The small things are the big things.

I had a post for today but I couldn’t finish it because my head isn’t working properly right now.  Some of this is because my head is always broken.  Some is from how bleak the news has been lately and I tend to fixate on that stuff.  Some is because we’re supposed to be at a family reunion right now but we’re not because we’re all sick with what I assume is the plague.  I was going to post something simple and just go back to bed but I know that the only way I’m coming out of this is to do it the hard way, and that means refocusing on the good.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to do that sometimes.  When good things happen we tend to weigh them in a smaller way or compare them to others or to feel guilt for having good things happen because others in the world are suffering.  But the good things are what make the world go around.  The good things are what give us strength to go on.  The good things are what we wish for everyone we love, and for strangers, and for strangers who will one day be people we’ll love. The good things and good people are what make you realize that things are so much better than we think, and that life is both dark and disturbing but also brilliant and amazing.  The tiny things add up.  We carry the tiny bad things with us because they stick to our skin in painful ways but often we forget the tiny good things.  And the giant good things.  So today I’m refocusing from the negative and celebrating the things that bring me joy.  You do it too.  Tell me what you’re proud of today.  Tell me what brought you joy recently.  Tell me of someone who inspires you.  I need that.  I think we all do.

I’ll go first:

Hailey snuggled up to me last night while we were watching tv and said that she sort of liked it when we were all sick at the same time because it’s nice to have a reason to watch cartoons together.

Yesterday I got a text from a friend saying “Check your porch” and she’d dropped off chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I cried a little.

FURIOUSLY HAPPY is being translated into Italian.  I am taking over the world.

This is real, y’all.  It’s called a sea bunny and it’s really more of a sea slug but I love it so much.  There are tiny bunnies hiding in the sea, you guys.

And if there are sea bunnies out there then God knows what else is around the corner.  Kittens that never grow up?  Puppies that don’t have buttholes?  A brownie that makes the plague go away?

The world is full of possibilities. 

Your turn.  Tell me sometime good.

PS. This is Angel.  She’s 18 and is a foster mother to baby kittens.  She’s not the person grooming the monkey.  She is the monkey.

PPS.  Is it weird that I’m a little jealous of this monkey?  Someone come brush my hair and bring me kittens too.

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  1. My exciting thing is that I have a huge service project that was just approved and I’m getting companies to commit to making donations!! I’m going to have a free, interactive science program for girls where we’ll have experiments and learn about kick ass women in science! It’s going to be amazing! Of course one of the companies just told me “oh totally! But you’re paying shipping.” I mean we have no funding and I’m a teen with no “real” job but hey, you can’t win them all. I’M STILL WICKED EXCITED. WE’RE EVEN GONNA HAVE GOGGLES. I JUST LOVE GOGGLES.

  2. I went to see my favorite performer three times in three days in three states. Might seem crazy to some, but I was in heaven for three days.

  3. Something nice? The last time I posted something nice that had happened to me, I mentioned that I had done something that helped me with my Crohn’s. Later that afternoon, Amy, who’d read my comment on your blog, contacted me. She has Crohn’s too. While I don’t think that my trick especially helped her (unfortunately) it is wonderful how random things on the internet can connect folks and make them feel much less alone.

  4. I’m taking a rowing class for no real reason, other than to try something new. And I think grown ups sometimes need to learn new things and be bad at them–especially when we tell our kids to do the same thing. This morning was my first time on the water and I was bad but not awful and I had fun and I’m pretty proud of that. And that sea bunny may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  5. People have been thanking me for doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And I know it’s my job and I need to do it anyway, but it’s nice to be thanked.

  6. I am geek in out today. I’m at Space City Comic Con until 230 and then I go into work at Barnes and Noble for Fangirls Night.

  7. A friend printed out some colouring pages for adults for me today. I almost referred to them as adult colouring pages but that just made me think I was colouring porn pages and that’s just weird. I get to colour after I do some therapy homework. Yay!!!

  8. Last night my daughter and I went for a bike ride. It was crazy hot (100 degrees) but amazing at the same time.

  9. Today an air conditioner repair man who looks exactly like Doc Brown came to my house and fixed my a/c and didn’t try to sell me a new one. He was exactly what I needed today.

  10. Sorry to hear you aren’t well. Things I’m proud of: I teach English and sometimes I help students pass important exams. Like the sweet nurse who has finished her political science degree but couldn’t graduate until she passed an oral exam where she had to summarise and talk about a famous speech – in English. Her English was terrible, but with lots of lessons and an enormous amount of effort on her part, she passed. Yay!!! Take care of yourself!

  11. Today, while hiking a mountain I was seriously not fit to be hiking, I thought I would not have any work for the rest of the year, or possibly ever. I felt decidedly bad about that. So I decided to get back to blogging, and maybe finish the book I’m working on. Then I saw a fox. (I like foxes.) And when I got back down from the mountain, I had an email in my inbox, telling me that I’m back in work, and another email from a friend who pre-ordered your book for me as a belated birthday present. Not only was it a pretty good day after all, you even played a part in it.

  12. I’m moving to Chicago tomorrow (alone). The endless possibilities of cool things that can/will happen is mind boggling. I’m so excited/relieved/happy to have a blank slate.

  13. I’m just gonna read all the posts. I’m at the bleaker end right now.

  14. I’m proud that I am giving myself room to let the anti-anxiety/depression meds help heal me. It’s tough being sick and not demanding more of myself than I can give. I keep reminding myself that this is precisely how I got here in the first place. Breathe, heal. It’s quite a journey! Jenny- you helped inspire me to give this process more of a shot. Thank you!

  15. My recent joys are all from feeling connected – with a beautiful day, a friend bringing me a good book, making hats for someone who is going for chemo, noticing and being thankful that I can move/drive/see/hear/taste.

    Ghiradelli double chocolate brownies might cure the plague and are easy to make. We might drop a hint about this to the soup/grilled cheese fairy, since I am too far away to make good on this one, and she is obviously a fabulous person.

    Thank you for the sea bunnies.

  16. How is it possible that you don’t have a million comments already?
    My happy: Today, my cat walked across my laptop as I was typing my friend. She typed o00. It’s looks like a caterpillar to me. She’s a genius — except for that urinating on throw rugs quirk.

  17. Today I’m happy for rain during a drought..I’ve never been so happy to see rain before in my life. Its the little things. 😀

  18. Lynne – Is your favorite performer Dave Matthews? I bet it is… 🙂 Send me a message if you’re coming to Tahoe. I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll talk about DMB and The Bloggess while we drink vodka slushies or something equally cool.

  19. I’m a huge nerd, so I’m incredibly excited about the insane 5-headed dragon “mini” in the current Reaper Kickstarter. I love sharing that joy with so many other people, even as we all realise it’s completely ridiculous.

    I didn’t say it would make anyone else happy. But it is what’s making me happy right now.

  20. I got to go white-water rafting for my 40th birthday, with some of my closest of friends. It doesn’t sound small, but it’s one weekend of sunlight and action, as compared to 6 previous months of devastating sadness, death, and gloom. It’s also the first time I’ve felt like myself since January, and not like a figure wearing a shroud of grey depression everywhere I go.

  21. My circus has a show this weekend for our friends’ anniversary. I am doing an AMA on burlesque and circus arts in an online community and its been very supportive and fun.
    I have been feeling a bit burnt out recently, but being with my performers and being in the air always makes me feel more centered.

  22. A good thing: my kids got invited to an impromptu sleep over last night so my husband I got to go to a grown up movie. BY OURSELVES!

    An observation: it was WAY EASIER to get that monkey to brush her teeth than it is to get my kids to brush theirs.

  23. I got married 2 weeks ago, because I could get married and have it recognized in all 50 states now. 🙂

  24. It is a sunny day and my sweet little dude slept in this morning… so I did too. It was glorious.

  25. My sister paid for my hotel room, and I was not expecting her to.

    And I stayed with my sister-in-law’s mother for two days and didn’t kill her.

  26. After a really rough week with my stepdaughter I believe we have made a break through and will survive this. Also, her father and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and to my left are some of the most beautiful red roses I have ever seen.

  27. We have foster kittens, four wee boys: Buzz, Woody, Rex, and Slinky. If plane fare wasn’t utterly extortionate (we’re in Glasgow, Scotland) I’d bring them so y’all could cuddle them. 🙂

  28. I bought a dozen wild oysters, just because I like them.
    And my cat let me pick her up for the first time in 11 years.
    Also, tomorrow, I’m going to make buttons.

  29. Best thing I can think of at the spur of the moment under such incredible pressure:
    A couple of months after my son went away to college, I found that he had placed a little folk doll on the headboard of my bed. (Focus! Do not get distracted by my hatred of dusting and poor observational skills.) When I asked him why, he replied, “To look out for you while I’m gone.”

  30. I recently reconnected with a college friend and I’m going to visit her this weekend! I get to see another college friend in September. Dear friends really help make my life better and I hope that I do the same for them.

  31. There were two hot air balloons aloft when I was waiting for the bus this morning. I’m getting married on a beach in a week. And I conquered 90% of Laundry Mountain last night.

  32. It’s Friday. My beloved and I have finished work for the weekend and we have no plans beyond taking delivery of a new mattress tomorrow. Currently this is as good as it gets so I plan to spend the weekend reading magazines and watching Castle and Mythbusters.

  33. Chicken soup & grilled cheese… Isn’t it incredible how that can mean SOOOOOOOO much. The world really is full of kind people . Something nice… I recently met someone and they found out I needed help with my website- offered to do it for me – for free. Just to be kind. Means so much

  34. I found a newly-hatched cicada this morning, lying on his back with his legs flailing. So in spite of my aversion to all things with more than four legs and the fact that I will likely be rewarded by him singing the song of his people under my bedroom window all. freaking. night, I flipped him over and watched him unroll and dry out his new wings before he flew away.

  35. I woke up to the beautiful sound of pouring rain. It’s one of my favorite sounds in the world and I hadn’t realized just how much I’ve missed it during all our recent sunny weather.

    Also my socks have parrots on them. But I’m wearing boots, so nobody but me knows about the parrots and I get to walk around all day with an awesome parroty secret.

  36. We lost an extremely good friend this week, unexpectedly, and I’m making an extra effort to focus on the positives in life. My son keeps asking to snuggle me. (And he’s 11.) My daughter asks for my help. (She’s 14.) We have food, shelter, etc. We are healthy. We have opportunities. It’s too easy to be scared and pessimistic, so it’s taking a real effort to focus on the positives in life. But I’m doing my best this week.

  37. This has been the best month ever for me – even though I pinched a nerve in my back and could barely move. I was published on the Huffington Post (, interviewed on Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy for the article, and published on Scary Mommy for the first time ever! <3 Hope you’re feeling better today!

  38. My inspiration this week in particular goes out to my best friend who passed away on Tuesday. He was a kind man, and a gentle friend. I do not regret his death. I choose, instead, to celebrate the miracle that was my friend’s life, and the legacy of love he left behind. Be kind to yourselves, folks, you never know what’s next.

  39. I wish I could post a picture of this. My two boys (7&9) fell asleep together in my bed last night. They fight constantly during the day but they just looked so sweet together, fast asleep in Sachs others arms, surrounded by pillows and stuffed toys.

  40. I woke myself up two times last night. There was this funny noise and I was scared. It was me, snoring. I think that is hilarious. I don’t snore.

  41. You do lots of good work in sharing your troubles, gorgeous. I sent a friend here today who is struggling trying to keep her child with us, because she needs a community who shares hope and slug bunnies. I hope she reads this post – it is like you knew she would be visiting and left the porch light on for her. x

  42. We are facing our 3-year-old’s second open heart surgery next week. The nice: little surprise packages from many friends for our son and his brother to open during the recovery time in the hospital. Family traveling thousands of miles to support us, for the second time this month. A totally unexpected check from distant relatives. Neighbors volunteering to take care of our yard while we are gone. The nice really is what gets us through.

  43. Yesterday I noticed the Target Back To School commercial featured a boy wearing Hulk merchandise and a girl wearing a Captain America shirt and hat. A girl in a superhero shirt and hat. It brought me a moment of joy to see a national retailer in a very small way embrace geek girls.

    I am a pet sitter and I spent the past couple of days looking after kittens that were complete a$$hats. They dumped their water bowl, moved carpets, knocked over a table, emptied out a basket of kitchen towels, among many other things. It was glorious and joyful and all I could do was laugh while cleaning up after them while they chased each other around the house. Kittens, tiny furry adorable buttheads always bring me joy.

    My daugher is wearing a shirt that says “I mustache you a question. Let me mullet it over.” Because she is made of awesome.

  44. I’m down 35 pounds. I passed another test for a cert I need for work yesterday. The kids are happy and healthy. The possibilities are endless! Feel better.

  45. After YEARS of not doing hard things, my therapist made me set a goal of writing 10 minutes every day because I’ve always wanted to know if that’s something I can do. After a near meltdown in his office over the idea of failing at something, I’ve done it for 3 days. I’m not sure if it’s good, or if it will lead to anything, but it has felt so great, and I think, maybe, very slowly, it may be lifting me out of this funky anxiety fueled blah I’ve been in.

  46. Last night while texting with my 17-year-old son, he told me that they were going to start drug testing in Pro Video Game competitions. Apparently some of the competitors are taking adderall before the matches and I said that I agreed with the testing for adderall but not with the testing for marijuana.

    He said “sounds like drug tests are a good idea, right? i thought so too…”, then he sent me a link to a reddit with a pretty well constructed counter argument and said “it is so important to see multiple perspectives for things like this.”

    You want nice? Seeing your 17-year-old kid not only understand but actually live by a concept that so many adults in society fail to even consider is a huge check mark in the parenting win column. That’s nice. That’s damn nice.

  47. Today I listened to music I haven’t listened to since I was fifteen and screaming at the band at a gig…it was embarrassing but awesome and made me smile!
    Big Love to you and yours Jenny; hope the plague buggers off soon…x

  48. I showered this morning, got dressed, and made it to work. It’s definitely the small things some days.

  49. Wolf and I are actually married. There was some doubt yesterday, when we attempted to get a copy of our marriage certificate from the registry office.

    Sounds like a bad sitcom, but yeah, that’s my life.

    “Don’t you hold my hand until I know if you’re actually my HUSBAND!”

    I get a bit cranky when twelve years in, someone might be calling a marriage do over.

  50. My sister, man. She inspires me. I had this unexpected expense crop up last week and freaked out about paying rent. Without saying anything, she sent me money she could barely afford. No thanks required. She’s just like that. I live 2000 miles from her and we still talk almost every day. She just . . . gets me.

  51. My daughter was offered a college scholarship for softball, which is a good thing since we spent her college money to maintain her softball habit. Oh, and I received my Exploding Kittens card game in the mail. Yay!

  52. My son cried over going to camp today, i reminded him how 3 of his classmates go there too and on his first day when they saw him they all jumped up with happy little squeals and how sad they would all be if he didnt show up today. because life truly is about showing up. he got dressed, put on his brave face and went to camp.

  53. My 18 year old trans kid went off a few days ago alone on a hitch-hiking journey and I hugged him hard and let him go. Big scary stuff for the momma heart, but my child will grow, explore, love, laugh, cry and hopefully come back home when he’s ready all in one piece. This morning at a breakfast stop someone bought him an ice cream as a breakfast dessert… random acts of kindness from strangers.

  54. Getting our dog was the best decision for every single person in my family. Unconditional love is the best.

  55. Coming home to my husband having not only unloaded the dishwasher as asked, but he tackled several other projects unexpectedly. Pizza and beer for dinner. Cats. Encouraging emails from a friend. Sparkling water. Your blog.

  56. I just got broken up with on Saturday (over the phone, no less) from my boyfriend who I kind of thought would be The One one week before we were supposed to go on vacation together. So I’ve been having a rough go of it lately. But this post has inspired me to stop being overcome with darkness and start letting more light into my life. So here goes:
    – My best friend broke into my house while I was at work and replaced all the pictures of the now ex bf with pictures of her making funny faces, of my family, and kittens.
    – My boss bought pizza for the office to help cheer me up and it was delicious.
    – Both of my cats snuggled with me all night last night and didn’t even wake me up in the middle of the night to cough of a hairball on my bed.
    – My heirloom tomato plant is finally sprouting tomatoes and they are the best tasting tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.
    – I just saw Shania Twain in concert with Gavin Degraw and it was an amazing concert.
    – I just saw Trainwreck and Amy Schumer made me laugh like 150,000 times.

