Not all guesses are equal

Victor: Why didn’t Ash come to our house when she was in town?

me:  Your guess is as good as mine.

Victor:  Because she hates you?

me:  Why are your guesses always so insulting?

Victor:  You said my guess was as good as yours.

me:  Well, I was wrong.

Victor: Maybe she was on her way over when she ran over a bunch of violent dwarves and had to find some hungry bears to help her dispose of the bodies.

me:  Okay…that guess was a little better than mine.


And now, time for the weekly wrap-up…

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  1. You have to be careful – I heard on Fox News that a violent dwarf syndicate is plotting to take over the government!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Whenever I feel jilted becasue my friends didn’t stop and visit me, even though they were driving right by (assholes) I always assume they were on some sort of undercover spy mission and were racing to get the evidence to the FBI and couldn’t stop. It helps me sleep at night, anyway.

  3. Can Siri search for “hungry bears” as a method of disposing a body? That seems like something the iphone people should have thought about.

  4. Everyone knows that pigs are the way to go for getting rid of the evidence. Sheesh. Silly Victor. Oh yeah, I should tell you that my fiance cried when she read that post at the bottom of this comment. That doesn’t mean you will cry too, but you should, if you’ve a soul left.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Book Tour! My mom and I are going to get together later and talk poetry and drink wine.

    I love the t-shirt!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! (And perhaps if you venture out today, you should make sure you’ve got a can of gnome repellent about your person…just sayin…)

  7. Those violent dwarves get me every time… I owe so much money to the bear mafia by now. If you hear about a person found drowned in porridge, that’s me. Drowning in breakfast foods is a bear mafia thing.

  8. Every time I read comments on your posts, I wish for “like” buttons. Bridget, Holly Folly, and Jillian, please imagine that I’ve clicked the imaginary like buttons on your comments.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve made it to page 16 in your book, which, in my situation, is not too shabby! I imagine, at this rate, I’ll finish by the time my kids start kindergarten. Have a wonderful day!

  10. The fight against violent dwarf crime in this country leaves very little time for casual visits with friends.

  11. COOTIE CATCHER! I was all about these back in the day. Thank goodness it comes with instructions because that was not something I carried on to my adult years unfortunately.
    And by the way, why am I the only person that has commented on the awesomeness that is the cootie catcher? Surely we can’t be the only 6th grade mentality cool people here…

  12. Happy Mother’s Day, Bloggess! All of us moms should take this special day to bask in the love of our children and drink until our eyebrows fall out.

  13. Wait. You never said what your guess was. I mean, Victor’s guesses *might’ve* been as good as yours but we can’t qualitatively assess their comparative goodness without first know what we’re comparing them to. And we’d also need to define exactly what “as good as” means. Two guesses are unlikely to have exactly the same goodness value. So, maybe we define “as good as” to mean “has a goodness value within one standard deviation of the target”. So, if the range of guess goodness extends from the pretty good (e.g. she was kind of busy and maybe still a bit uncomfortable about that thing that happened last time don’t look at me like that you know which thing) to the not very good at all (e.g. she’s afraid of the laser penguins), with your guess and Victor’s two falling somewhere in the continuum between those extremes, you then need to determine if the range of guesses fits a standard bell curve and how that relates to…

    …I may be over-analyzing this a bit. I may also need a coffee. And a nap.

  14. I was totally just brought back to my own childhood seeing you cootie catcher! Loved those things!

  15. “attacked by violent dwarves” has replaced “washing my hair” as the excuse of the century.

  16. Ash might be near my place. I know for a fact that those violent dwarves (and perhaps the hungry bears) are trapped in a painting over the bar at our local bowling alley. Really.
    Love Hailey’s Mother’s Day present to you… she got the year right!

  17. You were just too distracted by his shoddy first guess to formulate an awesome dwarf/bear guess is all.

  18. just read the Sunday paper here in Oregon and saw your book on the hardcover bestseller list. made me smile. Happy Mothers Day!

  19. Well don’t worry. The whole Hailey committing a crime was bound to happen anyway. Only boring people ALWAYS abide by the law. Hopefully the bloody handprint was just because she was helping your friend, Ash, dispose of all the angry dwarf bodies with the bears. She probably didn’t want to come right out and tell you that she had gotten involved in the melee, so she just made you a classy, understated symbol of her newfound superhero/criminal identity. What a smart girl.

