Sometimes the only way out is through.

So, I got more medical bad news and it’s not the end of the world but it means lots more invasive tests and very soon I will write about it when I can find the humor in it (and there is humor in it) but today I just feel a little low and the best way for me to get out of that is to remind myself that my words matter so today for Mental Health Awareness Month and for Jenny Wants To Do Something Happy Day I’m giving away a couple dozen copies of Furiously Happy, or Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds.  Or any book you need to have stronger mental health, actually.  I was going to do the usual and just pick emails from the comments but there are always people who want to buy books for others as well so why don’t we do it like we do Booksgiving?  You make a brand-new wishlist with one book on it you really need and then post it here and I’ll fill as many as I can.  If you want to buy a book for a stranger you can just search the comments for open lists.  It is a lovely thing.

These are the steps you have to take to set up a wishlist for today:


  1.  If you’re in a rough place and need a book to transport you somewhere else make A BRAND NEW wish list with nothing on it but the book you want.  (Exception: If you have a kid who needs a book you can totally add one for them too.)
  2. Here’s how you make a wish list:  Under “Accounts and Lists” on the right, top side of Amazon select “Create a list”.  Choose “Wish list” and name it something like “The book I really need right now” and choose “Public”.  Then click “Create list”.  Now add a book to your list by going to the book and clicking the “add to list” button on the bottom right of that page.  Make sure you assign it to the new wishlist.  Now here’s the most important thing that everyone forgets to do.  You have to assign a shipping address to that specific wish list or it won’t go to you.  EVERY new wishlist has to be assigned an address or you won’t get your stuff.  So click on your wish list and click on “public” and it’ll take you to “List settings”.  Click “view details” and where it says “shipping address” add yours.  (Your city and first name will be shown to others, but not your full address.)  Then save changes.  Now leave a comment with a link to your wish list.  Click here for my sample wish list so you’ll know what one looks like.  Yours should just have one book on it but I have about 20 books listed on mine so that you can use if for inspiration if you don’t know exactly what you want.  In your comment say which book you want in case someone specifically wants to buy you that book.  Also, if you’re not in America put that in the comment so we can match people better by location and not have crazy shipping fees.   Feel happy.
  3. Here’s how you buy a book for a stranger.  Click on their link.  Choose a book.  Select their name so it goes to their address.  If it doesn’t give you the option of picking their name it means they didn’t add a shipping address so delete what’s in your cart and go to the next person.  Send a story to someone in need.  Feel happy.
  4. If you have a book that really helped you get out of a bad place and want to suggest it in the comments that would be awesome.  No worries if you don’t have one.

The only rule is that this is just for books.  No gift cards or clothes or anything else because it gets out of hand really quickly.  Just a simple book to take you away from the world and help you find new ones.

And as always, thank you.  Thank you for supporting my words and listening and passing them on to others.

PS: Here are screen shots of what you should see while making a wishlist and add a shipping destination because it’s less complicated if you have pictures to walk you through:

Create a list under “Your lists”.



Make it a wish list, name it and make it public.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.30 PM

After you click “create list” click on the “public” button below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.53 PM


Click “view details” to add your shipping address to this wish list:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.41.27 PM


Choose a shipping address and save changes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.43.02 PM


Now you’re ready to add something to your list.  Pick a book and choose the “add to list” button on bottom right side:



If you have another wish list set as your default (like I always do) then you’ll need to click “move to another list.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.44.57 PM


Just click the list you’re going to share here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.45.28 PM


Now go to the wish list and copy the link and then paste it into the comments.  Done!  There might be an easier way of doing it but that’s how I do it.

PPS.  If you click on a wish list that says it’s empty that’s because the book has already been bought for them.  🙂  That is a very good thing.

PPPS.  I love you guys.  I’m going to rest for an hour or two but then I’ll be back to buy some books.

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  1. “You Are Here” by Thich Nhat Hanh is a great little uplifting book of simple and poetically stated wisdom. Get well, Jenny.

    desertcurmudgeon recently posted I Got Schooled.

  2. I could really use this


    (Looks like you don’t have a shipping address set up your wishlist so I can’t get it for you. If you read this, go back and add your address, okay? ~ Jenny)

  3. I don’t need a book, Jenny, I’d just like you to feel better. I hope the new medical news is manageable and you and your family are okay.

    (Thanks. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

    Gary Lum recently posted Weird arse computer problems.

  4. 4
    Jeanne Beans

    My wish list is – just pretend this never happened

    (Make an amazon wishlist with this on it? ~ Jenny)

  5. Already have “You Are Here” paid for at the book store in Austin; holding for a personalized autograph whenever you get there. My third copy. Have bought two each of the others and already gifted them. Praying for you, Jenny … you are loved and appreciated; you touch so many hearts.

    (Yay! I’m going to try to go this weekend to sign books. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  6. Thank you for always looking for the humor in a situation. And for turning to giving to make your day brighter. The influence you have on others is incredible. And I love that your acts of kindness are contagious. How often can someone say that? It’s like, “Hi! I’m contagious. In a good way.”

    (I’m not getting a shipping address for you? Can you go back and add? ~ Jenny)

  7. 7
    Victoria Cammack
  8. I know how sucky it feels to be doing test after test and sometimes getting answers… and often times not… hoping for the best for you!

    (I’m not getting this address to work. Maybe comment with the full link again? ~ Jenny)

  9. Thank you all!!!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)


    (Someone beat me to it. I love you guys. I’m going to keep going until I find ones to buy. I’ll comment on those that have been bought so others can see it in the comments easier. ~ Jenny)

  11. For something really brave and positive, I’d like to suggest “A Year of Yes” by Shonda Rimes.

  12. 13

    Thanks for inspiring me daily. Seriously.

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  13. I just want you to feel better Jenny! That is my “wish list”..

    (Thank you. I’m sure I will. ~ Jenny)

    The Hellion recently posted What Is A Mom?.

  14. I have your books. I wish you good health, sweetheart.

    katemahar recently posted To Blue Apron, or not to Blue Apron – update.

  15. Hey Jenny, I could really use your coloring book to try to help my anxiety. It’s been flaring up lately.

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  16. Found out two hours ago my contract at work isn’t being renewed. Yay jobless in a place where the cost of living is EEEEEEEEEEEEK.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  17. This has been on my list to get for months:

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  18. 19

    Hyperbole and a Half is a book that really helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. If any of you love bizarre humor and serious realness, I would recommend it.

    (I super love her. ~ Jenny)

  19. What a wonderful pay it forward kind of thing. One of the many reasons I read your books and support you. Besides the fact that you can make funny out of horrible situations. compared to yours, my life isn’t so bad. That is awful but true. And because I know there are others suffering that are able to keep going, I can too. so thank you for being you and sharing You with all of us.

  20. This is an amazing idea, and I could use it today too.

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

    For my daughter.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  22. Even when you are down, you think of others and their struggles. You are an incredible human being, Jenny Lawson!! Now, thanks to you, I am off to figure out how the fuck Amazon works, so I can buy another wonderful human being a book! 🙌

    the incurable dreamer recently posted oh for pete’s sake.

  23. I hope you feel better soon. I hope Pick Me up is a pick me up.

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  24. I’m actually in a good place right now, so not in need right now. Just wanted to wish you well and thank you for you~

  25. Thing I love and admire about you: when you’re feeling shitty, your impulse is to go do good things for other people. Seriously, I know you’ve got the weevils working overtime in your head and feeding you all the worst thoughts, but you should know that this right here proves that your basic framework, your most fundamental self, is kind and wonderful.

    actualconversationswithmyhusband recently posted Also, I’m a Stripper.

  26. 27

    You are amazing and I don’t need anything except to tell you that. I cannot buy something right now but will pay it forward when I can by giving some of your books which I only buy from stores. I am very thankful to the others that will buy online for others. You are all amazing. THANK YOU, from Pillow Fort Worth Texas.

  27. Hope you are feeling better soon…..We need you and love you (I mean that in a totally non creepy way)….


    You are wonderful. <3.

    (So are you. 🙂 But I couldn’t buy you the book because you don’t have a shipping address attached. Go back and add it if you see this. ~ Jenny)

  29. Maybe I should have named it Jenny Makes the World Better. Because you do. (:

    (Already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  30. I don’t need a book. Just want to send you hugs and the strength to get through this bad spot. Hope you feel better soon and that the medical issues are nit too bad. Big hug.

  31. Your sample list lifted me. Thank you for having the Coates book on there. I didn’t know that I needed to see it, but it just saved me in a way that … well, I didn’t know could help. <3

  32. Let me try again.,.

    (Hmm…I got an error message this time. ~ Jenny)

  33. I would love lots of different books but I just really want to say hang in there Jenny…you are loved. I have battled through more bad than good, I deal with regression every day and anxiety more often than not. Your words brought me peace. You helped me stop doing destructive things to myself. I am not going to trigger anyone by using examples or telling my stoy. I just want to thank you, Jenny, for everything. Tell me what I can do for you, please!!!!! I wanna do the karma thing back ‘atcha in a super good way.

  34. 35

    I would love this:

    Samantha Irby’s first book Meaty got me through a tough time, so I’m hoping this does the same (and that I did this right).

    Feel better soon, Jenny. You’re a bright light!

    (Samantha Irby is my favorite. Her new book is SO good. Looks like someone beat me to buying it. ~ Jenny)

  35. 36

    Jenny Lawson, Greatest Of All Time? I think so.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  36. I bought a copy for my mom… but I think I need one for myself too.

    Feel better Jenny!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  37. I was gifted two books at the last giveaway and have paid it forward a few times, but my wish right now is that you get some good news.

  38. You’re amazing Jenny!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  39. Jenny, you are amazing. Thank you for always making me laugh. I hope you start feeling better soon. I love this community you have created. ❤ (I don’t need a book, just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.)

    beckmank recently posted TTT: Mother-Son Bonds.

  40. Not looking for a book, but I think this is an awesome thing to do for yourself and others. I just wanted to say I hope you feel better quickly and how much I and many others appreciate what you do everyday.

  41. Your post is so so generous, offering whimsy and delight for those of us who need you. I’m not a prayer person, so I’m going to cross my fingers and recite my special mantra filled with bad medical news f-bombs for you. I’m a medical misfit, so I get it. Love to you, Jenny.

  42. 45

    Feel better Jenny ❤️

  43. Not a specifically inspirational book, but when I’m feeling down I like to re-read Michael Palin’s “Around the World in 80 Days” (or any of his travel books, but especially the first three). Funny, humane, and just generally delightful, with descriptions of the sort of travel I love to read about but would never want to do. (Crossing the Persian Gulf on a dhow, riding on top of a train in Africa, touring Venice on a garbage barge, etc.) They’re right up there with P.G Wodehouse on my list of “books that don’t want to hurt me.”

    daisyj recently posted Avocado and Banana Are Friends.

  44. 47

    I get to have a mammogram AND an ultrasound tomorrow for a really large cyst. It’s like I have 3 boobs.

    (Sending you love. That is not fun. ~ Jenny)

  45. Thank you. I love you Jenny and this blog so much. It’s gotten me through some tough times.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  46. Andrea of comment #2, you need to fill out your delivery info…I tried a couple of times to buy your book but it wants to ship it to me. Update and then we can fulfill your wish!

  47. I would love to have Jenny’s colouring book but I just can’t afford it.

    Thanks kind stranger!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  48. 51
    Kimberly R

    Jenny, you’re amazing.

  49. I don’t need a book but I do have a short funny story that I hope makes you at the very least smile. Your stories make me laugh like no one elses, so I figure I owe you at least one story to make up for it.

    My cat, Sammy, likes to sleep under the covers with me. Usually, I’m the big spoon and he’s the little. He weighs about 7 lbs, so he’s not a big boy. Early this morning, he asked to go under the covers (he does this by standing at my shoulder and GLARING at me until I notice) and I lifted the sheet and let him in. He settled down with his back to my chest and went to sleep. For about five minutes. He then gets up, and somehow manages to crawl around under the covers. My boyfriend is dead asleep next to me, snoring. I try to find Sam by feeling around with my feet, so I can pull him out so he doesn’t disturb the bf. I fail miserably. Boyfriend wakes up suddenly, pulls the blankets up, and blinks as Sam emerges from between his legs. He says, “I’ve just given birth to a cat.” And then immediately goes back to sleep. Full sleep, mind. Just fell back onto the pillow and was out like a light.

    Feel better, Jenny. We’re all sending you happy thoughts.

    (I needed that. ~ Jenny)

  50. I have all the books and I have just become brave enough to color on one of the pages in You are Here (because what if I did it WRONG?! what if I made Jenny’s beautiful pictures UGLY?!). I hope those who need the books get the books. Your words do make a difference, Jenny.

  51. Hugs and good vibes coming at ya!

  52. So that’s complicated. And while I might like a book, I don’t need one.
    But, I love the sentiment behind it and I really hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel and all the testing leads to something good!

  53. I’ve already got all of your books (multiple copies of some!), and they are my go-to when I’m down. My only wish today is that you feel better. We’re all rooting for you, Jenny.

  54. 57
    Beth Schroeder

    Today I feel like I could really use this:

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  55. Anything of yours would make me happy 🙂


    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  57. Hi.

    (Looks like you’re missing a shipping address. ~ Jenny)

  58. I hope you feel better soon! xoxo

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  59. Don’t settle for anything less than magic. Thinking of you Jenny, thank you for sharing your journey with us so that your readers feel less alone.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  60. I recommend: The Slow Regard of Silent Things, by Patrick Rothfuss. Good luck y’all.

    (I love him. ~ Jenny)

  61. Your words do matter. These ring in my ears on my darkest days: I’m her only Mother.

    You shared that phrase during a TWLOHA suicide prevention month. My mother threatened suicide often when I was a child. I swore I would do better when I became a mother. Through many twists I’m going it alone as a parent. It was traumatic and is lonely and hard…but I will NOT quit. I will NOT let the darkness win. Those 4 words bring me back from the edge. I’m not perfect, I’m not many many things, but I AM her mother and I refuse to ever give that up without a damn good fight.

    (Amen. I’m so glad you’re here. ~ Jenny)

  62. 65 I’ve been reading excerpts of this book that are being posted online and it’s kept me grounded all week, I’d love to have an actual copy of the book itself.

    And this is such a beautiful idea. My now-six-year-old daughter got a book last time you did this and she still talks about the time a total stranger sent her a book just to make her happy. <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! And I love the note about your daughter.~ Jenny)

  63. I’m having a sad day but I will feel better when I buy a book for someone.

    (Isn’t it weird how that works? ~ Jenny)


    (Looks like your suggestion saved but not the book itself? Maybe go back in and see if you can fix? Also, I couldn’t get your shipping address to connect with the book you suggested but that may just be because you listed a suggestion rather than a book. ~ Jenny)

  65. I don’t need any books but my wish list is 1. Cancer is eradicated, 2. Jenny feels better 2. Anyone feeling shitty or dealing with shittyness or shitty people feel better.

