like to touch it, and hold it, and kiss it…

  201. Audio!!! I love you book!!!!

  202. 203
    Flatlander In Vermont

    I would love the paper version. With a baby due any day now I’ll be having lots of late night haziness to muddle through with 2am feedings and all so having something to distract would be awesome 🙂

  203. Paper version, please!

  204. Or Paper, because I am almost in need of a new home to store all of my books 🙂 I’ll swing EITHER WAY!! LOL

  205. I’d love to have the audio version. I can’t wait to hear the bloopers!

  206. 207
    Lisa Jensen

    paper please! <3

  207. Oooh! Audio, Please! Love that book cover, by the way. You rock!

  208. All the best to you on your tour…so awesome! I’d love a paperback copy so much it hurts…

  209. I would love the audio version

  210. I would love the paperback one!!!!

  211. Ohhh, audio. But I love the UK cover.

  212. AUDIO!!! That way when I’m in the car or at work I can still have some funny in my life!!! Please Please!!!

    Molly McDonald recently posted Father’s Day Gift Certificates Still Available!.

  213. audio only because I already have the paper one :O

  214. 215
    Christine M

    that UK version is SERIOULSY whimsical, but i think i’ll go for the audio, ‘cos it’s just awesome.

    i’m still Pretending to be Awesome… thank you for that HUGE piece of advice at your SF book signing!! i’m not writing a book, but a Master’s Thesis, which is probably just as scary. But that advice is hugely helpful. Hugely.

  215. crossing my fingers for a paper version – i’m on the waitlist at my library and it’s just taking TOO DAMN LONG

  216. Paper, please!!! 🙂

  217. I already have the (US) paper, but I’d LOVE to listen to the audio version. Would make car and train rides so much better, even if I embarrass myself laughing out loud (like I did this weekend).

  218. EITHER! And if you pick me I MIGHT forgive you for not touring the Pacific NW.

  219. Audio, because the only thing in the world better than reading it, is listening to you read it to me!! Oh and I already have a paper copy 🙂

    Such awesome!

  220. Oh my god, I want the paper, because that cover is glorious. Also, I don’t think I can order from Amazon UK from the States, can I? I know when I lived in Japan, you had to have a Japanese shipping address to place an order.

    Will the audio be available for purchase sometime? Because it, too, sounds amazing. 🙂

  221. 222
    Dolores Gonzalez

    Paper, please! See you on Friday!

  222. Paper please. And book shortages are a GOOD thing for you!

  223. I’d love the paper version!! Fingers crossed for me 🙂

  224. i love that you’re just above jim lehr on the gaithersburg book fest site. my librarian friend told me you were coming and i was **thrilled** until i remembered that i’ll be about 38 wks preg at that point, and the book fest is *just* beyond the 1 hr leash my dr has me on.

    i mean, unless you want me to have my baby in line to get your autograph 🙂 then you could just sign my kid 🙂

    so close, jenny … and yet so far away.

    ann @ my life as prose. recently posted string lanterns, pests, time, and the retreat..

  225. I needed (another) excuse to come to Florida!

    Paper version would be awesome.

    (As would a trip to FL!)

  226. 227

    Paper! Also, come to Green Bay! Pretty pretty please?

  227. 228
    Cathy West Dale

    Subtle bribery indeed! It is overt bribery. Paper please. (feel like I’m at the grocery check out stand).

  228. 229
    Beth Jeffrey

    Paper pleeeeeease!

    (And a ferret in a hat if there’s any going spare……)

  229. Oh! I would *love* the audio version… Also do you still have book plates available?

    Erica B recently posted unintentional.

  230. I would love the paper version! That cover is awesome!

  231. Paper please! I can’t wait to read your book!

  232. Since I already have the paper version (AND I LOVE IT), I’d like the audio version. It would make me furiously happy.

  233. OHMYGAH…Is the Gaithersburge event just a signing or will you be reading and saying stuff too? I don’t mean JUST a signing but in addition to the amazing event that is a signing, will you be saying stuff too?

    This is a real question.

    Also, audio version please.

  234. oh yeah, and i want the UK version. forgot to mention that 🙂

    ann @ my life as prose. recently posted string lanterns, pests, time, and the retreat..

  235. I would love the paper or audio–I’m an equal-opportunity literary fanatic. 🙂

  236. Audio!!

  237. Audio!!!! I want to hear the titles sung.

  238. 239

    I would love to have the audio book. I already bought one for my son and his wife but I would like one of my own so I can get the bonus chapter.

    Aside from that, please come to Columbus while you are in Ohio. Pretty please with sugar on top.

  239. 240
    Michelle S.

    Ooh, ooh! Paper version, please! Unless it’s a UK version of the audiobook in which you attempt a British accent. Then I TOTALLY want the audio version.

  240. Paper. Cause you’re fucking amazing.

    Thinking Too Hard recently posted Say my name – Chapter Three.

  241. 242
    Ashley D

    Audiobook please!

  242. Oh I NEED to hear you sing. I would love the audio version!

  243. I would love the audio version! What a wonderful way to read a book.

    Deirdre recently posted Book review - the startup of you.

  244. 245
    Jane Brooks

    The audiobook would be my best friend ever. I would tuck it under my boob to keep it warm and sleep with it under my pillow at night. Thank you.

  245. Audio! Pretty please w/cute little mouse turds on it! You know, instead of that sugar thing….

  246. I’d love a paper copy of the UK version – I LOVE some whimsy!

    Jody recently posted Subtle bribery.

  247. I love having the US and UK version of a book, but you have a pleasant voice. Audio it is. If I win. Because you picked me. Pretty please.

  248. Audiobook, please! 🙂

  249. Audio! Would love to hear you read your stories!

  250. Just pissed my pants when I saw the added Maryland stop. The good news is that I’ll be there. The bad news is that you owe me $600 for the ergonomic desk chair that’s now covered in my pee.
    (or the paper-version book)

  251. 252

    I want the paper. No, I want the audio. No, the paper. The audio. GODDAMNIT I WANT IT ALL.

    I’m still making my way through my fancy-pants first edition and I don’t want to finish it because I don’t want the book to end. So… if I can win this it would be awesome.

    Ok, fine, twist my arm, I’ll take the audio.

  252. 253

    paper paper paper….yay yay yay!

  253. Audio! Got the paper one coming to me in the mail already.

  254. I know your book schedule doesn’t revolve around my life – but if you’re in DC May 15th or 16th or May 23rd or 24th or 25th I’ll be super freakin happy!!!!

  255. Audio please. You definately need a Chi-town stop on your whirlwind tour. Just throwing that nugget out there. 🙂

  256. Love that you are coming to Gaithersburg, MD! Can’t wait to meet you!

  257. audio!!! to hear you tell the story would be AWESOME!!! I’ve already finished the book and i miss you.

  258. Oh such a hard choice – but I think I’d like an audio copy. And I would be wiling to find you a taxidermied nutria if I am chosen!

  259. I would LOVE the paper version! I can’t wait to read this!

    Also, while you’re adding tour stops, Tuscaloosa, AL would LOVE to have you!

  260. ??Wub bubble for you Jenny??? I’d love to have the audiobook for the blooper reel!

