I got an email from editor saying “HAPPY PUB DAY!” and I was like, there’s a special day just for going to pubs?  My God, we released my book on exactly the right day, but then I realized “pub” was short for “published” and OMG ::KERMIT FLAIL:: Y’ALL, MY BOOK IS OUT TODAY.  Did you get it?  Did you read it?  Are you now running away because you realize I’m even crazier than I may have let on?

I stayed up late watching lovely people who were counting down the minutes until midnight when my book would show up on their reader and it seems surreal that after years of working on this it’s finally in your hands.  Thank you for making me write this.  Thank you for supporting me and passing on my work to others and for sharing and for helping me when I find myself stuck.  Thank you.

And tonight?  We party as if we all had ponies.  Tonight is our launch and instead of doing tv shows and fancy parties I’m staying home and broadcasting live from my house as I do a reading and a Q&A for you guys and I’m nervous as hell but also very excited because over 1000 of you have already RSVPed and that’s about 998 more people I’ve ever had at my house in real life.  To watch it just click here at 7pm central tonight.  You don’t have to have a camera or an account…just computer that can pick up a video feed.  With luck it’ll go well and not crash, but if it crashes just follow me on twitter and we’ll regroup.  You can chat in the hangout, I think, but it’ll probably be easier if you do it on twitter using the hashtag #FH so everyone can follow along.  Or just lurk.  Or come late and watch the recorded video and pretend it’s live.  Or skip it and go spelunking.  Whatever makes you (furiously) happy.

PS.  I just checked and my book is #3 on Amazon in biographies right now.  Yeehaw!  Number one is Mindy Kaling who is too adorable for me to stab so I can take her place, but number two is “Bill O’Reilly Killing Reagan“.  WTF?  I already didn’t like O’Reilly and now he’s killing Reagan and beating me in rankings?  This is why we can’t have nice things.

PPS.  Last night we did a test to see if I could make google hangouts work and I super fucked it up at first but then we got our shit together and giant thank yous go out to the hundreds of people who showed up to tell me what I was doing wrong and also to see my beaver.  If you want to see what you missed it’s recorded right here and if you click on “cc” for subtitles it becomes even more ridiculous.

See you at 7?  Yes?  Right here.




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  1. By Jove that shindig is tonight, isn’t it? I gotta get my workout done early (insert sarcastic ‘woohoo’ here) so I can check it out! Happy pub day, Jenny!

  2. You made it! I am Furiously Happy for you, Jenny Lawson! I wish you all the best!!!!

    (Stupid O’Riley- they didn’t kill Reagan.)

  3. Something that makes me furiously happy: going to the bookstore to purchase your book and finding it, and being unusually excited at how much more sparkly it is in person than I realized it would be.
    Also, my gourmet pizza toast. I suppose normally ‘toast’ ‘pizza’ and ‘gourmet’ are not words you find together, but they do when I make lunch. You should totally do a signing in our bookstore and I’ll make you some. Or some other cheap ass thing that I throw together.

  4. I wish I could be there tonight. I’ll be there in spirit, at least. I’m so excited for the book, and for you being read by so many more people! You deserve this, enjoy it.

  5. So Furiously Happy to be reading Furiously Happy and even Furiouslier Happier that I get to ditch an online lecture early tonight for the release party. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  6. So my copy of the book should be waiting for me when I get home from work JUST IN TIME for the big party. Hopefully I will have time to remove my pants…and get the book back from my husband who may steal it before I get home. Hmmm…hopefully he will not realize just what is in that Amazon box…maybe he will think it’s just more crap for my horses and goats…

  7. I will be riding tonight with a bunch of lunatics and will have to make do with seeing your wonderful self at Book People tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s sort of what KISS frontman Gene Simmons once said to professional wet blanket Teri Gross in an interview on Fresh Air: “No, I don’t think you should try to have a ‘realistic’ opinion of yourself. The world is way too full of people only too happy to drag you back ‘down to earth.’ I think you should have a WILDLY inflated opinion of yourself.”

  8. I’ll be there. I’ve banished everyone in the house from the Internet for the duration for lag-free partying. I’m 2/3 of the way through the book BTW and I love it!!! You rock. Stay amazing.

