Not alone.

First off, Happy Easter to me:


May you too have a basket made of dead armadillo filled with your favorite, weirdo things.  Including an Easter egg glued to a dead mouse.  Or Benedict Cumberbunnies. The usual.

And speaking of weirdos, if you follow me on twitter you already know that this weekend you all gave me back faith in humanity and I saw so many of you save each other in amazing ways and I realized how often people become friends through this community.  But we should make that easier.  So if you’re on twitter put a link to yourself in the comments and I’ll follow you.  And others will to.  If you’re looking for a special connection to someone who shares the same issues then just leave it in the comments.  Like if you’re looking for someone to share taxidermy pictures with or if you want to bond with someone else who struggles with being bipolar or someone you can binge watch horror movies with when you have insomnia.  Whatever.

I’ll start.  I’m at and I like sloth videos and talking to people when I’m fighting off panic attacks.  Your turn.


And now, the weekly wrap-up:

bloggess sid

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by, uh…me?  I had someone but they turned out to be weird in a not-good way and so instead I’m sponsoring it myself.  Check out because it’s awesome.  Except if you’re reading this you’re already here.  But technically that means that this ad was so effective that every single person who read it is now reading this blog.  THAT IS 100% TURNAROUND, Y’ALL.  You should totally advertise here because this shit is bonkers. Plus, ads start at $100 a month.  That’s crazy cheap.  First come, first served.

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  1. You’re already following me, but I will happily add to my weirdo family!

  2. I’m at cmccall522. I’m looking for anyone into sewing, Yoga, cats, wine. I have depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. And Jenny’s blog and books are funny as hell. The end.

  3. I’m @HuShuo. I’m a professor of Chinese Language and Literature at a little liberal arts college in Maryland. I am procrastinating from grading right this very second. Which is also what I was doing last Friday night. Odd, that.

  4. I love this. @Marisa_comeaux – mostly work-based tweets, but I like to follow all the awesome, so bring me your awesomes, you fabulous people.

  5. I’m jealous of your Easter basket.That sounded better in my head.
    Don’t follow me, I’m useless on there.

  6. I’m at @JulieHFisk. I’m a person who is convinced that my husband is going to leave me & that my children are always on the verge of death. I do this inspite of a wonderful marriage & perfectly healthy kids, which also makes me feel like an undeserving asshole.

  7. Twitter: @ErinMiHaley
    Panic attacks
    I’m a delight

  8. Jenny, you’re seriously one of my places to be, when I’m struggling in the pit. Chronic pain, with it’s side of depression, makes for a twisted sense of humour, and a need to be with folks who get it.

    Thanks for being you. Anyone that wants to find me on twitter can here:

  9. Hi – I’m Sue or @suebee0619. I have depression and anxiety so sometimes I go a bit hermit. I’m a theatre nerd who also happens to watch Arrow and Once Upon a Time. And I, uh, also read and write (a little) fanfiction. 😀 Oh, I curse. A lot. Fair warning in case that bothers you.

  10. I’m at and have issues with depression and anxiety. The anxiety is new for me, and it’s kicking my ass. You follow me already, Jenny. Thank God. You’ve helped me more than any medication.

  11. @TashBurakiewicz– I tweet mostly about writing, reading, comics, and my amazing adopted Pitt-mix, but there is so much more to me than that!
    I will be following everyone who has commented above me and can’t wait to get to know you all in time.

  12. @lunabrd

    I’m a librarian and archivist and have been experiencing the potential glory that is the SSRI for about ten months now. Mostly it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. I cross-stitch to help control anxiety and I watch too much tv on netflix and hulu.

  13. I could NEVER pull off an interview like that ‘with it’ Arby’s employee! That kind of self-confidence is as foreign to me as… well, foreign and unknown.
    Either that or his doc puts out one helluva prescription.
    I love horses and ‘Furiously Happy’ is my number one recommended read.
    We are everywhere.
    AND!! You already follow me!! :):) Yay 🙂
    I still have a gold star from you saved in my email inbox.
    Before Twitter went to hearts…
    Nice placing on the ‘Buzz.’ 🙂

  14. I’m AWilburn_RN on Twitter. I don’t post much because I think myself out of it, but I’d love to follow you back and provide support when I can 🙂

  15. You can find me at @blondechick80 on twitter and instagram.

    Back when Jenny did the LPTNH book club and we all broke the internet, a bunch of us became good friends and started a group on Facebook called Lawsbian Awesomeness. Its a wonderful group of folks. And it is turned into a wonderful support group for weirdos who like weird things and who also happen to have life happens.

  16. Jenny,no Twitter, but can you follow me on FB? Lara Morales
    anxiety/PTSD/depression/hide in the bathroom during greeting time at church.
    Likes goats and ducks. Starting my own blog (when I’m done procrastinating, and I’m pretty sure it’s your fault.

  17. I’m ANA_Belle on Twitter. Most of the stuff I tweet I guess is retweets…. and the occasional smart @$$ comment…. I didn’t get hooked on Twitter as easily as Facebook… maybe because when I do have something to say, I usually need more than 140 characters…

  18. I am @ElisaRNelson. I don’t Tweet much, but am interested in writing, editing, publishing, and museums.

  19. @katecknits I knit things. I have a day job. Am constantly convinced my offspring is sick and that I’m going to get sick or already am sick. Cats. Beer. Coffee. Yarn.

  20. @hodgepodge_girl
    I’m a photo organizer who helps people tell their family’s story through photographs. I love puppies and I think Jenny is a creative genius!

  21. I don’t post much, but I like lurking in other people’s conversations. Very introverted — connect with people much better online than in real life. Into politics, but I think both sides are right about some things — not into demonizing the “other” side. Church-goer. Mom. Part-time English prof.

  22. I tweet as @eclaire92 for personal and snarky stuff, and as @OwnLessDoMoreUS for misadventures and more snarky stuff related to our fulltime RV lifestyle blog, You follow me at both accounts already (squeeeeeee!), and I welcome others who are able to see past the labels we wear, and right into the bits and pieces that make all of us both unique and alike.

    Also, I use the word “fuck” fairly regularly.

    Don’t tell my mom.

  23. I’m Lyttle_Byrd.
    You already follow me, but if anyone else is interested in joining my odd family, they are welcome. Also, I sometimes blog about my depression, as well as queer and poly issues, and other random stuff.

  24. @hallyhoots
    I love HPotter. Taking random walks where I find beautiful things.

  25. Im a an avid readerwho loves scifi & fantasy books, contemporary romances. Im a geek who loves video games. Im an artist & a crafter. And Im mom to a 21 yr old with aspergers. I struggle with depression & anxiety. All of which I tweet about. Oh, and I have a potty mouth. Im housebound with my son, so twitter is my social outlet.

  26. First of all, that’s an awesome basket. And so much Wil I can’t stand it. You already follow me on Twitter (I’m @Chumplet) and you’ve always been so kind.

    I don’t have a particular brand of anxiety except for the lesser kind which I have already described. I am often forced to suppress my own fears in order to support my husband and children, who all suffer from diagnosed disorders. Often, if they stumble, I remind them that there is always hope, and that I have their backs.

  27. Tweet to coburn_janet Interested in lots of stuff, but especially bipolar. Also and

  28. @SingTracy
    5th grade teacher by day, actor by night
    Quirky, all day & night 🙂

  29. I’m Vamprayne on Twitter, Jenny has saved me many times there, I’ve also made a few friends. I think I found a reason for the many issues that cause my depression and anxiety. I’m on my way to recovery.
    Follow me! (Jenny does 🙂 )

  30. Hey guys,
    I’m @vclinde on Twitter (Jenny: we already follow each other). I have AvPD and Dysthymia and talk about books, equality, travel, poetry and puppies. I love the people I’ve found through Jenny so far and am looking forward to going through comments and finding new people to connect with.

  31. I’m on twitter @laurillagorilla! I study primates and animal behavior and sometimes I remember to tweet. i also like feminism and jokes. and the bloggess!!

  32. @alleborn_wendy
    Very titillating combination of bald and 49. Obviously I have depression. I also make some amazing ice cream and cookies. And I crochet. A LOT. Husband and two kids. Everyone makes me crazy. New to Twitter, but love Jenny and everything she does!

  33. My band has a twitter, FOOLS! They put ME in charge of it! Muahahahahahahah!
    I’m always looking for interesting folks to follow! And feel free to follow us!
    I’m interested in music, but I love to make stuff and collect oddities. 🙂

  34. @jan_saenz Writer, wife and mother. Loves all things weird and inappropriate. I blog about shit when I’m bored. And I love me some Jenny Lawson! 🙂

  35. Dear God, I just realized this is like writing a personal ad, but for twitter. And my previous answer sucked ass.

    Uh…Weird ass homeschooling Mom of 5 at home, twisted sense of humour, desperately seeking others with a twisted sense of humour.

    Shit, I shouldn’t have said desperate, right? Damn it.

  36. Ok, so there’s this crazy recluse lady that lives on the hill (that would be me!) I was startled by a knock on the door today. My heart stopped & a panic welled in my stomach, nothing unusual there. I quickly grabbed my Xanax and hustled down the hall to hide. As I waited for the knocker to leave, I thought it odd that my dog let this person slip past his notice…I whispered to him…”Some watchdog you are!” Then I heard knock, knock, knock again. I felt my pocket and dread filled me…forgot my cell phone. I looked at my dog and I swear he said…”Some human guardian you are!” SHHHH, maybe they left…knock, knock, knock…nope, this is a persistent one, probably came to kill me or something because if it was someone I know they would have tried calling my cell to let me see their incoming number and alert me to the fact they stopped by. While I didn’t have my cell on me it is just several feet away, and it hasn’t rang. At that point I took a xanax, took some deep breaths and searched within me for the courage to go peek around the hall corner to see if I could see who was knocking, hopefully catching them pulling out the driveway. Knock, knock, knock! “I’m gonna die!” My xanax must have kicked because I thought, “This is ridiculous, I can’t spend the rest of this afternoon hiding in the hallway! Knock, knock, knock. Ok, here it goes…I peeked around the corner of the hall, looking thru the door….no one, they must be standing off to the side of the window…Knock, knock, knock. Deep breath…ok, I can do this…I just need to make it to the door where I can hold my sign up to the window that says “Sorry, Not interested” on it. I crept quietly hoping to get to my sign to hide behind, before the knocker looked into the window. I made it, SCORE! Stood there holding my sign…knock, knock, knock! I thought…”well that’s kinda rude, can’t they read?!” So then I peeked around my sign…nothing. I finally looked out on the porch….apparently one of my chickens got out and was knocking on the door for me to put her back in the coop!! We are having chicken for dinner!

    Seriously, though, what an ordeal for no reason. Now that the all clear has come over me, I am exhausted and need a nap! Aren’t anxieties fun!? It did remind me of your bathroom ordeal with your cat, Jenny, lol. I guess I have my own funny story to share now. Thanks for all you do and for being there to chat with when I need to chat. You are awesome! Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

  37. @cackle_loud. Terrible random tweeter but daily reader looking to escape chronic pain and anxiety, the stress of raising a bipolar ‘tween while dealing with marriage to someone more willing to wallow than try fuck-all. (sorry, most of the time I’m more supportive than that, must recovering from surgery where he did just the barest minimum above fuck-all.)

