What goes on tour stays on tour. Unless you have a blog in which case it’s all over the internet.

First week of the FURIOUSLY HAPPY Book Tour and it’s been so amazing.  Thank you!  I’m always shocked to see so many faces there, especially since so many of us deal with anxiety levels that keep us from attending the things we want.  And I totally get that.  If you came or plan to come to the tour I am incredibly thrilled and proud, but know that it’s okay if you can’t make yourself.  If you come you will not be alone and you will be surrounded by other people who understand completely.  Even if you just drive to the parking lot and make it no further you should be incredibly proud of yourself.  And if you know that you can’t do it and are practicing self-care by staying home know that that is a brave act in itself.  I’m so proud of every single person in this community and I want you to know that.

This week I met a woman who had only made it to the parking lot at my last book tour and then could go no further and cried in her car feeling like a failure for not having the courage to come in.  This time she made it inside and met lovely friends in line and made me so happy with her story.

I met a beautiful girl who missed my last book tour because her agoraphobia had her confined to her home for months.  She showed up in Houston and is now getting ready to start her new job…as a flight attendant traveling the world.

I met a lovely man who gave me jewelry his wife made out of broken things she finds who couldn’t make herself come to the signing line but watched from a distance as she saw me appreciate the beauty that comes from the broken pieces so many ignore.

I met a woman who told me that her beautiful transgender daughter struggles with depression but that this book is helping to convince her that although her life right now is now easy, every day she’s alive is a chance to find happiness.

I met a man who brought the book I’d signed for him years ago when he was battling leukemia in the hospital.  I’d written “KICK CANCERS ASS” in it.  Three years later I was able to finally hug him in person and write “YOU KICKED CANCERS ASS” in my new book.

I’ve met Whovians and psychiatrists and teenagers and people in red ball gown carrying taxidermied possums or giant metal chickens or fee tie pajamas.  I’ve met people who hand me a book to sign and say only, “I don’t have words” and I understand and appreciate what it means that they are there.  And it’s been amazing.  Today I’m hiding in my hotel room because that’s how I practice self-care.  And that’s okay.  And however you practice self-care is okay too.

Just, thank you.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for the feedback online or in person.  Thank you for keeping me going.  Thank you for finding friends in book-signing lines or online or (the hardest one for me) thank you for finding a friend in yourself.  I’m still working on that one too.  We can work on it together.

A few shots from the road so far…

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Next stop?  Atlanta, Nashville and Miami.  I hope you can come, but no matter what you’re here with us in spirit.  Click here for the whole tour list.


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  1. Every time you write something about being brave and taking care of myself I cry. And then you make me laugh. And then cry. And then laugh some more. I’m so grateful for every day you are in the world. And I am here, in this world today, partly because of you, too. Your great miracle of Christmas with your taxidermied board, whose name escapes me at the moment brought me into your sphere those years ago. And since, I’ve lurked and watched and watched some more and listened to all you said to so many others, and pretended/believed you were talking to me too. Thank you, Jenny. Thank you for sharing your voice even though you paid in anxiety and depression and exhaustion. Thank you, quite simply, for saving my life.

  2. We were there and it was amazing. Many got there early in Houston and the store recommended a nearby bakery, which was soon filled with attendees, making friends. We finally got to go out to the parking lot patio and made more friends. Then you stepped out from behind the dumpster. Could not have been more perfect!

  3. Last night I finished your book. I cried, it was like losing a friend. I will do with this one what I did with the last and go back and read it over and over again. Every time I read your words I feel like I have a friend. A friend who understands me, who doesn’t judge me, who doesn’t look at me from the outside and say, you have it all, great job, great family, you are super social how can you say you are depressed. My social outings, my over compensating and being funny and outgoing, that is my armor, you Jenny let me put that armor down for just a moment every time I read you and know, it’s ok to have to use it. I will be in Phoenix to see you, I’ll be the one that looks like she’s all together but inside is freaking out, wanting just for a moment, someone to say hey, I know you don’t have it all together and that’s so totally cool. I might also wear a Tinkerbell Onesie if I can get the courage

  4. This makes me so excited to see you in D.C.! I know you have a lot of people to see but hopefully I can get a photo AND a book signed. 🙂 I might actually even say something to you… I’m getting better about using my big girl voice so people can hear me. Haha

  5. I cannot wait for Boston! I am hoping to be in line for the signing (didn’t get a ticket for the talk). This brought tears to my eyes. Hope, you give people hope, for that you are an amazing human being.