  9. YAY!!! I am loving the book so far and am marking it up liberally to share my favorite bits with my roommates. Will the broadcast be recorded? I really want to see it, but won’t be near my computer at 7.

    (If I do it correctly, yes. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  10. My brain is in the gutter. At first I totally read that in my head as “Happy Pube Day!” And I was thinking… “Huh… What a strange thing to celebrate. I know that there are some people that argue that pubes shouldn’t be shaved off, so I could see that they would try and make a holiday to make pubes seem more special, but I think I’ll hold off on waving my pubes around, and will just celebrate quietly at home, thank you very much!” But then the teacher side of my brain kicked in and reminded me of the power of phonics, and there was no E on the end, so that mean short vowel sound… PUB… like where you go and drink… and that made MUCH more sense, because I actually do like to go to pubs by myself and will get a drink and sit in a corner and relax and read a book. I have four kids at home, and sitting on the couch trying to quietly read a book… even at midnight… is a magnet for kids to come and ask all their crazy and insane questions they have had bottled up inside for the past two minutes and they just HAD to get out of bed and ask me or else they would not be able to go to sleep. So… I escape to pubs and listen to music and read books, with my pubes tucked quietly away inside where they are acknowledged and then forgotten about, along with my belly button.

    I was not thinking clearly when I ordered the book and chose the free shipping option from Amazon, so I have to wait for at least another week or two before your book will arrive in my mail box. But when that day finally comes, I will dance in the yard, and then once my hubby gets home from work, I will retreat to my favorite pub to read it!

  11. Congratulations, and Happy Pub Day! My copy will be waiting for me when I get home tonight.

    Did you realize that your launch party competes with the series premiers of both “The Muppets” and “Scream Queens”? We are recording both of them.

  12. The gods at Amazon got the book in my hot little hands just a little while ago! I’m ready!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so furiously happy for you right now. Also, when I read “…giant thank yous go out to the hundreds of people who showed up to tell me what I was doing wrong and also to see my beaver ” I burst out into such loud laughter that I startled the dog, causing her to fall off the bed.

    (Don’t worry. She’s not hurt. And I’m still laughing!)

  14. Fuck O’Reilly, the tribe will get you to #1 in no time. Dear Jenny Lawson, your book is beautiful. There’s so many things I’ve never been able to say and you said them. I thought I was alone and now I know better. You are a truly wonderful person. I’m sure all your organs are stunning, not just your spine. But you are in the pantheon. Your words inspire hope and breathe life back into those who feel dead. You make people believe in parts of them they thought were gone or never existed to begin with. You remind us that we are not alone. I had already planned to come gush to you when you visit D.C., but I have to say it here as well, thank you. Thank you for this. I cannot express the words, but they’re there. Thank you.

  15. YAY!!!!!!! Can’t wait to go home and get furiously reading FURIOUSLY HAPPY! Thank you Jenny Lawson! You contribute to my furious happiness!

  16. I know I already posted about how amazing it is for Mindy to be next to you on the list. I just checked my library hold list – Mindy’s book is in transit for me and I am next on the list for yours. It’s like God said that Today Would Be Golddigger’s Day. Or week.

    (I am number three on the list for “Cat is Art Spelled Wrong.”)

  17. (I mean amazing for Mindy. I bet on her blog she is saying, “You GUYS! I am right there with Jenny Lawson who has the stuffed dead animals in her books!”)

    (I would say she is jealous that you are from Texas, but she seems so nice that even if she were jealous, she would be gracious about it.)

  18. Number 3 on your release day! Fan-freaking-tastic, Jenny! Congrats!!! Hammering ice now to prep for the par-tay! Haven’t managed one in decades so I’m super excited!

  19. Right now I’m toasting you with a half-empty can of Coke that’s pretty much gone flat…but in a way it’s weirdly okay…kind of like anti-champagne-ish…and the nose doesn’t take a hit…so it’s all good. CONGRATS, Jenny!! YOU ROCK!!

  20. GODAMMIT I DON”T KNOW HOW TO TWIITTER. My teenagers roll their eyes and won’t help me. blerg.

  21. I just double checked to make sure I pre-ordered on Amazon. And I did! On April 1 (no joke). Can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  22. My book has arrived safely at my house, unfortunately, I am a thousand miles away from my house right now. Sigh.. hope to join the festivities tonight.

