This isn’t a real post

This isn’t a real post.  Just checking in to say a few things that I have on my list of things to write about but that I haven’t written about because I haven’t had time to make into a polished post because I’ve been working on my next book (FINALLY MY BRAIN IS ALMOST WORKING AGAIN) but if I wait any longer I won’t write it at all and I’ll forget it…so, here is my mind dump of a few things you should know.

  1.  Are you listening to the INVISIBILIA podcast on NPR?  You should be.  I just discovered it a few months ago and I’ve been pouring through them and the one I listened to yesterday (The Problem with the Solution) totally gut-punched me.  But in a good way.  Just…ow.
  2. Y’all, it’s not out yet but Samantha Irby’s new book is so good it made me vomit.  Like, I want to smother her and take credit for writing it but then everyone would be like, “Wait.  You’re a black orphan with Crohn’s disease?  WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?”  But the book doesn’t come out until forever and I’m gonna forget to tell you about it when it does come out because I’m the worst so just remind me to tell you again when it’s available for preorder.  Or read her last book again while you’re waiting.  But then writing that reminded me of the book I read last year that was SO good and I wanted to tell everyone about it but it still had a billion months until publication so instead I just called my friends and read aloud from it while simultaneously aghast and giggling hysterically and I just went to check and it comes out this month so go order that shit right now because it was one of the best things I read this year.  It’s called UNMENTIONABLE: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners.  It’s super gross and fascinating.  Like Mary Roach’s Stiff, but funnier.
  3. Speaking of books, I am a constant reader and I was thinking it would be cool if we had a bookclub, but I’m too lazy for that so what if I just put the name of the book I’m currently reading on a blog post each week and then in the comments you can discuss?  Except I pretty much only read nonfiction, sci-fi, fairy tales and graphic novels so it would be a very, very limiting bookclub.  Not sure about this one.  Just a thought I keep having.
  4. You know those metal kits I’ve been making for years when my anxiety gets high because working with the tiny pieces keeps me from picking away at myself?  (If not, read 1000 ferris wheels here.) I just finished a new one.  It took two hours to make it because it was 30+ tiny pieces but THE DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE.  WHAT.

  5. Hunter S. Tomcat is sitting in the chair next to me and he has this enormous grin of contentment and I thought, I should share this, but then I realized I haven’t cleaned the cat fur off the seat cushion in 3 days so it looks filthy, but whatever.  A little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness.  In fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness.  But that’s another story.
  6. He looks like he's wearing a tiny little white g-string.
    He looks like he’s wearing a too-small, tiny white g-string.
  7. Dorothy Barker decided she wanted in on this.  This is my dog when I say “bacon”.

    It’s not even real bacon. It’s fake dog bacon and it taste like sadness and giving up.  It smells like bacon though, which is why I tried it.  I thought I found a cheap bacon alternative that would help me keep my coat shiny but no, the bacon is a lie.  A beautiful one though, according to this dog.

  8. I use a lot of affiliate links in my posts but the money I get if you order stuff just goes back to the community when we do Booksgiving or Christmas miracles and stuff.  Just FYI in case you’re new to the tribe.
  9. I’m in Cincinnati this weekend signing books and stuff.  Come see me.  It’s free.
  10. There is no number 10 but I like to end on a round number.  Hugs.  ~ me

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  1. That picture of Hunter is fully awesome! Who cares about the cushion, cleaning is a neverending battle anyway.

  2. My IRL book club discusses the book for about a minute and spends the rest of the time drinking, talking about random things and playing games. I feel like the comments section is already book club.

  3. Now I’m not going to feel quite right until I get home and pet my cat’s belly.

    Jenny, you and Hunter’s belly have conspired to create an imbalance in me that I didn’t even know I had until this very moment. Congratulations?

  4. I love the “book club” idea and I also love the fact that you actually tried doggie bacon. I know dogs love it, but I’ve also seen a dog eat rocks covered in bacon grease (don’t ask), so I’d be too afraid to try.

  5. I love it when you say “a little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness. in fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness”. Last week my mother said my bedroom smelled and that she should come in and vacuum and I’m like a little kid and just stood there and farted really quiet like. Like who gives a shit if there are bread crumbs in the corner and it’s been a month since I changed my pillowcases and bedsheet. I mean some people don’t even bother with bedsheets at all and they smoke in their room so mom give me some credit. So I was really hurt by this comment but I ended up cleaning my room which was very neat anyway to begin with but I did it because well it has to be immaculate or nothing. Who cares that I will be sleeping for a whole day afterwards. DID I MENTION I LIVE ON MY OWN? Anyway, yes, on my deathbed I’m sure going to say “I’m sure glad I changed my fucking sheets and vacuumed my floor and dusted and cleaned my blinds so my mother wouldn’t think I was a filthy pig.” So yeah, a little bit of filth is the only road to happiness because when you try to be perfect for someone else or yourself like what’s the point. And then when I die I want my epitaph to read “I told you I was sick”. The end. I love your little telephone booth.