  20. Am I the only one who is thankful when someone from out of town doesn’t call me? It’s like, phew, good thing I didn’t have to entertain THEM for three days. Or else I couldn’t have re-watched the first season of Mad Men. HIGH-FIVES SELF.

  21. I’ll have to send some HUNGRY BEARS to directly Ash via FedEx. Just in case she couldn’t find ’em. I’m going to Yosemite today to get some. Land of Jellystone and Yogi, don’tchaknow. Does UPS accept Bear Shipments???

  22. I love how Victor’s guess shows that he is almost as warped and twisted as you. In a totally hilarious and best possible way. You two are so right for each other.

    Loving your book, by the way. Looking forward to stalking, um meeting you in MD.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Maybe she did stop by, and just left a flaming pile of feces on your porch. You know, as a way of expressing her hatred more clearly.
    …Or does that only happen to me?
    You better go check just in case.

  24. Happy Mother’s Day Jenny. Make sure you get lots of hugs today.

  25. QueenofAllThingsGood: Really? I thought vampire dwarves were the worst. Or is it vampire orcs? Hmm.

    Happy day to everyone! If you’ve mothered an idea, a friend, a child, a pet, a project, a loved one or your parents, I wish you a very happy day!

  26. I feel like I should mention at this juncture that not all dwarfs are violent. Some of them are happy or dopey or sleepy too.

  27. I’m sure the sponsored bows are great (they do look adorable). But if youre into buying that type of thing and want to make a charitable donation at the same time, check out Lindsey’s Brainbows. They’re made by a young girl who survived an AVM and is making them to raise funds for awareness of AVM’s and brain aneurysms. Amazing girl doing amazing things!

  28. If the dwarves were violent, they may have been rabid, in which case a bear who ate them is probably also now rabid. So. Lock your doors.

  29. Holy Shit Balls you are funny! I just finished reading your book and I can’t tell you how many times I snorted and laughed until I wept. Your next one should be titled “don’t get above your raising” and focus on the awesome family that you are uniquely blessed with. I, too, am blessed with a uniquely awesome family as well. There is hope for the rest of us!

    i totally want a life size beyonce in my backyard

    much love,

  30. “Because she hates you” would more often than not be the correct guess if someone were talking about me.

  31. I’m the luckiest mom out there! I got a copy of your book this morning! Can’t wait to dig in.
    Thanks for everything and Happy Mother’s Day!

  32. Please, puh-LEEZE, publish a book entitled Conversations with Victor. I pee every time.

  33. Happy Mother’s Day, Jenny! I sent my Mom a copy of your book for Mother’s Day. It’s the first time I’ve been able to send her something for Mother’s Day for a few years so she was very surprised and reports that she is enjoying reading it so far.

    I moved 1000 miles from everyone I knew about 3 years ago. I can only guess that no one ever comes to visit me because they are afraid of the bears, foxen, scorpions and vultures we have here in Texas. Or maybe they’ve TRIED to visit and have all been eaten. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Good thing I have you and Victor to make sense of things for me!

  34. Dear Ms Bloggess: ( I didn’t know how to reach you other than posting in the comment section – I am sorry, and I hope you see this!)

    My name is April Mixon and I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and you have inspired me to give back on several occasions. I find your compassion to be inspiring. I was part of the Project night night group last Christmas – I bought several for my family, in honor of my niece who was born in November. And, your famous red dress post – it’s been something that I have been striving for – for about a year. My red dress isn’t a dress (I look awful in dresses!)- instead, it’s a marathon. I am going to run a marathon Miss Jenny – for charity – that’s my red dress. And I was hoping for your help. I know that you are a huge animal lover, and as such, I was hoping you would support me as I attempt to run a marathon for charity.

    I am signed up to run in the Vancouver, USA Marathon in June – 26.2 miles is on the docket – and that’s a long way. I never thought that I could ever run/jog/walk that far – but over the past year I have taken up running in events in Vancouver and Portland. One of the reasons that I took up running was for exercise, and I feel wonderful about the cause I am supporting!