  261. Although the paperback looks amazing with that cover, I’m dying to listen to the audiobook, and since I’m poor, I haven’t been able to get it yet! BTW, way proud of you!

  262. Audiobook!!!

  263. I just ordered the book so I would love to have a copy of the audiobook.
    Though the UK cover is much cooler!

  264. 265

    Audio version!

  265. 266
    Kathryn (@Thrushiebaby) Franks


  266. Paper version!!! If you set up a tour date in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Norfolk, VA; I shall grace you with my presence in costume!

  267. Audiobook, please! I just finished the hardcover today, and would love to hear you narrate this story yourself. Seriously still peeing my pants over here……..between your marriage proposal, and the laxative story, I thought I would die.

    Heather Thomas recently posted It's the end of the world as we know it..........and I feel fine..

  268. Audio. Book. No, audio. I can’t decide!! I don’t care. Either. Audio. Let’s go with audio.

    L-Kat recently posted Bigfoot is a sociopathic deranged genius.

  269. audio, because I read good squad sarah’s warning and I strive to be a worse parent

  270. Audio!

  271. You know what I’d love? The paper version!

  272. 273

    Happy to have either one of them!!! I’m not picky! 🙂

  273. I would love to throw my name into the hat for the audio copy please! Your voice is very nice to listen to and it would bed fun to pretend you were telling stories directly to me!

  274. Audio, audio, oh pleasepleaseplease!!

  275. 276

    Please, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease add Las Vegas to your tour dates.

  276. 277
    Jessica G

    I desperately want the audio book!!!

  277. Paper! I had to go to the hospital 2 nights ago after reading the first 4 chapters of your book. Really. Apparently intense laughter can trigger contractions. But they managed to stop the early labor, and my husband has confiscated your book for the rest of my pregnancy. Which is good, because I was totally considering naming my son “Jenny” if he were born that night.

  278. I’d love the paper. Thanks for being the bitch that makes me laugh! 🙂

  279. Tough choice!!! I think “the book” because I freakin’ love that cover – although the bloopers are verrrrrry tempting!

    PS So totally wish you were coming to STL!!!!

  280. Paper please! So I can lend it to friends and share the fun (or alternatively prop up a leaning table – that’s something you cannot do with an ebook)

  281. I would love the paper version. I am currently putting a little money aside each month so I can buy it before summer is over. No, seriously!

    Hope you enjoy the book tour in spite of massive hordes of fans. Oh, the horror 😉

    Nat recently posted Dear past me.

  282. Audio, would love to listen to the sound of your voice over and over and over and over…..

  283. As I can’t read UK, I would love the Audio version. I understand Audio. Unless the Audio version is in UK, then I am screwed.

    (Meant to be read in Comic Sans)

  284. I have already read my paper version twice (with it’s very own book plate – IN CANADA no less!!!) but would truly love to hear you sing.

    I would love to be the blissful winner of the audio book please. 🙂

  285. Although that is one sweet cover, I’ll take the audio version because I already have the book, which I can’t stop talking about and now my family thinks you’re starting a cult. Which you totally should. When you’re done touring.

    -j- recently posted Getting all grand and everything.

  286. Audio!! Definitely.

  287. I would totally give up my eternal love for Sean Connery if I could have the signed UK book. Also? I would have my cat stuffed and given to you if you would add an Atlanta date to your book tour. I mean, he’s not dead. Yet. He’s a really crotchety, confused 14-year-old Snowshoe who like Doritos and biscuits with honey. But, as soon as he kicks off, he’s yours. If you come to Atlanta. Otherwise, no dice.

    BTW. You’re book makes me laugh. Really big, loud guffaws that cause my husband to wonder what the fuck I’m reading. But I don’t tell him, because it’s our little secret. Sssssshhhhhhh…..

    Coal Miner's Granddaughter recently posted The Forest Quiet.

  288. Audio because I like singing

  289. I’d love the audio version. I’d love to hear these stories in your own voice.

  290. Paper edition please!! I was so bummed out that I couldn’t get it here right away! Congratulations on your first book!

  291. Between FL and MD you should make a pit stop in NC so my book doesn’t feel left out 🙁

  292. I would totally want the UK version – because the typography on the cover is great!

  293. The paper version, please! 🙂

  294. My husband informed me that I had better get him a ‘great anniversary present’ because he got the paper version for me.

    So I think turnaround would be fair and I should get him the audio version. I’d win bigger if I got the audio version for free…

  295. Audio, please. I’m in the midst of finals week for school and I should be writing a research paper, yet all I’ve been doing is reading your book. Such a good student, srsly.

  296. p.s. – you should swing the tour through Las Vegas… I’d be happy to join you in the restroom for drinks and laughs!

  297. Audiobook would be amazingness

  298. Luckily i’m in England so i’ll get that when mine arrives can’t wait!! An audio version would be cool tho especially good for the journey to work. Sure you don’t want to.come visit here in good old England? I know a few fans who’d love you to sign their book!? 🙂

  299. 300
    Jamie A.

    Audio! I already have the e-version. A friend and I were bugging your Twitter a few weeks ago about coming to Georgia. Apparently you missed the memo. You make my heart smile.

  300. Audiobook! Bloopers are always the way to go!

  301. 302

    The Audio version would be awesome!

  302. 303
    Hiata DeFeo

    Paper, pretty please!

  303. Paper please!

  304. I’d love the audio version, to keep me company on my 800+ mile drive to Canada this summer!

  305. I’ve bought the Kindle AND paperback version! Love love love this book!

  306. I would really like the audio version, please. I can’t wait for you to get around to blogging about Dallas. that was…intense.

  307. 308
    Nina Glencross

    I would LOVE a paper copy more than Copernicus loves plotting his most adorably horrifying homicides. Yes, more. And that really is saying a lot.

  308. 309

    Oh man, I think an audio version would be pretty cool since I already have the written version (albeit the US printing.)

  309. Dying to hear the audio book!!

  310. paper baby!

  311. 312

    Audio please! I own the book and I cannot wait to hear you read it! <3

  312. Audio. That way I can pretend we’re bosom buds and continue stalking you very, very silently. In a complimentary, uncreepy way, of course.

  313. 314
    Meredith Sullivan

    I would love love love the paper version!

  314. I’d love the paper version.

  315. 316
    Mama Nette

    Either paper or audio would be great!

  316. audio please, like really please with a petrified cherry on top and a mummified unhatched chicken egg too

    Radish Whippet recently posted Radish Whippet Video.

  317. Paper, please! I love the whimsy.

    Christine recently posted A Big Crybaby and a Wee Improvement.

  318. I would like the audio version, so I can listen to your wisdom while I “work out.”

  319. Paper version, pretty please!

  320. 321

    Audio PLEASE!! LOVE your book!

  321. Audio version, for the win!

  322. 323
    Sheila Harris

    I’d love the audio version!

  323. 324

    I want the audio book!!!! Pretty pretty please….

  324. Paper, pretty please!

    Lissie recently posted Tuesday's Tip (#2).

  325. 326

    Paper please!! And a book signing in CA would be lovely, too!

  326. paper please 🙂

  327. If it was anyone other that you yourself reading/singing, I would say paper, but given the circumstances — please please please please please I want the audiobook so much please please please!

    Kathy V. recently posted Queasing My Way Through Egypt.

