I’m having a hard time finding the words.

I wanted to announce this last night but I couldn’t find the words.  Last night I found out that this strange little book I wrote  (one I was sure would scare people away – one that I struggled with for years) made it on the NYT bestseller list its first week out.  I screamed and laughed and threw up and brushed my teeth and cried and then screamed again.  This was a shock, not just because I thought the subject matter might be too scary for a humor book, but also because we published this book in the fall even though that’s when all the big, important celebrity books come out and so I went in knowing that I’d almost certainly not be able to compete.  But last night I found out that Furiously Happy made it to #3 on the NYT list on its debut week!   And this in spite of the fact that so many of you weren’t able to buy it because it sold out so quickly some places.  In fact, it’s #2 in ebooks and was beaten only by Bill O’Reilly, which figures because that motherfucker ruins everything.  But I’m too happy to even let Bill O’Reilly get me down because the fact that so many of you supported this book means that now other stores will take notice and it can make it’s way to smaller towns and libraries and to people who might really need to read those words and to remember that depression lies and that there is joy in life and that there is an amazing tribe of intellectual misfits out here waiting for them.  That they aren’t alone.

That I’m not alone.

That none of us are.

I’m so honored and proud and I don’t have the words to say thank you for making this happen but I’ll have to just stick with “thank you”.  This book was written by all of us and I consider it an invitation reaching out across the world to people like us…strange, wonderful, broken in beautiful ways, haunted, and so much more important than they suspect.

Thank you.  Thank you for listening and helping.  Thank you for buying the book or reading here or putting it on your wish list or passing it on to others.  Thank you for making me believe that I’m worthy even when my brain tries to convince me I’m not.

I don’t have a good picture to share here because I’m on the road still (next stop, Miami!) but this photo I took during yesterday’s signing feels right…

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.01.33 AM

Thank you for sharing your stories and lives with me. Thank you for convincing me that mine is equally important.

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  1. Congrats and so happy for you! You have helped so many by just being you! Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of life with you!

  2. Now I’m even more pissed that Amazon hasn’t sent me my preorder yet. Grumble grumble.

  3. Congratulations! This does not surprise me at all! Think of all the people you are helping. I’m thinking bajillions by this point. YOUR AWESOMENESS CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

  4. Dammit I almost want to go buy a couple more copies to get past that fucker O’Reilly…

  5. Congratulations!!! #1 is in sight, but even if you/we/the book doesn’t reach it… we still know it’s true value. 🙂 thank you for yesterday’s reading! I now believe in $25 bills

  6. Awesome! So proud of you for everything that you do. And of us for being smart enough to find/listen and share with you.

  7. Well done Jenny – thank you so much for sharing your stories and for being beautiful, brilliant you!

  8. Congratulations, Jenny. A well deserved honor, indeed. Bill O’Reilly can suck it. I didn’t buy HIS book!

  9. Congratulations!!! Pfft, who needs Bill O’Reilly??? I hope you hit #1 too!! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Sending all the good thoughts and happy vibes. I bought three books and I am sending them to my cousins in a very small town. We all need to read your words because they are “Our” words too. Thank you for writing about the struggle and your words are a beautiful reminder of HOPE and yes, depression lies. We are HONORED to be apart of a tribe. Love, Sarah

  11. When your book kicks Bill O’ Reilly off the #1 spot, I’ll have new hope for humanity. The fact that it’s #2 is encouraging, though. Congratulations, Jenny!! You’ve earned this not only for your talent as a writer, but for being vulnerable and honest and open about things that have remained hidden for too long. You’re brave and I admire you greatly.

  12. I’m so excited for you!!!!! You are FABULOUS and FUNNY and SMART and BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED! I your book – it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me laugh until I cried. Don’t ever change.

  13. Looking forward to seeing you again in Florida. Oh, and Shatner will be here the same weekend. (Wizard World in Ft. Lauderdale). Coincidence? I think not.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sometimes the hardest things we do in life receive the biggest reward. That’s when it’s time to stand up and DANCE!

  15. Yessssssss! I’m smiling with you (but will not throw up in solidaity. Sorry, I hope you understand). That’s so great!

  16. I don’t have the words, either (although I think you did pretty well at finding them.) I am so happy that you are getting so much validation of your self-worth and your work. You always make me laugh and it makes me proud to be in the tribe of broken people. You are awesome, Jenny Lawson! Now go in the blanket fort and do the breathing thing and you’ll be good for the rest of the day.

  17. Congratulations! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! This is like the turning of the tide as far as embracing and understanding mental illness. Your blog and books have been an important and helpful tool in my box of tricks to help me feel as good as possible. You are an inspiration and I can’t think of a better spokesperson for people like us than you. You have my deepest thanks.

  18. Yay! It’s in my cart and as soon as this semester is over, it’s in my hands! I’m so excited that you have this new adventure and we do too! I’m still passing out your first book to people to read, I can’t wait to pass this one around!

    Congrats! You deserve it!

  19. Like Daddy Scratches says, fuck Bill O’Reilly. His readers don’t actually read anyway.

  20. Im not done reading yet but thank you for your words, your soul and that book. I feel less alone and that means a lot. <3

  21. Thank you so much for writing the book…pushing through every hard day…to help us feel like we are not alone. Congratulations on being on the best seller; this book deserves it and so do you. I finished it the other night and I haven’t ever laughed so much while reading a book that related so much to me.

  22. so, i went to pick up my copy from the bookstore when it arrived, and then i drove off a curb accidentally and because i have front wheel drive i couldn’t get off the curb and had to call a tow truck to lift my car and push it backwards back onto level pavement.

    i was still so happy to have your book none of that mattered.

    and i had to go to court on a case, and i didn’t know how long it would take to talk to the judge about my case, so i took your book, and an acquaintance saw it and asked about it. so i tried to describe how awesome you are, but i couldn’t werd. i stepped to the back with the coordinator, and came back out to the courtroom to find my acquaintance reading Furiously Happy. she looked at me with a smile on her face, and said your book would be perfect for her teenager, who’s been dealing with some anxiety.

    i didn’t think your book could make me happier, but apparently i was wrong because it did.

    thank you.

  23. Wonderful! I am working my way through the copy I borrowed from the library, trying to not devour it in a short amount of time but the fog I have been in for almost a year is lifting due to meds and YOU. You and everyone on here and everyone at your readings give me such comfort of knowing I AM NOT ALONE!

  24. Congrats!! Furiously happy about the news, and not at all surprised! We’ve needed voices like yours to make us laugh and cry out loud, thank you for daring greatly!!

  25. Fuck yeah!! I have been toting your book with me everywhere to read during any possible moment of down time. Laughing so hard you snort out loud in a silent doctor’s office waiting room probably sold you a few more copies. Everyone needed to know what I was reading. I will be force feeding my husband snippets of your book so he finally understands my battle with depression and anxiety AND define my completely fucked up sense of humor. Love Love this!!

  26. It’s been such an honour to both follow along and be a part of this, both in the community you have created here and the journey everybody has gone on. Your book deserves all of the success that is coming it’s way and is a reflection of not just how many people love your book, but how many people needed to read the words you have written. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful your book has been in helping me to understand even just a small part of everything, and as a result i have learnt how to become much better at recognising when my friends need help / need space / are struggling. Lotsa love xo

  27. WOOT! Uber glad our copy arrived from Amazon on day 1. Husband is now reading it 🙂 Well-deserved congratulations to you!

  28. You are most welcome. And Thank you. Because of you I am doing what needs to be done to get rid of my depression.

  29. Amazing. Truly amazing. I wish you the best of success on your book tour. Don’t forget at night – pillow and blanket forts make it all better when it’s been an exhausting day.

  30. ‘s okay, we all did it, one book at a time 🙂 (also I’m also done with it and I love it so 😀 )

  31. I purchased my first audio book today and am listening to Furiously Happy! I was lucky enough to receive the book from amazon, but hearing it read it your voice makes it even more entertaining!

  32. I preordered your book and didn’t even get it till Tuesday because they were out of stock… Lol I was fumed cuz that’s what the point of a pre-order is, right? I’m furiously happy for you. I started reading last night and am so in love already

  33. WOW! I feel like one of my very best friends has achieved something awesome – ’cause that’s the way you make us feel by sharing your thoughts with us on this blog. Doing a happy dance for you!!!!!

  34. Yay!! Thank for you being brave enough to share your story! My book arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to read it! You have given me courage to be brave AND to learn how to cut myself some slack. Love you! Can’t wait to see you in Denver again!!

  35. Congrats Jenny!!
    I just started it last night and was fortunate enough to nab an Autographed Copy!! I’m probably about a quarter way into it and I was laughing hysterically at parts and at others I was just totally understanding where you are coming from. Thank you for being open and honest and sharing your life with us because it really does prove you are not alone!

  36. Dude everyone should get the audio. It’s so much better to hear the words in Jenny’s voice.

  37. We are selling it at my bookstore and someday I’ll get to a bigger city to see you! So happy for you!

  38. I already bought four books that I am giving as gifts and had pre-ordered the ebook. I started reading it in the middle of the night but had to stop as my attempts to surpress my laughter were waking up the dog and her baleful stink eyed pity look finally made me guilty enough to save the book for morning.

    Thank you for sharing the truth about depression and mental illness in such a delightful and lovely way.

  39. Mindy Kaling, we can forgive. Bill O’Reilley – whatever. Congrats to you and to your team who helped you get this out into the world!

  40. I had the honor of meeting you last night, and I even worked purge outage to ask a question! (Margaritas and Mother-on-Laws) Thank you for being you!!

  41. That is great news. I never had a doubt. You have many, many great people that follow and love you, me included. I haven’t bought your book but I will as soon as I can. All the best to you!

  42. I had the honor of meeting you last night, and even worked up the courage to ask a question! (Margaritas and Mother-in-laws). Thank you for being you!!

  43. Wow, congrats Jenny! You deserved it so much! Your wrintings mean so much to us who suffer from some form of mental health issues. I’m so happy for you!

