Today is the pub date of the paperback of Broken (in the best possible way) and I’m so excited and nervous because today people will be able to read the new bonus chapter and tonight I’m doing my first live tour stop in SO MANY YEARS. It sold out in two hours but I’ll be doing a virtual one for all of you in a few weeks. More on that soon.

And to celebrate the book, I wanted to share a little bit of behind-the-scenes magic of me actually writing it:


Giant thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy or is going to visit their local bookshop to pick one up this week or is going to read it at the library or pass it on to others. Honestly, the best book advertising comes from you guys passing on copies of my books to others and saying, “READ THIS TO UNDERSTAND ME” or sharing your thoughts on it online and I can’t thank you enough for being part of my strange and wondrous community.

Click here to get a copy for yourself.

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  1. 99% sure Dorothy Barker was a concert pianist or a high school typing teacher in her past life

  2. This was amazing and I write this comment with a cat standing on me yelling at me to pay attention to HIM! LMAO.

  3. I could watch hours of this! So relatable, I have just one fur baby but she has a special knack for always knowing the precise moment I open my laptop or pick up a pen to write, no matter where she is in the house or what she’s doing. That’s when she immediately needs lap time and snuggles. Animals are the best!

  4. Pls identify the kittos. I only know Ferris Mewler is the orange one.

    (Fat ginger – Hunter S Thomcat. Thin gray – Ferris Mewler. Long-haired grey neblung – Rollie. Papillon – Dorothy Barker. Frazzled human – Jenny Lawson. ~ Jenny)

  5. We’ve been house-hunting for the past four weeks – 43 houses, of which one I deemed the “Murder House”, and we actually made a bid on one of them because they had your book on the entry table and a “Beyonce” next door in the front yard.

  6. This brought such a nice break and a smile today! You and your furbabies…love it!

  7. Pups and pusses on parade! That skillful long hair grey cat just pushed aside something with nonchalance. Hours of entertainment from your animal pals. Many thanks for the giggles.

  8. Oh my goodness! Dorothy Barker typing – I laughed out loud! And I love your cats! Was that Ferris Mewled who kept trying to snag your glasses? So, so funny. You are incredibly patient, my dear! Oh, and I love Broken and will be buying the paperback for the extra chapter. Thanks for all you share with us!

  9. This is my life on videos! LOL I used to have a red head that had to cuddle on my chest while I was working, I have another that insists on pressing keys and/or licking my hand while I’m trying to type….these videos are ME! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

  10. are you perhaps made of catnip? and whatever the dog equivalent of catnip is? asking for a friend.

  11. So that’s why we had to wait so long for your book, because your fur babies kept interrupting you. They are adorable though,

  12. I will never complain about my pests again. Or at least until next week.

  13. Your fur babies looooove their mommy, and are very jealous of the robot that you pay so much attention to.
    I used to have cats and dog until I became very seriously allergic to them after a short time not having any pets living with me.
    I miss them so much! Nothing beats the unconditional love that a cat or dog can give you.
    I preordered my paperback copy of Broken and I’m passing my hardcover copy on to my mom. I can’t wait to get my copy!
    Thank you for these glamorous videos of our favorite writer at work with her furry entourage. They made me laugh and smile, and I really needed that today.

  14. I enjoyed your parade of fashionista dresses almost as much as the animal hijinks.

  15. Good job putting real clothes on in all but 1? shot. Pajamas have become my only clothes. I do brush my hair every day though.

  16. Awww, Hunter’s little nose is cold! I just can’t get enough of that BFOC.

    (Big Fat Orange Cat)

  17. Thanks to your videos, I’ve gotten the rest of the accounting team to take a breath and laugh. We seriously needed a break from month end reporting! ❤️

    (Yay! ~ Jenny)

  18. Your pets should get co-author credit, lol! I’m amazed how affectionate your cats are (or is it only when you are writing?), and Dottie just constantly sitting on your lap is so sweet!

  19. Too fucking adorable. I’ve never had a cat, but I want one that boops my nose.

  20. You need one of those baby-wearing wrap things for Hunter!

  21. Your video looks very familiar to me. I have 2 Retrievers instead of a Pap and a cat, but the dogs know that only my right hand works (stroke damage), so they are constantly putting their heads under my right arm to pet them or give them treats. It’s very hard to type when a 70lb dog keeps nudging your arm!

  22. OMG – Rollie is hilarious! I love where he just nonchalantly skooches the mouse away. LOL! And Dottie just wants to help mama! But Hunter reminds me of my big boy who HAS to be in my lap every time I’m on the computer… and he weighs 18 1/2 lbs! This is definitely worth getting a new copy of the book for. 🙂

  23. I love this so much! I know the fur babies love their human a lot, but can we mention the infinite love and patience the human has for the fur babies? “All right, ok.” repeat.