  328. Audio please!!!

  329. Paperback please! The UK cover is way cooler than the US version. 🙂

    Didn’t even realize there is an audiobook version. That had to have been a ton of fun to narrate. I’ll have to check that out soon!

    Nathan Blevins recently posted Happy Birthday, Kitara.

  330. Oooh paper please 🙂 xoxo

  331. I would love a paper version! Absolutely love it! That’s a delicious cover.

  332. 333

    Ooh, ooh, paper please! And if you decide to extend your tour to the UK, that would be super too!

  333. Paperback. I just saw that you’re coming to gaithersburg and I am so freaking excited!!!! I’m totally attending the shit outta that book fair. And if I don’t win, I’ll buy a book anyway.

  334. 335

    Paper please!

  335. Paper, please. Also, can I just say I’m sitting here wondering how in the hell you’re coping with the tour. I mean physically and mentally. I would be a total basket case. I’m such a baby when traveling. I need to go to bed early and not see people until the last possible moment. I’m tired all the time and I eat too much because I’m not at home where I can control calories. That sort of thing. How are you pulling this off? Aside from brushing your teeth with Clearasil, I mean.

    Kathy recently posted Love Note.

  336. 337
    Janetta Chrysler

    I’d love to hear you reading the audio version please.

  337. Would it be asking too much for the paper version and a stop in Chicago??! If so I’ll just take the stop in Chicago 🙂

    D recently posted One Small Step…..

  338. Who would pass up a chance to hear your voice??

    Audio Please!!

  339. Paper!

  340. Hi! I just finished reading the book today and I loved it! I enjoyed reading the book during my commute and laughing like a maniac in the subway while people looked at me funny. I am not ashamed to admit that I also cried a bit in one part while I was walk-reading on my way to work. I have loved you for years and now I love you even more. Big hug.

  341. I would love the paper cover! This is a great book!! I’m reading it for the second time!

  342. I dig the paper version. 🙂

    Also, if one of those tour stops happens to be in St. Louis, I will make you cupcakes. 🙂

    Kara recently posted Things, stuff, and knitting..

  343. Audio!!

  344. Audio would be…different. I don’t generally like listening to books but you’re totally different and it seems like that would be an awesome experience.

    On a side note, you’re going to all sorts of weird states where I forgot people actually live there, but New England loves you too! Even if we never get to see you, I guess just know we totally love you.

    Sarah Elizabeth recently posted Adventures in Boston.

  345. 346
    Erin in AK

    Both! Either! But really, the audiobook would be amazing. However, it may lead to injury as I flail off the elliptical machine at the gym while laughing uncontrollably. 🙂

  346. I’d love a paper version. The cover is grand.

  347. I would LOVE the paper version! That cover is awesome! I just found out that you’ll be in my hometown (Gaithersburg) but I wont be here that weekend and I’m pretty upset about it. A signed version would be out-of-this-world awesome!

  348. I’d be honored to have the audio edition of a book from someone who makes me smile and laugh more than 99.9999999% of the other people on the planet (including almost all professional comedians).

  349. Paper please! The UK cover in perfectly wonderful!

  350. And my head has just exploded with the difficulty of deciding between the UK version of the paper book and the audio version. The small scraps of brain left are murmuring, ‘audio.’

    markira recently posted And I Will Drive 5000 Miles....

  351. I would love either one of them….and thank you…for making my entire DAY every time I read your blog. Today…I read the chapter on the post-it notes you left for your husband. I cannot stop laughing and people at work are looking at me strangly.

  352. Paper please! This is the most fun I’ve had reading anything in a very long time. 🙂

  353. Audio Please! I bought the Kindle version but would love to hear the singing.

  354. Audiobook would be cool.

  355. 356
    Elizabeth B

    Me me me mememememememe please! That would possibly help to make up for me missing your Dallas book signing. I would love to have the audio version, pretty please/thanks. I love that cover but I already have the book and would LOVE to hear you singing the titles and the blooper reel! And the extra chapter! Yay!

  356. I would adore the paper version, but would accept the e version. I’m hoping you come to Denver. I’m broke (on disability) so I haven’t yet bought it. WOULD LOVE SO MUCH TO WIN IT! It would make me tremendously happy! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Also, I had a panic attack earlier today, and thought of you and felt not alone. Thank you. <3

  357. I’d love either one! I’m not picky!


    Maybe you should come to Atlanta, otherwise I just might not stop yelling…

    Meg recently posted Welcome to Agape Events Atlanta!.

  359. 360
    Tabitha W

    But.. I would forgo it if you would come to Canada. I would like it even more if you would come to Toronto, to my house, in my bathroom. We can hide in the tub together. I make good wine slushies and my hubbys a chef so he can slip us food under the door.
    Please, will you come to my bathroom.

  360. 361

    Audio if you read it. Paper if you don’t. Thanks…oh, and Will Weaton tweeted about you! Love that!

  361. that cover is AMAZING. I’d love the paper version 🙂
    I was dying to see you when you came to Los Angeles, but unfortunately I had to work that day 🙁


  362. I would totally love the audio. If I don’t win, I will probably buy it.

  363. 364

    I would love to have The paper version!

  364. Paper…the UK version is so fancy!

    Rachel recently posted Transitioning | Lentils & Leeks with Tarragon over Fennel Frond Rice.

  365. Oo! Mine’s a signed first edition. Now it’s extra special. 🙂 Friends of mine are totally going to squee that you’re coming to Maryland. And to Gaithersburg, not less. Needless to say you’ll find friendly faces to welcome you there.

    Print, if there’s still a running to be had. I really love the font on the cover. 🙂

  366. 367
    Rakazan from Twitter

    Audio, chickie! I want to hear you get your read on! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

  367. Audio? <3

  368. 369

    Oh I was thinking it was more like… tentacles than guts… but either way… it’s interesting. My dearling celestial sister managed to get me a copy of your book, signed by you of course, in San Antonio. Next best thing to seeing you IRL of course. So that’s the long way of saying I’d love the Audiobook 😉


  369. audio version purdy please…..i’d die to hear you sing the titles 🙂

  370. 371
    LaKishia Sweat


  371. 372
    Tami Lane

    You had me at “singing the titles”… Audio version, please!

    Plus, I think I can argue with my fiance its relevance in our library when it’s the author’s voice reading the book… can’t say the same for Douglas Adams. 😛

  372. 373

    I love your Blog… I’d love the Audio Book

  373. Even though that cover is awesome, I totally need to hear you reading some of those stories! So, I’m going for the audio book.

  374. wab <– that's sound in Klingon… I'd like the audio version please 🙂

  375. So the bff and I are driving down to New Orleans from Delaware this summer and the audio-book would be awesome for the drive down as we are both huge fans of yours.

  376. 377

    I would love the audiobook so I can listen to it on my Kindle Fire!

  377. UK Version – because of the kick-ass cover and I may have smeared peanut butter on my 1st edition US version. . . crossing my fingers!

  378. am i unable to enter said contest because i live in Ireland and not the uk because i would like the paper version to keep me company during my hour long poo that actually only takes 2 minutes but i can never quite make myself leave because the quiet, serenity and dampness of the loo makes it feel like a cave that I could forever hide in to forget about the weirdos lurking outside the door.