  44. Our library is putting in a second order as the wait list is so long! Congratulations!!!

  45. I feel like I’m partially responsible for this (in a very small way), because I accidentally ordered 3 copies of “Furiously Happy” — all from Barnes & Noble (so I can’t even say “at least it was from different places”). My preorder (placed on April 2, when I first saw your tweets about the book) didn’t come on release day, so I looked into it and didn’t see it in my order history, so assumed it had been canceled for no good reason (now I know it was probably because of Bill O’Reilly). So I ordered again and happened upon a signed copy. That order was a nightmare with B&N customer service, who told me the book wasn’t available and I shouldn’t have even been able to place the order (again, Bill O’Reilly), and it would “probably cancel itself after about a week or so”. So I sent my mom to my local B&N, because I was at work and I couldn’t wait any longer. So now I’m reading the copy that she bought me AND I LOVE IT. But then one day last week, a mysterious package from B&N arrived (without having been preceded by a shipping notification, so it was a total surprise), and it was the preorder — copy #2! I gave that one to my friend for her birthday, because I can’t bring myself to return any of these to the store, as it might affect your rankings and I hate Bill O’Reilly now AND HE CAN’T WIN. Then yesterday, I received notification that the signed copy, the order for which was supposed to “cancel itself” is en route — copy #3! I plan to give the copy I’m currently reading to a friend this weekend and keep the signed copy for myself, because I feel like I deserve it after all of this mess. In the middle of all of this, I started to hate Barnes & Noble, but I can’t do that, because they managed to get me THREE COPIES of your wonderful book … so I’ve obviously refocused my anger where it belongs. On Bill O’Reilly.


  46. I feel like I’m partially responsible for this (in a very small way), because I accidentally ordered 3 copies of “Furiously Happy” — all from Barnes & Noble (so I can’t even say “at least it was from different places”). My preorder (placed on April 2, when I first saw your tweets about the book) didn’t come on release day, so I looked into it and didn’t see it in my order history, so assumed it had been canceled for no good reason (now I know it was probably because of Bill O’Reilly). So I ordered again and happened upon a signed copy. That order was a nightmare with B&N customer service, who told me the book wasn’t available and I shouldn’t have even been able to place the order (again, Bill O’Reilly), and it would “probably cancel itself after about a week or so”. So I sent my mom to my local B&N, because I was at work and I couldn’t wait any longer. So now I’m reading the copy that she bought me AND I LOVE IT. But then one day last week, a mysterious package from B&N arrived (without having been preceded by a shipping notification, so it was a total surprise), and it was the preorder — copy #2! I gave that one to my friend for her birthday, because I can’t bring myself to return any of these to the store, as it might affect your rankings and I hate Bill O’Reilly now AND HE CAN’T WIN. Then yesterday, I received notification that the signed copy, the order for which was supposed to “cancel itself” is en route — copy #3! I plan to give the copy I’m currently reading to a friend this weekend and keep the signed copy for myself, because I feel like I deserve it after all of this mess. In the middle of all of this, I started to hate Barnes & Noble, but I can’t do that, because they managed to get me THREE COPIES of your wonderful book … so I’ve obviously refocused my anger where it belongs. On Bill O’Reilly.


  47. Awesomesauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve this because you rock and thank you for your courage to put to words what so many of us struggle with daily.

  48. JENNY!!! That’s amazing – congratulations! Not shocking news (since you’re pretty fucking fabulous), but definitely exciting. 🙂
    Enjoy celebrating in Miami! Wish I could go see you in NYC (closest stop to me), but between finding someone to watch the kids & my paralyzing fear of being along in the city at night, I’m afraid I’ll have to catch you some other time. I’m so happy for this great news, though! You deserve it. 🙂

  49. Wow, congrats Jenny!! You deserved it so much! Your wrinting means so much to all of us who suffer from some form of mental health issues.
    You are a true inspiration for everyone!
    You might not have a shiny armour or a flying red cape, but you are my superhero! 🙂

  50. I cried yesterday. I am alone in this no friends or colleagues and everyone tiptoes around me. I hope to someday find your book. Maybe it will make me laugh over and over and not cry.

  51. I’m with Amy M at comment #47 above – your book has been such a great guide for those of us who do not have the same struggles, helping us understand and recognize the struggle in others. My family has always been firmly entrenched in the “anti-mental health” camp (even though my mother has suffered for decades from extremely low self esteem, and what I suspect is depression with a touch of bi-polar disorder, and would do a WORLD of good on some sort of medication), and every time the subject comes up, I have a hard time putting into words why it’s not just about “being happy” for depressed individuals. The topic of suicide is especially treacherous – you can imagine their views on that. I’ve pretty much given up having those conversations with them, but at the very least I am much better armed to engage in dialogues with more open-minded individuals.

    On slightly unrelated note, I’m really surprised reading on here about so many people that are having a hard time getting the book. I’m only about halfway through it myself, but it’s definitely required reading in my eyes. So – if anyone needs a copy for whatever reason (can’t afford it, can’t get it in their town, whatever), I am willing to share mine 🙂 Just send me an email with your address, and I’ll ship it out to you. You can borrow it for as long as you like! Anyone that would benefit from this book (basically, EVERYONE) should have a chance to read it.


  52. I’m so happy for you! We love you and are all rooting for you! What you do matters. SO. MUCH. Thank you.

  53. Lately I find myself tearing up as I read your posts. You touch me with your words. thank you. I don’t usually buy hardbacks, but I make an exception for you and John Irving. Mine is in the mail.

  54. As a book buyer who reports to the NY Times, I have a dirty little trick to share: sometimes books make it onto the list because they’re purchased by a store in large quantities. Like maybe someone like Bill O’Reilly insisted that the store order x number of copies or he wouldn’t appear. Or that in order to get whatever he’s offering, customers needed to buy x number of copies. I’m NOT saying that’s what O’Reilly did, but I have known an author who did just that.

    Now, YOUR book is being purchased by individuals who are clamoring to inhale your wisdom, your humor, your story, your message. YOUR book made it onto the list because it earned the right. Sure, bookstores are buying it in large quantities, but it’s because the customers are driving the sales.

    Congratulations! Well-deserved.

  55. Congratulations!! The book is a gift to all who read it. Thank you for trusting us with your story and for helping more people than you will ever know. You are a fierce woman and you have brought together an amazing tribe.

  56. I work at B & N and knew on Monday that your book was on the best seller list – I did a quiet little happy dance for you then, and YAY.

  57. Simply. Awesome. Thanks so much for doing what you do and just being you. Thanks to you I am now trying to be FURIOUSLY HAPPY! 🙂

  58. Congratulations to you, Jenny! I purchased via ebook…but I know several people who would benefit immensely from it…so I will be purchasing the real, live book as a couple of Christmas gifts. I’m loving reading it…but I do have to admit that I am reading in stages so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

  59. At the risk of sounding a bit off kilter, I’m crying for you. Because even though we’ve never met, as a fellow writer and someone who values honesty even when it’s hard for me, I love your bravery. Have been applauding from afar and promise I won’t stop!

  60. I love my library because they ordered it for me immediately, and I just finished it last weekend! Jenny, you are my spirit animal!

  61. I have had my own struggles with depression for the past couple of years and have felt like I am the weirdo, the odd one out, the nutcase. Turns out that once you start talking about it many more ‘friends’ come out of the wood work – though many too still want to preserve the image of perfection. I’ve just bought your book and I was gutted not to be able to make your signing in Atlanta, but here’s a heartfelt thanks for your honesty and sharing.

  62. Yay! Screw O’Reilly, you’re a sparkly unicorn and he’s a stinky slug.

  63. I am going to try really hard to get to your book signing in Portland. I’m trying to recruit someone who will come hold my hand and forcibly restrain me when I try to run away. It was one of the best things I’ve read AND it made me cry on an airplane. You put the words down to describe what goes on in my head and I appreciate the fuck out of you.

    Thank you.

  64. I’ve suffered from depression my whole life. It runs in my family. I lost my brother last year because he believed the lies depression was whispering in his ear. This book make me reach out to an estranged sibling and things are in the mend: all because of this book. Thank you Jenny for writing this. You helped me.

  65. It was wonderful to listen to you last night and get to say hello with Sunshine. You offer a shining gift of laughter- the best energy changer in the world! With appreciation, Lorre

  66. You, Jenny are awesome!!!!! This is wonderful news and I love your book am on last chapter and plan to share it with daugher. Love it. Bless you for your humor, for your candor and for all that you have helped with your books.

  67. Feels!! You are amazing and important and have done so much for so many that you might never ever even know about. You deserve this. What’s Bill done for anyone lately huh? He hasn’t brought together a tribe of Double Unicorn Success misfits as a tribe, YOU did! And I love you for it more all the time GREAT BIG SQUISHY GROUP HUG

  68. Fuck Bill O’Reilly! Congratulations, Jenny. I have the book in two formats (ebook and audio) so far. I’ll probably pick up a hardcover if I can make it to your reading at Third Place Books in Seattle.

  69. Congratulations, couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. You go girlfriend. And yeah, fuck O’Reilly. He hurts people, you help them. Nuff said.

  70. THANK YOU! And Victor. Have you figured out how fantastic you are and how important it is that you SHARED your crazy self with the world? What an amzing thing.

  71. You ARE worthy. You deserve this. Your book is wonderful, and your voice is so unique and yet relatable. Please keep writing. <3

  72. Yay! Thank you to you, for being you, and beong vulnerable enough (strong enough) to let us know you.

  73. Bill O’Reilly Schmill O’Schmiley – his book is only “popular” because election time is coming and fuck him and the book he rode in on. CONGRATS TO YOU! This is the most super exciting news I’ve heard in ages. Also I bet Reese Witherspoon was not picking up O’Reilly’s book, was she? NO. Well done, you. ♥♥ I think I can safely speak for most everyone here when I say THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK FOR US (and yourself too of course). ♥♥

  74. Congratulations, Jenny! I am reading “Furiously Happy” now (well, listening to it on Audible – your narration is terrific) and I am awed by your honesty and humor. Thanks for that, and for sharing yourself with all of us.