  6. I just finished reading “Furiously Happy.” so now I am reading your first book. So I am reading your books like I read magazines, the last stuff first. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to start at the end of something. But now I see you are writing another book, so I don’t know what I will do…

  7. So glad to hear that you are feeling better! I’ve been on kind of the same depression timetable as you – I’m just coming back from a 5 month long serious depressive episode, myself. It is wonderful to just feel like I can breathe again! Also, I’ve always wanted to join a book club, but I’m not sure that I could completely commit sometimes, but I would TOTALLY be on board with your idea!
    PS – the furry people in your family are adorable, as always. I mean, not like people who are furries, not that I judge, but the little people who actually have fur who live in your house with you that you take fun pictures of. This is why I don’t talk to people.

  8. I’ve recently started drawing again. I’m trying out hand lettering and it’s helping me not pick myself to pieces or become a ball of anxiety. Thanks for being you!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything as much as I need a tiny TARDIS. To keep in my purse. I would, of course, keep something else inside the TARDIS, and tell people that I keep all sorts of things in there, because it’s bigger on the inside.

  10. Thank you for sharing Hunter S Thomcat. My day is better for seeing that content kitty face. <3

    Can we do a book club thing on Goodreads? That site is my crack. And I shake my fist at my library for not having any of the books mentioned! What’s up with that library? Poor people gotta read!

  11. Oh, the TARDIS! I have added that to my list and when I can, I’m going to buy it and put it together and then admire my handiwork. I can’t order it until I finish the Doctor Who Tom Baker scarf I’m making for my son, though. One massive project at a time (or so I keep lying to myself).

  12. “A little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness.
    In fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness. But that’s another story.”

    you know this needs to be on something now, right?

  13. Pet hair is a never ending battle. We vacuumed and swept the front of the house for company this weekend and in less than 12 hours there were visible clumps of hair every where.

  14. Will you be going to Alamo Con (think that’s what it’s called). David Tennant will be there 😄. Might be worth braving crowds. Love your TARDIS, and any cat in all its floofy glory is worth all the chair hair!

  15. I am Supposed to be Up, getting ready for Mickey’s Halloween Party, but my Back Pain, CFS & Fibromyalgia are conspiring to ruin it…I am having a wicked bad day filled with Pain. The Weather is perfection, I chose this date months ago. I love your cats & dog, just seeing these photos helps. Much love from 👸 in CA. Am praying to Go, even though it will be “crowdy” as the Party is Sold Out! Wish me luck? 🐶🐱💜💙🏰

  16. My life is currently woefully devoid of stray pet hairs. Back when I used to consider a lint roller a vital part of my daily routine I never thought I’d be sad to have such unfurrified furniture, but I am. Thank you for sharing your bit of filth so I can live vicariously.

  17. CINCINNATI THIS WEEKEND? TODAY IS APPARENTLY MY SUPER LUCKY MOTHERFUCKING DAY YO!!! Well, Saturday really will be, but it wouldn’t have been if I had not received this super sparkly ray of wonderfulness today! HELL TO THE YES!

  18. “Finish on a round number” with 0 as the number made my mathematical heart happy and satisfied. Thanks for that. Currently unable to sleep in China because jet lag is a bitch so thanks for this post.

  19. All of this unreal post makes me happy. 💗💗 I’ve been ill, I slept through the alarm this morning and missed a vet appointment for the wee service dog (the vet assistant just made me another one for this afternoon,she is an angel) and my day is a mess. But cooler weather is coming, TheEngineer wants to go to the Texas Rennesance Festival, and he still loves me although I am a hot mess. And my dog loves me to pieces. ALL good,in the end!!

  20. Books: If you haven’t, you MUST read the Invisible Library series and also The Great Library series. Both different takes on a library kinda sorta ruling the world. Fantasy, time travel, and just general amazingness.

    And thank you for the picture of Hunter S. Tomcat AND the furry cushion. They both made my day.

  21. I think it is absolutely amazing that you post here in spite of your down turns <3 And I am happy for you that your brain is picking back up again, so to speak <3 And I love the photos of yours fur babies, if I may call them that? 🙂

    Also, where can I get myself a little Tardis like that with? 😮 I’d prefer a website with international shipping as I am in Denmark xD

  22. I ❤️ U!! Crystal Chan is sowing seeds of self love (the kind it’s appropriate to share out loud) and this is my #3! Reading Jenny Lawson makes me feel all kinds of happy, #1 is how much I love my son and #2 is watching the Tuskegee Airmen movie. All kinds of things to feel happy about!

  23. Ooh, also, I’d love to build the little Tardis myself, so if I can get the exact same build-your-own set that you had Ms. Jenny, I’d be thrilled…? 😍

  24. Most book clubs don’t cover enough nonfiction and sci-fi books, fairy tales, nor graphic novels, so having your book club cover those things would be wonderful!

    Currently reading “The Druid Gene” by Jennifer Foehner Wells.

  25. Would love a book club! I just adopted a new kitten, Cloud. She has been coming with me to my office (thanks, animal loving boss!). I can see now why people have therapy pets. Her little tiny self is sleeping on my mouse pad and purring at me right now. Bliss.

  26. My husband told me last night you would be in Cincinnati on Saturday, and the SQUEEEs that erupted from my daughter & myself likely cracked some of our windows. I’ve been laying low this week because I’m having surgery on Monday & didn’t want to be exposed to a whole bunch of germs, but screw that-Jenny’s gonna’ be 2 hours away from me!

