Lily is all of us. Also we’re the person yelling at Lily. Also we might be the mud. Hard to say at this point.

I can’t stop watching this and every time I end up laughing until I cry as Hailey and I scream “LILY!” at each other and I think you need to watch it too:

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how many kids do y’all want?

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You’re welcome.


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

The-Oh-My-God-I-Love-October Edition


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  1. Oh my gosh. I am laughing out loud for real. It’s nice to have a little levity. and I’d love to be Lily splashing around in the mud. Bathing her could be fun too if I’m prepared to scrub the bathroom.

  2. Lily is just having fun, I know I’d definitely be rolling around in mud as much as possible if I was a dog! (Also, I’m sorry to be the downer here, but all that yelling is not really the best way to speak to a dog. I know my dog would freak out if I yelled at him that way. I understand being upset/frustrated/whatever about that beautiful white fur getting all dirty, but try to be upset/etc in a way that won’t scare the crap out of the dog.)

  3. The Rory tights. Jesus Christ on a cranberry bagel, I must have these. And I must fight my preference for modest clothing, i.e. long tunics or dresses, that I usually wear with tights, so as to best display their radiant majesty. No one will be looking at my ass, that’s for sure! LOVE!

  4. Lily looks like the epitome of pure joy.

    (I do kinda get the owner’s frustration. I’m finding that teaching middle school is like corralling Lily — except I have 185 Lilys in groups of 37. Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.)

  5. We live near a pond, but it’s fenced, so normally it’s not a problem… but in the spring it escapes the fence and we’d get a giant muddy mess that my old springer spaniel couldn’t resist. The became such a common occurrence, named the pond “Rusty’s Spa in his honor. It’s maddening, but at the same time, it’s hard to be mad them when they’re having so much fun.

  6. Off topic and BTW. I took the design on leggings – which I would not be caught even dead in – and put it on a t-shirt. Zazzle let me do this. It’s gonna be cool. Love ya! And Rory <3

  7. Holy shit, I’ve read Passing for Human!! I work at a bookstore and get ARCs of books, and that one looked amazing and it was and that’s a really good review for it. Y’all need to read it!

  8. Pure joy. And for those of us with herding dogs and little fluffy white things, painfully familiar.
    So proud of you, Jenny! Certain your journalism professor would be too. You should look them up.

  9. Picture 3 Lillys, only make them each 50-65 pound Retrievers. That’s what I live with.

  10. My 3-month old is completely confused by what is happening (admittedly he was drinking his milk, but the look on his face when lily is being called…. Badmommy!)

  11. Lily’s frolicking filled me with joy, but Lily’s owner’s screaming gave me AND my dogs an anxiety attack. :-O Chill WAY the fuck out, man!

  12. Love the Lily video! I have a small white fluffy dog and I would be simultaneously laughing and trying to get him to come out, but mostly laughing.
    I really do not like the second video posted (Jesus Christ in Richmond Park)…and I know you did not post it, Jenny. But that man was harassing the deer, and he scared them into running across a road where they could have been hit by a car. Not funny.

  13. Umm, Jenny – small favor to ask? I’m running out of Halloween movies to watch (much needed at this particular time in our country’s history, desperately need distractions from our new dystopian reality), so can you please update your Halloween movie list?

    Thank you!

  14. I don’t understand why anyone is laughing at the.Lily video. NO ONE should scream at a dog like that. 😞

  15. An NYT byline! Cooler than cool:). I’m sure Lily would be sending a congratulatory note, but I think she’s been grounded for the next decade . . .

  16. I feel uncool because I didn’t find the Lily video funny. I love Lily’s joie de vivre but I don’t like the owner’s yelling. It reminds me of my father.

  17. The deer chasing dog would not have been quite as tear inducing, can’t catch my breath funny if he had named his dog literally any other name but Fenton. Dying!
    Lilly’s owner has a little bit of anger issues.
    BTW I read that if your dog gets loose, don’t chase it because it will only make them run faster. Instead, “fall” to the ground and lay quietly and they will get curious or worried and come y to you.
    One of mine slipped from his collar and was off after a squirrel and I’m oldish with a bad hip and so I flopped to the ground and it worked thank goodness because he was headed towards the street.

  18. After a long, painful day at work, it was nice to come home and laugh at dogs being dogs. Thanks, Jenny, you always find the best stuff.

  19. She is in pure joyful ecstasy! Or maybe ON ecstasy…..your pain is our gain. Thanks for sharing. btw how long did the bath take?

  20. FENTON!!!! 😂 I have to say that is pretty impressive herding. I’ve seen border collies herd cats, cows, sheep, and once three very confused toddlers. But an entire park full of deer is new to me!

  21. Too freaking funny! When her fluffy white face lifts up covered in mud, I almost blacked out from laughing. Dogs. And babies. 100% hand washable.

  22. Was having a real bummer of a day and that clip was what I needed. Laughed myself to tears. Lily!!!

  23. @enola- to put your mind at ease Richmond Park is a walled wildlife preserve, the deer always have right-of-way on the very few automobile roads and the speed limit is 20 mph so they were OK on that front.

    Also, it was the dog, Fenton, chasing the deer, not the man. The man was chasing Fenton. 🙂

  24. The audio of yelling at Lily sounds like the crazy bastard from “Silence of the Lambs”. It puts the lotion in the basket!!!

  25. My friend says, “Oh Carol,” whenever I do or say something crazy or out there. Which is often. Another used to say, “CAAAROL.” Apparently I am a Lily.

  26. Oh gods.. I thought this was just mud at first glance, but that reealllly looks like a yard having septic system issues.. :shudders:

  27. OMG, she is an actual child, lol. I love it, because when you want them to listen they don’t, and when you don’t! I don’t have dog problems because I have a cat, a cat with attitude. But then again what cat doesn’t have attitude right? I think my cat is the feline version of Deadpool, yep that’s him Cat Deadpool. Thanks again Jenny for sharing the mishaps and comedic adventures it always makes me laugh!

  28. Dammit, woman. I was under a strict “DO NOT ORDER ANYMORE BOOMS THIS YEAR” and look what you made me do.

  29. This and the commented links made me smile and laugh on a very unsmilable day 🙂 thanks all

  30. OMG, no matter how many times I watch this I laugh until I cry! I think Lily had just been to the groomers, and Lily likes being a dirty, dirty girl. LOL

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