  379. Audio….who can resist outtakes?

  380. as enticing as all the extra perks of the audible version are, I shot my wad on my new life here in France and don’t have a player. I would love a paper copy and I’d probably wet my pants if it were signed.

    (hey that paper version might come in even handier …)

    I remember you when …. did yourself proud, girl. and all of us, too. xx

  381. Definitely the audio! I’ve already purchased and read the paper version twice! Just read it twice, not purchased it twice…sorry 😉

  382. 383

    Audio please!

  383. 384
    candria powers

    Paper Please! I need this! I read the sneak peek on Amazon and am in LOve!

  384. 385
    Adrienne Jones

    Paper Please!

  385. 386
    Another girl who stole your look

    Paper…no audio…oh I don’t know. I have the US version of the print, but I love the look of the UK version. Okay, audiobook it is then.

  386. 387
    Shannon Fielding

    I would like the audio version, please.

  387. as awesome as the UK paper version is, I would like the audio book version!!! Please “randomly” select me

    Melodie recently posted Memoirs and Biographies.

  388. I would absolutely LURVE a copy of the Audiobook!!!!! =)

    Shell recently posted Stairs Suck!.

  389. Audio! But I do have to say that I love that cover!

  390. So hard to choose…… paper I think… even as awesome the audio would be.

    Marybeth recently posted Biscornu with Needle Darning and Blackwork.

  391. Hardback!!!! Pretty please!

  392. 393
    shannon p.

    audiobook by preference (I mean, come on, you’re singing the titles there!!!!!)

  393. Audio, audio, audio!!!! PLEASE!

  394. 395
    Samantha Ceron

    ooooh pick me! im like a stalker only better!

  395. You did a fabulous job in Austin! And I’d love a paper version. That cover rocks!

  396. I’m in the UK, can I play for the UK version of the book? 😀 I LOVE what they have done with the title!! Have fun on the tour — I wish I could be there!!!

  397. 398

    Any Jenny is good Jenny. Paper, please. But any Jenny would be fine.

  398. paper. Love the cover, already have the audio book. Sadly, we finished it yesterday. Husband thought the bonus chapter was the best chapter of the book.

  399. 400

    Sweet Jeebus, come to the midwest, puh-LEASE! And should I win, I would love the paper version, but I would shank an infant for the audio version as well. I’m not picky.

  400. OMG I was so hoping to get your book for my birthday but I didn’t so I was going to buy the e-book from my desk to read the second i get off work….. so Audiobook.

    Tova recently posted Recipe Saturday- Puffed almond chevre bites (sounds fancy, but it is easy!).

  401. I’ve been a lurker for a long time but my relationship with audio books is passionate, so please, please, audio, please. xo -Kate

  402. *closes eyes and does a spin* umm. Book version please.

  403. I really wish we had gotten that UK cover! So I’ll put my name in for the paper version.

  404. 405
    Marissa G

    Getting a signed audio book would be the greatest thing since metal chicken statues.

  405. 406
    Kate Allison-Mills

    Ooh, paper please!

  406. Audio book, please!

  407. 408

    I would love the audio!

  408. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the paper version. I *love* the cover!

    Nanci Cernak recently posted Blog Love: Growin up Mo’.

  409. Oh how I would love the paper version!!

    Sharon recently posted Accepted in disbelief.

  410. Paper, please!! <3 🙂

  411. 412

    audiobook please!

  412. 413


  413. 414

    Paper 🙂

  414. 415
    Joanna Williams

    This is sooooooo hard to decide. I want the dust jacket of your UK book, I love the font of the title and your name. But I really like hearing things in your voice – so I chose the audio book. Pick me, pick me, pick me! P.S. Listening to your read a chapter at your LA stop (with Soliel) was really a treat.

  415. 416

    Paper please! The cover is sooo fun! (But as much as I reallly really do want it, I already have a signed US paper copy and a signed audiobook, and a signed “put a bird on it” bag, so maybe you should give it to someone who needs it more than me… plus in my head you are my best friend so i totally win)

  416. I would love the paper version!

  417. Audiobook pretty pretty please!

  418. I would LOVE the audiobook! And maybe you could add at Tennessee stop to your tour? I’d even take an Atlanta one 🙂

  419. I would love a paper version!

  420. Put me in for the audio book please! I look forward to making my workouts, housecleaning, and car rides much more fun.

  421. Ohh I really want the audio one, because I know the out takes will be AWESOME!!!

  422. The audio version would be nice 🙂

  423. 424
    Shannon Fielding

    Although, I would also like the paper version, please, as the cover is different from the one I have.

  424. 425
    Rebecca Strain

    I LOVE that cover. Paper version would be awesome!

  425. I would love the paper version of the book!

    kt recently posted The State of NSC- April 2012.

  426. 427
    Leslie Ci

    Audio!! While the UK cover of your book is awesome, who wouldn’t want to hear you singing chapter titles & a blooper reel? Also, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get to a signing, cos I’m pretty sure you’re not makin’ it to rural Virginia…

  427. Audio version, s’il vous plaît.

  428. 429

    Audiobook unless you come to central CT 🙂

  429. 430
    Leslie Rahuba

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Audio version, please, ’cause I have the print, and want to listen to you tell the stories in your own voice.

  430. 431

    That cover is awesome! I would love the paper version!

  431. I’d love the audiobook version, pleeeeaaaaaase!! 🙂

  432. Paper version is freaking awesome!

  433. 434

    Paper please! I love the cover. Congrats on being a New York Times Best Seller! You deserve it. My plan is to continue moving copies of your book to the front of every store I go in.

  434. I would love the audio version. I really want to hear the bloopers!

    Beth recently posted Venting.

  435. I pre-ordered the hardback book and devoured it as soon as I was able. Would love the audiobook, because I imagine hearing you read it is the only thing that would possibly make it better!

  436. Audio. Bc the mental image of myself busting into insane laughter at the gym is too hard to resist.

  437. 438
    Heather S.


  438. 439
    Bob Schumaker

    Ooooh! The audio version — I already have the paper version 🙂

  439. 440
    Michelle Bailey

    I would love to have the audio version. The book is awesome. You have no idea how many people I’ve recommended it to already. One immediately bought the Kindle version this morning after I sent her the links to a couple of your stories!

  440. 441

    Come to Seattle!!!!!
    Paper please 🙂 (Imagine that said with a snooty British accent; not a normal, working class accent, but some high falutin’ snobby accent. And I’d like a scone with a side of clotted cream please. I expect that comes with all UK versions.)

  441. PAPER!!! Man that UK cover is cool. Why are we North Americans so boring?!? Sigh. Oh well, it’s what’s inside that counts right? And *that* is funny as hell. Your book is getting me through bad patches with annoying co-workers. But my colleague across the hall keeps having to ask if I’m crying or laughing really hard. Usually it’s both: crying from laughing so hard. Thank you for this wonderful gift of laughter! (And yet sorry if I’m laughing at you, but you made me do it.)

    Laura recently posted I should probably mention that I did finish my 10k race.

  442. That’s awesome of you to give away the UK version. It looks amazing! I’m not putting my name in the drawing though because I think you deserve the revenue of a purchased book. 😀

    But ya, yet another example of your awesomeness.