    Also, one of my cats does the same thing Hunter is doing in the picture, but if I pet him, he grabs my arm & alternates biting and licking. Cats are weird, which is why I love them.

  27. I’m sure you must follow Samantha Irby’s blog, Bitches Gotta Eat, so you must know that she has a virtual books club, too. It’s on Facebook but she posts recommendations on her blog. the group on Fb is great because everyone talks about random books and makes recommendations. Its called Bitches Gotta Read.

  28. The first rule of Bloggess Book Club is that Jenny doesn’t have to actually run a book club!

    Yes, you should post once a month or something what book you’re reading, or have recently read and let people have at it in the comments.

    “Except I pretty much only read nonfiction, sci-fi, fairy tales and graphic novels so it would be a very, very limiting bookclub.”
    Umm… sounds about right to me. 🙂

  29. I too have often thought about murdering Samantha Irby in order to assume her identity and, like you, my parents-having and whiteness often stands in my way. I like to think that if I work hard enough that maybe I could be Samantha Irby when I grow up….I guess we’ll never know.

  30. I would love to hear what you’re reading every week, and I wouldn’t have to have a discussion group, either. Just always interested in what writers are reading, sort of like the question the NY Times asks of a featured author every week.

  31. Yeah, I was driving when I got gut-punched by that same episode of Invisibilia. Maybe they should have put a warning at the beginning that this episode should be one of the ones you listen to at home while cleaning or something instead of operating heavy machinery.

  32. If you haven’t read smoke gets in your eyes by Caitlin Doughty, I cannot recommend it enough!!! It’s amazing!

  33. A Bloggess book club sounds wonderful! Those are the genres I read too. Oprah just picks the books she likes, so why can’t you the same? You’re our Oprah, except with less yelling and more animals.

  34. Hands down, my favorite novels lately are the Chronicals of St. Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor. Just thought I’d pass that along…

    You and marliesvonn (10) reminded me about how upset I used to get when my mom came to visit from out of state. No matter how thoroughly I cleaned before she arrived, she seemed determined to find SOMETHING that needed doing (she cleaned my oven, she cleaned my refrigerator, she lined the trash can drawer thingie with aluminum foil, and on and on). It made me crazy. It made me feel that I could never please her. Until one trip. Mom commented about her last visit to one of my sisters, when she cleaned Donna’s oven because, “You girls, you work so hard—I just want to do whatever I can to make your lives a little easier.”


  35. Quick question; is “Unmentionable” kindle friendly? By that I mean does it have photographs, illustrations or charts? I find those types of things (along with maps, notes, appendices etc…) to be a real pain in the a$$ on the kindle, and if there are, I’d just purchase the actual book. Thanks!

  36. I found those metal kits at Disney world! They have the castle, Haunted Mansion, a Ferris wheel, Space Mountain, the monorail, and some others! I got some to try. I didn’t know they have a Tardis !!!! Maybe they have Daleks too?
    I’m in the middle of inking a graphic novel, but looking for good new ones to read. I have all the Sandman books from way back, and Brian Talbot’s Tale of One Bad Rat. The last book I read was , “The Body Keeps a Score.” Not as fun as the title implies. 😂😂😂

  37. I can’t say motherfuckin’ tardis, y’all because I’m English so I’m rephrasing ‘fuckin’ Tardis, innit’ even though I’d probably say ‘ amazing fucking Tardis’. Am impressed though.

  38. This reply has nothing to do with this non-post, but I did mean to drop by and comment on the depression one… which, I believe, was your last post. Anyway, it’s something I’ve struggled with a lot in the past. Do you have kids (sorry, I’m, at present, a short-term follower)? They seem to both contribute to and take away from my depression. I’ve learned a lot of neat little tricks to cope, but most of them truly involve tricking myself.

    Anyway, keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for the reply space! Also, nerdy-tv-show-related-toys FTW!

  39. My shaky hands would never be able to make a TARDIS with tiny metal pieces, I’m so jealous!

  40. Like sadness and giving up! I think I cook with those everyday. :/ tiny g-string. Bahamas! I love you.

  41. Ok, you and Samantha Irby both make me SO HAPPY. Furiously Happy, in fact. I don’t care when her next book comes out, I will wait. Maybe not patiently, but I will wait. And as soon as I can, I’ll preorder it from my favorite indie bookstore.

    Also, I try not to think of cat fur as filth. More like seasoning.

  42. I love that you tried Dottie’s bacon treat! And you told us about it. Laughed out loud. Thank you. I needed that.

  43. Oddly enough my #4 is knitting, just basic knitting, the click click click of the needles is soothing to me and the feel of the fibre running through my fingers as another stitch is formed makes me calmer. Presently working on my Dr. Who scarf from the original fan page waaay back that I’ve kept all these years. the fourth Dr. was “my” doctor. scarf when done should be about 16 to 20 ft long only 11ish more feet to go. Be well, and whatever works works, for you, tin toys, for me, knitting, for someone else? who knows but find it and do it.

  44. I’ve been tasked with making a list of things I would like for my birthday/Christmas, both of which are late December events. Life is hard, right?
    I was having trouble until I saw that metal TARDIS kit.