  23. I can hardly wait! Sadly I will be waiting till Friday for Amazon to deliver my pre-ordered book all the way here to Old Canada. I’m thinking regular bacon and a good book will make me Furiously Happy this weekend!

  24. I just had to come and tell you that I’m reading your book, and I’m at the part where you’re lifting Rory up behind Victor during his Skype call. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take a drink of my pop, and I desperately needed a drink, because I’d just shoved a huge handful of Reese’s Pieces in my mouth and my throat was kinda chocolate clogged. But choking on chocolate is a fair trade off for that particular mental image.

  25. Hooray hooray hooray! I’m beyond excited about your Houston appearance. (I’ll be the one who’s unable to stop saying inappropriate things. In fact, let me go ahead and apologize now for whatever flies out of my mouth in front of you and the Blue Willow Bookshop staff, who were very friendly and helpful when I called to reserve my copy, and who will hopefully find me amusing and irreverent and won’t have me banned from the store for life once I start nervously babbling about gay sex and alcoholism and witchcraft.)

  26. Congratulations!! You did it!

    I’m sorry I’m behind, but I just saw your post with the t-shirt. Can you make one that just has the bottom part? Rory’s photo & the caption, “We’re here and we’re not used to it.” That would be my favorite t-shirt ever!

  27. My book still hasn’t been delivered. I can only assume it’s because the driver decided to keep it to read for himself first. I hope he finishes soon.

  28. The first email I saw this morning was from Amazon telling me that Furiously Happy was now available on my devices. It’s been tough trying to work without “accidentally” picking up my Kindle and reading. I read some at lunch and I was alternating between crying because of the intensity of the subject matter and laughing hysterically. Pretty sure people that I was crazy but I was really just Furiously Happy!

  29. Congratulations! Picked up my pre-order at Blue Willow Bookstore on my lunch break. And picked up Cane’s too, because #onelove and #furiouslyhappy go hand in hand, right?! Best lunch break in the 11 years since my now husband asked me to move in with him over lunch at Taco Bell. Woot! Can’t wait for tonight and for the signing on Friday! And for work to be over in 4 minutes so I can dive in without guilt and read!!!

  30. Omg, The Bloggess, live and in person. Wait. Live. I’m going to try so hard to be there but September and sadness and med changes and life…

  31. Amazon said my book has been delivered! LAST time I read your book on a plane and disturbed the guy next to me with violent shaking as I laughed so hard I cried. You’re a dream. Congrats on publishing not once but TWICE. Yay, you!

  32. Congrats Jenny! You made it! You can totally get drunky in just a few more hours….Pick out your favorite bottle of vino or pagne now so you see it and can look forward to toasting a most successful book launch/ “Pub Day”

  33. I just bought it for my Kobo. I’ll start it tonight. I expect to keep my husband awake with my laughing. Just like your first book.

  34. My brain read “We party like we all had panties” and I thought to myself “That’s not how real fun parties turn out” and then I realize that “panties” and “parties” look almost identical and I started to slide down some sort of cognitive wormhole before I realized that those 2 thing have always belonged together but now they have ponies. Can you tell I seriously need sleep?

  35. I had a dream last night that you sent me a backpack full of potatoes along with a funny saying. I woke up giggling, but couldn’t remember what you wrote. Then I was awake for about three hours trying to think of what it could have been. So….. What do you think? What is a funny saying or note about potatoes in a backpack?

  36. I’m only 4% into your book and I’ve already covered my Kindle in a sea of tears and choked on barking laughter while crying. It’s fantastic. I love it.

  37. Hoping so much to be able to afford it SOON. Congratulations! I’m sure that you will conquer Bill O’Reilly’s murderous ways very quickly.

  38. Hurray! Congratulations and many thanks!

    I picked up my copy earlier. Hour of zumba and I should have time to start before seeing if I can connect this time. Really wish they wouldn’t put stickers on the front though as there’s weird white stuff all over Rory’s paw….

  39. Congratulations!! My copy is allegedly on the way, but I guess Amazon is sending it on a snail via the moon because it shipped yesterday but supposedly won’t get here until next Tuesday. What the hell, Amazon?? (Though it may end up working out to your advantage, since there’s a good chance I will break down before next Tuesday and either go to a bookstore and buy a copy, or get a kindle version, or both).