    (Amen. ~ Jenny)

    Kelly's Cancer Beat Down Blog recently posted Breast Cancer is Something I Shared With My Mom, Posthumously.

  66. Jenny,
    Sending you all the hearts. 💞 Hopefully our words & thoughts make you feel a little better – kinda like a payback for all you have done for us.

    (They really do. I didn’t know I needed them until I started reading them. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  67. Been wanting “You Are Here,” but haven’t had the money for anything beyond necessities. I’ve never done this before. I feel like I’m taking advantage. And now tearing up…

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! And you’re not taking advantage. I’m searching though comments and still haven’t even found my first book to gift because so many people wanting to buy books have come before me. That’s how much people love to give a small kindness to a stranger. ~ Jenny)

  68. I don’t know if this helps, but “Furiously Happy” has inspired me to FINALLY take my depression seriously, and I have an appointment with a doctor Thursday to start the process of getting the help I need.

    (Good for you! The first steps are so very hard, but so very worth it. ~ Jenny)

  69. I forgot to add to my request that I admire your coping skills Jenny. You are such a gift to all of us.

  70. Jenny, you are awesome! (Which is a weird thing to type, b/c my name is also Jenny, but it feels kind of good…)

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  71. I really want your new book Jenny, but I can’t afford it.

    I’m from BRAZIL, and here’s my list:

    Love you too Jenny <3

    (I wish I had an Amazon Brazil account. But I’ll leave your comment here and maybe someone else from Brazil will match up with you. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  72. I’d love to have You Are Here: Been a bit rough lately, so I’m right there with you. I hope you get relief soon!

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have a shipping address attached to that list yet. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  73. For weeks like this one.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  74. 77

    From this occasion human pincushion, hope the tests go easily for you.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)


    About A Boy. I could use this one. 😀

    Jenny, I hope you feel better soon. Love and Hugs.

    (Sent! I can’t believe I’m 78 comments in before I found my first person I could buy for. That is insane. And wonderful. ~ Jenny)

    I am sorry and as always, I am sending loving and positive vibes. A copy of the new book would make my day. 💜💚💙

    (Sent! Your books should be there now. The wonders of ebooks. 🙂 ~ Jenny)


    If there are any left, awesome. If not, I’ll listen to my audio book of the first two.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  78. You’re in my thoughts, Jenny. I read your blog all the time and recommend it to friends who need a pick-me-up. Don’t need a book, just for you to get well! Sending unicorns and rainbows!

  79. Yes I know I have two number twos. Fuck it.

  80. I really hope you are on the mend soon. If it gets too overwhelming, try to remember to just breathe. We’re here for you!!

    (Thank you. But looks like you don’t have a shipping address attached to this list yet. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  81. You’re fantastic, Jenny. The only book I need is yours — I have four copies, many of which I’ve given away to friends who needed them. When I was in treatment centers for my mental health last year, I read your book once a week, because you were the only voice in the world that was telling me I was just as purposeful and valuable as anyone else, and that it was okay to treat myself like a human. As soon as I finished it, I started it again; everything about it helped me create a raft in a sea of chaos, capable of helping me to save myself. Stay strong. You are not alone. I wish for brilliant news for you going forward. Your existence is appreciated.

    (Right now I’m working on a drawing and I had “Your existence is necessary” but I haven’t inked it in because it sounds like I’m being all demanding. Your existence is appreciated. That’s it. You just helped me finish a drawing. Thank you. ~ Jenny)

  82. Jenny, you are awesome. (Which is a weird thing to type, b/c my name is also Jenny. Feels kinda good though…)

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  83. I don’t need a book today but I could sure use something, I don’t know what.. (and I don’t mean a possession). I just found out today that I’m going to have a miscarriage. I’m 7 weeks and baby has a weak heartbeat and didn’t have much growth from last week (and that’s being generous). Having been here before (this is my 3rd miscarriage) I know that only a miracle would save my baby at this point. I do have one miracle already (born after 2 miscarriages) and she is the joy of my life. I want this more for her so she knows what growing up with a sibling is like so she’s not alone when her parents aren’t around anymore (I have the best siblings in the world and I just wish that for her too). She has cousins but they’re far and I just really really want to complete my family but I’m 1 for 4 pregnancies and I’m just so discouraged right now. And I can’t tell anyone (told my mom and my sister and obvs my husband) but I can’t tell anyone else because I hadn’t told them about my pregnancy because I didn’t want to invite questions should THIS happen (again). And I’m at work and I have a meeting in 1.5 hours with a bunch of men that probably see tears as a sign of weakness and where I’ll probably be expected to say something valuable. I want to cry and I want to just be numb. More than anything I wish this wasn’t happening

    (I don’t know if you can feel it but I am sending you such love and light. I’ve been there and I know how devastating it is. I’m so sorry. All of my love ~ Jenny)

  84. Thanks, but I don’t need a freebie. I will happily buy all of your books! So, I am just hoping you feel better soon! Take care!

  85. 88

    Feel better soon. We love you.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)


    (I got an error message but I think maybe it’s because you removed your list after you got your book? If not, try linking again. ~ Jenny)

  87. 90

    I really want it, but I don’t NEED it. Kinda feeling down lately as my grandmother and a friend of mine passed in the same week.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way. Sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  88. 91
    Tammy Land

    I hope you find the humor again, soon! I’m sorry for the news you’ve received and the testing it will involve. I had a minor procedure today and got stuck FOUR times to get an IV started!! I’ll be sending many positive vibes your way!!

  89. 92

    As someone who’s spent a fair amount of time as a human pincushion and/or science experiment: all the best Jenny!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  90. I have been struggling a lot lately, my husband does NOT get it, and my birthday is next Saturday…

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! Happy early birthday! ~ Jenny)

  91. thank you for this.. had a rough morning. started w a new therapist and find out shes leaving in 2 months.. 🙁 depression sucks

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! And sorry about the therapist. Who takes on a new patient if they know they’re leaving? Argh. ~ Jenny)

  92. Jenny you are awesome. (Which is weird to type, b/c my name is also Jenny. Feels kinda nice though….)

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  93. Sorry you’re feeling down. I have a friend who’s been in a similar boat so I’ve been sending him funny videos almost every day to cheer him up. Here’s my current favorite: It’s really really funny and very good for a laugh for those who need it.

    (I love this. ~ Jenny)

  94. Anonymous in the 2nd comment, I tried to purchase your book for you, but there’s no address linked. 🙁 Link and address and I’ll come back and check!

  95. love you jenny. thank you.

    (Sending love right back. And I sent you a book as well. ~ Jenny)

  96. Will find a Canadian to gift to but what would make me happy is suggestions of books that would uplifting my depressed, anxious (and blogess mad) 15 year old daughter.

    (Hyperbole and Half is great. Also, Rainbow Rowell writes some great stuff for all ages. ~ Jenny)

  97. Thank you Jenny, it’s been a rough few days. Thank you for always thinking of others.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  98. 101

    I hope it helps to know I gave your book to someone who needed it. I also sent her a link to Maria Bamford’s Plan B video.

    (Giving away books makes me happy. Having to search for people to gift a book to because other people love to gift small kindnesses to strangers makes me beyond happy. ~ Jenny)

  99. 102

    your books have helped me in more ways than I can say, especially over the last year when my anxiety issues have become worse and I’ve begun experiencing panic attacks. I love your booksgiving idea! I’ve listed your newest book since I haven’t been able to get it yet-your first two made me laugh so hard my kids have told me I need to put it down because it can’t possibly be good for me to laugh so hard!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  100. I don’t need a book Jenny and live in the U.K. So not sure how to gift one to someone else. I wish I had the energy to set that up but I don’t, sorry. You are in my thoughts and so is everyone having a hard time right now. The world is always turning toward morning, folks xxx

  101. I am going to follow the link and see if I can send someone else a book. I am good on my end. As to your comment on finding the good in a health problem, speaking as someone who survived testicular cancer, there is always a silver lining if you are still breathing! 🙂

    (Amen. That is a wonderful reminder. So glad you’re here. ~ Jenny)

  102. I think/hope The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone could really help me at the moment. Thinking of you, Jenny… your books and meeting you at a signing have helped very much in the past!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  103. Thanks for looking out for us, Jenny. Hope you feel better.
    My wishlist – You are here

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  104. Jenny I hope you get better soon. You are such a positive force in so many lives. I appreciate your sense of humor and honesty.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  105. 108


    I’m not one to usually leave comments, but since you’re having a rough day I thought I would send some love your way. I want to thank you for your books. I have read them all and not only are they entertaining but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with “crazy” thoughts. Thank you for sharing your stories so the rest of us can be comfortable sharing ours. 🙂

    P.S. Victor is wrong. Rory is hilarious.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! And Victor is always wrong. Even when he’s right.~ Jenny)

  106. I think this is a truly wonderful idea. When I’m a bit more stable I hope to come back and fill some orders to help others. Thank you for all you do Jenny ♥

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  107. This is so awesome!!! JENNY PLS DON’T DIE I JUST FOUND YOU. Hugs!

    (No plans on dying. Just really invasive testing and more meds if all goes well. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  108. <3 Boo to health issues! Boo I say!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  109. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues…I’ve always loved your drawings and want to share them with my niece (a budding artist) so here’s my wish list link, thank you!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  110. Can someone recommend a good sci/fi fantasy novel? My favorites are David Eddings and Piers Anthony. Like grown-up Harry Potter? Here is my list, but I’m happy to get surprises!
    I’ll book up some other people in return!

    (Sent a book your way! ~ Jenny)

  111. First time I ever ask for something to cheer me up… Thank you very much, Jenny, even if you don´t get to me

    (I wanted to buy it for you but I don’t have a UK account. Leaving it here for someone who does. ~ Jenny)

  112. I truly hope things get better…just want you to know that you bring me (and oh so many others) much joy.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  113. I learned to find humor in difficult situations thanks to you! <3

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have a shipping address attached to your list yet. ~ Jenny)

  114. Shit, Jenny. I want you to feel better. I want all of us who are sick, struggling, or just down and out to feel better. Thank you for spreading cheer even when you’re having a rough go of things.

    Here’s my wishlist 1 book for me, 1 book for my little one.

    (Looks like they’re both already on their way! ~ Jenny)

  115. I’ve read this site for years and you never fail to bring a smile to my face- your words DO matter. I hope that the extra tests and prodding end up helping bring light in the long run. In the meantime, thank you for posting these amazing acts of kindness. This one is really timely to me….
    Thank you to everyone here. I love being a (quiet) part of this corner of the internet

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  116. 119
    Jennifer H.

    Thank you Jenny! I hope you start feeling better soon. Your books have helped me, and I appreciate you giving us the ability to help others.

  117. I also don’t need a book, and have already bought them for everyone I know, but wanted to pass on my best wishes and hopes that you feel better soon,

  118. 121
    Katherine W. Greene

    Hiding from the world, desperately trying to beat this depression, anxiety and PTSD.
    Thank you for considering me.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! PS. You are not alone. ~ Jenny)

  119. This is an amazing idea!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  120. I’m sorry to hear about your bad news. I got good news today, which sent my anxiety through the roof. Silly brain chemistry. Maybe coloring will help?

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  121. I could really use this:

    (Looks like you don’t have a shipping address attached to this yet. ~ Jenny)

  122. 125

    This kind of breaks the rules because she has books and movies and cd’s, but I don’t want to tell her I’m sharing her list.

    A high school friend of mine named Jessica was given 5 years to live unless she gets a new heart. That was about 4 years ago. She got a strep throat infection while in college that she didn’t go see a doctor about, and by the time she collapsed and was taken to the hospital, the infection had moved into her heart. She’s 37 now. Her mother has been her caregiver, but the stress of working full-time and taking care of Jessica has worn down her health, too. She used up all of her sick and vacation leave for Jessica’s appointments, but she recently had to take a month off work, unpaid, to try to recover her health. They both really like reading, and I think some new books would make their day, since they don’t have a lot of money or energy to go to a bookstore or library.

    (Books – and love- coming her way. ~ Jenny)

  123. Great idea! I just ordered a book for a total stranger (or maybe she’s just partially strange. I don’t know, since I’ve never met her) and I feel awesome! Thanks Jenny!

  124. 127
    Connie Foster

    I wish I had a magic wand to wave and take away all your troubles…instead all I can do is be a self centered greedy bitch and ask for something free. Feel better luv…

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  125. I am currently struggling with my depression pretty badly. I am going to take a look at everyone’s suggestions, because I definitely need something to help (or at least distract) me.

  126. 129

    I don’t need a book – just want you to know you are loved and appreciated.


    From a fellow sociopath, erm, I mean social anxietress, I wish you peace and calm for your tests.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  128. 131
    Joan's niece

    I just gave my copies of my Jenny Lawson books away to someone who needed them more than me.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  129. 132

    I dont know if its just how ive always beem or if its spending too much time with my son but counting calms me down a lot lately…and star wars is always cool

  130. 133

    Jenny, I will be thinking of you and sending good energy your way.

    (Sent! The only one available was from a used book store so it won’t come in for a week or two. ~ Jenny)

  131. 134
    Monica wells

    Genius that you are, Jenny, you have invited us to do something that will make ourselves and someone else feel better. Sending shiny doctor healthy hug coated angels to you. 🌻😇

  132. This is a beautiful idea. I’ll be finding a book for someone else today, too. <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)


    Thank you in advance should the books be purchased by someone. And Thank you Jenny for your continued generosity, compassion and humor. You are loved! Especially in San Diego. Come back soon. The baby sea lions are waiting for you in La Jolla.

    (A book is on it’s way to you now! ~ Jenny)

  134. Lucy (#50), enjoy!

  135. 138

    Jenny, you continue to confirm my opinion of you as an absolutely amazing human. I love you, and I want you to feel all kinds of better very soon. I hope your rest is restful, and I’ll be here when you’re ready to share. Hugs, chica. xoxo ~mk

  136. You are an inspiration and are absolutely incredible. Your selflessness is amazing. Wishing you all the best in this time. I am looking forward to paying it forward as well!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  137. I’m so sorry about your health stuff, Jenny. When you’re ready to find the humor we will be here, but we’re also here now.

    (It seems super awkward to add a wishlist after that, but… um… the book I could really use to get lost in right now is here,, and I will be back on Thursday to buy a bunch of books for others. You guys are all awesome.)

    (Sent a book on its way to you! ~ Jenny)

  138. 141

    You’re seriously one of my heroes!