  6. Proud of them all! Proud of you! Thank you Jenny (and Victor and Rory) for sharing your story and helping us see that it is ok to be ourselves.

  7. This was the second time I have gone to a Jenny book signing! The first time I was too nervous and anxious to really say anything to her when I got up there. This time I was actually able to talk a bit. Thanks for coming to see us, Jenny!

  8. I wish I could get to one of your book signings, but they are all too far away for me to get there. I will be there in spirit!

  9. I’m so happy for you and everyone and so jealous! You have to demand a signing in NW Arkansas. You’re a star, you can do that. And all sorts of other shit, like request live baby pandas at all events.

  10. I read your last book and loved it. I couldn’t wait for your new one to come out. I preordered it so I could read it on my trip to Denver. My husband and I laughed so hard on the plane, we thought the flight attendant would bust a vein. You live in our world! You are everywoman verbalizing the crazy that is in every family, every person. Thank you for sharing what most of us don’t want to reveal.

  11. I am planning to come meet you in Nashville. The preorder tickets are all gone, but I’m hoping I can get there in time to get one onsite. I can’t drive in large cities (and to me, Nashville is VERY large), but I have an amazing friend who is going to drive me up there because she knows how much it means to me. Knowing people like you and her exist help me get through the bad days.

  12. I wanted to come to a signing, I’ve never been to one before, but time and logistics have conspired against me. I’ll be at one in spirit though. 🙂

  13. I needed your book today,.
    my mother called me for my birthday, and this time instead of getting on my case about my weight she got on my case about the fact that I take antidepressants. because apparently the fact that I’ve been on them for 20 years has somehow escaped her, and also its not like you get a choice about it. Nobody takes antidepressants for recreation. so I really needed to see and ecstatically happy dead raccoon, & I look forward to seeing you in Chicago

  14. Don’t be scared! Or do be, because large groups and the potential for conversation is scary, but do it anyway!

    I was terrified, and almost talked myself out of going more than once. But I went, and it was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Even if I did look like an idiot, and have absolutely no memory of anything I said to Jenny when I got to the signing table. Assuming, of course, that I said anything at all and didn’t just make weird noises with my mouth hole.

    As for everyone else there who wasn’t Jenny? They were all groovy. Even the people I felt awkward talking to (which was everyone I talked to, because I’m bad at the talking) were swell. No meanies!

    So if you’re on the fence – hop down before you hurt yourself, and get thee to a signing!

  15. Yes. Thank you for being brave enough to come meet all of us crazy people. I’m glad you are able to find some quiet time to recover. I’m a teacher, and I love Open House night because so many parents are taking time to get involved with their kids’ education, but I HATE Open House because people. So many people. So much smiling and shaking hands. When I go home after one of those nights, I have to have down time to recover. I don’t know how it is that I’m fine teaching a roomful of kids all day but a roomful of adults totally exhausts me. So I am very proud of you for being on tour and sharing your stories and being so full of love and live. You’re a serious badass! It made me so happy to meet you 🙂

  16. I’m awed that you manage a book tour with agoraphobia. How do you do it?

    (Betablockers, anti anxiety drugs, years of behavioral therapy and a lot of hiding whenever I can. Also, knowing that so many in the audience understand makes it a million times easier. ~ Jenny)

  17. personally, I want to come to the LA book signing, but I’m already scared about going. I’m going to try tho. If I knew for sure if I could bring my ESA dog, it would help a lot!! I’m sure you understand that. Proud of you for doing this!

  18. OMG I missed the last one and I’m so happy I could make this one. My pal Andrea and I had the best time and we met some great peeps at the event. And, of course, once again…the highlight of our day was meeting you and telling you all about the DFW Penis!!!!! (giggle) Balls deep, Jenny! You went BALLS DEEP!!!! (Just watch out for Urethra Parkway…sometimes it gets a little jammed.) 🙂

  19. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to yesterday’s signing. I was running errands in the morning and spontaneously decided to go to the car lot. My lease was up and it was a choice of do-something-kind-of-scary-now or live-with-the-anxiety-of-not-doing-anything. Spontaneity won out and of course it took all day.