  38. @GilliesAndrea. I am a high school teacher with PTSD, GAD, MDD and formerly PDD. My existence depends on the ability to make others laugh, and help my kids navigate the world. I also like sunsets and long walks on the beach. And puppies. And cats.

  39. @mjpinmd – You already follow me I believe. Long time fan. You help me understand other people. You are awesome.

  40. You already follow me, but for anyone else who’s slightly off-kilter and wants to be Twits together, I’m at

  41. Hi, Jenny! I already follow you on Twitter. I’m also a Jenny. On Twitter, I’m Jen Kubeck, The “Cocoonivus” part comes from a holiday I invented that I think you’ll appreciate. Cocoonivus happens any day that you want to nestle into your warm, cozy, cocoon, and pretend for a while that the outside world doesn’t exist. I have Fibromyalgia, and sometimes I just get so beaten down by sensory overload that I JUST. CAN’T. anymore. So I tell my husband I need a Cocoonivus, and I curl up in bed with whatever I need to make the world go away. It’s become a useful coping mechanism for both of us!

  42. @thisoneiskym (twitter and instagram)
    I’m a feminist with depression/anxiety. I love reading about deathpositive topics like natural burial options, I love taxidermy and making my own natural products.
    Would love some like-minded friends! 🙂

  43. EASTER MOUSE! Love it. @arnelson111 You’re already following me. I will just say that I love what y’all do here. At times, it feels like my anxiety has ruined me for…well, most anything. But seeing everything that goes on here helps find some sense of stability.

  44. I’m @wlr312 on Twitter. I love reading, I squee often about comic books,and attend Ren Faires every weekend in April and May. I love geeky stuff and un-normal people.

  45. @SMSupportMag – I tweet (very rarely, my anxiety manages to extend to virtual communication too!) about awareness for selective mutism, anxiety and stuff. Thank you Jenny for making me feel almost normal! You are amazing

  46. @PipingLibrarian on twitter. Mostly post cat and travel pictures. I mostly read authors that I like.

  47. @jeannekay27
    although my twitter is no particularly exciting, it would be such an honor to be followed by you.
    And I’m up for connecting with fellow depressed/anxious people, most definitely! These past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the subject of deciding when to force myself to do something challenging (answer a friend’s invitation/go to karaoke) and when to let myself stay home and avoid the terror of getting through the front door (instead: pyjamas. hulu. dog cuddles).
    I’ve been trying to come up with a good test- that I could apply with some regularity to help me decide whether to be bold or self-compassionate… but as of now i’ve got nothing: only limitless indecision and second-guessing. Let me know if any of you guys have come up with ideas on the subject…

  48. Twitter: sivyaleah I bitch a lot about my daily commute into NYC; cats, food, virtual worlds and random stuffs.
    Jenny, thanks for everything. Don’t know if you’ve seen the few taxidermy photos I sent you on Instagram; I figure you don’t notice everything nor respond but I send them anyway ’cause you’re the only other person I can think of that thinks they are pretty cool.

  49. ElizabethDPhotography. My service dog Brody and I met you at your book signing in St. Louis. I’m in accounting at a car dealership to pay the bills. I’d rather be working in/photographing the refugee camps in Sudan. I photograph what moves me. I love anything involving theater. Musicals. The Walking Dead and coloring. I have Narcolespy with Cataplexy but I refuse to let it define me. Brody is my constant companion, best friend and life saver. And I’m pretty sure my cat has a playmate no one sees but him…

  50. I know you have thousands and thousands of followers so you probably can’t pick me out from the crowd, Jenny. That’s probably a good thing because you woulda gotten sick a long time ago of me telling you how awesome it was when a friend of mine first introduced me to you and this tribe. You all make me feel less alone. Less weird. Less unique in my struggles. I’m so glad I found you.
    Anybody wanna follow me or ever talk on twitter, look for the name MyBleedingInk. 😆

  51. You just started following me the other day (, which was awesome for me as I think you’re amazing. 🙂

    Long-Suffering Husband loved Furiously Happy, by the way, though he still feels Victor should have his own book to tell his side of the story.

  52. I’m @pathseekerken aka Ken. Suicide survivor, Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymia, and the Coolest Daughter in the World. (One of those things is not like the other!)

  53. Well I am rather boring but I made a new twitter today since on my other one I can’t be completely honest about my issues since my family sees it.

    I am rather boring I shall say but mine is
    Mine will mostly be random posts by me on good and bad days with my depression and anxiety. Also probably lots of embarrassing things considering people for some reason still allow me to drink and social media.

  54. @sarahmvasquez (Twitter and Instagram)
    I’m a small town reporter in the middle of nowhere, which helps me cope with my anxiety. The big city was too much to handle for me. I love pop culture, photography and my puppy, Mr. Chubbs.

  55. A bit of an introvert, and nothing very interesting to set myself apart, but I did once vaccuum up my own toe so… As I keep reminding my husband: Never boring. Annoying possibly, but never boring.

  56. RawsonLA on Twitter. My dad’s from Arkansas and has always referred to armadillo as “possum on the half shell.” So fancy!

  57. My handle is @beebesharkey. I have a host of mental illnesses that I write about living with and trying to cope with on my blog. I live in Portland, OR and like knitting, puzzles, board games, hiking, cooking, butchery, and other random things. i won’t apologize for how many pictures of my dog I post. 😉

  58. @gomersquirrelmd – when you work to save lives every day and you end up treating splinters, tick bites, and chest pain in 20 year olds you get a little bitter… and sarcastic…

  59. Ok, now I have to explain. That should have been Dad of the Coolest Daughter in the world. I am not the C.D.i.t.W. I think I would make a kinda cruddy daughter. I’m an OK son, I guess. Anyway, moral of the story is don’t post when you’re rushing because you’re late to work. Pbbbbt.

  60. Any friend of The Bloggess is sure to be a kindred – I’m emptysthemepark on Twitter. You already follow me, Jenny <3

    Followers of me may experience tweets of the following persuasion:
    living with bipolar and anxiety
    spoonie/chronic illness/chronic pain coping
    cute animals
    horror movies <3
    fandom revelry (X-Files, Walking Dead, iZombie, Veronica Mars being common culprits)
    music. always music.
    the novels I write and publish and lamenting putting myself through Nano every year
    UFC and MMA
    politics, social justice, LGBTQ issues (I’m bisexual or pansexual, depending who you ask)
    food porn because great food is love

    I love this idea, love your openness and encouragement of community support. Years ago, I used to moderate a peer support message board for people struggling with self-harm. Feeling less alone is sometimes the one thing that can get you through a dark night. <3 to you and everyone here!

  61. I’m @amylynnknits.
    I tweet about inappropriate things and my life. There are often animal pictures.

    Tweets include baby raccoon pictures, anxiety, yoga🙌🏼

  63. I don’t have Twitter anymore. But when I did you followed me so thank you. I now just have Instagram (@wyldethoughts)
    I like cats, sloths, skulls. I usually post about grief, positive thoughts to remind myself it’s not as scary as I think. I believe in paying it forward. I have panic attacks, depression, and insomnia.
    (I feel like I just wrote the worst dating site profile)

  64. I don’t really use my Twitter account but I will for you fine people, because this is just the best.


    I enjoy movies, cats, all kinds of fiber and paper arts, books, theater, cooking, and having someone to talk to when my brand new anxiety disorder jumps up.

  65. It’s mostly Dean posting on Twitter, but we’re @dean_min_travel and we like visiting churches. And movies. And bars

  66. I only tweet about work things, so I won’t share that account, but I follow you because you are so very funny. You make me laugh every day. I also follow you because you and this community help me to understand my husband who struggles with anxiety and depression. Right now he is struggling with the decision to start medication. He is very reluctant thinking the side effects will be too severe, and that the medication won’t help him anyway. If anyone has any advice on that I would greatly appreciate it!

  67. I’m @freestyletacet, and I mostly retweet other people, but will occasionally go o on a rant if I have an interesting gig (I’m a freelance trombonist by trade). Currently you can see the highlights of this year’s Easter church gig.

  68. I’m @_xtinarose

    I’m a super anxious introvert with depression. I love comedy (just watching), I’m vegan, I am a new
    Mom who loves my baby but struggles with being a mom, I believe in intersectionality. I live in the Midwest and I kind of hate it here!

  69. That is an awesome basket.
    You, my dear Jenny, already follow me, but for everyone else I’m @DanishWolf

    Female, mid 30s, and probably a bit of a geek. I love to read books, read a lot of webcomics (also admin on one), collect playing cards, love artsy things, currently liking the Stucky and Captive Prince fandom, loves action/superhero/adventure movies, and I’m into M/M both in literature, art and movies.
    I have friends around the world that I’ve mostly gotten to know via comic communities and books.
    I talk a lot with my online friends on Twitter, but will occationally go hermit for a few days to recharge myself alone. I post what interest me from every corner of life/the web, everything from cute and fun to serious and dark topic, oh and art. I did mention I love art. This will include M/M things and sometimes various (mostly tasteful) NSFW art.

  70. @DrHoneydu
    Mad scientist turned high school teacher, warping one mind at a time
    Living with depression, anxiety, 3 cats, and a yoga mat

  71. I’m Emily and my handle is @HappsByCapps I tweet about Content Strategy (work stuff), mental health issues (Had PTSD from being bullied as a kid, anxiety, depression, and insomnia) and how cancer was the best thing that happened to me as it led to finding meditation and working through my ickiness. Good thing since I was just re-diagnosed. I stumbled into blogging about it here: Please don’t judge the messiness, I’m working on working on it… guess I still suffer from the Give-A-Shits. Ha ha.

  72. I’m @bluesabriel and I mostly yell about baseball on Twitter this time of year, but I also have an anxiety disorder and an adorable little girl. And some cats. And I’m a nerd. So there’s some of those things interspersed with the baseball.

  73. Happy Easter Jenny, Victor, Hailey, Beyonce and all the dead stuffed animals plus the cats. I hope you had a good weekend.

  74. I have PTSD and Complicated Grief Disorder from sudden tragic loss of spouse. I help myself by traveling and taking pictures of beautiful things I see along the way. I don’t know if I’m running away from my depression or running toward a new “normal”. A tough weekend now – hubby’s bday was yesterday. On Twitter, I’m @janel90. My photos are at

  75. @franwatson I don’t post much, although I’m aces at reposting shit. I’m a happily married lesbian who works in a bookstore and has strange tastes in…everything, I suspect. I seem extroverted and friendly (because retail), but I’d rather be home, hiding. A day spent in bed reading and napping heavily is my dream. And finding the notes I made about the changes I want to make in the story I’m writing. They’re here somewhere.

    Anyway, hi to the tribe!

  76. I am Twitter challenged. I just never really got the hang of it. I can post, I can click to follow… That’s where my savviness (sp?) ends. Unless it goes across my email feed or has a hashtag group or goes to my email…. Clueless.