  75. How exciting! I just purchased my second copy. I realized while reading my own that I have a very good friend in a tough time right now who has a daughter dealing with the same anxiety/depression issues as she is. It’s a book that will give some hope to a family and I purchased it for them last night. I can’t wait to be able to give them your book. <3 Thank you for sharing yourself. It’s got to have been so hard but I am so thankful you did!

  76. Loved seeing you in Nashville last night.
    To Andi: you are an amazing young woman and you will do amazing things. Keep taking care of you

  77. Congratulations Jenny!! Let’s see if we can knock that asshole off his perch!

  78. Here, I fixed this part of a paragraph for you because I think it was worded incorrectly which is obviously the result of you being super busy being loved and adored and not having time to employ logic and math.

    …we published this book in the fall even though because that’s when all the big, important celebrity books come out and my publisher understands that I am a big, important celebrity to my tribe, what with being the appointed leader, and all, even though I didn’t vote and wasn’t even aware there had been an election so I went in knowing that I’d almost certainly not be able to compete because I’m not the competitive type. Usually. Unless I need to beat Victor at something and then it is on . But last night I found out that Furiously Happy made it to #3 on the NYT list on its debut week! And this in spite because of the fact that so many of you weren’t able to buy it because it sold out so quickly some places and that is how bestsellers work. When they sell out, they sold best and so I guess my book is competitive, even though I am not. However, it shouldn’t have sold out because pre-orders probably should have made it pretty clear that gajillions of copies were going to need to be printed but I’m not in charge of that part of this job. The point here is it sold out in places and I’m sorry some of you couldn’t get your copies due to a mathematical glitch somewhere along the line or maybe the printing press blew up, who knows. But that is how Furiously Happy became a bestseller and you people are so full of support, we may all explode like printing presses because anything is possible, even bestselling raccoons.

    I may have accidentally substituted my voice for yours in there, but you get the point. Math says that when your books start selling out, you go to the bestseller list and that you shouldn’t be surprised about this because math is part of science and science is right. Right? I’m pretty sure that’s how it all works.

    Also, congratulations! Getting onto the NYT Bestseller list in the first week is incredibly impressive! It’s a coup for us, your readers, as well, because it shows that we’ve been right about this all along and now we can be all, “Oh, yes. I’ve been reading her blog for YEARS. I knew this day would come” and sound super with-it and ahead of the curve.

  79. You are changing lives by sharing yours. You are strong, brave, and beautiful. Thank you. <3

  80. From now on, I’m using the excuse “…that motherfucker, Bill O’Reilly ruins everything” for any and everything that goes wrong.

    And your book makes me laugh out loud. Thank you so much.

  81. “Thank you for making me believe that I’m worthy even when my brain tries to convince me I’m not.”

    Jenny, thank YOU for showing me that I’m not alone. Since reading your first book a few months ago, my life has taken a shift for the better. You made that happen. I will be forever indebted to you for showing me that there is a world out there, aside from my own tiny, socially disabled one, where I can go and be with people that are just like me.

    I had a chat with a lovely young lady last weekend, who very graciously accepted me into her home who asked me “What’s your deal?” I replied “I exist on the fringes.” For the first time in my 40 years in this reality, I genuinely embraced it, even though I’d known it for a long time. You made that happen. You helped me to understand and feel okay with who I am and where I am.

    It was your courage that took me in this direction and I will be forever grateful to you for it. You are so wonderfully courageous and I feel so honoured to be a part of this beautiful tribe.

  82. Congratulations, sweet Jenny!!!
    “… it’s #2 in ebooks and was beaten only by Bill O’Reilly, which figures because that motherfucker ruins everything.” — TRUTH!!!

  83. I’m so furiously happy for you! You do great work and I’m so glad the nut knows it. We’ve known all along!

  84. Bill hasn’t got a thing on you.

    #1 soon enough and so well deserved. Thanks for finding a spot for us in your village. Nice to know that none of us are alone.

  85. Congratulations and you’re welcome! I’m just glad that your editor made you footnote that a $25 bill was indeed NOT hidden in the cover. Although I know that a $25 bill doesn’t exist, I thought maybe I’d still find a hidden note or something. Then I saw the footnote. Whew! Close one.

  86. I like ekgo’s translation of your announcement. You DESERVE this! It is an amazing book. I cried tears from laughter. I cried tears from recognizing bits of myself and realizing it’s okay to be me.

    You touched me. You touch the hearts and minds of so many people.

  87. Squeeee! I’m so happy for you!! I’m glad I preordered because I might have gone ballistic had I gone to get it and was told it was sold out. I think your message is incredible and I’ve been following your blog for years (but not all psycho like…). You are an inspiration and the reason I have a metal chicken outside my front door. Knock knock motherfucker!

  88. I say it a lot but I will say it again. Thank you Jenny, for being you, for doing what you do, for making us laugh, making us cry making us shake our head in bemused wonder, and then do it all again. Thank you for being so open with us all for sharing your story, for letting your pain and your triumphs serve to help others with their own. God bless.

  89. I’ve been reading FH on Metro and laughing out loud like a maniac. My fellow commuters keep looking at me funny. I don’t care. You’re a fabulous writer and I’m thrilled for your success. Don’t stop being you.

  90. Fantastic! I finished the book two days ago, including reading aloud the (slightly) censored bits which involve taxidermied raccoons and live ‘possums to my ADD 11 year old daughter (she says, “This person is one of us. Is she a relative?”) and will be passing it on to my massage therapist, who lives in an entire family household full of Asperger’s/ADD spectrum people. I am doing this because I mentioned some of your antics and all she could say, was, “Sounds like my house.”

  91. Jenny: Someday, I hope to write to you and really explain how your particular brand of humor, honesty, and compassion has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. (BTW, if I manage to work up the courage to write to you, I don’t actually expect you to read whatever missive I send — I’ve seen your email disclaimers!). For now, though, I will settle for this: all of the accolades for your work in general and your new book in particular are well-deserved. You are awesome and brilliant and magical. Thank you for being you and for letting us into a bit of your world.

  92. I preordered the hell out of your book and it’s on my nightstand and I read some every night while the ambien takes it’s own sweet time to knock me out and I like everything I see about you on FB and read your blog because yes, dammit, you are physical proof that I’m not alone.

    Thank you for being you and doing this with us and congrats now let’s take out that fucker Bill O. (I mean sales wise, not literally take him out, I don’t want to sit at a restaurant with him)

  93. I have no doubt you are making an enormous difference in so many lives and aiding in ending the bullshit stigma that makes us who we are…Conratulations on making crazy creep up O’Reilly’s ass!

  94. So, so excited for you! I bought two copies Monday so that should help keep you on the list. One is for me and one is to loan to someone who needs you. AND they are both signed by you so more excitement for me !

  95. Congratulations, Jenny! I can’t wait to get your book. I’ve actually already ordered and paid for it, but won’t be able to pick it up until Oct. 17th in Boston when you’ll be there. You are totally worth the wait. Thank you for sharing your humanness with us and helping us to feel better about ourselves.

  96. I had to Google Bill O’Reilly because I had no idea who the fucker is, and I totally know who you are. So who’s the winner now, Bill O’Reilly? Huh, huh?

  97. Oh well done!
    Also, I was gobsmacked when my pre-order arrived so fucking quickly, all the way in South Africa! And now I’m pissed off because I finished it last night already. Ah well, I’ll read it again then. 😀

  98. never doubted this would happen. Jenny you are a big deal, don’t cha know? You are the Erma Bombeck of the 21st century. You keep putting down and we’ll keep picking it up.

  99. My husband bought me a signed copy for my birthday, and it was the perfect present. At this time last year I was having a mental health crisis. Your blog helped me remember that depression lies, that treatment could help, and that I was important enough to work on fixing. Thank you!

  100. Congratulations! I’m just over halfway through, and I might love it more than the first book. As a fellow anxiety/depression/OCD sufferer, thank you.

  101. Jenny, I’m so fucking happy for you! Congratulations!!!! And congratulations to all your readers/followers! We all see the private torture of depression & mental health is something to laugh about.

  102. Well done, you! 🙂 (And I know exactly how you feel in one little aspect of life: I have a little horsy book that would be #1 in that category on Amazon except it’s being beat out by a kid’s book by Rush Limbaugh. Who put his face in place of Paul Revere’s. Hence the horse connection. Giddyup!)

  103. It’s number three “with a bullet” towards number one! I’m so very pleased for you!

  104. I am so glad “Furiously Happy” has sold out – print more, soon! Beyond the laughing so hard sound stops coming out, to the thought-provoking stories that make me hurt for what you go through, it is a wonderful work that deserves recognition. It is well past time that mental health (or non-health) issues are seen as something as real and as important as cancer or heart disease or diabetes. You are worthy, you are all worthy, and brave, and strong, and all the more beautiful for the cracks and flaws.

  105. Congratulations, loved your book, very happy for you and Bill O’Reilly is an ass hat, so Cheers!!

  106. Jenny, you are hands-down the bravest person I know. Thank you for being the leader of this amazing tribe of which I am proud to be a part. FH is fucking amazing btw. I preordered like you suggested and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail!

  107. I got my copy yesterday and only HAD to put it down because I had to sleep before work today….. No wonder you’re top 10!

  108. I understand there is a new book coming out co-authored by Zombie Patton, Zombie Kennedy, Zombie Reagan and Vampire Jesus and Lincoln called “Killing Bill O’Reilly”

    looking forward to seeing you in Denver

  109. Great news! I’m reading while recovering from a hysterectomy on 9/22. I have to pace myself because the laughing at the funny parts still hurts, but it’s a good hurt. Thanks!!

  110. Thank you Jenny!!! Your blog helps me so much, I am so happy for you!!!! Your book is on my wishlist. Your blogs always come at the right time. I am struggling with my depression, again. I do better now that I know how to do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but man depression is a bitch!!! My sister died under terrible circumstance 4 weeks ago, since then, sometimes I have felt like I am on a precipice, staring down, but I am making it, one day at a time. Depression lies is always a good reminder, depression is so damn sneaky.