    My Mom is mad at me that I didn’t tell her you were there. She would have liked to meet you, too. She is a librarian and has been praising your first book so much that there is now a waiting line for the new one at her library.

  20. I started doing public speaking because I’m terribly shy and terrified on stage. I’ve learned to channel that terror into what passes for passion, and it energizes me. Until I leave, fall apart, and have to go have some quiet time and regroup. I’m proud of you for what you have accomplished, and what you still have left to do that you’ll do brilliantly. Can’t wait to see you in Denver.

  21. (C&P from FB comment)

    I hate that So Cal is not until near the end of the tour, but I’ll be there — desperately trying to not be too overwhelmed. You have saved me (& my family) so many times in the years since I found you (the James Garfield Christmas), and I will do whatever it takes to talk to you.
    Even if all I manage to say is “Thank you”, I’ll be thinking VOLUMES!

  22. I really wanted to be there in Austin but just couldn’t go. Thank you for understanding and making me feel like it’s okay.

  23. I’m really hoping we make it to your signing in Boston, but we’ve already missed out on attending the reading because we didn’t order your book early enough. I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to do more than smile and say hi. My shyness may overpower me. I wish there was a way I could signal you so I wouldn’t have to actually form any words while I stand in front of you 🙂 Thank you for your blog posts, thank you for your tweets, and thank you for your books. Like Kait said above, you remind me to be brave and be kind to myself.

  24. I plan on sharing this with a closed group I belong to for people with mental health issues. When I realized that there may be people there that do not know you (if that is possible), I figured I would have to “introduce” you to them. The only thing I could think of was, “She’s perfect.” Because you are perfect, with all of your flaws – perceived or real. You have turned a blog into a community of people who help each other make it through the day. I am not creative enough to wax poetic, but trust me, the feels are all there.

  25. You’re awesome. I have a hard time even leaving a comment here and I may be all hopped up on cold medicine, but you’re the best!

  26. SO much enjoyed meeting you in Houston. And you have a new fan…my 13 year old that I brought along that thought it was so cool you watch Doctor Who with your daughter because that is what we do. Thank you for the laughs and stay strong my friend!

  27. I’m coming to see you in Atlanta. It’s the only thing I’ve looked forward to in weeks. I’ve been struggling with PTSD and anxiety/depression and in the midst of a low time( I’m the one who planned my suicide but instead bought your book and tickets)my step father died (on sept 4th.)I stopped eating. I’ve spent the last 3 days regaining my strength from starvation and the resulting kidney issues. I may be a weak mess when I attend but I’m forcing myself to go because,you’re awesome and I’ve always wanted to meet you,and I feel like being surrounded by ppl that “get it” will feel..good? Or just feel like something and that’s better than what I’ve felt in months. I don’t really have any friends and the few ppl in my life try to help but they just have no idea. This means so much and I thank you for doing what you do.

  28. I’m hopeful I can make it in San Francisco!! I just finished the book yesterday and loved it. As I was typing “loved it” my phone accidentally autocorrected to “love weed,” so, that happened, too!

  29. I was able to make it to your signing in Dallas yesterday. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was number 191 and the entire time I wanted to say something funny that you would remember, but chickened out and ended up not saying much at all. Luckily, you being as funny as you are talked about the fringe on my shaw. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  30. I LOVED being there Friday. My metal chicken with it’s new “ink” sits in the place of honor in my house. I’m loving the book and love finding a kindred spirit in so many ways. Hugs.

  31. I wanted to be there in Dallas, but instead I waved toward the Half Price Books flagship because getting out of the house was not happening.