    But I do have a sad little account. Its @kidlitskorner I am Bipolar with an Aspie/Bipolar/ADHD/PTSD/Anxiety laden family of 6. I have a blog I suck at keeping updated. I also have a FB page Blissful Bipolar Blues. I PTO, occasionally coupon, consign my kids close, and like many, have a crazy addictuon to my phone. I once traveled 3 1/2 hours just to see the Bloggess and would totally do it again. ❤

  77. You already follow me. Thanks. Really want to hug you hard but I am shy. Until you get to know me.

    Into sci fi, Star trek, Babylon 5, gardening, reading. video games, computer tech.

    Still haven’t thanked the book fairies that gave me Jenny’s books. So Bad….I keep putting it off Just like the birthday call to my brother…Still haven’t called him. “Things” get in the way……

  78. @LoveFE802
    Still trying to figure out what to tweet about.
    Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety NOS, Agoraphobia, PTSD

  79. @rubysioux97

    I have anxiety attacks and am obsessed with board games. This is problematic as I do not have anyone else who shares my interest. I’m also allergic to everything. I promise that I am more fun that I sound!

  80. P.S. by the way… I suck at typing on my phone. Between auto correct and my drunk thumbs…. Ya. I make lots of sometimes crazy funny mistakes.

    You are welcome.

  81. My husband and my sister both suffer from severe depression, and I suffer from severe panic attacks. This community has helped me realize that we are not alone, and given me tools and understanding in how to relate to them when the darkness starts. Thank you to everyone! I’m at

  82. @paisleyfeling on twitter. I like most things geeky, cats, tortoises, crocheting and talking about mental health and feminism. I deal a lot with anxiety and depression and having people who understand would really be great

  83. @emilyvieth. New to the Twitter thing, but trying to be better. depression and anxiety although I don’t post much about a it. Recently relocated to Minneapolis by myself. New job, no friends, no relationship and trying to convince myself it will all be okay. People call me outgoing and I feel obligated to be bubbly all the time. It’s exhausting.

  84. I can’t seem to get a handle on Twitter despite my 18-year-old daughter’s best attempts to educate me. Am I the only one? I can’t even remember my Twitter name…I’d make a new one but I’m not sure I even remember how. Good grief.

  85. I’m
    I don’t really tweet but I enjoy reading the tweets of smart, funny, kind people and love this community so I plan on adding a bunch of these awesome peeps to my list. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to start posting! Great idea, Jenny!

  86. @rottenkyd
    Don’t post much but love cute animaks and kids and general snarkinezz

  87. My name is Meghan MacMillan and I’m an abstract artist and mom from Alberta, Canada. I’m @meghan_art Twitter and Instagram… I mostly post about my adorable children and my work in my studio, and occasionally about my favourite sport-ball teams. Nice to meet you all!

  88. @dragonfly808

    I mostly look at twitter at 3am when I can’t sleep because I’m worrying about what it means that I’d save my dog from a burning building before my boyfriend or terrorist attacks or if that creaking that’s probably just the building settling means that a sinkhole is gonna open under my apt because that balcony post sunk a little a couple years ago and they had to fix it and it’s fine now but maybe that was just a warning oh god more creaking…

  89. I’m not sure how to post my Twitter link, but I’m @dontjudgemeyet9 I love to read and watch The Walking Dead. I don’t tweet much, but am always here to listen and provide support whenever needed.

  90. @jxelson
    Not sure what my diagnosis is anymore really. The last dr who actually said called it “schizo-affective bipolar disorder”. Any others out there? Welcome to follow me. I don’t tweet much but I’ll probably follow you back.

  91. @aahart78 depression managed well w meds anxiety B not managed well by over eating, humor and sarcasm get me through all of it 🙂

  92. WTF. None of the links are working. My problem not yours I’m sure.

  93. I can be found at

    I am a serious Hockey lover (I like be my Bolts & our goalies). I adore the man who has stayed with me for 30+ years no matter how crazy I get. I do not know why but random panic attacks seem to be a thing so I deal with it by going to (and watching) hockey games or creating stuff (jewelry or adding colored stain to the wood projects the hubby makes). My Twitter feed is filled with hockey stuff. 😝🏒

  94. I love your blog posts. I started collecting weird taxidermied animals after reading your first book. They make me smile whenever I walk by them, and they each get a little scratch behind the ears before I head to bed. Some in my household find this odd, but each of us is odd in our own way in this house, so it’s all good. I’m @scoutnhunt on Twitter. Anyone with weird taxidermy, I’d love to see it, and I also work at an independent bookstore and love to read, especially mysteries, so if you have any books you love, I’d enjoy hearing about them!

  95. You already follow me, Jenny, but I’d love to also connect with members of the tribe. Along with Jenny, you good folks have been making me laugh and cry (in the best way) and feel less alone for years!

    In my feed you’ll see dogs, baby goats, comments on great (and ridiculous) TV, links to music that makes me happy, support of social justice and mental health issues, and plenty of general silliness.

  96. Jenny, you’re already following me (@hstrykid and I’m into Doctor Who, Star Wars, World of Warcraft and mailing postcards to strangers around the world via but if you followed my daughter, it would be awesome. She loves you too. Her Twitter is @fromthehardt and she’s an environmental studies grad currently pretending that serving BBQ is environmental studies. She also loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and sci-fi/fantasy and cosplay. She cosplayed as Thorin from the Hobbit and NAILED IT. Oh, and she’s a Shakespeare nerd as well.

  97. I’m already following you, and I’m thehippywitch. Those stuffed Wil Wheatons are adorable!

  98. I already follow you but I’d be happy for you to follow my dull self, lol. @MitzieGarner1

  99. @leighannvt
    I adore miniatures but gave away my dollhouse to the neighbor’s kid because my boys were uninterested in it.
    Progressive surrounded by conservatives (near Liberty University)
    Imposter syndrome and general anxiety
    Jenny’s blog is the one I read that doesn’t make me feel like a shitty wife, mom, daughter, coworker, etc.

  100. http://twitter/shadowanna3
    I love to read, craft, and watch movies. I have borderline personality disorder and anxiety. I always like to talk to people from the safety of my couch when my anxiety is bad, or i have a mood shift. Iud love to talk to new friends.

  101. I’m @nwkmom on Twitter. I’m a fan of space, science and technology, and I like to talk about movies and tv shows and books. I’m married to my college sweetheart and mom to a great 12yo son, trying to teach balance between computer games and the outdoors. I love the idea of rewarding and spreading kindness and compassion, and am trying to be brave enough to stand up for what I believe in online.

  102. Hi Jenny, long time reader, first time commenter! I’m @historygeek and I tweet about history, feminism, geekdom in general and Star Wars in particular, Toronto Blue Jays baseball, being an artist (I am one), Celiac disease (I have it) and advocacy for mental health issues. Thanks for all you do and just being you!

  103. @lissa_bennett I mostly tweet instagrams from Europe. I used to be much more vocal on Twitter (books and feminism and mental health) but I often felt I was speaking to a void so I was just about to give it up. Maybe this will help me make more connections. Follow if you like.

  104. You are the person I would most like to sit and have a beer with, if I at all thought I wouldn’t go all fangirl shy / introvert at the last moment and cancel.

  105. @UnfortunateWord
    Just made an account last night but yeah. Don’t know what else to put here.

  106. This is me, or at least my Twitter account: The internet is my main way of connecting with people since my best friend died 7 years ago. Can’t believe I’m telling that to a bunch of strangers so I’ll just think of you as my future friends instead.


    Jenny, you and I already follow each other and thank you for that and for your writing.

    I like funny. I like to be profane. I isolate a lot. I agonize over invitations to parties. Liberal democrat. I cannot stomach cruelty in any form. Cannot bear to see sad stories about animals. Have not yet made the switch to vegetarianism, but can totally see why a person would. Might have Buddhist leanings. Have not had sex since 1995. Fat. Kind of waiting to die. Hope no one I know sees this. Good at putting on a mask for public consumption. Will be embarrassed if anyone actually comments, so maybe please don’t. Or do. Your call. I like to not be responsible.

  108. Happy Whovian with borderline personality disorder, major depression, anxiety, and other cool stuff. Books are my life. And Netflix. And Hulu. Starting a job on Tuesday after not working and being in treatment for almost a year. I could use some positive vibes. 🙂

  109. I’m Cara at I blog about silly girl stuff mostly, but I enjoy writing so I’m trying to use it to work out some of the crazy. It helps to share. I recently almost went crazy psycho ninja on this poor lady pharmacist who didn’t understand why it was such a big deal that they swapped my anxiety meds for a different generic brand and NO I CANNOT WAIT 7-10 DAYS FOR THE NEW PRESCRIPTION TO COME IN! Thank you guys for listening, clearly I’ve been needing to get that off my chest. This didn’t go on the blog. I only have like 4 followers and I didn’t want to scare them all away just yet. Jenny, thank you for being you. My 4 person golden girls book club only reads your books so we are just sitting around waiting for your next one. No pressure.

    Sorry, the twitter feed is not much to follow but you never know, I could come up with something genius one of these days. Happy Easter egg hunting!

  110. I am @Kaliz63 and I don’t tweet a whole lot because none of my ppl are on the twitters but, I love to read really smart ppl on the twitter.

    I am a part time recovered depressive/anxiety who has decided that 5 years clear of cancer means I can finally follow my dream of starting a family. I will be doing it all by myself in NYC and I am terrified. But, “about to go on the scariest roller coaster ever” terrified, not “oh F***, i just ruined my life” terrified. Thanks to the cancer, i will probably need to do IVF. Thanks to well, life, there will be no father in the picture. I have no idea how I will afford it but, the image of holding my child in my arms is just too darn glorious to let go of.

    I would love to connect w anyone in the tribe, anyways, but support from parents (single or otherwise, in NYC or far away) would be amazing.

    Thank you for reading.


  111. @onceandfutureQF Sometimes writer, sporadic poster of random musings, bits of string and fluffy things. My anxiety level is often set to blowtorch. I work odd hours researching stuff online. I like science, television, assorted weirdness and herding cats. When all else fails, it’s you, Jenny, and this tribe that rise up to restore my hope for humanity.


    I’m Alaska grown, neophyte Buddhist, budding nurse practitioner, old lady gamer, bleeding heart liberal who loves Basset Hounds, Dr Who, and Outlander,

    Now if someone could show me how to use Twitter, that would be grand…

  113. @crazy_lady_2202 I like cats and crafting and funny stuffs. I tweet mostly about my advetures/misadventures being a samm with 5 kids.

  114. I’m @UricBeaufolle on Twitter. Most of what I post is rants and depression and ADD going wild. I probably will comment on a tweet, and possibly converse.
    I love books, dogs, and struggle every day with depression, social anxiety, and mood swings that make me stabby. I’d love someone to watch horror movies with, and discuss books and weirdo theories with. I’m also Asexual, and totally introverted, and find myself feeling completely isolated from society and people. And at this moment, I haven’t voluntarily left the house in at least two weeks.

  115. Hi! I’m @ammarti, and I’m a knitting/book loving/cat lady PhD student in American History (just a dissertation to go!!).

  116. I’m PirateJenni13 on Twitter. I talk a lot about how far I walked that day and I have a crush on Norman Reedus. So there ya go.