  40. I’ve been listening to you read your amazing book to me all day long. You’ve put a wonderful thing into the world today. I normally lurk, but wanted to thank you. Thank you.

  41. Sadly I’m in Australia and I have to wait until the 29th for my copy 🙁
    But I will be up until midnight on the 28th waiting for my copy to hit my kindle app…

  42. I sort of bought the book twice because my pre-order got rejected. I’d told it to use my account balance, but I assumed they’d sort of hold the money until the book got bought, but no, so I used that money to buy something else on the way. So I had to go buy it again, for reals.

    And now George Washington’s Dildo is the name of my next rock band.

  43. Why has amazon not put my (pre-ordered) copy in the mail? Why? Also, why does firefox say that “pre-ordered” is not okay, but “per-ordered” is? What does per-ordered even mean?

    Planning to hang out tonight. And not just because it was an excuse to buy ice cream.

  44. Was SO excited to wake up this morning and buy my copy! What I’ve read so far has been amazing. Thank you for your words. They help remind me that depression lies and to be awesomely, furiously happy during the light moments…and that I’m not the only one who thinks sideways to the world.

  45. I was reading in bed when I got the notice that your preordered ebook was ebooking to my device and I did a little happy dance. Thank you.

  46. I got it in the mail today!! I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a book to read!! 🙂

  47. I was furiously happy when I saw your book in the new release list. Instant buy. Your first book got me in trouble. It was the only book my husband asked me to read elsewhere in the house because my laughter was so disruptive. Best wishes!

  48. I am a doofus. I pre-ordered the book back in April. We moved at the end of May. The book has been delivered… my old house. Except the new people “claim” that they have not received it. And they had a happy face when they told me. Perhaps someone got a copy of the book for free today….sigh. I will get my own copy soon…I cannot wait to read it. Jenny, you have been a light in the darkness for me when I really needed it…I am glad you are able to give words to the feelings that surround me all the time. Thank you.

  49. Super duper congratulations and a standing ovation!! You are my idol (not in a weird melting gold to make idols way). But honestly, your blog saved me before, years ago, when I my anxiety was on full tilt and I found your blog.
    I still have a signed chicken on my mantle from your last book signing. Already downloaded the new book. And was looking forward to actually leaving the house to go to the signing (which will take a mountain of Xanax and martinis) when I just saw the bookstore updated that TODAY they were giving away limited numbers of tickets and now we shall never meet again.
    And I was gonna ask you how you did it… Hung in when it gets too dark. (Cuz my therapist of 8 years just quit and it’s getting even harder….
    You’re in the big time now! I’m looking forward to reading your book!
    Hugs Jenny!

  50. I just finished reading your authors note for your wonderful book and had to leave a comment to tell you how much you touch my heart. I actually laughed and cried at the same time because I can so relate. My body’s breaking down, my mind is trying to process all the horribleness while throwing a shitstorm of a fit. You make me furiously happy along with so many others! I thank you for lending me your voice. You are amazing, Jenny Lawson!

  51. I keep having to put this thing down to do stupid things like eat meals. Like the last one, it’s tremendously un-put-downable, and I feel all the things, but most of all furiously happy. Thank you Jenny, for like, all of it.

  52. Happy pub day! My husband surprised me with the book when I got home from work! So excited! He pre-ordered it for me! And my husband is awesome!

  53. Super congrats to you on this! Amazon totally fucked my pre-orders and their customer service blows (the peeps who man @AmazonHelp have zero concept of sarcasm, btw) AND I know of of no independent book stores near me SO I had to go to B&N to get yet another copy AND the audio book even thought I didn’t think I’m an audio book person but it turns out I kinda am. Am totally loving it. The intro music is awesome – totally certain it’s your theme song.

  54. I started reading while I was waiting for my Dr’s appt. Laughing so hard and trying to muffle it that I think the others thought I was having seizures!

  55. Thought you were starting at 6, so I ran out of work at 5:45…every slow poke shithead was in front of me…”Dammit, move your ass!!!” was repeated several times. Finally got home, ran in the door, ran out to the mailbox…SCORE! There was your book!!! Ran upstairs to fire up the laptop…and discovered I was EARLY! Which was good, because I had time to lose my pants, lose my bra, pour a glass of wine AND watch the dry run from last night. YOUR BEAVER IS ADORABLE! And I’ve NEVER said that to another human in my life. You rock, Jenny L!!