  45. Just when I think I can’t live you more, Jenny…you post a dirty house pic. So much hugs.

  46. Yes please, book club. Seriously. However you want to run or not run it, I’m in. Or if you want some help running things I humbly offer whatever services needed. Let’s drink wine and talk about awesome books until it degrades into pictures of our cats and inappropriate language. Comments thread is cool, google chat. I’m seriously in.

  47. Yes please to book club or even just you shouting out what you’re currently reading. If it sounds in any way overwhelming, I like the really simple sharing that Alison from Ask a Manager does. Once a week she includes a book she recently enjoyed and 1-2 sentences about it in an open thread post. I love getting book recommendations from awesome people and your list of book genres sounds perfect.

  48. I don’t always write comments but Hunter S Tomcat forced me to do it. He makes me both extremely happy and terribly sad. He looks just like my late OC (orange cat or outside cat – it was a very versatile name). He was a stray that we took in when my husband was first diagnosed with a terrible chronic illness (another story for another day). He was a wonderful cat. Big orange cats are the best. After about six months, he got sick. Three surgeries later ultimately turning my he into a she (yes they do that) because of urinary problems, he was healing marvelously still happy and loving. But he passed away suddenly at the vet’s while she was removing his stitches. She loved him, everyone loved him, and she was holding him up telling him what a good boy he was having his stitches removed and then he was gone. When I came to pick him up, she cried, all of her employees cried, I cried. It was an entire vet hospital full of crying women. Looking at Hunter S Tomcat, he looks so much like my OC which makes me smile. Reminds me that when we’re in the dark, we have to keep reaching for the light because even in the darkest of places, there’s always a glimmer of light. Even if it takes us a while for our eyes or heart to see it.

  49. Aaaaaaaaand Teeny TARDIS is added to my Xmas wishlist. Thanks for the “Not A Real Post” post, Jenny. You make me smile. Bacon.

  50. I just looked up “Unmentionable…” and there aren’t any public reviews yet!! It sounds so fascinating and funny, that I think I will buy it and read it just so I can leave it a review! 🙂
    I feel like I should always write stuff down just so I remember whatever great idea I have at the time, but I never do, so I forget and it gets lost in the ether of my mind….

  51. what did you make the phone booth out of? or do I have to go to pintrest my inner nerd loves miniature anything

  52. I love this post! But then I always think you are so awesome anyway, so it was pretty much inevitable. The bookclub idea is great – do it here, not on instagram or twitter or wherever that other place you’re frolicking about is (instead of being HERE with the people who TRULY love you). JK, I can’t work twitter or instagram. Hunter has the absolute Archetypical picture of Happy Cat. No other need apply. And may I say, as someone who has no motor coordination, that your nervous habits (F -ing TARDIS?!) are amazing accomplishments that I can never even aspire to. You keep blowing my mind!

  53. OMG I didn’t know there’s little metal Tardises (Tardi?) I could be making! I need to buy one, where do you get little metal statues? D:

  54. I have a number 10 (or whatever number is next): Christmas is coming. While I don’t love Christmas, last year due to your blog, I donated to Project NightNight. Then, as a reply, they mentioned that although they really, really, really appreciate my donation, it was unlikely that the money could be used for Christmas gifts for the kids. 🙁
    This year, I already made my donation. While it may not serve as Christmas gifts, I am fine if it was used for Columbus Day gifts or Halloween gifts.
    Anyway, all kids need a book, blanket, and stuffed animal. Thank you for introducing me to that cause.

  55. This weekend I dreamed that Dorothy Barker was licking my face. After a series of dreams about the loss of my mother, it was a wonderful way to wake up. Give her extra bacon and tell her it’s from me.

  56. OMG, you tasted Beggin Strips? LOL! I used to get teased as a kid because I loved the green Milk Bone flavored dog bones. Just the green ones. I had to sneak them because my Mom would get pissed if she caught me eating them. I have no idea how I came to that knowledge either. I just know that tasted best.

  57. I vote for book club! Every book I’ve opened since reading yours has left me bitterly disappointed. I keep expecting everyone to be as funny and quirky as you but we’re not that lucky. Only one Jenny I guess. I am SOOOOO bummed that I’m going to miss the Cincinnati visit. I grew up there but moved to LA (Lower Alabama) a couple of years ago. Come to Alabama. We have alligators and really big turtles.

  58. Hunter is awesome as are all of your pets. There is a UK beer brewed for dogs called Bottom Sniffer and I plead with you DO NOT TRY. Its nonalcoholic so what would be the point anyway.

  59. Love it, & cleaning is over rated! Dust is a protective covering on my furniture, fur keeps me warm & my home is protected by killer dust bunnies 😁

  60. Speaking of podcasts: have you listened to The Black Tapes or Tanis? If not, go start immediately!

  61. Just to let you know…Graeter’s ice cream may be the best thing ever. EVER.

  62. “A little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness.
    In fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness. But that’s another story.”

    I’ve given up on the Arizona dust and the dog hair. I’m happier not trying to keep up with it.

    And I absolutely love the Tardis!

  63. Always on the lookout for my next great book to read, so if you wanted to post a picture of the cover of a book you are reading, that would be awesome! Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  64. If you know a hobby train enthusiast you could offer to put together their little houses for them… for a fee of course ;)~ For whomever wanted to know, they sell little blue phone booths for their villages too.

