If it’s Tuesday this must be Atlanta.

Hello, Atlanta!  I’m here to see you tonight so will you come see me?  Pretty please?  A reading, a Q&A and a signing.  Plus cake!  If somebody brings cake.  (Disclaimer: There probably won’t be cake.)

It’s hosted by A Cappella Books at an offsite venue so that there will be more room.  Click here for directions and details.

Photo by Maile Wilson
Photo by Maile Wilson

PS.  Today is Victor’s birthday and it’s the first birthday I’ve been away from him in 20 years. Happy birthday, sweet Victor. I love you so much. Thank you for not putting me in the chipper-shredder yet. You know…The usual.

PPS.  Next stop?  Nashville and Miami.  I think.  I’m bad with geography.



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  1. Happy Birthday Victor! And thanks for taking care of Jenny – I have a husband who takes care of me and my crazies too, and heaven knows it ain’t easy. Finished Furiously Happy this morning and now the husband is reading it. Thanks for sharing the love and pain Jenny <3

  2. Happy Birthday Victor, thank you for sharing your amazing wife and your life with us.!

  3. Are you kidding me with the no cake? 🙂 It’s Atlanta. The North of the South but still the South. Of COURSE someone will bring cake. Probably a caramel cake. Or red velvet. Or something wonderfully decadent and southern . . . now I’m hungry.

  4. Enjoy Atlanta! I absolutely love the quote from the book above. That exact picture needs to be a print. Make it so! And happy birthday, Victor!!! I typed “Victory” which I think is totally appropriate for you both. 🙂

  5. I’ll be at the event, and it is my birthday too. So, you’ll be with someone on their birthday on Sept 29th. Totally counts.

  6. I’ll bring cupcakes when you make it to Pasadena. Much easier to hide in your pockets for later.

  7. Happy Birthday to Victor! I’m glad you have each other, thank you for sharing part of your lives with us. You are kicking this tour’s ass! You are like some sparkly-on-the-inside brown pegasus of badassary. I don’t have an anxiety disorder and I would be too nervous/scared to do all the things you are doing, you are my hero.

    See you in Boston!

  8. Gah! I had never made the peach/baby head connection but now I always will. I can’t eat dried dates because they look too much like dead cockroaches (however I will eat Fig Newtons, so go figure). Also, the hard crunch of romaine lettuce bothers me too because once again it seems like it would be the same sensation as biting down on a cockroach. We should probably never go to a buffet together…

  9. You guys really should go see Jenny. Its soooo worth the trouble. I would give her book signing in Dallas 5 stars.. so come on Atlanta show some of that southern hospitality

  10. Awww, my husband and I have the endearing shredder chipper thank you!! Gotta love the patient, funny, loving spouses.

  11. Happy Birthday, Victor!

    P.S. How did you break your phone? The people demand a hilarious story detailing its untimely demise.

    P.P.S. Also, I’m sorry about your phone. 🙁

  12. Can whoever did your makeup in that picture do my makeup forever? Could you bring your awesome to the UK? Also can you be my friend? Also I’ll give you cake? Also that last one wasn’t a question but I wanted to stick with the theme?

    P.S. based on this picture I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Jenny’s cheekbones: both amazing & underrated.

    P.P.S. I haven’t slept in like 48 hours can you tell

  13. P.P.P.S. I’m not Winston Churchill. I don’t even like Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill is dead to me, and only mostly because he’s actually dead.

  14. Happy Birthday, Victor!
    You are Jenny’s Kipling’s Thousandth Man, and the world would be a poorer place without her, so thank you.

  15. I can’t believe this. I’m Canadian and I live in Peru and I’m going to BE IN MIAMI ON SATURDAY and I was all set to squeeze seeing you into that one day that I’m there, but. I leave at 4 pm and the reading is only at 7 pm. So close, yet so far 🙁

  16. I’m such a weirdo. Last night I had a dream that I waited in line to meet Jenny to sign my book and she 1) looked like someone else in real life and 2) was a total mean girl about my photograph I showed of when I gave up my baby bottle as a toddler to the baby raccoon because my grandparents told me it would starve otherwise.

    I really do have that photo (and that’s a true story) but wasn’t exactly planning on bringing it. Also, I think Jenny will look like Jenny tonight and won’t be mean. My brain is strange.

    Okay. See y’all tonight!

  17. your picture is gorgeous! Wish I could make it tonight but I don’t do allergies and rain well. Enjoy our town. <3

  18. Happy birthday Victor? If I send you my book would you both sign it? It would be like a reverse birthday card. Or book.
    You get it.