  57. I went to one of those expensive fancy juice places to see what all the fuss is about and it turns out, their juice is really freaking good! I’m sitting here drinking some kind of ginger strawberry configuration and it’s seriously delightful. I don’t think this will become a regular thing for me (too expensive), but it definitely lifted my mood this morning and is making me feel happy.

    Also, there’s a new episode of my favorite podcast and that’s just icing on the cake.

  58. Yesterday, my daughter and my husband both worked like dogs helping clean my entire house. Because they know my back is killing me and they love me. My house is gloriously clean. And I love them right back.

  59. I have a 14 month old who only has half a heart…she’s had 2 open heart surgeries so far and only a 75% chance of making it to one year old- she’s amazing. And she reminds me every day that I am so lucky. For some goodness to watch there is a video on my blog I made for her first bday. I don’t take a day for granted.

  60. I’m with DocM about feeling I’m never going to get hired again but then I remember it’s summer and traditionally a very slow time for my kind of work. A friend has hired me to dog sit for five days while she and her mom go to a wedding next week and she lives in this gorgeous little town on the California central coast. I’m going on a dog sitting vacation next week! And I get to bring my dogs!

  61. I have been in the worst depression of my life the past couple months with a major downswing in the last two weeks. It’s been painful. But I finally decided to reach out and talk about how hard things have been with this man I’ve been dating for just a few months and he was remarkable. He listened, didn’t push, didn’t try to solve anything, offered support. So he is inspiring me right now simply with his ability to care about a relative stranger in the midst of the messy parts of life. And I am inspiring myself for actually opening up and letting someone help me. Sometimes that is the hardest part.

  62. I had a wildly happy moment yesterday when I had this conversation with my daughter by text:
    Me: did you know it’s National Rat Catchers day?
    Grace: Why do you know that?
    Me: I heard it on the radio.
    Grace: Handy if you ever want to impress someone with your knowledge of all things rat on a first date. OR, if you’re dating a literal rat and you want to impress his parents because you want to propose, you could say “Yeah, the 22nd of July is National Rat Catchers Day, so uh, watch out!” and then you wink and they laugh and you get their blessing, and you propose and get married and have rat hybrid children!
    Me: is this rat a pet store rat, or a sewer rat? And if it’s a sewer rat, is it from NY?
    Grace: It’s a sewer rat from Atlanta. The southern charm thing is what made you fall in love, and his family was very welcoming.
    Me: Your crazy is showing.
    Grace: MY crazy is showing! You knew that it was National Rat Catchers Day!
    Me: I meant that as a compliment. I think it’s great that you have such a creative mind.

    The reason this made me so happy is because she is SO my daughter in these moments!

  63. Hi Jenny, I know how this goes– when the news is like Charleston and Chattanooga, all you need is your great aunt’s second husband getting a goiter plus a recurring yeast infection and it feels like the whole world is going to shit. It’s not. It just means we need to look a little harder to see the bright, and then focus on the shiny thing. Plus naps. Plus chocolate.
    My good: after 7.5 years at a job I mostly tolerated, that mostly depressed me, I finally got a promotion out of this job for scarcely more money but a way better atmosphere after seven interview attempts. Also, a coworker just gave me a rice krispie treat.

  64. I’m collecting the last of my data for my dissertation in Mexico (which means I’m doing incredibly lonely and tedious work some place absolutely beautiful) and today I woke up to the sound of a backpacker a met a couple of weeks ago stopping by to say he was back in town for a few days, just because he liked it here. 🙂 It was so good to have a hug this morning!

  65. We will be celebrating my 30 year class reunion, next weekend. I have had so much fun with the Class Reunion Planning Committee. This is the best bunch of people that can represent every type of personality that we had in our class.
    We’re kind of like the Breakfast Club of class reunion planning committees. We have The Princess, Everybody’s Pal, Mr. Sincerity, The Boy with Hair Issues, The Basket Case, The Jock, The Tough Girl, Mr. Swoonable, The Cheerleader, The Rebel and The Bookworm.

  66. I just read an article about a Muslim charity raising $100K for the black churches burned in the wake of the Charleston shooting. The name of the charity is “Respond With Love.” I was thrilled to find the article, I too tend to fixate on the bad and this was a needed reminder that people still do wonderful things. Hope you all feel better soon. Get some rest and drink plenty of fluids, I’m sure the plague will pass.

  67. My sister is coming to town next week and I get my niece for a day at Hersheypark. It’ll probably involve riding roller coasters until we’re sick, then eating chocolate!

  68. Someone stopped me in the hall today to tell me my hair looks beautiful.

  69. My Significant Other loves Bob Ross videos but has never tried painting. Yesterday I bought him an inexpensive set of oils (a starter set), lindseed oil, turpentine, some brushes, a palate knife, an eisel, and some stretched canvas on sale. It’s a month early for his birthday, but I gave them to him when I got home anyway. He was thrilled. I had forgotten a palate in the bundle but remembered I have one I’m not using with my mixed media crafting (I don’t use oils, but have in the long past) so I was happy to see the brush pack I got him includes a palate as part of its packaging. Hopefully we can spend some creating time this weekend. I get to remember how to work with oil again, too.

  70. I don’t know if this perspective switch will help you…but it helped me.

    To say I shouldn’t be happy because someone has it worse, is like saying I can’t be happy because someone has it better.

    I can’t remember where I read that, but it was a bit of a spin I hadn’t thought of. At least, I don’t think I thought of it. If I did, I’ve forgotten. And if I did? Damn, I’m smart. AND good lookin’. (Hey, if you don’t toot your own horn, no one is going to toot it for you!)

  71. I’m surprising my 6 year old daughter with a trip to Chicago so she can go to the beach. She loves to ride on Amtrak, so this will be a treat. She will be extra excited because we are staying with my sister who lives in the city and she will finally get to meet and play with her cats 🙂

  72. My two-year old daughter is slowly getting potty trained. She also said “I dwopped my fucking stickuh” the other day and I was so proud.

  73. It’s cooler here in Seattle than it has been in a long time. We may finally get some rain. And I’m wearing a hoodie, which is soft and warm and cozy. My cats are adorable and my husband’s new CD is selling well on iTunes and Bandcamp. I have the ability to work from home on summer Fridays, which means I can get the laundry done and make tuna-noodle casserole, which my inner 7-year-old has been craving for months. I will get to spend some time making art in my studio later today, then drink tea and read for a while before I get to sleep in my comfortable bed with clean sheets. All of that makes me unreasonably happy. And it’s all good. It really is all good.

  74. I receive a compliment today. Compliments remind me that there are great people among us, so I’m paying it forward to you: I love your site and the stories you share. It makes me feel normal to know there are people that are willing to share about the same issues with depression that I deal with often.

  75. On Fridays my bank makes popcorn and puts it in little bags for customers to take. And I’m coming to see you on your Atlanta tour stop. My boyfriend has a jackalope. Shall I bring him? (The jackalope I mean.)

  76. My grandson is here visiting from WI he is 4 and I only get to see him once a year! I feel your pain on the whole sick front as I have strep throat. My son is coming in 2 weeks with my brand spanking new grandson. I am so very excited!

  77. Today is a day of the big good things for me. It’s the last day of my current job, but I’m leaving because I have a new job closer to home. And my friends who are also my coworkers brought me a trophy for an award of excellence filled with chocolates. And a Lei and Mardi Gras Beads. And a tiara. So I’m sitting here all sorts of pretty.

    And I’m going to tell the guy I have a crush on that I do before I leave today, in case there is a possibility of more good things.

    And yes. Focus on the good things, from the tiny good things, like a selfie with a coworker that I didn’t realize how much I meant to, to the big good things like tiaras and chocolate.

    hugs from the internet, because you can’t give me the plague that way!

  78. I just got back from a trip to South Africa. I didn’t have anyone to go with so I went alone, which scared me. Turns out it was an amazing adventure, and I met wonderful people! And I felt kind of brave.

    (Although note to the hospitality industry: please don’t say to solo travelers “Just one?” “You’re not meeting anyone?” “You’re alone?”)

  79. I’m surrounded by my 4 kitties and my boyfriend just made me a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. We might go to a movie later. Life is good.

  80. I got a new hoodie delivered to me at work by a hottie this morning. It made my day lol

    I pre-ordered Furiously Happy to make sure I got a place in line to get to meet you at Third Place Books in Seattle in a couple months <3

    Today is Friday and today my anxiety hasn’t been completely debilitating.

  81. I’m feeling joy just by sitting on my sun porch feeling the breeze on my face, the sun on my arm, and watching the clouds sailing high in the sky. Oh, and finally being able to hear the birds and the bees and the wind in the trees. smile emoticon Darning needles keep zipping by performing acrobatics for my entertainment.. It IS the little things for sure. I promise!

  82. Last week I had a Gallbladder Attack and also Acute (Nothin’ cute about it) Pancreatitis. I am home now minus one “HOT” ( alas, the only thing “hot” about me ) Gallbladder. This morning a dear friend dropped off some home made chicken soup.

  83. My DIL and I started to run again, with Couch to 5K. We are not your typical runners. We are of a larger size, sedentary (me more than her) and we run very, very, very slow. But we are doing it. And I owe it all to her. She keeps me motivated. And happy. I enjoy our time together. So, running makes me happy. Running with her makes be very happy.

  84. I woke up, made it to work, It’s Friday and I have an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow!

  85. I do my laundry on Thursdays after work (same schedule for over three years). I was a little early yesterday and one of the other tenants was putting his laundry into both washers. He promised me 30 minutes. I went back down after 45 minutes (cause reality) and loaded the washer. When I went to switch to the dryer, his stuff was done, but still in the dryer. I took stuff out of the dryer so I could use it, but I also folded it into a neat pile because I dislike it when people just toss my stuff out. When I came to get my laundry out of the dryer, I had a nice thank you note! It’s nice to be appreciated for something so simple as folding someone’s laundry.

  86. My family is moving out of a really bad living situation. And it’s really hard, right now, getting out of it, just the daily sloggy work of it, and my mother bought me a set of beautiful second-hand blue willow ware dishes to celebrate the new place. We are going to eat on them every single day even though they are pretty and breakable because life is beautiful and everybody should enjoy that sometimes.

  87. So, I have been e-mailing with the teacher at Max’s school that is tutoring him on Mondays and among other things she sent me this:

    On the first day of tutoring I told Max that practice makes perfect and he said, “Practice does not make perfect because no one is perfect. There is no limit to how great someone can be.” I told Max, “WOW! I really like that expression”! He said, “you can thank my mom because she taught it to me”

    It about brought I tear to my eye! I love that boy!

  88. I got to spend the morning with just my youngest son (I have three boys), playing around and having fun, which I haven’t done for about five years when I used to be a stay-at-home mom. It was really nice. 🙂

  89. My daughter is getting a continuous glucose monitor on Monday. She has type 1 diabetes. This system makes a loud alarm if she starts to go low in the night. For the first time since her diagnosis 2 years ago, I will be able to sleep without worrying about her dying in the night (it is called “dead in bed” by the type 1 community). Maybe I can reduce my anxiety meds now. She has anxiety too and she is looking forward to it like Christmas, and she is 15!

  90. My best friend came and took me to lunch. We had pizza and great laughs. We try to lunch every week. A slice of pizza and great conversation go a long way and means more to me than I think he’ll ever know. It is the little things.

  91. And Trader Joe’s Fireworks candy bar- first dark chocolate, then pop rocks, then a hint of chili! It’s a party in your mouth!! But they only have it around the 4th of July. And today I found an almost exact version of it called a Firecracker bar in Starbucks!!!! More parties!!!

  92. I work in the news business – I’m very old school. And after weeks of feeling like I’m losing my battles to bring important information to my community, I finally won one – and we’re doing an important story that could make a difference. Makes me proud to be a journalist.

  93. Yesterday was my mother’s 84th birthday. She is the most amazing person: smart, funny, elegant, compassionate and so generous with her love and her time. Until just a few months ago she and her dog drove people to chemo several times a week. She takes care of her neighbors, takes her friends that no longer drive for outings. She does yoga while watching French television. She visits my mother in law who has dementia and brings her ice cream. She reads self improvement books…as if she could be any more wonderful. I know that there’ s a day in the future when she will be gone but I try hard not to let my fear of that day mar the beauty of every moment we have together now. We had lunch together to celebrate her birthday and laughed so hard we were crying, every time we made eye contact we’d just start up again. She looked so beautiful! Dammit…now I made myself cry!

  94. My favorite band is getting ready to hang it up, so I’ve been going to as many shows as possible. My daughter reallyreallyreallyreally wanted to go to one with me, and I was reallyreallyreallyREALLY tired of traveling. But we went on a two-day sojourn and it was EPIC. As is my daughter, who makes me a better person every day. Whether I want to be or not.

    (And Lynne, totally get where you’re coming from, though I suspect different performer!)

  95. I adopted an 11 pound fat cat from a high kill shelter. She is beautiful. Brought her home. played with her in the yard and introduced her to Jeffrey her new boyfriend. That is the good news. The end story is that a thunderstorm came up and I haven’t see the heifer since. At least she didn’t get put down on Wednesday.

  96. Today is the last day of our summer school, which means I get to have a short bit of time off before the school year starts. But the best thing, the thing that is keeping me going, is that next Thursday I am traveling with my daughter by train to San Diego. She is so excited that it will be just mommy and daughter time. Her face shows her excitement and she talks breathlessly about the things she wants to do with me. It brings tears to my eyes every time she tells me how excited she is.

  97. I have good news! I ate almonds for lunch and I continued my research on JFK assassination theories and then I read The Bloggess. And I’m supposed to be working. Beat that, anyone, I dare you.

  98. The cat that for the last three years we thought was feral, and which retreated starving to our backyard, has proved after three weeks of distant feeding and three days of touching – sniffing – hissing to be a shyly purring, head-bumping, flopping, affectionate fool.

  99. I quit my job. I am terrified, it’s a crap economy right now, I have NO idea what the hell I’m gonna do yet. But I’m so proud that after over a year of mulling it over and staying out of fear, I finally made my decision. WISH ME LUCK!!

  100. I am working at the kitchen table looking at the beautiful stand of trees behind my house. The sun is shining, there are birds flitting around, and I have air conditioning. it’s the little things.

  101. My big dumb boy who is a greyhound rescue ate a fan this past weekend. He didn’t really eat it. He knocked it off the shelf and it broke and he chewed up the pieces but he didn’t actually consume them. (So, I guess, he’s not that dumb after all.) Why is this great? Because telling that story to other people makes them laugh. So then it makes me laugh. And it turns out, I’m not so mad about him destroying a $60 fan after all. Also, he loves hugs and lets all the neighborhood kids pull his ears and drape across his back and rub noses with him.

  102. My cat started meowing. I adopted her 2 years ago, no meows. Now she meows, the sweetest and most melodic meows ever heard.

  103. I have a friend. She lives in Germany. Met her through social media and she’s a hella graphic designer. I started talking to her because I wanted to talk to her about doing some graphics for me for a production I was involved in. That was almost 3 years ago now. Now she’s one of my best friends.

    She believes in me. She gets grumpy at people she thinks have taken advantage of me (I’m the defender in a group – People don’t defend me, seriously). She sends me things to make me laugh. She stays up until gods knows what time to talk when I need someone to talk to.

    I’m really grateful to the internet for having given me this beautiful girl who lives on a completely different continent to me.

  104. I have been feeling suicial this week. You know the type of depression where you are drowning and feel like even if there was someone to throw you a lifeline, you would not grab it because life just hurts too much. Yeah, that. I was crying silently in my bed and thinking my children would be better off without me. My little boy, lying next to me, sensed my tears, and climbed on top of me and said “I will be your blanket Mama.” He literally covered me in his pure, unconditional love. My broken heart was healed in that moment. Life still hurts, and life will probably always hurt. But, the love I have for these two amazing little people makes life so incredibly worth living. The love they give me is more than I ever knew was possible. Even in the midst of my own personal demons, life can be worth living. Life can remind us that in the midst of the storm, there can be a little warmth of the sun.