  65. I love you. And yes to the book club thing… though I only re-read great shit I’ve already read so I’ll just see your posts and feel warm and fuzzy that others are reading awesome shit and maybe pick up a new title in a year or two. But YES, I would love to know what great books you’re reading!

  66. I think it’s very sad that everyone else got to comment before me and said all the good stuff. So Webs. And yay for kitty smiles.

  67. I’m on vacation right now and have a whole lot of small things that don’t add up to a post, too. Like the guy in a golf cart with a human sized Scooby Doo sitting in the passenger’s seat….belted in so it doesn’t accidentally fall out. I want to do that sometime. Seriously. And The Viking is now stockpiling First Aid Kits. Big ones in big metal boxes that hang on walls. I suppose he’s serious about saving me from myself.

  68. I am 100% down with you doing a book club type thing because I feel like I would forever be hearing about shit that I otherwise wouldn’t, so yes please, fuel my voracious appetite for words. Yes.

  69. What a treasure trove of a post! And thank you, I have mentally murdered and fantastised plagiarizing so many authors, I should be jailed. Love you!

  70. A house is not a home without floofs of pet fur (and yes, dust bunnies count!). I haven’t brought myself to taste doggie “fake-on,” but I did eat a Milkbone when I was little. Bully sticks are out of the question, though.

  71. My library has two books about poop with “unmentionable” in the title, both by different authors, so I feel like we’re just repeating ourselves here.

    I can’t wait to read your new book (whenever, no pressure). And I love recommended reading. Book clubs are nothing but someone picking what THEY like for everyone else to read anyway, so hit us up.

  72. The TARDIS is awesome, Dorothy is adorable, and Hunter S. Tomcat is even more adorable. Also too, a house without cat fur is not a home. Although I could do without the cat hork stains on the carpet…

  73. My book club doesn’t even read the book they’ve picked. We do dish about our kids alot. And drink. Not necessarily in that order. Hugs back.

  74. thank you for mentioning Unmentionable. It seems like something I really, really need to read. 🙂 p.s. nice G-string, Hunter.

  75. If there are animals, there be fur. It’s the circle of fur. Or something. On cushions, the blankets, in tufts wafting around the edges of the room, even if you JUST VACUUMED…

    Thanks for the book recs!

  76. Beautiful pic of the kitty…he just looks so content. Also thanks for the g-string comment – that was perfect. With two labs I have fur everywhere as soon as the vacuum finishes a swath, so it is kind of a norm. Never had a cat but have to admit the dogs have been lifesavers.

    I forget now what else I was going to write, but glad you are feeling better.

  77. Oh, since my dogs like blueberries, chicken, peppers, and rice, I can say I know what those taste like. Biscuits and greenies though, nope. The biscuits might be edible but the greenies smell awful (so of course they love them).

  78. Your Twitter tribe has a book club (sort of) on Goodreads. It’s called The Bloggess Tribe and has 57 members. Join us!

  79. ‘A little bit of filth’ is the reason why I don’t take enough pictures of my cat, but you’ve made me realize it’s a really lame reason. Thanks, Jenny & Hunter! And Dorothy too, of course, because bacon binds our souls together.

    (Okay, mine is probably a lot bit of filth, but still)

  80. Filth?? I see nothing but a happy kitty! Maybe I need to get the number of his ‘nip dealer, though?! Hmmm…

  81. I will tots do a book club with you. I got kicked out of my other one on account of my friends don’t like me anymore because I may or may not have had a psychotic episode .. whoops. But yay! New book club.

  82. I would tots do a book club with you. I got kicked out of my other one because I may or may not have had a psychotic episode and now my “friends” don’t want to be around me anymore… but yay new book club!

  83. Regarding #5: I never would have noticed the filthy chair if you hadn’t specifically pointed it out and made me look for it. There’s a life lesson right there.
    I love love love your writings!

  84. I understand wanting to smother another writer and steal their stuff. Just read Commonwealth by Ann Patchett and felt like I needed to relearn the english language. Because obviously I missed something when it came to putting words together when I was in school. Also, you need to Read Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk. It’s like To Kill a Mockingbird, in that when it is over you need to remember how to breath again. (I’m sure I need to relearn english, because I just used “in that” in a sentence).
    And Mary Roach is my third favorite writing goddess.

  85. I was just at Disney World and they have tons of metal puzzle kits based on their ride vehicles, Star Wars etc. I got one that’s a model of Cinderella’s carriage and I can’t wait to put it together. I think there was definitely a ferris wheel.
    P.S. I love Dorothy Barker

  86. My favourite post so far. I think because I just spend an hour in a shopping mall getting groceries and feeling anxious and freaked out almost the whole time and this post was kind of comforting and banal in the best way. You really calmed me down, and I think you helped a lot of people with this simple post. <3 All the best to you and your family, friends, and communities.

  87. I tend to purposely stay away from your blog so that I can build up the awesome- kind of like Netflix binge watching….but with words….and it doesn’t last for days. So really nothing like it at all….but I do get to read several posts at once and there is ALWAYS something new to read when I do stop in. Tonight I was having a rough time….several people posted something from Rush Limbaugh on Facebook and other people were making excuses and defending it, which normally would make me very stabbity and angry…but tonight it made me incredibly sad. So tonight, after all the sad, I felt like it would be a good time to come visit you and catch up on your posts AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN CINCINNATI!!! And I didn’t miss it which is what usually would happen since I don’t check your blog every day and now I am going to come and see you!!! Well, I am going to try to come see you- my husband has cancer and is going through chemo and we have a bajillion kids (four) and it isn’t that easy for me to get out of the house, but if he is feeling ok, I am going to come see you!!! And even though that doesn’t take away all the ugly going on right now, it did lift my spirits. Thank you!