  19. I somehow injured my upper back, which now hurts for no reason at all. So, last night, I went to soak in a hot water epsom salt bath and enjoy a little Furiously Happy while slipping into the joys of middle age.

    But then I didn’t, because I didn’t want to take a chance on dropping my signed copy in the bath, which I’ve never ever done with almost every book I’ve ever tried to read in the tub. Honest!

    I guess I’ll have to buy a second copy for actual reading. Which kinda makes Jenny’s books the collectible action figures of reading: you buy one to play with/read, and one to keep safe/in the packaging.

    Although, after going to one of the readings, I think I might opt for the audio book. Hearing the stories adds a whole new layer of awesome.

  20. Just finished the audiobook yesterday. Also, just realized this is a brand new book and that I missed the party! It came up in my Goodreads and the cover determined for me that it was a must-read. So I did. Without knowing anything about you or the purpose of this book. SO glad that I’ve read it and found your blog. (I started reading the blog back from the beginning and I even submitted something for this week’s 100 Word Stories which I also found, thanks to you.) You’re not coming near my town 🙁 but I hope your tour is successful. I’ve recommended the book to a bunch of people already and have to go get the actual book because there are definitely parts that I gotta use as acting monologues now. Thank you for writing this book and sharing yourself.

  21. Just finished the audiobook yesterday. Also, just realized this is a brand new book and that I missed the party! It came up in my Goodreads and the cover determined for me that it was a must-read. So I did. Without knowing anything about you or the purpose of this book. SO glad that I’ve read it and found your blog. (I started reading the blog back from the beginning and I even submitted something for this week’s 100 Word Stories which I also found, thanks to you.) You’re not coming near my town 🙁 but I hope your tour is successful. I’ve recommended the book to a bunch of people already and have to go get the actual book because there are definitely parts that I gotta use as acting monologues now. Thank you for writing this book and sharing yourself.

  22. I live just outside Atlanta but was thinking about not going because I have ebooks and nothing for you to sign. Plus, I’d be in my work clothes. But, I do work in a store, and could bring cake. Not a big one, but then I’d feel like I could show up and say hi and give you cake. I don’t know. Good idea?

    (COME! Cake or no cake. Just come and say hi. I’ll sign your arm if you want. ~ Jenny)

  23. I’m listening to the Furious Happy audiobook, and I love it. I think the audiobooks are really enhanced by you reading them, so thank you for that.

    I know you’ll never have time to read this message, and you’ll probably lose it when you declare email bankruptcy, but I really wish you would talk about how you managed to hold a full-time job in HR while struggling with these issues. Because every time you say that you had to spend a week at home, hiding under the covers, I deeply sympathize.

    (I missed a lot of work but my work was project-based so lots of times I could make up my time because my office offered flexible scheduling and occasionally telecommuting. They let me work 50 hour weeks so I could build up extra days off and I was also on intermediate FMLA although that was more for my RA than my mental illness. It was not easy and I got a fair amount for missing work a lot, which I understand because someone else had to pick up where I left off. When I did go to work during depressive episodes I often was too foggy to really concentrate and that’s a real blow to your self-esteem even if you know it’s not your fault. I was lucky that the great work I did when I was on top of things made up for the days when things were bad, and that I had an office of people who understood, or at least tried to understand. ~ Jenny)

  24. Also, I wanted to say that there’s an amazing bookstore in Collegeville, PA called Towne Book Center Cafe, where you could do a Philadelphia-area reading, if, somehow, you needed to add one more stop on your tour:

  25. I finished your book today and it was awesome. I recommended it to a coworker who’s just as crazy as I am and right on the edge and I think it will really help her, especially since she’s going through a tough time right now

  26. So the cake was a lie, I have heard that before. By any chance are you familiar with Portal, or do you work for Aperture Science?

  27. Atlanta!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to meet you (hopefully) or at the very least see you in person.

  28. Ele,

    I don’t know how Jenny managed it, but it’s hard. Because regardless of how viciously depression can hit your brain, it seems like whenever THE MOST VITAL ORGAN IN YOUR BODY is under the weather, it’s never considered a sick day. For some reason.

    Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that companies like calling them “wellness” days now. For obvious Orwellian reasons.


  29. Happy Birthday, Victor. I’m sorry you don’t get to have Jenny in person to help you celebrate, but thank you for providing me with some of the best laughs ever! 😉

  30. Mary McIntosh, yes!! Go!! For people like me who can’t but would love to! I actually live 3 hours away from Atlanta but my RA has flared so bad this week I’m barely able to move. So, go to see Jenny for me! Meanwhile, I’ll be figuring out how to get to the grocery store so my kids have food to eat.