  56. I cannot wait!!!!!! (I’ve already been reading your book but it’s slow going because I have to take too many breaks to catch my breath as a result of laughing waaaaaaayyyyy too hard!)

  57. Well, I got it this morning. Started reading. Then had to read parts out loud to people. Then reread to find my place. Now well in I have to stop to lurk on the hang-out. Then what? Maybe start over. Thanks for complicating my day. Really, thanks, Jenny. It’s truly good in many ways. I’ll be getting it for a few dear friends who need to hear it.

  58. Pre-ordered the book in April. Didn’t notice that Barnes and Noble ships pre-ordered books on their publishing date, so obviously it didn’t arrive today. Drove to my local Barnes and Noble to buy a copy, to learn that no Southern California Barnes and Noble stores received their shipment today (at least that’s what the bookseller said her computer was showing–closest copy is in Arizona). Arrrggghhh!!!

  59. My computer was apparently ill prepared to process all of Jenny’s raw Awesome, but it’s doing its best, and the reading is great so far. When my laptop isn’t hanging up, I mean.

    Also, I keep waiting for the goat to say something sassy.

  60. I’m trying but the Google page is doing did I squat after I told it I planned to attend. Thanks google WTF

  61. I’m not on twitter, so I thought I’d let you know here—YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!! You’ve just finished your first chapter reading online & you are FAB!

  62. I want my copies!!! Amazon, why was it not delivered today?!? Don’t judge me for not paying extra for speedy delivery. I’m a terrible Bloggessarian. hangs head

  63. Great party, Jenny! Things I’ve learned so far tonight:

    Hypertensive reactions to doctors are a thing people other than me have, which is nice to hear. Back when I was having some medical issues years ago, I had to constantly assure nurses and doctors that I did not, in fact, have high blood pressure or a hyperactive heart. I just can’t control my pulse around doctors, and my tension levels go through the roof and I feel wild and weightless all at once, like how I imagine people in rural Florida feel like when they do bath salts.

    Anthropomorphically seated goats are simultaneous sassy and condescending. And I fear them.

    Footnotes are always awesome.

    There’s a European version of pants that I don’t know what it is.

    But most importantly, that Jenny is just as funny in person (technically, on a screen) as she is on paper. Or on this blog, which is also on a screen I guess, but shut up. You know what I mean.

  64. Seeing that e-readers got your book at midnight makes me feel even more annoyed that the mailman is running late today…but I don’t care, I love paper pages too much. It will be here by the time my kid is in bed and I will likely stay up all night reading and really really regret it in the morning. But I’m too excited to wait any more!

  65. I got your book in every format. Hardcover, digital and audio, so I will have it with me no matter where or what I am doing. I think tonight is going to be a very long night. I can’t wait to get started.

  66. I preordered it! Which is the first time I’ve done that since my school offered a preorder service for Harry Potter books. But while I’m excited for pub (short for publishing) day, I’m a little disappointed that pub (where you drink) day isn’t a thing. Maybe today can be both?

  67. You are one of the questions on the Kobo Top of the Charts contest! And your book was the promo email I got today!

  68. You are one of the questions on the Kobo Top of the Charts contest! And your book was the promo email I got today from them!

  69. Oh Jenny! Congratulations!!! I hope this book answers all of my questions (no pressure). Like which is better for my i can’t move or breathe stop looking at me. Xanax, or lorazepam? Who do I talk too when my therapist of 8 years quits and you and trust anyone.
    Seriously, I’ve not been this excited since…well, prolly since I read the laxative chapter in your last book. I’m still worshipping the chicken you signed for me at the last book signing, but alas, I was not able not able to get out today to get a card to see you on November tear.
    Cheers, Jenny!! You’re rockin’ awesome!