    And just so you know, I am going to pretend that you are coming just to visit with me. But I will just pretend in my head so that it doesn’t get creepy AND it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings.

  88. You should totally read Peace Fire by Amber Bird. It’s pretty sci-fi and Ernie Cline said it was great, but I still have to wait 3 days to read it because I’m not a famous author or reviewer so I had to wait till it came out to get my hands on it. So why do I know you should read it then? Because Amber Bird is awesome and I love her ^_^

  89. Aren’t you jealous of how happy and content Hunter is.
    I think the book club would be a great idea.

  90. Cutest cat pix I’ve seen for awhile. My cat calms me when I need her. And your dog is cute too. Wish I had the time to read like you! I have so many books backed up on my list it’s embarrassing. And the book club would rock. Do it!

  91. When I read you every cell in my body laughs and relaxes.You’re the best thing since chocolate. 🙂

  92. I find that no one notices when I clean anyway, so why bother? Also, that Tardis is awesome! Just ordered one for my daughter for Christmas.

  93. When you have cats (or dogs) hair on the furniture is a freaking ACCESSORY. It is NOT dirt. People who do not wish to accessorize with shedding byproducts should not be acquired by an animal.

  94. A little cat hair is good for your immune system – since I have lots of cats and hardly ever clean, I should be the healthiest person in the world!!!! Thanks for all of the awesome info <3

  95. Recommending The Body Institute by Carol Riggs for your book club. Just finished it. Lots of issues to talk about including government-mandated weight loss and mind-swapping bodies.

  96. Hey, Jenny. If one TARDIS is a police call box (and it is), then are 2 or more boxen?

  97. I’m a book lover living in Lexington for 4 years now and didn’t know about this book convention until right now! Weekend plans are changing, I will see you Saturday!

  98. I found the TARDIS model yesterday, and I want to make it so bad, but I’m shit at them, so it would probably sit on my desk for a year or two until my kids finally harassed me into giving it to them.

  99. Hunter S. Tomcat reminds me so much of my cat! The smile on an orange tabby’s face while he moves through nap choreography is so comforting; thanks for sharing =^-^=

  100. I usually just lurk, but I have to say – if that chair is filthy, I have whole new levels of filth to introduce you to.
    And I want the tardis too, but not enough to try to make it. I bought a bunch of tiny metal models for christmas presents, but no one was skilled enough (or in some cases, had sufficient eyesight) to make them, so I know to not even go down that road, even though the opening door is a big inducement.
    I don’t read non-fiction, and do tend to read fiction I like over and over…… speaking of which, everyone should check out “A Rational Arrangement” which is the best book I read last year. Unless some gay sex scenes will bother you, in which case, skip it. Or skip them.

  101. I’ve tasted that bacon treat stuff too, once playing with the dog when I was starving I unconsciously put a piece in my mouth. It doesn’t taste bad exactly, I would say it tastes like sweetened soft cardboard. Definitely SMELLS like bacon though-how do they do that?

  102. Yes, please make a book-club-ish thing!
    I was going to send my Cincinnati friend to get your autograph, then I remembered that you’ve already sent me a “Let’s Pretend…” signed bookplate and I saw you in Corte Madera CA. So I’ll be in Cincy in spirit without contributing to your writer’s cramp.

  103. oh, why don’t you have all the same cool stuff they have on No Tardis for me until the Canadian dollar bounces back 🙁

    We have a collie so hair everywhere, all the time. If people object to the hair in my house, they are not my friend and can just leave! Post all the fabulous pics of your fur-babies no matter what mess is in the background!

  104. I just adopted a 17 pound cat and he’s still to afraid to come out from behind the toilet, however, he IS shedding so perhaps he loves me already? Also, I got a flu & pneumonia shot yesterday and can’t lift my right arm more than 3 inches so I’ve decided that I will do exactly nothing today except sleep and make a comment on this post. Thank you for brightening my day! Those books will be checked out! <3 (PS – you sound great 🙂 )

  105. I’m supposed to be cleaning because my contractor is coming over in a bit. Shit, I think he is here. My house is a frack mess. I should stop typing.

  106. I love your writing. You are so talented, creative and hilarious. I do think that you have made your cat wear a cute little g-string…. that is too funny. I also love how you thought or were hoping that your dogs treats would taste like real bacon and make you fur shiny too!!!! Hahaha…. You are awesome. I hope someday I will be as talented and popular and successful as you are. I just started writing my blog at the end of September and have only just begun. I have so many ideas and thoughts…. of courts a bazillion rapid thoughts and ideas racing throughout my mind at once….. I must keep my thoughts organized and keep writing. I am trying to write and finish some of the ideas I have planned and then want to start writing my daily writing related to my daily confusing sometimes funny and sometimes very complicated life, but always trying to educate and entertain at the same time.