  31. Yay! I’ll be there tonight!! I’ll probably be late because I have to take a Microbiology test tonight first, but I WILL BE THERE! squeeeeeeee!!!!!!! See everyone there!

  32. Happy Birthday Victor and all that…now the important question. What did you get him????? Each time I don’t think you can top yourself and then dammit, you do.

    (It’s a surprise because I miscalculated shipping time from the UK so it doesn’t come in until next week. ~ Jenny)

  33. Canadian fan here. I bought both your books and thought “OMGGGG, this woman has been reading my brain.”
    Thank you for putting it all out there so the rest of us know we aren’t alone. Oh – and you aren’t either.
    I 67 and have spent the major portion of my life wondering what the hell is WRONG with me.
    About 12 years ago I found out. Yes – it is all in my head, my neurons and serotonin uptakers and no there is nothing I can do about any of it except take me meds and tough out the bad times.
    Oh – play with my invisible narwhal Mr. Stabby.
    Leslie form Kingston Ontario

  34. I already bought a signed edition of your book, and now I’m considering buying the audio book, because I have both of Let’s Pretend. Which is both stupid and hawsum when it comes out of the grocery budget because nothing else will budge. WTF, sketti is cheap and yummy. I had insomnia last night and only slept two hours, in case you couldn’t tell. falls over

  35. I can’t believe I’m missing this!!!! I have to work and I’m in Columbus! GAH!! I’m mad now.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Victor!

  36. And the phrase from this book that I will never forget – Swiss army dildo. Oh, lawd, I’m still giggling.

  37. Happy Birthday, Victor!!

    I am so excited!! Your book arrived today!!!

    Ok, now…. nobody talk to me, call me, or do a well-check on me for the day or two. I’m reading.

  38. Those of us that don’t get out much are travelling vicariously on your book tour with you. Making us Vicariously Happy. So thanks for all the posts.
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy ViCtOr! Have you noticed that your wife is a knock-out?

  39. Happy birthday Victor, and I have to say that baby-heads just don’t make good cobbler…

  40. Happy birthday Victor! And you need to come do a signing in Anchorage, because I would totally bring you cake. Or cookies. Or mini cheesecakes.

  41. Well, dang. Now I’m totally bringing cake to Chicago. Anyone have flavor preferences? (My lemon cake is kind of a thing.)

  42. breakdowntown, I will be in the line in Seattle, too. We can breathe together: I was on 405 today and need allllllllllll the Xanax.

  43. Cheekbones, yeah right! This photo must be Victor’s B’day gift. I see your friend Maile took it. She’s really good! I have no idea how you’re doing this tour. It makes me want to hide in the closet just to read it, but I’m proud of you! Take good care of yourself.

  44. waving down I-20 from Augusta HI, BLOGGESS!! This is the closest I’ve ever been to you physically! WOOHOO!

    The press of rehearsals keeps me from driving out to Atlanta, but I’m thrilled we’re in the same state…!

  45. Good job tonight, Jenny!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. Hope Victor liked his birthday song! LOL! Did you get a pic of all the cakes, cookies and other goodies that folks brought you? (When you ask Atlanta for cake, you get CAKE! Good ol’ Southern hospitality at its best, ya know!) And THANKS again for signing my raccoon cookie jar!!! 🙂

  46. I wanted to say thank you for meeting with everyone tonight. You are a beautiful and wonderful person. Also, thank you for signing my wife’s book in an extra special way (BOOBS). I know she will greatly appreciate it and will be jealous that she couldn’t be there as well.

  47. Can’t wait to see you in StLoo in a month or so. Love your books, a little overwhelmed with psoriatic arthritis myself and all the oh-yes-I’m-totally-a-senior-biz-exec-but cant hold a fork conversations we could have. Or we could just talk about taxidermy. Or whatever.

  48. I know this is really selfish but would you consider coming to Naples, Italy on your tour? It’s only slightly out of the way? I am also bad at geography. I promise to bring Italian cookies and a flock of Vespas. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

  49. You look stunning! As my 9 yr old would say, you are rocking those memes like a BOSS!
    Happy Birthday Victor – a day late. Thank you for taking care of our Jenny. (while we don’t own her per se – she’s so “ours”.) (P.S. – my 13 yr old has started your book 🙂 I’m almost done so we’re kinda doing it together – but not really. Like I’m not reading her a chapter right before bed. But how cool would that be if she’d let me? Specially on the felt V’s chapter.