    A book I need 


    (Book on the way to you! ~ Jenny)

  139. This is the book I could really use right now: (It’s You Are Here)

    Furiously Happy has really helped me already, but I’m still looking at going to the psychiatric unit of the hospital next week, maybe. I constantly color, so a new coloring book would be great!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way. I am sending you all my love. You’re not alone. ~ Jenny)

  140. I would really love a copy of the Blogess’ coloring book 🙂

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  141. I am sorry that you are having medical issues. May has been a rough month foe me so far… art always makes me feel less stressed:

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  142. THANK YOU. Wow. I want one of yours! Upon recommendation from a friend, I read ‘Furiously Happy’ and I immediately recommended to people. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  143. 147
    Emma Rose

    I needs this book. I don’t have it, but I needs it.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  144. 148
    Heather Fulmer

    I would so love this ❤️💕🦄

    (I tried to order for you but it didn’t have a shipping address attached. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  145. Medical scares are terrible. Tests and being a pincushion are also terrible. I hope things take a big, giant turn for the better for you, and soon!! Here’s the book I’d really love to help escape from the world.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  146. Hi Jenny. I’m so sorry that you are going around and around in the medical test merry-go-round, and in fact, that it is not so merry. Please know that I’m sending you lots of light and love, and a virtual hand hold if things are scary and uncomfortable

    I’ve been watching this series on Netflix and it’s great for a laugh and remembering that we can be strong and fearless and take chances when we just want to hide in our pillow fort (not there is anything wrong with that). I’d love to have the book to read more about Sophia’s story and to continue to become a stronger person.

    Can’t wait to pass along some book love in return.

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  147. 151

    I’ve had a rough week medically also! Today I wrote letters to some friends to cheer them up in the old fashioned mail! I really could use a Jenny Lawson book though:


    (Looks like it’s already on its way! Sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  148. I have to say my first thought was, “I don’t need a book.” which really translated to “I don’t want to take a book from someone else.” which really means “I don’t deserve a book.” You know what? I DO deserve a book. I am kind and caring and thoughtful and trying. I try every single day to survive and thrive in this world despite my anxiety and depression, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my butt!

    (You totally deserve a book. And looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  149. 153
    Tresa Crowley

    Jenny, your books have helped me through quite a few rough patches in my life. Thank you for all that you are.'m

    (Thank you! But your link didn’t work. Try again? ` Jenny)

  150. I may not need a new book as much as someone else but I already had a list of books I’ve saved for when I could afford them. It’s been a rough week, month…year…few years….so maybe these will be book ideas for others too.

    (Sent you a book! ~ Jenny)

  151. Much strength to you! You do wonderful things for others when times are tough for you. It’s greatly appreciated!

  152. Dearest Jenny – not thrilled to hear of your latest medical trials and hoping for the best possible outcome for you! (Hard to see it at the moment, but it’s book material because someone, somewhere is probably struggling with the same thing… but also, hope you’re feeling better sooner rather than later)

    My 22-year-old daughter is really struggling lately. She lives in a tiny town in another state and is having a hard time finding work and just coping with the shitstorm her life is right now and doesn’t think things will ever be better. I do all that I can to help, but it would be awesome if someone could gift her a book –

    Thanks in advance. Letting her know that there is someone other than her Mom who cares would be awesome sauce.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! Give your daughter love from me. ~ Jenny)

  153. Number 94 and 82, you’re all set! I went to tag several others but your lists are happily empty.

  154. One for me and one for my daughter! Thank you!

    (A book is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  155. 159

    I’m ok on books…I can get my own. Just know that I greatly appreciate all your books and you. I have read furiously happy but I just got it on audio so I can listen to it too…I prefer to listen to those books, especially if they are read by the author. Knowing that I’m not alone is a great relief!

  156. 160

    Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

  157. I’ve added two. one for me, and one for my daughter……. I think she needs her more than I need mine.

    Jenny – I think of you often, and hope you find relief and answers soon. You are so important – to us, but also to yourself. you’re loved.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to be in a position to pay it forward, should our wishes come true

    (One book was already sent. I sent the second. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  158. It’s been a long time since I went through the medical-issues-without-diagnosis thing, but I remember it well. I’m sorry you’re going through this, and I hope the next batch of tests brings answers.

    I’m asking for this book because two days ago was Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday. But she passed away in February, so this year was the first year we didn’t celebrate all things Mom on that day. It’s been a couple of months, but it’s still raw as hell. Coloring has become my refuge, but I am running out of available pages. So this gives me a chance to keep my anxiety at bay and show some love to Midcentury Modern design. Thanks. <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! Sending you my love. I’m so sorry about your loss.~ Jenny)

  159. Commenting to wish you good health, Jenny! When you say, “simple book to take you away from the world and help you find new ones”, truer words were never spoken. And I have turned to your books, your words, very often in search of that escape. Thank you!!

  160. Love and hugs to you, Jenny. Thank you for turning suckiness into something uplifting for so many people. I’m going to go send someone a book and am sending you a boatload of healing thoughts. ❤️

  161. I love that you do this.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  162. 166
    Sara Dillon

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  163. 167
    Tresa Crowley

    Share this list
    A book that will help me

    (Looks like you don’t have a shipping address attached to this yet. ~ Jenny)

  164. Books for stronger mental health? Something I find really positive for mental health is playing my ukulele. Its just uplifting to play. So I put a ukulele book on my list and kinda hope that someone else might see this and think about starting to play ukulele!

    I’ve got visions of future book tour readings/ukulele play-along’s happening in bookstores 😀

    Here’s my list, I’m in the UK btw.

    Time to go looking at other lists now. Love that you make this happen, Jenny. Its as uplifiting as playing ukulele is!

  165. I always love participating in events like these. It really makes me feel like a part of something bigger than myself. Thanks Jenny for helping us all find a little comfort.

    (Sent you a book! ~ Jenny)

  166. My birthday is this Thursday and I would love any of the books on this list, many of which are re mental health. 🙂

    (Happy early birthday! But put one on an amazon wishlist so I can buy it for you. ~ Jenny)

    My Bleeding Ink recently posted Seriously tho, Is It Just Me?? (A look into the mind of mental illness).


    I love your idea of giving out books to cheer yourself up! I may have to use this sometime.
    Feel better <3

    (There isn’t an address associated with this list yet. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  168. 172

    1 more reason why I love you: you feel like crap & instead of whining you think of helping others. I hope all the love & well wishes infuse & in-better you (I just made up the word “in-better” because in-better sounds better than improve) XX00


    You are awesome…. I hope you know this! <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  170. Oh Jenny I will keep you in my thoughts! I’ve had this book on my wish list for a while and it just looks like its going to be fun and silly and maybe this would also be a great book for you to cheer you up?

    I mean its cats and poems what could go wrong?

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  172. Hi Jenny!
    This is so crazy! I’ve been feeling down for a while now, and last night I was pretty bad, end up calling the helpline to find someone to talk to. I already had the books on my regular wish list so I moved them. Listened to Furiously Happy and Let’s pretend this never happened, loved them both. And they really helped me (alot!) Is very difficult to just pick one. Thank you for sharing your journey, I wish sometimes I could see the funny side (I know is there) but sometimes is so hard to find! Well I won’t keep mopping! Thank You!!

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  173. I hope you feel better Jenny. You make me smile, laugh, guffaw, every time I read your blog. Hang in there. Linda

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  174. 178
    Anna Wright

    Hooray for new health challenges. It’s not a trip to the doctor until they tell you your new specialist is technically a cancer doctor. (I don’t have cancer, thankfully, but that’s their specialty, and it relates to what I need…) Hooray for possible IV Meds! 😀

    I don’t currently have a copy of Furiously Happy, which is what I really need to be right now. Keeping on keeping on. Seems like a lot of people I know/follow are having health challenges right now. Hope things go well with your docs and health, Jenny. We’re in your corner! 😀 <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  175. This would be nice to have right now

    (It’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  176. I’ve been emotionally abused by my wife, again. I could use

    (Can you attach a shipping address to the list? Sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  177. This is so lovely. I could really use this to help me get through a tough period.

    Wishing you good health, Jenny!

    (Can you add your shipping address to this list? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  178. I’d love to get a copy of You Are Here:

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  179. 183

    Please get well. We need you. I lost my journal with a headache and this is a cute one thank you

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  180. I could personally use you are here. My depression and anxiety have been getting worse and that kind of stuff seems to help. It’s about an hour drive one way for me to pick up this book and things have just been rough on top of that.

    (Can you add your shipping address to the list? ~ Jenny)

  181. I have now clicked FOUR people who do not have a shipping address. At least two of you would have gotten a book. 🙂

    Please go BACK to the top, to Jenny’s post, and make sure you have an available shipping address….

  182. I love that you make time for us, your tribe, even when you are not feeling the best. I hope that you get some answers soon. Let’s Pretend is my go-to book for friends going through rough patches – which reminds me that I need to go pick another copy. I am feeling the need to laugh, and the need to feel not so alone in this struggle, so it’s time to start reading Furiously Happy in hopes of getting out of my current funk.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  183. I don’t know if this will work but thanks anyway Hi. Check out this list:

    (Looks like you don’t have your address attached to the list yet. ~ Jenny)

  184. – Take care Jenny, Be well

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  185. I have been wanting your first book and your coloring book for forever. Unfortunately Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is out of print, though I once found it for an incredibly ridiculous price on Amazon. I’d love a copy of You Are Here, too. Whichever. Either will help me out.

    I made a list with one book on it for me and one for my daughter. Though the book I chose is expensive because it’s out of print. Uggh.

    One book that helped me years ago is called She’s Come Undone. It’s awesome. I can’t remember the author’s name, though.

    (Looks like you don’t have a shipping address attached yet. Also, Hyperbole and a Half and Let’s Pretend are still in print but just in paperback. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  186. 190

    Thank you, Jenny! You truly are a beautiful soul.

    My pick is Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens.” I have yet to read it but hear it’s very funny. Humour always helps when the days feel dark.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! One of my favorite books too. ~ Jenny)

  187. Thank you for existing and sharing your struggles and inspiring us. I’m going through a terrible time and have a few things I need to seek medical care for but I don’t have the finances to cover these expenses. I don’t need a book. I just needed to vent and tell others who are going through something similar they are not alone.

    (I’m sending you such love. ~ Jenny)

  188. Many hugs to you Jenny. We should all build a blanket fort and go hide out for a while. I know I certainly need some peace (aka go hide) for a while as I’m worn out from peopling and adulting.

    So I have asked for Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help because 1) she rocks and 2) it’s a tome I could use right now. I’m struggling financially and have some major decisions coming up soon.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! I love that book. ~ Jenny)

    LAL recently posted This Is Not The Post I Planned To Do.

  189. 194

    Im just having a rough time, i could use some new coloring pages.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  190. 195
    Greyson M.

    Feel better. Be well.
    Just started listening to your books on CD (eye trouble).
    My wife could use your first book, (probably all of them but I only just started your second book).

    (Looks like you don’t have your shipping address adding to your list yet. ~ Jenny)

  191. The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J Maarten Troost is hilarious. Unfortunately, there are no cannibals. Or much sex, if any, it’s been years since I read this book.

  192. I don’t need a book; posting this here for others who might enjoy it. This isn’t a self help book of any kind, but I read this when I was in college and it literally changed my life. (As in I packed up and moved to the Pacific Northwest specifically because of this book.)

    Of Men and Mountains by William O’Douglas

    Kindle version:

    Print version:

  193. 198

    I would love to participate. Things have been rough lately. is my wishlist. Hopefully I got the address set up right.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  194. I adore you. You have made my days sooo much better with your blog and your fb posts and your books and all of your amazing followers. what book do YOU want, Jenny??

    (The book I’m writing. I want to get this all fixed so I can finish it with a clear mind. I think I’m on the right path, but it’s so slow. ~ Jenny)

  195. 200
    Jane Warren

    Oh Jenny, I hope you’re feeling better soon! You have an amazing soul and the fact that it helps you through dark times by helping others just proves it. I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately because of job stuff, so having a new book to escape in when the stress gets really bad would be awesome.
    Here’s my list:

    (Sent! It should be in your inbox now. ~ Jenny)

  196. We could all use books right around now.

    Here is my wishlist. I included one book for each member of my family.

    PS. Don’t forget to use to support a charity too!

    (I’m not seeing anything on that page so I’m assuming everything has been bought. ~ Jenny)

  197. I’d really love Furiously Happy. I read it through the library, but I always like having physical copies of books I love. I had a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, but I gave it to my best friend for Christmas because she needed it more than me.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  198. 204
    What a great way to think of someone else and share the love 🙂 Headed back up to buy a book!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  199. 205

    I needed this so badly right now. I’ll be looking for something for someone else too.

    (Looks like you forgot to add your shipping address to your list. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  200. I’m trying to go through and buy, but I keep running into a specific problem… NO ADDRESSES. Make sure that you check the third party-seller- agreement box, so that it will save your address!!!!

  201. It’s been a hell of a time for me lately too. Massive amounts of grief after my brother passed away from cancer and then my boyfriend broke up with me three days later. My mind is a scary place right now, but I’m taking care of me as well as possible. Hope you can do the same. <3

    (Looks like it’s already on its way. Sending you such love. ~ Jenny)

  202. I putting off buying this until I have fun money, but that is apparently never going to happen. I’m definitely in a low place right now.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  203. 209

    I’m all too familiar with batteries of tests.
    Thanks for spreading kindness in the world, Jenny and her readers.

    (Looks like you don’t have your address attached to your list yet. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  204. 210

    Will donate it to my local library as soon as I finish it, passing it on.
    Thank you.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  205. I’m dealing with many issues with my mental health
    Other health issues
    And life stresses in general
    This is the link to the book I would love and would help

    (I’m adding a note here that you’re in Canada so another Canadian might be able to find you. ~ Jenny)

  206. I do not need a new book, but I thought you might like to check out the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers. The series is set in England in the 1920s (contemporary times for Sayers). Wimsey is a British nobleman who has come back from WWI with “shell shock” (aka PTSD) and has to have an old war buddy be his attendant to help with the episodes. However, he is internationally recognized as a brilliant crime solver. The stories often do a very good job at creating very real characters (flaws, strengths, and quirks) and situations. I find the novels to be unique, funny, and show a depth of humanity in the main character you don’t usually see in these kinds of books. I’d be happy to send you one, but it’s not on your wishlist. 😉

  207. 213
  208. 214
    Emma Rose

    Thank you so much Missy! ❤❤❤❤

  209. Jenny, you’ve given me so much laughter and delight in life. I’m sending healing vibes to you, and I’ll light candles for you, too. Thank you for the gift of laughter!

  210. I wanted to participate in this the last time you did it but I was too late. I really hope you feel better soon! virtual hugs

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  211. Jenny, you are an inspiration to anyone facing health challenges and I am inspired by your writing. I found an outlet for my chronic illness as well in blogging and can see the change in my outlook after a few months of writing. I feel that I am helping myself as though a friend is hearing me out and offering advice but it is surely the voice way deep inside of me. I appreciate your authenticity and honesty and wish for healing and energy and light to come your way! Stay happy!…and funny!
    Love Ingrid

    (Thank you. ~ Jenny)


    Thank you. I’d say more about my situation but I can’t seem to so I will just express my gratitude to a) Jenny for her existence and b) to whoever takes the time to read this. I spent most of my life being invisigirl so thank you for noticing.