    My first event was the Shamrock Run of 2011. I had so much fun being part of something – and ultimately contributing to an organization in need. I came home and immediately signed up for more runs – always knowing that they benefited a cause. But as the races got longer – my resolve waned. How could I ever run 13.1 miles in a half-marathon?! I needed my “own” cause – I needed a reason to put one foot in front of the other – a reason to keep going.

    That reason resulted in my partnership with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation – “Compassion Revolution”. I have continued my work for them, supporting them, running with their t-shirt – getting the word out there to support animal rescue organizations near and far. The Heigl Foundation was started by Katherine Heigl in memory of her brother – and is based in LA.

    This June, I will run the Vancouver Marathon for Charity. I would be honored if you would find it in your heart to donate to this cause, which will be used to save animals from shelters, to help the organization reach out to animal owners in need of low cost or free spay/neutering. Or even if you simply want to say “go get em”, or tweet/share the link, that would be wonderful.

    I have been running for the past year – it’s all been building up to this moment – the marathon.

    If you are interested or able to help – here is the donation page.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. You have inspired me – to pay it forward – to do what I can to help others, in this case, animals, in need. Thank you and I hope you will consider donating to my cause.


  35. First time on Pinterest, because I wanted to see what you’ve pinned. Now I just want to join up and summarily re-pin nearly everything on your page.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  36. Happy Mother’s Day Jenny!! I hope you had a great day!! I made my own breakfast, but after that the day got better. My wine fridge has been up and running for over a week. I’ve only managed to finish two bottles of wine, but I’m working on that! I got to spend the day with my family at a ren faire and we had a really great time! 🙂

  37. You’re starting to infect Victor’s brain. Resistance is futile.

  38. Here is a capybara singing in the Big Apple Circus. He also drives a car. The minute I saw him I thought of you. Happy Mother’s Day!

  39. This was absolutely hilarious “Why are your guesses always so insulting?!”

    I am an avid runner and a Master’s Student in Nutrition- I also have a fitness/nutrition blog and am inviting mothers to comment on the “Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids” post in honor of Mother’s day! I’d love to hear what lessons your mother or other special lady in your life taught you about health and happiness!

    As always, thanks for what you do- you’re awesome at it! Happy mother’s day, doll!

  40. I received a Mother’s Day portrait from my 5 year old. Carefully drawn. Of me. Accurate down to the moles and pms blemishes.

  41. Guess what I got for Mother’s Day?

    My Gramma died (in a hospice-like setting) at my mom’s house.
    It was, and is, so sad.

    Mother’s Day will forever be a reminder of her painful death. And Saturday I blogged about having a shitty day because I brewed coffee without a filter.

    Christ, that put things into perspective pretty damn fast.


  42. Random, but I just had to tell you: My mother and I are in Jenks, OK on our way to Louisiana.

    And they have a fleet of Beyoncés.

  43. I can understand the dwarves, and the bears, and the body disposal, but why were the dwarves violent? Did that give Ash a reason to run them over, thus completing the story, or was it just a random anticdote that is neither here nor there? We may never know…. BA-DA-DA-DA BA-DA-DA-DA BA-DA-DA-DA BA-DA-DA-DA

    -tHE eND

  44. I just wanted to let you know, you probably already know, USAToday did an article on your book stating it was funny, but did not translate well from blog to paper. I emailed the guy who wrote the article and told him he obviously does not have issues or he would have thourghly enjoyed your book. It was like adderal for adults with A.D.D. I could not put it down. Oh and by the way, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you had a great day.

  45. Maybe she was helping an octopus escape from the zoo and couldn’t stop because she had to get it into water as soon as possible.

    Maybe a time travelling version of herself from the future stopped her because in an alternate time-line her visiting you was the beginning of The End.

    There are so many possibilities…

  46. I have only recently found you and am in love. However I don’t really appreciate you bringing up this whole violent dwarf situation, I mean seriously, life is challenging enough. At the same time, I’m fortunate to live in an area with enough bears, one recently tried to get through my front door, so if I run into violent dwarves that I need to get rid of, well, I guess I’m all set. Maybe I should thank you . . .

  47. Happy mothers day, hope you´re feeling better, love you guys, you crack me up everytime!!

  48. The Nothing to Fear post that you linked to was nothing short of GREAT. Great writing–like you, I wish I had written it too! 🙂 Thanks for turning me on to this blogger.

    And thanks for your daily dose of much-needed humor.

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