  50. I loved seeing you last night but had to leave before I could meet you and have you sign my book. Now, I have totally triggered and want to crawl under my desk at work or jump in the car for the Nashville stop (You and Anne Patchett in the same building!!!) and then leave before you sign my book and my Kindle again. I also wanted to hug the young woman whose birthday it was; I also pull out my lashes and eyebrows (and some lower hairs too). I thought she rocked her hair cute (typo and it stays) and wouldn’t have know she was taking it out. xo

  51. Not to brag, but I bet the Atlanta stop was the best on the tour! Furiously happy that I was able to attend last night. We sang Victor Happy Birthday and someone even brought cake (http://www.cakeapotamus.com/). This wonderful person brought little cakes that are “pink flavored” and they were shared with the audience 🙂

    I even was able to tell Jenny that I really want to buy a Beyonce for my house, but since I brought home a life-size R2D2 a few months ago, my hubby has banned me from decorating for awhile. I know that only she would truly understand.

    Thank you to Jenny for another amazing book and the courage to meet her fans. I keep a “Depression Lies” sticker on my desk and even on my dresser because some days, that’s what you need.

  52. happy birthday, victor.
    Have to agree about the peaches. Ill eat them from a can, or in a dish, but not with the fuzz on. brrr.

  53. I planned to see you yesterday in Atlanta..instead of suicide. I live 2 hrs from a Capella books. 2 miles from the store we got into an accident and I’ve cried ever since because I couldn’t come. Seeing you and meeting the tribe was extremely important. It was symbolic..and it didn’t happen. I’m beyond devastated. I haven’t eaten in 17 days and getting my hopes up only to have them smashed (literally) set me farther down the spiral. I’ll never get to come to an event and I’ll never get to meet you,my chance got ruined. While the event was happening I was getting my shoulder moved back into place and cried from all sorts of pain. My book is paid for,just sitting in the store.

    (You, sweet girl, have been through the ringer and you need a hug and I’m giving it to you in spirit. I’m also giving you love and light and if you send me your address I’ll send you a special care package just for you because I’m so damn proud that you’re still here and still fighting and still breathing. You are an inspiration. Email me at jenny@thebloggess.com and tell start the email with “Mary, Jenny said for you to forward this to her secret account so she sees it quicker”. I am so glad you’re still with us. We need you. There are already too few of our tribe out there. Now go right this minute and tell a friend or family member that you need help. You can’t do this alone. It’s important to have help when depression is telling such terrible lies. ~ Jenny)

  54. You did such a phenomenal job last night (despite the beta blocker induced scarlet fever). I enjoyed your reading, your answers, and your open honesty with people. I struggle with having mental health disorders because I am on track to becoming a counselor and an art therapist. It sometimes feels like being a mechanic with a car that keeps breaking down. It feels like failure when you can’t practice what you preach because even coping skills can be hard to implement on certain days. It sucks to hear “well just do it. I don’t understand why you don’t stop that and do this instead”. Like you said, I would if I could but I can’t sometimes. I’m hoping to be more like the mechanic who can say “it sucks when your car strands you. It’s expensive and time consuming but we’ve got this, we’re a team, your car breaking down isn’t your fault, and everyday your car DOES run is a victory”. In a nutshell, you rock, you’re not alone, and you’re showing thousands of people daily that they too aren’t alone.
    Wishing you the best and a lack of bald cats,
    Karen Corry
    Giver of photoshopped Muffler Man pictures

  55. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I cannot believe you were in Atlanta on Tuesday and I was in Atlanta on Tuesday for a work thing and I didn’t know!!!! Instead I was with people I don’t really know and drank too much because anxiety and ended up in a bush!!!! Or maybe the whole drunken bush thing was Monday and Tuesday was super hangover day and feeling dumb because anxiety and drinking… But anyway, I was randomly in a strange city and BAM- so were you!!!! It’s like kismet except we did not “met” and there was no kissing…..so nothing like kismet at all really…except now I can tell people about how we almost became best friends in Atlanta except I was drunk in a bush and missed it. Story of my life.

  56. Sorry to have missed you in Atlanta, but I sent some friends instead. Enjoyed the book during my flight to Oktoberfest in Munich!

  57. Wait, wait, wait — so was there cake in Atlanta?! I must know. SOMEONE ANSWER MEEEEEEE!!!

  58. Gosh darn you for being so successful and hitting all those big cities and not the small little shitholes…er, I mean, watering holes where I live/know people. I hope you are finding some joy in it all, and I wish you all of the happiness in the world! Your writing has made me laugh so hard that I cry, thank you!

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