  70. Losing my battery, but it was awesome to see you and participate in the reading (boston is a few too many hours away unfortunately). Thank you for the opportunity

  71. Purchased FH today. Already, I think it is wonderful and brilliant. I had no idea that you had trichotillomania also! I’m wondering if it is something that comes with clinical depression. I have both as well. Currently, I’m in “remission” for TM but as you know, sometimes it runs in cycles. I’ve known others with clinical depression but I’ve never known of or met another TMer before. If we didn’t live so damn far from each other, we could be besties! LOL Thank you for sharing your stories and encouraging us to battle through the dark. #silverlining

  72. bought the book but had a long ride ahead of me…so I went back in and bought the audio book too. Patience is so overrated. Nothing like not being able to wait one more hour after waiting a couple of years.

  73. 2:30am in the UK – I woke up about 20 minutes ago and remembered it was party time 🙂 Popped in for a few minutes, because I’m not going to get many chances to go to a party in America. But I need to get back to sleep now. Hope that you have a great time for the rest of the night.

    For the record, I had a glass of mead.

  74. You didn’t see me blowing you kisses and waving good night. But I did. I’m one of the few not on Twitter, so I’m leaving a note here…

    Safe travels!

  75. So, I’m a little bit drunk…and that was wonderful. Thank you for being you, Jenny.

  76. I saved the book for my favorite activity which is going out to dinner with my Kindle. The people in the restaurant thought I was weird because I kept laughing hysterically. So far I love it. I’m going to stay up half the night to finish it.

  77. Congrats, Jenny! I missed the video as I was cleaning my carpets and sofas, but I just wanted to say thank you! You give all of us hope! We love you so much.

  78. OMG GIRL. I’m only on page 28 and my ribs are KILLING ME because I have laughed so hard. And sniffed a little at the depression getting the upper hand part. I’ve been having extensive dental work and it’s killing me to laugh but I’m not stopping the reading of your FABULOUS new book. SILVER RIBBONS ROCK!!!!

  79. I’m reading it on my kindle but was unsuccessful in joining Google hangout :(. Maybe it doesn’t work on kindles. Ill just cry and continue reading Furiously Happy by myself…

  80. Thank you. I have bipolar disorder and anxiety and I am 8 weeks pregnant. My emotional baseline is not stable to begin with, I had to go off most meds, and now the pregnancy hormones are just sending me over the edge. I’m trying to be calm and stress free but it’s not working out. Today was one of my lowest days, I’m stressed about the ultrasound tomorrow and my job is in customer support which is basically like being beaten with a box of rocks all day, but getting paid for it! Anyway, I was laying here trying to focus on things that make me happy and I remember that I had pre ordered your book. I immediately yelped, put on my slippers, and ran out the door to my mailbox in the dark (which scared the ever living shit out of my dog and husband). But now I’m laying here reading your book and belly laughing. Thank you for putting yourself out there for the rest of us crazies. Thank you for bringing joy and furious happiness. Thank you for helping me relax to keep this little embryo safe. I sort of love you. Don’t be scared, it’s not kinky.

  81. If I fail all my classes because of the homework I don’t turn in tomorrow because I’m reading your book and then I don’t graduate from college and I become a vagabond, I am blaming you. What I mean by all this is that I just started Furiously Happy and you GET me. Thank you. You’ve inspired me to open up about my own mental illness, which has inspired some of my friends which means you created an avalanche and I hope no skiiers die. Skiiers? Skiers? I want there to be two “i”s, so it’s part of my new concoctulary. See, I really am reading it! You are the bees knees. I don’t know what that means, but apparently it’s a good thing. Also stay tuned for my red dress pictures this weekend. Also maybe I need to take my medication right now, I’m a little rambly.

  82. Party was awesome! You didn’t fuck anything up, not even slightly. Have to go now, have a kickass book to read 😄

  83. Sorry I missed the live broadcast. Your book is awesome! I was laughing out loud at work while listening to your audiobook.

  84. Had a great time at your party and didn’t even have to leave the house! My husband and I created wine slushies in our Ninja (blender) and sat back and enjoyed. We were joined by our Rory and Beyonce and a very fluffy cat. By the way, we have a Dr. Who bathroom which is unfortunately not bigger on the inside

  85. I attended your google plus hang out! It was my first time going to a google plus hang out. I really can’t wait for your book! I live outside of US and I ordered from a local bookstore so I’m not sure when they will sent it.Right now is definitely the right time for me to read that book because I have been going through a lot these past months.