  32. I missed you on your first book tour, but I made myself go to the event in Dallas yesterday because you are one of the very few famous people I would actually like to meet. Unfortunately my anxiety and traffic conspired against me and I got there an hour late. I missed the readings and couldn’t stay long enough to get my book signed, but at least I made it there! You may have to write a few more books and do a few more book tours for me to actually get there on time and have the nerve to meet you and say anything. 🙂

  33. I’m reading and loving your second book. I don’t want to finish it though, because I’ll be sad to get to the end.

  34. Boston area people: The seats are sold out, but there may still be standing room, and the people I talked to at Porter Sq. Books made noises about maybe putting speakers outside if there were a lot of people waiting in line for the signing, so come on down! Bring a folding chair if you need one and you’re going to be stuck outside (at my age, I’m seriously considering one of those combo cane/stool jobbies to tote in general), but just COME! Me, I’m still trying to decide WTF to wear (I don’t own a spiffy red ballgown, damn it–would one of my medieval/early Tudorbethan outfits do?), what to bring (I can’t get Stormy, the Simmons mascot, because the suit costs $3K and can’t leave campus, so there may be some substitution going on) and what to bake, since it’s practically a necessity of mine to feed people. I clearly can’t do the cookie dough truffles now, since Jenny is lactose-intolerant, but if eggs are OK, I can use vegan margarine and make my lethal double chocolate espresso brownies… (The truffles call for 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, and I don’t want to make you sick, Jenny, or make you sad because you can’t eat something yummy. Hey, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta feed starving artists, eh?)\

  35. I was so excited you were coming to DC so I could have you sign my book. Then I had a car accident and broke my back. Now I can’t ride in the car more than ten minutes. I think this was the most disappointing thing for me to have to give up. I couldn’t believe I was going to meet you because I also hang out in bathrooms at parties and hate leaving my house. You’d be on the top of my list of ten people I’d invite to a dinner party. If I had a dinner party. Which I probably wouldn’t because I’d hide in the bathroom and then you’d starve.

  36. Your words have helped me. I won’t be a book signing (I live in Australia) and haven’t actually got the copy I pre-ordered yet (I live in Australia), but it’s really great to hear about these people who managed to get there.

  37. This made me cry, in the good way. So proud of myself for coming to your signing in Austin, even with my wee baby, and for conquering postpartum depression (mostly) and pp anxiety (a bit). So proud of all of the amazing people who showed up that night and every time since then, overcoming their own sucky issues along the way. And finally, I’m so Proud of YOU Jenny, for meeting so many people to share your words and introduce us to your new awesome book! Thank you!

  38. The DC link takes you to the Politics & Prose generic website…they have 3 locations. How do I find you?!

  39. This post made me cry some good tears, too. I have been following you for a few years now, and am Furiously Happy that this book is now available! You have, in part, inspired me to speak more openly about my own chronic illness and depression with both family and friends. I work with teens in a volunteer capacity at my local theatre, and since I “came out” about my depression, several of them have opened up about their various struggles as well. I wanted to let you know your inspiration has trickled down, and has hopefully made things a little easier for them too. If your book tour was bringing you anywhere within 500 miles of me, I’d be there with bells on. (Is that the oddest saying or what? Now I need to find out the history behind that…I digress.) Your post above moved me to finally comment on your blog to let you know about our lives you’ve made a little better in my neck of the woods. Thank you so much!

  40. My book came in on Fri, and my 12 yo son Walker who has anxiety issues and also has been seen walking the neighborhood with a dead raccoon (long story), asked if he could read your book. I didn’t hesitate, and 3 chapters in, he looks up and says “I feel like she is reading my thoughts!!!
    This makes me FURIOUSLY HAPPY!

  41. Reading Furiously Happy and loving it. Since I read in the dark while my husband sleeps beside me, I have to hold in my laughter. I end up sounding like I’m trying to hold in a sneeze. When I laughed reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, my husband would get really upset that I woke him, so I’ve gotten much better at laughing with minimum noise. Quite an accomplishment for me. I still shake violently, though. Good thing we have a memory foam bed.

  42. I randomly stopped by tonight because I needed a boost for being “out” about my life speed bumps (anxiety & ocd) only to discover you’ll be here – Miami – in a week! I only hope if I can’t make it past the parking lot Books & Books will let me give my $30 ticket to someone who loves you as much as I do!

  43. I’ve been reading a little bit each day – savoring it. And laughing so hard. Then I’ll read a part when you are so very open about your struggle and I’ll shake my head and cry. Cry for you, cry for me, cry for this whole community. So many times I’ve run upstairs to read a passage to my husband. And this part… well this part is so very perfect. So I hope you don’t mind me sharing it. I left out a little at the end, because I was typing it out to my cousin. Because she gets it too. This part and the other when you chastise the woman who can’t pick up her arms… well, it’s so perfect. You pick the perfect words to try and explain it. Hopefully others who don’t struggle with it – will get it. And stop telling us to just smile and be grateful. (book passage in following comment)

  44. Doug in Oakland, the critter in the 2nd picture is a possum, or opossum if you want to be official.
    Jenny, I just want to say thanks for helping me get the courage to admit I was depressed and needed help. I am now on meds and feeling better but still hate to go out amongst people so I am attending your signings vicariously.