  105. My hubby is going to school in another state as part of a career change. Tonight we are meeting half-way to smuddle (smother with cuddles). 😃😃

  106. I’m friends with Melanie and she said that she was going to see you today, so I knit you a tiny chicken because I think you are Pretty Neat and I thought it would make you smile. She’ll have to get it to you some other day. 🙂

  107. They do have brownies that make the plague go away (or at least make you temporarily not care about the plague) here in Washington. Unfortunately one of the side effects is paranoia, which makes me anxious, which kinda defeats the point of magic brownies.

  108. I’m getting married in 77 days. I was able to go to my craft group for the first time in a month this morning. I’m making a hat with a face on it. My fridge is full of food. The Bloggess posted a new thing.
    Sea bunnies are a thing.

  109. I met a dinosaur.
    I had my first REAL week with my family, us being us and not the version of us when our father is around (I am 30 with brothers half my age).
    I shared Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans with a cabin full of total strangers on the Hogwarts Express.
    I spent money on ridiculous gifts for my friends because I love them.
    This has actually helped me feel better.

  110. I think people have given up celebrating the good things because they so often get crushed for “making other people feel bad.” Let us return to celebrating the smallest of victories, I say! Also HOW DO I GET ME ONE O’ THEM SEABUNNIES? They should sell THOSE in the back of magazines instead of crappy seamonkeys that LOOK NOTHING LIKE MONKEYS plus they do not build little homes and communities and seriously HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN must be disappointed by those damn seamonkeys before they are outlawed??
    My good thing for today: I got out of bed this morning with minimal pain, the sunrise was beautiful, and my kids are both healthy. I plan to celebrate these things with a cupcake-flavored Pop-Tart. 🙂

  111. my amazing daughter who escaped a brutal childhood with her father is doing an absolutely astonishing in college After four years of the army, and as a single mother. she’s only 23 but shows a maturity beyond her years. also I have a corgi puppy teaching me the meaning of patience. lastly I’m back on meds. not sure how I feel about that one yet. life is full of amazing things . You Are one of them!

  112. I just finished the last assignment for an intense three week course and I have a glorious week break before I start another course! My incredibly busy weekend will be incredibly fun between meeting my beau’s parents for the first time, a bittersweet gong-show of a party to send off a friend on a new job across the country, and seeing my super accomplished friends do super accomplished things like act in and direct plays in our town’s first Fringe Festival! My darling beau and I planned a whirlwind trip to the Coast for a couple nights and some Shakespeare in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more in love with him right now if I tried. Yesterday morning I was absolutely falling apart with worrying and feeling overwhelmed, but by bedtime I felt like I had beaten the snot out of this week!

  113. I am changing up my meds, and making it day by day with the amazing help of the friends who live in my computer. Day 2 on the new med and my head hasn’t exploded yet!

  114. Girly TMI phobics look away now.

    This is a very personal good thing, but I need to share it with someone because I feel like I’ve escaped from hell.
    I finally had access to medical care, and for the first time in a year and a half, I’m not bleeding from my hooha. I can’t tell you how exciting this is. That’s a really long time to be worried that you might be dying. Just the mental strain of wondering is exhausting. (Also, people who get periods, imagine how horrible it would be if one month Aunt Flow decided to move in permanently instead of just visiting.) I didn’t realize how much of my energy was being drained away daily, until this week when I suddenly didn’t feel like I needed a nap 3 hours after getting up, and my interest in actually doing stuff that doesn’t involve sitting or laying down, started to return. And best of all, now I can start swimming again, the only exercise I genuinely love and am good at, which was completely out of the question before, because even if I’d had the energy, at any moment I might have made the pool look like there’d been a shark attack.

  115. I went running yesterday with my shirt off (I’m 42 and pasty, so it was kind of pushing the envelope), and I ran past an 80 year old woman who openly ogled me while her daughter, mortified, sat next to her. Best compliment I could ask for.

  116. It is a beautiful sunny breezy day and I enjoy being alive. I also enjoy reading what you have to say. Thank you.

  117. My hubby brightened my day with a sunflower and chocolate covered almonds!

  118. My partner of 20 years han’t bailed on me and my 12 year old bipolar diagnosis. Our children are beautiful and kind. I got a job working with kids again. And i have a kickass friend who bought me a manicure for the job interview. And you, your funny posts, books, irreverent sense of humour and messages of hope, I have you too.

  119. Tomorrow my friends from church and my recovery community are coming together to help me hold a garage sale to help me to raise funds for my badly needed hip surgery. I’m nervous about how those two worlds will come together but somehow it will be okay.

  120. After weeks of pressure cooker life stress revolving around family, work, things breaking and not enough money, we are getting in the car tomorrow for a very long drive to see my brother’s new home in Wisconsin. There will be cheese, and beer, and I know that at least once we will sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a family in the car. And I just heard there’s a “log rolling” event we’ll be taking part in. I plan to do a lot of deep breathing and opening my paws up to skies, letting go, the crap and stress floating out and into the ether.
    Get better soon Jenny!

  121. I bought a toy bunny for my baby niece today – that made me happy. Kind of wish it was a sea bunny now though…

  122. After watching Macbeth yesterday (In Portland the Portland Actors Ensemble does Shakespeare in the Park every year… this year it was the Lone Fir Cemetery) I was reminded that the Reduced Shakespeare Company did a version that makes you snort-laugh. Now I am watching that as I do horrifically boring spreadsheet work at the office. Good Thing! 🙂

  123. Our son comes home from camp tomorrow and we’ll all enjoy some time together since we’ve been apart for awhile. Maybe a day or so, and then we’ll be “embarrassing” parents again and he’ll be a messy teenager who choose not to listen again. But even that is ok because, well, that’s who he’s supposed to be right now 🙂

  124. We are having our first real rain in weeks – yay! My big old dog is snoring on her bed, dreaming of the beach. Hummingbirds are zipping through the rain drops to get to the feeder. Good things that I love to see 🙂

  125. After devastating rain and floods in Kentucky, the weather is beautiful. I’m celebrating with a beer and a book in the sunshine.

  126. My joyful things today are: rain, because I live in the Seattle area & I’ve missed the rain like crazy & it’s raining today & I’m eating pizza & rereading some Calvin & Hobbes before I pass them along to my nephews; tomorrow I get to spend the day with family I haven’t seen in five years & all my siblings & niblings (which is the collective noun my mom & I coined for nieces & nephews); and I’m joyful that despite you having a rough time right now, you reached out to your community. We love you. I love you. I will hold the light for you.

  127. I just saw my daughter light up the stage in her camp production of Aladdin. She was the best shopkeeper in the ensemble!

  128. I quit smoking and took up knitting and no one died. My great grandson, seven months old, finds me hilarious. My Bassett Hound grins at me when she wants something. These lovely women at a community dinner that I help serve told me they were old enough to be my mothers. I am 70. When I am sad, I channel Eddie Izzard.

  129. My beau and I did the horizontal mambo last Saturday afternoon … and it was fun and good and I won’t say anything more because it’s mean to make people jealous. On Wednesday, the cell phone rang while I was walking out of Home Depot. It was him. He called me to say that he had been “savoring the memory of last Saturday for the past four days.” That was just so damn sweet…

  130. I recently got fired from a job I HATED more than spiders. THEN, I got my dream job offer. Couldn’t be more excited and happy. Some people call it getting fired…I call it getting a raise, a promotion, and pretending in my head that I had actually said F&*% YOU to the old job when I should have.

  131. Also, fun times, someone up above posted that they were moving to Chicago alone.
    I live in Chicago. She’s not alone now!

  132. I know the chemicals in your brain make stuff worse, but, for the record, positive psychology has proven that it takes 3 positives to overcome a negative–for everyone. The inherent negativity bias goes back to the days when we needed it to keep us safe from sabretooth tigers and make sure we had enough food and water. Unfortunately, that reptilian part of our brain (yes, that’s what it’s called) hasn’t evolved, so it doesn’t understand concepts like locked doors, indoor plumbing, or online shopping and home delivery. Maybe one day…

    Also, I recently wrote a blog post about how the light’s not just at the end of the tunnel and shared a quick way to find it wherever you happen to be standing. ( I hope this helps, too!

    Now, for what makes me proud and brings me joy: celebrating my one-month quit-my-job-iversary and following my dreams!

  133. My son, who is afraid of everything, and I survived ( and dare I say even enjoyed) a whole week at Boy Scout camp! I won’t say there weren’t challenges, but I think we’re both stronger for the experience!

  134. The other day after I tried a new med that made me very, very sick my husband took care of me all night and brought me nachos from my favorite restaurant the next day, and then let me watch whatever I wanted on TV and was very sweet and thoughtful. Maybe husbands are supposed to do that but my ex never would have, and I’m just so grateful to have a husband who really loves and cares about me. Today my sister checked on me to see if I was feeling better, and it’s Friday, which of course makes everything ok. Also I got to see my kids, grandchildren, and other family recently, and I have an 80-year-old mother who WINS at Cards Against Humanity; how awesome is that? Also I’ve played this video over and over because it makes me happy:

    Hope you, Victor, and Hailey all feel better soon!

  135. I get to spend my birthday on the Isle of Skye this year! Feel better soon; we love you.

  136. It is peach season and sweet corn season and both of those things ARE summer in the form of delicious foods. Also last weekend I had the pleasure of watching a magician do in person, up close and person, magic tricks and I really have to say even though I know in my head that he is pulling one over on me it was awfully believable and I think believing in magic is always worth it. 🙂 Also thank you for the sea bunnies.

  137. i’ve been feeling bad about my body and my latest (failing) attempt to lose weight. then i discovered brittany gibbons’ blog, bought myself some outrageous purple & green hiking boots and invited my best friend, who i don’t see as often since i got married, to join my husband & i for Thai food and cocktails tonight. i’m feeling more positive and happier thanks to all of it.

  138. Watch the other videos of Angel on YouTube, that will cheer you up because she’s adorable!

  139. As truly corny as it sounds, I woke up this morning. I had food in the fridge, running water, working air conditioning (HUGE plus in Houston), kitties to scritch, a job to go to and a car to get me there. Life is good, really, really good.

    Hope Liz sees this and posts more information on her women-in-science program.

  140. Decided last week to marry the best woman I’ve ever known. 5 years ago I didn’t think this would ever be even a possibility!

  141. I thought I wanted a granddaughter. I was even a tiny bit disappointed to learn that I was going to have a grandson…I don’t know boys, I raised girls – girls, I know. Now I have a grandson who rocks my world. I didn’t know it was possible to love a little person so much! Grandchildren make everything shiny and new!

  142. I send out care packages to my adult friends. I get to send another few out this weekend. I collect things that remind me of them (joy) and then send them along with a note.

  143. So, to understand my good, you have to have a little backstory. My aunt is in end stages of tongue cancer right now. About a year ago, she moved in with my cousin (her nephew) and his boyfriend, and their roommates (who are also a couple). My aunt had been doing okay, but in the last month or so, started to really deteriorate. Another cousin was getting married, and she was really looking forward to going to the wedding, but eventually had to admit it wasn’t going to happen. So – these roommates, who aren’t related to us, decided that they would move their wedding up to tomorrow. They were engaged anyway, but were planning a big wedding for next year. But they want my aunt to have a chance to wear her wedding outfit, and be able to join in their happiness. In the midst of such heartbreak for our family, I can’t believe how wonderful this feels.

  144. My daughter and her friend are having a double bass lesson in the next room, making low, rumbly music and laughing. Makes me cringe and smile at the same time

  145. My mini is so sweet and smart, beautiful and loving. So often I feel like she – and everyone – would be better off without my struggles to be stable and pain-free, my chronic everything. But I love her too, too much. She is my rock. She keeps me going, even through this 6-going-on-14 phase (if you can call something that will probably last at least 6 years a “phase”).

    I wish I could find something better, but she’s all I can think of right now. Even if there is no answer for why, I do have support. I’m just not very good at catching myself before the fall. And by that point, well, you know, depression lies.

  146. Something that brought me joy recently… Last weekend, I took my manfriend & his 11 year old daughter to the airport so that they could catch their flight to Sacramento. I hugged her goodbye, wished her a good trip, released from the hug … & she just kept on hugging me. It was the first time that she hugged me kinda like she didn’t want to let go.

    It was a small, big thing.

    And it was beautiful.

  147. Last night as I was going to bed, I heard an animal noise I couldn’t identify. It sounded like something in distress, so I grabbed a flashlight and ran outside to make sure my cats weren’t causing any mischief. Tumbling out of the bushes, a baby raccoon landed at my feet. He was unhurt and just wandering around crying. His mama was close by, and I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t grabbing him and making off for the woods. He was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I ran and got my husband so he could help me corral the cats. By the time we came back out, the mama had grabbed her baby and gone into some nearby woods, so he was safe.

  148. I made jam with farm-fresh raspberries and it is the best jam ever!

  149. I lease a horse, which means he doesn’t belong to me but I pay his bills and ride him every day. This horse and I have created a wonderful bond that makes me happier than almost anything else in my life. His name is Charmant, which means charming in French, so I guess you could say he’s my Prince Charming. My loving husband knows about my love for this horse and supports it completely, which helps to remind me why I married him.

  150. My 19 month old woke up with a fever today. The nice part is that I found out at 7:15 this morning that the little girl I nanny for unexpectedly stayed home today. Even better? My daughter is still nursing so I don’t have to worry about trying to force liquids or food into her because she just wants to cuddle and have momma milk. Big brother loves movies so he’s happy that we get a movie day. AND I’ve been going through the KonMari tidying process so even though I didn’t tidy up last night, my house is not totally destroyed.

  151. Well, July hasn’t been my month. My left kidney tried to kill me. It failed (obviously) but it racked up over four grand in medical bills during the attempt. I don’t know how I’m going to pay them all and keep the power on at my house. I know, I’m not telling you something good. I’m getting there. The good thing is that the kitten I rescued at the end of June who was starving and injured just got a clean bill of health from the vet. He’s up to 3.5 pounds and is finally acting like a kitten. And my dog is in love with him. It pushes all my money worries away to watch those two play with each other.

  152. If there are sea bunnies, then there are probably easter egg hunts for the mermaids/mermen out there.

  153. I got to pratice my quick ninja reflexes last night at work and moved furniture. It was taking a moment to play while working that made my night a ton better. I got something I ordered from the UK that I’d been waiting for yesterday. I found a fun new web video series that I admit I binged on already but still it was great to watch and I learned new things. I’m going to Gen Con next week so excitement in the future.

  154. In less than one week, I’m moving to Houston, Texas to live with my bestest friends in the whole wide world. And I’m lucky enough that my job is letting me work remotely. Focusing on the positive, not the stress associated with those things. Trying to, anyways.

  155. One of my best friends just got back from being in Missouri for six months (I live on the coast of NC) just in time to celebrate her birthday today. I am looking forward to celebrating with her.

    Also my parents and aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins’ kids are all coming down for beach week starting tonight and I cannot wait to see everyone, eat their delicious cooking, and drink lots and lots and lots of sauvignon blanc (the family favorite is Nobilo, but we love anything from New Zeland).

    And snuggling with my dogs and watching Dr. Who always reminds me that there is sunshine! Reading you, Allie Brosh and the Oatmeal and laughing so hard the wine comes out of my nose. SOOO grateful for these things because they get me through the hard times and remind me that I am not alone. And text messages!!! I love text messages because my anxiety pretty much makes me unable to answer the phone most of the time.

    Sorry you don’t feel well! I love you and hope you get better soon!!

  156. It’s Bristol Renaissance Faire season, which for me means I get to spend the weekends hanging somewhere where the majority of my friends are, at most, a brief walk away. Bonus: Tomorrow is a Feast day so lots of delicious potluck dishes all day long! Huzzah!