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! You are not invisible. We see you.~ Jenny)

  213. 219

    From one Jenni to another – we’ll debate who spells it the “better” way later – survive today to fight tomorrow. Someone has to be here to fight the zombies.

  214. I already have all of your books, but if I had my wish I would make you healthy and happy (but still crazy enough to have fun). Love you, Jenny!

  215. I’ve bought more than a few You Are Here’s to give away, but there are always people in need, so that’s what’s on my list. Along with a couple of children’s books for a very special little person.

    (Looks like they’re already on their way! ~ Jenny)

    Cassie recently posted engagements.

  216. #193, I love the Art of Asking. I’m sending it to you.

  217. Things keep piling up, and it does my soul wonders to hear the humor and brutal honestly in the way you share your struggles. Somedays I just want to stay in bed. I’m not one to buy books unless I will read them more than once.
    These books, I read from 2-3 times a week.

    (Sent! You should see it soon. ~ Jenny)

  218. Jenny totally understand how doing for others can make you feel better. I was having a shit day – and it was my birthday so I bought roses for all the women in my support group! The smiles on their faces made my day special. Feel better friend. Wish I could make it all go away – for you and for those I love who are hurting…..hell wish I could do it for myself!

  219. Jenny,
    I don’t really need a book. But if you wanna send one.. well I couldn’t say no. Lol there are plenty of ppl out there that need your kind of humor during hard times. Just hoping you feel better soon. And whatever the medical issues are, the drs find and solve the issues. Praying you into better health. You can always take my little furiously happy pill picture with you so you are reminded of how you have helped so many people. And maybe smile a little bit. Cause damn it you need it! Much love and hugs!

  220. 226
    Melanie Sinclair

    Jenny you are awesomely awesomeness, take care of yourself my dear girl. Blessings

  221. Jenny – I’m jumpin’ on the wish list for you to FEEL BETTER! My tummy is hummin’ from the last operation (bye-bye gallbladder) and I know the invasive nature of testing,etc (5 ops in the last 6 years) so PLEASE take care and keep your sense of humor – BEST MEDS EVER:) You kept ME afloat:) BESOS -XStacy

    (Watch out for high fat foods for awhile. No one warned me about it when I had mine out. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  222. 228


  223. 229

    I’m all too familiar with batteries of tests right now. Thank you for spreading kindness, Jenny and her readers.

    (Looks like you still need a shipping address. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  224. Jenny, I have a book I would love to send you, as a small thank you for everything you do – what mailing address can I use?
    Feel better soon!

    (14546 Brook Hollow Blvd. #400 / San Antonio TX, 78232 Thanks. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  225. 231

    Feel better Jenny!

    #a book i would like

    (Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)

  226. I’m sorry about new health struggles. Today has been a bad day in a bad year, but I bought three people books because I can, and it helped lift my spirits. Thank you.

  227. Jenny you rock! I’m not asking for a book today. Just with you in spirit as I’m working with a psych trying to figure out meds and not figuring anything with the MDs who are ‘waiting to see what happens next.’ It’s like I’m a distant moon and they are in the space center. Stay strong my online, blanket-tent friend, I have a feeling life and the universe aren’t done with either one of us yet.

    (You don’t know it but these comments are giving me life. Thank you, all. ~ Jenny)

  228. 234

    I know there are a lot on this list, but it would be greatly appreciated! One book was recommended by my therapist, but i just havent had the spare cash to get it.

    Also, I can’t imagine a person who would not be cheered up by this picture,

    (Looks like you don’t have your shipping address attached yet. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  229. 235

    What a beautiful idea, Jenny. ♥ I’ll be thinking of you, knowing that whatever it is you’re dealing with, you’ll come out stronger in the end and with some funny stories for the rest of us to enjoy, like always. You inspire me every day and make me feel less alone in my own craziness. Thank you, and take care. 🙂
    I’d love to get a copy of You Are Here – I love coloring because it helps me deal with my own mental issues, which have been…a little overwhelming lately.
    Here’s my wish list – I live in Germany, btw, so it links to the German Amazon (not sure what that means re:shipping fees?).

  230. I’m good–I have all your books. I just want to send you positive energy and thoughts to help you get through this:-)

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 138: Nothing to See Here, Pantless People, Text Convos.

  231. I’m sorry you are going through a difficult time Jenny, I hope things get better soon. Thank you for doing this!

    I could use a pick me up. My anxiety has been worse with my husband out of work since April.
    Here is my desired happy book:

    (Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)

  232. Books really do make everything better!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)

  233. 239

    I literally just sat down at my desk after visiting the post office where I dropped my copy of “You Are Here” in the mail to a friend who reached out for help on FB last night. Her depression has had its nasty grips on her for 2 months and I thought the book might give her some comfort, smiles, maybe tears, and a laugh right now.
    But now I no longer have a copy.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)

  234. Wishing you all the best, Jenny.

  235. Dealing my my own mental and physical health crap…. I child use a distraction.

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Looks like you still need to add a shipping address. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  236. 242
    sue valentine

    A book I really want/need right now to help me feel powerful

    (Looks like you need to add your address to it. ~ Jenny)

  237. I already own all of your books, but seriously, this is why I follow you – because despite the crqp you deal with every day – you remain a beautiful human. ❤️

  238. 244


    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  239. 245
    Shawna Biccum

    I hope I did this right. I’m having a hard time getting the link to copy. If not, thanks anyways.

    This is one of my favorite books ever. I need it to get through.

    (I can’t get the link to work properly? ~ Jenny)

  240. I hope you feel better soon, no one should have to go through all that grief, especially not such a lovely funny person hugs.

    I saw this book a long time ago somewhere on the blog here and after being off my anti-anxiety meds (it was making me crazy in other ways), I need to find ways to help myself…but haven’t gotten around to purchasing.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)

  241. Boy that felt good! You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds is on the way to someone on the list! I am so excited! I hope she enjoys her book and I hope she finds some peace as I hope you all do. Here are some books I would suggest. They are my go-to books for when I need a pick-me-up. I would not say they are self help but they are relatable and downright Hilarious!

    Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson

    Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, Jenny Lawson

    anything by Jenny Lawson really

    People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges, Jen Mann

    Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris

    Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris

    anything by David Sedaris really

    Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster): Life Lessons and Other Ravings, Dave Barry

    anything by Dave Barry really

    It Wasn’t Always Easy, but I Sure Had Fun, Lewis Grizzard

    anything by Lewis Grizzard really

    Fletch, Gregory Mcdonald

    in fact, read ALL of the Fletch books. I promise you will laugh out loud, a good belly laugh and they are smart books too.

  242. This is a list I already had for my daughter’s Summer Reading if anyone is feeling extra giving! Hope you start to feel better soon Jenny! Love you all!

    (A book for her is on the way. ~ Jenny)

  243. ‘Heal Thy Self: Mindfulness in Medicine’ by Saki Santorelli is one the most uplifting books I have ever read. Feel better, Jenny! We are with you.

    Burns the Fire recently posted Happy Spring.

  244. 250

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  245. I could really stand to laugh right now: Hi. Check out this list:

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  246. Wishing you all the best. ALL of you all the best. I don’t need a book, but I’m going to go order YOU ARE HERE for a few of my friends who definitely need it right now. Thank you for the reminder that giving books is a lovely thing.

  247. 253

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your generosity! ( I discovered your books this spring and own & have read all three. Thank you.) Best wishes to you from a kindred spirit. Ellen

  248. This book makes me wish I had a daughter to share it with… I have a friend who I eventually hope to get it for but in case anyone needs a suggestion for their teenager, it looks amazeballs…

  249. Monica 145 you should be all set!

  250. A few books that popped into my head that are missing from my life and bookshelf.

  251. Be happy!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  252. Last weekend I sat on my butt for a few hours and later the middle of my left butt check really hurt. I sounded like a whiny child when I told my wife that I didn’t want another diagnosis. I have enough. No, this cannot be sciatica. I’m feeling for you and wish you the best with your docs.

    (Ditto, sweetness. ~ Jenny)

  253. 259

    I’ve heard good things about this and would like to read it. 🙂
    Thank you!!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  254. 260

    Dealing with some nasty post partum depression. I could really use this.

    (I can’t get your link to work. Can you try again? Sending you love. ~ Jenny)


    I would love to have this book, it has been on my to buy list since its release, but with the debt I have right now, it remains a wish.I hope I did this right. I suck at stuff. Thank you!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

    <3 <3

    (I needed that. ~ Jenny)

  257. 263

    I am having a hard time coping with my alcoholic father who has fallen off the wagon again and had multiple seizures.

    I hope you get well soon. You are my role model and an inspiration to so many.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! Sending you such love. ~ Jenny)

  258. Dawn– do you know Robin Hobb’s books? Start with Assassin’s Apprentice. 16 books in the series, broken into trilogies.


    Just going to hope someone is feeling generous. I have a digital copy of the book, but a paperback is always my preferred way to read. 🙂

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  260. …made me smile today…hope it does you too.

  261. I’ve been having a very dark time, but like some people above, just hope you are better soon.

    (I love you guys. ~ Jenny)

  262. 268

    I’ve already bought all your books, and thank you for writing them. Instead of asking for a book for me, I’ve got a recommendation for you. You should read Neil Gaiman’s book on Norse Gods. It’s very good and will transport you to a whole new world and maybe take your mind off your problems for a while. Anyway, best of luck with your future tests and I hope they all come back negative for the big things and you get better soon.

    (I love that book. ~ Jenny)

  263. I hope you get some answers healthwise–please don’t die of rickets! haven’t read a book in years, but I think this one would help me out of the rut I’ve been in lately.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  264. Jenny, you bring happiness to me nearly every day. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Or at least focusing on the humor.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  265. 271

    Can I please make a suggestion? State your country somewhere in the message? It helps those of outside the US help others while not paying high shipping costs 😃

  266. Baking is my happy place so my happy books are usually cookbooks. I’m actually starting to feel like I might be getting out of my dark time because I’m on meds for the first time ever. But I’m 26 weeks pregnant, high risk for preterm labor, and have an almost 2 year old, so it’s still overwhelming and slow going.

    (Sending you love. And a book. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  267. Jenny – I am going for a kidney transplant evaluation on June 8th. I have a genetic disease (thanks, Mom!) that has finally worn down my kidneys. Fortunately, my husband is going to get tested to be a donor. Fingers crossed all goes well, but I will need something creative to keep my mind off of things, and have been eyeing this book for quite some time.

    You are strong, and so brave, and you will overcome whatever this is you have going on. Much love to you, and strength when you need it. <3

    (Looks like the book is already on the way! I’m send you all my thoughts and prayers. ~ Jenny)

  268. I too am struggling with emotional and physical health right now. I’ve been lucky enough to snag read throughs of your first two books via the library, and was gifted You Are Here from a family member. Yet could still very much use some more laughter in my life right now. All my love to you and yours. <3

    (The book you linked to is a pirated edition, I think. That’s why it costs so much more than it should. Can you change it to this link instead on your wishlist? ~ Jenny)

  269. OK so I hooked up 3 of y’all but didn’t think to see which comment # I selected – so I guess we will all be surprised 🙂 Thank you Jenny for creating this opportunity 🙂 Best wishes for continued medical knowledge and answers for questions and rest and Dorothy Barker snuggles. YOU are the BEST <3

    (NO, YOU ARE. ~ Jenny)

  270. Thank you for the many ways you help by just being honest. Reality is better together.

    (Looks like it’s on its way! ~ Jenny)

  271. 277
    Laura Sturgeon

    Jenny-Thank you. I just increased my meds and I’m miserable. Being Furiousky Happy sounds pretty great right now.

    (I can’t get your link to work. Maybe because it’s a mobile list? Can you try it again from your computer? ~ Jenny)

    FURIOUSLY HAPPY IS MY DAILY GUIDE…. I gave away my last 3 copies

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  273. 279

    Having a hard time dealing with my alcoholic father who fell off the wagon again and has been having seizures.

    I hope you get well soon….you are my role model and an inspiration to so many.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  274. So I know Shakespeare seems like an odd choice, but honestly I start reading his stuff and I’m calm for a while. Thank you to whoever might choose to do this!!!!!! It is greatly appreciated!!!!

    (Looks like it’s on the way already! ~ Jenny)

  275. Hope you feel better soon.

  276. I am currently reading Furiously Happy and I laugh out loud so often my son told me, “That book must really make you happy Mom.” He is not wrong. 🙂

    I would love a copy of You Are Here!

    JuryOfThree recently posted The Difference Between Ducks and Geese.

  277. 283
    Andrea Chamberlain

    Hi. Check out this list:

    I’m always telling friends about the books. I have them on audios, so I not as sharable. I’d love just to hand them a book.

  278. I found this book on Amazon and I think I need it in my life! The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck.

  279. 287

    So many people without shipping addresses! Finally found my giftee…

  280. I don’t need a book, but I am sending love and healing.

  281. Gotta be honest. My new job doesn’t start for a month and money is tight. I could use a book. I could use this book, to be exact.
    Hi. Check out this list:

    ReallyLoriRose recently posted The Number of the Beast.

  282. 291

    A few people should start checking their mailboxes! I LOVE doing these!

  283. It’s Not Fair by Melanie Dale was a helpful book to me.

  284. 293
    Anonymous Take care Jenny

  285. Hi Jenny and everyone, thanks for an amazing idea!! I am dealing with depression and trying to start my new business – so my biggest worries are failure and financial problems. I don’t know if this book will help me, but it looks interesting.
    The book is
    I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World

    And I’m sending love and hugs to everyone who needs it.

  286. 295
    Flatlander in VT

    I’ve been trying to justify buying You Are Here since it went on pre-order but the budget is so tight I can’t ever manage to get stuff for myself if there is something my kids (or my class) needs instead.

  287. You’re such a good egg. Big, big hugs. ❤️

  288. I’m finally living on my own, but of course then my student loans decided I need to pay 200% more than I was and now things are almost scarily right. I could really use an escape.

  289. I wish I could help. I hope you get better soon. :o(

    Mrs. Completely recently posted Confessions of an Ex-Wife.

  290. 299
    Miss lee

    Someday I’m going to be able to buy someone a book, but for now I need someone to buy me one. Thanks.

  291. 300

    I also have chronic, confusing health problems and keep using you as an example to my husband. “See….other people have bodies that attack them for no apparent reason!” It’s been a bit of a rough season and I love to escape with a good book! xoxo

  292. I hope that you’ll recover soon.

    Things have been rough here lately, and I could really use the pick me up.