  117. @LBWoznick. I write stuff. I struggle with depression and anxiety and with whether or not to fake my way through life pretending that I don’t… Like a lot of us, I guess 😊

  118. What a wonderful idea! I’m a bit of a social recluse so it would be nice to make some online friends that I could connect with from home. 🙂

    You can find me on Twitter at

    I’m a stay-at-home mum of two boys ages 4 and 6. I have struggled with varying degrees of anxiety and depression all my life, and still to this day. Just trying to take life one day at a time. I have recently taken up running, which has been amazing for getting me out of the house and helping me feel better.

  119. Hello Everybody,
    My name is Karen and I have a blog. I also have PTSD, anxiety, depression and mood disorder, and no surprise, with all this, I’m an introvert. So, to get to know me at all it has to be this way. I’m also fascinatingly weird and I’m a Travel Nurse. I’m pretty sure that some of these things are strangely related. You can follow me(just not like lemmings)at https:/ and also at
    Thank You for Your Support.

  120. I think you already follow my husband,Tony Hicks (he sent you the Travesty in a Teacup) –
    @Tinplatestudios -I am an artist delving into natural (and unnatural) science, a comic book illustrator, a sculptor and a Steampunk bodger.

    I’m @sourcerer (Ann Wendell) – Writer/Local Historian/Professional Muse/Mother/Discordian/Librarian/Tea Leaf Reader

  121. My Twitter handle is @crayongirl_linz,I have two small girls that continually test my sanity yet fill my life with meaning. I’m also addicted to Neko Atsume, fan fiction and suffler occasionally from severe bouts of depression and/or anxiety. I also blog sometimes. Let’s be friends!

  122. I’m Jessica. I suffer from Endometriosis and Thyroid Cancer and I love trashy reality tv, Cursive, and Modest Mouse. Code name jsustjess on Twitter.

  123. @gatxpeach38. Very much a loner, rarely tweet anything but read most tweets. Make wreaths, adult coloring books,watch Lucifer, Saving Hope, NCIS,The Blacklist,GRIMM,Blindspot shows along that line.I wouldn’t follow me,so I won’t be hurt if you don’t. Take care.

  124. Can we do one of these, but for tumblr? I don’t have a Twitter, but I do have a tumblr full of adorable animal videos, things I find hillarious, and feminism/social equality. I’m azuraeskye if anyone has a tumblr and wants to add me!

  125. I’m Linda and I truly believe that I was found under a very big cabbage patch leaf; otherwise, my life makes no sense. I’m Twitter illiterate but trying to figure the damn thing out at I use sarcasm and humour to cope with MS, depression and awkward sitatuations.

  126. @amberleighn … I got laid off Thursday (haven’t announced it anywhere yet) and I’ve never felt so panicked/lost/terrified. I’ve been working non stop since 14 (poor family) and have never lost a job for any reason. Good vibes appreciated.

  127. peeks out from under blanket

    hi… http//

    waves. Immediately knocks over water bottle


    hides back under blanket, mumbling ‘im not good at this’

  128. Hello! What a lovely invitation. I am so happy to share. I am a bit sad at the moment because I had to close my first business. My dream business. A gift shop. So I am looking for work and trying to be positive. I like books, theatre, wine and my husband. I am also trying to write more. You can get me at

  129. Love your tweets SO damned much! I’m modeknit, love to connect to anyone who loves knit, crochet or other yarny goodness.

  130. Hi Jenny-one-of-my-fave-authors, You can follow me on Twitter at @likes_words. Thank you, yippee!

  131. @StefanieAnn1974

    I literally just signed up for Twitter for the first time after reading this post, so I have nothing on my feed yet. I’m a delightful, funny, kind person who nevertheless has trouble making friends because I think people are only pretending to like me. I have generalized anxiety disorder, chronic depression, a husband, and a bunch of cats.

  132. I’m @cjhamherst and I’m proof that not only does depression lie, if you’re lucky you can go a decade and counting since hearing its last lie.

  133. Hi! Sheryl at I’ve been managing anxiety and depression for at least 25 years (and a few of them, even did it well!). I tick every box on Dr. Elaine Aron’s “Highly Sensitive Person” quiz . I’m a big geek and I love playing boardgames. There’s a great community of similarly-minded people in the audience of Geek and Sundry’s twitch channel (#TeamHooman) .. I imagine there is lots of crossover between Bloggess / WilW / Felicia Day fans 🙂

  134. You already follow me, but I am @ashuping on twitter. I’m on the Asperger’s spectrum, with anxiety, depression, and maybe other things not yet known. This week has been a real struggle for me, but following you on twitter and the things you share have kept me going.

  135. – A grad student who has depression and anxiety and deals with my life by making awkward jokes and eating 🙂

  136. I don’t do twitter. Don’t know how. But I love your writing and I see myself in alot of your writings. You help me with figuring out alot of things.

  137. I’m @Katerez316 I’m really bad at making summaries about myself & making new friends. Soo I’ll just leave my twitter handle here & follow random people? Because that doesn’t make seem creepy at all…

  138. I have lots of anxiety and am turning 49 tomorrow and it makes me sad. I think my Twitter is https// If u search my name Julanne Lorimor it will pop up. Happy Easter and I wish I had gotten an amazing basket like u did.

  139. @lroseyrn. Anxiety and depression. Quit smoking so now I’m really depressed. Love yarn, cats, wine, ricky gervais, this blog, and pop tarts. Torture myself with food industry documentaries.

  140. @AlloPoppets on twitter –
    Mother of 3 furbabies, sufferer of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Married to a man whom I’m in more a roommate agreement with rather than a romantic relationship with.
    I try to make the most of what I do, and try to have fun doing it. My love of cross stitch, reading, and everything nerdy sci-fi/fantasy keeps me sane.

  141. arthritic, SAD-avoider, sci-fi & fantasy nerd, lover of the weird, and keeper of bogroll, bills and birdseed for local nature reserve. i follow Jenny because she makes me feel i fit in somewhere!

  142. Don’t have a twitter account but if there is another expat who came back home to find out she does not fit in anywhere anymore , and if that misfit wanted to exchange with me it, I would get me a twitter account in a jiffy. I am French speaking, or I should be
    ( according to my mother) but I usually write in weird English

  143. @Mizshutterbugg anxiety depression photography and general shenanigans

  144. I’m — Technical writer by day, BFA in illustration, married to long-time partner, three weirdo cats. I’m a huge fan of (in no particular order): true crime, Bridget Jones, Star Trek (mostly TNG), Sherlock (AC Doyle, BBC, etc), probs more I can’t think of right now. So… my tweets are all over the place… 🙂

  145. @dark_neverland
    I am very stream-of-conscious so expect “randomness” from a variety of sources.

  146. @mischievously I’m new to this parenting thing and trying to figure out how to keep my own sanity while not screwing up my kid. Also I love books, movies, coffee and baking rum cakes.

  147. I am @smuddlebuddy. I am one half of an interracial marriage and we have a 22 year old transgender daughter. Depending on where you live that is no big deal. We happen to live in NC where up until this week we felt at home for the most part. Now, after the passage of HB2 not so much. At first we thought about leaving but there is actually a lot to love here so instead we have decided to stand and fight to get this terrible bill overturned. #WeAreNotThis.

  148. I am — I’m a cockeyed optimist and totally sure awesome is on the way. Except when I am in a dark room under several quilts with the cats. 10 yrs disabled with treatment resistant major depression, chronic migraines and fibro. And anxiety, and a shit ton of other and associated stuff. I live in bed and my world is pretty 2 dimensional (tv, interwebs, etc.). I love SuperWhoLock, addicted to all things Broadway (possibly stalking Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife on Twitter at this point), and while everyone I am related to lives in FL I also feel it is the Hellmouth (but in an awesome way, like using gators to bargain for beer or just fling through drive thru windows). I make up songs and can create new lyrics to songs while I am singing them (the cats love it, the husband and 10 year old boy tolerate it). In the vein of Pinky and the Brain, I do plot to bust out my body and mind shackles every night. But I think this summer could allow me at least let me go into the world and see the sky. If I get my body stronger and and start moving I may be able to conquer the world.

  149. No twits or tweets to share, but I wanted to brag that the story about the Arby’s happened right up the street from me. That’s the Arby’s I go to when I want delicious roast beef sandwiches. They guy has added himself to other local news videos here. When the a statue for the church of Satan came through Detroit, he added himself to the interviews the news station did of the Satanists waiting in line for the statue’s unveiling. He’s a local actor/director.


  150. Jenny, we already follow each other on Twitter but I am completely open to adding new friends.

    Crazy Cat Lady, Sensitive “creative-type”, Self-Employed (read: one more reason I seldom leave my apartment), Blogger, Social Anxiety Survivor, Colorer of Sweary Adult Coloring Books.

  151. @DIYlettante. Sewist, writer, all around crafter, ravenous reader of all things fantasy, newfound nutritious movement junkie. Anxiety. Depression. Probably some other shit. Currently nursing a 7 month old and the sleeplessness is real. Fighting the urge to sob hysterically at 6 am. Also have a 5 year old, but she sleeps great. Or at least reads in her room until she passes out. She’s like a mini me. I used to do stuff but now I mostly just do laundry and dishes and watch a baby try to find the most dangerous things in a room.

  152. On Twitter I am BarcyCordrey. I don’t post often, but when I do it is about my pets, comics, or just general snarkiness. I have never had the courage to openly talk about my issues except with very close family. I don’t believe there is anything shameful about mental illness, but I have just been too afraid to let the world know. But, if I push the “post comment” button this will be out there and I can’t take it back. I’m taking deep breaths and trying to stop shaking. Ok, here goes. Hello world, my name is Barcy and I am living my life with Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety.

  153. I’m @MarnieDresser battling anxiety with humor and sub-par organizational skills. Pretty boring on Twitter. Less boring elsewhere. Love this idea–I’m gonna follow like crazy (GET IT? LIKE CRAZY–people who are crazy like me? Maybe I should’ve said I’m attempting to battle anxiety with humor….)

  154. Jenny, you already follow me and you’re awesome! But for anyone else who would like to, I’m @feminaincognita on Twitter. I sometimes write for a video game journalism site, though less often, these days. I love games, I love all kinds of geeky things – if it’s sci-fi or fantasy, I’ve probably heard of it, am more than likely into it, and if I haven’t heard of it, I always love new stuff! I also have bipolar disorder and social anxiety, and get incredibly nervous and agitated in large crowds (which made attending DragonCon two years in a row not only an ordeal, but a huge accomplishment for me).

    Oh, and I’m also working up the nerve to try blogging (again) and not quit after two or three posts. Got to get over this fear that no one will read it. Twitter’s one of my baby steps to connecting with other people, so I’d love to follow some of you!

  155. I’m a lay analyst in private practice so I get the bipolar battles. I’m an introvert, an avid reader, lover of all kinds of music, live in a log house in the woods and don’t post much on Twitter. I guess I’m a bit of a voyeur and so enjoy peeking into the lives of others via social media.

  156. o0side0winder0o here. Parenting a speech delayed, unilaterally deaf kiddo. Married to a combat vet w/ PTSD. Would love to connect with anyone dealing with similar challenges. I think I’m pretty good at the parenting part, but I’m shit at supporting the hubs.