  157. Good thing —> Bloom County is back, and Opus has joined Twitter. Of course, he thinks it’s a support group for birds, but that makes it even funnier.

    Good thing —> SHARKNADO 3!!! (I haven’t seen it yet, but.. YAY for the absurdity!!

    Good thing —> I launched a crowdfunding campaign.

    REALLY GOOD THING — I launched because Procrastination and Fear Lost the battle!

    SUPER DUPER EXTRA GOOD THING —> I feel so much less alone today in my broken-brain-ness, because of you. You make me smile. Every damn time. Thank you. hugs

  158. I had tater-tots for lunch today – Delicious, hot, greasy, glorious tater-tots. Mmmmmm

  159. I just got back from the neurologist and I found out that I DONT have MS!
    I am so happy ~ have been crying a lot lately ~ and now they are all happy tears!

    Really hope that you are feeling better soon (both mentally and physically!) Huge hugs to you and your family!

  160. If puppies didn’t have butt holes, my black lab would not have fiber-responsive, stress-induced colitis. That would definitely make my world better! The good in my day is that I’m leaving work early (in about an hour) to go home and snuggle with him on the couch!

  161. I live in a wonderful country, have a great job, great friends and love my purry little cat! Feel better Jenny! I’m going out this weekend and buy your “Furiously Happy” book. The other book made me laugh!

  162. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of happies right now. I did wear my new pink tie dyed tee shirt to work today. It’s so bright and happy looking, love this shirt! It’s the little things right?

  163. Excellent.You are such a sweetheart for sharing this. The little thing I’m enjoying today is the feeling of the breeze at my in-laws’ lake cottage in Wisconsin, where we’re visiting. And temperatures you can bear to be outdoors in (as compared to the 100° it’ll be back home in Wichita, Kansas today.)

  164. I teach 2 year olds. Just about every day this week one little boy has looked at me randomly during the day and said “I love you Ms. Myndie.”
    It’s a stressful week and I feel like I barely made it through, but that little guy made my day every day.

  165. This is my last day at work before going to visit a friend of mine in California I haven’t seen in at least 15 years, and I’m doing something on my bucket list: going to Costume College out there as well..

    I have a sign up on my wall at work: Every day is a good day. A quote from Bobby Bones. I look at it every time someone around me says something negative. As many folks above noted: it’s the little things. Every day IS a good day.

  166. I recently got some pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches because I’ve always wanted some: They’re huge and spiky and prehistoric-looking and completely harmless; I sort of view them as heavily-armored puppies.

    One of them doesn’t approve of any sudden movement near their cage and will give a warning hiss when you walk past. I love walking past an aquarium and having something hiss at me from the shadows. Makes me feel like Morticia Addams.

  167. My thirteen-year-old dog had surgery last week. I was sobbing in the vet’s office, thinking I would be saying goodbye to him for the last time, but he did great and he is feeling much better now. I didn’t have to say goodbye to one of my best friends.

  168. My breast tumor was benign. Recovering from surgery still blows, but it could’ve been so, so much worse. ❤️❤️

  169. My girlfriend’s teenage daughter came out to her mother. The only other person she’s told? Me. I cry happy tears every time I think of it…so touched that she has let me be a part of her life.

  170. Something that makes me happy (and sad) my best friend and I don’t get to see each other much because of distance and her terrible work schedule (which might be making her into a vampire). But I know that when we see each other it will be all hugs and stories and reminiscing. She is my best friend in the whole wide world and we have been friends for 17 years, which is longer than some marriages last, hell in some states we would be considered common law by now. We are living proof that gay marriage works. Except she is a woman who is married and I am a man who is gay and engaged. She is the best listener and talker and I love her to death. She also lets me touch her boobs, which are fantastic by the way. Even though I am gay, I like boobs. They are like warm little animals made out of skin…I guess all animals are made out of skin…under all the fur and adorable. Where was I going with this…I don’t even remember. I am just happy I have someone who will judgee in the funniest ways possible and makes her nephew call me Princess Mr. Todd.

  171. I am not always (furiously) happy, but I always know this: we were created, specifically and with a purpose, by God. When we didn’t meet His standards, He did not abandon or give up on us. Instead, He, in human form, died for us so that we can still have a relationship with Him. He is with us in our fears, doubts, darkest moments, and failures, and He loves us more than we can ever comprehend. He doesn’t always take away the hard times, but He always loves us. This isn’t about religion, or church, or rules; it’s the love of God, and it’s freely available to us all.

  172. Actually you have really helped me… having most of the problems that you have to deal with I trademarked a joke! OK a jpeg with words but it has made my wife excited to figure out to market it. You have lead me to a happier place!

  173. My boss let me have a rare working from home day to take care of my husband who just had eye surgery to arrest a degenerative eye condition. He’s pretty light sensitive and can’t see anything, so I just made him a peanut butter and homemade (by me) raspberry jam sandwich.

    In one week, I will be taking 8 weeks of leave without pay to treat writing like a full time job in an attempt to finish one of my novels. During that time, I will also go on vacation with my mother and sister, and take my husband to our favourite small town for a few Shakespearean plays. And I can’t wait.

  174. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I have been thinking for almost a year that I wanted to write a post on how much the little things matter, and I even thought about it again this morning. Your post validates my belief in the collective conscious, and the understanding that we are all connected and here to help one another in all the little, big ways.

    My other “something good” – my best friend’s daughter is strong-willed, fiercely smart and totally filled with love. She gives me so much hope for our future. She was crying recently because she missed a little boy that had moved away. What was really upsetting her was the fact that the other kids in her school weren’t more upset about his absence. I know I don’t need to explain this to you, but when we raise kids that feel hurt for others, that is when the world starts to change for the better.

  175. I have worked on BoJangles’ grave ALL MORNING without crying once. Just being incredibly grateful for the 20+ years we had together. In those years there were less than 90 days I did not get to be in his magical presence. We had an incredible time together. Not crying is what he would want, and it feels GOOD.

  176. Money has been a little tight, but I managed to buy a little gift for someone who has been down. I hope her light shines a little brighter because of it.

  177. You make me happy – can not wait for Furiously Happy (however, will not be reading in Italian)!

  178. I had lunch with my 16 year old daughter who battles depression and anxiety just like me, and she held my hand and we laughed a lot. That’s more than I could have hoped for a year ago. Depression lies.

  179. Thanks for this. I too get so caught up in my day-to-day bullshit that sometimes I forget about the really amazing things that happen, like:
    – My daughter got her 4 year shots yesterday and did not cry at all.
    – Because of her awesomeness I told her we’d go to her favorite dessert place. She wanted to be sure that her dad and brother would also get to go.
    – Took my kids to the library and my son couldn’t wait to start reading his book. Would read while walking down the sidewalk if I let him.
    – Kids are (most of the time) sleeping through the night and I am not having another baby.
    – My husband loves me (and I him) and ‘gets’ me. Does not think it’s weird that I want to find the world’s largest ball of yarn on our next road trip.
    – I get to tell my kids each and every night that I love them. And if I somehow forget (because I am frustrated or distracted or too damn tired) they tell me first.
    – hugs
    – kisses
    – hot showers
    – not being born in a century without the internet
    – zombies not being real

    Now I have a huge list of happy things. Thank you!

  180. I take horseback-riding lessons; I’m in my mid-50s. Nobody wants to fall off, but you’re going to. Yesterday, I fell off after a jumping exercise. It was a kinda-controlled, slow-motion roll off a small-but-mighty pony into soft sand. I held on to that pony’s neck like a tick until I decided it wasn’t too scary to let go and roll away. I’m happy that I was calm enough to manage the fall. And then I got back on and did decent job on the jumping exercise a few more times. Thanks for listening.

  181. I ripped up something serious in my knee about a week ago and have been wearing this device called “The Immobilizer.” Yesterday I named my device “Arnold the Immobilizer.” I figure we will spend lots of time together, so I may as well anthropomorphize this thing that is now affecting my life. Arnold gives me strength, holds me up, and goes with me everywhere. I’m thinking about putting googly eyes on him somewhere, just to see who notices him peeking out from under my skirt!

    Thanks for this positive focus string. I needed it!

  182. I just moved back to the USA, after living in Scotland for three years. It’s a bit overwhelming to readjust. We moved to a state and town we’ve never been to. Today, I found the local library and it is beautiful and amazing and I got my very own card because FREE BOOKS! So, I can put extra money in the travel fund. My husband thinks I’m a hero when I find little ways to save money. So, I guess my super power arrived and it makes me happy. But mostly, FREE BOOKS!

  183. There’s a strong possibility I tore my rotator cuff at work. Because it was at work, all potential surgeries (and missed work) will be covered by workers compensation. For as often as I hurt myself, this is a big deal.

  184. YOU are my something good Jenny! Everytime your blog updates I get a little heart skip…reading your words is like listening to my thoughts- I can’t tell you the number of times your blog has gotten me out of very dark days. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you a million times over, just for being here.

  185. This just heard from Bridgett’s shower (she’s five)…

    High shrill voice: Oh, my gosh, what is this!!?!!
    Deeper voice: It’s water!
    High shrill voice: What!! Are you kidding me!!?!!
    Deeper voice, booming: No. It’s a shower.

    Makes me giggle every time I think of it;)
    Hope you and your family are over the plague very soon!

  186. I held my 12 hour old granddaughter for an hour this morning while my daughter and son in law slept. All in the world held still.

  187. You’re not weird, Jenny. So often I wish I could have someone else take care of me (cook for me, do my hair/makeup for me, and do ALL the worrying for me). Guess I should just become a Hollywood celebrity, huh? Life is hard to bear sometimes but there are always good times in there somewhere, even when they’re hard to see. Take care!!

  188. My wonderful boss let me take 1/2 day off today so I can go help out at my favorite local fabric store. I know that seems weird, but I GET TO WORK IN A FABRIC STORE. I love fabric!

  189. My favorite recent text from my sister; “remind me to tell you about the Rufus (her dog ) diarrhea story later . ”
    Umm, sure thing. I do love my sisters .

  190. It is joyfully raining. After 2 months of only a trace, the thirsty birds get to shake the water off and chirp away. I can practically hear the plants and trees slurping up the goodness.

  191. I recently became very close to this amazing woman. We have an ex-asshole in common and we were comparing ways that he wronged both of us. (Mind you, we are all still in the same circle of friends). She had recently obtained his wedding ring (he’s divorced cause karma rocks!)so we decided to sell it and take ourselves on the date he owed us, but with better company!! It was the best day I had in a long time and will contune to make me smile everytime I see him!

  192. When I was a kid and my parents took my to Florida I found a bunch of sea bunnies. They were slugs, but let’s call them sea bunnies because even if they weren’t cute they were beautiful. They had caramel bodies and cerulean “feathers” extending from their backs. I collected them in a bucket and watched them crawl around. Sometimes they’d gyrate and float to the top then drift back down. The only thing that made me happier than watching them was returning them safely to the ocean.

    I was wallowing in memories of my first real relationship earlier, and this made me happy this morning:

  193. I forgot to bring food (both lunch and breakfast) to work today… Only to find an emergency Breakfast Cookie in my bag! My scatterbrained self of yesterday is looking out for my scatterbrained self of today.

  194. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and suffering from the plague my 4 year old brought home from summer camp, so I am feeling this post in a major way! I heart you, Jenny, because you wrote this post and it made me redirect MY day. When I am sick, I think more dark thoughts than the average mama bear (I happen to be bipolar II and anxious as a jumping bean) so thanks for the reeling in that I needed right meow! My four year old put himself to nap today! Just got into bed and went right to sleep. high five

  195. I’m having some overwhelm today – there is divorce and being 60 and job stuff and house selling stuff and my cat died stuff and I have to take steroids right now, which helps SO MUCH – and so I thought I would opt out of technology for a while but first I checked Facebook, because of course I need to do that, and here was your post and all these wonderful posts and sea slug bunnies. And now I remember that three times this week someone has told me I’m wonderful without much provocation and that most of the overwhelm is about steroids – which are EVIL,just in case you were blissfully unaware of that fact – and that there is probably a kitten in my future and I think I’ll go get a spontaneous pedicure. Thank you all!

  196. They can treat cataracts with eye drops and they attached a man’s hand to his leg for two months to help it stay alive while his arm healed so they could re-attach it again after it was severed during a work accident! Pretty cool stuff. Hope you feel well soon!

  197. I’m doing a book signing in my little town tonight for the Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee book and after the devastating fire yesterday in Harpers Ferry, WV, I’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to the relief effort. The bookstore is also donating so the rebuilding fund will see a few extra dollars.

  198. When I was feeling lost and alone. I tweeted. I rarely get replies. But it helps.
    One tiny voice to be lost in millions of others.
    You heard me.
    You replied.
    I felt less alone.
    Thank you.

  199. I am visiting Massachusetts from Florida. I was going to go visit my brother and sister-in-law for the day. We talked about cooking on the grill for dinner. I didn’t know until I got there that he had invited every relative I have in the state of Massachusetts! We had a great party. Good family is the best.

    Hope your family is feeling better soon.

  200. Good news, bad news, Sweet Lady…the bad, which you know, mental illness sucks rhino ass. Good news, your outlook, writing, resilience help many people suffering the same battles. I’ve been diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, and more recently with Avoidant Personality Disorder, hypersensitivity, social anxiety….all of these screw up my mind every minute of every day. I’m proud of myself for continuing to push through this (as you should be). Every morning when I wake up, I’m standing at the bottom of a hill with a 50-pound bag of rocks on my back and every day I get up and trudge up that hill. Some days I get pretty far, some days just a few feet. Many days I don’t leave the house. Occasionaly, I make my self go to the store or have lunch with a friend. I’ve usually had a job but they inevitably end in disaster the first time someone is mean to me. This past disaster ended up with me intentionally overdosing. Some of my recovery involved rereading your book. Endorphins spill out of every chapter and make me laugh. I appreciate you EVERY DAY.

  201. My husband and I eat at this diner in Delran, NJ all the time – One of our frequent waitresses made the news today for a random, wonderful act of kindness: Firefighters who fought a terrible fire here in NJ stopped by the diner for breakfast before going home. Liz waited on them, heard their story, and picked up their tab. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, she’s been running a GoFundMe fundraiser since December to raise money to buy a medical transport van for her dad, who has been a quadriplegic for about 4 years since suffering a brain aneurysm. And now the firefighters are going to do a fundraiser to help her. These are the stories that warm the heart, and it’d be nice to see more of them make headlines 🙂

  202. I met a really great girl today who might be my new roommate, and we realized that we’re actually RE-meeting because we knew each other in college.
    And I’m cutting off all my hair (which I grew out because my toxic ex wanted me to) and donating it to children who don’t have their own.
    And you inspire me. Because you have a wonderful life and a family that loves you, and you remind us to think of the good things, even when depression is lying to you.

  203. I just got back from a camping trip with my niece and nephew (4 and 6), and we got to swim in the lake, roast marshmallows over propane because there’s a statewide burn ban (not recommended – they tasted really weird), and see caribou and bears. It was awesome! There’s nothing like the smell of pine forest in the morning, and little kid snuggles.

  204. I am also not the person grooming the monkey, but the monkey.

    I’m searching for good news today. I really need to find the light.

    We don’t have to boil our water before drinking it! The air conditioner is working, and I have books from the library.

  205. You know that commercial where the guy is wearing a shirt made of live kittens? I have days where I have to lean back, breathe deeply, and pretend I’m covered in wiggly purring fuzziness just to make it through. I guess we all have kitten-shirt kind of days.

  206. If it helps, I got a bonus from work today:
    I’ve just sent three Prime Pantry boxes of groceries to a family I’ve never met who need a boost right now…
    And I sent a TENS machine to a lady (who I’ve also never met) who has been suffering with chronic pain for far too long.

    Be the change you want to see in the world. <3

  207. I’m home from a successful surgery and my boyfriend took the week off just to be with me and care for me. And popsicles. Popsicles are the bomb.

  208. My daughter who lives in another state, made a surprise visit recently. I miss her a lot, but she has a life and job elsewhere. She made time for me this trip and we just hung out together. she also made time for a friend she had known since kindergarten. On her way out the door that evening, she bent over and kissed me on the top of the head. That little act of love will carry me over to the next time we can be together. Just a small thing that made all my years of mothering so worthwhile.