  293. You are so sweet – I really hope you feel lots better very soon Kenny. You have made a huge difference to my life, I think of you often and wish you well.

    I could really use some laughs just now, here is my list but no pressure 🙂

  294. 303

    You have brought me so much joy such I discovered you and your work. I hope that you get everything you need to be happy and safe.
    If anyone would like to pay it forward

  295. What a day. I wish for you the very best. You are dearly loved by so many… May your body heal quickly and thoroughly. Thank you for hosting this event today! Here’s the one book I wish I had… it’s about using your imperfect life and story to help others.
    (hope the link works!)


    I hate to ask for anything, but a thing in my life is falling apart at the moment, this book would help. Thank you…

  297. 306
    Ann Hudock

    Hang in there. You didn’t ask but if you want books to remind you of the good things in the face of medical things that are challenging, and I’m sorry for that and totally supportive if you, how about All Over But the Shoutin by Rick Bragg or Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.

  298. 307
    Julie Watkins

    I need all the mental help I can get. I totally relate to all the crap you go through. Just know you are not alone.

  299. You are so nice. I’m sending you love and healing vibes.

  300. 309

    I am trying to find my way out of the fog so that I can actually enjoy my life with my new baby and continue to parent my four year old without crying for hours every day. Your blog makes me smile and feel less alone. I hope you find your way out of your fog soon too, whatever it may be for you. Much love and gratitude.

  301. I hope that things get better. I find myself slipping into the Summer blues, but reading your blog always helps me feel less alone.

  302. Love you Jenny! Hoping for the best for you!

  303. Just sending love and hugs. Here’s hoping your invasive tests aren’t too invasive, and finished with quickly. ❤️

  304. Hope things get better soon, Jenny. Life’s been rough here too lately.

  305. 315
    Lisa Arbour

    I have all of your books and ordered copies for several friends and family members, but I wanted to say that you are so kind–especially when you are feeling poorly and thinking of others. I hope things turn around for you and all of your health issues can be resolved.

  306. I am sending you my love and prayers. You are so admired! You know life is hard as fuck but you still encourage us to keep on and help others. You are so strong and help show me when life is attacking you to push through!

  307. I don’t need your book Jenny, but I just want to send you love.

  308. 319
    Whiny Agoraphobic Book o

    I’m at a level below low but not dead, even though Mother’s Day almost did me in. As always, Jen comforts me and I wish there was something i could do for HER. I’ve been wanting to read this to maybe help with my OCD that’s keeping me alone and in the house. It’s the kindle version because my vision isn’t great and I can’t afford eyeglasses.

  309. 320

    Jenny, I have been going through some really hard times with my depression and anxiety! I am on “friend watch” and have a couple of friends who check in on my daily(sometimes multiple times daily). I’m trying to get my meds right and this anxiety is kicking my butt!! But in the back of my mind I keep thinking “It could be worse, it could be darker. Jenny has went through darker times and she’s still here!” Thank you for being honest in your journey and making us not feel alone in the battle!! I love you and I met you last summer and you are totally awesome! You also made my “Mom video” that my hubby put together with the pix of us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a million times over and please know you are not alone either!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


    <3 this. I’ll be back to buy some…

  311. Wow, I hope you get well soon! I can’t think of a person who’s more deserving of having a friggin break from the BS of life than you (and probably my mom).

    I already have all your books, but maybe someone might want to buy me either one of the two on this list? I recently lost my job, so my own book budget is currently nonexistent.

  312. I cannot help but to have many books on my wish list, but as a middle school teacher with not much extra money, I’d love any of these. Much love and thanks ♡

  313. I was feeling low this week but doing something for someone else has lifted my spirits. I hope the coloring book and pencils brighten my wish listees day as mine is today. Thank you Jenny for all you do and share with us.

  314. Sending hugs and light your way. Take care of you!

    whatwouldgilliesdo recently posted Fumbling in the dark.

  315. Auggggghhhh!!!! DYAC 🙀 Jenny Jenny Jenny is your name-oh 🤣

  316. 327
    Whiny Agoraphobic Book o
  317. 328
    Much Love

    I hope you get some answers and start feeling better!

    Much love x

  318. 329
    Denise de la Vaux

    Jenny my most sincere wish is that you will be able to get well from whatever medical issues you have and heal and feel much, much better. We worry about you! ❤️

  319. I’ve been “clean” from self-harming for almost 3 weeks now. I could really use a copy of You Are Here to help occupy my brain when the self-destructive thoughts come in.

    Thank you. Even if I don’t get a book. Thank you for being you.

  320. I completely understand medical “developments” and I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. Having a coloring book does help pass the time.

    Must Have Book

  321. 333

    I can’t deal with so many instructions, lol, but I’m here not because I’m going through a tough time. I’m here because I have been through a really tough year, like really gnarly, (think divorce, estrangement from family, getting laid off..) and not only am I still standing, I’m pretty damned happy. I rarely say those words out loud because I fear angering the happiness gods but I’ll make an exception in this case. I made it through, some of the problems have been resolved, and I’m actually happier than before my life blew up. You will too. If your tests show a health problem, you will work to fix it; if they don’t, you will feel like you got a second lease on life. Have no doubt, you will find a way. May health and happiness return to your life!

  322. This is not a mental health book, but it is for my mental health. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and have been told that I should cut out gluten. So I have a Gluten Free Cookbook on my list.

  323. 335
    Summer Harris

    I’ve been feeling very lost lately.

  324. Wishing you wellness and happiness, my dear. I’ve been having my own bad spell lately, and reading Furiously Happy each night before I go to bed makes everything so much better. My husband finds it difficult falling asleep when I’m shaking the bed with laughter and snorting aloud, but we’ll say he accepts that as part of my charming little package. You are a blessing to more than you know, and we’re all cheering for you. PS: I adore the idea of buying books for others to cheer yourself up. I’m nicking that idea. XOXOXO

  325. This is very generous even though I have no one to put on a list. I FULLY understand new bad news medically. It seems like I run into that at every turn. I wish you the best and that your problems are minor. Good luck with it and come back when you can. We are all here for you….

  326. 340
    Joy Pearson

    I love how much loved gets passed around because of your enthusiasm to have people share books they’d like and buy them for each other. I’ll never forget booksgiving a few months ago; I totally forgot that I’d made a wishlist and submitted it, and a few days later ALL of the books on my list appeared at my apartment! There’s a video somewhere on the internet of me sobbing about how grateful and meaningful it was.

    That being said, I have so many books already, and I’ve already read all of your books. I have copies of You Are Here and Furiously Happy on my bookshelf, but I lent out my copy of LPTNH and it got lost. I’d love to get a new copy, but in the meantime, I’ll happily enjoy the audiobook (I cackle whenever you sing the chapter titles, those are my favorite parts).

    I hope you feel better Jenny, your persistence in finding humor in tragedy always inspires me to keep moving forward.


  327. Thank you Jenny for your eternal kindness. I’m dealing with endless bad diagnosis at the moment too and I’m so sorry you have to go through this. My book pick is Thrawn because I’d rather be in a galaxy far far away than here right now. (I’m in the UK)

  328. I hope you feel better Jenny. Sending good vibes your way! Thanks for inspiring so many with your life, words and drawings. I put 4 books on my list, pick and choose whichever, if any. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get anything. Doing this occupied my mind for a bit and helped ease my anxiety temporarily. Thanks for the task, Jenny!

  329. I highly recommend Introvert Power to anybody who feels like being an introvert is weird or bad…it changed my life and made me want to cheer…I TOTALLY recommend it for you, Jenny, if you haven’t read it!!

  330. I’m so sorry you have yet more medical mess to deal with. You are my hero; my own mental issues (bipolar, anxiety, psychotic episodes, and the fibro isn’t helping) seem more manageable with your example of finding humor in it to help me through. <3

    This is the book I really need right now.
    In addition to the other things I’m also a recovering hoarder and I’ve been doing better for a while; tooth and nail but fighting hard (a far cry from my days of goat trails and literal garbage to walk on) but lately I’m slipping and I’m scared…but I can’t afford therapy right now even if I’d been able to find a therapist who specializes in hoarding; and other therapists tend to look at my house now and say “you’re clearly fine now” without understanding that all the surfaces covered in stuff, even when the floor is mostly clear and there aren’t rodents, is still like a recovering-alcoholic raising a glass.
    I’m hoping this can help as a “refresher course” before I slip too far and can’t get back.

  331. 345
    J. Stahl

    What a wonderful idea! I could use a ray of sunshine – I put in a few things including your book, that I have set aside over and over again because …

    I am in Germany, but, I figured I’d give it a shot. <3

  332. I’m in a place right now and I think reading about someone else who has been in a similar place might help…

  333. I have $2 in my bank account and could really use an escape! Since it is recommended by you, I think I could really use Confessions of a Domestic Failure. I will be sure to pay it forward when I can!

  334. 348
    Betsy Hance

    I too have had some disturbing news, and have been depressed and stressed out. Giving to others ALWAYS makes me feel better. Thanks to you for your generous heart, and know that I already own all of your books!
    My all-time favorite novel is Raney, by Clyde Edgerton. I must have given away ten copies. Check it out, and feel better!

  335. 349
    Tammy Ogilvie

    Technical difficulties; ok cannot figure out how to create wish list and send to you 😭 Oh well it looks like I might not have made it in time anyway. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time, your humour, good spirit, and positive attitude will get you through anything. You are an amazing and strong woman, wanted to send you many hugs and much luv from one of your biggest fans 😊
    I have had a copy of Furiously Happy for many, many months and have carried it with me everywhere since I bought it. I have read this book and also have your other ones as well, but this one will always be my fav; your words have saved me and I cannot thank you enough for writing and sharing with everyone so selflessly. My book is not in the condition all my others are because I have taken it with me everywhere and this is the one that would have been on my wish list, so I won’t have to be without a copy of it, EVER. I will eventually be able to get another tho, but wanted to thank you so much for your generosity.

    You are surrounded by ppl who love and adore you; us crazy fans are here for you.

  336. Sending you lots of love and good thoughts. Treat yourself kindly and gently, you are so loved and valued. But Victor probably doesn’t need to put on those funky white cotton gloves like at Sothebys or anything, just be really super careful because you are irreplaceable! But totally not antique.

  337. 351

    Thank you for always thinking of us, Jenny. Sending you love and light.


  339. I am blessed to have all three books, but if given a choice, I’d love to have this creative book…

  340. This the first time I posting My wish list.

    New Wish List 


  341. 356

    My mom committed suicide weeks after my birthday at the end of March. So her birthday, May 12th, and Mother’s day are kind of hard.
    But then I created this wishlist and realized i’d rather have the book for my son.

  342. 357
    Nick Jordan

    Hope all is well for you soon. You are one of the people who make the world a better place.

  343. 358
    Christy Palmer

    May I make a suggestion that we include audiobooks as well as paper books? Some people can’t hold books or read comfortably, so listening to a book is a great boon!

  344. Hashimoto’s Protocol, because I hope getting my thyroid healthy will help my other symptoms Thank you.

  345. Have a boy and his hedgehog, Jenny! (No book needed, just wanted to make you happy.)

  346. I am struggling with my anxiety and depression. I’ve been trying to get my meds, but I’m fighting with my Dr.’s office and my insurance to get the ones I need. I’m starting a new job tomorrow and trying not to lose my mind over it. I could really, really, use Jenny’s coloring book to take my mind off of all of it.

  347. I really hope you’re okay, many many positive “get well!” vibes from all the way over here in the UK.

    This is my link
    Which reminds me I still haven’t finished your first book. I was part way through it last time I was in hospital but then it got put into my going home bag and I dunno where it went. (incidently, I found that bag a while ago while cleaning and it still contained a single blood soaked sock… but no books. Wth? 4 year old blood soaked sock, niiice. Is it weird that I was struck by how not grossly stinky it was?
    I dunno, i’d expect a blood soaked sock to stink. shrug)

    I’d love to pass it along but sadly husband’s been unemployed since november and we’re hemorrhaging money on a monthly basis. Which sucks, because it makes me feel even guiltier when I buy myself something nice that I saved like hell to afford. Gotta love depression and low self worth for that “you don’t deserve nice things” spend guilt right?

    I actually bought myself some books from my childhood recently in a bout of nostalgia but instead of making me feel better they arrived and i cried. Oops. It just rekindled an awful lot of past hurt and loss. But rereading them has been really quite fun, after my initial emotional meltdown of course.
    It’s funny how stories can kindle more than just the imagination, they transport you back to bits of your life as well. Rereading books my dad read me as a kid to my children it’s like being a child again myself, it’s so weird but also really lovely. Words can’t really describe the flood of emotion I feel whenever I get out my battered copy of Animalia, a book I poured over for hours as a child, trying to identify all the objects. (very highly recommend that even for adults, some of the words are pretty obscure.)

    This is my link
    Which reminds me I still haven’t finished your first book. I was part way through it last time I was in hospital but then it got put into my going home bag and I dunno where it went. (incidently, I found that bag a while ago while cleaning and it still contained a single blood soaked sock… but no books. Wth? 4 year old blood soaked sock, niiice. Is it weird that I was struck by how not grossly stinky it was?
    I dunno, i’d expect a blood soaked sock to stink. shrug)

    I’d love to pass it along but sadly husband’s been unemployed since november and we’re hemorrhaging money on a monthly basis. Which sucks, because it makes me feel even guiltier when I buy myself something nice that I saved like hell to afford. Gotta love depression and low self worth for that “you don’t deserve nice things” spend guilt right?

    I actually bought myself some books from my childhood recently in a bout of nostalgia but instead of making me feel better they arrived and i cried. Oops. It just rekindled an awful lot of past hurt and loss. But rereading them has been really quite fun, after my initial emotional meltdown of course.
    It’s funny how stories can kindle more than just the imagination, they transport you back to bits of your life as well. Rereading books my dad read me as a kid to my children it’s like being a child again myself, it’s so weird but also really lovely. Words can’t really describe the flood of emotion I feel whenever I get out my battered copy of Animalia, a book I poured over for hours as a child, trying to identify all the objects. (very highly recommend that even for adults, some of the words are pretty obscure.)

  348. 364
    Leslie Bolser

    I posted one for me and one my daughter asked for. Either one would be lovely.

    When my husband goes back to work I look forward to paying it back. ❤️

  349. I forgot to add the title of the book. Not doing anything right today.
    Can’t Just Stop: An investigation of compulsions

  350. 366
    Kat Smith

    I was going to plant tomatoes today, then I read Jenny’s blog & decided to “plant books” to people instead! Now that makes me furiously happy!
    I hope this book works its magic & remember we’re all connected!
    Take care! Kat- Austin TX

  351. 367

    I lost a very dear friend yesterday and this book would help Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

  352. 368
    Shae Lea

    You are wonderful, Jenny. I really wish you would feel better ASAP!