  157. hmm, couldn’t edit my own comment – meant to add how awesome your blog is, but of course you already know that. and my interests run all over the map. i don’t really understand the twitter thing yet i do use it here and there. carry on!

  158. I AM A HUGE DOPE. I got my own Twitter handle wrong. It’s StefanieAnn74. NOT 1974. I’m so embarrassed. Jenny, do you think maybe you could fix it in my original post? Pretty please?

  159. I almost never tweet (I’m on Instagram more often), but when I do it’s as @squirrelsammich …

  160. @surreybint Not a commenter but an avid reader. Today is my day to be brave.

  161. Jenny, I am so grateful to have your books and writing in the world, and I would LOVE to connect with other people who are part of this community. I’m @miriamgreystone.

  162. I’m on twitter. I’m a digital Managing Editor, indefatigable stepdad, and inventor of nothing useful.

    If you follow me, you’ll find out that I talk about my kid a lot, along with random crap probably no one cares about. Like how I just moved to Louisiana from Texas, and I think it’s amazing. I’m a lifelong introvert, but the people here are just so nice and laid back, I’m actually finding myself wanting to interact with people I don’t know for the first time in my life. It’s crazy and awesome, and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.

    I love it!

    Seriously, fellow introverts with crippling social anxiety. Consider moving to this weird, wonderful, bonkers state. Or at least visiting! Here’s the first thing I wrote at my new job about moving here. (Don’t worry; I’m not click-mining. Only geographically local views count in my market, but I thought some of you might like what I say about this area.) It’s a whole different world:

    I just want to say – after being laid off and spending most of last year looking for work while slowly spiraling into a deeper and deeper depression – a lot of what got me through it – and I mean A LOT – was Jenny and you guys here in the tribe.

    I owe all of you more than I could ever repay, so find me on Twitter or wherever if you ever need an ear. I’ve probably been where you are, and it took some brilliant, crazy weirdos online to keep me from sinking. I still fight with depression and anxiety and (especially) imposter syndrome, but I’m still here. I’m still going. Thanks to you guys.

    Always keep going.


    I’m an out of work librarian who recently relocated to Illinois. Mostly I tweet about comics, books, movies, and random annoyances.

  164. I’m @MyRunDepression
    I haven’t actually tweeted anything yet, it’s a new account I created to go with my new blog. It’s about my journey with running as a way to overcome depression. I’m not actually starting running (well walking first cause I’m so out of shape, and to be honest because even going out for a walk is a huge step for me right now) for about another week. Cause I’m super crazy about planning every little detail before starting.

  165. I’m @ToriDeaux and forgive me Tweeple, for I have sinned. It has been mumble mutter days since my last tweet. I had lost faith in you, Twitter, but it is Easter and my hope hatches anew with this post! What I love best on Twitter? CONVERSATION. Also, I’m totally all about the compassion of absurdity. Plus chupacabras, sharknados and other awesome wonders of the cryptopseudoscientific world! Now pardon me… I’m off to prune my account of everyone I don’t adore, and follow a ton of you 🙂


    obsessed with Outlander
    Dr Who
    Board games but that would involve leaving the house
    German Shepherds but mine is overwhelming
    Bit of a hermit, really
    Love that reading this makes me feel like I’m not all alone with this crap

  167. I’m @saltycrunchy — suicidal depression and anxiety, also fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome though those are mostly under control thanks to diet and yoga (thank you, Zombie Jesus). Mom of two special needs kids in their late teens/early 20s, both of whom still live in my house. I mostly use Twitter to complain about TV shows/commercials, rail against intolerance, make obscure nerdy references that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS, and look at pictures of baby animals. If you spend way too much time wondering which Hogwarts houses the various characters from Game of Thrones would be in, then you are in my tribe.

  168. I’m at @jessicapullen.

    I mostly tweet about web design, geeky things, and sometimes knitting. Let’s be friends. 🙂

  169. You are already following me, I made a bad Samuel L. Jackson zombies on the plane joke and you followed me and made pretty much my year, so thank you for that marvelous day. All the same I”m always happy to meet other wonderful people, and you clearly attract only the best.

    I’m a huge honking feminist fangirl who will gladly get into deep conversations with anyone over TV, especially genre shows. I was basically raised by TV. My teen daughter has social anxiety and OCD so it is always nice to get tips from others how to help her.

  170. @sjplaza – anxiety and depression fighter. Obsessed with The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and baseball. I don’t tweet as much as I would like to, but I think it’s from fear that I don’t have anything interesting to say. 😕

  171. @chisherman — Biracial lesbian writer (nonfiction, poems, BDSM erotica) and artist who dreams of one day having a Bloggess-like following, which means I need to write a damn book already. 🙂 Lives with depression, anxiety, misophonia, and a little OCD that I need to stop mocking because it affects me more than I realize.

    p.s. You follow me already, Jenny. 🙂

    p.s.s. My name is pronounced “chee.” Please don’t call me Chi Chi (#cuemurderousrage) or ask I I like chai. I hate the nickname and have no particular feelings towards the beverage. 🙂

  172. Howdy! I’m @gobliss. I’m an outgoing introvert, mom, dog owner, paper crafter, and mindfulness practitioner. Sometimes I get snarky and subtweet about annoying people. Mostly I try to uplift and inspire.
    p.s. I’m still waiting on info about a plushy Rory. I’m not wrong about this people!!
    p.p.s. You are all fiercely loved xoxo

  173. I’m @AprilTara on Twitter. Jenny, you already follow me (I’m the one whose profile had birthday balloons on it the other day) but consider this an open invitation to anyone who wants to connect. I’m a single mom (2 grown, one at home), a moderate liberal living in the South, military brat, usually tweeting about political stuff and social issues blended with geek culture. I drop f-bombs once in a while, I live-tweet TV shows (but I try to avoid spoilers), and I’m obsessed with Wonder Woman and Pink Floyd. My DMs are always open to anyone needing to reach out too.

  174. We can all use more persons in our lives. I’m at twitter @cooper0926

  175. I’m @Regina1574. I tweet cat photos. I like Doctor Who, Sherlock and Star Wars. I have fibromyalgia and postural orthostatic tachycardia.

  176. My name is Joy. I deal with bipolar, anxiety, sleep disorders, a cat that wants to kill me, a dog who wants to kill the UPS man, a boyfriend who tapes me sleep talking/walking/eating/etc, a whole bunch of students who call me Miss. I’d love to talk to people about anything. But I really love horror and paranormal stuff and books. I read lots and lots of books. This is awkward but maybe I’ll find some buddies.

  177. I’m @WhyNotAddHumor and I like Disney (don’t judge me), potty humor, books and making people laugh. With all the bad in the world making people laugh is just plain awesome.

    I post a lot of photos of my cats and my ever-growing Sailor Moon merch collection. I also try to post photos of interesting and unusual things I see/experience in my day-to-day life in Japan. I tend to go days without posting when depression and insomnia start getting the best of me, but I’m trying to be more active.

  179. @caitlinmcluckie
    Children’s literature nerd
    Boston terrier helicopter parent
    Trying to learn to kick anxiety’s ass

  180. First… thank you for everything that you write and do. I’ve been reading and following since you started to get Bloggie nominations. Your ability to shine the comedic, truthful, and very much needed de-stigmatizing light on mental illness is a huge blessing. Thank you for being you and for being there for your readers.
    So… I’m Jas. I have depression/anxiety. Sometimes I feel like a social butterfly, but most times I feel socially broken and that the inconsistency is off-putting to everyone around me. Which makes me even more anxious; I am always worried that everyone secretly hates me and just won’t say it. I’m always trying to push myself to be better and be productive, but then I get anxious about all of that, too.

    In my feed there are a ton of pictures of my mammoth Siamese cat-child, Taxi. And lots of bits that I like to test out for my comedy stuff. Random observational tweets. Feminist tangents. Links to blog posts. That sort of thing.

    I’ve been reading through the comments and I can’t wait to read more of what everyone is writing and saying. You’ve cultivated something incredible.

    Thank you ^_^

  181. I mean… that anyone could look at a dead armadillo and think, “now, let’s not waste this…” That’s so impressive. I’m slow clapping ingenuity in my mind.

  182. @ALewisCorsair
    Writer, gamer, falconer, history buff, Corsair, BLOGGESS FAN <3 😀

  183. I just joined Twitter to connect with the tribe, so expect newbie mistakes, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m 60ish, retired teacher, depression & anxiety, completely non-24, so would like to be able to tweet with other night owls who might know the meaning of life at 3 am. I’m @hermit118819 I don’t know how to make the name show up as a link. Mistake 1.

  184. Happy Easter, and thank you for saving my day!

    Me in a nutshell…These are the things I am – Mom, military wife, stay-at-home student, Bipolar, OCD, dog owner, doesn’t math good, interesting sense of humor, and I have a mind and mouth that betray me at any possible time just to make my life more “interesting”. Part time I am an insomniac, somewhat erratic, paranoid, and blogging (newly), mental escapades enthusiast. I am still in search of the AA group and sponsor for mental illness, to no avail. Why in the hell would they not give us sponsors for this shit? Or even a phone a friend option? It’s ridiculous, so if you are brave feel free to join me in my crazy.

    I just signed up for twitter because of this blog, so look, you made me do this! Here is my twitter name thingy @RachealB0612

  185. i’m @khouriajen. i’m a fairly introverted former pastor’s wife and mom of the cutest kiddo in the world (daniel). my tweets are protected (i used to be married to a pastor and had to have a safe place to vent) so it might take me 24 hours to add you or follow you. i’m also an avid reader, crocheter, singer, preeclampsia/hellp syndrome survivor, and i live with anxiety/depression daily.

  186. @maddiedawson1. I’m an author, and I love your writing–makes me laugh every single time. Wrote a book called The Stuff That Never Happened, and when it was translated into Italian, they used the title Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Just like your book! So…we’re kind of related, right?

  187. Jenny-you follow me already (which made me over the moon happy) I could always use more support and won’t turn it down.

    I love animals big and small especially bull dogs and pandas they make me laugh.

  188. Jenny’s tribe is fabulously diverse. What a great group of neurosis-enhanced humanity. My twitter handle is @physicsmom1. I mostly tweet about Progressive politics and some random observations. I contend with chronic pain, Sjogren’s Syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sarcoidoisis , depression and anxiety. I’m pretty agoraphobic, but I do like crafting, reading, sewing and knitting which are solitary tasks, so that works out. Also, I’m old. I don’t feel old, in spite of all the ailments I bring to the table, but my body presents as old. I hate that. I have a lovely husband, daughter, son-in-law and magnificent (!! what else??) granddaughter. My physical limitations preclude me from playing with Baby G on the floor and I can’t hold her for long because she’s darned heavy! Anyway, if all this “stuff” doesn’t turn you off, I’d be delighted to follow more folks who share my passions. Namaste.

  189. You already follow me, but I’m @KristiColleen. I’m also one of leaders of a new mental health initiative in Canada called SickNotWeak, and I know a lot of your followers are already part of our community! We’d love to have more, though. We’re all in this together.