  111. to: anonymous 10.1.2015 at 9a comment #85
    WHOA, HOLD ON! Honey, you are not alone, we are in this together. Don’t you know most people here are ready to listen and support you as you move through the shadows. behind every post is a beating heart, some broken, some whole but all with you every step. You are not alone. I’m listening

  112. I can’t afford it right now, but I hope to save up enough to get it by Christmas. I look forward to reading it and congrats on your accomplishment … xoxo

  113. The mere thought that Bill O’Reilly could do anything to make our Jenny unhappy spurred me to action. I now have the hardback, Kindle version, audio version and will buy any other version of the book you care to publish. Suck it, Billy boy. And thank you for making so many others a bit happier every day.

  114. Jenny, I’m so happy for you. And you have helped me so much – everyone here does on regular basis. Even when I’m not feeling depressed or sad, I come away from this site feeling better than when I got here and that’s something.
    In a strange turn of events, a friend recommended this blog to me on the basis of your Valentine’s day post and I’ve been a regular ever since. Earlier this week, I recommended this site and Furiously Happy to a friend whose child is really struggling with depression. It’s my way of giving a hug 3000 miles away and passing it on.
    Thank you Jenny – and everyone here – for making me cry and laugh and feel okay about struggling sometimes. xoxoxo

  115. Congratulation on your success. I’m in the middle of the book right now and it is simply a joy. I love it and really admire your courage and your bravery for not only sharing yourself with the world but then going on the road to really share yourself with the world. (that kind of makes it sound like I called you a whore…not what I was doing!) You are amazing!

  116. Woohoooo! That’s awesome 😀 I had to put the book down for a while after about 40 pages, I was laughing too hard. You should put a warning on the cover that reading this book may double as your cardio for the week.
    Anyway, thanks for so victoriously affirming that funny and painful are not mutually exclusive – that in fact, funny and healing and living all go hand in Rory-jazz-hand hand.

  117. I was having a rough day yesterday. One of those days where the bad thoughts flutter through, even though you know you’d never act on them. And I mentioned the thought to a friend: to express how rough my day was… and at her reaction, I immediately thought of you, and my heart panged for those who have those thoughts but don’t know that they’d never act on them… that it’s a serious thought for some people, not just a flutter, like it is for me. The look of shock on her face and… I don’t know what the other emotions were… but I explained it away immediately to make HER feel better, and thought… no wonder more people don’t talk about their depressive thoughts! It really is lonely in here. As I type this, I’m coming up with what WOULD have been a “good” response that I’m going to have to remember for next time: “It’s OK to have the thought! The thought is not something I control. I just have to make sure that I realize the thought is a signal for self-care… not an instruction.” In the end, we canceled all further plans that day… I came home, had some chocolate, put some of my essential oils on (because they help “bring me back”) and cried. A lot. But today? Today I’m doing well. Do I fell bad I had that flutter yesterday? A little. But only because I would prefer not to have them. However, because of you and this blog, I know that those flutters are just a signal for self-care. So thank you. And I’m so glad SOMEONE is talking about it, because Lord knows it needs to get talked about more!

  118. You deserve this. My 17 year old daughter is in hospital care at the moment, has an eating disorder and is working her way through it. This book rocked and is rocking her world – I’ve had to go get her a copy of Let’s pretend this never happened to follow up. Be wonderful – if you can’t feel wonderful every minute of every day, that’s OK, right?

  119. I’m not crying…my dog just punched me in the eye…

    CONGRATULATIONS to our Furiously Happy leader! When the book reaches its rightful place at #1 (GTFO Bill O’Reilly) can we all come together for an online wine slushie party to celebrate with you? Or we could just go ahead and it do it now because THIS, my friend, is something we all want to celebrate with you. This tribe is so damn proud of you, Jenny! I think this calls for a new piece of whimsical taxidermy!

  120. I ordered a couple for the academic bookstore at my university and they’re all sold out. Congratulations, and thank you so -so- much for writing this book; I’m barely a ways in and I’ve already convinced several innocent bystanders that I excel at being off my rocker.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!
    Lots of love and support from Norway!

  121. I’ve never shared a link on the Agoraphobia group that I run, but a link to your book on Amazon is going up there this afternoon. It’s a shame that my panic disorder website isn’t as popular (#1 on google when typing in “panic disorder” for years) as it was from 1996-2006 or tens of thousands of others would know about it, too. That’s how much I love you. I want everyone to know the joy and understanding that your books have brought to me. Also, I would do anything to knock Bill O’Reilly out of number one so you can casually drop that into conversation FOREVER! 😀

    You are so loved, and I really cannot wait to see you in Seattle. I WILL MAKE IT THERE. I WILL.

  122. My sister Kristin saw you in Atlanta and FaceTimed me so I could see you and talk to you. Then I went into the library in our small little Iowa town and told them about your books. I told them how important they’ve been to me and how funny you are. And guess what, they ordered them! When they come to the shelf I might just stand next to it and convince everyone here to read it so they can laugh and understand too.

  123. Congrads. I could feel you jumping up and down. I cannot imagine,but I can imagine the joy and excitement you are feeling. I know some day soon I will experience it but right now I feel part of your joy HURRAY.

  124. Congrats! I bought your book at my little bookstore in Middlebury, VT and am loving it! Hope to get to see you in Boston, MA! Keep on, keepin’ on.

  125. This pleases me greatly, but doesn’t surprise me a bit. I have laughed and cried reading this book, and am reading just a bit every day so I can make it last! You describe the shattered crystal of brokenness within us all so eloquently, and you illuminate it in a way that turns it into thousands of prisms casting rainbows throughout our beings.Thank you for that.

  126. Congratulations! I never doubted it would be a best seller! I just started reading it and I’m already laughing out loud. Actually laughing OUT LOUD! You’re an inspiration Jenny Lawson. You should get used to hearing that!

  127. I am not surprised in the least. I pre-ordered on Amazon so I was able to ignore my family/responsibilities/cats while I devoured Furiously Happy. I am going through a tough time right now and am seriously considering writing “Pretend you’re good at it” in permanent marker on my arm. (It’s a wonderful enough motivator to warrant a tattoo but I am too old/skittish/long sleeve adverse.)

  128. You did it again! So many congratulations, and knowledge that you are maybe one step closer to not writing the “Pretend.” Love you, chica!!! xoxo ~mk

  129. I love that so many people are asking the question, “Who is Bill O’Reilly”? I can’t tell if all of them are serious or sarcastic. 😀 I’ve ordered the e-book and just started it; now I am mad when I have to put it down to do stuff…like, I don’t know, work. I have more insight to depression now (I know a small number of people who are brave enough to explain that they suffer from this) and definitely more into my own anxiety. Your mind explosions into multiple trains of thought helped me FINALLY explain to my darling husband why I looked like he just ruined my morning by asking me a question while I am watching the DVR and waking up. He had no idea that my expression actually meant, “I am thinking about whether the rain will let up and should I dry my hair, and what happened to that appointment folder I was keeping for acupuncture, and Misty [the cat] always bites me when I touch her right leg so I think that is the one that is hurting, and look at that chick’s hair…can I do that? Would it require an army of bobby pins? Do I need to go in to work early? Is there something I’m forgetting? Whose birthday is it? This chicken sausage tastes weird.” And that expression does not mean, “I hate you for talking to me. Go **** yourself.” And that’s only 3 sips of coffee and 20 minutes after waking up. My brain is on overload every damn minute except when I am in yoga or acupuncture. Swear to the universe. So reading about your experiences and the ebbs and flows and where your mind goes…let’s say it really helps to know that you have an army of people who have now opened up as a result of your writing and influence; we are a proud army of “dirty little freaks” [a Pink quote].

  130. Congratulations Jenny! I am not a bit surprised you have a bestseller. I am almost finished reading it 🙁 But I will just turn around and read it again. I’m sure there are parts I missed because I was laughing so much 🙂

  131. This year, I was finally brave enough to admit that I was depressed. The first step was admitting it to myself and not feel silly for being sad. The last few weeks were a bit harder because I didn’t find a new teaching job and my toddler was sick a lot and after another hospital visit I found your book on my doorstep yesterday and it just made me feel like everything was going to be okay. It arrived two days earlier than Amazon had predicted, my daughter was home and not feeling sick. She slept soundly through the night and I was able to take a hot bath and read your book. I laughed out loud for the first time in weeks and this morning I woke up feeling almost happy and well rested. And I got a job today. So thank you, thank you, thank you for writing down the hard stuff and making it freaking funny! You are amazing!

  132. Congratulations Jenny!
    I have BPD and “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is my go-to source for when life seems too much. Thankyou for being awesome, (and also for putting me off ever taking acid after your “putting out the fires in the cupboards” incident).

  133. I work at a public library and when I saw your book in the pile of new bestsellers to be processed (we rent extra copies of bestselling books so we can have more around when they first come out) I basically had the same reaction you had. Except without the throwing up. Or the screaming, because I was in a library. So basically I was screaming and throwing up on the inside. Anyway, I snatched one up to read immediately and it was amazing! I am trying to find subtle ways to recommend it to every book-reading person who comes in to the library. You know, like “hey, read this book! It has a taxidermied raccoon on the cover!”

  134. I had no idea of this, blog, (sorry, i´m from another country in the end of the world) yesterday was in New York and saw the cover, bought it. now i can not believe that i could live with out this blog before

  135. I am in the middle of reading Furiously Happy and it is incredible. You speak your truth and I so admire and appreciate it. Just so so elated for you! Love love love!