  45. “Clearly I wasn’t as sick as I said I was if the medication didn’t work for me. And that sort of makes sense, because when you have cancer the doctor gives you the best medicine and if it doesn’t shrink the tumor immediately than that’s a pretty clear sign you were just faking it for attention. I mean, cancer is a serious, often fatal disease we’ve spent billions of dollars studying and treating so obviously a patient would never have to try multiple drugs, surgeries, radiation etc. to find what will work specifically for them. And once the cancer sufferer is in remission they’re set for life because once they’ve learned how to not have cancer they should be good. And if they let themselves get cancer again they can just do whatever they did last time. Once you find the right cancer medication you’re pretty much immune from that disease forever. And if you get it again it’s probably just a reaction to too much gluten or not praying correctly. Right?

    “Well, no. But that same, completely ridiculous reasoning is what people with mental illness often hear. …. we hear it from others, but also from someone much closer and more manipulative. We hear it from ourselves.”

    From: Furiously Happy
    ~ Jenny Lawson

    (really hope this was okay to do. – please delete if this is frowned upon)

  46. Jenny, you are SO awesome and courageous! I know you’ve helped thousands of, probably WAY more, people with your amazingly, awesomely, wonderful, encouraging writings! Thank you SO very much!!!

  47. Jenny, I know that sometimes there might be terrible worries and anxieties behind your smile, but that smile is so bright and beautiful every time I see it. Maybe it’s the shadows that make it brighter. I’m so proud of you for fighting your battles and continuing to smile.

  48. I’m not really a member “The” tribe…I may be more a member of Victor’s tribe. I am still a fan of your take on life. I found out first hand Saturday what an odd world you move in. While waiting in line I met a lady who escaped from a cult, another lady ran a pothole for mayor of Dallas (and managed to split the vote) and then I sat next to a very nice stuffed possum. Your tribe has the most fascinating people. Thanks for coming to Dallas and thanks to all those great people waiting in line with me. You guys are awesome

  49. Neither my daughter nor I could have gone alone, but we went together and not only survived, we enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for complimenting her intestine after she complimented your skeleton!

  50. Yay Jenny! I finally got the book in the mail (pre-ordered it the first day I could!) I am LOVING it! You, Jenny Lawson, are the Kaitlin Jenner of mental illness! Thank you for taking it out of the closet, removing the stigma, demystifying it, allowing us to talk about it…and most of all, be OK, and laugh, even in the brokenness.

  51. I’m there with you in spirit until I can have you sign my book in person in DC! Your fans are inspiring and so is your story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  52. Making time for re-grouping/re-gathering in hotel rooms during the tour was a stroke of brilliance! I hope it helps keep you healthy throughout your travels.
    Let us know if you need us to bring wine or kittens for petting/hair-pulling or anti-social sweaters (for ourselves or for you) because I’m pretty sure there are plenty of us at every stop who would be all over that.
    Whatever we can do to help.
    And, yes, I did just take it upon myself to speak for everyone here because I am a very bossy and demanding individual.

  53. Without a doubt, that is the friendliest looking possum ever! Wish I lived closer to any of your tour dates; I’m so happy you are sharing it with us

  54. …does anyone feels that the possum is actually staring into your soul?

    btw I’m proud of you Jenny.I hope to be as positive and strong as you.I’m starting antidepressants tomorrow for the very first time.

  55. Jenny, I am driving down from Lexington (KY), where I now live, to my hometown, Nashville, just for your book signing. Leaving my apartment to go anywhere, but most especially longer distance trips, causes me massive amounts of anxiety, and having a lot of Valium on hand is highly recommended in my case. But the pull is strong. So, I’m going to try my absolute best to make it.

    P.S. Cried about the necklace bit in your post. What a beautiful and moving metaphor.