  190. I’m a mom and a writer. My youngest son has epilepsy and I’m scared for him every moment of every day. My oldest son graduates this year. My life is crazy! @_wordmistress

  191. You got THREE(!) Lil Wil’s! What are you going to do with three of them? It’s all I can do to keep my own Lil Wil clothed properly for various events!

  192. Crap I forgot my twitter info. I don’t know how to Internet!!!!

    Again I like all animals and especially bulldogs and pandas. I also love Amy Poehler!! And of course Jenny!! That goes without saying @charmcgregor

  193. I’m @13directions – I love how communities like this show how the Internet can be empowering, instead of just a big pit of misery.

    I’m all over the place on Twitter. Tweeting about politics, astronauts, my kids, my city… You name it. Say hi!

  194. Possibly a bit different to the rest of the tribe. Chris. 35. British but living in the US with American husband. Geek who writes about tech for a living. I tweet a lot. Probably too much. Tech, food (mostly meat), our cat Penny, weird humor, snark, etc. For some reason Jenny follows me. @c_davies anyway, and I won’t be terribly offended if people unfollow after discovering my true nature

  195. Late to this party! I’m @sarazafar. I hide my social anxiety fairly well. I do not hide my awkward neediness at all. I’m somewhat boring on Twitter, but when I do tweet, it’s about sports, news, mental health, social justice, cats, the weather, and interesting retweets. I am pretty interactive, so I reply a lot to other folks.

  196. You already follow me (and you cannot imagine how loudly I squealed) but I’m always excited to meet new weirdos. Liberal feminist, love to make things with my hands, grad student, interested in everything. @fleur_de_livres

  197. I’m

    I tend to use twitter to scream into the darkness when the feelings get so overwhelming I can’t hold them in anymore. Screaming into a room full of people who likewise understand would probably be more helpful!

    (PS, Jenny you already follow me 🙂 )

  198. My name is not Lisa but I’m Lisa FrankNFurther (@LFrankNFurter) on Twitter.

    I’m going to follow you all 🙂

  199. Hey, I’m @jaclynopritza on twitter and tweet about writing, depression, funny stuff, and star trek jokes that no one gets. You guys are great!

  200. i like animals and books more than people, but i’m trying . . .
    the twitter is geared towards celebrating my big dog who is fighting cancer, but also some stuff about my life in general.
    i write a lot, but don’t blog,
    and like to laugh because it softens the resting bitch face
    i’m into books, critters, (heavily into elephants and others on the brink of extinction) hockey, whisky, living light, nature, and alternative therapies.
    i don’t own a tv

  201. @eves84 on Twitter. Closet geek, anxiety sufferer, eternal worrier with claustrophobia induced panic attacks…. All in a bright shiny package!

  202. I’m Dell Ann @dellannt. Originally from East Texas now living in New York. I love to knit and am trying to learn to sew. I found exercise and proper nutrition to help with my bi-polar and anxiety. I have a hard time meeting new people because of my work schedule and social anxiety. I’m hoping to embark on a new career as soon as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

  203. @sitdownpee on twitter, because I am a mama to three little boys who use my whole house as a urinal. As do my cats.
    Also, I have a PhD in math and have a fondness for nonsense and shenanigans. And I am married to A Republican. He rolls his eyes at me a lot.

  204. You already follow me, Jenny, you made my NYE 2014 (thank you). But anyone else is welcome to follow me.

    I tweet about mental health, kindness, compassion, empathy, trauma, grief and quite a lot of current military stuff. I challenge people to think about their personal narratives and unspool the stories they’ve been told about who they are and who they want to be. I don’t auto followback for a variety of personal boundary reasons but I do like to engage. I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I have a terrible, dirty mind; a kind heart and very, very black humour.

  205. I am I am married to a wonderful bi polar woman. We have been to hell and back together. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Superheroes/villains, and I love reading books and D&D. I also love this community and it blows my mind how we have the opportunity to support each other through social media. Every time I see the support it restores my faith in humanity and assures me that my wife and I are not alone.

  206. Mostly I tweet about my obsessive anglophilia, light anxiety, and questioning my choice of career and wondering how to obtain the bravery to write enough words to create a story that people may actually want to read. I read obsessively, and watch any British TV show I can find.

  207. I am on Twitter:

    I am the very proud mother of a 16 year old who struggles every day with OCD and anxiety, and his demons convince him that the people who love him most try to hurt him. Your stories of bravery — always told with wit and grace — truly help give me ideas on how to help him. Send more!

  208. I’m Heather – I am a reptile keeper in a zoo with one of the best collections of turtles and tortoises in the world. I have a weird chronic condition, and I love Harry Potter.No, that’s not my weird chronic condition. I’m also a writer. I put my hoodie on backwards at work this week in front of my boss, so I am clearly smooth, as well.

  209. My way of dealing with acute agoraphobia is to have anyone…even an infant…with me. I feel safer when not alone. I am a Foster Parent for that very reason. When I’m not fostering, I could stay at home for weeks. I know this is not normal, but this is me…a very small part of me.
    BTW, I read your books, really felt a kinship minus Victor. I don’t have a Victor.

  210. YASSSSS @bsamelson on twitter. Love nature and food and dogs and pineapples, my brand is strong

  211. I don’t understand twitter (more of an instagram girl). Do I have to check it all the time? How do I get involved/make friends?

    I do know that today I called out of a wildlife hospital volunteer shift because I was having a panic attack and lied and said I was sick because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. This happens.

    I’ve also never seen Titanic and kind of want to watch it and live tweet about it. That’s a thing, right?

    @jenniferzii (twitter and IG)

  212. I moved to Southern California in August and still feel lonely sometimes. I have a great husband, I love teaching, and reading about medical oddities. I’m on Twitter: @MadamFurie. Let’s hang out, y’all.

  213. hi. you already follow me, I think, so thank you. I don’t know what to say. I have depression, terrible anxiety, & agoraphobia. I don’t have friends anymore because I guess nobody knows how to deal with those things/me. I like dogs and books and other stuff. I’m really uncomfortable even posting this but it would be nice to not be alone. um…so I guess look at my feed & see if you’re interested in anything I’ve posted.

  214. Hi I’m Charlotte at I’ve raised two special needs kids while dealing with depression and ADHD. Love theater, books, art, Dr. Who, Sherlock. Orphan Black and BBC radio. Also the tribe. Soon to be starting a radio show reading classic children’s literature.

  215. I’m @taysherrrx on twitter. I don’t tweet m very often but I have been in need of a community who undestands my introverted ess and social anxiety (and other anxiety) lately. Jenny–your book made me feel empowered and as though someone finally understood me. Thank you! I’m sure I’ll love this strange little community if it’s even half of how Jenny describes it!

  216. @elizabethbake Jenny, I talked about “Furiously Happy” with my college English students last week. Life lessons via Rory & Jenny, ftw.

  217. I love cats, dogs, and goats (pygmy and baby). Geek, nerd, depression/anxiety/panic attacks, claustrophobic, lifelong Alabama Crimson Tide (college football) fan, and voracious reader of anything I can get my grubby little paws on. Most of the time I am shiny, sometimes not, but I try.

  218. I’m @dixieschnauzer on Twitter.
    I’m a mom – love sharing the teenager struggles.
    Suffer from anxiety and depression.
    Daughter is a survivor of self harm.
    I love puppies, One Direcrion and Sephora.

  219. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to get mail that tells me you’ve written something new! Just want you to know what a difference you’ve made in so many people’s lives. Happy Easter!

  220. I’m @kaleisto. I love ferrets (owned them for the last 10 years but not now. I love animals, travelling and getting to know other weirdos like me. Right now I’m hooked on those adult colouring books and hoping that Jenny comes out with one- wouldn’t a Furiously Happy raccoon to colour in be awesome???

  221. I’m a little late to this, but better late than never?

    I’m a wife, sister, daughter, aunt and great-aunt all at the age of 42 (yes, I just celebrated my “Answer to life, the universe & everything” birthday this week!).
    I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD (have the nightmares that go with it), depression and anxiety/panic disorder.
    I’m also a kitty-mommy to two awesome cats. We rescued them, but really, they go out of their way to rescue me almost every day.
    I’m also a great big geek/nerd.
    When I’m having a hard time, I journal in a private blog and fill up social media with cute cat/kitten pictures and videos. And sometimes i just do that for fun. I also love to share pictures of food.

    I post to Twitter in fits and starts, but I’m there:

  222. Writer. Feminist. Somehow the mother of a 20-year-old. Dipping toes in the dating pool. Moved to Wisconsin for a job and stayed for the cheese. Chocoholic. Fighting the darkness that is depression for 22+ years with a side order of anxiety. Surrounds self with mix of order and chaos.

    Follow me at

  223. I’m
    I have some social anxiety and prefer to stay home. I enjoy reading and was actually introduced to Jenny through the Vaginal Fantasy group on Goodreads. I still dream of having a Vagina Hat, it was amazing. I sew, knit and crochet. I have two cats Mr. Bigglesworth and Óðinn who help keeping me sane.
    I tweet about this and that and sometimes the link to my daily Instagram photo.


    I’m sarcastic in an attempt to cover up the depression & anxiety. I hate the horror genre but I watch The Walking Dead & iZombie. I like Doctor Who & Firefly but I’m fairly new to the fandom. I’m totally not desperate for anyone’s approval or anything.

  225. @rachelprewitt. Healthcare provider, cat and baseball person, depression. That basically covers all my tweets.

  226. @varnishcentral musician, writer, geek, autistic, reclusive, introvert, cat lover & cat rescue/TNR advocate, bipolar, too busy to be a good friend 😛

    Most my tweets are re-tweets and randomness from my brain, with occasional notes about progress on music and writing projects. When it comes to community, I’m mostly good at adding to the numbers and clicking “like”

    I’m more of a reader and responder on Twitter than a poster, but sometimes it’s different. I try to stay positive, because that’s what everyone else relies on me for, but sometimes my inner demons get the best of me. BPD, PTSD, and a wife with MS for which I co-lead a support group. This blog and other outlets fill me up when I’m completely spent giving my all for others. Also have two adult children, but had them young so I don’t have any parenting “peers” because most women my age have toddlers, and my kids’ friends’ parents are about 15-20 years my senior.

  228. @deborahblake I’m an author (paranormal romance, urban fantasy from Berkley/modern witchcraft from Llewellyn) and I talk about writing, witchcraft, cats, gardening, cats, chocolate, wine, cats, and brag a lot about my fellow authors. Occasionally, I’m even amusing. Mostly because of my cats. (Also, fibromyalgia, which I rarely talk about.)

  229. I’m @anacruzing on Twitter. I am a proud feminist, liberal, humanist, all the good -ists. 36, childless, divorced. Just got my first tattoo last month – a semi-colon to match and show support for someone I care about who has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts since we were teenagers together. Love TV, art, weirdness, and human expression. Life is fun! And scary. But mostly fun.

  230. I’m @typicalibrarian. I live near Seattle, and I love books, traveling, and British TV. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and would love to connect with more of our tribe!

