If it’s Wednesday this must be Nashville.

Hello, Nashville!  I’m here to see you.  Are you here to see me?  Please?  A reading, Q&A and signing will be hosted by Parnassus Books offsite at Salon@615 at 6:15pm.  Click here for details on location and reserving a seat.

A giant thanks to all the people who’ve come out so far, especially since so many of you stuggle with the same anxiety issues I deal with.  You give me the inspiration to keep going even when I’m terrified and it’s been so incredibly worth it.  Thank you.

Photo by Maile Wilson
Photo by Maile Wilson

Next stop?  Miami.  See all the tour details here.


Can’t make it to any of the stops?  You can follow along here.

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  1. I am currently hiding in my house, waiting on my friend to pick me up to drive to Nashville. I am equal parts nervous and excited. Hopefully I will get to meet you by the end of the day.

  2. I live almost exactly in the middle between Atlanta and Nashville but can’t make it to either. 🙁 In lieu of telling you in person, I just wanted to thank you for writing this book. I was having a particularly bad night last night…no sleep, many tears…but I started reading and laughing and eventually I was able to relax enough to get some sleep. I woke up this morning feeling, if not better, then at least able to face the day. Thank you. Thank. You.

  3. i totally threw a quick, inward tantrum upon learning again instagram doesn’t allow me to save its photos. ‘kuz that bret michaels squirrel…? OMG WTF NEED TO LAUGH MORE.

  4. I cannot wait to see you tonight! Furiously happy does not BEGIN to describe. Also, if you should need light therapy today since it’s gloomy as all hell here, I have a lamp at my office (across the street from the signing) and will gladly bring it over tonight and follow you around with it 🙂

  5. Welcome to Nashville! My office is only about 264 babies from where you’ll be tonight. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get ANYTHING done today. If my job required stalking your Twitter & anxiously watching the clock, I’d be well on my way to a promotion.

  6. So glad that the tour is going well and that so many people get to meet you and that you get to meet more of the Tribe Called Lawsbian.

  7. Thank you for the simple but confusing truth. Everything is perfect in my life right now but I have been an anxious mess! I really needed this reminder. Wish I was in Nashville.

  8. hey jenny,

    I will see you this evening. so excited. I baked. Not in the pot way, though I could maybe find some if you want me to. The only seats left are first come first share I think, so I’m getting ready to pack up and head downtown, which is hard thanks to traffic. Im also fighting the urge to feel guilty for taking time away from my family and other responsibilities to come say Hi. I’m praying the feelings go away so I can enjoy this… if not, thats what anxiety meds are for.

  9. I’m maybe one of the more “normal” ones. So my thanks to you for your books, and your blog, and your incredible courage getting out there, are because I really need to understand more and be a more compassionate and accepting person. Plus you are one of the few writers who make me laugh out loud, in the most perfectly inappropriate times and places ever! Also, my 25 year old beautiful daughter has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, and we have held her hand through hell so many times…painfully learning to redefine success, and know it when we see it. MY WORLD NEEDS JENNY LAWSON!

  10. I wish I could be there! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! I hope it’s not too stressful but if it is, I’m sure you’ve got a wonderful support team <3

  11. Yay! Jenny! Keeping it together!
    Please please please keep keeping it together. Not only for your sake, but for us. Especially those of us in cities at the end of your tour. Pleeeeeze. (picture me rolling on the floor, clasped hands outstretched.)

    HOWEVER, where is the story about your sister’s being attacked by a pig? In LPTNH you promised that in your next book you would tell us about when your sister was attacked by a pig. Was she dressed as poultry at the time?

  12. Hey Jenny – What about Philadelphia? We managed to keep the Pope alive so there’s that. I have to think that I am not the only one here would LOVE to see you!

  13. Wow. Someone said it above, your schedule could potentially reduce anyone to a quivering mass of goo, no matter what their anxiety level. You’re doing good work out there. Stay strong.

  14. agh, I would totally come, but none of them are close. Hope it goes great and you are still furiously happy when you get home! 😀

    PS Thank you, too, for helping me possibly understand depression a little more…we have a daughter who is struggling with it and not doing very well right now.

  15. Philly would be great, or how about Baltimore? But, if that’s not to be, I may run away to New York just to stand in a ridiculously enormous line, just to look at you live and in person. Or not. Because I don’t want to scare you, or make you think I’m some sort of stalker. Cause I’m not. Really. Is Rory going to be there?

  16. Wish I could be there to give you a hug-well just in my mind-after all we would have just met 🙂 Thank you for writing and sharing what is in your heart. You make each day more bearable. Enjoy the Music City.

  17. What beautiful photographic portraits! I’m glad you’re having such a successful tour, so many people benefitting from your book!!!

  18. There are four of us in the basement at Nashville Public Library (yes, they keep us in the basement) who are all giggly and bouncy that you’re coming today!

  19. Miami?! You must go out and get croquetas. And empanadas. And plantains. Because everything, even a book tour, is better with those:).

  20. I’m reading your book, I’m up to the part with The President and that is awesome. I always remember I love to read your stuff, but then I forget how much of ME there is in these books. It’s absolutely uncanny. I can’t be nearly as open with my husband as you seem to be with Victor, though. But I start reading about the panic and the depression and the guilt and I start crying, because you remind me so much of me, so I imagine I’m giving you a hug to make us both feel better but then we’re hugging and both crying and saying it’s okay but it doesn’t feel okay, but it is okay. …I’m sorry for making a mess out of your imaginary dress like that, I should have conjured tissues. I’ll pay the fake dry cleaning bill, promise.

  21. Did you see the picture of Reese Witherspoon holding your book? Well, Mindy Kaling’s is in the front but yours is next. You are winning.