  86. In Australia it would appear I have to wait a whole extra day before the online bookstore is going to send it to me! I’m making my displeased face at their website and I’m going to stalk my postman from tomorrow until it arrives.

  87. Started reading Furiously Happy last night and I woke my husband up because I was furiously laughing at your furiously funny writing. And I was only on Chapter 2. He came to check on me because he thought I was crying. I guess when I furiously laugh, it sounds like I am crying. Who knew? Anywhoo….love you. You are like my BFF, even though we never met. But, I feel like I know you because I am a depressive anxiety riddled medicine popping mom and wife…you speak to my heart like no one ever has. Thank you.

  88. I’m about 1/3 of the way through this book and it has already been a game-changer for me. Those of us who have been suffering alone in silence, in the dark, now have a champion. An epically kick-ass champion who is funny as hell and speaks of pain and fear and battles with heartbreaking eloquence and candor. You’ve made a warrior of so many of us who were ready to lay down arms…because we understand now that depression lies and it needs to have it’s ass kicked with regularity. The image of you walking barefoot in the snow will stick with me for the rest of my life- alongside the image of your cat running away from his own butthole. During those times when the darkness descends, please remember how you’ve changed- and quite literally saved- lives.

  89. Just read your interview in the Washington Post!!!! Can’t wait to get the book, supposed to be delivered today. Hopefully will see you when you are in the area 🙂

  90. So my book came (thank you Amazon Prime) yesterday right on time. I am loving it – loving it – loving it! My girls were loving/shocked about the cover and I was trying to explain the whole Flat Stanley thing for Rory. What got my 9 yr old excited was that he was at Harry Potter school – or something with Harry Potter, so that made Rory very cool to her. My 13 yr old read the disclosure section and asked if she could read the whole thing, which she probably well – because she’s heard plenty of swearing all ready. Hopefully there are no giant sex scenes in it because that would be the only reason I would make her skip a portion of the book. 😉 I attended 1/2 the party last night and can’t wait to watch the rest this week. I just wanted to say Congratulations!! (I was very excited to see Totes in the background last night) Not too many books have had me literally lol – and I have with your wonderful book. I may have snorted at the gynecologist story. Your talent is helping us all. Wishing you all the success (and more stuffed things, unicorn menses drinks and everything that would make you happy) as it is so well deserved. (btw… when I found out your background in HR – it made me love you even more – as I am in that field as well – fist bump) Try to enjoy your book tour. 😉

  91. BTW – I also may have snorted at the Fifty Shades of Gray version of Jack in the Beanstalk footnote. Yes, I’m positive I snorted there. And I want the Rory riding Hunter S. Tomcat pictures in the front and back of the book as my wall paper – can someone create that (pretty please) and post it in the comments. I would be eternally grateful. That is all.

  92. BIGGEST.GRIN.EVER when I pulled in the drive last night and saw that Amazon Prime box on the front porch!!!!! by page xvii was giggling out loud, snorting in Chapter 1 (so ladylike, but who am I kidding). I had also ordered extra copies for friends and in the elevator this morning the odd look on the guy next to me at the sight of Rory in all his Furiously Happy-ness awesomeness was just extra caramel on my ice cream sundae!!! I won’t be able to get off work early enough for the book signing in Houston this Friday but hope to make it to the reading. THANK YOU for sharing with all of us – GO JENNY!!!!

  93. I loved LOVEDDDDD the book launch video party last night!!! Thank you for doing it, for sharing yourself with us, for writing what you write, for just being YOU! I picked up (well my husband picked up the book for me) yesterday at our local independent book store here in Kalamazoo MI. I heard you all mention Kalamazoo last night…woohoo! Anyway, I read a bit and am excited to curl up and read some more. And it’s signed, I’m so thrilled about that! It’s the little things ya know? Love all the details in it! My husband picked up the book last night while I was watching and listening to you, he opened it in the middle and started reading, he was laughing about something, said he had a few good laughs from it. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you knock Bill O’Reilly down a few notches so we can see Rory standing on top of his head/book. ~Patricia

  94. After the book launch party, I went on facebook to find an acquaintance from a group clearly in crisis. She was posting “take care of him for me” messages, and several of us were frantically googling trying to find someone who could call her – and when we did she wasn’t picking up her phone. Finally someone managed to find another group member with an address, and we got a police well-being check called in. I don’t have details but she is “hospitalized and getting treatment” now. I posted your book trailer on her wall for her to watch when she is able, so that she knows that she is not alone. So hopefully she will be #28!