  56. First and foremost, I need that possum. It is look at me as if to say “regardless of how creepy I am in real life – stuffed, I am your snuggle-friend”. Second – your book. I don’t suffer from depression, but I suffer from another invisible disease. I don’t tell many people about it, but hearing you speak so openly about your disease makes me feel less alone. Not to mention, it has made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. You are amazing.

  57. So this morning, I was listening to Furiously Happy in my car on the way to work. I stopped at a drive through for breakfast and right as the guy opened his little window to give me food, you said in a really loud voice (my bad, the sound was turned up in my car), “Did you know that kangaroos have 3 vaginas?” I must say, it was a bonding moment for my drive through guy and myself. I have struggled off and on with mild depression and your honesty and ability to nail down elusive feelings while being funny is truly a gift. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  58. Well there goes my chance of being useful today: MY COPIES OF FH ARRIVED JUST NOW!!!!!
    (I just searched through and found Rory’s photo. Yay!)
    Now I’m crying and I haven’t even read it. Oh wait, this blog post did that. I forgot.
    But I expect this book will too. I love you.

  59. It was an honor to meet you, Jenny. I was at the Dallas signing with my blue hair and tiara because that is how I cope with my anxiety…by being as ridiculous as possible. Also, I had my best friend with me who understood that I will talk too loud and drink way too much for a Saturday afternoon. Your words are always a comfort and our tribe was in full effect. If anyone was in the crowd and I was too loud, I do apologize. My anxiety has a way of making me be the chicken on a hot plate and I dance as best I can. Love to you all. Sarah, aka the Queen

  60. Jenny, I discovered Let’s Pretend This Never Happened through a small review in Redbook, I think. And I loved every minute of it, laughing my ass off in my car like a total fool with the audiobook. So many times you made me think, “Oh, thank goodness, someone else is just as nuts as I am” when it comes to all the **** I never let come out of my mouth but I totally think it. Maybe that’s why I am nuts…because I hold too much of it in. You’re awesome, you’re inspiring because you say you’re not perfect and you don’t hide it, which pretty much makes a perfect “you” as far as I can tell. What? I have no idea. I got the sample of this book and I am sooooo ready to read it when I can allow myself to unleash the Kindle One-Click buying addiction again soon. 🙂 If the other readers are anything to judge by, I’d better not listen to this one in my car.

  61. that possum!!
    (also, add me to the list of people who had leaky eyes reading this. you are such an inspiration for so many. you are appreciated.)

  62. Is that a Rory piñata??
    Congratulations to you, Jenny, and to all those who love you for saying what they can’t.
    I don’t have anxiety issues, but I appreciate what you are doing to make life better.

  63. Jenny, you are wonderful. I love your new book am almost finished with it. I am definitely one of the tribe, have many of the same mental challenges and physical issues so I relate. Thank you for your wonderful humor. I really love you and your books are excellent. GREAT JOB!!!

  64. I’ll be at your Minneapolis book signing (yes, people really do live in Minnesota).
    Thanks for saying you are proud of us even though we feel like a failure….. today instead of beating myself up for letting my depression grip my emotions, I mentally fist bumped myself for keeping it together until noon. Yea me!

  65. Just finished listening to the new audiobook. And just in time, too. My incredible string of luck, spanning the last three months, appears to have come undone, rather horribly. I can’t figure out who to stab, and somebody needs a good stabbing, so I thought of your words, your patience, your kind support, and I went out and ate strange-flavored ice cream (purple yam?). It was good, I feel a little better. I have 48 hours to calmly, carefully, and precisely hone that dagger. Then, stab, stab, stab….

  66. I won’t be at your Mpls book signing b/c I know how impossible it is to get parking at the U of MN (I went there for years) and I cannot walk the distance from a parking lot to the bookstore. But I will be there in spirit. And now I shall tell about the dream I had last night. Because looking at your photos in this post reminded me of it. I was at a party, and there were a bunch of little furry animals, much like the Tribbles in that Star Trek episode but not quite as furry. They were kind of sloth-like so didn’t run away, and they loved to be cuddled. But they hated aphids. When they spotted the aphids in my dream — which were tiny and black and looked like the fruit flies we had in the kitchen last weekend — they screamed, “Aphids!” and curled into little balls. But they were adorable and snuggly and overall it was a good dream.