  353. Jessica #86 I want to hug you. (I want to hug everyone hurting – you, too, Jenny.) My heart hurts that this is happening to you. As someone who has been there: 1) I offer understanding and empathy. 2) I offer my own trial, errors and answers -> genetic testing. I had my DNA tested and found out that I have several messed up genes. One is vital with pregnancy = MTHFR. I have homozygous C677T. That means synthetic folic acid is toxic to my system (it is in food AND in prenatal vitamins) BUTBUTBUT I greatly need folate. Not all folate supplements are created equally and systems vary. That is why finding a doctor who can help you navigate through genes will make all the difference. Again, my arms are around you. 💜


  354. I have never posted a comment on your blog before, but your title for this post compelled me to comment this time. About six years ago, I fell on the stairs in my house and ended up dislocating and breaking my right ankle in three places, which required surgery to put the whole thing back together. I was pretty much flat on my back for six weeks, and it occurred to me that I had gotten myself into something that I couldn’t wiggle my way out of. That was when I realized that they only way to get to the other side of my little catastrophe was to go straight through it. And what it required was patience. Best wishes for the best of outcomes for you. P.S. I don’t have a blog. :/

  355. Wahh. You broke Amazon. It is crashing if you try to add you are here to a list.will try later!

  356. I’m sorry you have bad health news. It’s amazing that you can think of others when you are feeling down. I hope your news is better than expected.

  357. Hi. Check out this list:

    I was told by a very wise man that this book would be very beneficial for me to read. I Just haven’t done it yet. It’s been in my cart for 18 months now. I’m a little overwhelmed by the prospect and vision that he sees in me.

    I hope you find the answers you need easily and quickly. My body has been retaliating against me too….i should get checked, but yet another thing I’ve been avoiding.

  358. I don’t need any books right now. I want to post this because I was feeling bad today too, and this makes me laugh every time I see it. I hope someone else laughs too. (It’s totally safe for work.)

  359. I love how you slay the brain dragons! So much love to you and your super amazing family now and always!

  360. I am struggling with some negative emotions and could really use this book. Many thanks if anyone buys it. Also, I wish you the best with your health, Jenny!

  361. Thanks everyone. Here is my wishlist:
    I’ve been getting into coloring as a way to deal with my anxiety and would love a copy of Jenny’s new book.

  362. 378
    Cheryl S.

    PSA because I’m feeling a little bit bossy today as a way to ignore the other things I’m feeling: If you still have a book in your wish list and your comment is number 1 through 140, it’s either because you’re not in the US (is anyone looking for a UK recipient? Try comment number 114) or because there’s something wrong with your list (your address is missing, you selected a version of a book that is currently unavailable, or you asked for a Kindle book).

    I’m probably not the only one who would love (really love, love, love) to send you a book and currently can’t.

  363. I’ve been taking these books in and out of my Amazon basket for months, while I’ve been home on FMLA leave with my teen son who is struggling with anxiety and depression.

    The Books I REALLLLLY Need Right Now.

    I’d like to do something for someone else who’s hurting.

  364. I’ve been struggling with health issues lately too. I’m terrified I’m getting my family’s curse of arthritis and I’m trying to ignore the increasingly constant pain in my hands. I’ve got all of your books and go back to them over and over to make me smile. This book also is something that helps me to find joy. And a book to read with my 10-year-old to help us both laugh at nonsense. All my best to you, Jenny. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad. :

  365. I’ve only been able to leave the house twice in the last three weeks. A new book would help me feel less stuck. I have several books on my list so i can be surprised. There are books on the list for my daughter also. She is starting to get tired of the same books every night. I’m sending good thoughts and hugs to Jenny and anyone else that is struggling right now.

  366. My anxiety has been getting worse lately, and while I’m in the process of getting the help I need, this book has been recommended to me a few times. At this point, I’m willing to do just about anything to feel better.

  367. And if anyone has recommendations for good books to look at in reference to little kids with autism…. it would be a great help. We just found out last Friday that our youngest, 5 year old girl, falls on the spectrum.

  368. I’m slightly confused by what are likely very simple instructions, but I’m into this concept and sometimes a good book is like a life raft when you’re going through a totally shit time and should get a medal for showering, taking your meds, washing the dishes, etc. double points if you live by yourself and do all this. You deserve a f*ig library. 👍📚

  369. Currently recovering from foot surgery, so new reading material is greatly appreciated!

  370. I’ve been sick for 5 weeks now, first pneumonia and then it turned into pleural effusion. Hubby has been out of work since mid March. Here is my current wish list,

    I hope you are ok Jenny, you bring so many of us love and laughter

  371. 391
    Alessandra Apsley

    I hope I am doing this right!

  372. Furiously Shop!
    ( It usually works for me! 🙃)

  373. I know you love our girl Sasha and this onehelps me, Sad about your news and happy you won’t letvit get tge best of you! #FuckDepression

  374. 395
    Kat Smith

    I’m sending books! Please make sure you set up an address, it seems a lot of people missed that step.

  375. 396

    I could use a copy of “You Are Here.” Uncreative, I know, but it’s the only Bloggess book I don’t own yet, and things are a little rough in my life right now. I could use some distraction and some encouragement, and I think this book will be good for both.

  376. A book that has helped me: Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst (it’s a faith-based book, but it helped me learn how to deal with the rejection anxiety and depression makes me feel). Poetry is also a comfort in the wake of my mental health, Sierra Demulder and Mary Oliver are some of my favorites there.

  377. I could really use this, I haven’t been able to afford it yet.

    I’m sorry that this has been a tough day for you, Jenny, and for anyone else that’s having a hard one too. I feel like I’ve just started coming out from beneath a really dark cloud of depression that’s been hanging out longer than I realized. I’ve sort of likened it to coming out of your shelter after some sort of natural disaster, trying to figure out how much damage there is, and how many friends you might’ve lost along the way. The world has felt just a tiny bit brighter these last couple of days, fingers crossed that it continues, and that everyone else that needs it experiences the same.

  378. 399

    176 I want to send you books but you need to set up an address!

  379. 400
    Jenn Wood

    I have bought 2 books so far and plan on a couple more. I sure love your tribe, Jenny. I sure hope whatever it is isn’t serious and you’ll soon be back to your normal. You’ve saved my life more than once even if you don’t know it. So thank you for being you.

    Here’s my book:

  380. I love that you do this! My fiancé just got laid off and I just had to go back on food stamps again yesterday. Needless to say I could use a pick me up as well. Luckily my son doesn’t know the difference, so he’s his regular squirrelly happy self. I’d be really grateful for this book, but know books don’t grow on trees. Wait. Ok, technically they do. But, you know, not like THAT!

  381. 403

    Jenny: as always, you are a bright light in a too-often-dark world. Thank you for being you. I’m sending healing thoughts your way and am off to buy some folks some books.

  382. Yay for spontaneous Booksgiving – April 394 You are Here is on its way to you!

  383. I love this! I’m a Bloggess Pal and I’m going to go find me somebody to send a book to.

  384. I’m crying, because, even facing adversity, you choose service and kindness, and I am reminded again why I fell in love with your writing. My love to you.

  385. 408

    Rachael – 402 Include your address on the wishlist!

  386. I have furiously happy on my list to give a dear friend who really needs it. And the 2nd item is on my list as it is for me, so to start my pilgrimage.

    Hi. Check out this list:

  387. 411

    if anyone does – thanks in advance.

  388. 412
    Amy Lawson

    I LOVE this!

  389. I love this idea! And that your go to when feeling low is to help others. As someone said above, this shows that your foundation is solid, true, & kind no matter what the inner (or exterior) voices might say.

    Some books that have really helped me get through to a place where I’m okay with being me are by Dr. Brene Brown.
    1. I Thought It Was Just Me
    2. The gifts of Imperfection
    3. Daring Greatly
    4. Rising Strong

    Also, cozy mysteries with cats or witches or (preferably) both. It’s an escape hatch when I need to decompress and let things simmer in the background.

  390. Jenn Wood (#400) your book should be there on Thursday! SPOON!

  391. 415
    Greg Massey

    The obstacle is the path.

  392. Joanne 93 a book by the fabulous Allie Brosh is on its way to you!

  393. 417
    I choose Furiously Happy because I passed my copy onto someone who needed it and now I need to read it again.
    I also selected a book for my son who will graduate in a week – Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. A little creative inspiration for that big wide world.
    Now I am off to find someone to buy a book for.

  394. I am sorry we are having matching days. I hope yours improves quickly, It’s amazing that you do this for all of us. I hope you know how much it helps keep us going. Here’s my link,
    Now I’m going to go do something nice for someone to show my body it’s not the boss of me!!

  395. 419
    Becka Stone

    I want all three of your books… but I want them to pass out as needed!!

    I certainly hope you find some solutions soon and though it won’t “fix” it… I hope it helps to know you’re loved and adored by your many fans…. And youhelp us more than you’ll probably ever know!!! I wish I could pass on your books to everyone I know, but I just don’t have it like that!

    Take care of you as best as you can!! ((Hugs)) and love and light!!

    Here’s my link: Check out this list:

  396. 420
    I’ve spent the last few years battling Bipolar depression, and wish I had learned of you much sooner. However, better late than never.

  397. 421
    Monica A.

    I’ve participated in this before and it feels so amazing when a random stranger sends you a gift. Thanks for doing this again Jenny and I hope you get relief soon. We all love you so much! Here is a book I’ve been really wanting to check out to see what all the hype is about:

  398. This is a beautiful idea. I am having a terrible, depression weighed down week and this is so uplifting.
    Thank you if you do this.

  399. I’m struggling with Bipolar Disorder in combination with PMS. I could really use this:

    Please and thank you with all my heart.

  400. 424

    The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss – a unique view on the world around him – like yours. You are awesome!

  401. 425

    I don’t need a book, but there’s something I’ve really wanted to tell you, Jenny. I belong to an incredible group of friends I met through an art group. They helped me an enormous amount last year when I had surgery that kept me off my feet for 3 months, so when we went on a weekend excursion (8 of us!) I gave everyone a copy of YOU ARE HERE. Everyone LOVED it, and we started playing with it right away (I brought some colored pencils, because otherwise that would be cruel). I have couple of great pictures but I don’t know how to post them. I’ll find a way to let you see them, because they are awesome. (Either FB or Twitter, probably.)

    A few days after our return, I got a call from my dear friend Frieda, who is 97. She said, “I don’t know how you found this wonderful woman, but she’s so talented and wonderful!” (And she is pretty awesome herself, so she knows great people when she sees them.)

    I hope that brings a little cheer to you, and I hope you are feeling better soon. <3

  402. I was feeling very low for most of last week and while I first wanted to post my wish list I realised it makes me way happier to just buy a book for someone else. Which I just did. Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  403. Please check that you have an address! I’m trying to send BOOOOOOKKKKKSSSS!

  404. 429
    AmyW in Vermont

    Jenny, zen hugs to you as you deal with the medical madness. And thanks, as always, for being you – You’re such an inspiration!

    My list:

    Recommendations: Persuasion by Jane Austen (romantic tension at its finest!); Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret (because the size of any crisis is directly proportional to, well, lots of factors! And OMG we survived that crap!); Where the Red Fern Grows by Rawls (prepare to bawl); Like Water for Chocolate by Esquivel (the book. NOT the movie.); and the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde – starts with The Eyre Affair

  405. 430

    What an awesome thing to do, even when you’re feeling shitty. I hope that your bad news isn’t too bad, and that you can find answers quickly and less invasively than expected. Feel better Jenny!! You rock!!

  406. I’d like to thank Gemma from the last booksgiving. I did send you a message via Amazon, but thought my appreciation could bear being restated 🙂
    I’m heading into hospital for TMS today, I’d prefer good wishes to books. Hope you’re on the path to recoveryJenny. I’m taking your colouring book to help me.

  407. 433

    I have chronic pain and books are an escape for me. I have an entire list of books I want, but when it came time to pick just one, one stood out. It’s a children’s’ book that I happened upon as a teenager. Just the thought of it never fails to put a smile on my face.

  408. I’ve certainly had my fair share of medical “adventures.” Breathe and know that you are loved. I would absolutely love You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds.

  409. I’m having a really stressful year so far and I would love this book to try and get my brain back on track

  410. 436

    What a beautiful gesture. I’m sending positivity and hugs your way. I wish I had learned of you years ago when my bipolar depression kicked in, but better late than never.

  411. You’re the best!

  412. I would love Jenny’s new book. I will eventually buy it myself no matter what, but right now has been a rough time both financially and personally. It (and a brand new box of colored pencils or crayons) will be mine soon, one way or the other! Thanks for doing this, Jenny. I will pay it forward someday, whether or not I get my wish.


    I plan on buying at least 2 books! I really hope I make somebody’s day! This is an amazing idea.

    luminessa08 recently posted The Beginning of the End.

  414. Thank you for your humor and the community you have created. It has helped to make me feel less alone and less weird. Two things I was in desperate need of. You are an amazing human!

  415. 441

    What a beautiful gesture. I’m sending positivity and hugs your way. I wish I had learned of you years ago when my bipolar depression kicked in, but better late than never.

  416. Earlier today, before reading this post, ! ordered a copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” for myself, and a copy of “You Are Here” for my daughter’s girlfriend. I’d already sent “Furiously Happy” to my sister, who said it helped her realize that mental illness is just illness, and that it was okay to get help in dealing with hers. She’s “out” now – both out the the hospital, and out about her newly diagnosed Bipolar Mood Disorder. Thank you, Jenny. Your words most definitely do matter!!


    I could use this book. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

  418. Actually, maybe some of the colouring books might be good to leave around the psych ward, so I have set up an account:
    I’m in Australia, so please be aware of postage costs!


    I’m having a hard time today. I was supposed to have my last therapy appointment today but instead I had a breakdown and cried all over the office. So much for doing better.

    I just want to feel happy. It shouldn’t be this hard.

  420. 448

    The Artist’s Way helped me walk through a lot of bad stuff and it had lots of fun stuff too. I’m having a flare up so I’m kind of sad and can’t remember why it helped but when I think of it I smile and feel comforted on the inside so I’m passing it on to you.

  421. I have had bad news on bad news recently and this timing is amazing. I read mostly audiobooks, but I’ve been wanting to learn Zentangle for a while to help with anxiety. This is why I chose a Zentangle book. If anyone would feel like buying it for me, it would be amazing, but you certainly don’t have to. Thank you!

  422. 450

    It feels strange to ask for one. I have and love all of your books, jenny. I hope you find answers and comfort, soon.

    Fiction is my escape.

  423. “You Are Here,” would be greatly appreciated.
    Keeping you in my thoughts, Jenny.
    Sending you love and positive vibes.