  95. I totally freaked out when I got to the appendix. I was like, “What?! How can it be over already?” And then my kindle told me I was only 42% done with book and I thought it would totally be just like you to write an appendix that was longer than the actual book. All this to say, I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad it’s not over yet.

  96. I just wanted to say thank you for last night (the live streaming thing you pervs!). It was beyond exciting to hear my name spoken out loud and have you answer my little question. I feel so special. Do this again sometime! Just for fun. Because it totally was fun.

  97. I started reading my pre-ordered copy yesterday and I’m literally exhausted from laughing so hard. This is an amazing book! I’m also going to need to buy my 6 year old a book about raccoons since she can’t read Mommy’s shiny gold raccoon book with the cat rodeo inside the front cover. There really should be a companion children’s book. 😉 Happy Pub Day!

  98. Color me confused! Your birth year is listed on the copyright page in your book as 1979, but you posted in 2013 that you were turning 40. At least the “mistake” is in your favor! 😉
    Regardless, congrats!

    (The Library of Congress made me in my 30’s again. Who knew? ~ Jenny)

  99. Well done you – enjoy your huge Scrooge McDuck money vault and feel free to get yourself seen on all the most exclusive red carpets.

    Now on another note – why in these very British of Isles can’t I buy your audio book starring you?

    Audible know about you, but I can’t hear your dulcet tones. However, to show reconciliation over all the unfortunateness between two great European countries they will let me listen to it in German – the ‘Exclusiv’ ‘Das ist nicht wahr, oder?’ read by Svantje Wascher – who I’m guessing isn’t your alter ego. All very good, but several years of learning German in a very good school means my proficiency extends to ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘my refrigerator is broken’.

    Come on, go and beat up your publishers and Amazon so we can hear you (I’m kind of imaging you sound like Cybill Shepherd in the early 70s, only with more frequent mentions of vaginas).

  100. You were GREAT last night. Thanks for doing this reading on-line because I don’t live close to any of your readings. You are fabulous and I feel so lucky to to be part of your virtual tribe.
    On another note – this article just popped up for me, and the whole idea of anxiety being correlated with brilliance makes so much sense in your case. Thought you might enjoy it.
    Warning: I have not checked if any of the sources are reputable so I might be forwarding crap.

  101. Apparently you broke Amazon, because they emailed me that my pre-ordered book was delayed for an unspecified length of time. Congratulations!

  102. I just watched it and you are the best and I can’t wait to see you when you come to California! AND I am so mad at Amazon because even though I preordered the book in APRIL it didn’t come yesterday. I will get it today, because I called to complain and they fixed it, so I guess they are off the shit list. In the meantime, I may watch it again because you are the best and we will always be here for you, darkness or light, we will meet you when you are ready to be met, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  103. So happy for you. So happy also to have met someone who also has inappropriate attacks, luckily just around prissy folk who deserve it. My husband is passive-aggressive, so he eggs me on. So I you don’t feel abnormal to me at all. Just like family. My daughter-in-law and her mom are barely speaking to me because they dare to judge. Ha! Can’t wait for them to get come-upped.

  104. I spent all day yesterday reading FH and I could not stop laughing! Thank you Jenny, for making us crazies feel less crazy and alone. Your books make me feel like there is HOPE, which frankly is fucking awesome!

  105. Hello my fellow Texan!! I pre-ordered Furiously Happy and have been reading it the past two nights. Like you I suffer from chronic insomnia and anxiety. I also have fibromyalgia which really sucks. The very funny and ironic thing is that I’m laying here waiting for my sleep study to begin and I get to the chapter about your sleep study. How crazy is that??? Anyway I hope that this sleep study is successful with this new little pill they gave me. The last insomnia pill I took had me looking cracked out. Anyhoo, I look forward reading more of your book. Your fellow Texan sister who is stuck in Wisconsin.

  106. BWAHAHAHA! My pre-order is coming 😀 I shall devour it, with my eyes, not my mouth, ’cause that would be very strange to do….

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