  136. Concrete Angel
    I’m one of those recovering Asshats for being with an Asshat or 2 or 3….?. Anyway, I use little punctuation, my grammar is bad, my spelling is worse(I hate predictive text, but have come to depend on it (& there’s your sign/red flag) I’m “Furiously Happy” for you& also for a raccoon story about a drunk who used a rummaging raccoon(in order to survive, Raccoons have to eat too you know) anyway the drunk did manage to open his car with the wild raccoon. The car was equipped with one of those court ordered DUI/DWI lock thingies, a drunk has to unlock in order to drive (You have to pass the breath analyzer & punch in a key code in order for the driver to drive his or her vehicle. Well, the drunk, he managed to get the car opened with the raccoon he caught to use to unlock his car, but squeezed the poor raccoon unconsciousness to pass. Then like the Asshat he was, drove drunk but not before , throwing the poor unconscious creature in the car floor. As the drunk was driving drunk, the raccoon recovered from her unconscious state and whupped him a good one. Of course there was a car accident, a drunk & a Oxygen deprived “squeezed” possibly rabbid from the experience wild raccoon, pleaseeeee girlfriend. What do you think happened? but Yay the cops rescued the drunk. (Do they still lop off the heads of animals to see if it has rabies?)
    Yay, there is a God. More because you helped the world understand through humor&Tears why I’m that raccoon, often depressed, brain damaged, an Asshat at timez, have a wonderfully weird sense of humor & often scream at my tv set ( but Bill O’Reilly isn’t the only one I scream at on the tv these days), but drunks, raccoons, the Bills of this world, you, me, us, and everyone is an Asshat, sooner or later, WE ARE ALL STILL WORTHY OF LOVE, CompASSion, forgiveness, and help even redemption.,, especially when we are poorly understood because we don’t always understand ourselves. Most especially when we are mentally ill, this includes drunks. Alcoholism is an illness, not a character flaw, which often hides underlying mental illnesses/issues. Just like me, a mentally ill raccoon with issues of loathing and loving + some, but I have a great coping skill, humor also. So thank you, on behalf of Rocky (the recovering ASShat)Raccoon. Now excuse me, I gotta go, my favorite raccoon puked, escaped into the wild, but we are currently on the run from the village people with skulls on sticks (it makes for an eerie glow in the dark when there’s fire in those skulls on sticks) & I work for an underground resistance group who rescues both animals&people&Drunks&Asshats (I do it bASSackwards) who often turn out to be in recovery themselves, but have a great sense of humor&writing skills, but still took the time to dare to love&help others understand mental illness. There are times in this life when you set out to save others, you save yourself instead. I’m happy for you. Love Rocky the Asian one eyed wild ass Raccoon.

  137. I got my book the day after your online book reading. When I took it out of its Amazon box, there was sticky gunk all over the back of it. And while I appreciate that you sent me a special edition with kangaroo drool on it, I was forced to ‘goo gone’ it before I could dive in. Congratulations! Sucked it down in one sitting and felt relieved that I am not alone.

  138. That motherfucker BillO’ DOES ruin everything.

    Enjoy the tour. Order room service lavishly, as needed.

  139. So I stumbled by furiously happy when flicking through the pages of a magazine. I loved the cover and completely judged your book by it. I bought it and didn’t put it down.

    As a mental health blogger, who has only been writing for just over a year it was truly an inspiration to find someone who has been writing for so long and still has interesting things to say.

    When I can peel myself out of bed, Ill slump downstairs and see if Amazon has delivered your other book yet.

    Thank you for keeping me motivated,
    The Elephant in the Room

  140. Loved the book! I think you are gluten sensitive. No joke. You have the clssic signs.
    My life changed in a shocking way after learning this. Look at enterolab.com.
    Easy test for $159. Then read everyhing from dr. Mark hyman. I got my life back- maybe you can too.

  141. It’s simply because you’re awesome. And, people like to laugh and cry at the same time:)

  142. Last Sunday I went out with my adult son and 13-year-old daughter into Dallas to look for a new dryer. After we left the store, my son told me that he wanted to go to Half Price Books. What a madhouse! We could barely find any parking and there were people everywhere. I wanted to turn around and leave, but we seldom get into town and my teenage daughter wanted some books to consume. I swear we could set the books on fire and she’ll finish reading them before they burned up. We wound up buying about $60 in historical fiction for her. My son and I couldn’t find anything to read, so we were getting ready to leave when we saw a sign in the front about some author that was in for a book signing. The sign promoted a book called “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson. We were looking at a two-hour drive home and I had an audible.com credit, so my son and I conferred and decided to get the book through Audible. We both needed something to laugh about. Our family hasn’t had much to laugh about lately. I was a little horrified about the language, but nothing that some headphones on my little girl and creative use of stereo fade couldn’t solve. The book was incredible. Jenny and Victor sounded like an odd mix-up of my wife and myself. My wife had depression and crowds give me panic attacks. My wife loved to plan parties and I am a whiz at special effects and crafting. Well, that’s what she told me. I’m colorblind and she could describe a sunset or rainbow with fantastic detail. We did a good job of bolstering each other’s weaknesses. My wife was diabetic and legally blind and had to have a cane or wheelchair to get around. She wanted to get bariatric surgery so that she would have a chance of living to attend my daughter’s high school graduation. She had the surgery in February. Three weeks after the surgery her heart stopped for the last time. I like to think that she feels much better now.

    Jenny’s book gave us a lot of insight into my son’s depression and my anxiety disorders. My son got a copy of the book for himself after we got home. We found new ways to understand each other and new ways to communicate what we’re feeling.
    I came home from work yesterday and found my son sitting in the front yard, just staring at our tree.
    I sat down near him, “Not enough spoons?”
    He grimly smiled, “No where near enough spoons.”
    “Me neither.”
    It was nice weather for sitting in the yard and watching the sunset at least.

  143. Put this on your life list and smoke it – squash Bill O’Reilly. Also, his book ranking. Or both. Your choice.
    Nicely done, magic lady.

  144. I’ve been listening to the audio version. At work. Apparently it’s gotten so common that when I laugh so hard that I snort, no one in the room bats an eyelash. I can’t decide if this is some sort of epic win or something really sad. I’m going with epic win.

  145. The accolades are deserved! I could not stop laughing when I was reading the chapter on flying. Someone NEEDS to invent carry on sized ponies…like a tiny shetland breed or something. I couldn’t even carry my cat on my last flight because he was over the weight limit, so this may be a challenge, but . . . SCIENCE!

  146. The good old black dog of depression (about the size of an Irish Wolfhound) is yanking me along right now and then I saw your post on FB. It suddenly hit me! For the first time in my life, I had bought a signed first edition book that talked about just that thing! It arrived 10 days ago and I hadn’t opened it yet! It’s worse than depriving myself of really, really good chocolate. I just cracked the spine on that baby and I’m really looking forward to it.

  147. So Excited for you! Is that your wrist in the picture?
    Thank you for everything you do. You make my life a little more happy.

  148. You’re on the best seller list because you totally rock! The book is awesome! And, even though I don’t technically suffer from depression, I do have family members who do. Your book touches everyone, and we love you for that! Thank you! Btw, Bill who? Lol! You’re number 1 with us!

  149. Jenny. Simply a thank you kid!!! We are all damaged in different ways and we need you!!

  150. You are awesome, Jenny. You’re the reason I was able to start talking abiut my depression. Thank you! See you in Miami!

  151. Dear Jenny. I don’t know if you get to read all of these posts, but I have to say that your voice has been a game changer for me. I also have suffered with depression and anxiety most of my adult life, and have blamed myself incessantly for not being able to overcome it. Tried counseling and found more dysfunction in that profession than I have! the simple statement that depression lies is powerful because I always believed what it told me. And Jenny, I so get what is happening now because people are telling you how important you are to them, which has happened to me, and we don’t believe it. Thank you and keep on keepin on.Depressos rock. 🙂

  152. So very cool. You. Are. Beautiful. And amazing. And appear fearless. Yet, I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. Thank you.

  153. I’m thrilled for you, Jenny, and you damn well deserve it. I’m three-quarters of the way through the book now and so many of your words have had such meaning. I’m also (hopefully) largely through the process of recovering from and learning to manage recurrent major depression. I hope to one day write to let you know how much you have helped. If you helped in return, I am honored.

  154. thank you for being you and so wonderful. I am surprised you aren’t #1 and bet you will surpass that big mouth soon. Still lamenting I couldn’t make it to see you when you were here in Atlanta!

  155. I have 22 minutes left in the audiobook. I’m really going to miss laughing with you on my way to work every morning.

  156. sigh That should read if you are helped in return… I blame it on not having a keyboard, sorry.

  157. Love the book. I’m halfway through. I’d be done, except I keep going back reading parts out loud to whoever is around me. Absolutely amazing!!! Love you madly, you have touched so many, but not in a creepy Uncle Sal way.

  158. Thank you Jenny. Loved your new book. It’s good to find humor in the pain. Depression is a big fat liar.

  159. 1) Congratulations!! 2 ) I wish I could “love” all these comments, especially the person who corrected your paragraph and referenced exploding racoon bestsellers. One just doesn’t read that in every one of one’s days, do one? 3) I can’t wait to get your book at the St. Louis book signing. I’m steadfastedly waiting although it’s really tough to do so.

  160. I am so glad that my book club chose your first book to read. I’m so glad I found you and this whole tribe! I now feel like I really belong to a group who “gets it”. I don’t have to make excuses when I just can’t get out of the house. Sometimes, I can’t even go get the mail and it’s only 28 steps away from the front door. Thank you Jenny for being able to put all these feelings into words. Please come to Boise, Idaho someday.

  161. Congrats Jenny, Victor & Hailey! What an accomplishment!

    I read my copy the first night and gave away two copies. Thank you for writing it.

    Wishing you well on the road.
    Molly & crew >^..^<

  162. Furious Congratulations! Finished the book already and getting people that don’t even know they need your crazy awesomeness Yet to read it too. Plus still wiping tears and snot away from howling so hard.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto. Take care.

  163. Amazing! But absolutely well deserved! Congratulations! And I don’t even know who Bill O’Reilly is, so you’re clearly winning in my world.

  164. I’ve been following your blog for years, and some days – you know, those days – your posts are the one thing that makes everything just a little more bearable. So, thank you for all you do, and I can’t wait for my copy of Furiously Happy to arrive!!