  209. I have great news! All. Brownies. Cure. The. Plague. Ok that was too many words to separate them all with periods but hey ho. Sorry you’re sick and hope you feel better soon!

    I’ve been having a really rough time lately too, and yesterday I was having one of the worst days of my life, but my boyfriend and I had to clean the house because the rental agency was showing it today. I was just a bucket of tears and goo, and my boyfriend just tucked me into bed with the pups and cleaned the entire house while I zoned out with video games. On top of that he brought me dinner (and dessert) in bed. Even though my day was a nightmare, he made the evening something special and memorable.

  210. My medication is working. My therapy went great. My Vitamin D is back up and I am ready to take on the world!

  211. I’m going to meet a puppy tomorrow. Well, not a puppy. He’s a 6 year old Siberian Husky who needs a new home. I don’t have the energy for a Siberian puppy but I think I can handle an older dog. Fingers crossed!

  212. I have been able to overcome my paralyzing anxiety long enough to apply for a badly needed job. Also, though I have not been my most awesome, I have managed to not lose my shit on my people during all of this.

  213. I had my first colonoscopy yesterday and it was good! I was scared of the test, hated the prep for it (nasty, yucky medicine and not cheap!) But it’s done and I feel good about it! The fun(ny) part was all the farting afterwards!!! Great giggles!!!

  214. We have two new kittens and they follow me around everywhere. They sleep in the bend of my knees and they sleep next to the bath tub when I’m taking a bath. They really love being with me even if I kick them out of bed at three am because they’re chasing each other through our bedroom. (which makes me smile as well) I love how they make my toddler smile and I love how her smile makes me smile. And how she insists on giving me a bazillion good night kisses and good morning kisses. She’s the reason I get up in the morning and thinking of her when I wake up makes for a perfect start of the day!

  215. this was a wonderful post. I usually don’t comment, because you get so many, but here goes.

    this morning I spent 40 quiet minutes browsing the net with my parrot and feeding him bits of hotdog bun as he perched on me. usually by 10 he is looking to have me buy a new keyboard by tearing off and mangling keys. this afternoon, while removing items from a closet so we can pull out the moldy carpet(yuck) I found a keychain I bought and subsequently lost before I could use it. so in the midst of stress and chaos… these little things put me back on course.

    oh, and if they made a mug that said “Worlds Greatest Conure” not only would I buy my bird that mug, it would have his picture pre-printed on it. I can prove this on a home computer.

  216. I have a cat who is the size of a kitten. She’s full grown and only 3 pounds.

  217. Today I am happy because it is the last day of heartworm treatment for the foster dog that I have been caring for. Tomorrow he will be given the all-clear and will be on the road to adoption! Today I am happy because in some very small way I have helped a very sick and weary animal get a second chance at finding a loving family. (P.S. His name is Beethoven but we have taken to calling him Ludwig Van Barktoven)

  218. I felt disappointed to realize I cannot reply on any of the previous comments.
    Also, I haven’t published much on my blog recently…

    But life has been amazing:
    – I currently work at 2 amazing places: the movie theatre & the bookstore
    – My hard work is finally getting acknowledged
    – I got promoted to supervisor
    – I went on a 3-day vacation with my family over the July holiday
    – I had an awesome time at the amusement park last weekend
    – I conquered my acrophobia as I rode the different rollercoasters and rides
    – I made new friends at both my (fairly new) jobs


    Jenny, do you mind if I re-post The Small Things are the Big Things on my blog?

  219. You want something positive to hear? I was struggling with another round of Depression Battle Royale recently after losing both my dogs in the manner of 3 months. But the fog is lifting and I am rediscovering my Unicorn Badass Sparkle self!! I recently made a super cute pair of decorated sunglasses and I sewed a circle skirt all on my own! I have never sewn anything all on my own, and I did it! I will be wearing it in Paris, France in a few weeks!! You are my inspiration, and the awkward hug that I need sometimes. You are the best thing that helps me during dark times as I think, “How would the Bloggess snark at this?” and I find my sparkled path again. I love you, and can’t wait to thank you in person when your book tour hits the SF area later this year!

  220. My kiddo is amazing. Of course I would say that because she is mine but she is brave, honest, funny, smart, and kind. We have started going to comic cons in Dallas and have made a whole new set of friends/family. She loves to cosplay and isn’t shy about it. She has met artists and actors. She met Stan Lee!!! Oh, and we met Nathan Fillion 😉 she makes me brave. She isn’t afraid of crowds. She isn’t afraid to be center stage. I want to be her when I grow up.

  221. I hope y’all feel better soon! Thanks for helping us focus on the good things. I need to do this more.

    My precious teen came out to me as… confused, unsure, genderfluid? I don’t really know where this will lead – but I’m so overwhelmingly honored that she trusted me to be the first person she talked about it with. I’m so proud of her and inspired by her courage.

    Also, I love reading comments here, the community you have gathered around yourself is just the best. I’m excited to see you on tour, but honestly, I’m also looking forward to meeting the other folk who will be there to see you too because you attract such a wonderful assortment of friends. (Yes, that reflects on you. We love you, Jenny.)

  222. My house is being painted “Blue Macaw” and the door will be “Pure Joy” yellow.

  223. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at 39, but yesterday, I started chemo so I am on my way to recovery. 👺

  224. (Camille, I agree – so many comments I wish I could reply to, or even just click a heart or star or Love (1) button!!)

  225. I’m saving butterflies by raising them from caterpillar eggs to fully formed butterflies. Four have come back to grace my flower beds so far.

  226. the kids. i have 2 daughters. the oldest turns 33 today. i had her when i was very young, i didnt get married, i raised her by myself for 5 years. during that time i was extremely poor. like so poor i rented a house for $50 that had no indoor plumbing or heat. i finished college and worked my way thru grad school. it was HARD. my family was 1000 miles away so i was really alone. but i did it. and i am rewarded with this amazing woman for a daughter who is smart, creative, interesting and good. i just wish she didnt live on the other side of the country. daughter number 2 i had after getting married so i wasnt alone anymore and i wasnt poor anymore. raising her was so much easier and its a good thing because she was….a challenge. but she straightened herself out, went to college, and is doing righteous work. she is a self taught musician and studies physics in her spare time. and she is a little hippie just like her mom. my apples fell right under my branches. they got all the best parts of me. also…even though i am really far away from them and only see them once or twice a year, i am lucky enough that i could move to where my parents retired and be near them as they are living those last years. that is a gift in itself. im poor again but thats ok. im 5 minutes from my parents so i can go over and make them dinner, im near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, my daughter bought me a cute little bungalow to live in, i have a dog that is the best, and i have bunnies. i feel joy every day. im inspired by my daughters. i was kind of an eccentric mom (maybe you can relate). we didnt have cable tv or electronics. i thrift shopped for vintage stuff, never a name brand or new anything. i painted the house every color because i like them all and cant pick a favorite. i sang them dr demento songs. when my kids were growing up they complained a bit about not having the stuff other kids had. about all that time we sent toiling in the garden. and about how weird i was. they whined they never got to go to disneyworld. i took them to provincetown instead. i find drag queens so much more fun to be with then disney princesses. all that weird rubbed off on them though and now they really get it. they get me. thats a really joyous thing to have.

  227. “Pretend all the good things are for you
    Pretend all the good things are for me too
    And the weather changes not halfway between your house and mine”

    -Rilo Kiley
    Hail To Whatever You Found In The Sunlight That Surrounds You

  228. I took a shower today, which I haven’t done in a few days, and it felt good. I’m meeting up with a friend tonight who noticed I was depressed before I had told anyone, and has since insisted I get out of the house for a little bit. And I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday to discuss going back on antidepressants again, at least for a little while.

  229. I just ordered a new plaid shower curtain, to replace our just starting to mold, 10 year old, leaf patterned one. This is bringing me joy for no fathomable reason, but every time I think about hanging it up, I smile.

  230. I get to go see my favorite singer tomorrow, and my best friends are coming with me, just because.

    Chicken soup and grilled cheese is my “feel better” meal, too. 🙂

  231. My 13 year old daughter earned her black belt this week, after 9 years of training. So proud of her!

    And one more – after several weeks of feeling like my husband and I were drifting apart, like I’m not good enough or something, this morning he rolled over and snuggled me for the first time in a while and I realized the way I’ve been feeling lately is all in my head. It’s hard to see the face value of things sometimes, but if I just get out of my head, it’s all okay.

  232. My fingernails are still a little purple from doing tie dye with my friend (who is family) and our daughters, my 15yo, her 5yo & 3yo… and that is such a good thing. I need to take time to do that kind of stuff, and get messy and laugh and be with family. And now I have a cool, funky t-shirt and bandana that I can wrap myself in when I need to remember that there are really good days.

  233. My husband a daughter found a baby Turkey Vulture in our barn loft – and it’s WHITE AND FLUFFY! Who knew?!!! We named it Norbert 🙂

  234. Today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday. She’s my hero, and I named my new cat after her, and a month later she had six kittens. >.<

  235. After a long, long, loooong time at the bottom of depression, yesterday I got the teaching job I wanted. One of the classes is Personal Finance so we get to play The Game of Life. In class even! (Now I just need to find 5 or 6 sets of the game without breaking the bank) My granddaughters are also making me so very happy. I moved in with them a couple of weeks ago and it’s been wonderful.

  236. I cracked myself up yesterday by standing in the living room with our 100 pound shepherd/bloodhound, and throwing his tennis ball over the railing to the upper hallway… Only I missed a lot and felt super dorky, but the dog thought it was hella fun anyway.

  237. The thing that is making me happy today is finding out that a friend who was brutally murdered back in May is going to get justice. The world isn’t always fair or just, but today it is. I can live with that.

  238. I’m about to be a great grandma. I look young and sexy, so this totally confuses people. I love confusing people. It makes me happy.

  239. I’m going back to school. I just turned 59 and I’m going back to school and I’m so stoked that it’s all I can think about.

  240. Moonbreath, I’m on steroids right now also. Overwhelming is a good word but I keep telling myself that when I feel too much or snap that the medicine will help the other stuff and breathing helps with dealing with the feelings caused by the darn steroids.

    Positives, lots of littles getting new belts at the dojo today. I’ll laugh when they test and cheer when they break their boards. I made a cinnamon swirl cake with cream cheese frosting for lunch (the kids were happy with me for doing this as well) and it was nummy. My daughter will be getting her driver’s license soon and I can hand over some of the driving chores. New underwear in fun colors 🙂

    Thanks, Jenny, you being you helps us all.

  241. I’ve been fighting depression and life for a long time. Today I am happy and grateful in a way I couldn’t even imagine last month. A couple of weeks ago I moved in with my granddaughters. This has been pure joy. Yesterday I was hired for the teaching job I wanted. One of the classes is Personal Finance which means we can play The Game of Life! In class even! (Now I just have to lay my hands on 5 or 6 sets of the game without breaking the nonexistent budget)

  242. I just got a library card for the Library of Congress and it’s awe inspiring to be around all those books. It feels like God and magic and secrets and beauty all wrapped up in one totally silent building, I got goosebumps walking into the main reading room.

  243. I’m at the point i need my bed, noise canceling headphones and to be left alone. …cats say no way FEEDME,PETME,LOVEME (they give no space)…. but i have a bag of marshmallows that are really fresh, and fresh brewed sweet tea. …and. ..sweet cats to stroke. .and a bed. .

  244. You said it right! both Life is both “dark and disturbing but also brilliant and amazing.” From one day to another, I can be driving home wanting to cry my eyes out because I suck at everything or singing at the top of my lungs, on a gratitude high. I let the world decide my day for me sometimes. I react to everything that happens, and it takes me on rides that I don’t want to go on. Im working on that. Staying grounded and level even when I feel like I messed up or something shitty happens. I am working on becoming emotionally mature. Everyday I get a little bit better! And then two days later, I scream out my car window like a lunatic, while driving. Oh, life……

    And Yes! the feeling guilty when great things are happening. “I love my job, but my mom doesn’t have a job, and what if she doesn’t get one she loves like me? That’s not fair.” And I carry that guilt around in a little bag. And it takes away from my happiness. I think its awesome that we recognize what we do, that’s half the battle I think! 🙂 We are blessed.

  245. I have been sending out query letters for getting my writing published, which I haven’t done in forever. And we have a new kitten, Toby.

  246. My kiddo just finished soccer camp today. A major feat for him given that he has anxiety and new situations and new people can trigger panic attacks. Also a major feat because there was an obnoxious kiddo at camp that made it his mission to get in my son’s face. Not only was my son able to handle it, but he managed to do so like the young gentleman that he is. I am always, always amazed by my boy.

    Also, I just got a purple ukelele AND the Settlers of Catan Knights and Cities Expansion in the mail. It’s gonna be a fun weekend!

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  247. Is it just me, or is that monkey all “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille” after she was finished being combed?

    My blondelicious daughter keeps me going every day with her kindness, sweetness, smiles and giggles. She’s only 3 1/2.

    I highly recommend reading “The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy & Spirit” by Sydney Banks. It’ll help to quiet your mind for a little while, and you can read it in about half an hour.

    And kittens. Always kittens.

    Feel better soon.

  248. Watch the ” TED talks to watch when every conceivable bad thing has just to you”. Google it….worth watching!! The Brene Brown one was really good. We are all about connection she states, so you reaching out and asking for encouragement is asking for connection. We all need it!

  249. Sorry, Jenny. The best I can come up with is that the sun has been shining. Far too many tears recently.

  250. Spending the day cooking fabulous food to take to the shore…WITHOUT BACK PAIN. A gifted Pilates instructor. The orange suede pumps that were delivered during said cooking spree. Amazing hubby of 20 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days. Karma and Buddy, who are precious kitties that complete our family.

  251. There is a bunny living in my yard that is so brazen. It comes up my picnic table to eat and hang out. I’ve had bunnies there before but never one that would come so close and stick around for a visit. Its a wonderful thing.

  252. Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have gotten nothing but love and support from friends and family, especially my hubby, who is reading up on it and doing all he can to make it better. I have awesome friends and family. Yo.

  253. I got to go outside yesterday.This hasn’t happened for a while because it has been so windy, but yesterday it was much calmer than it has been. I went to my mother-in-law’s and sat on the lawn in her garden photographing bumble bees. Her dog Lily kept on coming and snuggling on my lap, and I ended up covered in dog hair, but this made me happy because they came from Lily. We had coffee and talked and the hours passed in happiness and fresh air and green grass and love. I was outside and it was a thing of wonder and joy.
    Today it is windy again and raining, but the grey sky is glowing and the leaves on the trees look beautiful being ruffled in the wind, so I am still happy even though I can’t go outside.

  254. I went jean shopping today and the very first pair I tried on fit like they were made for me, so I got to bypass the usual hours of trying-to-squish-into-the-very-same-size-I’ve-bought-for-years-and-why-the-hell-don’t-they-fit shopping joy.
    After a year of medication and therapy for my lifelong anxiety and depression demons, I am doing so well that my psychiatrist wants to try weaning me off the meds. Scary, because what if I go back to being all messed up, but also good because it’s proof of real progress, which I once thought would be impossible. (plus I can always go back on if it turns out my “broken” brain needs chemical assistance to be happy)

  255. A bunch of sunflowers just decided to show up and bloom in my backyard.

  256. Tonight is taco night, renamed Freedom Taco Friday as an FU to Donald Trump and his hatred of brown people. We have 4 pounds of beautiful heirloom tomatoes (from a coworker’s parents’ backyard) for the tacos, and to make salsa for the weekend.

    I’m helping one of my best friends pick out her wedding dress tomorrow; there will be champagne.

  257. I’m getting divorced. That’s not the good news – well, it kind of is. But the really good thing is that since I’ve moved into my own place, I’ve realized how utterly damn miserable I was for the last 8-9 years of marriage. The other 16-odd years were great, we’ve got 3 fantastic kids that are adapting well to the new family arrangement, and I am living in a small, quiet space that is all mine. I’m getting to be myself all the time, and to focus on my job, which I love, and on finishing dealing with the loss of my father a little over a year ago.