    I do not know how to get followers and people interested in my blog. If you have time could you give my ideas of what to do. I need help….. Help!!!!

    i know you are extremely busy, so if you do not have time that is okay and I understand. I just wanted to reply to your blog and let you know I love reading your blogs,,,,,,, and especially this one even though you said it wasn’t a real blog. I disgree and think it was a “real blog” and is awesome!!! I loved it!!!

    If you and when you have time please read my blog and maybe be a follower and help me find some other people to like my blog and/or at least comment on some of the posts/blogs I have written. Thank you!!!!

  107. i love this, its partly why i do art and crafts. I’m 32 now, but when i was in high school i realized art (specifically painting) helped with my depression and anxiety. With so much i couldn’t control and my OCD at its worst, i was able to find something to take pride in for myself and focus my energy… even if that meant for a moment i let the darkness out and let it guide a painting. It was like therapy and seeing what my depression was that week without just the lying words in my head. It made it sad, but beautiful to be able to paint my pain.

  108. I keep trying to do a “things I’m reading now” list on mine, but I read too many books at once and for too long and I forget to update it even when I’m blogging regularly. It irks my friend who randomly inserts whatever book HE’S just read and wants me to finish it in 10 minutes so we can discuss, but he’s behind six others. The latest is some hard-core sci-fi (I mean extra technical, not porn-y, although porn-y would make it an easier read) thing where time only exists for a single minute, and I’m 1/3 in with no discernible plot. It’s like eating brussel sprouts, one terrible stinky disgusting bite at a time.

  109. I cannot stop looking at that picture of Hunter S. Thomcat. That blissful look on his face is mesmerizing.

  110. You know, I noticed that there aren’t really any book clubs that specialize in sci-fi/fantasy. Every book club I’ve ever witnessed read “literature,” which is code for that thought-provoking emotional junk that doesn’t do any world-building. Sign me up if you want to actually start one!

  111. When I was interviewing for a library job last week, they asked me what I’d been reading lately, since apparently part of the job is “reader advisory” (e.g., suggesting interesting books to people); since I didn’t have the balls to admit that being in library school doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of time to actually go to the library (oh, irony of ironies…), I explained that I read mainly nonfiction, and proceeded to pitch your work to them bigtime…leading to the two staffers I met with jokingly referring to me as one of your “disciples.” Hey, there are worse things to be than a Bloggess disciple, because you’ve definitely got Mother Teresa beat on account of being (a) still alive and (b) a hell of a lot funnier/sharper/more perceptive about those of us with glitter and baby powder for brains. Also, that’s an amazing photo of Hunter S. Thomcat, who is an amazing cat to begin with, and I still can’t believe you ate dog food bacon (dogs don’t care what stuff tastes like–they’ll eat dirty diapers if you let them, or at least some dogs will; I think Dotty is smarter than that). Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, should I? But yeah, if you’re going to actually start a book club, specialize in all the stuff that no one else covers, like nonfiction and sci-fi and graphic novels and offbeat cookbooks and historical costume guides (well, I like those last two…), because fiction has enough champions–it’s the other stuff that needs the support, eh?

    (Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that I get a callback for a second interview for the job, OK?)

  112. Lisa at 171: My vet says that cats shed a lot more when they’re really stressed out, which may explain what your kitty is up to. Don’t try to drag him out, but do put food and water nearby (also where it’s going to be on a more permanent basis), and maybe the litterbox too, if you’re worried he won’t venture out to use it, and speak to him softly and sweetly whenever you happen to be in the room. Hopefully he won’t take advantage of his location to take a swipe at your ass while you’re sitting on the can, but if he does, well, that’s what peroxide and antibiotic cream are for, right? He’ll be fine once he realized this really is his forever home and that he’s safe with you. Good luck to both of you!

  113. So yeah. I’m just leaving a comment cause I found a hilarious thing on this new black cat forum I’m on and so I combined that with the post I made the other day and put it into a blog about me getting pissed off but not too pissed off but like cats getting just pissed off enough that their owners should sleep with one eye open for a few nights. Like me getting pissed at people that don’t “get it”. And ur too tired to “explain”. Holy shit people love cats. Like seriously if you have two cats and they’re in good health and you dress them up in outfits start a youtube channel and a website and a blog and seriously you could make a lot of money if you’re into that.

  114. Book Club: Hells Yeah! Only two local book clubs here: one is romance novels , the other mysteries and horror only. I prefer all other non-fiction, specifically not romance-centric urban fantasy, but pretty much everything you listed. Local bookstore doesn’t even carry most of the books I like, I HAD TO SPECIAL ORDER Wise Man’s Fear???? We NEED this book club.

  115. Posts that aren’t real are actually my fave. I post them now and again as well. They’re liberating. Or something.

  116. I like not real posts. I love the Tardis, Hunter and of course Dorothy! So happy you are rising to the occasion and making the book signing. I know with your ups and downs that is a HUGE accomplishment. I applaud you in my small – no body else is here – office.

    So I have 1000’s of words that I want to say. But its on a 100 different topics and they are all jumbled up in my head and I can’t focus to express coherently – except that I can express THIS – they are all jumbled. I think that is a good sign that I can tell something is out of wack. I’m in a down right now – and it’s about 6 stories down vs the 12 I’ve been before. But YOU help me remember – it’s okay that the elevator will arrive eventually and to keep taking the stairs upwards.