  443. I would sooo love the audio version!

    MeganRath recently posted Chocolate Orange Baked French Toast.

  444. 445

    Paper, please. Thanks so much for the laughter!

  445. audio!

  446. i prefer paper but would take either!

  447. Audio version!!!

  448. I would love a paper version! I wish you were stopping in St. Louis on your tour!

  449. paper please… no cd player in the bathroom….

  450. 451
    Angela B.

    UK version please… I appreciate all the extra “u”s they toss in there for good humour.

  451. 452
    Samantha Ceron

    oh and paper 🙂 there’s nothing like a book stained in yellow cheetos fingerprints!

  452. I would love a paper version. I have it on kindle, but you can’t exactly autograph a kindle copy. Well… you can, but it might make it difficult to read all my other books. 🙂

  453. 454
    Shanna Herndon

    I would love the audio book:)

  454. Audio version, please!

  455. Audio – so I can listen to it while I drift off to sleep….

  456. Audio book, please.

  457. 458
    Michelle C

    Audio version please. I read the book already (kept my husband up with my laughin), and I only imagine that it will be that much better listening to you actually tell the stories.

    BTW, heard there is a shortage of Xanax because some new author on tour has been eating them like candy. Know anything about that? 😉

  458. 459
    Kim in Fargo NF

    Audio for me, please!

  459. Paperback please! Thanks!

  460. Paper please 🙂

  461. Paper. No, ROCK! No … paper. Paper. I’m gonna go with paper. Paper covers rock, right?

    Nils Ling recently posted "One Night Only" - Streamed LIVE!.

  462. I am totally a slow reader, but I am enjoying your book thoroughly. You are really courageous to be so forthcoming. Best of luck on the rest of the tour.

  463. Audio…it would be wonderful to hear you read to me. I hope Chicago is one of those dates that gets added.

  464. Paper pleas!!!

  465. 466
    Cheryl Levenbrown

    audio, pretty please. i don’t think i was done gushing uncontrollably at your NY appearance about how much i LOVE you. do i get points for not stalking you on 86th St. after the signing? 🙂 xxxooo

  466. 467

    I’ve already finished your book, so the audio version would be great!

  467. Tulsa! Tulsa, Tulsa, Tulsa! Come to Tulsa! Also, while the Brit cover is awesome, I neeeeeeed the audiobook ’cause I’ve never seen/heard a blooper reel for a book before. That and it is so going onto my iPod.

    Also, come to Tulsa!

  468. can you just sign my kindle copy?

  469. 471

    Love the UK cover! I think I’d love the audio book!

  470. 472
    Paula Rodriguez

    Would LOVE the audio! Already read it on my Kindle, but to hear it in YOUR voice would be beyond awesome!

  471. PS: My husband says “You’ll be bouncing off the f###ing walls if you get one from her!” in his adorable English accent. 😀 (I’m American! 😀 )

  472. I would LOVE the paper version..

  473. Really torn. I love holding a paper book but with audio, I could listen in my car. Which is way safer than reading in my car. Okay, okay, okay. Audio!!

  474. I’d love the paper version. You totally rock fabulous, Jenny. Denver wants you to come here!!

    seasweetie recently posted Photo of the Day: Bumbershoots.

  475. Paper!! I so wish you’d come to NC/SC/GA area on this tour!

  476. 478

    I would love to have the audio version!

  477. The audiobook would be awesome just because you read it yourself!

  478. Also? I realized I can’t fucking spell.

    Ahem. First paragraph sentence should read: “Snowshoe who likes Doritos” and that second paragraph “you’re” should be “your”. This is why I leave the book writing to you.

    Coal Miner's Granddaughter recently posted The Forest Quiet.

  479. Audio, please!! That way I can laugh my way through the dishes and laundry and drudgery that is my glamorous life. <3

  480. 482

    Audio, por favor!

  481. 483
    Vickie Montgomery

    I would luuuuuv the paper version!

  482. 484

    Wow, winning this will be almost as statistically improbable as winning the next mega-millions drawing. That said, Audio, please!

  483. Did you read on the UK audiobook version or was it your alter-ego Persimmon Pennywhistle? I feel like I’d have to get into my UK character to listen to it (Basil Hogplum).

    Godspeed on the rest of your book tour young lady.

    Pip pip cheerio

    P.S. Now, I’m hungry for Cheerios. Thanks.

    The Extrovert recently posted When acronyms and initialisms are NOT always best to use.

  484. 486
    sarah davis

    paper please! audio defeats the purpose of the book smell, but is very good for the illiterate.

  485. 487
    Judy Black

    I would love a signed UK paper version . I know I said earlier to give it to someone else if I won, disregard . I want it.

  486. 488
    Jean Rowell

    I’m thinking sarcastic thoughts about subtlety, but would love an audio version! I already have the hardback and the Kindle :0

  487. Paper! 😀

  488. Paper version, please!

  489. After reading the book electronically, I’d love to hear the blooper reel. I’ve told my best friend if she doesn’t buy it soon, when I visit her in July I’m bringing a copy because she just has to read it. An audio copy would be an even better gift 🙂

  490. Ooh, audio!

  491. 493

    Audio book please! – I thought i had commented before but i dont see it 🙁

  492. AUDIO! I love singing and bloopers!! Is there bloopers of you singing… cause that may just be too much awesomeness for me…

    Mona recently posted My what big… eyes you have!.

  493. I’m sooo bummed. I arrived in Dallas last Thursday when you were doing the book signing, but I arrived too late to go. 🙁 And now you are doing one 4 hours from my house (in Miami), and I can’t go because of kid’s activities. Don’t you want to “swing through” Orlando, FL so I can get a signature, too?

  494. 496

    I would love an audio book!

  495. 497
    J. Martin

    Want paper..please..pretty, pretty please..*sad-puppy dog face*I looked out the window today and saw my 70 something year old neighbor groping his 50 something year old (supposedly gay, but guess not) ‘friend’..I could totally use your book instead of eye-bleach.

  496. I would love to have the audio book! We have a road trip coming up and that would be so awesome!

  497. I have the paper so would love the audio!

    AmyBlam recently posted If I die, he will feel badly OR why I am not allowed on WebMD.

  498. Audio!! Audio!! However, I worry if listening to it in the car would cause me to have an accident from laughing too hard while also yelling at my GPS to stop judging me. So maybe the paper back would be better. Safer, maybe…I don’t know. I’ll leave it up to you.

  499. 501

    Audiobook please!!!

  500. I’d rather give you the money by purchasing a copy myself. Come to Atlanta, pretty please? With sugar AND sprinkles on top?

  501. 503
    Christy Evans

    Audio, all the way. I need to add a little (more) dysfunction to family car trips. It’s good for my kids to see what happens when bladders get old and are pushed to hysterical limits. Builds character. And, it’s really embarrassing to a 12 year old boy to see his mom pee her pants.

  502. 504
    Dawn Scerni

    I love the font on the UK cover! I prefer the paper!

  503. 505
    Jennifer Vandale

    Paper, no! Plastic. No, paper. Yes definitely plaper.

  504. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! You’re finally coming kinda near me!! YAY! Now, I have to hitchhike to Gaithersburg… and I want the AUDIOBOOK!! :-*

  505. 507

    I already listened to the audiobook. Hilarious! I hope you make it to Boston!