  424. 452

    This is a book I would love: (I’m from Canada)

    I’m someone who likes to read about people also going through hard times, and I’d highly recommend Ethel Rohan’s book, ‘The Weight of Him’ about a father dealing with the suicide of his son, the grief of his family, and his own obesity. Sad and tough, but ultimately hopeful.

    For something a bit lighter I recommend ‘The Humans’ by Matt Haig if you haven’t heard about it yet.

  425. I bought 2 books! Hope it is appreciated! <3

    luminessa08 recently posted The Beginning of the End.


    Hello I am going through some stuff right now and I don’t know I to make the move to feel better…I know its close but I cant make that big step 🙁

  427. I love when we do this. If there’s still lists tomorrow when I get paid I’ll get books for some people-right now this is the beautiful story I’ve been looking to get lost in.

  428. 457

    Usually I’m on the “buying for someone else” end of your arrangements, and that’s always a great feeling. But now with a long distance move, an unexpected job loss, an even less expected pregnancy, and a mother going through cancer treatment on the other side of the country, my anxiety is at an all time high and my funds have been at an all time low…which is the only reason I don’t already HAVE You Are Here to join your first two books in my collection. (And then I had to add a few more after reading the comments here…books are life giving.) Feel better Jenny. There’s a lot of people loving you out here.

  429. the book i really need right now is furiously happy. jenny’s books always manage to drag me back up out of my depression enough to get through another day.

    (that’s the link amazon gave me to give out.)

  430. 459

    It feels strange to ask for one, even though that is what this is for. Anxiety is the devil.

    I have all of your books, jenny, and hope you find answers and comfort soon.

    Fiction is my escape:


    I love this idea! Books and stories are something we can all share, learn from and enjoy together,

  432. Jenny, all the love to you. Problems you cannot control are the absolute worst, and I hope it gets better sooner rather than later!!

  433. Jenny, you (always) have my best wishes for your health. You’ve helped me so much over the years, you’re an amazing person, and I most definitely hope you feel better.

    Coloring always sounded fun and appealed to the kid in me, but it is really therapeutic and superb depression distraction as well! I would love to have Jenny’s latest book if possible. and my sincere thanks.

  434. Hope things start getting better soon. I wanted to let you know I handed your book to someone at the library today. She seemed happy with the suggestion.

    theycallmetater recently posted I am an Awkward Introvert and It’s Still Not Cool.

  435. 465
    Elizabeth McKee

    I don’t know that I’d have time to color w my two year old glommed on, but I’d love the chance!

  436. This is so fun! I have picked a few people’s kiddos to send books to, I love parents who encourage their kids to read! The best part has been clicking on so many links and not finding the book they really need there! It’s awesome that book magic is happening all over the place!

  437. […] The Bloggess is doing Booksgiving, if you need a book, or want to give a book. Pretty awesome, Jenny! […]

  438. 469
    Amy Carter

    Hi Jenny. Your humor in the face of personal adversity has been a great boost. I understand about the health crap and hope this latest works out ok. I have neuro probs that no one seems to be able to find an answer to and have been run through the ringer. I often feel allne with no answers and your blog posts never fail to boost and I look forward to them appearing in my invox. Best wishes.
    My wish list

  439. I don’t need an official wish list….I just desperately need a SIGNED copy of YOU ARE HERE! I have a signed copy of Furiously Happy on a stand in my library right at my front door… I see it every time I leave the house to live my day Furiously Happy!…And I do! EVERY DAY!!!! So furiously happy that I’m pretty sure a few co-workers would like to slap me first thing in the morning ! So THANKS Jenny!

  440. 471
    Holly Miceli

    I don’t know how to paste the link from my phone…

    But my wish would be for you to sign and send me “let’s pretend this never happened” because through my depression, you reminded me how to belly laugh again. Right now, I’m in a pretty bad place, and could use a hard copy in my hand, from the lady that made me laugh again.

  441. I just started learning how to cook. It seems to keep me busy when I get anxious.

  442. The book I need is the (just discovered to me) sequel to Willow. I need a major break from reality and when I was little Willow and Madmartigan were it for me.

  443. I used some amazon rewards points to buy a gift. Jenny provides so much support to this community and I love giving back.

  444. 475

    I wish I could help.

  445. 476
    Kat Pejic

    Does it count if I booksgiving my kids?
    Jenny, sending you much love and many hugs.

  446. I wholly recommend 10% Happier by Dan Harris. Part biography, part research, it’s a great read and makes me laugh almost as much as your books do. It’s also very informative on all the self-improvement crap, er, ‘fads’, out there and even gives steps on meditation.

    I pray you recover from whatever hell your body is now putting you through.


  447. Nicole – I hope your requested book helps you. Sending strength your way.

  448. In in my second trimester of my second pregnancy, and I finally got up the nerve to admit to my husband and doctor that I think I’m depressed. I want the answer to be anything else, but I was reading Furiously Happy the other night and you were so open, that I felt like it gave me the freedom to be open too. I’m going to see a therapist this week. Fingers crossed.

    Me and my kid would love a book, if anyone wanted to send us one.

  449. 480

    why can’t I post a comment?

  450. Hi Jenny. This year has been brutal it seems. Really hoping you start to feel better soon, and that you can get some answers. After spending months in agony, hell month, and a solid week of panic attacks where I almost quit my job and walked away from everything (and possibly convinced my coworkers I’m a raging bitch with a few screws loose), my chiro somehow managed to make the pain actually stop and I figured out what was triggering the attacks, and oh my god, I could breathe (and sleep) for the first time in months. Here’s to hoping you can breathe again, if not already, then soon. Because, really, there’s nothing quite like it

  451. 482

    I could use this. Brene Brown gets me.

    “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown

  452. 483

    My 19 year old loved the book “You are Here.” I’ve never received so many screenshots “this is me! She gets me!”
    I’d love to get her Furiously Happy.

  453. Life is hard. Here’s hoping it gets better. My poem Time (link below) is basically how I feel right now.

  454. 485
    Another Melissa

    Melissa at 184, you need to add the shipping address please

  455. My wish is that you feel better soonest and receive strength to endure. All the best to you Miss Lady.

  456. 487
    Heather Arrington

    If there is any room left on this list for me –

  457. Jenny, wishing you health and answers soon. I know too much how raw this feeling is and I feel awful you are going through it.

    I will attach my list here – I could use a Good Omen myself.

  458. I love Booksgiving! You’re a rockstar Jenny! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to give and receive! ❤

  459. Meredith #464 I don’t think your shipping address is listed!

  460. 492

    I’m feeling a little (a lot) lost, so thanks for the kind thought.

  461. DAMMIT why do you always do these wonderful giving things when I have no money to spare?? I want to fufill someone’s wishlist so badly, but due to an already-planned vacation in two weeks I have no extra money. sigh

    I’m really sorry the medical merry-go-round still has you tied up. I hope that you can take comfort in knowing that good is being done in your name here, and that you help SO many people (me included) by just being you.

  462. 494

    Hugs and prayers and good thoughts to you… you help so many of us, all the time.

  463. 495
    Simone Vardakis

    Today’s been a difficult day but I’m trying. I’d love to have a copy of Hyperbole and a Half.

  464. 496

    This should suit my melancholy. I need a kindred spirit. Thank you for all you do.

  465. Love this! Thanks…I could use a nice surprise:

  466. Thanks so much for this great idea! I’m in France and don’t usually qualify for giveaways or competitions, but this is a great idea… I don’t (touch wood) have physical health problems, but many other types of problem – money worries in particular, but also serious mental health issues (spent a year and a half in a psychiatric hospital, including 6 months in the secure unit) and a multitude of issues in my personal life. I adore drawing, painting, colouring, but my life is such a trainwreck I never seem to find the time or energy… I’ve already read Furiously Happy and loved it; I would love to receive You Are Here. And if anyone else on this list is in France (or Europe, at least), I’d be delighted to send something if I can afford it… Above all, Jenny, I’m sending you healing vibes and happy thoughts all the way from the south of France, along with a whole ton of hugs…

  467. Jenny, you have literally saved my life on more than one occasion, so my biggest wish is that you feel a whole lot better soon. You have no idea how many you comfort and inspire. Thank you a million times over.

    Not sure I filled this out right, but here we go. Fingers crossed!
    Hi. Check out this list:

  468. I hope I did this right!

  469. 502

    Sent out ten books to random people…hooray for Jenny!
    I hope Amazon sells out of “You are Here”!
    *make sure you added your address to your wish list, several people I wanted to send books to didn’t fill their address in.

  470. 504

    No idea if I’m doing this correctly, but here’s a few to pick from:

    Book Wish List 


    Not for me, though – my sister was recently diagnosed with MS, leaving her nearly homebound. She has had to quit work, which leaves her and her son and husband with a huge pile of medical bills and very little actual money for anything else they need. They’re trying, but it’s disheartening. I can’t help, either, because we’re going through our own storm, but hopefully someone here could share a book with her to make her not feel so alone.

    Thank you <3

  471. 505
    Nikki Davis

    Wish List
    I’m not very tech savvy. The order of my list should be reversed from the last book to the first one on the list. Oops!

  472. Love and light to all of you. I wouldn’t call this a need so much as a really want. Single momhood leaves not a lot of time and money for fun : (

  473. I’ve been in a rough place lately and could really use this.

  474. 508
    Rebecca N.

    Serendipitously today, when I stopped by a neighborhood Little Free Library to see what was there and add a book or two, I found a copy of “You are Here” when I really needed it. I might have teared up a bit at the way the universe was looking out for me.

  475. #472 & 473 – Mary & Miss Eliza, book’s coming on Thursday! Enjoy!

  476. As a teacher whose school year is coming to a close, I could totally use your coloring book Jenny. And I hope you feel better soon and your tests come out ok!


    Oh Jenny, I am so sorry you have to go through this. We’re going through our own craziness right now because I’m about to enter a period of about 3 mos where I can’t work because I have to be home to take care of our 13 yr old autistic son. Our insurance company has been being shitty about dealing with our claims on our roof, fence and my car (which were all severely damaged by a hailstorm a few weeks ago). Our AC unit went out last night and we got it fixed today even though we couldn’t really afford it because it is going through a Texas summer with no AC would be torturous. I grew up in a house without central heat and air and man, it is BRUTAL in the summer time. I feel like Jim Carrey in that “Bruce Almighty” scene where he says “I thank God for the blessings that are raining down upon me. WAIT! That’s not rain!”

    I hope you feel better and they figure out WTF is up with you. Because we all deserve to live a relatively healthy, non shitty life.

  478. Don need a book bUT if you need some good laughs, check out the memoir Priestdaddy. It’s wonderful!

  479. My daughter could use a book. She’s having such a difficult time feeling like she fits in anywhere, or with anyone.


  480. 516
    Stephanie G

    One of my favorite people on the planet died on Friday. I gave my copy of Furiously Happy to his wife one week before he passed away because I thought she could use some humor to get through his sucky cancer treatment. Now I need something to get me through this awful experience. His passing was painful and awful and he was so amazing. He didn’t deserve it and I miss him terribly. I always will. I hope you feel better Jenny – not feeling healthy sucks ass.

  481. I hope you get some rest. You are very loved.


    I am thinking this book will help a lot right now!

  483. 520

    People like you make this world a better place. Thanks for being generous and kind.

  484. THIS was the funnest thing i’ve done all week! Thank you Jenny for setting this up. Thank you for being you. Despite the body that hates you and the brain that tries to kill you, you find incredible ways to connect and help others come up for air. You save lives…including mine…and I’m grateful for you. Since you’ve already got the funyun-bingeing and the blanket fort-building down, may I suggest a Kung Fu Panda marathon to add to the toolbox to help tell medical issues to fuck off for a while? AMAZINGLY profound and soothing yet absolutely hysterical – i only recently discovered them and have no idea how i’ve lived so long without those movies. When the man gets frustrated and finds me in snuggled in bed with the cats and dog watching KFP for the bazillionth time, i just shrug and tell him i could be drunk online shopping with the credit cards. Works every time.

    Candice recently posted Flu Shot Shmoo Shot.

  485. Grüße aus Leipzig!

    I am in Germany… my husband started a new job today in a different city, so i will only see him on weekends. WE ARE NEWLYWEDS! so i could really use a distraction!

  486. I love that you make yourself feel better by doing nice things and encouraging your kind readers to follow along.
    I do not love that you got more sucky medical news, though.
    I’m sorry.

  487. 524

    I had the worst day at work today… and this made me feel like there are people out there that care… So thanks. And I am hoping things go better for you. I already have all of your books, but I have never read Sandman, and this has been a ‘I will put it off until later’ for much too long…

    Thank you for the chance. <3

    I keep hinting to my boys that I really want this, but so far no luck. I’ve bought it for 2 friends already, but have a hard time justifying a purchase for myself.

  489. Jenny, health issues suck and it is okay to have a little pity party for yourself. But sometimes you are reminded just how lucky and healthy you are. So I have bad hip arthritis which started really acting up at age 40. When I was 42 one morning I was having a little pity party for myself, moaning about how I was too young and it was unfair that other women my age were running marathons without a problem (even though I NEVER have ever wanted to run a marathon!) and then on the TV there was a story about the Joplin MO tornado that destroyed the town. And a mother who laid on top of her children to save their lives. She lost BOTH of her legs. Now that really sucks and I don’t care who you are but I am sure she had some pity party moments. But during her interview she was very positive and just happy her kids were safe and how well she was doing with her rehab (this was some time after the event). And I just stood there and cried (which I am doing again of course). Because at least I HAVE legs. And I thanked God for reminding me that things can always be far worse and that I WILL survive, even if I can’t play soccer with my daughter or go on long walks with the dog. But my daughter and I can still snuggle and my dog still loves me and they don’t know much different. So at 43 I had a hip replacement (on my birthday) and I’m having the other one done in August (age 47). So, anyway, have a little pity party for yourself, but make sure you also look at the way God reminds you how lucky and healthy you are. (Shit, all your stuff has made you some coin I bet!) Make sure to make all the doctors and nurses and technicians laugh because they also see a lot worse and they need brightness in their days too. Love you lady!

  490. Would love chance to read your latest book. Your gift of writing and making us laugh is truly a gift. Wishing you all the best.

  491. Anyone who has enjoyed the movie The Princess Bride should read As You Wish. Apparently the filming of the movies was as magical as the movie itself and it is a joy to read about.
    I hope you soon find out what the hell is up with your body And that the invasive test isn’t a colonoscopy (although if it is, take a picture of yourself just before the procedure. You will never be skinnier. I regret not taking a bathing suit pic of myself just before mine)

  492. The world needs you in it, Jenny. Keep fighting

  493. I hope you feel better soon, Jenny!

    I’m having a rough time lately, my dad had a stroke and his rehab nursing home is awful, so we are preparing to bring him to live with us. It’s stressful, our house is about 600 sq feet, we have two adults and a toddler, plus two dogs… So it’s a going to be a tight fit and a big change. I’ll be taking care of my daughter and my dad, and trying to deal with my own anxiety and depression. Fun times, heh.