    Depression lies!

  117. “He looks like he’s wearing a too-small, tiny white g-string.” So that chair has multiple levels of filth. More power to it. Good, clean fun is highly overrated. Fun with some filth is way better.

  118. You should have a place on your website just of books that you love and would recommend, like the one the Victorian one, so that when we forget which book we wanted to get (cause that’s going to happen) we can just go there.

  119. Just pretend that this is the cats’ chair. And if all of the chairs have cat hair on them, then your cats have a lot of chairs. Our cats have 10 chairs and a sofa right now. I have 1 chair. It doesn’t have cushions.

  120. thank you for the invisibilia link. as the mom of a person with a serious mental illness that fills me with so much – alternatives, dealing with stigma, oh gosh everything. i also work with nami and some of this is what they are trying to approach with families. i need to share it. yes, sometimes i love too hard and i smother, which is part of what moms do, but that was a good good story of not smothering. i still think meds can have a place in treatment, and there may be situations where this approach wouldn’t be a good idea, but this view is such a hope. wow. just wow. yeah, total gut punch, but a good one.

  121. I don’t know how to post…but Leigh, your post made me tear up….you people are AWESOME!!!!!!! I am new to Jennie, but have a stuffy (but fabulous job) processing legal evidence and you all make me smile…. mostly when I really shouldn’t be smiling…deepest gratitude for making life bearable (especially when it’s not that day) XOXO Love & Light

  122. Oh yeah….and to they person who asked how many of us are there…..I answer just 1, Mom was promiscuous
    !. hahahaha!

  123. BOOKS– I just discovered Fredrick Backman, a Swedish author who is seriously worth reading. He writes fiction – and I usually read non-fiction — but I make an exception for really good fiction, and Backman is.
    Titles: “A Man Called Ove”, “Britt-Marie Was Here”, “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry”. Read them. They will make you feel good. Even if you are depressed.
    I know, because they made even me feel a little bit good and I am depressed and have been for years without letup. People talk about their ” long, long five month depression” and I think, gosh, I sure wish I could have a depression that only lasted five months!!

  124. Don’t sweat it…cleaning is a never ending chore at our house too. We have a catbox that USED to have a lid until I broke it. So now, every time I go into the bathroom where the catbox lives, I have to sweep up litter because Tony thinks that the only way to properly poop is to first dig a hole to friggin China which ends up getting litter ALL over the bathroom in the process.

  125. Thanks again for coming to Cinci today. Meeting you at Books On The Bank absolutely made my month. Maybe my whole year. 🙂 Please consider Columbus as a stop on the next tour.

  126. So this is off topic but, I just wanted to tell you that Furriously Happy gave me multiple panic attacks. It was hilarious and frighteningly familiar. To hear you talk (thank you Audible) about therapy and depression helped me make a therapy appointment and KEEP it. Thank you for that.

  127. HI! So I am a more recent follower to your blog, one of my amazing co-workers introduced me to you. Ever since your random thoughts have felt like a lifeline for me. Your post the other day about ups and downs helped bring me out of what I like to call “funks” that had lasted a couple weeks. Its just what I needed to hear. ALSO I noticed you said you only read fantasy/sci-fi books or like to keep to that genre… Have you read The Night Angel series by Brent Weeks? Sometimes I have a hard time getting into new series because I hate finishing them because I get so attached, but I havent loved a fantasy series that much since Harry Potter. I would highly recommend it. Its a little dark at times but I think that is what makes it so capturing.

    You are amazing! Thank you!

    (Adding it to my list. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  128. Hey there!
    Can’t wait to que up the podcast you suggested! Have you heard My Favorite Murder? It’s a comedy podcast about true crime specifically murder. I think you’d enjoy it.

    Also I’m so excited to hear you’re writing the next book. Love love your stuff!

  129. Hi Jenny! Hey, if you like nonfiction, you should totally check out the book I sent you. For free. 🙂 It came out October 10, and people are really enjoying it. I’m hoping you find it interesting. If you’ve misplaced it or can’t find it, please let me know, and I’ll send another copy. It’s called 44 Years in Darkness, and I really do think you’d dig it.

  130. Your pets are so cute. And the book club/post thing is a really good idea! Or you could make a page dedicated to the books you are reading.

    And darn, if only I could have been in Cincinnati! I will not be until the first of November.

  131. Please do a book club post thing! I mean, this is totally selfish because I like that same sort of book and that way I could squeal about books with other people who also like that same sort of books! And I could say I am book-buddies with a semi famous person because we totally read the same book. And also, I could have recommendations!!! Now I need you to do this because I can never get good recommendations from people.

  132. So THIS is where I read about Invisibilia! I was wondering what drove me to download it and I simply couldn’t remember.
    I am listening to the podcasts in no particular order and I heard The Problem with the Solution today. I was walking on my way to work and I had stop, draw a deep breath and blink my eyes a couple of times before I could carry on. Heartbreaking, heartwarming, sad and beautiful.
    Thank you for the recommendation.

  133. Re: #6 – Not only does Hunter look like he’s wearing a tiny white G-string, he also looks like he has a white clerical collar to go with it. Quite the paradox, he is.

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