    In other news, I found this earlier today and it looks like the sort of thing I’d find around here, so in case you haven’t seen it… http://www.boredpanda.com/anxiety-depression-comics-nick-seluk-sarah-flanigan-awkward-yeti/

  165. THANK you!! I heard you in Austin and you were brilliant. I can’t afford your book, but am on the wait list at the library. Cannot wait to read it. Thank you again for putting your words out into the world. You give us all a bit more courage to face the day.

  166. I haven’t gotten it yet because bills but I can’t wait until I can get it and curl up and fall into happiness reading it. I read your first one and it made things feel right and right now that is such a hard thing and so needed. You’re awesome!

  167. you are a million times saner than bill o’reilly and a whole universe funnier. Congratulations from a congregant.

  168. I just finished your book these evening while flailing around in one of those dark places. The final two chapters were exquisite and made me cry My daughter is now insistent that you bring Hailey to your booksigning to Denver so that she can meet another kid who loves her mom because she is crazy, not despite it. You are a kickass mom who made it to exactly where you belong, as your book is beautiful and amazing. Thanks.

  169. How awesome! You deserve it.
    Thank YOU for sharing your story. Reading what you write has helped me be able to come to a state of moderate acceptance of my social anxiety and depression. Instead of shaming myself because I couldn’t get myself to do something, I’m able to say, you know what, it’s okay to not be able to do everything. And it’s okay that I still need medication after all these years and still sometimes have days when it’s hard to do life. You’ve helped me make peace with myself. Plus, you make me laugh even on the hard days. And that’s just as precious. So, yes, you deserve some (LOTS!) recognition for just how awesome you are.

  170. So thankful for e-books. Congratulations! I know Bill O’Reilly is on television, but I don’t know what he does because I don’t deal with talking heads well. I’m sure nothing he writes is the paper it’s written on. Thank you for all you do. I don’t have depression, but I know you have touched so many lives, and I love your writing.

  171. That is fantastic news! I’ve never commented here before, but I’ve read you for years. Recently the release of this book coincided with one of my darkest points I’ve ever tried to struggle through. Your book got me through. Some passages were so wonderful, seemed to be speaking so directly to me (obviously to all of us, but I was too me focused at the time), that I had to read them several times to get the ideas to stick in my head. To have something to hold on to when I was on my 2nd or 3rd night of no sleep because I was afraid to lay down and close my eyes. You pulled me through. Helped me to finally get up and take a shower. Do basic things like brush my teeth and change my pajamas.

    You have helped me through many times. You, your writing, have become one of my go to distractions that I turn to when I can feel the dark starting to close in and dim my vision. In the past year and a half things have gotten so bad that several times as I started to sink, I just welcomed it because I wanted to give up and be done with it. Thank you for helping me convince myself not to give up. Thank you for giving me, giving all of us, the strength to accept that we deserve to make it through to the other side. That we are allowed to love ourselves even though sometimes it feels like we shouldn’t. <3 you very much deserve all of this. You deserve even more, because you are a wonderful, smart, laugh out loud funny woman who has taught an awful lot of us that we too are deserving of love.

  172. I’m so happy for you! I’m waiting until you get to Seattle to get the book

  173. October 1 is such a good day. I keep telling everyone, Get out of September and good things start happening. Congratulations. Oh, and you may want to realize that you are a big super star in the book world.

  174. Jenny, you go. Never commented before, but I adore your blog and your first book. Just got Furiously Happy…can’t WAIT to dig in. You’re real, hilarious, and touch so many so meaningfully. THRILLED about this news!!!

  175. I have no idea who u are but go you ! Well done
    and fuck bill obrian who ever he is
    I will look up your book
    And try yoga nidra for depression. And anexiety

  176. Thanks. Read Furiously Happy in a day. Reading Let’s Pretend…now. Glad to know that you’re out there giving all of us a voice (and letting me know I’m not quite as crazy as I might be). So thanks, keep writing,

  177. This is awesome for you AND awesome for all of us who struggle with our brains. You are making us less invisible, Jenny. It’s a big smiley raccoon announcement to the world that “We walk among you.” Thank you so much for being out there. You rock, and you deserve every big and little bit of success. P.S.: I’m getting ready to read my digital version of the book through for the second time and I promised to loan my therapist my paper copy if and when it ever gets here (Amazon says they STILL can’t tell me when it might ship…).

  178. Your book has helped me laugh myself to sleep for several nights in a row now. And I’m proud to work for a library that pre-ordered it and even prouder that I was the first to check it out.
    Oh yeah, libraries helped push your book onto the list. Love your library.

  179. So many people buy your book because you’re a great writer, you’re funny, and you’re good at what you do, being you! Thanks for being authentic!

  180. Jenny,
    Thank you for being the leader of our tribe! Thank you for the belly laughs!! You are my hero. Rock on!!! Have a totally awesome pic of a pissed poseum….

  181. I saw your book on the end-cap display in Target. If that isn’t hitting the mainstream I don’t know what is.

  182. I wanted to say, thank god I found your blog, read your book and found this community here on your comments page.I have been struggling with depression since childhood but no one diagnose it until I became an adult.Throughout my growing up years I thought I’m just weird and a failure.I can never fit in with the crowd and everyone wonder what is wrong with me.

  183. Congratulations! I started reading FH, got to page 8 or 9 (with the cat you were chasing, trying to help), laughed so hard my 19-year-old daughter wanted to know what was so funny. I read it out loud to her and she almost fell off the couch laughing. She asked me if she could read FH when I am done with it. I quietly went to my bookshelf and handed her your first book, which she is devouring. We love you. I am going to buy a copy of your book for my sister and also for my adult nephew, both of whom have mental health problems. I’m not parting with my copy. You are brilliant.

  184. Are you coming to Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois? I know you did previously for your first book. It’s about an hour away from Chicago. I would just go to Chicago but I will be trapped at work the day and time you will be there. If you are I will see you there!

  185. Thank you for giving me a way to connect with my Dad who can’t get out of bed right now and is scared he never will. So, I drove home and pinned the button on him “Depression is a Lying Bastard” and sat on his bed with him and we read Furiously Happy out loud together. And cried and laughed. THANK YOU so much Jenny. <3

  186. i ordered mine a LONG time ago because I’ve been waiting for another book since Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I suggested it to my favorite aunt and this was her response. ” I honestly had to stop reading it yesterday bc I was crying so hard from laughing that I couldn’t take anymore. That’s my kind of book. Sedaris was the last time I remember laughing that hard while reading. It’s so inappropriately delicious. And I so needed this this week. Thanks for the recommendaton. I only had 1 friend I could recommend it to that would appreciate the content and not be offended by the language. But it. Is. Hilarious!” Also-regarding her friends who can’t handle he language….she needs new friends! Love you, Jenny!

  187. To: Lee C. Post # 215
    Wow, thank you for sharing. Big hugs to all three of you and welcome to the tribe.

  188. Hi Jenny,
    You should see this as the moderator before it posts. I was wondering if you would please post a photo of Rory from behind against a neutral background when you’re back at home. For …umm… reasons… But they’re good, non-scary reasons, I promise. 🙂

    Thank you so much for being you and for writing this book. The success only shows how needed your voice was in the conversation. You deserve all the good things.

    Beth M.

  189. I chose LPTNH for my book club when it came out. A couple people didn’t get it but many did, some whom I knew needed it. And now several of them have gotten FH!! Lot of grwat convos already. Guess what my next pick will be for my group?

    Depression lies. You are amazing. You have helped so many people so much. Including me. Thank YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  190. I saw your book last night in Laramie, WY which is kind of a small town. I’d not heard of you before, but reading the first few pages, I knew I wanted to read your book. I have also had depression/anxiety all of my life, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  191. Ooooooh!!! The mail lady brought your new book, which I had pre-ordered from Amazon AGES ago!!!! I am so excited. Will probably be up all night laughing my ass off. Thanks, Jenny 😍

  192. I have nothing brilliant to add. I am happy and proud of you. Not That means a whole lot. I hope to get the chance to meet you in Santa Cruz. That is assuming my friends agree to drag me there. San Francis is closer, but I can’t handle the city. Too stressful. Would you be willing to stop in Sacramento next time? It is the California state capitol. :0) And,yes. I did say next time. I know this isn’t the last book. You have way too much to share. You are an advocate for us now. And ya know what? People are listening. You have their attention. Change is coming. You are helping to lead the charge. I have been hoping for acceptance and equality for those of us hiding who we really are. And it’s coming. Thank Jenny. Thank you for being the voice for those of us afraid to leave our houses… let alone, speak. ♡

  193. I hope your book kicks O’Relly’s books ass. Or that you kick his ass. Either would be a win.

  194. I am beyond happy for you…you deserve it so much!!! I don’t struggle with depression, but I do struggle with a chronic, silent (for now) disease and so much of what you say resonates within me. So I hope you can consider me part of your tribe 🙂 I wish you much more success and that the tour is easy on your mind, heart and spirit. I wish that it goes smoothly and that you can return home to your safe haven to take care of you for a while 🙂

  195. Great book, Jenny. Furiously happy, indeed I am. I’ve got my sights on Joanie Madden’s Folk’n’Irish cruise. Whole boatload of depressed Irish partying as hard as they can. What I really hate is that I’ve survived a death obsession (my own) and depression for 40 years and my kids 18 and 24 dismiss me, “Like, what has Mom ever done in her life?” So I married a man with schizophrenia, autism, depression, OCD in his family and my kids used to hide under the seats in the car when we went to visit friends and family. Then I’d (the one that needs courage to leave the front door every morning) have to explain why my kids were being strange! Unless the kids we were visiting were also hiding under the couch and wouldn’t answer the door. One son obsessively taps every door 3 times before opening it. The other one collects dryer lint. AND my son just married a girl with depression and schizophrenia in her family. This is serious and they think I’m exaggerating? Maybe their offspring can get jobs being medication testers. Keep up the good work.