  506. 508
    denise talley

    I would love the paper version ! This way I will have it to pass down to the next generation! I’ll find something dead and stuff it if i am chosen! or I’ll have my nephew stuff for you, he is good! Bribery works both ways!

  507. the UK version is so pretty! but i have the US hardcover and am dying to know what’s in that bonus chapter. plus I think your voice is sweet. And I imagine the only thing that could make your stories funnier would be you reading them.

    audiobook pretty please 🙂

  508. I would love a paper copy to give to my ex-wife (who is also my best friend).

  509. I almost threw my laptop and cancelled all plans on May 10, I couldn’t believe you were coming to Lansing! And then I read it was Skype (insert sad face). I suppose I could settle for the paper version of the book though to soothe my sadness.

  510. Of course I want the audio version… Singing Titles?? Bloopers? Who can say “no” to that??!!!

    Also.. Gaithersburg, MD??!! HUZZAH!!!! See you on the 19th!!! Yay!!!!

  511. audio! oddio! oddeo!

    –odeofun 🙂


    sean recently posted So there I was holding my balls at work….

  512. Paper! Whimsy is so exciting 🙂

  513. Wow, would LOVE to hear your voice on the audio book! It would be fun to share your stories with my best friend on our next road trip.

    annie recently posted A Word About Chocolate, and Some Crazy-Ass Brownies.

  514. I would LOVE to have an Audiobook! Having you read it will make me laugh even harder. And I couldn’t listen to it in the car and be laughing my ass off and freak people out. And then they would try to tune into the station they think I’m listening to, but they can’t because I’d be listening to you on my audiobook.

  515. Paper! 🙂

  516. Paper please!!! I would love to have a version of this awesomeness to put on my coffee table in full view of everyone! 🙂

  517. Scizzors! Rock! Oh, wait I don’t think I understand this.

    Lynne recently posted Wordies.

  518. I would be beyond grateful for any version, and would repay you by having you sign the strangest thing EVER!

  519. Oh, it looks like someone had fun with the fonts on the cover of the UK version. I approve. I would love to have the UK book. (Not that I’m not curious to hear your audiobook. Do you have a UK version of your audiobook with you reading in a British accent?)

    alejna recently posted Phoebes, unicorns, and Phoebe’s unicorns.

  520. I would like the actual book, because books on tape aren’t *really* books.

  521. Paper, please. Also, Chicago??? No?

  522. So excited for the 9th! You spelled Cincinnati wrong but I forgive you.

  523. 525
    Susan McLean

    I would love a paper version!

  524. paper please!

  525. I would LOVE me the paper copy!

  526. Audio, unless you have board books, with an almost 3 year old that seems to be the only type of book I can read, well except for tween literature (40 year old women hanging head in shame)

  527. audio – Do you read it in a british accent? 😉

  528. Audiobook!

  529. paper! I LOVE YOU JENNY in a non-threatening way

    Jess recently posted my secret vacation (#12).

  530. 532
    Detroit Dave

    I always choose paper over plastic.

  531. Audio version! It sounds lovely.

  532. 534
    Rebecca toon

    Audio! Audio! AUDDDDIOOOOOO!!!!!
    Thanks so much!

  533. Very disappointed you are coming to MD, but on Shabbat and I won’t be able to make it. Hope you will come back again!

    Corey Feldman recently posted TMI Q&A – my battle with Anxiety, depression and ADHD.

  534. Audiobook would rock! The book is fantastic!

  535. Paper!

    ***Crossing my fingers dates to the Chicagoland area are added!!!***

  536. Audio!

  537. 539
    Virginia Gribben

    Audio would be SO cool!

  538. Paper version please because you’ve just reminded me why e-readers suck. I want my kids to be able to read your book when I’m dead!

  539. PS
    And I’d love an audio version!!

  540. 542
    Judy Bivens

    Audio! Already have the ebook

  541. 543
    Staci G.

    Audiobook!!! LOVED hearing your words in your own voice in Dallas!!!!

  542. The choice… It’s too hard! You’re making me think, and that hurts 😉 Have to go with the paper version, just ’cause of the cover. Congrats on all the success, you deserve it!!!

  543. I want a paper copy! I love that cover!

  544. Audio please… can’t resist a blooper reel.

  545. 547
    Megan Brocato

    Paper please! My mom wants a copy for Mother’s Day!

  546. The paper version, please, if I’m lucky enough to be selected!

  547. 549

    I’d love the paper! Or the audio! Ok, paper!

  548. I need more whimsy in my life. Paper please! Thanks so much!

  549. Paperback Writer! (Paper, please…)

  550. 552
    DeAnn Ewing

    The paper version just looks too awesome. Fox Mulder agrees.

  551. I would love the paper book, but the out-takes on the audio book would be great too.. But really, I’d like the paper book!

    Jeff Hobbs recently posted One Hundred Miles From Home.

  552. I’m really torn. Bloopers AND singing? It’s tough to pass up. But I love an old fashioned made of actual paper kind of book. PAPER, PLEASE! And, also, Philadelphia, please.

  553. 555
    Candice H

    I totally want the audio book – with how funny this book is, I can only imagine the bloopers!!

  554. 556
    stacey webb

    Audio version please and YOU ROCK.

  555. I would love the audio version, please! Can a Cdn win? Would love to hear the bloopers and especially your voice!

  556. audio please!

  557. Audiobook! Unless you want another one of my dreams to die. Like my other dream where I get a dead rat and name him Boo Rat-ley. My fiancee refuses to buy me one.

  558. The paper version, I love that font!

  559. I would love to have the paper edition 🙂 …you’re fabulous, keep up the good work!!

  560. Paper. And you’re awesome.

  561. I’ll take whatever you have left over. Have fun in sunny Fla. xoxo

    JennyBean recently posted Reemerging.

  562. 564

    Paper! Pleaseeee.

  563. I would love the audio version! Blooper reels! Singing titles! Yes!

  564. Definitely the audio!

  565. Paper, audio, you calling me to read it to me over the phone, whatever!

  566. 568
    Rhonda Cates

    I would love the audiobook. In your own words and voice:)

  567. 569
    Shannon Arthur

    Paper please! It’s easier to recycle. Kidding!

  568. 570

    Wow, that is an awesome font! On the off chance I win the drawing, I would prefer the paper version please.
    Thank you.

  569. 571
    Caressa Sharp

    The paper!!

  570. I’m intrigued by the concept of “in-store Skype events”. Hopefully I can get my Cincinnati friends to go see you.

    I’d love a copy of the audiobook!

  571. Audio! That would be AWESOME!!!

  572. 574
    Stephanie Heller

    Would LOVE a paperback copy

  573. Pick me! I’m very random. An audio book would be great!

  574. I really do wish that you would add a stop in the Seattle area! I can’t make it to Michigan!

    Do we have to be in the UK to try to get a copy of your book? I’d go for audio, if I’m allowed. 🙂

  575. 577

    Audio. I would so love to here the blooper reel.

  576. 578

    I finished the audio book yesterday… it was wonderful and I am totally hung over now.

    I would like the paper version please.