  67. One day it would be awesome to practice self-care unapologetically. For now, I will say I’m sorry I will miss you in Boston… I’m sorry I have to care for all the other me’s inside. And thank you for being proud because I’ve come to know and respect my selves — enough to do what it takes to stay safe. xoxo

  68. Heading out to Miami for Saturday. My youngest has been diagnosed with anxiety, severe depression, is bi-polar, and is on the autism spectrum. I’ve highlighted parents of my online copy that I share with her. Your experiences have brought such insight and really helps me be a better parent for her. I’ve learned that I need to not only be her advocate but to be a champion for her. Most importantly, it’s been a testimony to share with her that she’s an amazing, talented and gifted young lady who can manage her diagnoses. And when it becomes too hard that it’s okay. See you soon!

  69. I love these stories of people who are less isolated or braver because of you. I hope you feel how your bravery has impacted others, Jenny. It is truly a beautiful thing:).

  70. Thank you Jenny .
    I read such a connection in your writing and Anne Lamott’s . You both want to heal broken hearts and souls . She through the spirit and you through words . Both work amazingly .

  71. I’m cheering you on from Oz! I can’t work out how to say the other stuff I want to say, so I’m just going to cheer from here.

  72. I was in B&N yesterday just browsing and saw your book on their featured new books display right at the front of the store and it made me smile! 🙂

  73. I may not be able to go to your event when you’re in NYC, but I want you to know this:

    Your writing brings me much joy, motherfucker. Thanks for sharing.

  74. Congratulations Jenny! Furiously Happy is so wonderful…I’m currently hiding out at the library reading it; we’re in the process of packing for a move and I needed to get away from the stress of the land of boxes! Thank you for the laughs and the third of dead giraffe (I think we need one of these to take in the car on our move, you know, for entertainment purposes), and the cat-riding raccoon (love the inside covers of the book!). All the best to you Jenny, and enjoy every moment of being furiously happy!
    Bear hugs,

  75. ahem You also got to love on a super adorable (and excited) goldendoodle puppy in Dallas. I mean, you’re welcome. We both LOVED meeting you (even if Penny did feel like you were stealing her spotlight during the book reading). I wanted to tell you thank you for providing awesome light when I’m having my terribly dark depression days and give you a hug but then I thought, “A hug is just a strangle you haven’t finished yet” and I didn’t want you to think I was trying to strangle you. SO proud of you for getting thru the Dallas reading without meds! That’s another thing I forgot to mention.

    PS Penny and I are still totally down to joining the book tour…I’m just saying.

  76. Just finished your book and it’s incredible. This communal house of awesome you have built is incredible and I love you so much for voicing the words so many can’t say x

  77. Although I don’t have (much) anxiety, and can speak in front of a room of classmates fairly comfortably, and even though I know these people are all on your side, I find the B&W montage at the end a bit anxiety-producing. It is awesome you are doing this tour!

    The Rory pinata…I just hate the thought of him grinning and reaching for a hug as children beat him with sticks. I’m not sure any pinata should look like anything alive. sniff

  78. Thank you for being yourself! I’m not to “post a comment” sort of person usually but it’s been a low day for me, even though things are going very well for me in general, and then I read your quote from your new book posted up there and it made me feel ok to be blue and even crappy, even if I feel like a sack of monkeys are running around in my head saying sometimes terrible and then wonderful things like: “let me edit this post of you” and “if you’re feeling blue and crapping…is your crap blue?” “No” “Yes” “Stop being so literal!”…”But you’re smiling…!” And then I read your posts and well…I feel much better. Thank you.

  79. this looks like SO MUCH FUN. Wish I could be there… but there’s not a bookstore in my town, so I’m guessing you probably won’t be rolling through for the dust and strawberries! Have an awesome tour!

  80. Congratulations on the new book! Just got it Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee at the end of October! Thank you for writing about mental illness and the effects it has on people. I’m a long time anxiety suffer and it’s nice to see it being more recognized as a real illness. There’s still a long way to go, but you are helping make strides to bring more awareness to it. Can’t wait until the end of the month.

  81. How do you not just cry your face off with happiness or whatever when you hear some of these stories?! I’d be a wreck by the end of the night…but probably a happy, encouraged wreck.

  82. Thank you, I needed to read this tonight, I’ve been holed up in the house since Friday night.

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