    So I got that goin’ for me.

    Which is nice.

  258. I just learned that some people I care about are moving closer to me.

  259. My youngest daughter sent in a video audition to Welcome to Night Vale and they actually emailed her back! It was the highlight of her 12th birthday 🙂

  260. I found a tiny turtle in the river today; that definitely brought me joy. It kept scrabbling at me with its wee little claws, very fierce, I was totally scared into letting it go back to its algae bed.

    The song “Go” by the Chemical Brothers is a thing that exists. As is the tv show “The Middleman”, which is a delight. The sun is shining and I have a tomato in my garden that is thinking about turning ripe.

    There are good things. It’s good to remember that; thank you.

  261. Rockstar, my seven year old, had a playdate. They got to break geodes together and make jewelry.

    I found a bathing suit that I like and fits my body.

    My mom had to have emergency gall bladder surgery (ok, that’s not the nice part, but the nice part’s coming up). They were able to catch it before it decided to explode into an icky mess, she’s been able to get up and move around within days of the surgery.

    School will be starting soon. Rocket (the youngest) is going into Kindergarten. I am laying odds on if and when the school will explode from the awesome.

    Thank you, Jenny, for being you.

  262. I present 9 small good things: I have 4 nieces and 5 nephews, ages 3 to 15 and they’re all great kids. But four of the nephews live close so I see them often. And they love me so much. They adore me. When I go to visit, they run up and fling themselves at me with smiles & hugs. They ask me a thousand questions about everything. One of them (like me) is interested in all things outer space. Another (like me) is into reptiles and sea creatures. They (like me) love books and stories and demand that I read to them. They try to impress me with their feats of athleticism at the playground. One of my nephews is autistic and the sweetest, most sunshiny boy you can imagine: he’s cuddly and likes to be hugged and sing songs. He has trouble with the “th” sound so he calls me “Auntie Heashure”. My sister recorded a little video of him saying, “I love you, Auntie Heashure” and grinning. My brother’s boys call my phone to sing me “Happy Birthday” every year. I save the messages to listen to when I’m having a rough day. They are beautiful, happy, healthy children who think I’m the most super-special, wonderful, smart, fun auntie on the planet. And tomorrow I get to see the nieces & nephew (who is 15 and no longer small but taller then me) who live further away because they’re coming north for a visit, and I’ll receive lots of hugs and get to hear about their latest adventures. Nephews & nieces make the world better.

  263. These epic bunny-shaped flats that I discovered months ago, after my size was sold out, and that I had abandoned all hope of ever owning, got restocked. End result: I wore bunny shoes to work today. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

  264. I wrote. I’ve wanted to be a writer since fifth grade and I finally got serious about it. I joined the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge and last night, I hit my goal of 20,000 words in the month of July. There is a while world of crap clogging up my brain and making me want to give up on absolutely freaking everything. But I’m writing a book. That makes me smile.

    Jenny… your courage and humour are unmatched. Thank you thank you.

  265. My friend came over and dyed my hair rainbow colors last night. My family started a business that I came up with the idea for, and it’s doing awesome and I’m mega proud of all of us. My 4 year old daughter makes up crazy adventure stories in the bathtub with animals and dinosaurs and daring rescues, and it just makes me ridiculously happy to listen to them from the hall.

    Thank you so much for this post. I too have a broken brain and get really fixated on all the depressing news too. Sometimes I can’t sleep for days thinking about it. The guilt feels overwhelming sometimes. It’s good to remember to be grateful for all the good things, even the tiny ones, in the midst of all the darkness.

  266. My brother’s cancer is a slow growing type. I’m in the waiting room while he gets a CT scan, and we’re texting each other silly things. So, there’s even good in the bad if we look for it.

  267. You know those days when you shouldn’t leave the house cause you’re in such a horrible mood, but you do, cause things shit needs to get done. Every once in a while, in a store, or a parking lot, when you’re thinking “this is SO hard” some stranger will catch your eye and give you a genuine honest to God smile like they understand. Those people make me feel joy. To feel a connection with a complete stranger and know they’ve been there…makes life seem not so hard. Bless the older gentleman that went out of his way to catch my eye and give me that smile today. I wish him all the joy and blessings cause he made today worth living.

  268. I am thankful that only two out of my four children have pinkeye. Also, my husband took my vehicle to get the flat tire fixed and the tires rotated. I love that man.

  269. Someone I greatly admire told me I was “the brightest star” in his sky. Totally made my week!

  270. We adopted a kitten from the humane society. My daughter named him Stewie because he has a football shaped head. I don’t see it but I do know he is so damn happy. All. The. Time. Everything is a toy and it is hilarious and exhausting to watch.

  271. I hope this will help you feel better. I was out with my four kiddies at our local lake, three were paddle boarding and I was with the youngest in a kayak. My oldest, aged 13, was in the water, when I shouted, “Get out of the water! SHARK!” She let out an instinctive shriek and scrambled onto the board, before reason asserted itself, and she turned to give me stink eye. I was laughing too hard to be affected, and then she started laughing too, and we both laughed until we cried. She hasn’t forgiven me, mind, but she will admit that it was funny.

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  272. We had 80 kids come to Bible School this week. (A record for our church) And everyone made it through the final program on the stage without vomiting, crying or peeing. (We had a LOT of pre schoolers.) It was a fantastic week.

  273. I’m finally enough out of my hole to finish putting together the very last drawer in my IKEA kitchen. It’s possible that annoyance about that one missing drawer face is what spurred me upwards this time!

  274. I’m moving in one week so I can go to grad school. I am 35, a wife, the mother of 3 little boys, and I never thought I’d ever go to college much less make it all the way to grad school. I feel so lucky and so grateful.

  275. Good things for me today are i am listening to music while cleaning house and dancing around like a fool because no one can see me😏
    and it makes me feel GREAT!!
    Also i had just watched a webnar about attracting positivity and manefesting great things in your life. It has worked tremendously in the way i view the daily…and it has actually i believed worked as i got a refund check in the mail from the dr office…now who can say that happens every day LoL! apparently when were seeing our ob we overpaid somewhere yeah life is great and great things do happen when you least expect it. STAY POSITIVE ALWAYS😆

  276. Jenny, I put a post on your Facebook page earlier this week because I was having a crappy day mentally and physically. Something about not getting my arm stuck up a cow’s vagina and then smiling. Ring any bells? YOU inspire and make me feel like a little bit less of a freak because I know there’s this amazing chick out there who deals with the exact same shit I do and not only has she survived, she’s thrived despite of it. Thank you. Otherwise… I’m starting to sell my greeting cards and envelopes locally. Next up is learning to make paper.

  277. Happy today is all about finishing work and getting the afternoon to snuggle with my dog. and another installment of The Blogess. Because your posts make me happy, Jenny.

  278. Having indoor plumbing. I’m so grateful for it. Such luxury. It’s marvelous.
    Inspiring? Shelly @ She is currently fostering 3 pregnant mama cats and 4 kittens. Plus she streams it 24/7 so you can have all the scampiness and mayhem without the litter boxes and fur up your nose. 🙂

  279. My bf’s 13 year old spent his Dave and Buster’s tickets to get me a “Girl Power” insulated tumbler with Wonder Woman on it…on HIS birthday…to show me how much he loved me.

  280. Good thing that happened this summer- you keep posting things that remind me that there are good things going on. It’s been possibly the shittiest summer ever, but your stories have helped greatly! Thank you for doing things the hard way, cause that encourages at least me to get out of bed and do the hard things I have to do too.

  281. I’m at the beach with about 50 family members (mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd and more). No one fights we all
    Just have a great time and drink occasionally (when not responsible for our spawn or someone else’s). I look forward to this week every 2 weeks and just relax and have fun. Currently my kids are in the pool with their cousins and several of my cousins’ kids. We are lucky. I also wear batman earrings most of the time because I know he is there if I need him :-).

  282. My husband is forcing me to go on a death march, hiking and backpacking throughout the country. This is not the good. The good is I’ve hiked through fields of gorgeous wildflowers, seen amazing animals including pikas, which are quite possibly the most adorable rodents ever created. Seriously Jenny if you saw one, you would totally want it stuffed and dressed thematically.

  283. I’m choking back tears reading this in the break room at work. I’ve been sitting in the pit, screaming, for days. This was the first light I’ve seen in a week. Thank you. Today, you (and this post) are my good thing. There are so many things I want to say, but they all boil down to “thank you.”

  284. Here’s the deal: Beyonce the metal chicken is one of my all-time favorite posts. It’s my go-to, when I’m having a rough go. I force-share it on anyone who’ll listen. My friend and I even go so far as to send each other vacation photos with metal chickens we find (because, they’re EVERYWHERE). So far, there’ve been sightings in Idaho, East Tennessee, and Colorado. Mainly, because those are the only places I’ve been, recently. Years from now, when they’re cleaning out my house for an estate sale, shoppers are going to wonder what the hell was up with that lady and metal chickens…

  285. You’re on the right path, m’dear. Take in the good. Rewire those neurons so they’re firing off the happy feelings. Woo-hoo! Life is good. Here’s my grateful tidbit to add to the buffet: Right now, kids at the Stanford jazz camp are learning to play be-bop and cool jazz and swing and latin and whatever else bops or swings or shimmies, and tonight they’re performing all they’ve learned, for free. This is my kinda fun (and fee).

    And this (hopefully) will raise a grin:

  286. My kids are old enough to watch most of the shows I love to watch. We can watch them together, and they love them, too. 😀

  287. My ex and I do NOT see eye-to-eye on what is best for our daughter, at all (even where her ongoing medical issues are concerned). Partly because of this, she had been injured and/or become dreadfully sick at his house so many times in the last year, that I dread her going over there. I have been so stressed dealing with the way he treats her lately that I had to temporarily go back on meds that I haven’t needed for years. Last night, our court-appointed parent coordinator passed some rulings that are definitely going to help make things smoother for our daughter going forward, especially over the summers. I am so grateful for her understanding, her level-headedness and her ability to see what is fair, right, and best for our kid. I’m not always the most unbiased person in the world when it comes to this kind of thing, so I value her greatly, even during the times when I’m not the one she happens to agree with. 🙂

  288. Also, this is for you and everyone because it’s beautiful…

    Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.
    As far as possible without surrender
    be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others,
    even the dull and the ignorant;
    they too have their story.

    Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
    they are vexations to the spirit.
    If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain and bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

    Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
    it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
    Exercise caution in your business affairs;
    for the world is full of trickery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
    many persons strive for high ideals;
    and everywhere life is full of heroism.

    Be yourself.
    Especially, do not feign affection.
    Neither be cynical about love;
    for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
    it is as perennial as the grass.

    Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
    Beyond a wholesome discipline,
    be gentle with yourself.

    You are a child of the universe,
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Therefore be at peace with God,
    whatever you conceive Him to be,
    and whatever your labors and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful.
    Strive to be happy.

    Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952.

  289. Over the last 6 months, I have fought and struggled and worked really hard to show USBank that my income CAN sustain a mortgage plan, in an effort to stop the foreclosure on my house. Today, I asked my brother for a loan to pay off the arrears and stop the Sheriff’s Sale scheduled for Sept 10. He said of course, we’ll make this work.

    I cried for 10 minutes.

  290. I went shopping this afternoon at a local shop’s big sale. I only bought things that made me actually squee with happiness when I looked in the mirror. Looking good/pretty good/nice was not good enough. Only sqees were purchased. The thought of opening my closet door in the morning makes me smile!!!!

  291. My cousin/best friend, our daughters and I were able to get together for lunch this week – great for the soul. She wears glasses onto which she has glued tiny Tardis charms. They make us both happy.

    Hubby had severe pancreatitis at the beginning of June and didn’t die on me. This is really significant because one doctor told me he didn’t know how hubby’s pancreas didn’t burst, and another told us he had given him a 50/50 chance (after the fact). HA! I told hubby that he was not allowed to leave me. So glad he listened to me.

    Hubby, girls and I are going on vacation toward the end of next week to white sand beaches.

    Youngest daughter is on a dance team and almost has her splits finally.

    I am helping a friend make pew bows for a wedding she is planning. I like saying pew bows because it makes the 8-year-old in me giggle.

  292. The neighbor boy I had a huge crush on when I was 12 and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. We are now 48 & 52, and I still think he is the most handsome man in the universe.

  293. I’m about to go on a weekend spa getaway with my girlfriend, her mom and her sister, I’m making a lot of progress on my writing, my cat is awesome, and my students are writing some really cool fiction! Also I’m blessed to have the family and friends that I do, and next weekend is devoted to tabletop RPGs. So there’s that. Also chocolate exists.

  294. My 13 year old was accepted into the Cambridge program. She will be the first kid in the family to go to a University if she stays on track.

    The Bloggess wished me a Happy Birthday twice a couple months ago and has answered all of my idiotic questions about how to emulate her even though she is a very busy lady.

    I had 103 views on my new blog yesterday and I didn’t even have to threaten anyone with bodily harm to get them to look at it.

    Today is Friday and Pabst beer is on sale for $8.99.

  295. As ugly as the world can seem, I was made aware, once more, that the world of the media is not the real world. I broke my kneecap this winter and found myself immobilized for the first time in my adult life. As personally aggravating as that was, not being able to care for those about me, but being cared for by others, I was absolutely astounded by the kindness and thoughtfulness of strangers. Everyone helped me. I mean absolutely everyone! It gave me a wonderful view of the world of kindness that is out there. When I despair while reading the news I use this experience as a reality check. I too am among the broken headed. I have friends and family that I use in my fight against anxiety. I think of them as my personal Excalibers. I unsheathe their shining light and fight off the darkness that tries to overwhelm me.

  296. I have been in a bad place mentally for a good part of the last two weeks. But during the last two days I have found a whole new source of inspiration and motivation for my scientific work.
    This Sunday I will go on a journey to a completely new country together with people I like very much!
    And today I was able to collect a few much needed things to donate to refugees who have recently arrived in my country and have lost pretty much all their possessions when they had to flee. It feels good to be able to help, even if it is only on a very small scale.

  297. I got to mow 22,000 square feet of lawn on a beautiful morning while racing dragonflies. I LOVE dragonflies! (Also, the dragonflies seemed to slow down to let me win once in awhile, because the John Deere is not very fast).

  298. I was driving down the road with my Momma Sharon today (on our way to the vet with with my dog…I just knew was going to the Rainnow Bridge) and I said, “I’ve decided I’m not going to surrender to my health issues and accept disability right now. I know it will destroy me physically to work but it will hurt my spirit more to surrender, so I will work and get the best health insurance and care I can find and do my best as long as I can.” The vet said our dog has a tick disease and we “caught it just in time!” Antibiotics should turn him around and he should be eating again by the end of the weekend! As we were driving down the road, on our way back home I got a call about my dream job wrapped in a different box than I had considered! I won’t know the outcome of these things until next week but the difference the spoken words, change of mindset, and the hope of possibility are enough for me to believe they will be more than possible, but they will be. Sometimes you just need to take a drive with some pals to get out of your head…I believe we all had more hope after our drive!

  299. I got told by a doctor the other day that I was stoic, and it just kind of made me feel like a badass.

  300. We had a play date with a friend from day care today and my 2-and-a-half year old daughter suddenly transformed from quiet follower to an assertive, confident little person with not only her friend and her mom, but other kids, too. Watching her blossom like that brings me so much joy.

  301. The lad on my beer bottle label is wearing a tamoshanter. I heart him.

  302. We’re gonna build a bonfire and cook hotdogs and roast marshmallows tonight 🙂

  303. My new “diarrhea” mug came today, and it was wrapped in the most exquisite bubble wrap. Also my new sewing machine. My first serger! And I actually have a day off of work. I’m lucky to have a job that I truly enjoy, but overtime lately means 70-hour weeks and maybe one day off.