  196. I did not know that posting the link would post all of the pictures . 😐 I’m sort of not ashamed.

  197. Bill O’ who ruins everything – be warned! You will not remain at #1. I just did my part by ordering 4 copies – one for me and one for each of my wine slushie friends. 🙂 Cannot wait to see you at the signing the end of this month!

  198. I love both of your books. I have them on audio so I can pretend my cat or hand puppets are telling me the stories. I advance ordered Furiously Happy and have mostly listened it all up. I don’t want to finish. Your theory of spoons saved me today! Congratulations! You deserve it.

  199. Congratulations Jenny! I am so bummed I was not in Dallas when you were here. Your book is fabulous — for all the right reasons. All of us are scarred and imperfect. The secret is accepting ourselves for who we are. Your books, your blog. They help people do that. That is an incredibly important gift to give. I’m halfway through!

  200. Congratulations, Jenny. I think all the people who bought O’Reilly’s book will soon be buying yours because they will realize he sucks.

  201. Congrats, Jenny. I’ve only bought two “real” books since I got my first e-reader (a Kindle) back in 2009, and both of them are yours. I’ve also have the electronic versions on my tablet. That’s how much I savor your writing. Thanks.

  202. I’m so glad the book is doing well! I read your first book very recently while I was in the hospital with my dying mother. (I really REALLY needed something to help me laugh, and it did the trick, even though I sometimes felt guilty about laughing.)

    When this book came out I immediately bought the electronic version because driving to a store or waiting for a delivery would have taken TOO DAMN LONG. I have depression and some anxiety issues and was totally stoked to see your take on the whole mess, and was not disappointed even a little bit.

    Thank you, Jenny Lawson. Thanks for being you.

  203. Thank you for being so epically awesome and brave to share your struggles. I am halfway through the book and it’s like I’m talking to a friend who gets me (except incredible one-sided because geez, all she does is talk about herself!) Seriously though, thank you for celebrating the weird and I am solo psyched for when you come to Toronto 🙂

  204. So happy for you Jenny! No doubt in my mind that this would happen for you. You deserve it more than anyone else I can think of. Thank you for your amazing book.

  205. I rarely comment since I’m on the west coast and there’s always hundreds of comments before I even see the post, and I don’t think you read down this far so you’ll never actually see #298, but I just finished reading “Let’s Pretend…” for the first time today so I feel like we’ve been hanging out for the last couple of days and I feel lighter than I did on Wednesday morning before I picked it up at the library, ’cause hanging out with you makes one feel lighter and more normal and all that. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for putting yourself out there, for helping to change the world (betcha didn’t know you were doing that, huh?)

  206. You’re #3!!! Congratulations!!!

    Would it make you feel better (about Bill O’Reilly being a ruining motherfucker, I mean) to know that there exists a full-length oratorio, in the Baroque style of Handel’s “Messiah”, based on the publicly-released legal transcripts from the 2004 Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment lawsuit by his former employee, Andrew Mackris? I bet it would. Here is an excerpt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxc8ZY0plM4 — and there was even a documentary made about the brilliant composer, Igor Keller (trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqxo3FoUjvA) ((these days he writes and records pop albums, under the band name Longboat, which have nothing to do with Bill O’Reilly)).

  207. How could anyone not love you? Not only are you one of the funniest people around, you are smart and not afraid to tell your story, which is fucking huge. Thank YOU for being you. You have inspired me more than you will ever know.

  208. Never posted here before, because posting on blogs makes me nervous, but I finished the book last week, and just thanks a lot. It’s been a long bad stretch, this is a bad ditch right now, and I needed something to stand on. I’m not actually standing on the book. I did underline in it a lot, though. But it’s not the library’s copy, so I think I’m okay there.

    But it would help if I had an excuse note, because I was supposed to read The Happiness Trap again, and I read this instead– it was a lot more helpful. I tried to explain that in therapy, but it started off badly when taxidermy came up.

    Thank you again.

  209. Dear Ms. Jenny,

    I realized with your first book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” that I would die without the kind of laughter you bring to life. That laughing is everything to survival.
    With your new book however, you make me heal in a new way: understanding.
    and more laughter, which paves the way for surviving understanding.
    My daughter Victoria Thompson gave up the fight on August 7, 2013 and supposedly jumped from the 21st floor of a building in Ballston, in Arlington, Virgina. I have always wondered what really happened, but Vic was on Effexor, Lamotrigine, and Clonopin. sp? Whatever, all evil fucker drugs.
    If Vic had been able to read you before 2013, everything would be different.

    Some of your new writings really help me understand my daughter, how frightened and alone she must have felt, how impossible it must have been for her when I tried to reassure her that she was fine and perfect, when she knew otherwise. What’s hard to convince our children to believe is that in their oddness and failures they are amazing and gifted. So much peer pressure to be just like Bobby Jane. But those that seem broken are the most brilliant and enlightened of us all, as I read in your writings, as I find in my daughter’s poems.

    Victoria, my daughter, was gifted and lovely, and her poems withstand time and show it. Her Art shows it.
    Your work keeps other people alive and most of us laughing when life hurts to bad we can’t stand it— please keep doing that, you are brilliant and lovely in and of yourself, and amazingly you keep others alive, even me. Please accept our quiet thanks, and our prayers that you keep writing so that we all have a tether to hang onto when life is dark.

    But just in case, I moved my ass back to Tucson, Arizona, where my daughter and I used to be happy, before we moved to Arlington, Va and that scary DC world. I’m happier here with those big skies and little towns, and problems that we can manage or avoid altogether.
    Put your head between your knees and go home when it becomes too unmanageable, better to live than to die of agony and frustration. I see now that if I had given my daughter that courageous advice, to be a hero by stepping down from the stress, she would have probably lived, if I’d brought her home to calm. I don’t believe in the high stress courage of hero’s anymore, I believe in reality: what does it take to keep us all alive long enough to enjoy something or say something of value? That is enough.
    Being is quite enough.
    Thank you for keeping me afloat now and for helping other people think twice about who they are and what their options are.
    Very gratefully,
    Tamara Benson

  210. I’m reading your new book right now and loving every word of it! There had been 92 people ahead of me to check it out from the library, so my brother’s girlfriend surprised me by gifting me with a copy and having it sent overnight. I just love your blog and your books. It’s like you’re speaking directly to me! You really get it! I live with clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and PTSD. The latter comes from the fact that I’ve been fighting a rare sarcoma (which is already the rarest form of cancer and makes up just 1% of all adult cancers) which had metastasized to my lungs and brain. Because of the fact that my body had been trying its hardest to kill me, it’s impossible to feel safe in my own skin anymore, and every MRI or CT scan causes crippling anxiety while I wait for the results, and every little thing that could even remotely be an indication of a new complication causes panic attacks, and usually a bunch of emails to my doctors, who are very patient and kind and compassionate with me and do their best to reassure me. Your books have really helped me get through some trying times, because you truly get what it’s like to live with such crippling anxiety, and because you make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, and I need that laughter. I am going to kick this cancer’s ass, and that makes me Furiously Happy. It’s just scaring the crap out of me. I live near DC and am dying to come to your book signing on Oct. 12 at Politics and Prose, but I’m recovering from brain surgery I had 6 weeks ago and I’m not yet cleared to drive. So I’m very sad. As much as crowds terrify me, I would SO still be there to thank you in person for getting me. Maybe you could stop by my house on your way and sign my book for me here. Haha! Seriously , though, that would be awesome.

  211. Also, if you would like to read about my cancer journey, it’s here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/megrowe

    It would absolutely make my decade if you were to leave a comment or message on my guestbook!!
    Thank you again for being a voice for those of us who deal with mental health issues. I tell everyone I know about your books and have recommended you to lots of friends who deal with anxiety and depression.

  212. It must be popular. I pre-ordered on Amazon in August and just got notice that it is back-ordered until the end of October…booooo! Congratulations though, I loved Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

  213. Dear Jenny…You probably don’t remember me, but I was the one from Iowa that fan-girled out on you two years ago, this Thanksgiving. I e-mailed to tell you that I’d finished your first book and YOU WROTE ME BACK! I couldn’t believe it because all I’d done was tell you that I’d be dedicating the book that I was writing to you. There was some serious Annie Wilkes style enthusing going on as I told my husband, Jody, that I’d received an e-mail from a very important person. To this day, any arguments that we may have can be settled easily. All I have to do is whip out my “received an e-mail from a very important person” card and he accepts that my connections entitle me to be right.
    I’m almost halfway through reading “Furiously Happy” and am so happy to be feeling the same amusement that I felt in the first book. I wish I could memorize it because there are so many relateable quotes that I could probably use to get out of having any new conversations with anybody, in a day.
    I was a little concerned at some of the clinical writings at the beginning because seeing facts written down is a little intimidating and makes it seem like there might be documented research that I should do to address some of my weirdness. Thankfully, the stories started coming in strong and I was able to utilize my secret weapon which is my Super Stealthy Powers of Denial and Avoidance.
    The most impactful thing that I’ve seen, so far, is your interaction with Neil Gaiman. HOLY SHIT! You are friends with Neil Gaiman? I would give anything to be able to receive encouraging and pick me up advice telling me to pretend to be good. This new knowledge boosted your already high street cred up by 1063 points. HOLY SHIT!
    I’m looking forward to the rest of the book. I didn’t want to wait to finish it before I could let you know that I think that you’re brilliant and I appreciate the good work you’re doing in turning bad things into such funny and insightful stories.
    Your pal,
    Pam Faust

  214. Serendipity. I purchased “Furiously Happy” on the day it came out, not knowing that it was brand-new, or that you had a blog, or previous book. It was just something that looked like I needed to read it—I did need to read it. And I laughed so hard. And I cried. And I found a kindred anxiety-ridden spirit! So, I bought “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and I read it too. THANK YOU for being you.

  215. Jenny,

    I bought your first book when it came out and listened to it on Audible.com as well. I just finished Furiously Happy this weekend on my way down to Kerrville, TX, for a weekend in the hill country riding motorcycles. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and candor about depression. I too suffer from depression, and I’ll be honest with you, I’ve had one fucked up summer.