  231. Added a few people on Twitter. I don’t tweet much but like following funny nerdy people. Love books, animals, theatre. Academic but don’t post specific work stuff to this account. @Bockney

  232. @aliciapare33 I repeatedly kick anxiety in the face. Mom and dad died when I was young so that’s always something to think about at 2am. Mom to 3 boys. Twitter is usually snarky and nerdy

  233. Oh man, I’m always late to the parties! It’s because I spent my day drowning. Like literally, but not like for real. I was teaching lifeguards so I had to drown so they’d save me. Only 2 of the 20 tried to choke me in the process, so that’s a win. And only one viciously twisted a boob.

    Anyway. I’m @GabsHardy on the Twitters. I… actually had to go look at my recent stuff to see what I twit about, because there’s no real rhyme or reason. Cats. Hats. Dogs. Coffee. Shenanigans, drunken or otherwise. Knives. Work. TV. Liberal politics. Sportsball. Basically whatever comes to mind. I welcome any and all because friends make things awesomer.

    Now I gotta go back through these 400 comments and find some friends!

  234. Let’s do this! I’m. @carly18 slowly being driven mad by my three kids, husband, in-laws and contractor.

  235. @grizzly_sean
    It’s mostly frustration about my mother and pictures of my awesome kid, who is awesome in spite of me.

  236. @bronxquotes
    I post a quote of the day and you usually can tell the level of my depression by what I choose.

  237. I’m @gacmawhorter on Twitter. I’m young and married (to a medical student). I work as a nanny. I like sports, mental health, small children, improv comedy, and Cleveland, OH. My Twitter self is the snarkiest version of myself. Haha.

  238. thatlaurachick – Tweets about life, video games, feminism, economics, food, technology, and other miscellany.

    I don’t talk about my depression, anxiety or chronic illnesses much, as my boss follows me. But welcome to my small world.

  239. @cgogolin I kind of suck at social media because of my anxiety totally taking over my life but I’m working on it. Just read Furiously Happy and found out we’re married to the same man lol. I’m a total nerd, like even professionally. Love video games, books, computers, science, etc. Deal with anxiety (as remarked above), fibromyalgia, migraines, and treatment for depression is actually working (wow yay). Nice to know others know what I’m feeling even though I don’t want anyone to have to deal with that kind of nastiness. Ever.

  240. Well, I’m late to this party, but here goes: On Twitter, I am

    According to my profile there, I am a “low-carb/keto/Paleo/WAPF-friendly nutritionist by day; novelist, foodie, and indulging a wild imagination by night. USAF veteran. INTROVERT.”

    Aspiring novelist with lots of free time on my hands, which I tend to squander by doing just about anything and everything except writing. I live in the DC area, but I’d like to move to a small farm in the country where I can have a vegetable garden, see the stars come out, and all around smells like rich soil and freshness and life. (Or if not the country, I’m actually very partial to Pittsburgh, PA!)

    Glad to have found some people here who “get it.” Sometimes very dark things go on in our heads, and there isn’t a whole lot we can do about them except wait for them to pass, and know that we’ll be stronger for it after they do. But damn, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

  241. @Da_CrowsNest I want to add more humor and music for peeps in everyday life. Still learning how.

  242. I’m @KelpieStar on Twitter. Selkiesunset on Tumblr and Chelsea Williams Durham on Facebook. I’m bipolar, general anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and clinical depression. I LOVE Supernatural. Come find me!!

  243. You already follow me(thank you so much!)but for anyone else here I’m @hgleiser and my tweets are a metric ton of fangirling about Formula One races and my cat. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  244. @gnewfry i like to commiserate about bipolar or anxiety, but i actually can’t do it for very long because it brings me down. i’m a lonely introvert, which means please come by, now go away. i live in chicago and love the bloggess, doctor who (the new ones), bookbinding and 2D art. and i love reading, but not very long on the internet. i’ll read trilogies but not click through the link on long articles. i’m a bernie supporter and i used to work for greenpeace. i’m on disability for bipolar. this sounds like the worst tindr profile ever. i’m a married cis heterosexual. now it’s the worst ok cupid profile ever.

  245. Jenny, you’re da coolest. I’m really looking forward to EBWW this week and hope we can meet. Maybe we’ll both be hiding in the same ladies’ room, trying to get our shit together.

    I’m @noodleroux and I write about dogs, boobs, books, and the weirdness that is being 40 and (gasp!) childless in the Midwest. Zoloft is my life partner.

  246. I would love to connect with anyone who appears to live a perfect life but struggles with mental illness. It’s a secret society of sorts and v. v. lonely. Jenny’s book cracked open the horribly wonderful parts of myself and made me look. And now I’m dealing with synthesizing this hidden identity into my public one.
    I blog about being an Army brat and tell stories that re-frame my dad’s bipolar behaviors as the hilarity that it is. So I get that, too. And if you’re bipolar it’s ok. I love my dad and turned out great. Promise.


  247. I’m
    I mostly tweet and retweet random nerdy fandom things and odd thoughts. I love discussing pretty much anything.
    I spent over a decade diagnosed bi-polar, but now they are going with BPD, Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. I am happy to support anyone trying to cope and be the happiest, healthiest person they can in any given situation. All we can ever do is the best we can at the time with the skills we have. Sometimes we need help.
    You are among the list of many strangers who don’t know they are my candle in the dark.
    I recommend the more famous ones: @queenofcussin @jarpad and last but certainly not least @wilw (duh). Hope that’s okay.

  248. It’s going to take me a few DAYS to follow all the interesting people here! I’m @faziarizvi if anyone’s looking for another to follow: Star Trek, anthropology, archaeology, space, NASA, space, more space, more NASA, space, feminism, spinning wheels and fiber, more space and NASA, butterflies and marmalade (not at the same time), omg puppies, omg BBC Sherlock, occasional venting about humanity, technology, Texas, all the pictures of my cat and puns (you’ve been warned). Writer, actor and nerd (obviously).

  249. @TheMelaniac – I’m a Canadian and a lawyer and a mom and I live in Peru. For the time being. I’m generally super functional but I over-analyze everything and I drink a lot and I never quite fit in. I don’t twitter much anymore, but I’m thinking of getting back into it.

  250. meeee me meeee it’s all tv and sarcasm and some of the same dark stuff so many of us have, I’m at @heyyybrother

  251. @hayfreeland

    Anxiety is a common theme of my tweets. So is One Direction. Big fan of sarcasm. But non-sarcastically love this.

  252. And I’m @reesayspieces on Twitter. I suffer from anxiety & depression, I’m a wife and a mother (of one adorable child), and some days I don’t want to leave my bed unless it’s to console myself with food.

  253. Hi. I’m @spyderkl. I’m a mom who likes fiber arts – knitting, spinning, embroidery and dyeing, music, and my family. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I’m kind of quiet most of the time, but I’ve been posting more lately.

  254. I’m @mckeever_krista I haven’t tweeted much because I’ve always been too nervous. Of what I’m not sure… I do have anxiety soooo I can guess why 😉

  255. I’m Shannon.
    I haven’t been on twitter much lately. I’ve been having a tough time. My mother died in August, my 42 year old sister had a heart attack in October, and then my father died in January, so I’ve been a little messed up. Starting to climb out of the hole now.
    I love Jenny’s books, and got them when they first came out, but I only just started her second one when my son asked to borrow it, and I haven’t gotten it back yet.I think I need to just go out and buy another one. I love The Walking Dead, Doctor Who. I write for, and act in local Theatre. I’m socially awkward, so pretending to be someone else on stage is so much easier than being myself. I also have an adult son with OCD, anxiety and depression. You already follow me, Jenny, but for anyone else who may be interested.

  256. I’m @pixiestix1207 my daughter has add, insomnia, anxiety and trichtillomania. She’s 13. I’m sure that if I didn’t have the exceptional double standards of parenting ( you know the one where you take the kids to the dr for the tiniest thing but haven’t gone yourself since they were born?) I would probably have my own diagnoses. But I’m terrified of what that might be, and more importantly how it would affect her, so I ignore things.
    On the happier side of things, I live in SF Bay Area, love board games, brown oats, and yes also some sports. I below it takes a village not only to raise a child but also to raise ourselves, and would love to join this tribe of awesome.

  257. @Glitrende_Tispe I like books, reading, cute animals, glitter, random facts, and sass. I have anxiety and depression currently managed by meds and (unofficially) my dog. I love that since following The Bloggess I’ve seen that there are a lot of really wonderful people out there who help balance out all the unpleasantness that can seem without end on the internet.


  258. I’m @Showbiz_emelle on Twitter, and I follow Jenny, @wilw, and @EliMcCann (It Just Gets Stranger). I have my own blog, and all I talk about is my shit in my life in Hollyweird. I don’t care if I’m never famous, but I struggle with never having enough work. Sometimes I get depressed, but mostly, I’m blessed.

  259. I’m @elypsis
    I don’t tweet at much as I’d like… but I think that comes from feeling a little isolated on the web. I always love the animal tweets and my MS support.
    God bless this tribe, it’s helped so many times.

  260. faith_currie is my Twitter, just started and finished Furiously Happy today, and I’m hoping to buy Jenny’s other book as soon as possible. It’s nice to hear a voice that lets you know you’re not alone!

  261. Hi everybody, my name is Adam (@adam_absurdum) and I am a weirdo. I’m newly diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I also enjoy (or used to enjoy and hope to someday again enjoy) reading, movies, and tv in the comedy, scifi, fantasy, and super hero genres, lame jokes, drawing, dogs, camping, facial hair, and I’m starting to dabble in writing. I look forward to being friends with all of you.

  262. @Nicole_Kapp87 I already follow you on Twitter, and I always enjoy seeing your tweets, and reading your blog posts. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety, as well as a stress related condition where I pull my hair out. I like spending time with my niece and nephew, and my dogs. I am addicted to candy. I think this is a fantastic idea!

  263. I’m a writer/illustrator/lurker with anxiety issues. TBH my anxiety has never been worse than it is right now, because I picked a very stupid day job I can’t get out of, and Internet perspective and community makes me feel like there’s an escape somewhere. Thank you all.

  264. I am @missFiona
    Living in the Netherlands
    Loving your book!!!!
    Also loving all things retro and wierd
    Well …. not all things…
    But like Blythe dolls, granny furniture, flee markets.

    Hi. I’m Eric (@EricDOwens). I’m dealing with depression and probably social anxiety disorder. Given that it’s taken me hours to work up the guts to even post on here, that feels like a safe bet. Anyway, I like comics my cat, architecture and design with a focus on making things better for people and the planet. Science is cool. I love my wife and don’t know where I’d be without her, but I suspect it’d be much darker. I’d like to get back into script writing and making movies and I do some photography. I’m shocked I’m just putting all of this out here, but I won’t let myself delete it now.


    I’m dealing with Fibro, back pain, fatigue and dealing with feelings that I don’t deserve to be part of groups. I love video games, watching stand up, DDP yoga, watching football, being a foodie and playing D&D. I’m also a #critter (I adore watching the web series Critical Role). When my back allows me I make chainmail jewelry. This blog and your books are what I use to stand up to the lying voices in my head.I’m at a point where I know I need to reach out to build my support network, so I can use all the help I can get.