  577. Audio!!! Have hardcover but NEED the bonus chapter!

  578. Could I please have the audio version? I’ve already preordered the uk print copy months ago so then I could listen to your dulcet tones in the car as well as read them. this also means that whatever happens I’m shortly going to be reading your awesome book so its win win for me anyway!
    Also having the audiobook would enable me to make others listen to you and I can continue my campaign to make sure as many people as possible know how awesome you are!

  579. 581
    Bridget H.

    Audio! I want to hear you tell it in your own voice. (Almost done with the paper version and loving every word!!)

  580. Paper please! My sister already stole my copy with the bookplate in it. I don’t think it’s coming back.

  581. I’d la-la-love a copy of the paper version of your book! <3 You rock, Jenny. Happy touring!

    Jenn recently posted That wasn’t a sign, was it?.

  582. I NEED the paper version. Also, Augusten Borroughs ??? SERIOUSLY?? I adore him.
    Also? Please come to Gainesville FL. I wish I could tell you it’s amazing and wonderful…wait, I CAN. Because I LIVE HERE.

    dysfunctional mom recently posted Sundays in my City.

  583. Audio please!

  584. Audio would be so fun!

  585. I’d give my left arm for the audio version, please. Also? I love you. You’re so pretty. Still choosing randomly? After all that sugary sweetness I just poured on you there? I didn’t think so. 🙂 So thank you in advance. It’s our secret. *wink, wink*

    Amy - Hamlet's Mistress recently posted Bad and Good.

  586. I never win anything cool, but i’d love the audio version. The bloopers and you in general would cheer me up. Life’s been hell lately. <3

  587. 589

    Oh, I’d love an audio copy!

  588. I would LOVE the paperback version. Its beautiful and thanks for remembering us everyday.

  589. Paper please!

  590. Paper version!

  591. Audio!

    But more important, you should come to Salt Lake City!!! Pretty, pretty please?!?

  592. A British accent in my head would only make your dressed dead animals more fancy. Could I have the UK book please?

  593. I love love love that paper cover! Would love the UK hard copy. Paper books rock!

    Jessica recently posted Exercise Ball.

  594. 596

    Please come to Milwaukee, or at the very least, Chicago on a weekend. But really, Milwaukee is so much friendlier.

  595. I….I…um…? I love anything and everything british….butbutbut… I think I want the audio version. With the singing chapter titles and the honey guzzling, and zomg he outtakes. Audio!

    cassie recently posted let's pretend this never happened.

  596. 598
    Lisa Victoria

    Hit me up with the paper if you pick me. Please & thanks!

  597. 599
    Rachel ACC

    Ooooh, could I please get the audio version? Thanks for making my commute FUN! 🙂

  598. I would love to have the audio version.I was so bummed that I missed seeing you when you came to Austin because I had a raging migraine that day (making it the 6th out of 7 days that week – and people wonder why I fight depression too).

    Oh! And I just found a lady who is making me a ring that will say, “Never give up.”

  599. I’d like the paper version, but I’d take the audio version too. I just really need to get my hands on this because I can only begin to imagine the awesomeness of it.

  600. Paper, please and thank you.

    Jenni Kitchen recently posted Drugs....

  601. 603
    Heather B.

    Oh, my. That cover, it’s fantastic. The paperback would be lovely!

  602. I bought the e-book, so I would love either, but if I have to pick one, I’ll go with…this is really difficult…okay, I really like having UK book editions, but I’ll choose audio!

  603. Paper, paper, paper, pleaseeeee!

  604. Already have the hardcover, so I need the audio to fully surround myself!

  605. Paper, please — I’m an old fashioned librarian in that regard.

    Janel recently posted The After Party.

  606. 608

    Audio book please! I already have a paper version and a copy on my kindle…plan on buying the audio book anyways if I don’t win one. 🙂

  607. Yes please!

    Kerry :) recently posted *cough*bullshit*cough*.

  608. Paper version please!

  609. Audio would be lovely. I would die to hear the story of Beyonce as told by the actual perpetrator… 🙂

  610. 612
    Kelly G.

    Audio would be fabulous, pretty please! And I agree with “Katie”-post #339… come to Chicago or any of its western burbs! (Our May book-club is your book BTW!!!)

  611. meeee meeee meeee!!! 🙂 I’m so proud of you! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I can’t WAIT to read your book!!! Paper is the new…err…old…uh… I would love and cherish it no matter what society is deeming paper books these days 🙂

  612. audio! That cover is awesome tho! 🙂

  613. Audio, since I own the paper one already 🙂 love. it.

  614. Paper!

    That UK cover is mighty fancy. Suitable for tea in white gloves.

    ML recently posted Cursing: An Editorial Style Guide.

  615. I would LOVE the audio book! Is there any chance you’ll be bringing the tour to the UK?

  616. Paper! Por favor!

  617. I would prefer the audiobook, but would love either. Since you apparently shun any locations that aren’t famous for being sunny, looks like this is the closest I will be able to get to having you sign something for me.
    I would make a comment about lady gardens and excess rain or something to dazzle you with my wit, but I know my husband already questions the wisdom of my having access share my crazy with others via the internet. I will instead just cross my fingers and back away slowly, in a non-threatening manner.

  618. Paper, please. I’m old fashioned that way 🙂

    Joanna Ciolek recently posted My Little Ninja Turned 4!.

  619. OMG I thought it said ‘I’ll pick some whiners” not winners 🙂 I immediately thought HEY THAT’S ME! I CAN WHINE WITH THE BEST OF THEM…..

  620. I’d love a paper copy please!

  621. Paper, please! I’m on the wrong side of the country for your tour, or I’d be there.

  622. Audio, please! Gag reels FTW.

    Nyssa23 recently posted nyssa23: @Sarah_Woolley But think of the money he must save on laundry! #JustSayin.

  623. 625
    Annette Kroll

    Since I have already read my copy and lent it to an unsuspecting friend, I woul love nothing more than to have an audio version……..think how I could mess up my 10 yr old playing it in the car!!

  624. 626
    Allison Y

    Audio!! I love listening to authors read books about themselves… brings more life to the stories!!

  625. Audio!

  626. I prefer paper, it burns quicker.

    Walter - First time caller recently posted Monster High© Birthday Cake.

  627. =

  628. I would like the audio book! Also, I wanted to mention that you should consider adding Chicago, Indianapolis, and/or St. Louis to your tour…so I can actually come see you ^_^

  629. You? Singing? HELLZAYEA.

    So… audio, please.

  630. 632
    Lindsay C

    I would LOVE to have the paper version!!! You are so frickin’ hilarious, I about pee myself everytime I read a blog of urs. Thanks for making me think I need depends. Have fun on your tour, sorry I missed you in Houston. 🙁

  631. UK paper version please! Your book design is beautiful!

    Miss D recently posted And sometimes, I wish I were Catholic..

  632. Well, at first I was thinking paper. But when you mentioned the singing, I had a change of heart. GIMME YOUR MUSICAL TALENTS IN AUDIO FORM.


    Danika F recently posted Bad blogfriend.

  633. (whine) I’d like audio book please….

  634. Paper, please, since it’s the traditional gift for the first anniversary…

  635. Paper version please! I’m UK-based, so I’m fully equipped to handle the whimsy!

    Thiefree recently posted please excuse me while I kiss this guy.