    Mid-June my cat of 16 years died in my arms; then in early July I went on a fabulous vacation (the one bright spot); then THE DAY I got back from my fabulous vacation I got a letter from the IRS that said I owed them $6,500 (it was my mistake and I paid for it but goddammit really? I just got back from fucking vacation!); two days after that, my dad (who lives with my mom in southwest Louisiana) got sick and had surgery to remove scar tissue from a hernia operation he had when he was 17 (he was 72 at the time of the surgery); then our air-conditioner conked out in 100 degree Texas heat and cost us over $2000 to fix; then August 24th my dad developed pancreatitis, then sepsis, then got better, then worse, then had surgery, then got better again, and then much worse over the span of a month in the ICU with my sister and I commuting back and forth 6 hours each way from Dallas every week so my mom wasn’t alone in her daily vigil in the ICU waiting room. My dad died September 9th, 2 days after his 73rd birthday. You know how people always say “he was surrounded by the people he loved when he passed away”? Yeah, that’s totally cool for the person who dies, but I had to witness my father take his last breath and then 10 seconds later watch his heart monitor show me when his heart took it’s last beat. It’s traumatizing. Like you can’t even imagine.

    I went into a depression spiral and rightfully so. My dad and I have always been super close. When I told him I was divorcing my first husband, I thought my staunchly Catholic father would yell “You get back in there and fix this!”, but instead he said “When are you coming home? I’ve got a bottle of champagne waiting. . . I never liked that douchebag.”

    The day before my dad’s funeral, I woke up to my dad’s voice saying “YOU have to do my eulogy”. It totally made sense because their regular priest was in India for a month, so we had a substitute priest who barely spoke English and could not if his life depended on it remember how to pronounce my dad’s name (it’s Franklin), and there was no way in hell I was gonna let the only person to say anything about my dad that day be some idiot who can’t pronounce Franklin (and yes, I can call him an idiot because I sat him down and specifically practiced saying Franklin SEVEN TIMES and he still got it wrong the day of).

    I spent the whole day before his funeral pouring my thoughts and memories and emotions about my father into a speech I wasn’t even sure I could actually deliver. But on the morning of the funeral, clear as day I woke up to my dad’s voice saying “be stronger, just this once”. So I was. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done besides watching my dad die, mostly because all I wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and scream until I had no voice left. But he wanted me to be strong, so I held it together long enough to speak words that made the people there smile, then laugh, then cry, then laugh again, and finally break down in tears with me when I said my final goodbye.

    Just a few short weeks after that, my pre-order of Furiously Happy popped up on Audible, and I couldn’t wait to listen to your book on my way down to the Texas hill country. I listened to, identified with, cried a little over, and smiled a bunch at your wonderful book. And on the first day of the motorcycle riding through the beautiful countryside of Texas, as we crested a little hill and curved slightly to the west, clear as a bell, I heard my daddy’s voice say “feel joy again”. And I did.

    I know what some of you are thinking . . . it wasn’t your dad’s voice, it was your own subconscious talking because listening to Jenny talk about her anxiety and depression made me feel less alone in the world with my depression and her positivity in the face of her own demons impacted my downward spiral. That may be true, but to you who believe that it was only my imagination, I say this: I double dog dare you to watch your father take his last breath and not desperately wish to hear his voice in your head every now and then. DOUBLE DOG DARE!!

    Anyway, this is a super long way to tell you, Jenny, that FUCK YOU, Bill O’Reilly! I’m not only buying the hard copy of the book for myself, but I’m buying it for my sister and my mother TODAY! We’ll see who’s #1 next week, motherfuckers!

    Thanks, Jenny,

    Angie Weich

  216. I’m so happy about that!

    I just finished reading it this morning.

    I laughed, I cried. It moved me, Bob.

    (Thank you, Larry the Cucumber)

  217. I think I’m going to have to buy this book as a 30th (YIKES!) birthday gift to myself. I have your first book and was in tears laughing so hard over it. I need to read it again! I have such bad anxiety sometimes it’s hard to function. I am exhausted by my own self. It’s nice to know I’m not alone though. I can’t wait to read it, I know it’s going to be great!

  218. I walked out of my counseling appointment today to turn on public radio and hear you being interviewed on “Here and Now” — WOOT!!! Day made!

  219. Hi Jenny, probably a bad post – 318 comments down – but just wanted to say congrats and glad I found you!

    Been blogging on and off for 6 years and can’t believe I’m only just finding you. Granted I was in a different niche but still – indirectly my niche was comedy too so…..SLACK!

    Oh, and FUCK YEAH!!! (insert multiple woots)

  220. I have two copies now because I’d preordered it and then my fabulous friend in Texas went to a signing and had you sign a copy for me. She sent me a photo of it, and it’s made my month. I have my preordered copy on my kitchen counter while I decide who to pass it along to, to spread the love.

    Thank you for sharing your awesomeness.

  221. I was unable to pace myself and now I need you to write another book, faster.

  222. I just finished Furiously Happy today. THANK YOU. You made me smile, cry with laughter (to the point where I almost fell off the couch), plain cry, and feel more like my weird is good weird instead of just plain weird. The sentences about dust motes in sunshine = stardust. I am glad to be alive to read stuff like that and feel happiness. Please keep being yourself and the million kinds of original awesome that you are.

  223. I keep pissing off my husband by laughing hysterically in the middle of the night while doing some insomnia-reading. (And I never laugh at loud at books.) At least he can take comfort in the fact that I’m not also pissing off the cat by attaching taxidermy to her. Ahem.

  224. Question for the tribe. I’m determined to ask this without breaking into tears. So far it’s not working.

    Depression isn’t lying to me, it’s lying to my fiance and I don’t know how to scream louder than it does.

    He told me this morning he’s depressed. I’ve seen it for months and didn’t know what to say or how to say it for fear of making it worse. After he told me, I wanted to brainstorm how to fix it. I wanted to start exercising together, go for walks together, force him off the couch and into socializing; anything to stop the spiral of dread he feels whenever he thinks about being with our friends or doing any of our regular activities that I have watched him slowly withdraw from (excuse that horrible, run-on sentence). He knows he doesn’t want to do anything and has no drive and he knows that makes it worse. He’s worried and scared. We both are.

    My question, what do I say?

  225. Just finished “Furiously Happy” there was something and I can’t get it back say what you said but it made me go back to kidhood……. and Mom. Things were really quiet and sad at that time
    Our family doctor got tired of telling her to “get a grip” and sent her to another physician. She came back from that visit revitalized!!!!!!!! After she talked to him he said he would be depressed too with all the crap she was dealing with…There weren’t the drugs then , but just those words made a vast difference. She felt she had some power and we all benefitted from that…..
    Me – have worked out over the years I come from a family with depression disorders and we all deal with them in our own ways. I can usually deal with the work as long as I can come home to a husband who sounds much like yours, and my dogs and the cat (that is a whole other discussion).
    Starting to wonder how I even go to this page – maybe you will never see it – I am so tech non-savy – I am a black hole when it comes to all that everything people need to feel connected to. I lost my facebook account – is there no customer service today???
    Anyway – I guess I started out to say I read your first book and loved and them someone told me about this book and I loved it also.
    In closing I am so happy you have cats that seem to love you and accept you. Our Tucker tells me daily he is only here for our insurance plan. Thank God the dogs just love me no matter what.

  226. Hi, Jenny just A quick note to say I love your perspective. Started reading my copy of Furiously Happy today and it’s a laugh a minute. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  227. I bought your book for so many reasons, but mostly because I think you’re amazing. I love your voice and your honesty and your wit. I wanted to hear what you had to say.

    I’m reading it now. It’s hard. I’ve laughed so much but there are parts where I start to find it hard to breathe, where I feel every cell in my body contract and my mind starts to slip sideways into a place I really don’t want to let it go. Because it’s so real, and I get it. And I don’t want to get it. It scares me because I’m afraid some day I won’t be able to pull back out of that place. But I keep reading, because I love your wit and your perspective, and I love your guts and honesty in sharing it. So I haven’t finished it yet, because I have to take a little at a time, but I will finish it. And I love you for putting it out there for the people who don’t understand and for the people who do. And I love you for the call to arms to be “furiously happy”.

    And then this morning…well, this morning is bad. It’s one of the worst; not THE worst, but probably top 20, maybe top 15 of all time. I couldn’t seem to stop the spiral as I was driving in to work and it was getting really hard to breathe or even remember why I needed to, and I’m sitting at a stop light after it’s turned green, just sitting there and someone behind me honks – and suddenly this image pops into my mind, the picture above of the arm with the tattoo. And it’s funny because it didn’t make anything go away – of course it didn’t, it’s never that easy, duh – but it pulled me back. It snapped my mind back into focus, like…like Toto pulling back the curtain so I could see the sad old man running the Wizard machine. I still felt everything, but I knew…I don’t know. I don’t know how to put it into words. I guess I knew that it wasn’t real – I mean, that it wasn’t true. That all the things I was thinking and feeling, they were the depression talking, not my own logic and intellect. I took a break from looking at myself as a pathetic mess of stupid and was able to focus on the strength it takes to get through every day feeling like this. Maybe my heart will follow my mind eventually and I’ll really believe that about myself, that I’m not weak because I’m depressed but strong because I keep going anyway – but in the meantime, at least you helped my mind get there, at least for today.

    So I just wanted to say thank you.

  228. Hey there. I just wanted to say that I really needed to believe depression lies today so I’ve ended up here to be reminded that it’s a lie. I still can’t believe it’s a lie, but knowing that you are here holding that belief for me until I can crawl out and pick it up is really a life saver. Thanks. It’s like you’re pet sitting, only for believing. And believing doesn’t need to be walked, which is a good thing because I feel like you’re already doing me a really big favor. Love you. Love your work. So proud of you and impressed by you and your big book tour and everything. You deserve it all.Thanks.

  229. No, thank you. Your words make me laugh, sometimes cry, and many times laugh till i cry!! thank you for letting me know that both are equally acceptable and nothing to be ashamed of!

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