  267. The Universe has spoken: a good excuse to finally join Twitter! Thank you, Jenny…..

    Half-Chinese and half-Mexican, and half-blind too. Married to a kind and tall white guy born in Vietnam. I micro-manage my diet and activities after 40+ years of health/immunity issues since head injuries at age 5… and because prescription drugs never helped me get anything but sicker. No kids, no pets: I respect animals and little humans too much to risk them being stuck under my care on the bad days. When I can’t write, I draw. When I can’t draw, I practice Reiki healing. When I can’t do Reiki, I swear viciously. Thank you, everyone here, for sharing your shadows and love.

    Christina @reconnectsreiki

  268. Hello, I’m @sandiokissed
    I’m a graphic design teacher, nanny, house cleaner, dog sitter. I feel so lucky to be self employed, it seems to fit my temperament. I suffer from PTSD, Depresssion, anxiety and have just within days of one another discovered that my darling daughter is bulimic and my sweet sweet middle son has Autism.
    I don’t feel comfortable in a room unless it is filled with books, I hate to wear shoes and Mexican food makes my world go round.

  269. Hi, I’m I haven’t been tweeting much but maybe if I connect with folks I’ll dinit more often. I have a wee bit of the depression and am an insomniac. I am crafty, an avid reader and a comedy nerd. If you want to know who that guy was in that movie with that other guy, I probably know.


    I get geeked out by sci fi things, reproductive rights, social justice, human sexuality, feminism, and cats. And most Masterpiece shows. Otherwise, just trying to survive my PhD program while working full time. I think I need a sugardaddy or a sugarmama so I can eliminate that last bit about working. Then my house might actually be clean, too.

  271. Hi, I’m Nichole and on Twitter I am @its_not_nicole. Occasionally I will tweet inspiring historical quotes or stories but I’ve never had much of an audience so it’s mainly been for my own benefit. Maybe if that changes I might start sharing more silliness and nerdiness though! I struggle with anxiety and depression and have felt very blessed to find so many kindred spirits here. Thank you so much for having the courage to create, Jenny!

  272. Jenny already follows me, which makes me giddy.


    I work in network PR and am a big old pop culture nerd. There aren’t enough movies, shows, books, music, art or plays/musicals to satisfy.

    Oh, and tomatoes are the devil’s berry.

  273. I go by LunaMarie here but my handle on Twitter is @mcabel39
    Depression & anxiety are my usual bedfellows, with a soupçon of agoraphobia.
    I love all things geek, up to and including ST (all), SW, SGC (all but the last series, because ouch!) but I really can’t bring myself to care about GOT or Twilight. I also love cooking, teaching people how to cook, wine, cats, dogs and generally quirky other stuff. I have a fantastic memory for trivia and I will use it only for the common good, especially if I need to win an argument.
    Wow, I feel like I just placed a personal ad.
    Woot. Jenny, you are the best.
    PS. I can’t tell you how much I love your writing, blog, etc. you give me hope.

  274. The Universe has spoken: a good excuse to finally join Twitter! Thank you, Jenny…..

    Half-Chinese and half-Mexican artist, and half-blind too. All kinds of hypersensitivities. Empath and intuitive and inconsistent psychic. Married to a kind and tall white guy born in Vietnam (seriously). I micro-manage my diet and activities after 40+ years of health/immunity issues due to head injuries at age 5… and because prescription drugs never helped me get anything but sicker. No kids, no pets: I respect animals and little humans too much to risk them being stuck under my care on the bad days. When I can’t write, I draw. When I can’t draw, I practice Reiki healing. When I can’t do Reiki, I swear viciously. Thank you, everyone here, for sharing your shadows and love.

    Christina @reconnectsreiki

  275. I’m on Twitter at because I look like a mashup of Bombur and Radagast. Also I like birds and woods. Wish I had a magical staff too, but you know what it’s like, you just can’t get the staff these days.

    Jenny, you’re kind enough to already follow me. Shit, I think this is like the fourth account you’ve followed me on, because I’ve had a track record of getting overwhelmed with stuff and ending up deleting accounts. Thanks for keeping on coming back, means a lot.

    Anyway, I make and post ridiculous and random stuff, like joining in the embarrassing confessions or really scrappy “because laser powered robot chickens are the future, motherfuckers” images and birds and books and comics and space and raspberry pi’s and nature and Star Trek.

    Oh yeah, and I’m British, so imagine my tweets in a “sexy British accent” and they’ll sound way better. Something like Cumberbatch. Not that I sound anything like him, but wouldn’t all our tweets sound better if they were read by Benedict Cumberbatch or Kate Winslet? Wonder if we can book them to read selected ones? Fundraiser anyone?

  276. I’m
    I’m 20, and years ago deleted my account where I followed/interacted with people I knew in real life because it made me so anxious. I kept the account I use to follow interesting people I don’t know in real life. I don’t really tweet because no one knows about this account, but…I have THOUGHTS on things! So, I’m going to start if I find my people. I like books and observing and saying no to things and driving aimlessly. I have depression and anxiety. Maybe some other things!

  277. I am @CoffeeShopRabbi – my tweets are often about Jewish stuff or LGBTQ rights or disability rights. I find social media weirdly soothing. I wrestle with depression and one of my adult sons has the bipolar.

  278. Hey, what if we used a hashtag on Twitter to make finding tribe folk easier on Twitter? Something like #RoryTribe ? Could put it in tweets and on profiles maybe?

  279. @glyphgeek
    Blogger: into German Food, Matthias Reim (musician), fangirling over my fantasy colony of British Actors, BBC Crime shows, Trekkie, Whovian, ….. and soooo much more. I don’t get on Twitter much since I was stalked from across the living room by a crazy roommate. It’s been 4 years and I still can’t get back to twitter. My blogs autopost but I am not active there.
    Currently dealing with depression and feeling worthless, could be burned out on the job or it could be the Special Hell Enhancing Features that Only Menopause Can Bring. Spring should have sprung me out of this but it hasn’t.

  280. I’m at I’m a British expat living in Maryland with my ladyspouse, two young wombfruit and an extremely flatulent labrador. I work from home in a foreign land, and twitter has kept me (relatively) sane. Currently struggling with depression and chronic skeletal misfortune, from injuries sustained in the construction of a snowman during the winter of 2012.

  281. Okayzoeyk , I also have a blog where I talk about many similar issues such as depression, anxiety, and just weird shit that happens to me. I would love to meet more people who have similar issues but have survived and can help me and I will be willing to help anyone as well <3

  282. @alibrausen I like data, art, and humor that makes me laugh so hard my belly hurts.


    I’m in Massachusetts with ADHD. Strengths include derailing conversations, making people laugh when they don’t want to, and a highly inappropriate sense of humor. Tweets mostly include stuff about video games, my cats, complaints about going to the grocery store, and live tweeting when I watch movies like Sharknado.

    I’m prone to going lengths of time without tweeting when I get hooked into a new game (or replay a Bioware game). Because yay hyperfocus!

  284. Um. I got 42 comments down before I decided I better post because I’m too shy to add anyone. Also, I’m fairly rubbish at using Twitter, which is why I only just realised I still have an account and then I couldn’t remember my username.

    I’m at and I like.. stuff. I’m a disabled individual living in Australia. I’m a survivor, a babyloss mother, a counselling student & former childcare worker, a crazy nutbag lady (see below) and a bit of a chocaholic. If I remember to use Twitter, you’re likely to catch bits and pieces of all of the above, as well as my hobbies: reading, writing (poetry & flash fiction, primarily), crafting, photography, looking at cute things, bad puns, mental health advocacy.

    Diagnonsense listed for the interested, to give more accurate info than “crazy nutbag lady”: Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks with Agoraphobia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depersonalisation/Derealisation Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    Totally open to questions about pretty much anything.

  285. @tlfleck new to twitter..and you would all make a wonderful twitter family!

  286. @kellyfredb I’m not much good at the twitters but that’s because I don’t follow enough interesting people. I almost never tweet but will be following you people. I like cats, dogs, knitting, coloring, books, baking. I have depression, anxiety, eating disorder and am the parent of two kids with anxiety (and celiac disease) one also has depression. I live for naps.

  287. Ack! I almost forgot my most favorite thing of all; Kristin Hersh and ALL her music. @kellyfredb

  288. I live life with a running commentary in my head that goes something like-“Hm. Don’t see that everyday…” I’m also a psychiatric nurse so I do see that everyday.
    My heart and my soul is there.
    I also have a dead pet cat I should probably get stuffed as she is taking up room in my freezer.

  289. Twitter: @brainyisnewsexy You may not want to follow me if you dislike feminism, all types of equality, or cute bunny rabbits.

  290. I’m @draiochtatintri. I am a Mom of two boys. I have PTSD, SAD, Generalized Anxiety disorder, and OCD which manifests as dermotillomania. I like coloring (yay adult coloring books) and hiding from reality on line. Parenting with mental illness is hard some days and on the hardest I read or zone out to Food network when my boys are in school or asleep. My husband is very supportive but some days just wants me to not be sad, angry or upset. Too shy to add people (like WOAH), so if you want to go ahead and add me, please do. Jenny, your books have changed my life so much in the last year and have made me feel less alone. Thank You <3

  291. so fun, and I am late to the game!
    @mercurysmine on Twitter and Instagram.
    I am a single mom to an 11 year old boy. I live in Michigan and I like to DIY, decorate, read, travel. I’m a vegetarian. I enjoy good beer and live music!

  292. I’m at

    I am essentially a yarn junkie. I’ve been following you for a few years now. And have adopted the phrase “depression lies” to remind myself that I am not alone in this world and there are people out there that understand what is going on inside my head even when I am lost.

  293. I’m I complain a lot, and post pictures of cats and dogs. I cried when I read Furiously Happy because for the first time, I felt like it was okay that I have a taxidermy fox and trich. I’m really good at enjoying/appreciating things other people are enthusiastic about.

  294. jenny, you already follow me and i thank you for that!
    we’re all about the rescue. rescue mom of 2 ginger ninjas and a one eyed wonder dog. my husband rescues me on the reg whether from myself, food or the bookstore…i rescue him from being too serious. with love ALL things are possible @absolutahnie9, i will follow back.

  295. nerdy, board game loving, cat owner who reads too much.

  296. I don’t tweet that much but I’m trying to do it a little more. I’m @hlfinn on there.

    And if people could also follow the dog rescue I tweet for I would so so so so so appreciate it. We’re trying to get more notice on there. It’s Carolina Loving Hound Rescue and on twitter it’s @CLHRescue. Because dogs.

    Looking forward to having more people to follow!

  297. @merritfrey Lots of work tweets (but I do have a pretty fun job), but I would love to expand my twitter world to include more fun, support, and mayhem.

  298. @vocabmarketing Likes: cats with attitudes and gummy bears
    Dislikes: carrots & beets

  299. I love this!!! And I love this tribe. I’ll come back to these comments and follow people when I have more time. Twitter is my favorite place. I’ll tweet about anything and follow anyone who doesn’t spew hate. I hope I get to know more of our tribe. Oh! I might tweet about my kids, my cats, squirrels, and whatever else catches my attention. I like to share articles too. I’m kind of a book nerd. I’m generally insecure but mask it with my enthusiasm.

    @jenniferflaig (a.k.a.