  24. Please … next book: unedited chapter written by the Lawson critters!

  25. Kudos to you for being Purr-sistent and Paws-ing to enjoy the moments. My business cards have my cat on them on purpose so there may be ‘extra fibers” in my crochet because she likes to just be right where I am working.
    PS: Can you check on “Allie” from yesterday’s comment??? I don’t even know them, but I saw their message and it has me concerned for them. I also saw your reply! I hope anyone who is feeling alone knows to reach out to a Crisis Helpline!!

  26. Is there a “Attention Whore of the Year” crown? Because it appears to be a close contest between Dottie and Rollie. (lol)
    You are an incredibly patient and persistent human (or an excellent video editor).

    ps: In my experience, orange kitties only come in size XL
    pps: Orange boys are the best. But I may be a little biased.
    ppps: Beck should go take her ADD meds instead of letting her random thoughts drivel all over the comments…

  27. I sooooo wish I weren’t allergic to kitties as much as I am. I would totally have a big orange cat. They just go with books. Love Rollie! We don’t see nearly enough of her. Ferris is awesome, and Dorothy has my heart. And you all produce the best books together! 🙂 Thank you for choosing to write!

  28. I’ve never really been a cat person, I love doggies. But I like your cats. My favourite was the floofy grey one that kept slowly, gently taking your glasses off.

  29. Seriously! You are a Saint. Beautification coming soon. I mean it.

  30. I love the pose with Hunter with his back feet up on the edge of the desk. He’s not even TRYING to pretend he’s working hard. My three cats are like that when they want my attention. I tend to keep my office pretty dark when I’m zooming, which makes my grey cats hard to see, and for other folks it’s like part of the darkness moves to bonk my face or I’m petting empty air.

  31. I have always known that Hunter S. Tomcat had undisclosed talents!

  32. This was me trying to teach virtually last year. Three dogs and a cat. Never a dull moment.

  33. My dog Boo heard Dottie making noises, and got up on my lap and watched the whole video with great concentration. I m concerned now that he is taking lessons on how to contribute to my writing.

  34. I think I have that Cherry print dress, or at least something from that material. Eshakti?

  35. Looking forward to reading Dottie’s chapter. Especially the speech-to-text part. She has things to say.

  36. You helped save my life today. I just thought you should know. Thank you.

  37. love this so very much! my previous dog would first push in the keyboard tray and then drape his 70 pound self across my lap and demand pettings. pay attention to meee!!!

  38. My ginger tabby does the same thing! I try to work and he insists on being held and gets upset and jumps off if I DARE use my left arm to type.

  39. Your cowriters are glorious but you look so GLAMOUROUS.
    No wonder they want to be around you all the time – they are hoping some of your glamour rubs off on them.

  40. Truly amazing. We have 2 cats and I work from home. They are definitely nowhere near this needy, which is incredible to me because I thought they were before. 😀 I don’t know how you managed to finish a book. But they sure seemed eager to be involved. Lovely monsters!

  41. As meal times get closer:
    1 hour before, Hobbes (long fuzzy sweet ginger and white boy, a/k/a Big Dumb Baby) sits on corner of my desk, starting meaningfully at me. Violet (little sneaky black and white purr-pot, a/k/a Gremlin) naps on my lap, restricting me to one-handed typing on computer.
    1/2 hour before, Hobbes moves into position on my left, with his face in front of screen; Violet takes the right side, walking over keyboard as needed for full attention-getting.
    15 minutes before, audio is added from both left and right flanks of the combat zone.
    14 minutes before, I give up and feed them.
    I love my cats

  42. I believe I recall a post you wrote that included photos of you with a cat perched atop your towel wrapped head. This was quite a while back, so my question is: was said cat Rollie and if so, does Rollie still have a penchant for jumping on heads?

  43. I have that sunglass blue dress from Eshakti. I love it. How do you get any work done!

  44. So, funny coincidence, I also have a papillon, two tabbies, a long hair cat, work from home, and love Doctor Who (my dog is named Stormageddon). Thankfully, only the dog likes to sit on my lap while I work, and the cats leave me alone…mostly. Watching this made me realize just how easy I have it. Thank you!

  45. With nine cats of my own, I feel your pain. I’ve always believed “pets” was a misspelled version of “pests.” Cute pests, but still pests. Hero is the worst..he wants to rest his head on my hand as I type and he doesn’t take hints.

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