  636. audio mon amie

  637. 639
    Michelle M.

    I would LOVE the audio copy. I’ve already read my book twice and still can’t get enough. When does the next book come out? 🙂

  638. I would love to have the audio book! I have the book…my awesome husband bought it for me for my birthday 😉
    I now read it out loud to my husband and kids!! Would be so much better if you could do it for me…lol!

  639. 1) Why must you be in Maryland on the weekend I’m out of the state? WHHHHHYYYYYYYY?

    2) Audio book. I’ve already read the paper-version, but I’d love to hear you sing.

  640. Paper, please =)

  641. Paper! Unless we’re playing rock, paper, sissors, Spock. In that case, I choose Will Wheaton reading the paperback.

  642. 644
    Bee Bentley

    Paper please. Meow.

  643. I would love a print version!!

    Megan recently posted Bon Me Food Truck: 5 Star Vietnameese Cuisine.

  644. ooo audio! i wish you would come to Lubbock!!

    Karen recently posted Update on the Dogdog!.

  645. Paper, please!

  646. 648

    Audiobook please!

  647. Paper please.

    Jo recently posted April Photo a Day - Week 4+.

  648. I want! I want! Paper version pleeeeeeease!

    Gretchen @ Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! recently posted Wednesday Weigh-in.

  649. Audio would be delightful! I MUST hear this title singing!

  650. Audio book please!!!!


    Cyprienne recently posted More Potter Nerdiness Awaits.

  652. 654
    Elizabeth McConaghy

    Audio! Audio!

  653. I’ve mean meaning to order this on amazon. But I’m waiting till school is out so I can become safely obsessed without failing out of college. I would LOVEEE the paper version.

  654. I would love the paper version, please!

    Rachel recently posted As part of our training, we learned how to build a rain garden....

  655. Oh Jenny. If I could receive a print copy of your book, I think that I would be the happiest man in Arizona. Or at least in my house in Arizona. Please. Pick. Me.

  656. Oh how I’d love the audio version

  657. 659
    Patricia West

    I would really LOVE to get a paper copy!

  658. I would LOVE a copy of the audio book!! My boyfriend and I are leaving soon on a 10 day cross country, well several states anyway, trip and it would be a blast to listen to you while we are driving!!!

  659. As much as I love a little whimsy now and again, the blooper reel on the audiobook sounds too good to pass up.

    Megan recently posted My husband has issues.

  660. paper, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  661. I’d love an audio book, please, for an upcoming road trip. Can’t wait to hear the outtakes and blooper reel and you singing. Thanks in advance for picking me. 😉


  662. AUDIO pretty please since I already have the paper. COME TO CANADA! 🙂

  663. I would love the paper version!

  664. I’d love either version! Please tell me Chicago is on your tour list!!!!

    Julie recently posted Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake.

  665. Before you turn into a hermit, please come and do a book signing in the UK, you’re awesome! My bathroom isn’t that big, but you’re very welcome! No taxidermy though… and no ghosts, but you could go and visit the London Dungeons and I bet there’s some super cool stuffed animals here too!

  666. Paper….wait no! Audio! Oh, you decide!

  667. I’m a new reader of the blog and I love it – I would love to continue my adoration in a print form.

  668. I’d love a copy of the audio book! Wish you were coming to Denver.

  669. I’d love the audio version!

  670. 672
    Gregg Barnes

    I would love the paper version. Ebooks are ok, but give me paper anytime!

  671. 673
    Becki Bradley

    I’ll be there on Friday with my bestie to meet you in person. SOOO Excited!!
    Anyway, AUDIO Please, cuz that way I can listen to it instead of having to
    talk to my husband!! Totally worth it =^..^=
    LOVE you and what you do!!!!!

  672. I will only buy the British version if its words have an abundance of unnecessary u’s.

    The Humor Columnist recently posted My mom’s shopping list.

  673. Paper please.

  674. Paper, please! Congrats on your success.

  675. Paper, please! I love the UK edition cover! (Not that I don’t like the US edition cover!)

  676. I’m too one-track-mind for the audiobook. Paper, please!

  677. Given that Amazon’s Lasership somehow “forgot” to deliver the copy I pre-ordered, a hardcopy to bring to the FL signing would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bloggess!

  678. 680
    Sarah Morales

    paperpaperpaperpaperpaperpaperpaperpaperpaper! Paper, please!
    Also come to Virginia!? I NEEEED my book signed.

  679. Paper version for me! And if you could add a Cleveland, OH, date, I promise to bring a good friend with lots of cool dried up dead animals for you to sign for us 😀

  680. Paper, please! I’m dying to read it!

  681. I’d love a copy of either version!

    Liz recently posted 36 Weeks aka 9 Months.

  682. Well, I’d like either, but since I work in the printing industry, I’d better say “paper”.
    But I love singing! Audio!
    I’m so torn…..paper……no, audio…, paper!

  683. 685
    Prop Widow


  684. Audio version! I would love to hear these tales in your own words, not to mention the blooper real ^_^

  685. Once I’m done with finals I plan on buying the paper copy so audio please 🙂

    Ashley recently posted caniac26: Done with classes and assignments for classes. Now to finals....

  686. I’d LOVE the paper version!!

  687. 689

    I am LOVING your book so far! :o) PAPER! **** Thank you!

  688. Oh goodness, decisions, decisions. I think I’d like to hear you reading it, although that cover for the UK edition is very tempting.

    Also? Please, please, please come to Massachusetts. I would take time off from work to come see you, even if it means driving in to Boston, something I loathe doing.

  689. Audiobook please. I commute five hours a day and audiobooks help keep me sane(er).

  690. audio, please!!!!

  691. I’d love the audio version!

  692. Ooh, ooh, Paper, please!! I’m loving the buzz around your tour!

  693. Audiobook, please. It would make my drive to and from work so much more interesting. 🙂 And I could laugh aloud at your hilariousness instead of screaming at the other drivers. I can be that crazy person laughing and singing alone in her car.

  694. 696

    Audio version please. I’m so glad you coming to Gaithersburg. squeeee!

  695. 697
    Braden Decker

    The paper version is so cool even my cat wants to read it.

  696. Here’s a thought: UK book tour? I will be in London and Edinburgh in June. I would come to a book signing and hold up crazy signs and shout at people on the sidewalk that they HAVE to go in and hear you read and do all sorts of other supportive stuff if you make it over there. Also, I’ll take you out for a pint afterwards. And I would be happy to win either, should I be so lucky. But, frankly, I would be even happier to take you out for a pint.

    MommyTime recently posted Educating Gracefully: A Minor Rant on Obligation.

  697. Audio – which is my dream format

  698. 700


  699. 701

    Pick me! Paper please 🙂

  700. 702
    Rachel Y.

    I would love the audio version! PLEASE!!!

  701. I have a feeling I’m working on collecting your book in every format. Would love to hear the audio version!

    heidi recently posted Photo A Day May.

  702. I would LOVE to have the paper version of your book 🙂

  703. Tough call. Even though I love that cover (it reminds me of The Book of Lost Things) I have to go with audio.

    Susan recently posted Well, that was...okay (Half of Quincy RR).

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  711. 713
    Nikita G

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