    Anywho,I love coloring to destress (when I get a chance, lol) so I put your coloring book on there. If I get it, I’ll have to fnd my colored pencils immediately!

  494. I have all of your books, but this has been a rough month so I could use a pick me up. I made a small list in case anyone is left that’s in a giving mood. I’ve been in a car accident and have myriad injuries from that and am out of work because of it so no money coming in, just discovered that a minifridge my sister gave me had roaches so my apartment is now infested, and my new smartphone went kablooey, all in the space of two weeks. I’m afraid of what’s next. Any of these would cheer me up.

  495. I love the way the happiness of others can make you feel so much better. I needed this, today. I teach 9th graders, and one of my lovely girls lost her father unexpectedly yesterday. I’m a wreck of a person trying to be strong for my kids.

    So, a book for me to retreat into and a book for them to learn from (we are forming a trebuchet team to compete at Tex Ren Fest school days next year – we are doing costumes, too, but good costuming books are pricey…have I mentioned how much I love my kids?).

  496. 534
    Erin Neeley

    So, thank you for being you. Sometimes that feels like a big ole compliment and sometimes it feels like a sentence, if you’re anything like me. I’m bipolar and have tendonitis from anxiety-driven muscle tension. I just did a road-trip from WA to CA, and was feeling blue on the way back. However, I had your audiobooks to listen to, and then I had a new problem. I was occasionally laughing so hard I couldn’t see the road very well. Thanks for standing up and talking about mental health. Thanks for uncovering the humor that is sometimes so hard to find in our own lives. Thanks for sharing.

  497. Hope everything goes well, Jenny.

    My mental health hasn’t been the greatest lately, and, it’s silly, but I have a really bad cold on top of it, so it makes everything seem that much more impossible. I’ve never done this before, so I hope it works ::crossing fingers. and toes::

    Hugs to everyone out there, and I hope you all feel better.

  498. Thank you for your awesomeness and your kind heart. Sending positive thoughts your way. I deal with both anxiety and a rare form of RA. It’s always a struggle and the anxiety makes it extra fun. Every ache or pain and I assume the worst.


  499. Your words DO matter! So so so so so much. They have gotten me through more than you can imagine. I was going to put “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” on my wishlist as I loaned my copy out and haven’t gotten it back (and it doesn’t look like I will ever get it back…I’m sad)…it was so hard to decide but I really wanted to see where this series went.

  500. 538
    Kym Metz

    I love you and have all your books, Jenny. I couldn’t figure out how to get someone else their book wish. I’m technologically illiterate. Besides Jenny’s books, I highly recommend Hyperbole and a Half.

  501. My list There are a bunch of books on and certainly there don’t exI pect to get all of them. Or even more than one. But I would apreciate any of them.

  502. 541

    I don’t need a book, but I’ve been waiting to have the money to get one for my son. Also, my mom and sister are both fighting anxiety right now. It would be nice to give one/both of them a copy of “You are Here”. Thank you, friends. 💙

  503. Jenny: Your books and your blog have helped me on multiple occasions. I don’t need anything now. I just want you to know you are loved and your words are deeply appreciated. More than once I have been cheered by your humor and your imagination helps me see though the darkness. You are awesome.

  504. 543
    You are one of my favorite people Jenny, sending sunshine and rainbows your way!

  505. 544

    I forgot to add (to my #369 comment) that along with pregnancy complications and loss, MTHFR (and other gene combinations) can make anxiety and depression monster worse. By. A. Lot. Like ROAR x sob x dark infinity. Understanding our gene mutations is an opportunity to find a roadmap (one piece to our personal puzzles) to clearer and brighter mental health, from the inside out. Personally, I am full of wonky bully gene mutations that are activated. I keep asking why couldn’t I have been born with a sparkly cool mutation 🦄 (Call me UniCorny for short- because my puns are cheesy and cob like) instead of lame ones that make me sick. So if you can, check for (sounds like a cuss word) MTHFR (along with other gene mutations and find someone to help you). If you cannot afford the testing and doctors, cut out folic acid (read labels, it is in almost everything pre-made and baked) and add folate. Research MTHFR and start small. 💜 If I could have a super power, it would be to assist everyone that needs aid. Above all, keep on being kind. Keep on being you. Together we are so much stronger than alone. Thank you Jenny for giving instead of taking. 😍 Good vibes!!!

  506. 545

    Sending healing patience and light, Jenny! Glad to be part of this connection-of-love. If we are connected, we are ok. When we are disconnected, we are lost. Here’s to everyone feeling connected. I’m currently on week 3 of hospital bedrest and would really love this book. We hope I can remain here for another month. deep breaths

  507. List is called “To Make Changes”

    Hope this works …

    Thank you.

    I hope I did this right I also hope you feel better. I sure need the laughs myself, been having a crappy week with depression and my Fibro. and all the rain and floods we’re having.

  509. 549
    Talwinder Kaur
    Here is mine! I’ve also had a really rough week. The fact that May has actually been my most toughest month ever is insane. I feel like I’m literally crazy ’cause my friends and family both don’t seem to want to talk to me or seem to be ignoring me. I also had a really rough morning today considering the fact that I’ve just been having bugs invading my room to the point that my anxiety, depression and paranoia are high and I literally stayed up the whole night on guard thinking more bugs would end up in my room so I didn’t even get sleep until 8AM and I had also moved to a different room ’cause I just couldn’t deal with it all. I slept a bit and woke up at around 2PM still feeling awful today. And I have also been so scared to talk to anyone ’cause I feel like I’d be judged as being crazy and stupid so the urges to harm have been high but I haven’t harmed myself. So getting a book would make me feel less awful and I wish I could also do the same and buy books for others but I don’t have the money. Nonetheless I hope that anyone who’s got a list, gets a book! 🙂

  510. 550
    Jane Kanter

    I hope you had a peaceful rest. We are with you all the way.

  511. 551
    Jane Kanter

    I hope you had a peaceful rest. We are with you all the way.

  512. 552
    Talwinder Kaur

    Oops didn’t notice that it was one book. Sorry about that! Here’s a new one.

  513. You are amazing. My wife bought Furiously Happy because well…you had Rory on the cover and she thought it was fantastic. She needed you because she suffers from depression and anxiety. Her depression and anxiety are a result of my BPD, ASPD, and PTSD. She knew I needed you too. She started reading it to me every night when we would go to bed until I would fall asleep (which some nights were hard because you’re fucking funny). She knew I needed to hear that someone else out there suffers just like I do. I finished reading Furiously Happy on my own last night. I needed to see the words for myself and take them in. I needed to understand that I’m not alone. Now I’m reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I’ll continue reading your books every day until I feel better. I will always read your blogs. It’s the only thing that is making me feel better. It’s the only thing that’s keeping that voice in my head from lashing out in anger or acting on my impulses or remembering all the horrible things that I have seen or experienced. Please know that without you, my marriage and life might not exist right now. You are my therapy when I’m not at therapy. Keep on keeping on.

  514. I love your writing! You make me feel so not-alone. And you make me grin!

  515. Wishing you peace, Jenny.

  516. 558

    I don’t need a thing. Just here to say I’m sending you oodles of love and light and hope and hugs!! <3 You will get through this thing!

  517. 559

    My list:

    Thank you so much in advance!

  518. Hi Jenny, I left my book request seperately but I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for your books! All three of them have helped me laugh through tears, accept my mental health as it is and feel stronger then I thought possible. Sending you all that light and love back and hoping things will get better soon! xoxo


    I may have done it wrong. it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I hope you are feeling better soon! Thank you, again, so very, very, much, for showing me that my asshat of a brain is a f’ng liar. <3 and that I am not alone <3 May bright and vibrant and yummy popsicles be in your future 😉 <3

  520. If anyone is looking for an escape book that leaves you feeling hopeful, I would recommend anything by Patricia McKillip, but especially “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” and “Alphabet of Thorn.” Reading her books feels like looking at a painting, they’re so beautiful, and when you’re done you feel like you can navigate the hard and thorny things in your life, and even your own bad choices, too.

  521. 564

    Really struggling with the heartache of infertility, especially after Mother’s Day.

  522. I’ve already purchased a couple of your books and love, love, love your blog sharing. Hope you get some relief soon. You lift up so many, it’s time for the universe to bring you some good stuff!

  523. I totally understand how you feel about the medical crappage. I have a rare form of scoliosis, and my body is trying to kill me. They’ve put in titanium rods, and I found out in February that I have cracked one. CRACKED TITANIUM. So, after a shit ton of tests and scans, I am still disappointed that I have no superpowers or built in WiFi. But, I am unique in that not many people have scoli that does this, and I still find ways to prank my kids, and make people laugh and question their sanity (for knowing me, trust me, I think up some interesting things) even when my bones are fracturing and everything is on fire (especially my hair – I am a red head)
    And you, Ms. Jenny, have that same superpower. If not for everything you have been through, you wouldn’t be here, right now, being amazing, and helping so many other people. The side effects of this superpower suck, I hear ya, but you are one hell of an amazing SuperHero and when I find the cape that is just right, I am sending it to you. I know you might not get this message, but if you do, know that you are special, loved, cherished and enjoyed by so many people you have never even met. My heart is with you and if I could, I’d do the tests for you, I am getting good at them 😉 thinking of you
    And if all else fails, read The Encyclopaedia Of Hell, fricking funny

  524. 567

    I borrowed your first book from the library. I would really love to have my own copy so I can read it again and again. Thank you for your words. You came alone just in time.

  525. 568
    Christina F.

    This is such a kind idea! Right now, I need a book, but I hope that once I’m feeling better, I’ll be able to be on the giving end of things so I can pay it back.

    I recently moved from an urban area where I had been under the care of a psychiatrist for eight years to rural area where it took me four months to gather the energy to make an appointment with someone and then three more months to get an intake appointment. In another state. At that appointment, I learned it will be another two months before I can see a therapist. The wait for a psychiatrist was also that long, but I just got word that she had a cancellation so I will–thankful​ly–be able to see her at the end of the month. Lightish at the endish of the tunnel.

  526. She is one of my idols and this has been on my “to read” list for a long time but I haven’t been able to justify the purchase.

  527. 571
    Carolyn gann

    Get well soon, thanks for all you do! Just bought the third ” you are here” as a gift. for Mother’s Day my daughter colored the feather for me from the book I bought her… she’s a single mom struggling to be, and your book is a real bright spot for her. Thank you!

  528. Idiot from comment 179 here. I didn’t realize if I did the list from my iPad it wouldn’t save a shipping address. Fixed now. Hope everyone gets a good book!

  529. 573

    Thank you for doing this and to anyone who can do this for someone else. I know right now my life is pretty yucky, but it will get better. Then I can pass this niceness along!

    Book I Really Need Right Now

  530. 574
    Rakelle Daniels

    The song D.i.l.l.i.g.a.f by kevin bloody wilson…its crude and rude but it always makes me giggle and feel a lilittle better,I think it matches Let’s Pretend this Never Happened.

  531. Is it the moon that’s doing this to us? It’s the moon isn’t it?
    I’m in New Zealand and our time zones don’t match.
    It’s been a hell of a week and your kindness is unrivalled. We don’t have amazon available in NZ because although we made Lord of The Rings, we still don’t exist as far as Amazon is concerned.
    I’m hanging out to read Furiously happy, and Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. But I’m sure I’ll find a way.
    Lots of love from “We-Don’t-Exist-land

    Meg Falconer-Robinson recently posted The struggle is real… and so is Netflix-Ass.

  532. I have read your books and they strike a chord for me. My dad was schizophrenic, my mom suffered from severe depression. I have a daughter with severe anxiety disorder and another one who battles depression as well. You give us hope, allow us to cry and laugh and be at peace with who we are and where we come from. Thank you Jenny!

  533. The idea of granting myself mercy throughout my struggles with anxiety and chronic pain (and depression though I don’t like to talk about that) has been nagging at me lately. So in case anyone gets this far down the list, I picked the book “Hallelujah Anyway.” Best wishes to all of us for better tomorrows.

  534. I recently battled a mystery illness and it took a year to get a diagnosis. I have a followup test next month, but it’s beginning to look like I may get out of this alive and with a bunch of appallingly disgusting stories to tell at all future cocktail parties. Stay strong!

  535. 580
    Ray Hurley

    I’ve had just about the worst year maybe of my life with a serious resurgence of depression, anxiety, and chronic health issues. I’m ready to move away from North Carolina and return home to Seattle to find some healing, but until then I have to find a way to get through this summer. “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” got me through my first serious heartbreak so I’m guessing “Furiously Happy” has the potential to help me get through this summer too.

  536. Hope you feel better soon, get better news, find a new creepy doll, whatever floats your boat.
    Thank you for making our lives more bearable.

  537. Hi Jenny, I hope all the good vibes from all of us concerned for your wellbeing and wishing you improved health has resulted in you feeling better, despite the not great news. I think it must be a full moon because I had a tough workday at a job I love… maybe I love it too much and over-care… in the end, it was a rough day with some awkward tears and unfortunate timing (at a meeting with my bosses). Menopause is amplifying emotions with the worst timing. Thank you for this blog post. I’m in Canada, hence the link… It’s been great reading all the other comments in this thread, we’re in this together!

  538. 583

    Some days just suck big, hairy, monkey balls, & you can’t do shit about it except endure, (God, I hate that word). I do thank you for the opportunity to send someone a book that they’ll enjoy, it lifted my spirits.

  539. 584

    Sent one, sharing one.
    Lovely idea


    I accidentally bought 1 and 3 and now I can’t read #3 until I read #2!

  541. 587
    Hi. Check out this list:

    Not sure if I got the address to work. Would be nice to get it for my stepdaughter who is recovering from a dislocated elbow and is pretty darn bored.

  542. I’ve been having some rough times mental health wise. I could use the Hyberbole and a Half book. Also, your books have gotten me through so much, Jenny. They are amazing

  543. Thank you for doing this. I am very late to the party. Fingers crossed somebody hears my plea

  544. Hi Jenny— I am new follower of yours. Love the booksgiving idea!
    Here’s my wish list link:

    Feeling less alone with my own crazy thoughts….

  545. 592

    Great idea!! I bought books for complete strangers! Feels great! Thank you..

  546. 593
    Ayesha Mohammad

    Thank you so much Jenny for creating the opportunity for us all to help each other! you’re so sweet! You inspire me to do more, to give more, to share more, to ask more. Even if I never get these books, I will go to sleep tonight resting easy knowing that there are people in this world so kind and loving as the people sharing on this blog post <333
    My list: <3

  547. Thank you, Jenny, for allowing me to admit that I need help – I can’t even tell my family. I feel a little ashamed, but I’m doing it anyway. The book I’ve selected is The Art of Asking –