  304. My 28 year old son sent me a text this morning that he didn’t know how he did it, but he convinced his husband to go to Disney California Adventure Park, today. It’s only, my son-in-laws 2nd day off since beginning his residency in June and he’s not a Disney freak, like my son! I told him, ‘once again, dreams do come true!’. And, off he went for his 1st trip to Disney California and his joy just jumped out of that text screen!! He’s normally a pretty buttoned up guy but throw in Mickey Mouse and he’s a kid again!

  305. I laughed my head off – again – reading the suggestions about the UFO. That so many people can be rampantly silly brings me joy. Thinking about Gabbie sticking the petrified raccoon hand puppet in your father’s face makes me laugh out loud, every time.
    You inspire me.

    I swear, I’m not just saying that to kiss up. Your blog, your book, and “the group” bring me joy. Thank you!

  306. Let’s see. Our cat hasn’t bitten me today. I’ll count that as a plus. And it’s raining, and has been for days now. Like, I’m starting to worry that I’ll need a boat soon. I’d like a boat, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but currently am boat-less and possibly going to be in need of one. The plus I’m counting here though, is that I am not letting the rain or dreariness let my anxiety talk me into canceling plans we’ve had forever. It’d be so simple. But I’m going to fight it.

    My fiance inspires the heck out of me. She’s a good role model I think. She’s over on Facebook on her page called “Mindy Get’s Healthy”.

    And Jenny you inspire me! You inspire a lot of us I bet. Feel better soon!

  307. We just took our 1 year old son on a grad trip to New York. He is the most reserved of our kids and we watched him grin ear to ear and be chatty and outgoing for the whole week. So thankful to have the time with him that we likely never will again as he launches into his own life.

  308. Something I’m proud of: I got accepted to the number one grad program for my field in the country. I did this despite the fact that I had to spend two years in college fighting to get my depression under control and it royally fucked over my GPA to the point that I was afraid I’d never be able to go to grad school at all. I’m not going there because I’m going to my top choice instead, but getting the acceptance letter for that program was the biggest “fuck you” to my depression I could imagine. I won. I won. Depression still lies to me and it may never stop, but it tried to ruin my life and it failed.

  309. I actually read all of the ones above me. I don’t usually do that because there are always so many. But today I needed to be inspired by other people’s happiness. I while back I made a promise to myself to allow myself to just BE in the moments of my life without worrying about whatever else is happening or going to happen. I haven’t been sticking to that promise as much as I should. I am going to recommit myself to it.

    Also, I keep seeing pins that I think you would like but can’t send them to you, so I am going to make a board specifically for those “Jenny” pins.

    And, Myson just came home from visiting his “father” for a month in time for he and I to celebrate his Sour Sixteenth birthday (he asked me once “if girls have sweet sixteen’s what do boys have?”).

  310. my car was smashed by a 80 foot oak tree and no one will hire me. i recently flew for an interview and met a nice elderly lady on the plane. she called me yesterday morning to ask how my interview went and how things with the insurance were going, and then gave me a prayer hotline number and said she will keep in touch even though she is flying back to her home country tomorrow. what a nice gesture from a stranger. i try to talk to and help out strangers whenever i can, it was nice to get it back from someone else!

  311. I have been finding these to be helpful little cheer ups lately:
    Super Golden Friends:

    I Really Like A Hole:

    Unsuspecting Strangers Step Up To Help A Young Lady In Trouble:

    The Bandwagon (it doesn’t get any cooler than this!):

    The Cat! (one of the funniest, silliest moments from these guys) I think Hailey will get a kick out of this, too.

    A Fine Moment for Catwoman:

    Other good things? Well, I’m kinda bottom of the barrel right now myself. It’s been a low, hard week. Ummmm…. There’s a brand new box of moonpies in the kitchen. I just taught my 16yo son and 12yo little cousin to juggle. It made them very happy. I strongly recommend bingewatching The West Wing on netflix. I’m currently reading the best book I’ve read so far this decade. I am loving this book so hard. Here’s the amazon link: . Two people I recently gave homemade birthday gifts really liked their gifts and got super excited about them and are using them. So, that makes me happy.

  312. I shared your blog with someone I think could really use it. I hope she’s totally surprised that I thought of her, and that she likes it.

  313. Something I’m proud of: I got accepted to the number one grad program for my field in the country. I did this despite the fact that I had to spend two years in college fighting to get my depression under control and it royally fucked over my GPA to the point that I was afraid I’d never be able to go to grad school at all. I’m not going there because I’m going to my top choice instead, but getting the acceptance letter for that program was the biggest “fuck you” to my depression I could imagine. I won. I won. Depression still lies to me and it may never stop, but it tried to ruin my life and it failed.

  314. I have my yellow lab on my feet and black lab on my lab (amazing how 80lb dogs think they can fit anywhere).

    Also I took a chance on two dresses I saw online for a good price (I previously owned only one that I never wore); they showed up today and not only are they long enough (5’10” so ankle length is hard to find) I actually feel like I look awesome in them and could potentially wear them in public (and one is a size smaller than I normally wear which is also a good thing in my mind).

  315. I ate ice cream for lunch (I’m an adult and I do what I want) and I fed a friendly squirrel a pecan. OH and did you ever read that thing where if you see a bee that’s kind of just walking around on he ground because it’s too tired to fly and you give it a bit of water it will perk up and fly away? IT TOTALLY WORKS. I’m gonna help alllllthe tired bees from now on.

  316. My 4.5 year old boy woke up from a nap and wanted nothing but to cuddle on the couch with me. With preschool starting, by the time I have days off with him again where I will be able to have a post nap snuggle, he may not be napping anymore.
    My 4.5 year old still naps… that’s a good one too!

  317. A not so little thing. My daughter who had to switch schools last year because she was overwhelmed, unhappy and highly anxious, is right now in Theater camp at her old school and having a great time. My little girl who in January was having 5 to 8 anxiety attacks a day, now is feeling confident and secure and happy to be an Oompa Loompa.

    The biggest of little things.
    My little boy who’s seven made his lunch twice this week. The second day he crawled into bed with me, and told me he’d done it because he knows I’ve been in a lot of pain lately.

    Maybe this will mean more if you know it’s in the middle of what’s be really tough times for me, worsening health, loosing a doctor, and just generally feeling down about my world.

    And then this

    This Year by the Mountain Goats, might be the official feel better anthem for the broken and beautiful, and aside from the infectious joy of this video, many of the people in it have survived really hard times to go on and create wonderful things, or have become beloved for letting all of their weird show. Hugs to super hero Hailey.

  318. A great summer is filled with great tomatoes – giant, bright, red ones so juicy and sweet you’re reminded that tomatoes are a fruit. And it has been a great summer for me.

  319. Every day the thought, “I’m not depressed!” crosses my mind. Look at me, getting up, getting off the sofa, doing the things, just like a real person! I’m trying not to worry about whether it will last, just to appreciate it while it’s here.

  320. My God. He’s just like a little old human – complete with the bushy white mustache. Amazing that he looked like he was smiling when they were cleaning his ears. And then brushing his teeth – amazing.

  321. I got to hang beautiful art at a Gallery my friend owns. Always makes me feel better.

  322. Effects from food poisoning at 4 am last night. Was already committed to one end when i realized the other end was about to happen. Looking desperately, there was an empty sealable sandwich bag in the bathroom magazine rack. Bless you Vomit Gods.
    Plus a few pounds lighter.

  323. Hey, so my rent check didn’t bounce and we have groceries. one thing at a time.

  324. I’ve been unable to get out because of a broken foot. I was feeling very lonely and made some calls instead of isolating myself and being bitter. Every one of my friends I called have gone out with me and I feel a million times better.
    I also have to rewrite my entire book because I figured out many many things. But I’m not upset because I have a story to tell no matter how long it may take

  325. Whenever I’m down, I read your post about Beyonce 🙂 Really. And I repost it to my bestie’s wall, and make her laugh uncontrollably at work. In a library. I also have done drive-by metal chickenings to her house.
    And, for the next 6-8 weeks+, I’m confined to a recliner because I stepped out of the door at my historic house where I work to leave for my weekend (last Thursday night, I work Sunday-Thurs.). Except I didn’t make it far – I broke my ankle in 3 places AND dislocated everything out of place.
    So Imma gonna be selfish. Keep it up, Jenny! I NEED YOU AND YOUR CHICKENS AND YOUR TAXIDERMY!!!! Or else I might try and climb the walls. And that could make the healing take longer.

  326. I just got to spend the weekend with my 2 best friends (who live hours away & I don’t see often) while my wonderful husband took our girls to visit his parents. So much good in this. Uninterrupted time with friends, crazy-fun outings, having a husband & in-laws who would accommodate this, all of the hugs when the kids came back. Best few days of the year for me!

    Also, having your blog & books to read. So glad to have found you!!!

  327. I didn’t want to work out this morning. It was 5 AM and I hot snooze. Then my dog got me up and I went and worked out and I had a personal best on the stationary bike. It was only 1/10 of a mile better in the same time, but it made it worth it and made me smile when I was disgustingly sweaty and my Lego Star Wars head band was gross. OH! I have a Lego Star Wars headband. That totally makes my fucking nerdy day 🙂
    Also: I love reading your posts. As someone with life-long bi-polar, it is nice to know I’m not alone with depression and that people like me can be incredibly funny and broken and whole and help others all at once. You always make my day 🙂

  328. Happy moments

    I woke up (it’s a good start)
    My bestie and I took her crotch fruit to a small animal farm
    I played
    I had a salted caramel truffle ice cream cone and I didn’t drop it
    I got to wear jeans to work (and can tomorrow too!)
    My youngest brother is visiting for the weekend and hanging out at my house with my partner
    I’m considering chocolate

  329. I think I invented oatmeal with frozen chocolate chips this morning. If I didn’t, it still made me smile. The comment announcing the wearing of Batman underwear made me laugh. Finding anything anywhere that allows you to do either thing – smile/laugh not (necessarily) oatmeal/Batman underwear – is time well spent.

  330. It may not seem like much, but I’m always happy when I go online and see there’s a new Bloggess post. I save reading it for last, like dessert.

  331. I gave a Gmail class today at the library and tomorrow I’m going to paint a ukulele. After last year at this time I’m real pleased to be alive.

  332. Elyse, or the other woman who has Crohns: sucks, don’t it? But what was the thing you tried? I’ve been on damn near every med, and special diet, and only this last combination of 6MP, allopurinol (I don’t even drink!) and Entyvio has been working. But I’m always up for tips! (You can PM me at if you want)

    And my happy thing? Last month, my colonoscopy (7th or 8th in 9 years – I’ve lost count) came back with ulcers in my colon, but not my small intestine! This may not sound great, but it’s actually freakin’ fantastic! First time in the past 5 years that there’s been documentable improvement!

  333. I have pants on today. And they’re new. For me, that’s an all out win.

  334. Right now I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that doesn’t sound … platitudinous. But hey! I used platitudinous in a sentence so maybe that’s something.

  335. I forgot something. Some days you make my day. Whenever something gets me a little down, I just yell, “KNOCK-KNOCK, MOTHERFUCKER!” My regards to Beyonce.

  336. I’m getting laid today. By the person I know. I felt I should add that. And love. There’s that part in it too

  337. I am taking an 8 week course on Mindfullness Self Compassion. It’s fantastic and a life changer. These last 16 months have been difficult, but I’m happy to say, I’m on the mend and doing fantastic!!

  338. When my sixteen year old daughter laughs the rubber bands pop out of her mouth making little ‘plink’ noises. One hit me in the face today. Nothing pulls me out of a funk better than stuff like that. Little tiny joyful things that give cause for getting out of bed when I want to stay fetal: magic power. Love your words. More magic:) I feel like I know you.

  339. Beach vacation. Sun, sand & saltwater therapy. There may be some tears involved, but that’s ok. Going to be lots of laughter with my crazy, loving family. Oh yeah, and, Saturday’s my birthday, so I get to celebrate my birthday on the beach.

  340. i am happy i am alive today. i was contemplating suicide last night, and reading your book/blog literally saved my life. thank you for that.

  341. I’ve decided to have a partial hysterectomy. My severe PMS, excruciating pains and cramping, hemorrhaging, and irrational moods be gone. I am done with you. My three sons and new husband need me more.

  342. I’m not sure puppies without buttholes would be such a great idea, because then they would have to poop out of their mouths, and who wants that? Maybe puppies that clean up after themselves would be an improvement 🙂

  343. A couple of things- one of my all-time favorite cartoons is back- “Bloom County-” (don’t be drinking anything while reading it unless you don’t mind snorting it out over your keyboard and screen); my tomato plants are doing really well this year (LOVE heirloom tomatoes!!), and I saw an amazing picture of a ‘Dumbo octopus,’ which I couldn’t figure out how to link to this, but you can google for the image- it’s as cute as the sea bunny!

  344. I looked at my wife today and realized that I’m hopelessly, madly, furiously, happily in love with her…like I have been for every day for the last 17 years.

  345. I’m almost finished crocheting an afghan pattern I started about two years ago. I’m still learning new things at my job (and in life!) even at the age of 50. Despite being 180 pounds my resting heartbeat is 53 (I had an EKG yesterday). There is supposed to be rain tomorrow (Phoenix – we see it rarely). I’m trying to read 100 books this year (when I was a kid this was a snap. I didn’t have to work). One of them will be yours, soon! It’s only two months until Doctor Who premieres.

  346. Today I played hooky from work, and my kiddo and I caught the 12:00 showing of The Minion Movie and the 2:15 showing of Pixels and ate junk food and drank beer while watching them. It was a theater that serves real food and alcohol; I didn’t sneak in beer. Actually, the kiddo drank water. Because he’s 10. But it’s been a lovely, silly, laughing at Minion butts and inappropriate references to Martha Stewart kind of day. 🙂 (PS, ignore the critics and see Pixels. Especially if you came of age in the 80s as I did.)

  347. I’m happy it is Friday, I don’t have a headache AND it’s not supposed to rain this weekend. P.S. Hope you and the family feel better soon.

  348. I love Angel so much! That video floated into my FB awareness recently with the heading of “When your real estate sale falls through and you just want to be pampered…”

    What brings me joy this week is this: Leaving the news OFF and going to sit in the breeze at the beach at the lake, listening to the waves and the gulls. Instant mood fix.

  349. My husband and I are sick at the same time. It made me realize, and I told him, all my best adventures are with him ^_^

  350. It just dawned on me today that I may actually be able to complete my Ed.D… and it’s kinda blowing mind.

  351. My mother is cat sitting for me. She sent me a picture of one of my cats sitting like a human and absolutely gushed over how cute he is. The fact that she treats my fur kids like her grand babies gives me warm fuzzies. That my father claims he doesn’t like cats and yet caters to their every whim is the icing on the cake.

  352. On Wednesday, my boyfriend took me hiking to a place he’s been, but not me. We haven’t been able to hike much this summer, due to our mismatched schedules and my back/leg issues. We love to hike together. It’s what we do. This not hiking has been a major bummer. THIS hike, however, was mostly flat walking(which I can do) into the wilderness with views which made me say, “WOW!” more times than I could count. Stunning. Breathtaking. Unforgettable. I laid in the sun on a granite ledge with my aching feet dangling in the cool, mountain stream at a waterfall while he rubbed my aching back/leg. We talked about backpacking there when I’m better and we both can take time off. We talked about our future. I thanked God for this man. What did I ever do to deserve him??? Something really, REALLY good, no doubt, but I don’t have a clue.

  353. Sea hares!!! Good old aplysia! I worked at a small lab in South Florida that raised them and sent them out into the big bad world to go cure Alzheimer’s! Their neurons are so large that scientists use them to study the physiology behind memory formation (you can actually see their memories form). They also turn the color of whatever they eat and squirt purple goo… If you’re lucky. Children from nearby elementary schools used to come to the lab for field trips all the time.I for one, am very thankful that I don’t get routinely poked by gleeful seven year olds in the hopes of squirting goo. At least not lately.

    Keep breathing. We’re with you. 🙂

  354. We found out this week that my mother-in-law’s new cancer meds, with a sticker price of TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A FUCKING MONTH will have a $0 co-pay! This may be her last chance for a few more good months.