  22. Jenny, are you going to add anymore dates to your book tour? If you could come to Ottawa, I mean I know its asking quite a lot from you to come to a city specifically for my ease of transportation, but it would be quite swell. Me and my best friend will likely be making the 5-6 hour trek down to Toronto though! I mean, that is unless you agree to come visit us in ottawa. Which again, I know would be a hassle, but one that would be very convenient for us. Think about it. We could have you on our Podcast Timely Waffle! It would be really fun I promise. (I can’t actually promise that because three people in one room all with anxiety problems would just be a lot of awkward laughing and silence so… we will try to make it fun.)

  23. WHOO-HOO! We are counting down the days to your appearance in Miami at Books & Books! We love you! The new book is, of course, furiously amazing. Any special requests? Cake, Amaretto, Red Wine, Xanax Cupcakes?? LOL. Just ask. If it’s somewhat marginally legal and definitely a little peculiar – we will abide. Xoxo.

  24. In case you ever run out of things to write about, head to Las Vegas. If you do, I recommend lots of extra medicine to get you through. There are so many strange things going on: naked people with bodies painted to disguise nipples 😜, casinos with entrances but expertly hidden exits, buildings bigger than the rural town I grew up in, and excess everything. The city must have employees that do nothing but change lightbulbs. On second thought, don’t go, they don’t deserve you.

  25. Ugh, Jenny, I am just devastated. I was supposed to be there tonight and work prevented me from it. Sure I wouldn’t have been able to formulate an articulate sentence or communicate at all really but I would have gotten to meet you. And I am just heartbroken. Thank you for being you. For making us all feel less alone and possibly a bit more understood.

  26. I have a friend about an hour from Nashville. It was while riding around with her that I saw big, colorful, metal chickens for sale. (The only place I’ve seen them in person.) So not only are you among your tribe, you are among Beyonce’s flock!

  27. Finally getting to start reading this! So much touches home..my best friend struggles with depression and I’m a recovering alcoholic ..which basically means I just don’t know how to deal with life and drank way to much to avoid it..which oddly is very depressing in itself and so misunderstood. I’m totally down with the silver ribbon concept but think it would be awesome if we just made them obnoxious silver clown bow ties instead ..you know to be vehemently happy

  28. My husband just doesn’t understand your humor. We’re both in the den, I’m reading FH, and I don’t know what he’s reading, but I keep erupting in snorts and guffaws and he looks at me funny. I read an excerpt to him, barely keeping myself together long enough to finish reading it, and he’s like, “What?” So I told him “I guess you just had to be there.” BUT, he is totally enabling my driving myself (alone) to Huntsville (3 hours – dangerous) because he knows I really, really want to be able to do it and see you, even if I just have the Kindle edition. Maybe you could sign my Kindle? I have a silver Sharpie that ought to work. Anyway, he’s going to program the Garmin to get me to the Von Braun Center. I know he was the major engineer on the Apollo program, but I still think it’s a little strange that they named their convention center after an ex-German rocket scientist famous for blitzing England with the V-2 rocket. But I digress.

  29. So, I got the courage to come to the talk and loved every minute of it. However, I wasn’t brave enough to stay in line to have a book signed. Karma smacked me in the face when I fell in the parking lot, messing up my foot. Oh well, next time I will definitely get in the line, for my own safety! Thank you for being our ambassador and for being you.

  30. Dear Jenny, I tried to come. I bought a ticket online. I reserved a copy of your book through Parnassus. I had a small gift for you with a note attached. I was packed and ready to depart. But I didn’t make it out of my apartment (which, admittedly, is up in Lexington, KY; but as I’ve mentioned before, my hometown is Nashville). Parnassus was kind enough to do a credit card transaction over the phone and take the book I’d just purchased in absentia to be personalized at the Salon. Hopefully, when you publish your third book, I will make it to a signing. That way I can meet you and get my copy of your first book signed. I so desperately wanted to go, but my depression and anxiety said “absolutely not.” I wasn’t strong enough.

  31. You need to do a world tour. Or we need to have a Lawsbicon next year. Oh! Oh! OR you could have The Bloggess Ambassadors!! We’d be like Jenny Lawson tribute acts & go round doing the book signings in places you can’t get to or don’t want to get to because they suck. I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity lookaliky so i’d totally be up for the UK division. I’d even where big Elvis sideburns because I think it’s the law to have them if you’re doing a tribute act or something…

  32. I totally read that you were going to have a singing. I was about to book a flight! See you in DC!

  33. Thank you for visiting our city. Last night was wonderful. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the cookies. I may have to make a crazy last minute road trip to Huntsville… its just a few hours… and I have friends who would go Im sure. Yup… plan is in the works now.

  34. Whoo hoo! I’m in Nashville and I’m tickled that you’re here too, although I don’t want to sound like a stalker. I just hope you have a good time here. Just last night I read the chapter in Furiously Happy about how you walked in the snow in New York.
    It’s highly unlikely that it’ll snow while you’re here, but it’s possible. This is a weird city.

  35. I want to know how we can make this easier for you, Jenny. I plan to be part of the crowd in Toronto. How can we be a better audience? Is there a question you abhor?

    (All questions are good questions. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  36. Can’t wait to read the book! I absolutely love that quote, it really speaks to me and things going on in my life.

  37. So, was there cake?

    (I don’t like being teased. Though now I understand what’s so heinous about luring your dog into the car with promises of a ride when the ride is meant to end at the veterinarian’s office. Maybe I’m exaggerating.)

  38. I am so sad that I missed you in Nashville. It had been on my radar for months, but I simply could not get there. I am so glad you had fun and found your people. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being you.

  39. Are you aware that Beyonce (the metal one) has an offspring in Western Massachusetts? She really does. I have photographic proof!

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