  355. I’m actually really proud of my dog today. I let him out the front door off leash because it was early and there’s no traffic on my street at that time. I know that this is a bad idea on so many levels, but sometimes my hands are full and we’re only going to my car, so I let him go.

    So this morning I turned around after locking the front door and saw that he was standing at the end of the driveway in a tense posture. Then a rabbit ran out from under the car across the street. He clearly wanted to go after it, but I said, “No, go to the car, Jonesy!” and with very little hesitation he did just that! I’m proud that he is so well-mannered that he could resist his strong temptation for chasing prey (he is part hound dog after all!). It’s a silly little thing really, but it made my morning.

  356. Things that have brought me joy recently: my kitty noticing I was awake in the middle of the night and jumping into bed to cuddle with me; my husband spontaneously asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch and coming up to my office to take me out; and reading Jenny’s blog, which I’ve only recently discovered, and which makes me feel not alone. Also, sea bunnies!

  357. Last week I was put on a very restrictive diet by my GI doctor and it seems like everything I enjoy eating is on the “Do Not Eat” list, including wheat products. My small happy was finding a gluten-free chocolate cake mix on sale at the grocery store today.

  358. I have been sick for three days, a small cold magnified by extreme weariness from over work. My husband has been taking care of me and the cats and promised to play Carcassonne with me tonight now that I am finally feeling better.

  359. A guard at work found a huddle of 4 kittens in front of our building yesterday. Not only did I get to snuzzle with kittens all day at work yesterday, all four of them were adopted by yesterday afternoon. Today I kicked ass on a big project and acknowledged the others who did too. High fives with co-workers are always good after a hurdle is cleared. We had Chinese food for dinner. My dog is softly snoring while I am reading about other people’s happy things. It’s good. All of it.

  360. Our 23 month old granddaughter has begun a grand love affair with bubble wrap, which she calls, “Bubbawappa.” (Seriously. I have a giggling fit every time I even THINK of her piping little voice saying, Bubbawappa.”)

  361. I’m getting badly needed flooring in my kitchen/living room. I feel so much more comfortable in there now, it’s not all dark and torn up. It’s lovely to have a place where I can make coffee and food and stare blankly at the walls and feel better instead of worse!

  362. I overheard my waitress talking to someone about how she was a single mom having to work 2 jobs so I left her a $100 tip with a note that I hoped it made her smile! I love the feeling of giving to others – when I’m down or struggling with all the problems of the world, giving something to others or doing something for others makes me feel like I’m helping a small part of the world not be so bad.

  363. My almost-three-year-old son is awesome, but he is a handful! He’s very high-energy and sometimes aggressive– he was kicked out of his last daycare for repeatedly biting (everyone: classmates, teachers, boys, girls… he was an equal opportunity biter). He’s making improvements and growing by leaps and bounds, but it can still be difficult at times.

    Anyway, for my good thought: My son is also REALLY into dinosaurs, and he has a rather large T. Rex toy (seriously, this thing comes up past my knees. I’ve caught it out of the corner of my eye and thought that some stray animal had wandered into the house). He was playing with it yesterday, when he turns to me and my husband and says, “Mommy, Daddy, be careful. This is a T. Rex. He has really sharp teeth. He might try to eat you.” And my immediately thought was “Awwwww, how sweet. My son doesn’t want me to be eaten by a dinosaur. He really does love me!”

    And it’s those little things that make everything else worth while. 🙂

  364. I was on a plane on Thursday and there was an Hispanic mother and her fourteen month old baby across the aisle from me. Things went pretty well at first, but I could tell that this mom was going to be seriously stressed and tired by the end of the flight. She had a wiggly boy. I kept my eyes on my book but looked over and said hi to her and the baby now and then. Half way through, I felt sorry for the tall African American man in the seat in front of them because this baby barely had room to sit and kept banging the back of his seat.

    Eventually, I put down my book and started talking to the baby. It was all he needed, someone to distract him. When he banged the seat, I said that the man in that seat was very nice. Suddenly, the man turned around in his seat and gave the kid a big grin. For the rest of the plane ride, that boy stopped banging the seat and occasionally reached around and patted the man on the shoulder. By the end of the flight, the baby had made friends with the two men in the aisle in front of us and a couple of older Caucasian women behind me chatted with the mom.

    I can admit to you that I was really proud of myself.

    All I did was call this guy a nice man and suddenly, he was a nice man and the boy had a gentle reminder of how sweet a big man can be.

  365. First, hell yes we should all be jealous of that monkey. The way she closes her eyes and leans into being combed makes it seem like she loves it.

    Second, my win is getting ready for craft fair season. I did a mock up of my booth (in a 10′ tent!) in my kitchen today and it looks awesome. Comfy and inviting. I’m excited to spend days outside talking to strangers, which never happens.

    Also, my elderly cat had a major arthritic flareup all of last week and now seems to be in a lot less pain and in a good mood. Seeing her happy always makes me happy.

  366. I have been limping along with an almost broke refrigerator for over a year. It got to the point where I was spending hundreds to keep it working and I just gave up and said that’s it, we are getting another one. My brother found an “open box”online that seemed like it would do. When I got to the store I found out it was on sale, with 0% financing for a while
    and I am going to get $100 gift card. I saved hundreds and I will finally get rid of the crappy one I have been putting up with. I also want to say the sales woman worked really hard for me and got me another $20 off. Just the most amazing appliance buying experience I have ever had. I know it’s just a “thing” but money is tight right now and we are able to have a new fridge!

  367. Tonight we helped my friend with MS move furniture so she con move around her house easier. We ate pizza and debated our countries crazy messed up amazing politics while our kids laughed and played. And for a few hours everythung stood still and was perfect.

  368. I had a splendid evening hanging out with my BFF and watching my first-ever World Team Tennis match in Austin. I LOVE tennis, so watching it on TV always makes me happy. Watching it IN PERSON? Why, it makes me FURIOUSLY HAPPY, of course. 🙂 Winding down on the couch surrounded by my feline family, Walter Bishop and Astrid Farnsworth, is the yummy icing on the fantastic cake that is today.

  369. My dyslexic 13 year old son is working on writing two different books. My 11 year old son has decided the best way to make money is to create a diamond-encrusted mechanical pencil that can’t be refilled, so the buyers keep having to buy new ones to meet their needs for diamond encrusted mechanical pencils that can’t be refilled. My husband is a kind genius and is the cutest boy in the whole school. (Bonus: British accent.) I suggested that a genuinely gifted friend create some coloring books for grownups since they’re all the rage and she’s running with it. She’s gonna be a stah. It’s officially okay to read “Go Set a Watchman”. My bipolar disorder and nasty autoimmune, neuromuscular disease are both held in check with simple meds and have been for almost two whole years. Can I get an amen on that? I got two recliners for $60 the other day, and they’re even pretty. I recently discovered that my favorite color has a name; it’s “pavo”. I love that I stick to my own personal rules of punctuation and create my own words. I have a newish friend whom I adore. Our dog is almost 14 and still hops around like a puppy. Our older cat is huge and flubby as all get out and feels wonderful when you hold him close. Our younger cat is, in fact, a puppy, but in a cat suit. I found a new tv series I really like. Neil DeGrasse Tyson made me cry today – in a very good way. My older son gave me a sunflower yesterday but didn’t want the stalk to prick my fingers, so he wrapped the leaf of a vine around it and tied it with a tiny green tendril. That means my kid is smarter than any other kid who’s ever given his or her mom a sunflower. We live in the artsy fartsy area of town, and most of the people we know are artsy fartsy. I came up with a t-shirt slogan that’s gonna make me a few thousand dollars, pretty much guaranteed. I’m going to put tiny versions of my favorite books on hair clips and stick them on my head. The half-inch deep stab wound on my left middle finger where I stuck the x-acto knife the other day is healing up nicely. #2 son made “Four friends! Five if you count Ray!” today. We actually had enough money in our account to cover school supplies for the coming year. Woot! I have found THE prettiest color of fingernail polish in the entire world, and I have it on nine of my fingers now. (I’ll paint the left middle finger when the bandage comes off.) Gay marriage is legal. Pixar exists. Ibuprofen exists. Mosquito repellant exists. October exists. Gel-cooled memory foam mattress toppers exist. Santa Claus exists. Hawaii exists. Jenny Larson exists.

  370. And Jenny Lawson exists, which is, for present purposes, more meaningful than Jenny Larson’s existence, though I’m sure she’s a lovely person.

  371. I have three things.
    1. Some family dynamics have finally begun to heal. I had abandoned hope of that.
    2. Some of my friendships have begun to deepen and become my “family I chose to have.”
    3. Some lady i don’t even know in Texas reminded me to stop, focus, and appreciate. 🙂

  372. My 5 yr old son kept telling me that he loved me the best and I’m the best mommy. He knows just what I need. My 5 month old son is just about to roll over. I’m so in love with both of my boys.

  373. I am inspired by my wonderful middle child. He graduated from high school this year. He announced at the beginning of the year that he was joining the choir. We had no idea if he could even carry a tune. He had never sung a note at home. He has Asperger’s and hates it when people pay focused attention to him. Halfway through the year, he mentioned that he had been given a solo part in the next concert and was entering the school district solo competition. confused blank look from us Huh?!?! Performing in front of a large audience while being judged in front of peers? I was terrified. He wasn’t. He sang. My jaw dropped. He won. Referred to private voice coach who was head of the music department at a local private (expensive!) college. Told to audition for a scholarship 2 weeks later. He starts college next month majoring in environmental science with a minor in vocal performance with a healthy scholarship to boot. I have worried about my amazing son since forever and have wanted to protect him from the harsh realities he is going to face with those who will not understand his quirks. However, with a few notes of music, he is going to be able to share himself with those around him in ways that I could never have dreamed. 🙂

  374. I celebrated five years of marriage with my husband today. And although it has not been all sunshine and unicorns I realized that we still are good friends who can laugh at the silly stuff. And also, I learned about sea bunnies.

  375. The Lane County Fair is going on here in Oregon this week, and they have a STEM festival as part of the fair!! Plus the All Alaska Racing Pigs and the world’s largest Cosmo Puffed Corn Ball. Will wonders never cease?

  376. I’m 50 and my 8 year old niece taught me to boogie board today.

  377. There’s a code red storm warning for today, so I’m spending my time indoors with a book and coffee. Absolute bliss. Also, my brains are currently behaving well and I’m deeply thankful for feeling slightly normal and happy, for however long it may last.

  378. I had an excruciating week. I worked for 14 hours every day, and dreamt of work in my sleep. Because of that I wasn’t able to focus on my long term goals. Today, because of it being a weekend, I’ve got my shit together, and am working on what I want. It’s strange how just working towards what you want gives you a nice feeling about yourself.

    Please get well soon! You’re my favorite person out of the people I haven’t ever seen (and like 10 minus the people I’ve seen). Your posts mean so much more to me than you can imagine.

    Lots of love,

  379. My baby girl turned 1 last weekend. We had a little party & loads of my friends came. She is so wonderful .

  380. It was a particularly tough week for this normally tough girl. I was lucky enough to be reminded by a close friend that my life isn’t in shambles and that I’m loved by many including my wonderful monster children. Then lo and behold, look at this pile of cuteness that showed up in my FB feed this morning. Who doesn’t love baby goats in pajamas??? I feel order being restored to the world.

  381. I received two unexpected gifts this week, both from co-workers who remembered me on their vacations. That really made me smile.

  382. Today is the 4th anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, which always knocks me on my ass for some reason. However, it is also my friend’s son’s 4th birthday, and I remember leaving my grandfather’s room at the nursing home, distracting my grandmother so they wouldn’t see him roll his body out, and then driving straight to the maternity ward at the local hospital and holding a 45-minute old baby. I remember feeling the love that day, in the goodbyes and the hellos, and it gives me strength to remember that something good ALWAYS comes out of something bad.

  383. Love your blog and you Jenny. Hope you and the fam feel better asap. My happy – my girl (who’s 10 and my raison d’etre) is home with me for the week (shared custody). Life is good – day by day

  384. Blueberry Eggos for breakfast. No muss no fuss and I still got to have syrup. Feel better, peeps!!

  385. My kiddo is having a sleepover today so I bought the biggest container of chocolate chip cookie dough I could find. We’ll be making cookies and eating cookie dough possibly until we feel sick.

  386. Plenty of wisdom in today’s post. I wish I could focus on my loving family, the fact I still have a job (barely) and the near certainty of my lottery win the next time I buy a ticket, but I’m afraid I woke up this morning with this tiny pimple my nose and it’s just ruined my entire life.

  387. Last weekend, at 68 years old, I went white water rafting for the first time ever, on class 4 rapids! I’m usually a big chicken about everything and thought I would be on this day but I wasn’t and I did and I’m so proud of ME! p.s. I can’t swim and I’m scared of water over my head!!! Well, except in the shower where water over my head feels good. You go, Girl! Find those happy moments and good moments turn into good memories!!

  388. I’m proud of my parents.Of all the tiny bad things that have stuck to my family,and there are a lot, they are what motivate me to focus on the positive and keep my head up.

  389. I have a big good thing… My husband I bought a house! We close on August 14th and we are so excited!

  390. It’s sunny but not too hot. I went camping last weekend with hubby, our two dogs, and our niece and nephew. We had a great time. We are going to visit my 79 year old Dad next weekend (one day after he returns from a month of hiking in England). My garden is lush and green – lots of veggies coming. And I think I’m going to register for a Master Gardener class that starts in Sept. Oh, and I got to ‘talk’ to my pets who passed on a few years ago through an intuitive. That was cool.

  391. My kitty got out of the hospital this week. And it’s likely that she has more time than I thought (she is 16). She is behaving so much like herself.

    A friend of a friend is out of the hospital.

    I managed to hit the sweet spot in Back to School sales!

    Summer vacation is not over!

    I went to an all day training that was GOOD. And I sat next to super nice people while learning good stuff. And one told me that I had beautiful skin and looked younger than I am.

  392. I work with special needs kiddos and this last week was our first week back. On Friday, my kiddo wrote that one if his favorite activities is going to school and one of his best friends is me.

  393. Do you know how long it takes to go through 469 comments? A long time. But you resonate to me and I no longer have any friends. Well maybe but I don’t contact them. Here’s what it is. I am an imperfect matriarch. Unwilling one. Too many people to fix. I go to work but that is about all I do. At home I watch the cobwebs in my bedroom and let all the others have my house. All broken in some way. Why do they come here? I’m flipping 64, dammit. My house is a wreck. And I don’t do anything anymore. Schizophrenic husband, bipolar son, who knows what niece. Son and niece hugely overweight. Husband, well the pot helps. Which means no help with hepatitis c. Got t be clean for 6 months. Not gonna happen. So I am watching him die. So I drink until I can sleep. There is some satisfaction at work when I can actually fix a problem. Rare, though. IT is changing, especially in large companies. And then there are the animals. I have 5 cats and a dog. So clean, so beautiful, so honest! I do get a smile with them. Doesn’t help that 8 cats were taken from my neighborhood. Including 3 of mine. In the last 4 months. 2 within a week. Hurts big time. And add to that an evil sister who is spewing shit all over Facebook. For no reason I can figure. Hurting my older sister, who is an innocent. You realize I’m venting. Can’t help it. Sorry. I’m in my bedroom. My 20 year old cat is at my feet. Calm and peaceful and honest. And she has done pretty well with the kittens my niece insisted upon. Who are adorable and fearless. Here’s what it is. I’m beleaguered and having a real tough time coping with all the shit coming my way.

  394. My oldest cat was just diagnosed with diabetes. Bad, yes, but treatable and a helluva lot better than the vet’s initial fear. She’s home and we’re getting used to needles. She was released with a kickass pink bandage. Because she rocks.

    Get better!

  395. After 25 years of school, raising a family, and multiple health issues, I am finally teaching junior high science. It was my first week, 80+ hours, and utter exhaustion, but in one week, a student chose to write about me in another class for the trait of “courage.” I’m touching lives, instilling hope, and teaching what I love. I couldn’t be happier, and I am so very grateful for the opportunity to do what I’m doing.

  396. I don’t have time for a mental illness. Last time I sought help I flipping fell in love with my therapist. Grover. I’ll never forget.